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HBO Guide February 1983 - Page section : 003

Hosted by Dick Cavett Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at what’s happening on Home Box Office. This entertaining, fast-paced half hour is packed with movie clips, interviews with celebrities appearing on HBO, and on-location visits. January edition: Feb. 2,4,6,10; February edition: Feb. 23,25,27 TUESDAY, FEB. 1 6:00 am CLOWN WHITE (:51) 7:00 THE MAGIC OF LASSIE (G-1:40) 9:00 STAR WARS (PG) p.5 11:00 SUPERMAN II (PG-2:08) 1:30 pm VIDEO JUKEBOX 2:00 OLIVIA NEWT0N-J0HN IN CONCERT p. 15 3:30 THE MAGIC OF LASSIE (G-1:40) 5:15 SUPERMAN II (PG-2:08) WEDNESDAY, FEB. 2 6:00 am GULLIVER'S TRAVELS (G) p. 17 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “You Can’t Do That Without a Hat” p. 12 8:00 CONVOY (PG-1:50) 10:00 TAKE THIS JOB AND SHOVE IT (PG) p.9 12:00 pm MAKING LOVE BETTER p. 11 12:30 HISTORY OF PRO FOOTBALL 2:00 HBO MAGAZINE p.4 2:30 CONVOY (PG-1:50) THURSDAY, FEB. 3 6:30 am AIR SUPPLY p. 14 7:30 ALL SUMMER IN A DAY (G-:28) 8:00 THE SH00TIST (F*G) p. 19 10:00 LIAR’S MOON (PG-1:46) 12:00 pm GOLDEN RENDEZVOUS p. 18 2:00 AIR SUPPLY IN HAWAII p. 14 3:00 THE SH00TIST (PG) p. 19 5:00 ALL SUMMER IN A DAY (G-:28) 5:30 STAR WARS (PG) p.5 FRIDAY, FEB. 4 6:05 am GULLIVER’S TRAVELS (G) p. 17 7:30 INSIDE THE NFL p.9 8:30 OLIVIA NEWT0N-J0HN p. 15 10:00 THE BAD NEWS BEARS (PG) p.21 12:00 pm HBO MAGAZINE p.4 12:30 ACROSS THE GREAT DIVIDE (G-1:40) 2:30 MAKING LOVE BETTER p. 11 3:00 TAKE THIS JOB AND SHOVE IT (PG) p.9 7:30 STAR WARS (PG) p.5 9:30 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS p. 13 10:00 GEORGE CARLIN AT CARNEGIE HALL p. 16 11:00 NEIGHBORS (R) P-21 12:40 am PENNIES FROM HEAVEN (R-1:48) 2:30 SUPERMAN II (PG-2:08) 4:40 GEORGE CARLIN AT CARNEGIE HALL p. 16 4:30 BUTCH MINDS THE BABY p.20 5:00 FRAGGLE ROCK “You Can’t Do That Without a Hat” p. 12 5:30 THE COMEBACK KID p.20 7:30 HBO MAGAZINE p.4 8:00 SHARKY’S MACHINE (R) p.6 10:00 FOUR FRIENDS (R-1:54) 12:00 am SLEEPING DOGS (1:47) 1:55 ROLLOVER (R-1:56) 3:55 SHARKY’S MACHINE (R) p.6 5:55 MAKING LOVE BETTER p. 11 7:30 INSIDE THE NFL p.9 8:30 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS p. 13 9:00 STAR WARS (PG)p.5 11:00 GEORGE CARLIN AT CARNEGIE HALL p. 16 12:05 am LIAR’S MOON (PG-1:46) 1:55 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS p. 13 2:25 INSIDE THE NFL p.9 3:25 STAR WARS (PG) p.5 5:25 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS p. 13 5:00 OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN p. 15 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “You Can’t Do That Without a Hat” p. 12 7:00 INSIDE THE NFL p.9 8:00 MAKING LOVE (R) p.6 10:00 SIMON AND GARFUNKEL: THE CONCERT IN CENTRAL PARK p. 15 11:30 VICE SQUAD (R-1:37) 1:15 am NEIGHBORS (R) p.21 2:55 THE BAD NEWS BEARS (PG) p.21 4:40 MAKING LOVE (R) p.6 Those Fabulous Clowns A salute to the masters of mirth from the circus ring to the silver screen. Richard Kiley tells the stories of Fanny Brice, Charlie Chaplin, the Marx Brothers and others. (:41) Feb. 6,8,12,15,17,21,23 4 Mark Hamill Harrison Ford Carrie Fisher ^ Alec Guinness Here, at last—one of the most dazzling movie en tertainments of all time on your TV screen: STAR WARS!™ Awarded six Oscars, George Lucas’ spectacular space adventure takes you on a A spellbinding journey filled with fun and tech- jm nical wizardry. Fasten your seat belts and A join dashing space travellers in an excit- A ing experience. May The Force Be A With You.tm Mild violence. (PG-1:59) A Feb. 1,3.6,9,12,14,19,23,27 A casfilm Ltd. (LFL) 1983. AH rights reserved. Motion Picture §> 1977 20th Century-Fox Film Corp All rights reserved

HBO Guide February 1983 - Page section : 005

WEDNESDAY, FEB. 9 5:00 CHALLENGE TO BE FREE 6:30 am MISTY p.20 (G) p. 14 8:00 FRAGGLE ROCK “The Thirty- 6:30 AIR SUPPLY IN Minute Work Week” p. 12 HAWAII p. 14 8:30 CHALLENGE TO BE FREE 7:30 MAKING LOVE BETTER p. 11 (G)p.14 8:00 SUPER FUZZ 10:00 SUPER FUZZ (PG) p.8 (PG) p.8 12:00 pm DIRTY TRICKS (PG) p. 18 10:00 STAR WARS 1:30 MAKING LOVE BETTER p. 11 (PG) p.5 2:00 STAR WARS (PG) p.5 12:05 am THIEF (R) p. 17 4:00 VIDEO JUKEBOX 2:10 BUSTIN’ LOOSE (R) p.21 4:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “The Thirty- 3:45 MAKING LOVE BETTER p. 11 Minute Work Week" p. 12 4:15 SUPER FUZZ (PG) p.8 THURSDAY, FEB. 10 7:30 HB0 MAGAZINE p.4 6:00 am THE COMEBACK KID p.20 8:00 THE SHOOTIST (PG) p. 19 8:00 HB0 MAGAZINE p.4 10:00 OLIVIA NEWT0N-J0HN 8:30 HONDO p. 19 IN CONCERT p. 15 10:00 THE SHOOTIST (PG) p. 19 11:30 THE GROOVE TUBE 12:00 pm THE BAD NEWS BEARS (R) p. 11 (PG) p.21 12:50 am SIMON AND GARFUNKEL: 2:00 TAKE THIS JOB AND THE CONCERT IN SHOVE IT (PG) p.9 CENTRAL PARK p. 15 4:00 THE COMEBACK KID p.20 2:20 ANIMAL HOUSE 6:00 SIMON AND GARFUNKEL: (R) p.21 THE CONCERT IN 4:10 THE SHOOTIST (PG) p. 19 CENTRAL PARK p. 15 5:50 HB0 MAGAZINE p.4 FRIDAY, FEB. 11 5:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “The Thirty- 6:30 am COLLEGE p.20 Minute Work Week” p. 12 7:30 CONSUMER REPORTS 6:00 CANNERY ROW (PG) p. 19 PRESENTS p.7 8:00 THE SEDUCTION (R) p. 15 8:00 GOLDEN RENDEZVOUS p. 18 10:00 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 10:00 CANNERY ROW (PG) p. 19 BOXING Marvelous Marvin 12:00 pm VIDEO JUKEBOX Haglervs. TonySibson 12:30 DIRTY TRICKS (PG) p. 18 (LIVE) p. 12 2:00 CONSUMER REPORTS 11:30 GEORGE CARLIN p. 16 PRESENTS: THE SMART 12:30 am A STRANGER IS WATCHING SHOPPER SHOW p.7 (R) p. 10 2:30 GOLDEN RENDEZVOUS p. 18 2:05 CHANEL SOLITAIRE (R) p. 19 4:30 COLLEGE p.20 4:10 THE SEDUCTION (R)p.15 SATURDAY, FEB. 12 6:30 SIMON AND GARFUNKEL: 6:15 am SUPER FUZZ (PG) p.8 THE CONCERT IN 8:00 TAKE THIS JOB AND CENTRAL PARK p. 15 SHOVE IT (PG) p.9 8:00 EVEN MORE UNEXPURGATED 10:00 STAR WARS (PG) p.5 BENNY HILL p. 16 12:00 pm SIMON AND GARFUNKEL: 9:00 MAKING LOVE THE CONCERT IN (R) P-6 CENTRAL PARK p. 15 11:00 STAR WARS (PG) p.5 1:30 SUPER FUZZ (PG) p.8 1:05 am SIMON AND GARFUNKEL: 3:30 THOSE FABULOUS CLOWNS THE CONCERT IN p.4 CENTRAL PARK p. 15 4:30 TAKE THIS JOB AND 2:40 THIEF (R) p. 17 SHOVE IT (PG) p.9 4:40 MAKING LOVE (R) p.6 Terence Hill Accidentally exposed to radiation, a rookie cop finds he has superhuman powers. Ernest Borgnine stars in a funny caper about counterfeiters. Adult language, violence. (PG-1:37) Feb. 6,9,12,15,18,21,24,26 Swamp Thing Adrienne Barbeau Louis Jourdan stars in a tongue-in-cheek thriller about an eerie monster, a Southern swamp and a very strange romance. Adult language, violence, brief nudity. (PG-1:31) Feb. 8,13,16,19,24,28 8 DRAGONSLAYER Ralph Richardson A ferocious 40-foot dragon menaces sixth-century Britain in a thrilling fantasy with magic, adventure and romance. Ralph Richardson plays an old sorcerer whose powerful secrets may be lost forever. Peter MacNicol (Sophie’s Choice) is his bold apprentice, determined to slay the fire-breathing monster. Startling special effects. Mild violence, brief nudity. (PG-1:50) Feb. 5,8,16,18,21,24,27 Take This Job and Shove It Robert Hays Eddie Albert Blue-collar workers stand up to brewery bosses in a fast-paced comedy. Returning to his hometown to boost output, exec Robert Hays runs into Barbara Hershey. Adult situations, language and humor; brief nudity. (PG-1:40) Feb. 2,4,8,10,12,16,20,24,27 Inside the NFL Our final NFL roundup recaptures the action-packed excitement of Super Bowl XVII. Join hosts Len Dawson and Nick Buoniconti for a look at action highlights of the pro season’s biggest game and an insider’s view of all the pivotal plays. Also on tap will be interviews with key players and coaches from the winners and the losers. February 3,4,5 9

HBO Guide March 1983 - Page section : 012

FRIDAY, APRIL 1 5:00 VIDEO JUKEBOX p. 15 5:30am MISUNDERSTOOD MONSTERS 5:30 COACH (PG) p.10 6:30 VIDEO JUKEBOX p. 15 7:00 C0NANTHE BARBARIAN 7:00 SEPARATE TABLES p.9 (R-1:55) 9:00 COACH (PG) p.10 9:00 NOT THE NEWS p.10 10:30 WILDERNESS FAMILY 9:30 VIDEO JUKEBOX p. 15 PART II (G) p.21 10:00 THE BEAST WITHIN (Ft) p.8 12:30pm STRIPPERS p. 16 11:40 LACAGEAUXFOLLESII 1:30 SEPARATE TABLES p.9 (Subtitled) (R) p. 11 3:30 MISUNDERSTOOD MONSTERS 1:20 am COACH (PG) p.10 p.20 2:55 CONAN THE BARBARIAN 4:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “The Finger (FI-1:55) . of Light” p.9 4:55 NOT THE NEWS p.10 SATURDAY, APRIL 2 5:30 WORLD FIGURE SKATING 5:30am FOUR SEASONS (PG-1:48) CHAMPIONSHIPS: Exhibition 7:30 HBO MAGAZINE p. 10 of Champions p. 16 8:00 WORLD FIGURE SKATING 7:00 THE FOUR SEASONS CHAMPIONSHIPS: Exhibition (PG-1:48) of Champions p. 16 9:00 EVIL UNDER THE SUN 9:30 EVIL UNDER THE SUN (PG) p. 19 (PG) p. 19 10:45 SOUP FOR ONE (R-127) 11:30 FUGITIVE FAMILY (1:36) 12:15am AN EVENING 1:30 pm CARBONCOPY (PG-1:31) WITH ROBIN WILLIAMS p. 12 3:00 HBO MAGAZINE p. 10 1:40 THE FOUR SEASONS 3:30 H0NKYT0NK FREEWAY (PG-1:48) (PG-1:46) 3:30 CARBONCOPY (PG-1:31) SUNDAY, APRIL 3 5:15 THE LOONEY BUGS BUNNY 5:00am SEPARATE TABLES p.9 MOVIE (G-1:15) 7:00 VIDEO JUKEBOX p. 15 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “The Finger 7:30 WONDER OF IT ALL (G-1:34) of Light" p.9 9:30 BLONDIEp.15 7:00 RICH AND FAMOUS (R-1:57) 10:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “The Finger 9:00 FIVE AMERICAN GUNS p. 19 of Light” p.9 10:00 NOT THE NEWS p. 10 11:00 THE PURSUIT 10:30 CHEECH & CHONG’S OF D.B. COOPER (PG-1:40) NICE DREAMS (R)p.19 1:00 pm SEPARATE TABLES p.9 12:00am SEPARATE TABLES p.9 3:00 WONDER OF IT ALL 2:00 THE BEAST WITHIN (R) p.8 (G-1:34) 3:40 THE PURSUIT 4:45 VIDEO JUKEBOX p. 15 OF D.B. COOPER (PG-1:40) MONDAY, APRIL 4 4:45 OH! HEAVENLY DOG 5:30am TREASURES OF THE SNOW (PG-1:43) p20 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK p.9 7:30 COACH (PG) p. 10 7:00 CONAN THE BARBARIAN 9:00 EVIL UNDER THE SUN (R-1:55) (PG) p. 19 9:00 STRIPPERS p.16 11:00 WILDERNESS FAMILY 10:00 EVIL UNDER THE SUN PART II (G) p.21 (PG) p.19 1:00 pm STRIPPERS p. 16 11:45 AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF 2:00 COACH (PG) p. 10 IN LONDON (R)p.13 3:30 GEORGE JONES: 1:25 am LACAGEAUXFOLLES II With a Little Help (Dubbed) (R) p. 11 from His Friends p. 15 3:05 CONAN THE BARBARIAN Nobody's Perfekt Gabe Kaplan You don’t have to be crazy to fight the Army, the mayor, longshoremen and city hall, but Gabe Kaplan finds it helps. Adult situations and language, violence. (PG-1:32) March 5,10,14,19,21,24,26,29 Challenge to be Free A two-month manhunt through the brutal Arctic landscape highlights this gripping adventure. Based on a true story, starring Mike Mazurki. (G-1:27) March 1,4 Boy Meets Girl Hosted by Billy Crystal Special Where do people search for the perfect mate? This inside look at the singles scene visits a matchmaking service and highlights one man’s method to meeting women. (:45) March 1,4 Home Box Office, Standing Room Only, On Location, HBO, SRO, HBOnly are trademarks and service marks of Home Box Office, Inc. HBO reserves the right to make a schedule change or program substitution without notice. HBO welcomes subscriber comments on HBO programming and scheduling. Write to: HBO Subscriber Information Services, Time & Life Bldg., Rockefeller Center, New York, NY 10020. Service, reception and billing inquiries can be handled only by your local cable company or HBO affiliate. 22 Coming in April CONAN THE bArpAriAn Starts April 1 Or one of over 1,400 fabulous prizes in the Passport to Great Prizes Sweepstakes! Enter now and you may win a 7-day, expense-paid European vacation for two, including a trip on the famed Orient Express. Or win a $2,500 wardrobe from New York’s Saks Fifth Avenue.. .a Nikon camera and accessories... a three-piece designer luggage set... a pair of Tasco binoculars... a Tiffany T-Clip pen... or a handsome leather wallet/passport case. No purchase required. For official entry blank and Sweepstakes rules, send a self-addressed stamped* envelope to: PASSPORT TO GREAT PRIZES SWEEPSTAKES ENTRY BLANK, VENTURA ASSOCIATES OF INDIANA, 11108 W. 181ST., LOWELL, IN 46356 GREAT MOVIES ARE JUST THE BEGINNING. © 1983 Home Box Office, Inc. All Rights Reserved. ® Registered service mark and "“service mark of Home Box Office, Inc. 'Residents of Washington State need not affix stamps to their self-addressed envelopes. Ur¥]%T A EUROPEAN ft VACATION AND RIDE ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS! Willie Nelson & Family (n Concert

HBO Guide April 1983 - Page section : 006

Tim Matheson Surrounded by beautiful women, a cocky young director of TV commercials finds it difficult to remain faithful to his marriage vows. Tim Matheson (Animal House) plays the handsome swinger; Kate Capshaw, the wife who decides two can play the same game. Edward Herrmann co-stars. Adult situations, language, humor. (R-1:35) April 8,16,24,27 HBO Magazine Hosted by Dick Cavett A behind-the-scenes look at HBO. April edition: April 2,5,10,12; May edition: April 27,29 Southern Comfort Keith Carradine Powers Boothe Terror lurks deep in the Louisiana bayou when rookie National Guardsmen tangle with some murderous Cajuns in this powerful chiller. A graphic display of hunter vs. hunted directed by the strong action hand of Walter Hill. Featuring Powers Boothe, star of Philip Marlowe, Private Eye, an HBOriginal premiering this month. Adult language, graphic violence. (R-1:46) April 20,24,28,30 The Salamander Anthony Quinn The death of an Italian general triggers crackling suspense in this tale of intrigue. Adult situations, language; violence, brief nudity. (1:41) April 9,12,15,18,24,27,29 WEDNESDAY, APR. 13 4:00 STAYING ALIVE p.23 5:00 am STAYING ALIVE p. 23 5:00 THE LUCK 6:00 THE LUCK OF ROARING CAMP p.23 OF ROARING CAMP p 23 FRAGGLE ROCK “Challenge" 5:30 WONDER OF IT ALL(G)p.20 6:30 7:00 BAREFOOT IN PARK p 8 7:00 STAR TREK II (PG) p.5 9:15 WILLIE NELSON p . 16 9:00 WILLIE NELSON p. 16 10:45 I'M DANCING AS FAST 10:30 CARBON COPY (PG) p. 19 ASICAN(R)p.20 12:00 KAMIKAZE p. 23 12:40 am NOT THE NEWS 12:30 pm BLONDIEp. 17 4th Edition p. 15 1:30 STAR TREK II (PG)p.5 1:10 BLONDIEp. 17 3:30 FRAGGLE ROCK 2:10 CARBON COPY (PG)p 19 “The Challenge” p. 20 3:45 WILLIE NELSON p. 16 THURSDAY, APR. 14 5:00 H0NKYT0NK FREEWAY 5:30 am THE LOONEY LOONEY (PG) p. 19 LOONEY BUGS BUNNY MOVIE 7:00 McUNT0CK!p.21 (G) p 11 9:00 THE GREAT 7:00 H0NKYT0NK FREEWAY PLEASURE HUNT II p.9 (PG) p. 19 10:00 EXCALIBUR 9:00 EXCALIBUR (PG) p 9 (R)p9 11:30 McLINT0CK!p.21 12:30 am THE FOUR SEASONS 1:30 pm THE FOUR SEASONS (PG) p.4 (PG) P-4 2:20 HONKYTONK FREEWAY 3:30 THE LOONEY LOONEY (PG)p.19 LOONEY BUGS BUNNY MOVIE 4:10 THE GREAT (G) p. 11 PLEASURE HUNT II p.9 Take A Tax Break! Harry's War Mailman Harry Johnson declares full-scale war on the I.R.S. Edward Herrmann stars in the cockeyed comedy. Adult language. (PG-1:40) April 15 FRIDAY, APR. 15 4:30 FRAGGLE ROCK 5:30 am NATIONAL GEO. SPECIAL: “The Challenge” p. 20 REPTILES & AMPHIBIANS p.23 5:00 THE SALAMANDER p. 11 6:30 BEYOND THE REEF (PG)p.21 7:00 FOR YOUR EYES ONLY 8:00 SHEENA EASTON (PG) p.7 INCONCERTp.16 HARRY'S WAR 9:10 SHEENA EASTON 9:00 IN CONCERT p. 16 HARRY’S WAR (PG) p. 11 10:15 11:00 KAMIKAZE p.23 (PG) p. 11 11:30 THE SALAMANDER p. 11 12:00 THE SWORD 1:30 pm FUGITIVE FAMILY p.21 AND THE SORCERER (R) p.9 3:30 NATIONAL GEO. SPECIAL: 1:45 am THE SALAMANDER p. 11 REPTILES & AMPHIBIANS p.23 3:30 FUGITIVE FAMILY p.21 The Looney Looney^ Looney Bugs Bunny Movie A full-length treat with Bugs, Daffy Duck, and more. (G-1:15) April 3,7,14,16, 19,22,27 G 1981 Warner Bros. Inc. SATURDAY, APR. 16 5:30 WILLIE NELSON p . 16 5:30 am VIDEO JUKEBOX p. 17 7:00 RICH AND FAMOUS (R)p 6 6:00 HONKYTONK FREEWAY 9:00 PHILIP MARLOWE, (PG) p. 19 PRIVATE EYE 8:00 WILLIE NELSON p . 16 "Smart-AleckKIH"p.12 9:30 SAVAGE HARVEST 10:00 NOTTHE NEWS (PG) p.23 1st Edition p. 15 11:00 VIDEO JUKEBOX p. 17 10:30 A LITTLE SEX (R) p. 10 11:30 LOONEY LOONEY BUGS 12:10 am SOUP FOR ONE (R) p. 19 BUNNY MOVIE (G) p. 11 1:40 BAREFOOT IN PARK p.8 1:00 pm BAREFOOT IN PARK p.8 4:00 NOTTHE NEWS 3:30 HONKYTONK FREEWAY 1st Edition p. 15 (PG) p. 19 4:30 VIDEO JUKEBOX p 17 11

HBO Guide April 1983 - Page section : 007

UlTiVi dfj Five One*Hour Raymond Chandler Classics Shadowy, seamy, violent back-alley Los Angeles of the 1930s comes vividly to life in crackling new, original mystery dramas. Emmy Award-winner Powers Boothe plays the ace detective created by the writer who turned gumshoe fiction into literature. A tough but innocent eye in a corrupt world, Marlowe himself is the focus of this limited series exclusively on HBO. Smart-Aleck Kill finger Man Glamorous, very treacherous Hollywood characters challenge Marlowe when he investigates the mysterious death of a movie star. Sinister intrigue lurks behind the facade of respectability in this tale of power and decadence. April 16,19,21 12 When Marlowe becomes the prime suspect in the sudden death of a city official, he is forced to be on the run. A fast-action drama of big-time deals and small-time hoods. Bill Kearns plays his pal '’Violets" McGee. April 23,26,28 aumw The Pencil What does it mean when a pencil arrives mysteriously in the mail? Marlowe knows. And it’s not good news for his current client as he confronts syndicate hit men while guarding a gangster marked for death. A thriller! April 30 ...and next month Don’t miss The King in Yellow and Nevada Gas as Philip Marlowe, Private Eye continues in May. This exclusive limited series, based on original TV productions of Raymond Chandler classics, premieres on sue cessive Saturday nights beginning April 16.

HBO Guide April 1983 - Page section : 013

Next Month on HBO WORLD PREMIERE OF A NEW HBO FEATURE FILM r^The p, Terrj/Fox Robert Duvall T Eric Fryer OLU1 y Starts May 1 Jack Lemmon Sissy Spacek 3C

HBO Guide June 1983 - Page section : 005

THURSDAY, JUNE 9 6:00 IF YOU COULD SEE 6:00 am POPEYE WHAT 1 HEAR (PG)p.18 (PG) p.20 8:00 RAGGEDY MAN 8:00 RAGGEDY MAN (PG)p.17 (PG) P 17 10:00 RED SKELTON’S 10:00 IF YOU COULD SEE FUNNY FACES lllp.8 WHAT 1 HEAR (PG)p.18 11:00 THE TERRY FOX STORY 12:00 THE TERRY FOX STORY p.7 p7 12:45 am “OH, GODt 2:00 pm “OH, GOD!” (PG) p.22 (PG)p.22 2:25 WOLFEN (R) p.22 4:00 THE AMAZING 4:25 ENDLESS LOVE CAPTAIN NEMO p.20 (R)p.17 FRIDAY, JUNE 10 5:30 FRAGGLE ROCK 6:30 am LOST IN DEATH VALLEY “Mokey's Funeral" p.21 p.21 6:00 THE LAST CHASE (PG)p.23 7:30 ELTON JOHN 8:00 AUTHORI AUTHORI IN CENTRAL PARK p. 16 (PG) p.10 8:30 SAFARI 3000 (PG)p.19 10:00 INSIDE BOXING p.6 10:00 AUTHORIAUTH0RI (PG) p. 10 10:30 FAST-WALKING (R) p. 19 12:00 THE LAST CHASE (PG)p.23 12:30 am THE LAST CHASE (PG) p.23 2:00 pm ELTON JOHN 2:20 HOOKER p.22 IN CENTRAL PARK p. 16 3:20 AUTHORI AUTHORI 3:00 SAFARI 3000 (PG)p.19 (PG)p.10 4:30 LOST IN DEATH VALLEY 5:15 ELTON JOHN p.21 IN CENTRAL PARK p.16 SATURDAY, JUNE 11 6:00 POLTERGEIST 6:30 am POPEYE (PG)p 20 (PG) p.5 8:30 THE AMAZING 8:00 THE THING (R) p 15 CAPTAIN NEMO p.20 10:00 CAMPUS COMEDY p.9 10:30 POLTERGEIST 11:00 NOT NECESSARILY (PG) p.5 THE NEWS p.9 12:30 pm INSIDE BOXING p.6 11:30 SOME KIND OF HERO 1:00 HBO MAGAZINE p.22 (R)p6 1:30 POPEYE (PG) p.20 1:15 am DOG DAY AFTERNOON 3:30 VANISHED: (R)p.10 MISSING CHILDREN p. 14 3:20 ZOOT SUIT (R) p.23 4:30 THE CORN IS GREEN 5:05 NOT NECESSARILY P 11 THE NEWS p.9 SUNDAY, JUNE 12 5:45 “OH, GODI 6:00 am “OH. GODI” (PG) p.22 (PG) p.22 8:00 JIMMY THE KID 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK (PG) p.18 “Mokey’s Funeral” p.21 9:30 IF YOU COULD SEE 8:00 DEATHTRAP WHAT 1 HEAR (PG)p 18 (PG)p.15 11:30 FRAGGLER0CK 10:00 RAGGEDY MAN “Mokey's Funeral” p.21 (PG) p. 17 12:00 DEATHTRAP (PG)p.15 11:40 ONLY WHEN 1 LAUGH 2:00 pm RAGGEDY MAN (R) P-10 (PG) p. 17 1:40 am WOLFEN (R) p.22 4:00 JIMMY THE KID 3:40 DEATHTRAP (PG) p. 18 (PG)p.15 FUNNY HBOnly! Red Skeltons Funny Faces III Standing Room Only One of the funniest and most-loved clowns in show business returns to HBO in an all-new production of comedy, music and mime. In his first solo television concert, the legendary comedian brings back classic characters and adds a lot of new routines. (:50) June 1,4,6,9,13,17 8 FACTS AND STAND-UP ACTS Comedy Hosted by Joe Piscopo What makes college students laugh? Who are the funniest campus comedians? Joe Piscopo, star of “Saturday Night Live," went right to the source to find out. Taped before a student audience, this comedy show features the best college comics before they "grad-' uate" to the clubs'. June 11,17,19,29 On Location; Buddy Hsckett This may be the only time Buddy won't be "bleeped." The classic nightclub comedian performs uncensored for the first time on television. The unpredictable star of stage, screen and television entertains a nightclub crowd with his outrageously adult comedy act. Adult subject matter and language. June 18,21,24 Not the News An all-new edition of HBO's hit comedy series. June 5,11,14,16,21,24,26,28 HBOnty! 9

HBO Guide June 1983 - Page section : 012

FRIDAY, JULY 1 5:00 IF YOU COULD SEE 6:00 am THE AMAZING WHAT 1 HEAR (PG) p. 18 CAPTAIN NEMO p.20 7:00 WHEN THE MUSIC’S OVER 8:00 IF YOU COULD SEE p.16 WHAT 1 HEAR (PG) p. 18 8:00 ROCKY III (PG-1:39) 10:00 ROCKY ill (PG-1 39) 10:00 SIMON AND GARFUNKEL 12:00 SHEENA EASTON IN CENTRAL PARK (1:27) IN CONCERT ( 59) 11:30 DEATH WISH II (R) p 19 1:00 pm "OH, G00I” (PG) p.22 1:05 am STEVIE NICKS 3:00 TEDDY PENDERGRASS IN CONCERT (:57) IN CONCERT ( 59) 2:05 DOG DAY AFTERNOON 4:00 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC: (R)piO THE LONELY DORYMEN p 20 4:15 ROCKY III (PG-1:39) SATURDAY, JULY 2 6:30 GEORGE JONES: 6:00 am INGLORIOUS BASTARDS with a little help (1:39) Irom his friends (1:15) 8:00 AIR SUPPLY IN HAWAII ( 57) 8:00 GREASE 2 (PG-1 54) 9:00 GREASE 2 (PG-1 54) 10:00 DOLLY IN CONCERT 11:00 DOLLY IN CONCERT p. 13 p.13 12:30 pm UNDER THE RAINBOW 11:30 INGLORIOUS BASTARDS (PG-1:38) (1:39) 2:30 BLONDIE (56) 1:15 am BLONDIE (.56) 3:30 INGLORIOUS BASTARDS 2:15 JIMMY THE KID (1:39) (PG)p.18 5:30 AIR SUPPLY 3:45 GREASE 2 IN HAWAII ( 57) (PG-1:54) SUNDAY, JULY 3 5:30 IF YOU COULD SEE 6:00 am AUTHORIAUTHORI WHAT 1 HEAR (PG)p.18 (PG) p. 10 7:30 SUPERMAN II 8:00 IF YOU COULD SEE (PG-2:08) WHAT 1 HEAR (PG) p. 18 10:00 OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN 10:00 ROCKY III (PG-1 39) IN CONCERT(1:19) 12:00 COUNTRY ROCK ’82 ( 59) 11:30 ROCKY III 1:00 pm CRYSTAL GAYLE (PG-1:39) IN CONCERT ( 59) 1:15 am FLEETWOOD MAC 2:00 AUTHORI AUTHORI IN CONCERT (:57) (PG) p. 10 2:15 THE THING (R) p 15 4:00 WILLIE NELSON & FAMILY 4:10 WILLIE NELSON & FAMILY (1:28) (1:28) MONDAY, JULY 4 5:30 CLASH OF TITANS (PG-1 58) 6:00 am THE AMAZING 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “New Trash CAPTAIN NEMO p.20 Heap in Town” p.21 8:00 FRAGGLE ROCK “New Trash 8:00 THE BEACH BOYS Heap in Town” p.21 IN CONCERT ( 55) 8:30 JOHNNY CASH’S AMERICA 9:00 GREASE 2 (PG-1:54). 10:00 GREASE 2 (PG-1 54) 11:00 THE WHO TOUR 1982: 12:00 FRAGGLE ROCK “New Trash The Final Show (1:25) Heap In Town” p.21 12:30 am EARTH. WIND AND FIRE 12:30 pm CHAMPIONS OF SPORT p 6 IN CONCERT ( 59) 2:00 WHITE LIONS (PG-1:36) 1:30 THE BEACH BOYS 4:00 JOHNNY CASH'S AMERICA IN CONCERT ( 55) (1:20) 2:30 ZOOT SUIT (R) p.23 22 "Oh, God!" George Burns Heavens above! George Burns stars as the kindly Almighty in Carl Reiner's offbeat comedy. John Denver is a suburban Moses to whom God entrusts a message of hope. Adult humor. (PG-1:38) June 9,12,18,21,24,27,29 Hooker Special Prostitution. Sex for sale. Call girls. Madams. Streetwalkers. Who are the women who choose this way of life? Why do they do it? For adults. Frank and adult sexual content, language; nudity. (:59) June 2,10 Wolfen Albert Finney Wolf-like beings of extraordinary intelligence lurk in the shadows of a helpless city. Albert Finney stars as a detective who tries to combat the strange, supernatural forces. Adult language, graphic violence, nudity. (R-1:54) June 6,9,12,15,22,25 HBO Magazine Hosted by Dick Cavett A behind-the-scenes look at what’s on HBO. June edition: June 2,4,6,11 The Last Chase Lee Majors All cars are banned when America runs out of oil. But an ex-auto racer salvages his Porsche for a trek to California, where renegade drivers still run free. Adult situations, language; violence, brief nudity. (PG-1:45) June 4,6,8.10.14,22,26,30 Zoot Suit The trumped-up murder trial of four young Chicanos in '40s L.A. is the background for a story of bigotry and injustice. Tyne Daly fights for their cause in this drama with music. Adult situations and language, violence. (R-1:43) June 11,14,23,26 Partners Ryan O'Neal In this offbeat comedy, two male cops act as lovers in order to trap a murderer. Ryan O'Neal plays the macho detective; John Hurt, his gay colleague. Adult language, mild violence, nudity. (R-1:32) June 1,4 Schedule Abbreviations: 1:33 indicates running time of program is one hour 33 minutes. Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) ratings explanation: G: Suitable for general audiences. PG: Parental guidance suggested. Some material may not be suitable for children. R: Restricted. (In theatrical showings, no one under 17 is admitted unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.) HBO Rock: The Who Tour 1982: The Final Show ¥ HBO Summer f Music Festival July 1-4 A musical explosion L of HBO’s best!

HBO Guide November 1983 - Page section : 010

FRIDAY, NOV. 25 6:00 am DO ME A FAVOR... p,20 7:00 SHERLOCK HOUND p.20 7:30 VIDEO JUKEBOX p.7 8:00 HONKYTONK MAN (PG) p 5 10:00 STILL OF NIGHT (PG) p. 16 11:30 CONSUMER REPORTS p.9 12:00 ENIGMA (PG)p.4 2:00 pm KLONDIKE FEVER (PG) p.18 4:00 SHERLOCK HOUND p.20 4:30 DO ME A FAVOR... DON’T VOTE FOR MY MOMI p.20 5:30 FRAGGLE “Challenge” p.21 SATURDAY, NOV. 26 6:30 am HBO COMING ATTRACTIONS p.17 7:00 MEGAFORCE (PG)p.15 9:00 MEN'S GYMNASTICS: 1983 Caesars Palace Invitational p. 15 10:00 INSIDE THE NFLp.14 11:00 THE LAST UNICORN (G)p.2l 12:30 pm HBO COMING ATTRACTIONS p.17 1:00 THE KILLING OF RANDY WEBSTER p.8 SUNDAY, NOV. 27 6:00 am RIGHT OF WAY p.16 8:00 DRAGONSLAYER (PG) p.8 10:00 FLASHBACK Last Voyage p.17 11:00 VIDEO JUKEBOX p.7 11:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “The Challenge” P-21 12:00 THE CHOSEN (PG) p.9 2:00 pm RIGHT OF WAY p.16 4:00 FLASHBACK The Last Voyage ol the Morro Castle p.17 5:00 VIDEO JUKEBOX p.7 5:30 DRAGONSLAYER (PG) p.8 MONDAY, NOV. 28 6:10 am ANNA TO THE... POWER p 20 8:00 THE LAST UNICORN (G)p.21 9:30 COMING ATTRACTIONS p.17 10:00 MEGAFORCE (PG)p.15 12:00 FLASHBACK The Wall Street Crash of 1929 p.17 1:00 pm CONSUMER REPORTS p.9 1:30 HONKYTONK MAN (PG)p.5 3:30 HBO COMING ATTRACTIONS p.17 4:00 ANNA TO THE INFINITE POWER p.20 6:00 VIDEO JUKEBOX p.7 6:30 CONSUMER REPORTS p.9 7:00 INSIDE THE NFL p.14 8:00 STILL OF NIGHT (PG) p.16 9:30 NOT NEC. THE NEWS p.10 10:00 HONKYTONK MAN (PG)p.5 12:00 THE HITCHHIKER Shattered Vows p. 19 12:30 am ALL-NEW BENNY HILL p.10 1:30 ENIGMA (PG)p.4 3:15 INSIDE THE NFL p.14 4:15 NOT NEC. THE NEWS p.10 4:45 STILL OF NIGHT (PG) p.16 3:00 MEGAFORCE (PG)p.15 5:00 THE LAST UNICORN (G) p.21 6:30 HBO COMING ATTRACTIONS p.17 7:00 MEN’S GYMNASTICS: 1983 Caesars Palace Invitational p.IS 8:00 THE BOAT (R)p.19 10:30 FORCE: FIVE (R)p.15 12:15 am AN OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN (R)p.13 2:25 FIRST LOVE (R) p.9 4:00 MEGAFORCE (PG)p.15 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “The Challenge" p.21 8:00 BARBARA MANDRELL The Lady Is a Champ p.6 9:30 COMING ATTRACTIONS p. 17 10:00 THE HITCHHIKER Shattered Vows p. 19 10:30 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS p.10 11:00 THE CHOSEN (PG) p.9 12:55 am BUDDY BUDDY (R) p. 18 2:35 MONSIGNOR (R) p.5 4:35 BARBARA MANDRELL p 6 6:00 THE LAST UNICORN (G) p.21 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “I Don’t Care” p.21 8:00 MAKING LOVE (R) p. 18 10:00 MEGAFORCE (PG)p.15 11:45 CONSUMER REPORTS PRESENTS Holiday Special p.9 12:15 am NATIONAL LAMPOON’S MOVIE MADNESS (R)p.11 1:50 HONKYTONK MAN (PG) p.5 3:55 COMING ATTRACTIONS p.17 4:25 MAKING LOVE (R)p.18 Making Love Kate Jackson and Michael Ontkean star in this controversial drama. Adult language, strong sexual content. (R-1:52) November 9,13,19,28,30 Death Ship A drama of horror on the high seas with George Kennedy and Richard Crenna. Adult language, graphic violence, nudity. (R-1:27) Nov. 2,8,14,19,29 Buddy Buddy Walter Matthau as a hit man, and Jack Lemmon, a suicidal klutz, cross paths in an offbeat comedy. Adult language, mild violence, brief nudity. (R-1:36) Nov. 5,10,14,23,27 Klondike Fever Writer Jack London experiences the Gold Rush. With Rod Steiger and Angie Dickinson. Adult situations and language, violence. (PG-1:46) Nov. 7,10, 13,16,19,22,25 Tell Me a Riddle Melvyn Douglas and Lila Kedrova can't agree on how to cope with their remaining years—until personal tragedy strikes. Adult situations and language. (PG-1:33) Nov. 3,9 18 When he appears, strange things happen. A three-part adult anthology of tales of lust and greed that take you past the edge of reality. Follow the hitchhiker on journeys to the unexpected. This month: Shattered Vows A young man marries a wealthy older woman; then events take a bizarre turn. Adult language, violence, nudity, strong sexual content. Nov. 23,25,27,29 When Morning Comes A filmmaker's one night stand may be a murderess. Adult language, violence, nudity, strong sexual content. Nov. 30 Wartime Drama Tension builds to the breaking point in this realistic World War II drama nominated for six Academy Awards in 1983. Based on an international bestseller, it tells the story of a German U-boat crew sent to attack an Allied convoy in the Mediterranean. Adult situa tions and Ian Gallipoli Mel Gibson Two Australians face the brutality of war in a gripping drama. Mel Gibson (The Road Warrior) and Mark Lee star as soldiers in a desperate WWI campaign. Adult language, violence, brief nudity. (PG-1:51) Nov. 3,5,8,11,14,17,20,23 19

HBO Guide December 1983 - Page section : 008

SATURDAY, DEC. 17 6:00 am TABLE FOR FIVE (PG) p.5 8:00 BREAKER MORANT (PG)p.10 10:00 INSIDE THE NFL p.16 11:00 ABSENCE OF MALICE (PG) p.9 .1:00 pm THE SIGN OF FOUR p.21 3:00 KENNY LOGGINS IN CONCERT p.6 4:00 TABLE FOR FIVE (PG) p.5 6:00 BREAKER MORANT (PG)p.lO 8:00 ENDANGERED SPECIES (R) P-9 10:00 KENNY LOGGINS IN CONCERT p.6 11:00 TABLE FOR FIVE (PG)p.5 1:10 am ROLLOVER (R) p.9 3:15 FOUR FRIENDS (R)p.22 5:10 KENNY LOGGINS IN CONCERT p.6 SUNDAY, DEC. 18 6:15 am MAN/SNOWY RIVER (PG) p.7 8:00 VIDEO JUKEBOX p.6 8:30 SEARCH/DESTROY (PG)p.10 10:00 VANISHING WILDERNESS (G) p.21 11:30 FRAGGLE “Marooned” p.20 12:00 VIDEO JUKEBOX p.6 12:30 pm BUNDED BY THE LIGHT p,11 2:00 CAVETT BEHIND SCENES p 14 2:30 BARBARA MANORELL p.6 4:00 VANISHING WILDERNESS (G) p.21 5:45 MAN/SNOWY RIVER (PG) p.7 7:30 FRAGGLE “Marooned” p.20 8:00 SIX WEEKS (PG)P.15 10:00 THE HITCHHIKER “Split Decision” p. 14 10:30 NOT NECESSARILY THE YEAR IN REVIEW p.12 11:30 CREEPSHOW (R) p.5 1:30 am CAVETT BEHIND SCENES p. 14 2:00 BLINDED BY THE LIGHT p. 11 3:30 BARBARA MANORELL p.6 5:00 VANISHING WILDERNESS (G) p.21 MONDAY, DEC. 19 6:30 am HEIDI p.20 8:00 RICH LITTLE’S “A CHRISTMAS CAROL" p.19 9:00 EMMET OTTER p.19 10:00 THE SIGN OF FOUR p.21 12:00 THE SECRET OF N.I.M.H. (G) p.5 1:30 pm FINAL ASSIGNMENT (PG) p.23 3:30 EMMET OTTER’S JUG-BAND CHRISTMAS p.19 4:30 HEIDI p.20 6:00 DARYL HALL ft JOHN OATES IN CONCERT p.6 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “The Minstrels” p.20 8:00 SHARKY'S MACHINE (R) p.9 10:08 8til ANNUAL YOUNG COMEDIANS SHOW p.10 11:00 DIVA (Dubbed. R) p.7 1:05 am THINGS ARE TOUGH ALL OVER (R) p. 10 2:40 DARYL HALL ft JOHN OATES IN CONCERT p.6 4:10 THE SIGN OF FOUR p.21 TUESDAY, DEC. 20 6:00 TABLE FOR FIVE (PG) p.5 6:00 am CHRISTMAS MOUNTAIN p.19 8:00 A LITTLE SEX (R) p.23 7:30 THE SNOWMAN p.19 10:00 THE CHALLENGE (R) p.9 8:00 BREAKER MORANT (PG) p.10 11:55 INSIDE BOXING p.16 10:00 TABLE FOR FIVE (PG) p.5 12:25 am ENDANGERED SPECIES 12:00 ABSENCE OF MAUCE (R)p.9 (PG) p.9 2:05 THE HITCHHIKER 2:00 pm STILL OF THE NIGHT “Split Decision” p. 14 (PG) p.9 2:35 NOT NECESSARILY 3:30 RED SKELTON PRESENTS THE YEAR IN REVIEW p.12 FREDDY THE FREELOADER’S 3:35 EATING RAOUL (R)p.22 CHRISTMAS DINNER p.19 5:00 STILL OF THE NIGHT 4:30 CHRISTMAS MOUNTAIN p.19 (PG) p.9 HBO’s adult anthology of tales of lust, greed and macabre humor. Follow the hitchhiker to the unexpected. This month: Split Decision A salesman meets shapely twins who share every-thing. Adult situations, language. Dec. 14,16,18,20 When Morning Comes A filmmaker’s one night stand may be a murderess. Adult language, violence, nudity, strong sexual content. Dec. 2,4,7 Cavett Behind the Scenes With Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta. The stars shine in a new movie—and in this HBO interview. Dec. 15,18,21,26,31 14 Mary Tyler Moore Dudley Moore Two strangers come together at a time of personal crisis in a frankly sentimental drama. Dudley Moore plays a politician caught up in campaign razzle-dazzle. He befriends Mary Tyler Moore, a widowed cosmetics tycoon whose daughter dreams of an ideal family. Adult situations and language. (PG-1:47) Dec. 18,21,24,26,29 15

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