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23 6:30a HBO thu Rip Van Winkle: An Animated Special... 6:45 MAX Objective, Burma! 7:00 HBO The Neverending Story 7:30 HBO Babar Scarlet Pachyderm 8:00 HBO Hope Floats 9:10 MAX A Far Off Place 10:00 HBO The X-Files 11:00 MAX The Untouchables 12:00 HBO Practical Magic 1:00p MAX Club Paradise 2:00 HBO Blue Chips 2:30 MAX Last Action Hero 4:00 HBO HBO First Look The Road to El Dorado 4:30 HBO Rip Van Winkle: An Animated Special... Wyatt Earp Hope Floats Stella 8:00 MAX Return of the Living Dead III 24 fridi 6:00a HBO Goya:Awakened in a Dream The Artists' Specials 7:00 HBO The Adventures of Tintin 7:15 HAX Woman's World 7:30 HBO Babar All Played Out 8:00 HBO “Crocodile" Dundee II 8:50 MAX Health 10:00 HBO Paternity 10:30 MAX Sphere 11:30 HBO The Bounty 12:50p MAX Lover Boy 1:45 HBO HBO First Look Romeo Must Die 2:00 HBO Without Limits 2:30 MAX Chairman of the Board 4:00 HBO “Crocodile” Dundee II MAX Beaches 6:00 HBO I’ll Do Anything MAX Just Write 8:00 HBO Predator 8:00 MAX FRIDAY PREMIERE Idle Hands 25 6:00a HBO 6:30 HBO 7:00 HBO MAX 7:30 HBO 8:00 HBO 8:30 MAX 10:00 HBO MAX 11:00 HBO 11:30 MAX I2:30p HBO 1:10 MAX 2:30 HBO MAX 3:30 HBO 4:15 MAX 5:30 HBO 6:00 HBO MAX 8:00 satui The Worst Witch HBO First Look The Road to El Dorado Country Mouse and the City Mouse Adventures Snowboard Academy Babar Radio Riot Milk Money Dr. Dolittle Real Sports/Bryant Gumbel One Foot in Hell In the Line of Duty: Kidnapped Wing Commander Polish Wedding The Pick-Up Artist Brett Killed Mom Star Kid American Flyers A Simple Twist of Fate HBO First Look The Road to El Dorado Milk Money Gloria HBO SATURDAY NIGHT Lost & Found 9:45 MAX U.S. Marshals 9:30 MAX Interview With Vampire 11:00 HBO A Real Sex Xtra: 9:45 HBO No Alibi 8:00 MAX Bad Girls Best of Real Sex 11:30 HBO Dennis Miller Live 9:45 MAX Project Shadowchaser III 12:00 HBO Paradise Lost 2: MAX Passion Cove 10:00 HBO The Sopranos Revelations 12:00 HBO The Naked Players 11:00 HBO If These Walls Could Talk 2 America Undercover Meet the People 11:30 MAX Passion Cove MAX The Patriot MAX The Sexperiment 12:00 MAX Teach Me Tonight 1:30a MAX Confessions of a Call Girl 12:45a HBO Against the Wall 12:40a HBO There's Something/Mary 2:20 HBO Blowback 1:45 MAX Casualties ofWar 1:30 MAX The Confession 3:00 MAX Confessions of 2:40 HBO Smalltime 2:45 HBO John Carpenter's Vampires a Lap Dancer 3:45 MAX Wishmaster 2: Evil... 3:30 MAX Just a Little Harmless Sex 3:55 HBO Good Morning,Vietnam 4:15 HBO Stripes 4:35 HBO Slums of Beverly Hills 4:40 MAX Amistad 5:30 MAX Best Men 5:10 MAX The Grave EE/PW 26 SUIT A DAY OF BEST PICTURES Cinemax paves the road to the Oscars® ceremony with this quintet of Best Picture winners! Mother Goose: A Rappin’... j The Last Emperor (1987) Encyclopedia Babar The Lead Blimp Rip Van Winkle: An Animated Special... Prince Valiant Platoon (1986) Practical Magic Unforgiven (1992) HBO First Look Romeo Must Die j A Cinderella Season: The Lady Vols Fight Back Naked Gun 33'/3: i The Final Insult Titanic (1997) j New York Stories Braveheart (1995) Hope Floats Practical Magic Black and White The Sopranos Stalker Guilt Syndrome Pushing Tin The Road Killers Saving Private Ryan HBO First Look Romeo... The Sopranos Oz Passion Cove Bram Stoker’s Shadowbuilder Secrets of a Chambermaid Everybody’s All-American Plato’s Run 6:15a HBO 6:45 MAX 7:00 HBO 7:30 HBO 8:00 HBO 8:30 HBO 9:30 MAX 10:00 HBO 11:30 MAX 11:45 HBO 12:00 HBO l:30p HBO 1:45 MAX 3:00 HBO 5:00 MAX 5:15 HBO 7:15 HBO 8:00 MAX 9:00 HBO 9:45 MAX 10:00 HBO MAX 11:30 MAX 12:10a i HBO 12:30 HBO 1:35 HBO 2:20 MAX 2:35 HBO 2:45 MAX 4:20 HBO 4:30 MAX EE/PW 27 6:05a MAX 6:30 HBO 7:00 HBO 7:30 HBO 8:00 HBO 8:15 MAX 10:00 HBO 10:30 HBO MAX 12:00 HBO I2:30p MAX 1:30 HBO 2:20 MAX 3:45 HBO 4:30 HBO MAX 5:00 HBO 6:15 MAX 6:45 HBO moni Chapter Two Dear America: Dreams in the Golden Country Jim Henson’s Storyteller Babar Helping Hands Stella The Odessa File HBO First Look The Road to El Dorado Teen Knight The Untouchables City at Peace Great Expectations Message in a Bottle U.S. Marshals Mother Goose: A Rappin’.. The Worst Witch The Golden Child Kid Cop Big Business Home Alone 3 9:00 9:30 10:00 11:30 HBO MAX HBO MAX 12:15a HBO 1:20 MAX 1:50 HBO 2:20 HBO 2:45 4:25 4:30 MAX HBO MAX The Road to El Dorado The Sopranos Cookie’s Fortune11 Message in a Bottle I Still Know What You Did Last Summer Blowback Hollywood Dreams Dennis Miller Live Hilary and Jackie Kiss or Kill No Alibi 20 Dates March 23-280 I I 28 tuesda'A 6:00a HBO Tracey Takes On... MAX Zebra in the Kitchen 7:00 HBO The Little Lulu Show 7:30 HBO Babar Victor Victorious 7:35 MAX Three Men and a Baby 8:00 HBO Milk Money 9:20 MAX For Keeps 10:00 HBO Rip Van Winkle: An Animated Special... 10:30 HBO Popeye 11:00 MAX Nuns on the Run I2:30p HBO Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel MAX Small Soldiers 1:30 HBO Lost & Found 2:30 MAX Livin' Large 3:15 HBO King Kong 4:00 MAX The Color of Money 5:30 HBO Milk Money 6:00 MAX Cocktail 7:30 HBO Paternity 8:00 MAX Black Cat Run 8:00

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if these walls could talk 2 HBO Original Movie Event

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6:00a MAX Gandhi 6:30 HBO Dear America: Dreams in the Golden Country 7:00 HBO The Adventures of Tintin Explorers on the Moon 7:30 HBO Babar Object d’Arthur 8:00 HBO Blue Chips 9:15 MAX The Kid From Left Field 10:00 HBO Milk Money 10:45 MAX Cocktail 12:00 HBO Dear America: Dreams in the Golden Country I2:30p HBO Legacy of Sin: The William Coit Story MAX Shipwrecked 2:00 HBO Stella 2:15 MAX Ed Wood 4:00 HBO A Cool, Dry Place 4:30 MAX Office Space 5:45 HBO The Making of Hope Floats 6:00 HBO Milk Money MAX Small Soldiers 8:00 HBO Next of Kin 10:00 HBO Renegade Force MAX Dr. Dolittle 11:30 HBO Dennis Miller Live MAX Passion Cove 12:00 HBO The Distinguished Gentleman MAX Dangerous Invitation 1:40a MAX How Stella Got Her Groove Back 1:55 HBO Phoenix 3:45 HBO “10 MAX Year of the Dragon VISIT OUR 6:00a HBO Educating Peter MAX Violets Are Blue... 6:30 HBO The Animated Odyssey 7:00 HBO Country Mouse and the City Mouse Adventures 7:30 HBO Babar Diaperman Cometh MAX The Negotiator 8:00 HBO Turner & Hooch 9:45 HBO Hope Floats 10:00 MAX That Night in Rio 11:30 MAX Titanic 11:45 HBO Mother Goose: Rappin’... I2:30p HBO Baby Geniuses 2:15 HBO HBO First Look Romeo... 2:30 HBO Without Limits 2:45 MAX For Keeps 4:30 HBO Little Shop of Horrors MAX Livin' Large 6:00 MAX Ever After 6:15 HBO Turner & Hooch 8:00 .jmflfr mm SATURDAY m111111,1 %Egk 7 8:00 MAX Last Action Hero 10:00 HBO Boxing After Dark Mayweather vs. Vargas; Corrales vs. Cainer 10:15 MAX Mercenary 12:00 MAX Passion Cove 12:30a HBO The Sopranos MAX Sheer Passion 1:30 HBO A Perfect Murder 2:10 MAX 1 Still Know What You Did Last Summer 3:20 HBO Patton Oswalt 3:55 HBO Pushing Tin 4:00 MAX The Untouchables WEB SITE AT WWUI/.ci 19 Sunday 6:00a HBO Goya: Awakened in a Dream The Artists’ Specials MAX Lord Jim 7:00 HBO Encyclopedia 7:30 HBO Babar Time Flies 8:00 HBO The Worst Witch 8:30 HBO The X-Files i 8:40 MAX Can’t Hardly Wait 10:30 HBO “Crocodile” Dundee II MAX Sphere 12:30p HBO Tracey Takes On... 12:45 MAX Stand and Deliver 1:00 HBO Message in a Bottle 2:30 MAX U.S. Marshals 3:30 HBO Dare to Compete: Struggle of Women in Sports 4:45 MAX Wyatt Earp 5:00 HBO Home Alone 3 6:45 HBO The X-Files 9:00 HBO The Sopranos 10:00 HBO Message in a Bottle MAX Love and Action in Chicago 11:35 MAX I Like to Play Games Too 12:20a HBO The Chris Rock Show 1:05 HBO Oz 1:15 MAX A Better Tomorrow , 2:10 HBO Xtreme: Sports to Die For America Undercover 2:50 MAX Passion Cove 3:10 HBO Kickboxer 2: Road Back 3:20 MAX The Siege 4:40 HBO The Object of My Affection 5:20 MAX The Last Detail imax.com EE/PW J 20 mo 6:35a HBO Shakespeare—Animated Tales The Winter’s Tale 7:00 HBO Jim Henson’s Storyteller 7:05 MAX Captain Blood 7:30 HBO Babar Insecurity System 8:00 HBO Naked Gun 33 '/3: The Final Insult 9:10 MAX Les Miserables 9:30 HBO Gross Anatomy 11:30 HBO I’ll Do Anything MAX Snowboard Academy l:00p MAX The Karate Kid 1:30 HBO Cousins 3:10 MAX A Simple Twist of Fate 3:30 HBO Spice World 5:00 MAX Braveheart 5:15 HBO HBO First Look Romeo Must Die 5:30 HBO White Nights 8:00 HBO Against the Wall 21 tuesi March 22 6:00a HBO Real Sports 6:00a HBO With Bryant Gumbel 6:30 HBO 7:00 HBO The Little Lulu Show 7:00 HBO MAX Gypsy MAX 7:30 HBO Babar Kings of the Castle 7:30 HBO 8:00 HBO A Cool, Dry Place 8:00 HBO 9:30 MAX Best Men 8:20 MAX 9:45 HBO Making of Practical Magic 9:40 MAX 10:00 HBO Saturday Night Fever 10:15 HBO 11:00 MAX Escape From Alcatraz 10:30 HBO 12:00 HBO Brett Killed Mom: 11:30 MAX A Sister’s Diary 12:30p HBO l:00p HBO The Evening Star 1:00 MAX MAX Unforgiven 2:00 HBO 3:15 HBO MAX New York Stories Titanic 2:30 MAX 5:30 HBO Real Sports 3:00 HBO With Bryant Gumbel 3:30 HBO 6:30 HBO Quest for Camelot 4:35 MAX MAX Dr. Dolittle 5:45 HBO 8:00 HID 6:15 MAX Rip Van Winkle An Animated Special... 8:00 HBO 1 Ll ) Wednesday Educating Peter The Worst Witch Country/City Mouse Hangover Square Babar What’s Mine Is Mine Message in a Bottle Gang War Blow Out HBO First Look Romeo... American Flyers Office Space Kung Fu:The Movie The Golden Child Real Sports/Bryant Gumbel How Stella Got Her Groove Back The Worst Witch The Newton Boys Spaced Invaders Message in a Bottle Three Men and a Baby Real Sports/Bryant Gumbel 9:45 MAX Just a Little Harmless Sex 10:00 HBO Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel 11:00 HBO Paradise Lost 2 America Undercover 11:20 MAX Saving Private Ryan 1:20a HBO Dennis Miller Live 1:50 HBO Vig 2:20 MAX Marilyn Chambers’ Desire 3:30 HBO Mr. Show/Bob and David 3:45 MAX The Night Caller 4:00 HBO There’s Something About Mary 5:20 MAX Airborne Prototype X29A HBO First Look The Road to El Dorado 9:00 9:00 HBO Pushing Tin 10:00 9:45 MAX Stalker Guilt Syndrome 10:00 MAX You’ve Got Mail 11:00 11:00 HBO The Sopranos 11:30 12:00 MAX Life of a Gigolo 12:00 12:10a HBO Dennis Miller Live 1:10a HBO 12:40 HBO Blowback 1:30 MAX 1:30 MAX Secrets of a Chambermaid 3:05 HBO 2:15 HBO If These Walls Could Talk 2 3:15 MAX Ed Wood 4:00 MAX 3:55 HBO Pushing Tin 4:40 HBO 5:30 MAX MAX Transmission Test

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5 Sunday 6 monday I tuesday f / MARCH 5 ONLY -See sopranos at a special time (8 pm et/pt] followed by the premiere of HBO's most anticipated original movie, if these walls could talk 2 King of the Khyber Rifles Jim Henson’s The Storyteller Sapsorrow Babar Witch’s Potion Shaft Quest for Camelot Without Limits How Stella Got Her Groove Back Polish Wedding Something Wicked This Way Comes Blue Ridge Palls Milk Money Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone Goya: Awakened in a Dream The Artists’ Specials The X-Files Can’t Hardly Wait Wing Commander The Evening Star Sphere The Sopranos Analyze This Dilemma Cruel Intentions Beverly Hills Cop III Dennis Miller Live Under Pressure Less Than Zero Demolition University Real Sex 24 The Wicked Wicked West Johnny Skidmarks visit our cinemax web site at www.cinemax.com 6:00a HBO Educating Peter 6:00a MAX 6:30 HBO Shakespeare-Animated Tales The Winter’s Tale 7:00 HBO 7:00 HBO Encyclopedia 7:30 HBO MAX Shipwrecked 7:45 MAX 7:30 HBO Babar Fathers and Sons 8:00 HBO 8:00 HBO Baby Geniuses 9:30 HBO 8:30 MAX Bye Bye, Love MAX 9:45 HBO Kid Cop 10:20 MAX Amistad 11:30 HBO 11:30 HBO Spice World MAX l:00p HBO Brett Killed Mom: A Sister's Diary MOpMAX MAX Ever After 1:30 HBO 2:00 HBO Cousins 3:00 MAX 3:00 MAX Desperately Seeking Susan 4:00 HBO Baby Geniuses 3:30 HBO 4:45 MAX Lover Boy 5:45 HBO The Newton Boys 4:30 HBO 6:30 MAX Dr. Dolittle MAX 8:00 HBO The Sopranos 6:15 MAX MAX In Her Defense 6:45 HBO 9:00 HBO If These Walls 8:00 MAX Could Talk 2 9:00 HBO 9:45 MAX Last Action Hero 10:00 HBO 10:45 HBO A Perfect Murder 10:15 MAX 12:00 MAX Damien’s Seed 11:45 HBO 12:40a HBO The Sopranos MAX 1:30 MAX Halloween 5 1:25a HBO 1:45 HBO The Chris Rock Show 1:30 MAX 2:20 HBO Oz 1:55 HBO 3:10 MAX Passion Cove 3:00 MAX 3:20 HBO Mercy 3:35 HBO 3:40 MAX Year of the Dragon 4:25 HBO 5:00 HBO Distinguished Gentleman 4:30 MAX 6:00a MAX Soldier of Fortune 6:30 HBO The Animated Odyssey 7:00 HBO The Little Lulu Show 7:30 HBO Babar A Charmed Life 7:40 MAX Fi recreek 8:00 HBO Teen Knight 9:30 HBO A Cinderella Season: The LadyVols Fight Back MAX Great Expectations 11:00 HBO The Witness Files 11:30 MAX Spaced Invaders I2:45p HBO Paternity 1:15 MAX Stand and Deliver 2:30 HBO Hope Floats 3:00 MAX Beaches 4:30 HBO American Flyers 5:00 MAX A Fish Called Wanda 6:30 HBO Blue Chips (Sf 7:00 CINEMAX REEL LIFE Through a Blue Lens 8:00 MAX The Golden Child 8:30 HBO True Crime 9:30 MAX Sacred Cargo 11:00 HBO The Sopranos 11:15 MAX The Dentist II 12:00 HBO Dennis Miller Live 12:30a HBO David Brenner: Back With a Vengeance 1:00 MAX Confessions of a Call Girl 1:30 HBO Girl 2:30 MAX Office Space 3:15 HBO The Naked Players Meet the People 4:00 HBO True Crime 4:05 MAX Eden EE/PW 8 wedne. 6:00a MAX 6:15 HBO 7:00 HBO 7:30 HBO MAX 8:00 HBO 9:15 9:45 MAX HBO 11:30 HBO MAX l:00p MAX 2:00 HBO 3:00 MAX 3:30 HBO 4:00 HBO 4:45 MAX 5:45 HBO 7:00 MAX 7:30 HBO 9:00 HBO The Sopranos 10:00 HBO If These Walls Could Talk 2 HBO Original Movie 11:15 MAX Stalker Guilt Syndrome 11:30 MAX Passion Cove 11:40 HBO Next of Kin 12:00 MAX The Dreamlife of Angels 1:30a HBO The Maker 2:00 MAX Saving Private Ryan 3:15 HBO Back Roads 4:50 MAX Champions 4:55 HBO Up the Creek 9 thursday Breaking Point Mother Goose: A Rappin’ and Rhymin’ Special Country Mouse and the City Mouse Adventures Babar A Tale of Two Siblings Made for Each Other Baby Geniuses Last Action Hero Little Shop of Horrors White Nights The Pick-Up Artist Small Soldiers Airspeed Quicksilver No Visible Bruises: The Katie Koestner Story Home Alone 3 Unforgiven Baby Geniuses Crimes of Honor Naked Gun 33 '/3: The Final Insult 8:00 MAX Titanic 6:30a HBO Dear America: Dreams in the Golden Country MAX The Doberman Gang 7:00 HBO The Neverending Story To Save Falk or 7:30 HBO Babar Unde Arthur... 8:00 HBO Nadine MAX The Daring Dobermans 9:30 HBO Brett Killed Mom: A Sister’s Diary MAX Dr. Dolittle 10:30 HBO “Crocodile” Dundee II 11:00 MAX Livin' Large I2:30p HBO Kid Cop MAX Ed Wood 2:00 HBO A Cool, Dry Place 2:45 MAX Star Kid 3:45 HBO The Bounty 4:30 MAX Let It Ride 6:00 HBO Spice World MAX Ever After 7:30 HBO Nadine 8:00 MAX The Negotiator 9:00 HBO There’s Something About Mary 10:20 MAX Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies 11:00 HBO The Naked Players Meet the Public 11:45 HBO Savior 12:00 MAXTheSiege 1:35a HBO Against the Wall 2:00 MAX Vampire Journals 3:20 MAX Trading Favors 3:30 HBO Real Sex 22 4:20 HBO Blown Away 5:10 MAX Ruby March 5-10 I 10 friday H 6:00a HBO Educating Peter 6:30 HBO Shakespeare- The Animated Tales The Winter’s Tale 7:00 HBO The Adventures of Tintin Explorers on the Moon 7:05 MAX A Tree Grows in Brooklyn 7:30 HBO Babar The Unsalted Sea Serpent 8:00 HBO Turner & Hooch 9:20 MAX Wing Commander 9:45 HBO King Kong 11:00 MAX Platoon 12:00 HBO The Newton Boys l:00p MAX Nuns on the Run Saturday Night Fever Wyatt Earp Turner & Hooch The Karate Kid Cousins Judgment Night 8:00 MAX FRIDAY PREMIERE Sometimes They Come Back... for More 9:30 MAX You’ve Got Mail

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Pushing Tin In this heartfelt drama, a lonely newspaperwoman’s discovery of a message in a bottle that has washed ashore leads her on a personal quest for its author— a bereaved man living among reminders of his beloved wife. (AC,AL,V) PGi3-2:n. H BO Mar. 11,14,19,22,27,30 pEaocEsra STARTS SATURDAY, MARCH 11 STARTS SATURDAY, MARCH 4 Clint Eastwood True Crime After interviewing a death-row inmate, a grizzled reporter finds himself believing the man is innocent...but can he prove it within 24 hours? With Isaiah Washington, Denis Leary, James Woods. (AC,AL,V) R-2:07. hbo Mar.4,7,12,22,31 qmaHosra Complications arise when a man resorts to dognapping to win his neighbor’s love! (AC,AL,BN,MV) PGi3-i:40. HBO Mar.25,28 piUSCESE STARTS SATURDAY, MARCH 25 John Cusack Billy Bob Thornton The rivalry between a cocky air-traffic controller and an ultra-cool newcomer quickly taxis out of their tense work arena and into their personal lives! With Cate Blanchett, Angelina Jolie. (AC, AL,V) R-2:o4. HBO Mar.18,21,26,29 piiaililGESB STARTS SATURDAY, MARCH 18 ■ fRq> Saturday Nights Robin Wright Penn MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE Paul Newman A NEW MOVIE EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT GUARANTEED!,

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29 wednS&pay 30 6:00a HBO MAX HBO First Look Road... The Island of Dr. Moreau 6:00a HBO 6:30 HBO The Animated Odyssey 7:00 HBO 7:00 HBO Country/City Mouse... MAX 7:30 HBO Babar The Unsung Hero 7:30 HBO 7:45 MAX Betsy’s Wedding 8:00 HBO In the Line of Duty: 8:00 HBO Kidnapped 8:30 MAX 9:30 HBO Honkytonk Man 9:30 HBO MAX The Hollywood Knights 10:00 MAX 11:00 MAX Gloria 11:30 HBO 11:30 HBO Cousins 11:45 MAX I2:50p MAX Wyatt Earp 12:00 HBO 1:30 HBO Spice World l:30p HBO 3:15 HBO A Cool, Dry Place 2:00 HBO 4:00 MAX Lover Boy 3:00 MAX 5:00 HBO Blue Chips 3:45 HBO 5:45 MAX Sphere “Crocodile” Dundee II 4:40 MAX 6:45 HBO 6:00 6:30 HBO MAX March 29-31 31 frid ay 8:45 HBO 9:00 HBO 9:30 MAX 10:00 HBO 11:00 HBO 11:30 MAX 12:00 MAX 1:10a o CO IE 1:45 MAX 1:55 HBO 3:45 MAX 3:50 HBO 5:20 MAX 5:45 HBO thun Goya: Awakened in a Dream The Artists’ Specials The Neverending Story The Pied Piper Babar Every Basket Has a Silver Lining Pee-wee’s Big Adventure Let It Ride American Flyers Bye Bye, Love Educating Peter Titanic Airspeed Tracey Takes On... Prince Valiant Office Space Message in a Bottle Blow Out American Flyers Best Men 8:00 HID Cancer: Evolution to Revolution HBO First Look Romeo Must Die The Sopranos In Dreams Oz Pushing Tin Passion Cove Three Seasons The Naked Players Meet the People The Siege Nobody’s Fool Life of a Gigolo Judgment Night Just a Little Harmless Sex HBO First Look Romeo Must Die. visit our cinemax web site at www.cinemax.com 6:00a HBO Real Sports/Bryant Gumbel MAX The Blob 7:00 HBO The Adventures ofTintin 7:20 MAX The Lion 7:30 HBO Babar One That Got Away 8:00 HBO Gross Anatomy 9:00 MAX Ever After 10:00 HBO The Witness Files 11:00 MAX Can't Hardly Wait 11:45 HBO Heartbreak Hotel I2:45p MAX A Simple Twist of Fate 1:30 HBO Nadine 2:30 MAX Violets Are Blue... 3:00 HBO Rip Van Winkle: An Animated Special- 3:30 HBO Little Shop of Horrors 4:00 MAX Bad Girls 5:15 HBO The X-Files 5:45 MAX Last Action Hero 7:30 HBO HBO First Look The Road to El Dorado 8:00 HBO A Perfect Murder 8:00 MIX FRIDAY PREMIERE Inferno 8:00 MAX You’ve Got Mail 10:00 MAX Idle Hands 9:35 MAX The Negotiator 10:35 HBO Ellen DeGeneres 9:45 HBO No Way Back One-Night Stand 11:30 HBO Dennis Miller Live 11:00 HBO Real Sex 22 12:00 HBO True Crime 11:30 MAX 1 Like to Play Games Too MAX Passion Cove 11:50 HBO Message in a Bottle 12:30a MAX Virtual Encounters 2 1:15a MAX Children of the Corn III... 2:00 MAX Tactical Assault 2:05 HBO Next of Kin 2:10 HBO Real Sex 22 2:50 MAX Sometimes They Come 3:00 HBO Blowback Back...for More 3:30 MAX Hidden Beauties... 3:55 HBO Suspect 4:35 HBO The White Raven 4:20 MAX A Better Tomorrow MAX Great Expectations EE/PW THIS MONTH ON HBO AND CINEMAX HBO PRESENTS HDTV The future has arrived: HBO in High Definition Television format is here! HBO HDTV offers the ultimate viewing experience— with a movie-quality widescreen picture and amazing CD-quality sound. □ THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN Series about the intrepid reporter. TVY-:23. HBO Mar.3,10,17,24,3I p AGAINST THE WALL HBO Original Movie The barbarous uprising at Attica prison. (AC,AL,GV,N) TVMA/ V,S,L-1:51. HBO Mar.9,20,24 pnB AIRBORNE Steve Guttenberg leads a mission to recover a virus. (AL.V) R-1:34. MAX Mar.3,12,20 p Isa S AIRSPEED A girl tries to save her father’s plane from crashing. (AC,AL, MV) PG-1:27. HBO Mar.4,8,14,30 ft AMERICAN FLYERS Bike-riding dream. Kevin Costner. (ACAUBN) PG 13-1:53. HBO Mar.7,13,22,25,30 pSHSOESB AMISTAD Spielberg's epic of racial injustice. Anthony Hopkins. (ACflL, N,V) R-2:35. MAX Mar.5,23 pESra ANALYZE THIS Comedy with Robert De Niro & Billy Crystal. (AC^LV) R-1:43. HBO Mar. 1,6,10 pES^CEuB THE ANIMATED ODYSSEY A colorful, four-part animated series. (V) TVG-:27. HBO Mar.3,7,18,29 P<1 ANTHEM Female filmmakers try to find out what makes America tick. (AL) TVPG/L-2:08. MAX Mar. 14 O BABAR The adventures of the elephant king.TVY-:23. HBO Mar. I-31 BABY GENIUSES Brainy tots revolt against their captors. (AL.MV) PG-1:35. HBO Mar.5,8,13,18 PEHH CHB BACK ROADS A prostitute hooks up with a vagabond. Sally Field,Tommy Lee Jones. (AL.V) R-1:3S. HBO Mar.8 BAD GIRLS Four bordello beauties take off across the West! (AC,AL,BN, V) R-1:40. MAX Mar. 13,25,31 P ES S BEACHES The 30-year friendship between two women. Bette Midler, Barbara Hershey star. (AC,AL) PG 13-2:03. MAX Mar.7,16,24 pESS BEST MEN A wedding party crosses paths with a bank robber. (AC,AL,V) R-1:30.MAX Mar.4,21,24,30 pESEl BEST OF THE BEST 3: NO TURNING BACK Skinheads terrorize a town. (Al,V) R-1:27. HBO Mar.3 pSSEa BETSY’S WEDDING Alan Alda’s witty wedding comedy. (AC,AL,MV) R-1:34. MAX Mar.3,13,29 PBS A BETTER TOMORROW John Woo’s wild thriller. Chow Yun-Fat. (AC,AL^V) TVMA/V.L-1:34. MAX Mar. 19,30 O BEVERLY HILLS COP III Eddie Murphy stars in this fast-action sequel. (AC, AL.V) R-1:44.MAX Mar.6,16 pSHIIMI BIG BUSINESS Bette Midler & Lily Tomlin play mismatched twins. (ACAL) PG-1:38. MAX Mar.3,11,21 PESS BLACK AND WHITE A rookie cop hunts a killer with sexy veteran

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THIS MONTH ON HBO AND CINEMAX TITANIC Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet. (AC,AL,BN,V) PG 13-3:15. MAX Mar.8,13,18,21,26,30 pESa TRACEY TAKES ON... Comedy series with Tracey Ullman. (AC.AL) iVPG/L, D-:28. HBO Mar.3,13,19,30 POH TRACEY TAKES ON...THE BEST OF II Tracey’s funniest moments. (AC,AL) TVI4/L,D-:51. HBO Mar. 1,15,28 pESH TRADING FAVORS A geeky teen is swept into a maelstrom of crime. (ACAUN.V) R-1:44. MAX Mar.9 p®S A TREE GROWS IN BROOKLYN An Irish family’s struggle to survive in N.Y.C. B/W; 2:09. MAX Mar. / 0 p TRUE CRIME See p.2. (ACALV) R-2:07. HBOMar.4,7,12,22,31 pSSaCHH TURNER & HOOCH Anal cop Tom Hanks shelters a dog. (AL.V) PG-1:40. HBO Mar.2,10,15,18 pESacESB 20 DATES A nerd films his dates. (AL) R-l:27.MAXMar.22,27pa Q U.S. MARSHALS Fugitive sequel. Tommy Lee Jones. (AC,AL,V) PG 13-2:11.MAX Mar. 1,11,19,23,27 pma UNDER FIRE Starring Nick Nolte. (AL,BN,V) R-2:08. HBO Mar. 12 ES UNDER PRESSURE A hero firefighter goes psycho. Charles Sheen. (AC, AL.GV) R-1:28.MAX Mar.6 pESH UNFORGIVEN Best Picture Oscar®-winner in 1992.(AC,AL,N,V) R-2:l I. MAX Mar.8,13,16,21,26 pESa THE UNTOUCHABLES Feds take on Capone. Kevin Costner. (AL.V) R-1:59. MAX Mar.3,12,18,23,27 PSS® UP THE CREEK Campus bozos enter a rafting competition.Tim Matheson stars. (AL,N,V) R-1:35. HBO Mar.8 IS Q VAMPIRE JOURNALS Two vampires lust after the same woman. (AC.GV,N) R-1:22. MAX Mar.9 O VIG A bookie takes on the mob. (ACAL.V) R-1:40. HBO Mar.20 pBsl VIOLETS ARE BLUE... Two high-school sweethearts reunite.With Sissy Spacek, Kevin Kline. (AC,BN) PG 13-1:26. MAX Mar. 18,31 p a VIRTUAL ENCOUNTERS 2 A virtual game gives a nerd some sexy reality! (AC,N,SC) R-l:22 .MAX Mar.31 O Q WHITE NIGHTS A defector's plane goes down in Siberia. (AL,V) PG 13-2:17. HBO Mar.8,20 pESa THE WHITE RAVEN A journalist is on the trail of a rare diamond. (AC, AL,N,V) R-1:29. HBO Mar.31 pOH THE WICKED WICKED WEST An embittered pimp does his best to put prostitutes out of business. (AC,MV,N) R-1:50. HBO Mar.6 EH WILD RIVER Montgomery Clift finds backwoods violence—and romance with Lee Remick. 1:50. MAX Mar. 15 WING COMMANDER A fighter pilot battles alien nasties. (AL.V) PG 13-1:40. MAX Mar.6,10,16,25 p SSI IS WISHMASTER 2: EVIL NEVER DIES The evil Djinn returns. (ACALBN,GV) R-1:36. MAX Mar.9,/4,24 pESa WITHOUT A TRACE A boy's disappearance prompts a massive search. (ACM) PG-1:56. MAX Mar.2 a WITHOUT LIMITS Bio-pic of runner Steve Prefontaine. (ACALBN) PG-1:58. HBO Mar.6,15,18,24 pESS CEOS THE WITNESS FILES A lady jailbird is offered a shady deal. (ACALV) TV 14/ V,L,D-1:35. HBO Mar.4,7,16,31 O WOMAN’S WORLD A witty look at politics in the business world. With Clifton Webb. 1:34. MAX Mar.24 PS THE WORST WITCH Series.TVY7-:24. HBO Mar. I-4,16,19,22,25,27 pna THE WRONG MAN Henry Fonda stars in this Hitchcock classic. Vera Miles. B/W; 1:45. MAX Mar.2 pa WYATT EARP Kevin Costner is the legendary lawman. (AC AI, V) PG 13-3:1 \.MAX Mar.4,10,19,23,29 pssa Q THE X-FILES Mulder and Scully battle alien conspiracies in this film shocker. (ACALV) PG 13-2:02. HBO Mar.6,11,15,19,23,31 psaacESE XTREME: SPORTS TO DIE FOR America Undercover Documentary about Xtreme athletes. (AL,V)TVMA/ V,L-:58. HBO Mar.14,19 poa Q YEAR OF THE DRAGON Mickey Rourke stars as an obsessive cop who is out to stop a crime lord. (AC, ALN.V) R-2:15. MAX Mar.5,17 50 YOU’VE GOT MAIL Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan fall in love via e-mail in this tender-hearted romance. (AC) PG-2:00. MAX Mar. 10,21,30 □ ZEBRA IN THE KITCHEN A kid frees animals from the zoo in this family classic. G-1:32. MAX Mar.28 P PLEASE NOTE. We now use the following new TY Parental Guidelines. We hope that, used in conjunction with our usual content advisories, they will help you make more informed viewing decisions. TVY Appropriate for all children TVY7 Directed to older children TVG For General audiences TVPG Parental guidance suggested TV 14 Parental guidance strongly suggested TVMA Mature audiences only Below is a detailed list of content advisories for our programs to help you make more informed viewing decisions for you and your family. They also appear on HBO at the start of each pro- BN Brief nudity AC Adult content N Nudity AL Adult language SC Strong sexual GL Graphic language content MV Mila violence V Violence GV Graphic violence RP Rape C3 indkata dos*d-aptioo«i programs, fcgisttrtd u Surround Encoding, whert avuUblf Registered III of ud with permission- E3 India programs en espand. •n disponibles. CEE indicates high definition (HDjj-emon HD feed, where available. In homes using HD feed, @ and HBO and Cinemax are registered service maria of Time Warner I Company, LP. Oscar and the Academy Award are registered trademarks and service maria of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Eidusive titles are eidusrve on national pay cable to HBO during the term of their license. HBO reserves the right to make a schedule change or AIM HBO CORNER COMING IN APRIL Sandra Bullock Ben Affleck FORCES OF NATURE

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HBO Original Movie vanessa chloe michelle ellen sharon redgrave sevigny williams degeneres stone if coming Sunday, march 5 v.. lo Tind his son. MAX Feb.6,17,22 pO§l jiup __f . , I'D ISli. WHITEWASH Animated tale about a i little girl’s encounter with racism. | TVY-:25. HBO Feh.8,2J,1°-r .cbholic . ..£ mat his wife has left him -i* c. , ee women bond during a battle over Fra°k'^ I vmor /ACA* RN,V) R- TVG For General TVPG Parental guidance sugg. TV 14 Parental guidance strongly sug* TVMA Mature audiences only Below is a detailed list of content advisor* help you make more informed viewing your family. They also appear on v gram. AC Adult content AL Adult language GL Graphic langu?' MV Mild viole--** if v-u~/ EE

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THIS MONTH ON HBO AND CINEMAX THIS MONTH ON HBO AND CINEMAX ___________________________________________________________________ OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE Comedy with Shelley Long, Bette Midler. (AC, AL) R-1:39. MAX Feb. 1,9,19 pESIIsD OXFORD BLUES Parking attendant Rob Lowe falls for a model. (AC,AL) PG13-1:38. HBO Feb.8,17,21,25 01 The acclaimed drama series. (AC,GL,GV,N) TVMA/V,S,L-:57. HBO Feb.2,6,9,13,16,20,23,27 POB Q THE PACKAGE Gene Hackman finds himself involved in a deadly plot. R-1:48. MAX Feb.7,19,24,29 ES THE PATRIOT Steven Seagal battles a militia and a deadly virus! (AC,AL,V) R-1:30. MAX Feb. 12,23,2 9 p 03 0 PAULIE The exciting adventures of a talking parrot. (AC.AL) PG-1:31. HBO Feb.4,12,18,29 (IBSfflSE THE PEACEKEEPER Action-drama starring Dolph Lundgren. (AC,AL,V) TVMA/V.L-1:39. MAX Feb.3 p EE a THE PENTAGON WARS HBO Original Movie Kelsey Grammer. (AC,AL,MV) R-l:44. HBO Feb.l 7 PEEHCHB A PERFECT MURDER Update of Dial M for Murder. (AC,AL,BN,V) R-1:48. MAX Feb.3,9,14,20,25,29 pESS PERFECT TARGET One soldier leads rebels against a dictator. (AC,AL,V) R-1:29. MAX Feb.3,11,23,28 pESH PET SEMATARY A grisly adaptation of Stephen King’s best-seller. (AL,V) R-1:43.MAX Feb.l,9,1 7,20 pESH PHANTOM TOWN Kids search for their parents in an odd ghost town. (AC,V) PG-1:31. MAX Feb.24 OH THE PHILADELPHIA STORY Brilliant comedy. Katharine Hepburn, James Stewart. B/W; 1:52. MAX Feb.22 p PINK CADILLAC Clint Eastwood tracks a jailbird’s wife. (AL,V) PG 13-2:01. HBO Feb.5,23,29 pESH PINKY A light-skinned black woman must come to grips with racism. (Ml9 B/W;TVPG/V-1:42. MAX Feb.3 PLATOON Oliver Stone’s epic 1986 Vietnam saga. Charlie Sheen. (AC,AL, GV) R-2:00. HBO Feb.3,9,15 EE CESS PORKY’S Teens who aim to get even with a cruel brothel owner. (ACAL, N) R-1:38. HBO Feb. 11,28 CESD PORKY’S II: THE NEXT DAY Meat & the boys fight hypocrites. (AC,AI,MV, N) R-1:38. HBO Feb. 11 pH®SB PORKY’S REVENGE Raunchy sequel. (AUMV.N) R-1:33. HBO Feb.l I <3339 PRIDE OF THE MARINES John Garfield plays a blinded Marine hero. (AC,MW) B/W; TVPG/V,D-2:00. MAX Feb. 12 THE PRINCE AND THE PAUPER The 1937 film of Twain’s classic. Errol Flynn. B/W;TVG-1:58. MAX Feb.28 THE PRINCESS AND THE PAUPER An Animated Special From the “Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child®” Series See page 7. Family.TVY-:27. HBO Feb.21,23,25,27,29 pOEl PRIZZI’S HONOR Mafia hit man Jack Nicholson meets his dream girl. (AL.BN.V) R-2:09.MAX Feb.4,13 03 PROM NIGHT A killer targets teens at the big dance. Jamie Lee Curtis. (ALBN.GV,RP) R-1:33. MAX Feb. 1,20 PROTOCOL Goldie Hawn comedy. (AL,V) PG-I:35 .MAX Feb.21 pi 0 QUIET DAYS IN HOLLYWOOD A tangle of crime, sex and death in L.A. (AC,AL,N,V) R-1:31. HBO Feb.25 ES □ _ RAISING ARIZONA Cult comedy with Nicolas Cage. (AL.MV) PGI3-! 1:34. HBO Feb.l,5,16 pESaCESB RAPID FIRE Pacifist youth is drawn into a drug war. Brandon Lee. (AC, AL,V) R-1:35. HBO Feb.5 PEII0 REAL SEX 24 See p.6. (AC,GLN,SC) TVMA/S,L-:48. HBO Feb.26,29 POS REAL SPORTS WITH BRYANT GUM-BEL See p.9. Sports show.TVPG-:58. HBO Feb.6,14,16,18,20,24,26 THE REF A jewel thief breaks into the home of a zany family. (AC,AL, BN,MV) R-l:37. HBO Feb.7 pESa RENAISSANCE MAN Danny DeVito teaches sad sacks. (AC,AL,MV) PG 13-2:08. HBO Feb.3,11,27 p ESI 003*9 THE REPLACEMENT KILLERS Hit man becomes the hunted. (AC,AL,V) R-1:28. MAX Feb. 7,10,18,2I,26 p 5113 REVENGE OF THE NINJA A man finds he can’t ignore his family's past. (AL, GV,N)R-\:30.MAXFeb.l,l0,20S * ROBIN HOOD: PRINCE OF THIEVES Kevin Costner stars. (ACALV) PG 13-2:23. HBO Feb.6,10,15,25 pEUa ROCKET GIBRALTAR A family and its crusty patriarch. Burt Lancaster. (ACM) PG-1:39. MAX Feb.23 Isa RODNEY DANGERFIELD’S 75TH BIRTHDAY TOAST HBO Comedy Hour Rodney gets some respect! (AC,AL) TVMA/L-:55. HBO Feb.1,23 po ROSEMARY’S BABY Mia Farrow is carrying Satan’s baby in this classic. (AL,N,RP,V) R-2:17. MAX Feb.8 p ROUTE 9 A dusty Nevada highway detours to danger and death. (AC, AL.V) R-l:45.MAXFeb.12 pESH 0 SANCTUARY An assassin tries to erase his bloody past. (AC,AL,V) TVMA/V.L-1:44. MAX Feb.8 pOH SAVAGE HARVEST A man battles bloodthirsty lions.Tom Skerritt stars. (ACALV) PG-1:26. MAX Feb. 10 SAVING PRIVATE RYAN Spielbergs WWII smash.Tom Hanks. (AC,At, GV) R-2:49. MAX Feb. 17,25 pESa SECOND SKIN A story of first love. (AL) TVPG/L-: 16. MAX Feb.4,9,21,27 SECRET ADMIRER A love letter sets off a chain reaction of romantic havoc. (AL.N) R-1:38. HBO Feb.2 ESCESiS THE SENDER Offbeat sci-fi adventure. (AL.V) R-1:38.MAXFeb.18 pESH SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS The delightful 1954 musical-ro-mance. G-l:42.MAX Feb.4 pftH SEVEN MINUTES IN HEAVEN Teen drama with Jennifer Connelly. (AC, AL,BN) PG 13-1:28. MAX Feb. 13 pH SEX BYTES The Internet is your guide to the erotic in this steamy series.TVMA-:29. HBO Feb. 17 poa SEXECUTIONER A woman fulfills fantasies on death row. (AC,AL,N,SC, V) TVMA/V,S,L-1:29. MAX Feb.20 O SHADOW OF DOUBT An attorney defends a rap star. Melanie Griffith. (AC, AkN.V) R-l:42.MAX Feb.27 PESa SHAKESPEARE-THE

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^SUNDAYS TUESDAYS WEDNESDAYS 9PM/8C 11PM/10C 9PM/8C AFTER 10 PM/9C ENCORE PLAYS TUESDAYS, WEDNESDAYS, SATURDAYS The explosive second season continues with four brand-new episodes of the show the NY Times called “the greatest work of American pop culture of the past quarter century.” This month, Tony returns from a trip to Italy with a new lieutenant for the family. (AC,GL,GV,N) TVMA/V,S,L-:57. POE1 © 2000 Home Box Office, a Division of Time Warner Entertainment Company, L.P. All rights reserved. Jeffrey L. Bewkes, Chairman, President and CEO; William C. Nelson, Executive VP and CFO; John S. Redpath, jr., Secretary. The HBO/Cinemax Guide is published monthly by Home Box Office, 1100 Sixth Avenue, NY, NY 10036. I ■ tf I- ‘ . * u ft im?« Pp- $ •• H : : l. II I; r kVj $ 'il mm s-.rlt jlili ir nnnnrn EEIHQ See and hear what the excitement is all about when the Latin super-star performs his first full-length solo TV concert! Hot off the success of his platinum-selling English-language CD, the Grammy®-winning singer kicks off his new tour with this electrifying concert in New York’s Madison Square Garden. TVG-i:30. HBO Feb.12, 20,24,26 pn

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