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Dog Day Afternoon Al Pacino Befuddled Al Pacino is the “brains" behind a very strange bank robbery—a ten-minute caper that ends as a twelve-hour circus. Oscar winner for Best Screenplay. Profanity, violence. (R-2:04) June 7,10,13,16,19,23,27 Walt Disney Productions' Darby O'Gill and the Little People Sean Connery A feisty Irish storyteller .. matches wits with Brian, king of the leprechauns, in a live-action musical about the Emerald Isle. While Darby * journeys to the Wee Folk, Sean Connery tries to court his hot-tempered daughter, Janet Munro. Sprites, banshees, evil spells and great camera trickery all combine to make this a spirited, rollicking fantasy. A real treat for the entire family. (G-1:59) June 3,6,9,12,15,18,21,27 Continental Divide John Belushi Blair Brown A street-smart Chicago newsman tracks down a classy naturalist who loves bald eagles and hates reporters. John Belushi stars as the columnist, a tough guy on the outside but a softie at heart, in a sparkling romantic comedy. Blair Brown plays the strong-willed loner. Profanity, brief nudity. (PG-1:43) June 1,4,6,10,19,21,24,26 Atlantic City Burt Lancaster Susan Sarandon A small-time numbers runner, living on dreams of the past, befriends a waitress who’s looking for a better future. Burt Lancaster is superb as the man whose life centers on the boardwalk city. Five Oscar nominations including: Best Picture; Actor (Lancaster); Actress (Sarandon). Profanity, violence, nudity. (R-1:44) June 4,6,8,12,17,21,25,30 6 Private Benjamin I Goldie Hawn The Army was never like i this—and there was never a raw recruit like Judy Benjamin! A splendid spoof with Oscar nominees Goldie Hawn and Eileen Bren-1 nan. Adult situations, profanity, brief nudity. [ (R-1:50) June 3,7,11,19,23 SATURDAY, JUNE 5 5:00 MY CHAMPION 5:30 am HOG WILD p. 10 (PG) p.22 74)0 STRIPES 7:00 MY CHAMPION p.10 (R) P-5 9:00 CARBON COPY 9:00 BLOWOUT (PG) p.23 (R)p.5 10:30 VIDEO JUKEBOX 10:50 CARBON COPY (PG) p.23 11:00 THE SURVIVOR p21 12:25 am THE BLACK MARBLE 12:30 pm THE BLACK MARBLE (PG)p23 (PG) p23 2:15 STRIPES 2:30 HOG WILD (PG) p.22 (R) P-5 4:00 SOME CALL THEM FREAKS 44)5 SOME CALL THEM FREAKS p.17 p.17 SUNDAY, JUNE 6 74)0 ATLANTIC CITY 5:00 am ELVIS p.4 (R)P-6 7:30 CHU CHU AND THE PHILLY 94)0 CONTINENTAL DIVIDE FLASH (PG) p.8 (PG)p.6 9:00 THE HEARSE 10:45 CHU CHU AND (PG) p.9 THE PHILLY FLASH 11:00 CONTINENTAL DIVIDE (PG) p.8 (PG) p.6 12:20 am ROBERT KLEIN AT YALE 1:00 pm BEYOND THE REEF p. 18 (PG)p.11 1:50 BEYOND THE REEF 2:30 ELVIS p.4 (PG) p. 11 5:00 DARBY 0’GILL AND THE 3:20 ATLANTIC CITY LITTLE PEOPLE (G) p.6 (R) P-6 MONDAY, JUNE 7 44)0 BRENDON CHASE “The 5:30 am HEIDI p.20 Picnic” Part 9. p.21 7:00 CONSUMER REPORTS 4:30 HEIDI p.20 PRESENTS: THE NOT FOR 6:00 TIME WAS... KIDS ONLY SHOW p. 11 THE SEVENTIES p.21 7:30 HOG WILD (PG)p22 7:00 DOG DAY AFTERNOON (R) p.6 9:00 THE LEGEND OF THE LONE 9:15 PRIVATE BENJAMIN RANGER (PG) p. 19 (R)p.7 11:00 THELASTMETRO 114)5 THE LEGEND OF THE (Subtitled) (PG)p.19 LONE RANGER (PG)p.19 1:30 pm LEGENDS: JOHN WAYNE p.4 12:45 am BLOWOUT 2:30 HOG WILD (R) P-5 (PG) p.22 2:35 HOG WILD (PG) p.22 TUESDAY, JUNE 8 6:30 WHAT ON EARTH 5:00 am RUNAWAY ISLAND p. 16 p.20 74)0 THE DOGS OF WAR 7:00 THIS TIME FOREVER (R)p22 (PG)p.14 9:00 PLAZA SUITE 9:00 THE HEARSE p.22 (PG) p.9 114)0 ATLANTIC CITY 11:00 SUPERSPIES p. 18 (R) P-6 12:00 pm THE DAYBREAKERS 12:45 am THIS TIME FOREVER (PG)p.14 (PG)p.14 2:00 PLAZA SUITE p.22 2:25 THE DOGS OF WAR 4:00 VIDEO JUKEBOX (R) p22 4:30 RUNAWAY ISLAND p.20 4:10 SUPERSPIES p. 18 7

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THURSDAY, JUNE 17 5:30 am THE MYSTERY IN DRACULA’S CASTLE Part 2 p.20 6:30 JIMINY CRICKET p.20 7:30 MAC DAVIS IN CONCERT p.9 8:30 WHAT ON EARTH? p. 16 9:00 SILVER STREAK (PG) p. 19 11:00 THIS TIME FOREVER (PG) p. 14 1:00 pm VIDEO JUKEBOX 1:30 SATURDAY 14TH (PG) p. 19 3:00 SUPERSPIES p. 18 4:00 WHAT ON EARTH? p. 16 FRIDAY, JUNE 18 5:00 am BREND0N CHASE “Retreat” Part 11. p.21 5:30 “The Storm” Part 12. p.21 6:00 DARBY O’GILL AND THE LITTLE PEOPLE (G) p.6 8:00 TIME WAS... THE SEVENTIES p.21 9:00 ON THE RIGHT TRACK (PG) p. 15 11:00 CONSUMER REPORTS p. 11 11:30 THE SURVIVOR p.21 1:00 pm HOG WILD (PG)p.22 SATURDAY, JUNE 19 5:30 am THE LAST METRO (Subtitled) (PG) p.19 8:00 GOTTA DANCE, GOTTA SING p.9 9:00 CONTINENTAL DIVIDE (PG) p.6 11:00 ZORRO, THE GAY BLADE (PG) p. 10 1:00 pm FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD p. 16 4:00 ELVIS p.4 SUNDAY, JUNE 20 5:00 am THIS TIME FOREVER (PG) p. 14 7:00 GOING APE! (PG) p.9 8:30 SILVER STREAK (PG) p. 19 10:30 WHAT ON EARTH? p. 16 11 AO MY CHAMPION p. 10 1:00 pm THIS TIME FOREVER (PG) p.14 3:00 TIME WAS... THE SEVENTIES p.21 4:30 THE MYSTERY IN DRACULA’S CASTLE Part 2. p.20 5:30 JIMINY CRICKET PRESENTS BONGO p.20 6:30 TWO IN THE BOX p. 15 7:00 ATLANTIC Cin (R) p.6 9:00 SILVER STREAK (PG)p.19 10:55 MAC DAVIS IN CONCERT p.9 11:55 DEAD & BURIED (R) p.8 1:30 am ATLANTIC Cin (R)p.6 3:15 VIDEO JUKEBOX 3:45 SATURDAY THE 14TH (PG) p. 19 2:30 CHUCHU AND THE PHILLY FLASH (PG) p.8 4:00 BRENDON CHASE “Retreat” Part 11. p.21 4:30 “The Storm” Part 12. p.21 5:00 DARBY O’GILL (G) p.6 7:00 ON THE RIGHT TRACK (PG) p. 15 9:00 HIGH RISK (R) p. 16 10:30 BLOW OUT (R) p.5 12:20 am STRIPES (R) p.5 2:10 THE SURVIVOR p.21 3:40 HIGH RISK (R) p. 16 6:30 SATURDAY THE 14TH (PG) p. 19 8:00 MINSKY’S FOLLIES p. 16 9:00 DOG DAY AFTERNOON (R) p.6 11:05 CONTINENTAL DIVIDE (PG) p.6 12:50 am PRIVATE BENJAMIN (R)p7 2:40 BRUBAKER (R) p. 10 4:00 GOING APE! (PG) p.9 5:30 WHAT ON EARTH? p. 16 6:00 SILVER STREAK (PG) p. 19 8:00 WAIT UNTIL DARK p.15 10:00 CHUCHU AND THE PHILLY FLASH (PG) p.8 11:30 THIS TIME FOREVER (PG) p. 14 1:10 am GOING APE! (PG) p.9 2:45 WAIT UNTIL DARK p. 15 The Daybreakers Sam Elliott Tom Selleck Leaving behind a bloody trail, the Sackett brothers head west. Two tangle with gunslingers and rustlers while the third searches for a vein of gold. Violence. (PG-1:51) June 2,4,8,13 A U.S. student playing hockey in Montreal falls in love with a French Canadian against a background of political strife. With Eddie Albert and Cloris Leach-man. Adult situations, profanity. (PG-1:39) June 8,11,14,17,20,23,26,29 This Time Forever 14 HBGnly! HBO Theater Presents WHIT UNTIL Two in the Box Starring Shields and Yarnell The hottest mime team in America in a unique show mixing comedy, dance and inventive performances. Highlights: Puppet Ballet, Toys and more. June 9,17,26,28 On the Right Track Gary Coleman Norman Fell Meet an orphan small enough to live in a railroad locker but big enough to beat the system. Gary Coleman is a shoeshine boy with whiz-kid talents. Maureen Stapleton (Oscar for Reds) plays his pal. Adult situations, profanity. (PG-1:38) June 12,15,18,24,27,30 15 Starring Katharine Ross Stacy Keach One of the most terrifying dramas ever written for the stage in an all-new HBO Theater presentation. Katharine Ross and Stacy Keach star in the chilling story of three men who terrorize a blind woman alone in her apartment. It’s suspense-filled right through to the electrifying climax. June 20,23,26,29

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TUESDAY, JUNE 1 6:30 am YOUNG AND FREE (PG) p.20 8:00 CARBON COPY (PG)p.12 9:30 HBO SNEAK PREVIEW FOR JUNE p. 18 10:00 CONTINENTAL DIVIDE (PG-1:31) 12:00 pm SOME CALL THEM FREAKS p.16 1:00 BEYOND THE REEF (PG) p. 15 2:30 THE LEGEND OF THE LONE RANGER (PG) p. 13 WEDNESDAY, JUNE 2 6:30 am CHARLIE, THE LONESOME COUGAR Part 1. p.20 7:30 FLASHBACK: LAST VOYAGE OF THE MORRO CASTLE p.9 8:30 CAVEMAN (PG) p. 10 10:00 DAYBREAKERS (PG)p.19 12:00 pm CARDIAC ARREST (PG) p.14 1:30 WHY WOULD I LIE THURSDAY, JUNE 3 6:30 am ON VACATION WITH MICKEY MOUSE AND FRIENDS p.20 7:30 CHARLIE, THE LONESOME COUGAR Part 2. p.20 8:30 BEYOND THE REEF (PG) p. 15 10:00 DARBY 0’GILL AND THE LITTLE PEOPLE (G-1:59) 12:00 pm ELVIS (2:29) 2:30 SUPERSPIES (.54) 3:30 THE LEGEND OF THE LONE RANGER (PG) p.13 FRIDAY, JUNE 4 6:00 am HBO PREVIEW JUNE p. 18 6:30 BRENDON CHASE “Brendon” Episode 7. p.20 7:00 BRENDON CHASE “Blind Pool” Episode ft p.20 7:30 MYSTERIOUS STRANGER p.20 9:00 FLASHBACK p.9 10:00 PLAZA SUITE p. 12 12:00 pm CIRCUS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS (:58) 1:00 CONTINENTAL DIVIDE 3.-00 DAYBREAKERS (PG) p. 19 4:30 CIRCUS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS (:58) 5:30 YOUNG AND FREE (PG)p.20 7:00 SOME CALL THEM FREAKS p.16 8:00 STRIPES (R-1:46) 10:00 THE LEGEND OF THE LONE RANGER (PG) p.13 11:40 CONTINENTAL DIVIDE (PG-1:31) 1:25 am CARBON COPY (PG)p.12 3:00 BEYOND THE REEF (PG) p. 15 4:30 STRIPES (R-1:46) 5:30 VIDEO JUKEBOX 6:00 CHARLIE, THE LONESOME COUGAR Part /.p.20 7:00 FLASHBACK: LAST VOYAGE OF THE MORRO CASTLE p.9 8:00 BLOW OUT (R-1:47) 10:00 ROBERT KLEIN AT YALE p.10 11:30 WHY WOULD I LIE (PG-1:45) 1:15 am THE HAUNTING OF JULIA (R)p.19 2:55 CARDIAC ARREST (PG) p. 14 4:25 BLOWOUT (R-1:47) 5:30 ON VACATION WITH MICKEY MOUSE AND FRIENDS p20 6:30 CHARLIE, THE LONESOME COUGAR Part 2. p.20 7:30 BEYOND THE REEF (PG) p. 15 9:00 PRIVATE BENJAMIN (R-1:50) 11:00 STRIPES (R-1:46) 12:50 am THE LEGEND OF THE LONE RANGER (PG) p.13 2:30 BEYOND THE REEF (PG) p. 15 4:00 PRIVATE BENJAMIN (R-1:50) 5:00 BRENDON CHASE “Brendon" Episode 7. p.20 5:30 BRENDON CHASE “Blind Pool” Episode ft p.20 6:00 MYSTERIOUS STRANGER p.20 7:30 HBO PREVIEW JUNE p. 18 8:00 CONTINENTAL DIVIDE (PG-1:43) 10:00 PLAZA SUITE p. 12 12:00 am THE DOGS OF WAR (R) p.16 1:45 DAYBREAKERS (PG)p.19 3:40 CONTINENTAL DIVIDE 525 FLASHBACK p.9 Hard Country Jan-Michael Vincent Texan Jan-Michael Vincent is content with life in a honky-tonk town until girl friend Kim Basinger decides to take off for California. With Tanya Tucker. Adult situations, profanity. (PG-1:42) May 4,8 The Strange Death of the Desert Fox What was the bizarre mystery behind the death of Adolf Hitler’s favorite general? Was Field Marshal Erwin Rommel a hero or an enemy of the Third Reich? Hal Holbrook narrates. May 3,5,14,18 Terror Train Jamie Lee Curtis A college masquerade party aboard a train turns into a grisly shocker when a costumed killer stalks the aisles. Jamie Lee Curtis has to run for her life. Profanity, violence, nudity. (R-1:37) May 3,7,11,15 What on Earth Answers to Questions You’ve Always Wondered About Are killer bees a real threat? Why are dinosaurs extinct? How much sleep do you need? Orson Bean hosts. (:42) May 6,10,12, 14,19,21,26,31 (PG-1:45) 3:30 CAVEMAN (PG) p. 10 5:00 BRENDON CHASE “Blind Pool" Episode ft p.20 22 The Last Chase Lee Majors America is out of gas and all cars are ordered junked— but there are still some renegade drivers out on the roads. A futuristic action drama. Adult situations, language; violence; nudity. (PG-1:41) May 2,4,6,8 The Awakening Chariton Heston Susannah York An ancient horror is reborn when archaeologist Charlton Heston unlocks the lost crypt of an Egyptian queen. Adult situations and language, graphic violence. (R-1:40) May 11,16,19,26,28,31 With a Touch of Burlesque Starring Sid Caesar and Imo-gene Coca A nice-but-naughty extravaganza complete with baggy-pants comedy, elaborate production numbers, topless dancers and exotic striptease. May 2,7,11,13,17 Home Box Office. Standing Room Only. On Location. HBO. SRO, HBOnly are trademarks and servicemarks of Home Box Office, Inc. HBO reserves the right to make a schedule change or program substitution without notice HBO welcomes subscriber comments on HBO programming and scheduling. Write to: HBO Subscriber Information Services, lime & Lite Bldg. Rockefeller Center, New York. N Y. 10020. Service, reception and billing inquiries can be handled only by your local cable company or HBO affiliate. COMING NEXT MONTH Continental Divide JOHN BELUSHI Starts June 1

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TUESDAY, MAY 25 6:30 NATIONAL COLLEGIATE 6:30 am NATIONAL COLLEGIATE BOXING ASSOCIATION BOXING ASSOCIATION FINALS p. 15 FINALS p.15 8:00 THE AMERICANIZATION OF 8:00 THE AMERICANIZATION OF EMILY p.19 EMILY p.19 10:00 THE FAN 10:00 SAVAGE HARVEST (PG) p.21 (R)p.5 11:30 CARDIAC ARREST 11:35 DEATH HUNT (PG)p.14 (R) P-6 1:00 pm VIDEO JUKEBOX 1:15 am ROBERT KLEIN AT YALE p. 10 1:30 THE FOUR SEASONS (PG) p.4 2:45 THE HAND (R) p. 16 3:30 BEYOND THE REEF (PG) p.15 4:30 THE FOUR SEASONS 5:00 YOUNG AND FREE (PG) p.20 (PG) p.4 WEDNESDAY, MAY 26 5:00 BREND0N CHASE 6:30 am ON VACATION WITH MICKEY “Bang” Episode 6. p.20 MOUSE AND FRIENDS p.20 5:30 TIME WAS... SIXTIES p. 17 7:30 HBO PREVIEW JUNE p. 18 6:30 ON VACATION WITH MICKEY 8:00 SALEM’S LOT p.5 MOUSE AND FRIENDS p.20 10:00 PLAZA SUITE p.12 7:30 WHAT ON EARTH? p.22 12:00 pm FROM HELL TO VICTORY 8:30 EXCALIBUR (R) p.4 (PG)P-8 11:00 HBO PREVIEW JUNE p. 18 2:00 HBO SNEAK PREVIEW FOR 11:30 THE DOGS OF WAR (R) p. 16 JUNE p. 18 1:15 am MELVIN AND HOWARD (R) p.9 2:30 FFOLKES (PG)p.14 2:50 THE AWAKENING (R) p.23 4:30 HITLER’S MASTER RACE: THE 4:30 HITLER’S MASTER RACE p.9 MAD DREAM OF THE SSp.9 5:00 WHAT ON EARTH? p.22 THURSDAY, MAY 27 7:00 FLASHBACK: THE LAST 6:00 am YOUNG AND FREE VOYAGE OF THE M0RR0 (PG) p.20 CASTLE p.9 7:30 CAVEMAN (PG) p. 10 8:00 THE HAUNTING OF JULIA 9:00 SOME CALL THEM FREAKS (R) p.19 p. 16 10:00 CARBON COPY 10:00 STEEL (PG)p.10 (PG) p. 12 12:00 THAT MAN IN THE WHITE 11:30 THE AMERICANIZATION OF HOUSE: FDR p. 17 EMILY p.19 2:00 pm THE AMERICANIZATION OF 1:30 am THE FAN (R) p.5 EMILY p. 19 3:05 NETWORK (R) p.15 4:00 CAVEMAN (PG) p. 10 5:10 SOME CALL THEM FREAKS 5:30 YOUNG AND FREE (PG) p.20 p.16 FRIDAY, MAY 28 5:00 BREND0N CHASE 6:00 am BREND0N CHASE “The Nest” Episode 5. p.20 “The Nest” Episode 5. p.20 5:30 “Bang" Episode 6. p.20 6:30 “Bang” Episode 6. p.20 6:00 CHARLIE, THE COUGAR 7:00 HBO PREVIEW JUNE p. 18 Part 1. p.20 7:30 SAVAGE HARVEST (PG) p.21 7:00 Part 2. p.20 9:00 TIME WAS... SIXTIES p. 17 8:00 THE HAND (R) p. 16 10:00 SM0KEYANDTHE 10:00 DAYBREAKERS (PG) p.19 BANDIT II (PG) p.6 11:55 J0SEY WALES (PG) p.7 12:00 pm THE LONE RANGER (PG) p.13 2:15 am HALLELUJAH HOLLYWOOD 2:00 THE OUTLAW J0SEY WALES p.6 (PG) p.7 3:10 THE AWAKENING (R) p.23 4:30 HBO PREVIEW JUNE p. 18 4:50 THE LONE RANGER (PG) p.13 I . Melissa Manchester In Concert A dazzling concert act by this versatile pop/rock star. Included are favorites “Midnight Blue” and “Don’t Cry Out Loud.” (1:00) May 7,10,13,16,19,21,29,31 Look what’s coming your way on HBO in June. Hit movies, specials and sports form the lineup of another entertaining month—24 hours a day. Host Leonard Harris opens the door to exciting coming attractions with film clips and expert commentary. May 26,28,30 The Americanization of Emily Julie Andrews James Garner A U.S. naval officer and an English war widow romance each other in WWII London. Julie Andrews and James Gamer are a delightful duo in this ’64 comedy. Adult situations. (B/W-1:55) May 12,15,21,25,27,30 Escape from New York Kurt Russell Adrienne Barbeau In this futuristic thriller, N.Y.C. has been turned into a federal prison. Kurt Russell plays a convict who must rescue the U.S. President or face death. Profanity, graphic violence, nudity. (R-1:39) May 3,7,14,19,23 Louis L'Amour's Sam Elliott The Daybreakers Tom Seiieck The three rugged Sackett brothers from Tennessee head West for adventure. Tom Selleck (“Magnum, P.I.”) and Jeff Osterhage take on gunslingers and rustlers, while Sam Elliott pursues gold in hostile Indian country. Violence. (PG-1:51) May 20,22,24,28 The Haunting of Julia Mia Farrow Tom Conti A woman’s obsession with her dead child leads to chilling suspense. Blending psychological terror and the supernatural, this drama stars Mia Farrow living in a gloomy Victorian house. Adult situations, violence. (R-1:36) May 15,18,21,24,27,30 19

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HB®nlys! HBOnlys! HBQnlys! HB®ntys! A fabulous jewel has been stolen, and Kermit, Fozzie and Gonzo are hot on the trail. So they hop “the big pond” to London in a full-length movie mixing mayhem with music. Miss Piggy adds to the fun with her sparkling singing and tap dancing. (G-1:38) June 27,30 Charles Grodin Miss Piggy Diana Rigg looss/SI Be courtside for tennis’ most prestigious event with HBO’s expanded, same-day coverage. The great names will be there, along with the 1981 champs, John McEnroe and Chris Evert Lloyd. June 21-25: match play coverage plus the day’s highlights; June 22-26: previous day’s highlights; June 28: men’s round of 16; June 29: women’s quarterfinals; June 30: men’s quarterfinals; July 1: women’s semifinals.

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THURSDAY, JULY 1 5:30 am TWO IN THE BOX p. 15 6:00 FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD p.16 9:00 FOR YOUR EYES ONLY (PG-2A7) 11:30 GOTTA DANCE, GOTTA SING p.9 12:30 pm ZORRO, THE GAY BLADE (PG)p.10 2:30 SATURDAY THE 14TH (PG) p. 19 4:00 VIDEO JUKEBOX FRIDAY, JULY 2 5:00 am RUNAWAY ISLAND p.20 7:00 MY CHAMPION p. 10 9:00 STAR TREK-THE MOTION PICTURE (G-2:12) 11:30 WAIT UNTIL DARK p. 15 1:30 pm CONSUMER REPORTS PRESENTS: THE NOT FOR KIDS ONLY SHOW p. 11 2:00 MY CHAMPION p. 10 4:00 MUMBO JUMBO, irS MAGIC! (:55) SATURDAY, JULY 3 5:30 am ON THE RIGHT TRACK (PG)p.15 7:30 THE GREAT MUPPET CAPER (G) p. 13 9:30 FOR YOUR EYES ONLY (PG-2:07) 12:00 pm HBO SNEAK PREVIEW FOR JULY p. 17 12:30 THE LAST METRO (Dubbed) (PG) p. 19 3:00 ON THE RIGHT TRACK (PG) p. 15 SUNDAY, JULY 4 5:00 am SEEMS LIKE OLD TIMES (PG-1:42) 7:00 TWO IN THE BOX p. 15 7:30 SATURDAY THE 14TH (PG) p. 19 9:00 CONSUMER REPORTS PRESENTS: THE NOT FOR KIDS ONLY SHOW p. 11 9:30 GLORIA (PG-2:01) 11:30 MUMBO JUMBO, IT’S MAGIC! 12:30 pm SATURDAY 14TH (PG) p.19 2:00 TWO IN THE BOX p. 15 4:30 WIMBLEDON ’82 Women’s Semifinals, p. 12 6:30 TWO IN THE BOX p. 15 7:00 FOR YOUR EYES ONLY (PG-2:07) 9:15 THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD PARTI (R-1:33) 10:50 S.O.B. (R-2:01) 12:55 am GOTTA DANCE, GOTTA SING p.9 1:55 FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD p. 16 5:00 RUNAWAY ISLAND p.20 7:00 RAGGEDY MAN (PG-1:34) 9:00 MINSKY’S FOLLIES p. 16 10:00 WOLFEN (R-1:54) 12:00 am WAIT UNTIL DARK p. 15 2:00 MY CHAMPION p.10 3:45 RAGGEDY MAN (PG-1:34) 5:00 GOTTA DANCE, GOTTA SING p.9 6:00 THE GREAT MUPPET CAPER (G) p. 13 8:00 S.O.B. (R-2:01) 10:00 FOR YOUR EYES ONLY (PG-2:07) 12:10 am THE SURVIVOR p.21 1:40 THE LAST METRO (Dubbed) (PG)p.19 3:55 GOTTA DANCE, GOTTA SING p.9 2:30 ZORRO, GAY BLADE (PG) p. 10 4:30 VIDEO JUKEBOX 5:00 SEEMS LIKE OLD TIMES (PG-1:42) 7:00 THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD PARTI (R-1:33) 8:30 RAGGEDY MAN (PG-1:34) 10:30 TWO IN THE BOXp.15 11:00 ZORRO, GAY BLADE (PG) p. 10 12:35 am MINSKY’S FOLLIES p. 16 1:35 HIGH RISK (R)p.16 3:10 SEEMS LIKE OLD TIMES (PG-1:42) HBO Theater, Neil Simon's Plaza Suite Starring Lee Grant and Jerry Orbach For a roomful of laughs check into Plaza Suite, the smash Broadway hit. Lee Grant and Jerry Orbach play three couples who occupy the suite at three different times. June 4,8,10,14 Hog Wild Tony Rosato Clean-cut high school kids take on a gang of motorcycle hoodlums who make their lives miserable in this irreverent comedy. Adult situations and language. (PG-1:27) June 5,7,10,18,22,26,29 The Dogs of War Christopher Walken Posing as a photographer in a steamy, war-ravaged country, steely mercenary Christopher Walken plays a most dangerous game. Co-star Tom Berenger is caught in a coup attempt. Profanity, violence. (R-1:44) June 8 Home Box Office, Standing Room Only, On Location, HBO, SR0, HBOniy are trademarks and servicemarks of Home Box Office, Inc. Service, reception and billing inquiries can be handled only by your local cable company or HBO affiliate. 22 Flashback: The Last Voyage of the Morro Castle Hosted by Eric Sevareid In Sept. 1934, the pleasure ship Morro Castle embarked on a doomed voyage. Murder, arson—both are suspected. Piece together the mystery of the inferno that took 137 lives. June 2,4 Carbon Copy____________.t. George Segal HWeinly! Successful executive George Segal is stuck with a shrewish wife (Susan Saint James), a father-in-law boss and an illegitimate black son! A comic misadventure. Adult situations, humor. (PG-1:31) June 1,5 Joseph Wambaugh's The Black Marble A hard-drinking L.A. detective (Robert Foxworth) finds himself teamed up with an aggressive policewoman (Paula Prentiss) in this engaging tale about lovers and losers. Adult situations, profanity, violence. (PG-1:50) June 5,10,14,22,26,28 HBO reserves the right to make a schedule change or program substitution without notice. HBO welcomes subscriber comments on HBO programming and scheduling. Write to: HBO Subscriber Information Services. Time & Lite Bldg.. Rockefeller Center, New York. N.Y. 10020. COMING NEXT MONTH ROGER MOORE as JAMES BOND 007* BLAKE EDWARDS' 23

HBO Guide May 1982 - Page section : 004

de Lespinasse/St Death Hunt Charles Bronson Lee Marvin Two rugged men of action face each other in an exciting adventure based on an actual Canadian manhunt. Charles Bronson plays a hard-as-nails fur trapper accused of murder; Lee Marvin, a whisky-swilling Mountie out to get him. Profanity, violence. (R-1:36) May 5,7,10,13,16,22,25 llalleliyah Hollywood The glamour of yesterday’s movie musicals joins today’s most lavish Las Vegas floor show. Filled with singing, dancing and gorgeous women with (and without) fabulous costumes. Gene Kelly hosts a program that includes clips from those magnificent MGM musicals. Nudity, adult entertainment. (:55) May 6,8,10,14,24,28 World Championship Boxing: Salvador Sanchez vs. George “Rocky” Garcia WBC Featherweight Title Fight Tonight devastating WBC champ Salvador Sanchez (42-1-1) faces 9th-ranked George “Rocky” Garcia (24-1). Plus a Larry Holmes exhibition prior to his June title fight. May 8 Smokey and the Bandit II Burt Reynolds Sally Field In a fast comedy caper, “Bandit” agrees to steal a pregnant elephant in Miami and deliver her to Republicans meeting in Texas. Sally Field and Jerry Reed join Burt for high jinks on the highways. Jackie Gleason plays three roles. Adult situations, language and humor. (PG-1:41) May 8,23,28 6 © 1982 Walt Disney Productions Walt Disney Productions' The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again Two bumbling outlaws try to go straight but botch it up in a sagebrush comedy. Tim Conway and Don Knotts star. (G-2:00) May 1,5,7,9,13,17,21,24 The Outlaw Josey Wales Clint Eastwood Out to avenge the destruction of his family, Clint Eastwood heads west as a farmer-tumed-outlaw. An action-filled tale. Violence, nudity, rape. (PG-2:16) May 4,8,11,16,20,24,28,30 WEDNESDAY, MAY 5 54)0 THE STRANGE DEATH OF THE 6:00 am THE MYSTERIOUS STRANGER DESERT FOX p.22 p.20 5:30 MYSTERIOUS STRANGER p.20 7:30 TAKE THIS JOB AND SHOVE IT 74)0 THE APPLE DUMPLING GANG (PG) EJ1 RIDES AGAIN (G)p.7 9:30 THE STRANGE DEATH OF THE 9:00 THE FAN (R) p.5 DESERT FOX p22 11:00 DEATH HUNT (R) p.6 104)0 THE APPLE DUMPLING GANG 12:40 am TAKE THIS JOB AND SHOVE IT RIDES AGAIN (G)p.7 (PG) p. 11 124)0 pm TIME WAS... SIXTIES p. 17 2:20 STEEL (PG) p. 10 14)0 THAT MAN IN THE WHITE 4:05 DEATH HUNT (R) p.6 HOUSE: FDR p.17 5:45 THE STRANGE DEATH OF THE 3:00 STEEL (PG) p. 10 DESERT FOX p22 THURSDAY, MAY 6 6:30 am YOUNG AND FREE (PG) p20 8:00 THE LAST CHASE (PG) p.23 10:00 SALEM’S LOT p.5 12:00 pm WHAT ON EARTH? p.22 1:00 TOUCHED BY LOVE (PG)p21 3:00 THE LAST CHASE (PG)p23 5:00 TWENTY-FIVE YEARS OF JERRY LEE-A CELEBRATION p. 15 6:00 YOUNG AND FREE (PG) p.20 7:30 HB0 SNEAK PREVIEW FOR MAY 84)0 AN EYE FOR AN EYE (R)p21 10:00 EXCALIBUR (R) p.4 12:30 am HALLELUJAH HOLLYWOOD p.6 1:30 THE LAST CHASE (PG) p.23 3:15 HB0 SNEAK PREVIEW FOR MAY 3:45 AN EYE FOR AN EYE (R)p21 5:30 HALLELUJAH HOLLYWOOD p.6 FRIDAY, MAY 7 6:30 am ON VACATION WITH MICKEY MOUSE AND FRIENDS p.20 7:30 THAT MAN IN THE WHITE HOUSE: FDR p. 17 9:30 HITLER’S MASTER RACE p.9 104)0 MELISSA MANCHESTER p. 18 114)0 A FORCE OF ONE (PG) p.9 12:30 pm FLASHBACK: LAST VOYAGE OF THE M0RR0 CASTLE p.9 1:30 THE APPLE DUMPLING GANG RIDES AGAIN (G)p.7 3:30 CARDIAC ARREST (PG)p.14 54)0 TIME WAS... SIXTIES p. 17 6:00 ON VACATION WITH MICKEY MOUSE AND FRIENDS p.20 7:00 MELISSA MANCHESTER p. 18 84)0 DEATH HUNT (R) p.6 104)0 WITH A TOUCH OF BURLESQUE p.23 11:00 CARDIAC ARREST (PG)p.14 12:30 am A FORCE OF ONE (PG) p.9 24)5 ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK (R) P-19 3:45 TERROR TRAIN (R) p.22 5:25 HITLER’S MASTER RACE p.9 SATURDAY, MAY 8 84)0 SMOKEYANDTHE BANDIT II 64)0 am FROM HELL TO VICTORY (PG) p.6 (PG)P.8 104)0 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 8:00 THE MYSTERIOUS STRANGER BOXING (LIVE) Salvador p.20 Sanchez vs. George 9:30 THE OUTLAW JOSEY WALES "Rocky" Garcia, p.6 (PG) p.7 11:30 EXCALIBUR (R) p.4 124)0 pm SM0KEY AND THE BANDIT II 1:55 am HARD COUNTRY (PG) p.22 (PG)p.6 3:40 VIDEO JUKEBOX 24)0 THE LAST CHASE (PG) p.23 3:55 MELVIN AND HOWARD 44)0 HARD COUNTRY (PG) p22 (R) p.9 64)0 FROM HELL TO VICTORY 5:30 HALLELUJAH HOLLYWOOD (PG) p.8 P-6

HBO Guide July 1982 - Page section : 001

Home Box Office June 1982 Bill Murray • The Great Muppet Caper Atlantic City Continental Divide Wimbledon ’82

HBO Guide August 1982 - Page section : 006

HBOnly! The biggest name in country music salutes America. This living legend unfurls a star-spangled music event ai benefit for medical re-seardh/at the Kennedy Center. Johnny sings all his greatest hits, inajuding “Folsom Prison BluesT'A Boy Named Sue,” “Man in Black,” “I Walk the Line,” “Orange Blossom Special” and "Jackson” (with wife June Carter Cash). August 15,18,21,26,28,30 Standing Room Only: Johnny Cash’s America A Special Benefit Performance SERIES The Night the Lights HB»nlyi Went Out in Georgia Nashville-bound with the law not far behind, Kristy McNichol and Dennis Quaid turn the country-western music business upside down. Mark Hamill co-stars in the upbeat drama. Adult situations and language, brief nudity. (PG-1:52) August 3,6,9,12,15 What on Have you heard about Koko, the “talking” gorilla who uses sign language to communicate? Are you aware that 250,000 Americans have a strange disorder called narcolepsy which causes sudden attacks of sleep at any time, in any place? Orson Bean hosts another fact-filled exploration of the world Of science. August 16,19,22,25,27,31 10 Redfern/Retna Ltd. Hardly Working Jerry Lewis An out-of-work clown has a knack for destroying anything he touches— even a Japanese steak house! Adult language. (PG-1:29) Aug. 2,5,8,10,13 Scout's Honor Gary Coleman A happily single executive becomes den mother for youngsters who wreak havoc with her life. Gary Coleman in a funny, often moving drama. (1:36) Aug. 8,10,14,18,20,22,26,30 FRIDAY, AUG. 13 6:30 THE KIDS ON THE BLOCK 6:30 am THE KIDS ON THE BLOCK p.20 p.20 7:00 NEVER NEVER LAND p.20 7:00 THE OTHER SIDE OF THE 8:30 HARDLY WORKING MOUNTAIN PART 2 (PG) p.8 (PG) p. 11 9:00 VICTORY 10:00 VICTORY (PG) p.4 (PG) p.4 11:00 FRIDAY THE 13TH Part 2 12:00 pm THE OTHER SIDE OF THE (R)P-6 MOUNTAIN PART 2 (PG) p.8 12:30 am HARDLY WORKING 2:00 ATTACK FORCE Zp.8 (PG) p. 11 3:30 HARDLY WORKING 2:00 ATTACK FORCE Zp.8 (PG) p. 11 3:40 VICTORY 5:00 NEVER NEVER LAND p.20 (PG) p.4 SATURDAY, AUG. 14 5.-00 UNDER THE RAINBOW 6:00 am THE SPIRAL STAIRCASE (PG) p.6 (PG) p.9 7:00 scours HONOR p. 11 7:30 YESTERYEAR... 1947 p.9 9:00 CLASH OF THE TITANS 8:30 UNDER THE RAINBOW (PG) p. 12 (PG) p.6 11:00 DEADLY BLESSING 10:30 SCOUTS HONOR (R)P-15 pH 12:50 am ALIEN (R) p. 15 12:30 pm CLASH OF THE TITANS 2:50 THE UNEXPURGATED (PG)p.12 BENNY HILL p.7 2:30 THE SPIRAL STAIRCASE 3:45 MASSACRE AT CENTRAL p.9 HIGH (R) p. 14 4:00 YESTERYEAR... 1947 p.9 5:15 YESTERYEAR... 1947 p.9 SUNDAY, AUG. 15 5:30 THE BEACH BOYS p. 16 6:30 am NEVER NEVER LAND p.20 6:30 WILLY WONKA AND THE 8:00 VIDEO JUKEBOX CHOCOLATE FACTORY 8:30 THE NIGHT THE LIGHTS WENT (G) p. 17 OUT IN GEORGIA (PG) p. 10 8:00 JOHNNY CASH p. 10 10:30 WILLY WONKA AND THE 9:30 THE NIGHT THE LIGHTS WENT CHOCOLATE FACTORY OUT IN GEORGIA (PG)p.10 (G) p. 17 11:30 BREAKTHROUGH(PG) p. 19 12:00 pm NEVER NEVER LAND p20 1:10 am FRIDAY THE 13TH Part 2 1:30 VIDEO JUKEBOX (R)P-6 2:00 THE NIGHT THE LIGHTS WENT 2:40 LAUGHS p.21 OUT IN GEORGIA (PG) p. 10 3:55 VIDEO JUKEBOX 4:00 BREAKTHROUGH (PG) p. 19 4:25 BREAKTHROUGH (PG) p. 19 MONDAY, AUG. 16 5:30 THE HIDEAWAYS (G) p.20 6:00 am THE HIDEAWAYS (G)p.20 7:30 WHAT ON EARTH? p. 10 8:00 THE SPIRAL STAIRCASE 8:00 TARZAN.THEAPE MAN p.9 (R)p.5 9:30 WHAT ON EARTH? p.10 10:00 HEAVEN CAN WAIT 10:00 ATTACK FORCE Zp.8 (PG)p.16 11:30 COAST TO COAST 11:45 COAST TO COAST (PG) p.7 (PG) p.7 1:30 pm HEAVEN CAN WAIT 1:20 am FIRST FAMILY (PG) p. 16 (R) p. 17 3:30 THE SPIRAL STAIRCASE 3:00 ATTACK FORCE Z p.8 p.9 4:40 THE UNEXPURGATED BENNY 5:00 THE KIDS ON THE BLOCK p.20 HILL p.7 11

HBO Guide January 1982 - Page section : 002

MOVIES Page All That Jazz Jan. 3, 7,11 _____________________________________________________11 Back Roads Jan. 3, 7,12,16, 22, 25, 27 _________________________________________ 5 Becket Jan. 6,10,14,16,18, 22, 26, 30 __________________________________________ 6 I BloodBarrierJan.1,4,9,13,17,21,26, 29 ____________________________________________ 4 Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown Jan. 13,17,19, 22,28 _________________________________10 Breaker Morant Jan. 11,15,19, 23,27, 31 ________________________________________ 9 Breaking Glass Jan. 2,4,7,10 ___________________________________________________22 California Dreaming Jan. 6,12,14,16,18, 22, 28, 31 _____________________________14 Cheech and Chong’s Next Movie Jan. 20,24, 28 ___________________________________15 The China Syndrome Jan. 1,4_____________________________________________________16 Coal Miner’s Daughter Jan. 3, 8,12, 20, 25, 29 _________________________________14 Doctor Zhivago Jan. 5,9,13,17___________________________________________________ 7 The Elephant Man Jan. 10,14,19,23 ______________________________________________13 The Formula Jan. 1,5,9,13 ______________________________________________________23 Friday the 13th Jan. 29 ________________________________________________________21 From the Life of the Marionettes Jan. 3, 8,11,14,19, 23 ________________________23 Improper Channels Jan. 9,13,15,17, 21, 25,29 ___________________________________ 9 The Incredible Shrinking Woman Jan. 8,12,16, 20, 24, 28, 30_____________________ 6 Inside Moves Jan. 2,6,10,14,18,23 ______________________________________________ 7 The Jazz Singer Jan. 24,28______________________________________________________12 Little Miss Marker Jan. 2, 5,11,15,20, 23 ______________________________________15 Loophole Jan. 8,10,13,18,23,25,29 ______________________________________________ 8 The Miracle Worker Jan. 4, 8,12,16, 22, 24, 28 _________________________________ 4 i My Bodyguard Jan. 15,18, 21, 24, 27, 30 __________________________________________10 Night of the Juggler Jan. 9,12,17,19,22,25, 30 _________________________________23 Nine to Five Jan. 1, 3, 7,11,16,20, 26, 31 _____________________________________13 The Nude Bomb Jan. 4, 8,12,17 __________________________________________________22 The Outsider Jan. 2, 5,11,15, 21 ________________________________________________1_22 Papillon Jan. 23,27,31 „________________________________________________________16 Popeye Jan. 31__________________________________________________________________20 Resurrection Jan. 16, 20, 24, 28, 30 ___________________________________________10 The Return Jan. 18, 24, 28 _____________________________________________________15 Scanners Jan. 30 _________________________:___________________________________20 Sidney Sheldon’s Bloodline Jan. 10,15,19,23,27 _________________________________23 Snowball Express Jan. 1,3,6_____________________________________________________ 4 Two Against the Arctic Part I: Jan. 4, 7; Part II: Jan. 4,8 ____________________ 8 The World’s Greatest Athlete Jan. 2,5,9,13,17, 21,25 Xanadu Jan. 2,7,11 ________________________________ Zulu Dawn Jan. 26, 30 ________________________________ FAMILY SHOWCASE Chandar, The Black Leopard Part I: Jan. 12,18, 27; Part II: Jan. 14,20, 27 Hans Christian Andersen’s Magic Adventure Jan. 8,12,18, 26 _____________ Hunter’s Gold Jan. 11,13,15,18, 20, 22, 25, 27, 29 _____________________ Peter and the Wolf Jan. 1,3, 6,19, 21, 26,28 ___________________________ Pinchcliffe Grand Prix.Jan. 6,11,14, 25 ________________________________ Three Tall Tales Jan. 7,15,19, 23 ______________________________________ SPECIALS Charlie Chaplin The Little Tramp Jan. 3, 6,13, 21, 29 Cher In Concert Jan. 4, 8,12,16, 21,24,27 ___________ Decoys Police Under Cover Jan. 27 Dionne Warwick In Concert Jan. 2,5, 8,11,22,26 An Evening at the Moulin Rouge Jan. 17, 21, 25, 29 HBO Sneak Preview for February Jan. 25, 28, 31 The LAST Awards Show Jan. 22, 26, 30 ____________ Sex is a Three-Letter Word Jan. 19, 23, 27, 31 The Sixth Annual Young Comedians Show Jan. 4,6 . Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Jan. 1, 5, 7, 9____ Time Was... The Twenties Jan. 1,4. 7,15,19,25 _____ The Year That Was: 1981 Jan. 6,10,14,18, 22, 26, 30 SPORTS Inside the NFL Jan: 1. 3; 7, 8,10; 14,15,17; 21, 22, 24; 28, 29, 31 Meadowlark Lemon’s Bucketeers Jan. 12,16,20, 28 _________ World Championship Boxing (LIVE) Jan. 30 ________________ Page _ 5 _ 8 ___19 Page ____19 ____18 VlC 19 ____18 ____ 19 Page ___'22 ___ 5 ___19 _21 ___12 ^ 18 ___16 ___15 — 14 M 9 __:i6 ___ 6 Page _11 _ 9 __20 SINGLE PLAYS 1981 American Bodybuilding Championships____________ The Octagon Jan. 2 Jan. 4 Stepping Out TheDeBoltsGrowUp__________Jan. 3 © 1981 Home Box Office, Inc. All rights reserved. The HBO guide is published monthly by Home Box Office, Inc., Time & Life Bldg., Rockefeller Center, New Vork, NY 10020. J.0. Hey worth, President; Kevin 0. Seme, Treasurer; Carolyn K. McCandless. Secretary.

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