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HBO Guide February 1987 - Page section : 003

Looking for the news—but not necessarily? Turn to the leader in the field of up-to-the-minute humor. :30. Feb. 7,10,13,19,22,25 4 SUNDAY, FEB. 1 5:30 am A SHINING SEASON p.8 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “The Trial of Cotterpin Doozer p.i6(CC) 7:00 BODY ROCK (PG-13) p.8 5:15 A SHINING SEASON p.8 7:00 OUT OF AFRICA (PG) p.12(CC) 12:30 am THE FINAL TERROR (R) p.22 2:00 LUST IN THE DUST (R)p.14(CC) 3:30 WINDY CITY (R) p. 18 (CC) 5:00 DREAMCHILD (PG) p.22 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “The River of Life" p.16(CC) 12:45 am FORTRESS p.22 (CC) ft 2:15 C.H.U.D.(R)p.14 3:45 BOY IN BLUE (R) p.5 (CC) DOM JOHNSON’S Music Video Feature HEARTBEAT In Hollywood talk, "F/X” means special effects, the art of movie illusion. Rollie Tyler (Bryan Brown) is an expert, and the Justice Department wants to use his talents to make a turncoat mobster disappear after testifying in a crucial case. Rollie plans a fake murder, not knowing that the next planned death will be real—his own! A fast-paced hit thriller. (AL, V) R-1:48. February 7,10,13,16,19,22 (CC) HBO. Sensitive content suitable for teen and adult audiences. :50. Feb. 9,13,15,17,23,28

HBO Guide February 1987 - Page section : 004

On Location. BOB GOLDTHWAIT People magazine called him "king of maniacal comedy.” But "maniacal” may not be strong enough for this one-man wrecking crew. Be warned though: he's totally unpredictable and more than a little off the wall I (AL) 1:00. February 21,24(0) THE BEST OF TIMES Robin Williams Kurt Russell Who doesn't want a second chance? Bank VP Robin Williams dropped a winning pass in a high school football game 12 years ago. Now he’s out to restage the game in this comedy/drama. (AS, AL) PG-13; 1:44. Feb. 8,11,14,17,20,23 (CC) YOUNGBLOOD Rob Lowe Can Dean Youngblood make it in the hard-knocks world of Canadian hockey? Rob Lowe learns the hard way in this entertaining blend of fast-paced ice action and behind-the-scenes romance. (AL, V,N) R-1:50. Feb. 15,19,23,27 (CC) 6 THURSDAY, FEB. 5 4:00 MURPHY'S ROMANCE 5:30 am THE BLUNDER’S SHOW p. 17 (PG-13;1:48) (CC) 6:00 VELVETEEN RABBIT p 160 6:00 MAD MAX/THUNDERDOME 6:30 FRAG6LE ROCK “Boober’s (PG-13) p.21 (CC)O Dream”p.16(CC) 8:00 MISSING IN ACTION 2: THE 7:00 CASEY’S SHADOW (PG) p.8 BEGINNING (R) p.21 (CC) 9:00 NIGHT OF THE COMET 10:00 OUT OF AFRICA (PG-13)p.22(CC) (PG)p.12(CC)0 I 11:00 OUT OF AFRICA 12:45 am THE FINAL TERROR (R) p.22 I (PG)p.12(CC)0 2:15 MAD MAX/THUNDERDOME 2:00 pm THE BLUNDER'S SHOW p. 17 (PG-13) p.21 (CC)O 2:30 PLATYPUS COVE p.16 4:05 COMET (PG-13) p.22 (CC) | FRIDAY, FEB. 6 3:00 LOSER TAKE ALL p. 17 6:00 am LOSER TAKE ALL p 17 3:30 UPS & DOWNS p.160 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK "Mokey & the 5:30 CRITTERS (PG-13; 1:25) Minstrels” p. 16 (CC) O 7:00 MORONS FROM OUTER SPACE 7:00 VANISHING WILDERNESS (PG-13) p.20 (G) p.8 8:30 THE TERMINATOR 8:30 JUSTTHEWAYYOUARE (R)p.18(CC) (PG)p.20(CC) 10:30 BETTER OFF DEAD 10:30 THE TALK SHOW p.7 (PG) p.21 (CC) 11:00 ROLLER BOOGIE 12:10 am LUST IN THE DUST (PG) p.8 (R)P 14(CC) 1:00 pm BETTER OFF DEAD 1:40 WINDY CITY (R) p. 18 (CC) (PG) p.21 (CC) 3:25 CRITTERS (PG-13;1:25) SATURDAY, FEB. 7 7:00 HBO Super Saturday 5:00 am FAMILY OF STRANGERS p. 16 F/X (R) p.5 (CC) O 6:00 FUNNY LADY (PG)p.8 9:00 BRUCE WILLIS: THE RETURN 8:30 DREAMCHILD OF BRUNO p.130 (PG) p.22 10:00 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS 10:00 DESPERATELY SEEKING • FEBRUARY EDITION p.4 O SUSAN (PG-13) p.21 (CC) 10:30 THE HIGHEST HONOR 12:00 A SHINING SEASON p 8 (R)p.14 2:00 pm FAMILY OF STRANGERS p. 16 12:15 am DESPERATELY SEEKING 3:00 CHARIOTS OF FIRE SUSAN (PG-13) p.21 (CC) (PG) p.90 2:00 F/X (R) p.5 (CC)O 5:00 THE PURSUIT OF 3:50 BRUCE WILLIS: THE RETURN D.B. COOPER (PG) p.8 OF BRUNO p.130 SUNDAY, FEB. 8 5:00 FRAGGLE ROCK “The River 5:00 am THE MAN WITH ONE RED ofUfe” p.16(CC)o [ SHOE (PG) p.20 (CC) 5:30 THE MAN WITH ONE RED 6:30 IN SEARCH OF THE WOW SHOE (PG) p.20 (CC) WOW WIBBLE... p. 160 7:00 THE BEST OF TIMES 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “The River (PG-13) p.6(CC) of Life" p.16(CC)0 9:00 BOY IN BLUE (R) p.5 (CC) 8:00 THE BEST OF TIMES 10:40 A NIGHTMARE ON ELM ST. (PG-13)p.6(CC) PART 2 (R) p.22 (CC) 10:00 A FLASH OF GREEN p.22 12:10 am CLAN/BEAR (R) p 19 (CC)O 12:00 RAINTREE COUNTY p8 1:55 CREATURE (R) p. 14 (CC) O 3:00 pm BODY ROCK (PG-13)p.80 3:35 A FLASH OF GREEN p.22 Super Saturdays THIS MONTH ON HBO! FEBRUARY 7 ■ F/X ■ BRUCE WILLIS: THE RETURN OF BRUNO FEBRUARY 14 ■ WILDCATS ■ HBO SHOWCASE: CONTROL FEBRUARY 21 ■ WHITE NIGHTS ■ On Location: BOB GOLDTHWAIT FEBRUARY 28 ■ HBO Pictures THE QUICK AND THE DEAD ■ NIGHTHAWKS THE TALK SHOW Burt Lancaster (HBO Showcase: Control) is one of the featured guests on this new interview show. :30. February 3,6,11,17,21,26 MAXIE Prim secretary Glenn Close finds herself taken over by the spirit of a 1920s flapper. (AS,AL) PG-1:38. February 16,21,25 (CC)

HBO Guide February 1987 - Page section : 006

Guerrinl/Liaison Goldie Hawn High school teacher Molly McGrath has a lifelong dream. The daughter of a legendary football coach, she wants to follow in his footsteps. When a chance comes to coach at a tough inner:city school, she goes for it. The team has a near-perfect record—they’ve lost every game but one! Gutsy Goldie Hawn takes to the field in this high-spirited comedy. (AL,t3N)R-'\ A6. February 14,17,20,23 (CC) 11:15 PAUL RODRIGUEZ: “1 NEED 11:00 CHARIOTS OF FIRE THE COUCH” p.220 (PG) p.9 12:15 am NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS 1:00 pm CASEY’S SHADOW (PG) p.8 -FEBRUARY EDITION p.4 0 3:00 VELVETEEN RABBIT p. 160 12:45 THE FINAL TERROR (R) p.22 3:30 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS -FEBRUARY EDITION p.4 2:15 OUT OF AFRICA (PG)p.12(CC)0 VALENTINE'S DAY 5:00 MAD MAX BEYOND 5:00 am LOSER TAKE ALL p. 17 THUNDERDOME 5:30 BETTER OFF DEAD (PG-13) p.21 (CC)HBO Super Saturday 7:30 THE PURPLE ROSE OF CAIRO WILDCATS (R)p.10(CC)HBO SHOWCASE: CONTROL 9:00 UPS & DOWNS p. 160 p.100 11:00 JUST THE WAY YOU ARE (PG) p.20 (CC) 10:30 THE BEST OF TIMES (PG-13) p.6(CC) 1:00 pm THE BEST OF TIMES (PG-13) p.6(CC) 12:20 am THE TERMINATOR (R)p.18(CC) 3:00 BETTER OFF DEAD 2:10 WINDY CITY (R) p.18(CC) (PG) p.21 (CC) 3:55 WILDCATS (R)p.10(CC)O SUNDAY, FEB. 15 4:30 FRAGGLE ROCK "Beyond the 6:00 am DESPERATELY SEEKING Pond” p. 16 (CC) O SUSAN (PG-13) p.21 (CC) 5:00 DESPERATELY SEEKING 8:00 FRAGGLE ROCK “Beyond the SUSAN (PG-13) p.21 (CC) Pond” p.16(CC)0 7:00 YOUNGBLOOD (R)p.6(CC) 8:30 CHARLIE CHAN & CURSE OF 9:00 BRUCE WILLIS: THE RETURN THE DRAGON QUEEN (PG) p.8 OF BRUNO p.130 10:00 UPHILL ALL THE WAY 10:00 NIGHTHAWKS (R) p.21 (CC) (PG)p.15 11:45 HOUSE (R)p.20(CC) 11:30 TRUTH ABOUT ALEX p.50 1:20 am MISSING IN ACTION 2: THE 12:30 pm ROLLER BOOGIE (PG) p.8 BEGINNING (R) p.21 (CC) 2:30 THE OKLAHOMA CITY DOLLS 3:00 UPHILL/THE WAY (PG) p. 15 p.9 (CC) 4:30 BRUCE WILLIS p.130 MONDAY, FEB. 16 4:00 THE MAN WITH ONE RED 5:30 am IN SEARCH OF THE WOW SHOE (PG) p.20 (CC) WOW WIBBLE... p 160 5:30 HUMOR & PRESIDENCY (1:00) 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Red’s 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Gone/Not Club"p.16(CC) Forgotten” p. 16 (CC) O 7:00 FUNNY LADY (PG) p.8 7:00 MAXIE (PG) p.7(CC)0 9:30 MAXIE 9:00 ATLANTIC CITY (R)p.18 (PG) p.7 (CC) O 10:50 F/X (R) p.5 (CC) O 11:30 ROCCO'S STAR p.16 12:40 am HIGHEST HONOR (R)p.14 12:00 A FLASH OF GREEN p 22 2:25 THE CLAN OF THE CAVE BEAR 2:00 pm THE PURSUIT OF (R)p.19(CC)0 D.B. COOPER (PG) p.8 4:10 FORTRESS p.22(CC)0 11

HBO Guide February 1987 - Page section : 009

HBOE^ FAMILYvk SHOWCASE No Big Deal A high school teacher may be courting trouble when she asks her ninth graders to help a juvenile offender make a new start. Kevin Dillon (Heaven Help Us!) stars. 1:27. February 3,9,18,28 Ups ft Downs Two prep school seniors decide to see how many rules they can break without getting caught. 1:37. Feb. 6,11,14,19,27 BEYOND THE POND Red discovers a mysterious, hidden underwater tunnel. :25. February 9,15 (CC) GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN Wembley finds a friend in a mudbunny who teaches him a moving lesson. :25. February 16,22(CC) MOKEY THEN AND NOW Mo-key, Wembley anti Boober are taken back in time to the days when Fr:aggles were bald. :25. Feb. 23(CC)HBO. :28. Feb. 2,5,11,17,26 Family of Strangers Dominic is a widower with two daughters; Marie is a divorcee with one. Now they're getting married. The new “family'' gets a good start, but problems surface. :46. Feb. 2,7,13,18,26 THE SPORTING LIFE FEBRUARY 23 A full day of sports movies. 5jC SATURDAY, FEB. 21 7:00 HBO Super Saturday 5:00 am MAXIE (PG) p.7 (CC) O WHITE NIGHTS 7:00 VANISHING WILDERNESS (PG-13) p.15(CC)0 (G) p.8 9:30 THE HITCHHIKER 8:30 WHITE NIGHTS "Perfect Order” p.15 o (PG-13)p.15(CC)0 10:00 BOB GOLDTHWAiT “SHARE 11:00 THE TALK SHOW p.7 THE WARMTH” p.60 11:30 THRESHOLD (PG)p.9 11:00 MISSING 2 (R) p.21 (CC) 1:30 pm THE SURVIVAL SERIES p. 18 12:40 am HOUSE (R)p.20(CC) 2:30 OUT OF AFRICA 2:15 FORTRESS p.22 (CC)O (PG) p.12(CC)0 3:45 THE HITCHHIKER p.150 5:15 MAXIE (PG) p.7 (CC)O 4:15 ATLANTIC CITY (R) p. 18 SUNDAY, FEB. 22 4:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Gone/Not 6:05 am JUST THE WAY (PG) p.20 Forgotten” p. 16 (CC) o 8:00 FRAGGLE ROCK “Gone/Not 5:15 JUST THE WAY YOU ARE Forgotten” p. 16 (CC) O (PG) p.20 (CC) 8:30 MORONS FROM OUTER SPACE 7:00 THE KILLING FIELDS (PG-13) p.20 (R)p.20(CC)O 10:00 ROCCO'SSTAR p 16 9:30 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS 10:30 BETTER OFF DEAD •FEBRUARY EDITION p.40 (PG) p.21 (CC) 10:00 HBO SHOWCASE: CONTROL 12:30 pm NOT NEC. THE NEWS p.40 p.100 1:00 HBO SHOWCASE: CONTROL 11:30 TERMINATOR (R) p. 18 (CC) p.100 1:20 am F/X(R)p.5(CC)

HBO Guide February 1987 - Page section : 010

WEDNESDAY, FEB. 25 5:00 am PLATYPUS COVE p.16 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “A Cave of One’s Own” p. 16 (CC) O 7:00 NIGHT OF THE COMET (PG-13) p.22 (CC) 9:00 MAXIE (PG) p 7 (CC) O 11:00 RAINTREE COUNTY p.8 2:00 pm NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS -FEBRUARY EDITION p.40 2:30 THE SURVIVAL SERIES “Gorilla” p.18 3:30 PLATYPUS COVE p. 16 5:00 CASEY'S SHADOW (PG) p.8 7:00 WHITE NIGHTS (PG-13)p.15(CC)0 9:15 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS •FEBRUARY EDITION p.4 10:00 JOSHUA THEN AND NOW (R)p.21(CC) 12:00 DELIVERY BOYS (R) p. 14 O 1:35 am ATLANTIC CITY (R) p 18 3:25 LUST IN THE DUST (R) p.14(CC) THURSDAY, FEB. 26 3:30 THE TALK SHOWp.7 5:00 am THE BLUNDER'S SHOW p. 17 4:00 CHARIOTS OF FIRE 5:30 FAMILY OF STRANGERS p. 16 (PG) p.9o 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Wembley 6:00 DESPERATELY SEEKING & Great Race" p.16(CC)0 SUSAN (PG-13) p.21 (CC) 7:00 THE PURPLE ROSE OF CAIRO 8:00 VICTORY (PG>p.22 (PG) p.20 (CC) 10:00 THE HITCHHIKER 8:30 THE TALK SHOWp.7 “Minuteman” p 150 9:00 VICTORY (PG)p.22 10:30 CONTROL p. 10 3:20 DESPERATELY SEEKING 2:30 FAMILY OF STRANGERS p.16 SUSAN (PG-13)p.21 (CC) FRIDAY, FEB. 27 1:00 pm A SHINING SEASON p.8 5:05 am IN SEARCH OF THE WOW 3:00 UPS & DOWNS p. 160 WOW WIBBLE... p 16 0 5:00 THRESHOLD (PG)p.g 6:00 ROCCO'SSTAR p. 16 7:00 FRIGHT NIGHT 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Doozer (R-1:46)(CC)0 is as Doozer Does” 9:00 HOUSE (R)p 20 (CC) p.16(CC)0 10:35 BRUCE WILUS: THE RETURN 7:00 CHARLIE CHAN (PG)p 8 OF BRUNO p.130 8:30 FLASHBACK: THE GREAT 11:35 YOUNGBLOOD (R)p.6(CC) PLAGUE OF 1918 p.22 1:30 am THE KILLING FIELDS 9:30 DREAMCHILD (PG) p.22 (R) p.20(CC)O 11:00 THE PURSUIT OF 3:55 MISSING IN ACTION 2: THE D.B. COOPER (PG) p.8 BEGINNING (R)p.21 (CC) SATURDAY, FEB. 28 5:30 UPHILL/THE WAY (PG) p. 15 5:35 am AMERICAN DREAMER 7:00 HBO Super Saturday (PG) p.18(CC) THE QUICK AND THE DEAD 7:30 THE OKLAHOMA CITY DOLLS p.19(CC)0 p.9(CC) 8:30 THE HITCHHIKER 9:30 BODY ROCK (PG-13) p.8 O “Minuteman” p. 15 O 11:30 MORONS FROM OUTER SPACE 9:00 NIGHTHAWKS (R) p 21 (CC) (PG-13) p.20 10:45 THE FINAL TERROR (R)p.22 1:00 pm NO BIG DEAL p. 16 12:15 am JOSHUA THEN AND NOW 2:30 TRUTH ABOUT ALEX p.50 (R) P 21 (CC) 3:30 AMERICAN DREAMER 2:15 DELIVERY BOYS (R) p.140 (PG) p.18(CC) 3:50 QUICK/DEAD p.19(CC)0 American Dreamer Tom Conti and JoBeth Williams in an adventure romp straight from the pages of a thriller. (AL.MV) PG-1:45. February 3,9,18,28 (CC) The Terminator An unrelenting killing machine, Arnold Schwarzenegger pulverizes everything in his way in this action smash. (AL,GV,N) R-1:47. Feb. 6,11,14,22,26 (CC) Atlantic City This acclaimed drama earned five Oscar nominations, including Best Picture. Starring Burt Lancaster. (AL,V,N)R^M. February 3,12,16,21,25 Windy City John Shea stars as a struggling writer who just can’t bring himself to propose to the woman he loves, Kate Capshaw. (AS.AL) R-1:42. February 1,6,14,19,24 (CC) Gorilla The Survival Series A man's perilous struggle to return an orphaned baby gorilla to the African wilds. Narrated by David Niven. :52. February 4,12,17,21,25 18 HBQ Sam Elliott Tom Conti Kate Capshaw Guns are the law—the only law—in 1876 Wyoming. The McKaskells, settlers in this wild territory, are easy prey for the dangerous men who ride the range. Only one man can protect the family. But this mysterious stranger’s growing attraction to Duncan Mc-Kaskell’s beautiful wife begins to threaten their marriage. An epic Western based on the novel by Louis L’Amour. (AL.V) THE CLAN OF THE CAVE BEAR Daryl Hannah Can a Stone Age woman, a misfit in the tribe that adopted her, face a hostile world on her own? Daryl Hannah stars as a blonde beauty raised by a brutish Neanderthal clan. Cast out for breaking a tribal taboo, she must learn to survive—or die. Based on the best-selling novel by Jean M. Auel. (V,N,R) R-1:38. February 4,8,12,16,20 (CC)

HBO Guide February 1987 - Page section : 012

Flashback: The Great Plague of 1918 In 1918, a worldwide flu epidemic claimed 20 million victims—more than double the casualties of WWI. How did it happen? :43. Feb. 9,18,27 Fortress HBO Pictures Rachel Ward faces terror and possible death in this action/suspense drama set against the vast plains of Australia. (AS.AL, V,BN) 1:28. Feb. 1,4,10,16,21 (CC)

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