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TUESDAY, JAN. 29 6:00 NATIONAL GEO. SPECIAL p.6 6:00 am AN ORPHAN'S TALE Part2p6 7:00 HBO FAMILY PLAYHOUSE: WHEN WE FIRST MET p 6 8:00 COMING ATTRACTIONS p 17 8:00 THE OSTERMAN WEEKEND 8:30 HYSTERICAL (PG) p. 16 (R) p 20 10:00 "OH. GOO!" BOOK II (PG)p.16 10:00 THE HITCHHIKER “Petty Thieves" p. 11 12:00 THE YEAR OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY (PG)p.21 10:30 HBO COMING ATTRACTIONS p 17 2:00 pm THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE 11:00 SCARFACE (R) p 10 (CC) (G)p23 2:05 am THE OMEN (R)p 9 4:00 AN ORPHAN’S TALE Part 2 p 6 4:05 THE OSTERMAN WEEKEND (R)p.20 WEDNESDAY, JAN. 30 5:30 FRAGGLE ROCK "Blanket ol 6:00 am AN ORPHAN'S TALE Pt. 3 p 6 Snow. Blanket ol Woe" p 19 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Blanket of 6:00 THE LUCKY STAR (PG)p.21 Snow, Blanket ol Woe" p 19 8:00 THE BRIDGE ON THE 8:00 WILDERNESS FAMILY (G)p 7 RIVER KWAI p.5 10:00 RED SKELTON'S 11:00 GREAT PLEASURE HUNT p 15 FUNNY FACES III p 19 12:00 OF UNKNOWN ORIGIN 11:00 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS (R)p9 January Edition p. 19 1:35 am NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS 11:30 THE BRIDGE ON THE January Edition p. 19 RIVER KWAI p.5 2:05 ZEUG (PG)p 16 2:30 pm ZELIG(PG)p16 3:30 THE LUCKY STAR (PG)p.21 4:00 AN ORPHAN’S TALE Pt.3p.6 5:20 RED SKELTON p. 19 THURSDAY, JAN. 31 6:00 MONSTERS. MADMEN AND 6:30 am TUBBY THE TUBA (G)p 6 MACHINES p 23 8:00 THE BLACK STALLION 7:00 COMING ATTRACTIONS p. 17 RETURNS (PG)p 7 7:30 BRAINGAMES 3 p 6 10:00 ACROSS THE GREAT DIVIDE 8:00 BEYOND THE LIMIT (R) p.21 (G) p 7 10:00 SUDDEN IMPACT 12:00 COMING ATTRACTIONS p. 17 (R) p.5 (CC) 12:30 pm HANK WILLIAMS: THE SHOW 12:00 DISPOSABLE HEROES p. 15 HE NEVER GAVE p.22 1:00 am GULAG p 12 (CC) 2:00 VIDEO JUKEBOXp18 3:15 STEPHEN KING’S CHILDREN 2:30 WITHOUT A TRACE OF THE CORN (R)p 9 (PG) p 8 4:50 HANK WILLIAMS: THE SHOW 4:30 TUBBY THE TUBA(G)p6 HE NEVER GAVE p.22 The Osterman Weekend Rutger Hauer Action thriller based on the best-selling novel by spy master Robert Lud-lum. Adult language, violence, nudity. (R-1:42) Jan. 19,23,27,29 Throbs Beyond the Limit Richard Gere Michael Caine A steamy drama of desire and treachery. Richard Gere stars as a doctor in a seedy Argentine town who has a personal stake in a political kidnapping. Michael Caine is the drunken British consul whose friendship brings him betrayal. Adult language, violence, nudity. (R-1:43) January 21,27,31 FRIDAY, FEB. 1 5:30 FRAGGLE ROCK 6:30 am EMMA & GRANDPA: “Blanket ol Snow, Winter p.6 Blanket ol Woe” p. 19 7:00 WONDER OF IT ALL 6:00 HAMMETT (PG-1:37) (G-1:33) 8:00 48 HRS. (R-1:36) 8:30 TOBY AND THE KOALA p.6 10:00 EDDIE MURPHY: 10:00 HAMMETT (PG-1:37) DELIRIOUS (56) 12:00 SECOND THOUGHTS (PG-1:38) 11:00 THE 0STERMAN WEEKEND (R) p.20 2:00 pm WONDER OF IT ALL (G-1:33) 12:50 am SECOND THOUGHTS 3:30 EMMA & GRANDPA: (PG-1:38) Winter p.6 2:35 HAMMETT (PG-1:37) 4:00 TOBY AND THE KOALA p.6 4:20 48 HRS. (R-1:36) SATURDAY, FEB. 2 7:30 COMING ATTRACTIONS p. 17 6:00 am THE GRAND BABY (1 30) 8:00 BLAME IT ON RIO 7:30 “OH. G0DI” II (PG)p.16 (R-1:40) 9:30 BILL COSBY (PG-1 44) 10:00 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS 11:30 MONSTERS, MADMEN... p.23 February Edition (:30) 12:30 pm TIMERIDER (PG-1:33) 10:30 THE HITCHHIKER p.11 2:00 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS 11:00 OF UNKNOWN ORIGIN February Edition (:30) “OH, GOD!" II (PG) p. 16 (R)p.9 2:30 12:35 am BILL COSBY "HIMSELF" 4:30 SO YOU WANNA (PG-1:44) BE A STAR? ( 54) 2:25 TIMERIDER (PG-1 33) 5:30 BILL COSBY "HIMSELF” 4:05 BLAME IT ON RI0(R-1:40) (PG-1 44) 5:50 THE HITCHHIKER p.11 SUNDAY, FEB. 3 6:00 WONDER OF IT ALL (G-1:33) 6:30 am LIFE ON EARTH: THE 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK INFINITE VARIETY ( 50) “Blanket ot Snow, 7:30 WONDER OF IT ALL (G-1:33) Blanket of Woe” p.19 9:00 YENTL (PG-2:12)(CC) 8:00 YENTL (PG-2:12)(CC) 11:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Blanket of Snow, 10:15 HBO COMING ATTRACTIONS p. 17 The Outsiders Matt Dillon They’re kids going nowhere and headed for trouble. Tom Cruise (Risky Business) co-stars. Adult situations, language; violence. (PG-1:27) Jan. 4,7,12,15,20,24 Blanket ol Woe” p.19 12:00 LIFE ON EARTH: THE INFINITE VARIETY (.50) 1:00 pm SECOND THOUGHTS (PG-1:38) 3:00 SOUTH PACIFIC (2.29) 5:30 VIDEO JUKEBOX ( 30) 11:30 STEPHEN KING’S CHILDREN OF THE CORN (R)p.9 1:05 am SECOND THOUGHTS (PG-1:38) 2:20 VIDEO JUKEBOX p.18 2:55 YENTL (PG-2:12) (CC) 5:10 COMING ATTRACTIONS p.17 The Year of Living Dangerously Mel Gibson Torrid romance in turbulent '60s Indonesia. With Linda Hunt and Sigourney Weaver. Adult situations, language; violence. (PG-1:55) Jan. 2,6,10,14,19,24,29 The Lucky Star A heartwarming family drama about a 13-year-old Jewish boy with a penchant for the Wild West. Stars Rod Steiger. Adult situations and language, mild violence. (PG-1:45) Jan. 6,9,12, 15,21,24,26,30 21

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UNIT PRICE QUANTITY TOTAL Elvis Album and Poster Set $ 4.99 Jailhouse Rock Videocassette Specify format: Beta VHS__________j $29.95 (Rea $39.95) Viva Las Vegas Videocassette Specify format: Beta_____VHS_______ $29.95 (Reg. $39.95) Mail order to: Total Merchandise Price Shipping & Insurance Add 750 per item Street Sales Tax* Total Enclosed City State Zip * CA and NY residents must add applicable sales tax. Offer expires February 28,1985. Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. CELEBRATE ELVIS’ 50™ ANNIVERSARY WITH THIS SPECIAL OFFER This limited-edition album/ poster set is the original sound track recording from the 1968 Burbank sessions, and includes songs from the HBO special, Elvis- One Night With You. panted and Avon ftoductions. Inc. WnLts Vegas »19S$brM»Vo-GoUwyn-Mtyerlnc, udMt Cummings Praduchofis, Inc. SAVE $10 RETAIL PRICE! Classic Elvis movies on videocassette. Jailhousefloc/r-Elvis is an ex-con with rock ’n’ roll dreams in the powerful 1957 film. Viva Las Vegas- Elvis and Ann-Margret burn up the strip in this 1963 action hit. ORDER NOW! Fill in this form and mail to: HBO Elvis Album Offer, 100 Seaview Drive, Secaucus, New Jersey 07094. Make check or money order payable to: “HBO Elvis Album Offer’.' Cold River Richard Jaeckel A family canoe trip through the Adirondack mountains turns into a harrowing struggle for survival. Lost in the wild, two youngsters face nature on the rampage. Adult situations, language; mild violence. (PG-1:33) Jan. 2,4,12,17,20,26,28 10 to Midnight Charles Bronson A sadistic killer and a maverick cop stalk each other in a bitter personal vendetta. Charles Bronson stars as the homicide detective whose thirst for revenge takes him beyond the law. Adult language, violence, nudity\ R-1:42) January 3,7 Hank Williams: The Show He Never Gave The man who turned country pickin’ into musical art is affectionately portrayed in a performance he might have given. Sneezy Waters brings the legend to life. Adult situations. (1:26) January 3,7,11,19,23,27,31 HBO Mailbox Watch between shows for hosts Mason Adams and Carol Bradley, who answer questions about HBO. [Monsters, Madmen and Machines: 80 Years of Science Fiction Special. Sci-fi movies have been tantalizing audiences since the early days of moviemaking. This lively retrospective looks at scenes from science fiction classics and explores a world of imagination gone wild! Gil tjGerard hosts. (:46) January 6,9,14,18,27,31 The Pirates of Penzance Linda Ronstadt Dashing pirates and their povely lasses cavort in the ffilm version of Broadway's [long-running hit. Kevin Kline ujhe Big Chill) plays the piery pirate king; Angela ELansbury, the nanny of the buccaneers. (G-1.52) January 2,5,8,13,21,29 Twilight Time Karl Malden Returning from America to • his European birthplace, a rretired worker discovers [that a vast gap separates [ his dreams of time gone | by from present reality. Karl [Malden is moving as the ►earthy, proud "Americano." t Adult situations. (PG-1:42) Jan. 1,10,13,16,19,22,28 Star-studded lineup for 1985! She had to risk everything to love him Jacqueline Bisset FORBIDDEN A True Story REUNION AT FAIRBOROUGH Robert Mitchum Deborah Kerr THE PARK IS MINE Tommy Lee Jones BLACKOUT V Richard Widmark Kathleen Quinlan And MORE to Come! Coming in February YENTL Barbra Streisand Mandy Patinkin Amy Irving

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HD Reunion at Fairborough Deborah Kerr Robert Mitchum Can a WWII romance, ended four decades ago, be revived in the 1980s? Robert Mitchum, a disillusioned American hero, tries to find out when he returns to England for an Air Corps reunion and searches for his love of long ago—Deborah Kerr. When she reveals a secret kept from him during the war, her revelation ignites a conflict between generations that is at the heart of this bittersweet drama. With Red Buttons. Adult situations. (1:50) May 12,23,27 (CC) He won the war but lost the girl. Forty years later he wants her back Michael Jackson Cyndi Lauper Willie Nelson Lionel Kenny Rogers Diana Ross Bruce Springsteen Tina Turner USA for Africa: The Story of Richie We Are the World" »»£wo'nder One night in January, 1985, forty-five of the top names in American music raised their voices as one to fight famine in Africa. The result: the hit record, “We Are the World.” HBO salutes this historic gathering with the only complete close-up of the unprecedented recording session. Don't miss this opportunity to see these talented people working for a worthy cause. May 1,4,7,12,17,20,23,28 _____I

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Movies Apocalypse Now_________Pg. 18 Blame It on Rio _____________22 The Bostonians_______________22 The Champ____________________22 Children of the Corn_________22 The Clairvoyant______________20 The Cotton Club (CC)_________ 5 D.C. Cab (CC)________________22 Daniel_______________________17 Fandango_____________________20 Finnegan Begin Again (CC)___________22 Four Friends ________________17 Happy Birthday to Me_________22 Into the Night (CC)__________19 Just Tell Me What You Want _____________22 Just the Way You Are (CC) ______________22 K»G* 0*D ____________________17 Lassiter (CC) _______________20 Last American Virgin_________22 Let’s Spend the Night Together __________________22 The Lonely Guy_______________22 Maria’s Lovers_______________15 Martin’s Day (CC) ___________20 Mass Appeal (CC)_____________22 Micki & Maude (CC)___________ 9 Murrow (CC) _________________13 The Naked Face (CC)__________19 A Nightmare on Elm Street ________________ 4 Oliver’s Story_______________22 Paradise ____________________22 Raiders of the Lost Ark (CC)______________18 Razorback ___________________22 Rosebud Beach Hotel________15 Runaway (CC)__________Pg. 19 Slayground_________________17 A Soldier's Story (CC)___14 Starman (CC)_______________ 9 2010 (CC)__________________ 6 Walk Proud ________________22 Weekend Pass ______________17 Original Programs America Undercover: The Gift of Life__Pg. 15 Barbra Streisand The Broadway Album________10 Elvis One Night/You_______ 7 The Everly Brothers_______15 1st & Ten_________________10 George Burns______________18 HBO Weekend_______________ 5 The Hitchhiker____________ 8 Not Necessarily the News__________________ 7 Remember When ____________22 Video Jukebox ____________15 Daytime on HBO Being There_______Pg. 16 Brady’s Escape____________16 Breakin’ 2________________16 The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Movie______________16 HBO reserves the right to make a schedule change or program substitution without notice. Service, reception and billing inquiries can be handled only by your local cable company or HBO affiliate. Home Box Office, HBO, On location and HBO Premiere Films are trademarks and service marks of Home Box Office, Inc. An HBO Exclusive is defined as entertainment now showing on HBO and no other national pay cable TV service. A Soldier 's Story. Starman and A Passage to India may be seen In certain STV systems. Bugs Bunny’s 3rd Movie: 1001 Rabbit Tales _Pg. 16 Charlie Chan & the Curse of the Dragon Queen _ 16 Crackers 16 Enola Gay (CC) 16 Evil Under the Sun 16 Fire on the Mountain 16 House of the Long Shadows 16 Hysterical 16 The Last Time I Saw Paris 16 Looney Looney Looney Bugs Bunny Movie 16 Metalstorm 16 Mystery Mansion 16 Savannah Smiles 16 Scandalous 16 They All Laughed 16 Yentl (CC) 16 Sports Inside the NFI______Pg. 11 The Not-So-Great Moments In Sports_____11 World Championship Boxing Tubbs vs. Witherspoon (LIVE)______15 HBO welcomes subscriber comments on HBO programming and scheduling. Write to: HBO Subscriber Information Services. 1100 Avenue of the Americas, New York. New York 10036. The HBO Guide is published monthly by Home Box Office, Inc.. 1100 Avenue of the Americas. New York, New Ybrk 10038. Joseph J. Collins. President; Glenn Britt, Senior V.P., Finance; Carolyn K. McCandless, Secretary. ©1985 Home Box Office. Inc. All rights reserved MOVING? CALL I-8OO-HBO-MOVE Family Showcase Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland_____Pg. 20 BMX Bandits __________ Fraggle Rock (CC)_____ King of the Beasts____ Last of the Red-Hot Dragons ____________ Life on Earth_________ Noah’s Animals _______ The Tender Warrior____ Unforgivable Secret. Welcome Home, Jellybean_____________ 21 6 .21 21 .20 .21 .20 .20 .21 Single Plays * American Dreamer (CC)____ The Bounty (CC)___ Heartbreakers (CC)_ Night of the Comet (CC)______ The Seduction ____ Steven Wright_____ 1/2 1/5 1/1 1/1 1/2 1/18 1/2 Windy City (CC)______________ *ln most cases, single plays are described In last month's guide. (CC) indicates programs that are closed-captioned. Schedule Abbreviations: Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) ratings explanation: G: Suitable for general audiences. PQ: Parental guidance suggested. Some material may not be suitable for children. PG-13: Parents are strongly cautioned to give special guidance for attendance of children under 13. Some material may be inappropriate for young children. R: Restricted. (In theatrical show- ings, no one under 17 is admitted unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.) ft#-”4 Runaway m Please note: Words of caution included before the ratings have now been abbreviated. The following are the abbreviations in italics for each category. AS Adult situations. AL Adult language. AH Adult humor. V Violence. MV Mild violence. GV Graphic violence. N Nudity. BN Brief nudity. SC Strong sexual content R Rape. --------------------1

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WED., JAN. 22 0 TIC TAC DOUGH CD P.M. MAGAZINE ®) KTE NEWS TRAVELVISION INTERNATIONAL gg DRAGNET rail SPORTSCENTER QQ BIZARRE Sketches: Miss Bizarre '84 loses her title; yogi Mahatma Gaglades; a paranoid bank guard; John Byner as Michael Jackson. 8:40 (I® SAINGHWALUI CHIHE m MOUSETERPIECE THEATER 9:00 0 CRAZY LIKE A FOX Harry and Harrison come to the aid of a TV newswoman who was fired for reporting that there are gold reserves buried beneath San Francisco. (1:00) O BLACKE’S MAGIC O DYNASTY Blake nears death while Sammy Jo holds the key to his survival; Abrigore attempts to leave town with Krystle. (1:00) O NEWS ID MOVIE ★★★★ "Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid” (1969) Paul Newman, Robert Redford. The legendary outlaws, pursued relentlessly by a mysterious posse, flee to South America in the 1890s. (2:00) a® KBS NEWS © STATE OF THE CITY S3) MUY ESPECIAL... JUAN GABRIEL PRAISE THE LORD @g ABBOTT AND COSTELLO g§ SMITHSONIAN WORLD Paleontologist David Steadman refines Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution through fossil discoveries on the Galapagos and Cook Islands; also a visit to the British Museum.%c (1:00) gg ESPECIALLY FOR YOU rna world war il air POWER UJ3 MOVIE “Jiminy Cricket: Storyteller" (1985) Animated. Jiminy Cricket plays emcee and introduces some stories by well-known spinners of tales including Aesop and Hans Christian Andersen. (1:30) Ij-TJTI SKIING MAGAZINE rrrra movie ★ “Unfaithfully Yours" (1984) Dudley Moore, Nastassja Kinski. An orchestra conductor thinks that his wife may have had an affair with a violinist while he was away on tour and conspires to murder her. (1:45) ITEE1 EDGE OF NIGHT 9:20 0® KAJOK ORAKWAN 9:30 @g HOW TO OWN YOUR OWN BUSINESS FTia BENJAMIN FRANKLIN HJJEI SKI TV rm NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS iTEn that girl 9:45 rrrra heart of HOLLYWOOD 10:00 O EQUALIZER The Equalizer hits the streets when an employee at a flower shop is targeted for murder. (1:00) O ST. ELSEWHERE Auschlander feels the effects of an old grudge when the matriarch of a prominent New England family enters the hospital; Morrison hesitates to have surgery on his injured knee. (1:00) O CB NEWS O HOTEL A bartender at the hotel has AIDS; Peter finds himself involved in a love triangle. Guests: Ken Kercheval, Barbara Rush. (1:00) 0 THE SAINT (W AIDS: PROFILE OF AN EPIDEMIC Edward Asner narrates this updated report, originally aired in 1984, on Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome and the many factors that surround the disease. (R) (1:00) S3) BODAS DE ODIO @8 BEHIND THE SCENES @g HEART OF THE NATION §§ AUSTIN CITY LIMITS (Season Premiere) Gary Morris performs "Draggin' the Lake for the Moon," “Anything Goes" and "Why Lady Why”; Sylvia sings "Cry Just a Little Bit Baby” and “Nobody.” (1:00) gg GREAT MOMENTS OF OLYMPIC BOXING 133371 TENNIS MAGAZINE REPORT RHB1 MOVIE ★★★ “The Cotton Club” (1984) Richard Gere, Gregory Hines. In the 1930s, a jazz musician saves the life of a powerful racketeer and is towed deeper and deeper into the violent world of gangsters and gunmen. (2:15) UTS FAMILY GUIDE PRESENTS crai movie “Against All Odds” (1984) Rachel Ward, Jeff Bridges. A fading professional football player falls in love with the girlfriend of a small-time hood and becomes involved with shady, high-stakes real estate dealings. (2:08) rnra movie ★★ "Zelig" (1983) Woody Allen, Mia Farrow. Documentary-style profile of a man with the ability to acquire both the physical and mental traits of the people he meets. (1:24) BEfl DICK CAVETT Guests: Jack Warden; Diahann Carroll. (1:00) 10:10 0® JUNWON ILKI 10:15 © RELIGION 10:30 S3) 24 HORAS © DALE EVANS rfiNORMAN ROCKWELL’S WORLD: AN AMERICAN DREAM A nostalgic look is taken at the late artist's life, work and hometown of Stockbridge, Massachusetts. reran nba today I7TT1 MOVIE ★★ “The Blue Lagoon" (1980) Brooke Shields, Christopher Atkins. Two castaway children grow to adolescence on a remote South Pacific island and experience the pangs of first love. (1:50) 10:45 cnta showtime’s COMEDY CLOSE-UP 11:00000(0 news 0 CARSON’S COMEDY CLASSICS 0 BIZARRE CB BARNEY MILLER QD HUMOR ILBUNJI d§ INDEPENDENT EYE JACK HAYFORD @6) CHANNEL OF PEACE g§ BUSINESS REPORT gg NIGHT GALLERY VENICE PRESERVED John J. Norwich, chairman of the “Venice In Peril" fund, narrates this documentary about the ongoing struggle to preserve the city of Venice. (1:00) lilfl MOVIE ★★ "The Apple Dumpling Gang” (1975) Bill Bixby, Susan Clark. In the 1870s, a cardsharp agrees to take possession of some valuable property for a friend, learning to his surprise that three orphans are included in the deal. (2:00) reran sportslook m FAMILY GUIDE PRESENTS B!BI MOVIE ★★ “Island Of 1000 Delights" (1979) A tropical island serves as the headquarters for a white-slavery ring. (1:15) rm movie "You're In The Navy Now" (1951) Gary Cooper, Jane Greer. A young Navy crew is given a dangerous assignment during World War II. (2:00) H MOVIE ★★ "Rumble Fish" (1983) Matt Dillon, Mickey Rourke. In a 1950s urban environment, a young tough looks up

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SAT., JAM. 15 SUPER BOWL SPECIAL Madden separates the facts from the hype in this in-depth analysis of Super Bowl XX. Jimmy The Greek Snyder is special guest. (1:00) o road TO SUPER BOWL ’86 A look at the two teams playing in Super Bowl XX and a review of the NFL season in general. (1:00) 0 NBA BASKETBALL Los Angeles Clippers at Utah Jazz (Live) (2:30) O AT THE MOVIES Scheduled reviews: ''Revolution" (A! Pacino, Nastassja Kinski); "Murphy’s Romance" (Sally Field, James Garner); "Brazil” (Robert De Niro, Michael Palin). O STREET HAWK 03 SMALL WONDER (E) WHEEL OF FORTUNE (H) DESDE HOLLYWOOD © NATURE (R) (1:00) @ CRISTAL © NANCY HARMON @g HEART OF THE NATION g§ AUSTIN CITY LIMITS (1:00) gg HARU NO HATO roa MOVIE *★ "My Dear Secretary” (1948) Laraine Day, Kirk Douglas (2:00) Pm MOVIE ★★★ "Peter Rabbit And The Tales Of Beatrix Potter" (1971) Frederick Ashton, Alexander Grant (1:35) m CHRISTIAN LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE rm A ROCK-A-BILLY SESSION: CARL PERKINS AND FRIENDS (1:00) ETCB1 ROBIN HOOD (1:00) PHI ALFRED HITCHCOCK HOUR B MOVIE *★★★ “Raiders Of The Lost Ark" (1981) Harrison Ford, Karen Allen (2:00) 7:15 EH1 NBA BASKETBALL Denver Nuggets vs. Los Angeles Lakers (Live) (2:45) 7:30 O eye ON L.A. Featured: a report on the dangerous new drug, Ecstasy; a man who owns the world’s largest breadspread warehouse. CD THREE’S COMPANY (E) BARNEY MILLER 3D MUNDO MUSIC m WORLD TOMORROW rrrra movie ★* -where The Boys Are” (1960) Dolores Hart, George Hamilton (1:39) 8:00 O AIRWOLF O BOB HOPE SPECIAL “Super Bowl Show” This comedian is joined by athletes, entertainers and members of the teams participating in Super Bowl XX in this gala salute to the NFL’s premier annual event. (1:00) O REDD FOXX SHOW Toni makes an effort to return to high school but problems arise when she’s confronted by an unbending guidance counselor. O COLLEGE BASKETBALL Long Beach State at Nevada-Las Vegas (Live) (2:00) CD NEWS JACK JONES AND FRIENDS FIGHTING BLINDNESS TELETHON OS NHK NEWS © ODYSSEY @3 MOVIE "El Regreso De Al Capone” (1969) Jose Campos, Isaria Medel. (2:00) GOSPEL GOLD (Sg INSIGHT §§> GREAT PERFORMANCES “Live from Lincoln Center: The Chamber Music Society With Irene Worth and Horacio Gutierrez" (2:00) gg RACING / SANTA ANITA gjgP SPORTSCENTER rm movie ★ “Runaway” (1984) Tom Selleck, Cynthia Rhodes (2:00) DU JIMMY SWAGGART PTTl MOVIE "The Falcon And The Snowman (1984) Timothy Hutton, Sean Penn (2:15) ETBI DIRE STRAITS: BROTHERS IN ARMS (1:00) PEE! MOVIE ★* "Breaking Glass” (1980) Hazel O’Connor, Phil Daniels (2:00) 8:30 Q BENSON Benson's conservative lifestyle is upset when his footloose nephew arrives. 1985 R & B COUNTDOWN The year’s most popular rhythm and blues songs featuring performances by Whitney Houston, Freddie Jackson, Jeffrey Osborne, DeBarge, New Edition, Jesse Johnson and Luther Vandross, as well as videos of the top songs of the year. Also, an interview with Aretha Franklin. Hosts: Whitney Houston, Kool & the Gang and Walt "Baby” Love. (2:00) 01) OHAYOHI 24 JIKEN HD SMITHSONIAN WORLD Paleontologist David Steadman refines Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution through fossil discoveries on the Galapagos and Cook Islands; also a visit to the British Museum.°/oc (1:00) m DALLAS HOLM @g THIS WEEK IN COUNTRY MUSIC gg DANCIN’ ON AIR yrra movie ★★★ "a Run For Your Money” (1949) Alec Guinness, Donald Houston (2:00) rm MOVIE ★★ "Amy (1981) Jenny Agutter, Barry Newman (1:40) 1333!! WRESTLING m INVESTMENT ADVISORY ETia MOVIE ★★★ “All The Right Moves" (1983) Tom Cruise, Craig T. Nelson (1:30) BQ3 MOVIE ★★ “Blame It On Rio” (1984) Michael Caine, Joseph Bologna (1:50) B MOVIE *★* "The Falcon And The Snowman (1984) Timothy Hutton, Sean Penn (2:30) 9:30 O 227 Mary seeks vampish Sandra’s assistance in getting the landlord to deliver a new refrigerator to her apartment. (R) 0 TWILIGHT ZONE DAVE ROEVER @g ROCKY MOUNTAIN INN na FAMILY GUIDE PRESENTS 10:00 O REMINGTON STEELE 0 NEWS O LOVE BOAT During a college reunion cruise, members of rival fraternities wage war and two old friends discover they now have vastly different lifestyles. (1:00) O THE DOOR IS ALWAYS OPEN Waylon Jennings is joined by Willie Nelson, Hank Williams Jr., Roger Miller, Kris Kristofferson, Jessi Colter, George Jones and others in this musical tribute to the late Sue Brewer, a Nashville woman who befriended aspiring singers and songwriters. (2:00) © MOVIE ★★★* "Interrupted Melody (1955) Eleanor Parker, Glenn Ford (2

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SATURDAY/Prime time programs 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 Q(C8S) Alrwolf CBS Reports OfNBC) Bob Hope Special Golden Girls 227 Remington Steele e NBA Basketball/LA Clippers at Utah Jazz (7:00) Twilight Zone News Q(ABC) The Redd Foxx Show Benson Lady Blue Love Boat O College Basketball/Long Beach State at Nevada Las Vegas The Door Is Always Open CD News Weekend Magazine 1985 R ft B Countdown (B The Jack Jones and Friends Fighting Blindness Telethon ©(PBS) Odyssey Smithsonian World Movie: Interrupted Melody © Movie: El Regresso de Al Capone El Mundo del Box AAE Movie: My Dear Secretary (7:00) Movie: A Run for Your Money DIS Movie: Peter Rabbit (7:00) Mouseterplece Theater (8:35) Movie: Amy ESPN SportsCenter Wrestling Roller Derby HBO Movie: Runaway 1st A Ten Movie: Starman LIF Jimmy Swaggart Investment Family Guide Investment MAX Movie: The Falcon & the Snowman Comedy Experiment (10:15) ON; SEL | NBA Basketball/Denver Nuggets at LA Lakers (7:15) | Movie: Supergirl SHO Dire Straits Movie: All the Right Moves TMC Movie: Where the Boys Are (7:30) Movie: Blame It on Rio USA | Movie: Breaking Glass | Night Flight WTBS Night Tracks Z Movie: Raiders of the Lost Ark (7:00) Movie: The Falcon & the Snowman Vinton, Grace Slick (interview). (1:00) OS CINEMA CINEMA (HINDI AND <2® WONDERWORKS "Booker” LeVar Burton, Shelley Duvall and Shavar Ross star in this story of young Booker T. Washington and his dream of learning to read and write. (R) (1:00) © DEAF WORLD @6) JIMMY HOUSTON OUTDOORS §§ WRESTLING GUITAR WITH FREDERICK NOAD 1TT3 SHORTSTORIES RTK1 MOVIE ★★ “Fandango" (1985) Kevin Costner, Judd Nelson m MOVIE ★★ "The Adventures Of Nellie Bly" (1981) Linda Purl, Gene Barry. (2:00) EHTil MOVIE "Phar Lap” (1983) Tom Burlinson, Martin Vaughan B2J3 MOVIE "The In-Laws" (1979) Alan Arkin, Peter Falk. (1:43) 12:10 E3 DTV 12:30 O THREE STOOGES O AT THE MOVIES © MEADOWLARK LEMON © OUTDOOR NEWS NETWORK © MANAGEMENT @ WRITE COURSE Pia HUCKLEBERRY FINN & HIS FRIENDS 1:00 0MUNSTERS O FIVE STAR MYSTERY CD MOVIE ★★ “Day Of The Animals" (1977) Christopher George, Leslie Nielsen. (2:00) 01) TO BE ANNOUNCED (H DOCTOR WHO © MOVIE “Rocio De La Mancha" Rocio Durcal, Carlos Estrada. (2:00) © CHARLES TAYLOR © GOLF © MANAGEMENT © COLLEGE BASKETBALL © FRUGAL GOURMET HT3 STAGE: THE TESTAMENT OF JOHN ma raffi gun SKIING rm movie ★ “Comfort And Joy" (1984) Bill Paterson, Eleanor David. (2:00) CO STANDBY... LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION! ren DICK CAVETT 1:15 1331 MOVIE *★ "Breakin’ ” (1984) Lucinda Dickey/ Adolfo Quinones. (1:27) 1:30 O MUNSTERS © BEHIND THE SCENES © SCUBA WORLD © PROJECT UNIVERSE © PAINTING WITH ELKE SOMMER rm movie ★* “Starman” (1984) Jeff Bridges, Karen Allen. (2:00) Q MOVIE “The Executioner's Song (1982) Tommy Lee Jones, Rosanna Arquette. (2:30) 1:45 ©RELIGION 1:55 B2Q MOVIE ★★ "Brady's Escape” (1984)John Savage, Kelly Reno. (1:36) 2:00 Q PGA GOLF Phoenix (Ariz.) Open, third round. (Live) (1:00) O COLLEGE BASKETBALL UCLA at California (Live) (2:00) 0 GIDGET O TO BE ANNOUNCED Q VOYAGERS CD MOVIE ** "The Barbarian And The Geisha" (1958) John Wayne, Sam Jaffe. (2:00) OD GOOD NEWS (ARABIC) ON BOARD THE R / V WESTWARD This special follows 24 college students as they embark on an oceanographic research expedition through the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean aboard a 125-foot schooner. © BETTY JEAN ROBINSON © FISHING THE WEST © PROJECT UNIVERSE raa WHALE’S TOOTH 133371 WORLD CUP SKIING m MOVIE ★★ "Dance Of The Dwarfs” (1983) Peter Fonda, Deborah Raffin. (2:00) iTTTTl LIVEWIRE rrrrn dire straits: BROTHERS IN ARMS HEE1 CARTOONS 2:30 0 GIDGET O GREATEST SPORTS LEGENDS (3) TO BE ANNOUNCED @ THE TRIPODS After crossing the sea to France, Will and Henry are captured by the alien Tripods and thrown into prison where they meet a new friend they nickname Beanpole. © DOTTIE RAMBO © GREAT AMERICAN OUTDOORS © CAREER LIFE PLANNING 3:00 Q COLLEGE BASKETBALL Washington State at Washington (Live) (2:00) 0 MOVIE ★★★ “Who's Minding The Store? (1963) Jerry Lewis, Jill St. John. (2:00) 0 PBA BOWLING $175,000 Showboat Invitational from Las Vegas, Nev. (Taped) (1:30) O BIONIC WOMAN CD MOVIE ★* "Doc Savage: The Man Of Bronze" (1975) Ron Ely, Paul Gleason. (2:00) (® CHINA TODAY @§) NOVA Preparations around the world by astronomers, scientists and amateur observers to document the return of Hailey’s comet. (1:00) ® COMO SER FELIZ EN EL MATRIMONIO © ARTHUR BLESSED © SKI WORLD © CAREER © WRESTLING Pig! WONDERFUL WORLD OF DISNEY SUPER BOWL XX PREVIEW (R) EEQ MOVIE ★** “Romancing The Stone" (1984) Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner. (2:00) nn OUT OF CONTROL MOVIE ★★ "Breakin 2 Electric Boogaloo (1984) Lucinda Dickey, Adolfo (Shabba-Doo) Quinones. (1:34) QQ MOVIE ★★ “Swing Shift” (1984) Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell. (2:00) 3:30 ®> NFL REPORTE © JOURNEY TO ADVENTURE © HUMANITIES THROUGH THE ARTS FTT3 CENTER STAGE BREAKIN SPORTSCENTER RHE1 MOVIE ★★ “Evil Under The Sun"(1982) Peter Ustinov, Jane Birkin EH3 STAR TREK fma

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FRIDAY/Prime time programs 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 VIM Twilight Zona Dallas Falcon Crest O(NBC) Disney's Living Seas Knight Rider Miami Vice e Movie: The Hot Rock News ©(ABC) Webster Mr. Belvedere Dlff'rent Strokes He’s the Mayor Fall Guy o NBA Basketball/LA Lakers at LA Clippers (7:30) News CD News PM Magazine Golden Globe Awards (E> Movie: The Last Day | News | Ind. News dD (PBS) Washington Week Wall Street Week Great Performances Juana Iris Anillos de Oro | Bodas de Odlo | 24 Horas ASE New Orleans Now Movie: The Aerodrome DIS Legends (7:00) Danger Bay Movie: Never Cry Wolf ESPN Boxing (6:00) SportsCenter SportsLlne World Cup Skiing Super Bowl XX I Preview HBO Movie: The Champ Barbra Streisand LIF Movie: Marry Me! Marry Me! Family Guide Presents MAX Movie: The Double Man (7:00) Movie: Angel ON; SEL Movie: Night of the Comet (7:00) Movie: Reckless SHO Movie: King David TMC Movie: D.C. Cab Movie: Caged Heat USA Night Flight Movie: Breaking Glass WTBS | Night Tracks (7:50) Z Movie: The Long Good Friday (7:00) Movie: The Ambassador master illusionist who's suspected of murder before he gets to his next victim. (1:00) O DIFF’RENT STROKES Arnold becomes jealous when Sam turns to Willis for attention. (D GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS From the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles, the 43rd annual awards ceremony honoring the year’s best in motion pictures and television. Categories include best motion picture, best television series, best actor and actress (motion pictures and television), best director and best foreign film. Hosts: Charlton Heston and Donna Mills. (2:00) OD KBS NEWS (H GREAT PERFORMANCES “Heartbreak House.” Amy Irving, Rex Harrison, and Rosemary Harris star in an adaptation of George Bernard Shaw's anti-war plays. (2:00) @ SIN PRESENTA '‘Anillos De Oro” (1:00) @1 PRAISE THE LORD m CHRISTIAN LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE HI FIRING LINE <§§ ESPECIALLY FOR YOU m QUALITY OF LIFE E33 MOVIE ★★ "The Aerodrome” (1982) Richard Johnson, Peter Firth (2:00) QQI MOVIE ★★★ "Never Cry Wolf" (1983) Charles Martin Smith (1:40) liHiKI SPORTSLINE COa MOVIE ★ “Angel" (1984) Cliff Gorman, Susan Tyrrell (1:30) PHI MOVIE ★ "Reckless” (1984) Aidan Quinn, Daryl Hannah (1:30) E23 MOVIE ★★ “King David” (1985) Richard Gere, Edward Woodward (2:00) Q MOVIE ★★ “The Ambassador" (1984) Robert Mitchum, Ellen Burstyn (2:00) 9:20 (3D JU gan sports 9:30 O HE’S THE MAYOR When Carl saves a stray dog, he starts a chain reaction that leads to a protected status for the city’s homeless animals. @§ CLOSER LOOK gj QUALITY OF LIFE r=HJ?l WORLD CUP SKIING Women's Slalom from Bad Gastein, Austria. (R) (1:00) 10:00 e FALCON CREST Angela runs rampant as she causes friction between Melissa and Cole, attempts to get rid of Dwayne and has Chase's wine shipment hijacked. (1:00) O MIAMI VICE An anonymous phone caller gives Crockett and Tubbs a valuable clue to the murderer of a prominent attorney but the informant may have ulterior motives. (1:00) Q Q © NEWS O FALL GUY Colt becomes involved in a dangerous mission to rescue a friend from a Cambodian prison camp. (1:00) 0® TV KUKJANG (3® BODAS DE ODIO BEHIND THE SCENES m HEART OF THE NATION §§ SHAKESPEARE HOUR "A Midsummer Night’s Dream" (Premiere) Shakespeare's magical tale of lovers' quarrels, enchanted pranks and happy endings stars Peter McEnery as Oberon, Helen Mirren as Titania and Brian Glover as Bottom. Walter Matthau hosts. (Part 1 of 2) (1:00) BOXING ra BARBRA STREISAND: THE BROADWAY ALBUM An inside look at the making of the versatile performer's latest album that features Broadway songs including "Putting It Together" from “Sunday in the Park with George" and “Somewhere” from “West Side Story.” (1:00) na FAMILY GUIDE PRESENTS D2Q MOVIE ★★ “Caged Heat!” (1974) Juanita Brown, Erica Gavin. Frustrated desires and a sadistic warden plague the inmates at a women's correctional facility. (1:15) na MOVIE ★ ★ "Breaking Glass" (1980) Hazel O'Connor, Phil Daniels (2:00) 10:15© RELIGION 10:30 S3) 24 HORAS m ONE WAY GAME SUPER BOWL XX PREVIEW (R) rm MAXTRAX 10:40 03 DTV 11:00000® NEWS O CARSON’S COMEDY CLASSICS O BIZARRE (E) BARNEY MILLER (H) YES, MINISTER Hacker surprisingly finds an ally in Appleby when his job as Minister of Administrative Affairs is threatened. © DALLAS HOLM CHANNEL OF PEACE BUSINESS REPORT NIGHT GALLERY RQ SHORTSTORIES Fig MOVIE ★★ “Dusty (1981) Bill Kerr, Noel Trevathen (1:30) [j22Z| SPORTSLOOK REE! MOVIE ★★ “2010" (1984) Roy Scheider, John Lithgow (2:00) na FAMILY GUIDE PRESENTS rm MOVIE ★ "Sex Games Of The Very Rich" (1983) Heather Deeley, Chris Chitty. (1:20) Kslil MOVIE "Adventures Of Rick Quick, Private Dick" (1:30) QQ MOVIE ★★ "Into the Night" (1984) Jeff Goldblum, Michelle Pfeiffer (2:00) B MOVIE ★★ “The World Is Full Of Married Men (1980) Tony Franciosa, Carroll Baker (2:00) 11:20® NOTICIERO 11:30 O MOVIE ★ ★ ★ “The Five Of Me” (1981) David Birney, Dee Wallace.Five different personalities plague a Korean War veteran through his

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February Festival of Stars on HBO MOVIES Bad Boys Betrayal The Big Brawl Bill Cosby “Himself”. Blame it onffo _____ Brady’s Escape______ The Buddy System____ C.H.O.M.P.S. _____ Crackers ___________ D.C. Cab(CC) Doctor Detroit______ The Entity__________ Pg. 22 22 16 5 io 6 29 17l 16* 17 _______ 22 psclpe from New York_________15 mnegan Begin Again (CC) __________ 48 Hrs. _____________ Hammett _______ High Road To China (CC) Kidco__________ 13 4 22 Lassiter (CC) _____ The Lonely Guy_____ Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn ______ Of Unknown Origin__ Osterman Weekend Psycho II Second Thoughts South Pacific _______ Timerider____________ Tough Enough_____ Two of a Kind____ WarGames (CC). Wonder of It All . Yentl(CC)________ 10 17 9 16 _ 15 _22 _22 _ 15 _22 _ 8 _ 15 _ 22 _ 11 . 6 __22 _ 12 SPORTS World Championship Boxing Bramble vs. Mancini (LIVE)_Pg. 10 SPECIALS America Undercover: Sexual Abuse of Children—Beyond the Secret ______ Eddie Murphy Delirious I; ! 1 ■.'. SINGLE PLAYS The Black Stallion Returns _____ Pg. 9 HBO Comedy Playhouse Best Legs in 8th Grade :■. HBO Comedy Playhouse Day to Day Affairs ______ HBO Coming The Hitchhiker___________ Not Necessarily the News_________________ So You Wanna Be a Star 11 Feb. 5 Elvis One Night With You Feb. 2 Emma & Grandpa .x Feb. 1 HBO Comedy Playhouse: Best Legs in 8th Grade Feb. 14 High Road To China (CC) Feb. 15 Monsters, Madmen & Machines ^ Feb. 2 “Oh, God!” Bopk ll__ Feb. 2 Stephen King’s Children of the Corn___________Feb. 3 Toby and the Koala__ Feb. 1 22 Two of a Kind _ Feb. 14 Video Jukebox Willie Nelson’s Texas Bash 20 20 FAMIMSHOWCASE The Berenstain Bears ComicV Valentine (CC)___Pg. 19 BrainGames 18 David Copperfield Dot and theffl Kangaroo. 18 Fraggle Rock 20 The Grand Baby (CC) 18 HBO Family Playhouse: Tucker & Horse Thief 19 Life on Earth: 1 The Infinite Variety__19 Woodplum _............ 19 The YeaPflf the Gentle Tiger 18 i In most cases, single plays are described in last month's guide (CC) Indicates programs that are dosed-captioned. HBO reserves the right to make a schedule change or program substitution without notice. Service, reception and btHing inquiries can be handled only by your local cable company or HBO affiliate Home Box Office. Standing Room Only, On Location. HBO, SRO and HBOnlv are trademarks and service marks of Home Box Office, Inc. An HBOnly is defined Kentertainment now showing on HBO and no other national pay cable TV service. HBO welcomes subscriber comments on HBO pro- J gramming and scheduling, write to. HBO Sifbscnbcr tarnation Services. 1100 Avenue of the Americas, New York, New York 10036 The HBO Guide is published monthly by Home Box Office, Inc., 1100 Avenue of the America* New York, New York 10036. Joseph Collins. President: Curtis „.G. Viebranz, Treasurer; Carolyn K McCandless. Secretary © 198$ Home Box Office. All lights reserved.

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