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Saturday is Opening Night on HBO The Prince of Tides BARBRA STREISAND NICK NOLTE Barbra Streisand directed and slurs in this romantic drama almut the love between a Southern athletic coach and his suicidal sister's N.Y. psychiatrist Nick Nolle plays the man whose understanding of his tortured past may Ik* the only hope for his sister's future.IASALV) R-2:12. HIM) Jan.9.12,17.2U5.27 p[fill[§l Here's Oliver Stone's controversial blockbuster al>out the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Kevin Costner stars as New Orleans D.A. Jim Garrison, who refused to accept the Warren Commission’s findings and set out to prove that JFK was the victim of a vast conspiracy. Joe Pesci, Sissy Spacck. Tommy l.ce Jones, Gary Oldman. (AS, AL,V) R-3:09. HBO Jan.2, 5,10.14.2004 pESEsl HBO Exclusive Premiere Saturday, January 2 KEVIN COSTNER Undiscovered Country isi voyage of the Starship Enter-will determine the late of the Uni-! Peace between (lie Federation he Klingons seems possible, and s mission will bring negotiators her. But hardliners on both sides, II as a traitor on the Enterprise, want the mission fail. (AS.ALV) PG-HBO Jan. 16,19,22,2531 PSM3

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Dream On Sexy hit comedy series. (AS. AL.BN) :30. Jin.6.1320.24.27Q O Driving Me Crazy Here's an invention— a car that runs on turnip juice! Milton Berle. (AL.N) PG-V.2S Jan.11.17,280 48 HRS. Blockbuster crime comedy starring EcMie Murphy and Hick Notte (ALAHGV.N) R-1 36 Jan. Fraternity Row A student tries to change the fraternity system at he exclusive college. (AL V)PG-1:40. Jan.4,9.20.28 The Godfather The brilliant saga of a Mafia family. Won 1972 Best Picture Oscar" (ASM.V) R-2:55. Jan11QP3 The Godfather Part II Chronicle of a criminal dynasty. Six 1974 Oscars (AL.GV.BN)R-Z:23.Jan.11Qm GoodFellas S sling gangster movie! (ASALGV) R-2:25. JmSpiSIHia Graffiti Bridge Ruck sla/ Pnnce mixes il up with a club rival in this funky musical. ^4S>U;PG-13.1 30 Jan.5.9.21Qm Hangfire Brad Da/is never uses the guerrilla skills he grt in 'Nam—until cons kidnap his wife' (AL.V) R-1:29. Jan28.300 Hardware A cyborg threatens a road warrior and his girlfnend in this sci-fi tale. (ALGV.N) R-1:29. Jan.3ipm HBO First Look Nowhere to Rim Inside Jean-Claude Van Damme’s new action flick. :30. Jan. Hot Shots! Flyboys take to the skies in this off-the-wall parody. (AS.AL) PG-13; 1:25. Jan 2.152527.31 Q9J) I Ought to Be in Pictures Neil Simon comedy starring Walter Matthau (ASALBN)PG-M7.Jan.7.11.15 Influences: James Brown and Hammer Super concert :50. Jan. 13,17.270 Killer Klowns From Outer Space Sci-fi horror meets camp comedy! (ASAL.V) PG-13; 1:26. Jan.4,10,13.19,28.30m Kiss Me a Killer Toird triangle in the LA club scene leads to murder. Steamy thriller. (ALV.N) R-1:2S. Jan7.15.19.270 ■ JANUARY The Larry Sanders Show Garry Shand-ling's bn liant late-night show takeoff. (AL.AH) 30 Jan.6.13.20,24.27QO Little Vegas Gentle comedy/drama about a small-time hood trying to forget his past by moving to the Nevada desert. (AL.BN)R-\:M Jan.18,26 Marked for Death Sleven Seagal action. (ALGV.N) R-1:29. Jan.,31 (tid Men at Woric Comedy about garbage-man Charlie Sheen. (AL.MV) PG-13; 1 39. Jan.,22,26.31 pffli The Miracle Entrancing charmer about an Irish teen fallng in love with an American actress (AS.AL.V)R-V.29.Jan4W Netherworld A dead man's son turns lo voodoo and Black Magic to resurrect his father. (AL.V.N) R-Y.25. Jan8.19QO Night of the Living Dead Barnstorming ghouls on a rampage m a blood 'n' gutsy remake. (AL.V)R-Y2S Jan.4.22P3 Obsessed A mother seeks revenge (AL.V) PG-13; 1:43. Jan.4,8,13.17,21.26 Only the Lonely Only one thing stands between John Candy and the girl of his dreams: his mother! (ASM) PG-13; 145. Jan.1.9.U. 17,20 ptiK Paper Mask Orderly assumes identity of a dead doctor. Unnerving psychological thriller. (V,N)R-YA5.Jan12m Pinocchio Animated senes—a dilferent episode every morning! 24. Jan 1-31P The Raror's Edge Bil Murray in classic Somerset Maugham romantic drama (ASAL.V)PG-13; 2:09. Jan6.23Qm Russell Simmons' Def Comedy Jam Outrageous stand-up. (ALAH) :29. Jan. 1.7; 8.14:15.21; 22,28:29po Scavengers An innocent bird-watcher has both the KGB and the CIA on his tail! (AL.V| PG-13; 1:30. Jan. The Shrimp on the Barbie Cheech Marin and Emma Samms romp through a Down Under romance. (ASAL.V.N) PG-13; 1:26. Jan Spies Like Us Chevy Chase. Dan Aykra*! are tumblers on a secret mission (ASAL. MV) PG-1:42. Jan.3.7,12,1823.27 Steel & Lace Sci-li tale about a sexy cyborg. (ALV.N) R-l:30. Jan.5.170 Stephen King's Graveyard Shift Terror lurks beneath a cavernous basement. (AL.GV) R-1:26. Jan 1. 13 pm The Taking of Flight 847: The Uli Der-ickson Story Lindsay Wagner as a heroic stewardess 1:36. Jan. Tates From the Crypt Camp horror! (AL,V) :30. Jan.6.8; 13.15:20.22; 25;27.29pm There Must Be a Pony I ading movie queen Elizabeth Taylor on the comeback trail. 1:34. Jan.3.6.15,19,28,30 Ultimate Desires Beautiful young pubk defender is swept up in a plot to restart the Cold War (AL, V.N) R 1:31 Jan 29p The Unborn Mad doctor creates new species (ALV)R-124 Jan4.12.16.290 WarGames Computer hacker Matlliew Broderick sets off a catastrophe (ALMV) PG-1:52. Jan. 1, Wicked Stepmother Bette Daws is a w

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6:25 am 8:00 8:30 9:00 10:45 12:30 pm 2:30 4:00 6:00 8:00 10:15 11:00 12:35 am 2:20 3:50 5:20 The Bad Mews Bears Go to Japan o. 13 Babar City Ways p. 13 Pinocchio Down With Sneerofl p. 14 Doc Hollywood p. 13 Oekrious p. 13 The Buddy Holly Story p. 13 The Bad News Bears Go to Japan p. 13 Spies Like Us p 14 Doc Hollywood p 13 The PnnceotTidesp.3 LifeSlories: Familes in Crisis No Viable Bruises: The Katie Koestner Story p 7 C.I.A. Code Name: Alexa p 6 29th Street p. 9 LA Bounty (R-1:25) The Unborn p. 14 Paper Mask p. 14 7:05 am Influences: James Broan and Hammer p. 14 8:00 Babai Bator Returns p. 13 8:30 Pinocchio The Evil Spirit p. 14 9:00 World Entertainment News p. 14 10:00 Killer Klo*ns/Outer Space p. 14 11:30 Shakespeare Hamlet p. 7 12:00 Obsessed p. 14 2:00 pm Men at Work p. 14 3:45 "Crocodile" Dundee p. 13 5:30 The Deep p. 13 7:30 HBO First Look p. 14 8:00 Double Impact (R-150) 10:00 Tales From the Crypt Carrion Death p. 14 10:30 Dream On What WOmen Want p. 14 11:00 The Larry Sanders Sho* p. 14 11:30 HBO's 20th Anniversary Special p. 4 1:00 am Stephen Kmg/Graveyard p. 14 2:30 "Crocodile" Dundee p. 13 4:10 The Commitments p 13 6:00 am l Ought to Be in Pictures p 14 6:25 m Wicked Stepmother p. 14 6:00 am The Bad News Bears 8:00 Babar Bator’s Triumph p. 13 8:00 8abar Bator’s Choice p 13 Go to Japan p. 13 8:30 Pinocchio 8:30 Pinocchio 7:30 The Adventures of Tintin The Fortress Snowstorm p. 14 A Freezing Snowstorm p. 14 Secret of Unicom, Pt.t p. 13 9:00 Hot Shots! p. 14 9:00 Star Trek VI: 8:00 Babar 10:30 Mel Gibson Goes The Undiscovered Country p. 2 Race to the Moon p. 13 Back to School ( 58) 11:00 Inside the NFL p. 7 8:30 Pinocchio 11:30 WarGames p. 14 1200 HBO first Look Avalanche• p 14 1:30 pm There Must Be a Pony p. 14 Nor/here to Run p. 14 9:00 "Crocodile" Dundee p. 13 3:15 Blake Edwards' Fine Mess p. 13 12:30 >m Author! Author! p. 13 10:45 Bon Voyage. Charlie Bro/»n 5:00 Hct Shots!: The Making 2:30 Delirious p. 13 (And Don't Come Back!) p. 13 of an important Movie (:27) 415 Wicked Stepmother p. 14 12:00 Influences: James Brown 5:30 Hot Shots! p 14 6:00 Doc Hollywood p. 13 and Hammer p. 14 700 Inside the NFL p 7 HBO OPENING NIGHT 1:00 pm Obsessed p. 14 8:00 48 HRS. p 14 8:00 Star Trek VI: 3:00 Only the Lonely p. 14 9:45 Deadlock p. 13 The Undiscovered Country p. 2 4:45 Driving Me Crazy p. 14 11:30 Tales From the Crypt p. 14 10:00 Boxing Doubleheader (LIVE) 6:15 'Crocodile" Dundee p 13 12:00 Russell Simmons' Foreman vs. Coetzer and 8:00 Lc*e Crimes p. 11 Def Comedy Jam p 14 Morrison vs. Williams p 5 9:30 Hotel Room p 6 12:30 am L.A. Bounty (R-r 25) 12:00 C.I.A Code Name: Alexa p 6 11:00 The Prince of Tides p. 3 2:00 Inside the NFL p 7 1:35 am Marked for Death p 14 1:15 am Angel in Red p. 13 3:00 Into the Sun (R-1:41) 3:15 The Unborn p. 14 2:40 The Accused (R-1:50) 4:45 Kiss Me a Killer p. 14 4:45 Mambo Mouth (:55) 4:35 Steel & lace p. 14 10 3E THURSDAY 1 4 6:15 am An Unremarkable Lite (PG-1:37) 8:00 Babar The City ot Elephants p. 13 8:30 Pinocchio Dream Man p 14 9:00 All Dogs Go to Heaven p. 13 10:30 This Is My life p. 6 12:00 Scavengers p. 14 1:30 pm B)« Bye Blues p. 13 3:30 Only the Lonely p. 14 5:15 The Taking of Flight 847: The US Derickson Story p 14 7:00 LifeStories: Families in Cnsis No Visible Bruises: The Katie Koestner Story p. 7 7:30 This Is My Life p. 6 9:00 Deadly Bet p. 13 10:30 Russell Simmons' Def Comedy Jam p. 14 11:00 Inside the NFL p. 7 12:00 Hotel Room p. 6 1:30 am JFK p. 3 4:45 HBO Comedy Hour Karin Meaney ( 53) SUNDAY 1 7 | MONDAY 1 8 6:15 am The Taking of Flight 847: The Uli Denckson Story p. 14 8:00 Babar No Place Like Home p. 13 8:30 Pinocchio Gunner p. 14 9:00 Bye Bye Blues p 13 11:00 Men at Work p 14 1:00 pm Spies Like Us p. 14 3:00 My Mother s Murder ( 58) 4:00 The Buddy Holy Story p. 13 6:00 This Is My Life p. 6 7:30 LifeStories families m Crisis No Visible Bruises- The Kane Koestner Story p. 7 8:00 Bonfire of the Vanities p. 13 10:15 HBO s 20th Anniversary Special p 4 11:45 Deadly Bet p. 13 1:15 am Diplomatic Immunity p. 13 2:50 Tom Arnold: The Naked Truth III p. 7 3:20 Used Cars (R-152) 5:15 Little Vegas p 14 6:40 am Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown (And Don't Come Back!) p. 13 8:00 Babar The Shosv Musi Go On p. 13 8:30 Pinocchio Fury ot the Sea Devil p. 14 9:00 World Entertainment News p. 14 10:00 Blake Edwards' A Fine Mess p 13 11:30 Author! Author! p. 13 1:30 pm JFK: In His Owi Words ( 53) : 2:30 Only the Lonely p. 14 4:15 Delirious p. 13 6:00 Fraternity Row p. 14 8:00 29th Street p. 9 10:00 Tales From the Crypt The Trap p. 14 10:30 Dream On Red All Over p. \A 11:00 The Larry Sanders Show p. 14 11:30 JFK p. 3 2:45 am Cl.A. Code Name Alexa p. 6 : 4:20 Deadlock p 13 IOVE CRIMES Atlanta I). Young) j*ix\s after u sexually abusive con man—and is drawn into his web of seduction and humiliation. With Patrick Bcrgin. (AUV, Ni R-!:27..lan.i7’U90 THURSDAY 3 1 6:00 am The Deep p. 13 8:00 Babar To Duet or Not p. 13 8:30 Pinocchio Devi Island p. 14 9

HBO Guide January 1993 - Page section : 003

■ Roseanne Arnold ■ George Carlin ■ Billy Crystal ■ George Foreman ■ Mel Gibson ■ Whoopi Goldberg ■ Whitney Houston ■ Michael Jackson ■ Billy Joel The best 90 minutes of the first 20 years! Can you believe il? HBO is 20 years old! To help us celebrate, Billy Crystal, Mel Gibson, Whoopi Goldberg. Garry Shandling and others take a look at the shows and personalities that have made HBO “simply the best” Tor two decades. 1:30. HBO Jan.9,13,18,21,24,29 PO ■ Madonna ■ Dennis Miller ■ Eddie Murphy ■ Bob Saget ■ jerry Seinleld ■ Garry Shandling ■ Barbra Streisand ■ James Woods ...and many more! We're talkin' serious comedy here! The comedian who's been called “the illegitimate child of Robin Williams and Bruce Willis" in an evening of urban insights. ott-Ihe-wail characterizations and couch-potato humor. (AI+AH) 1:00. HBO Jan-W PO it Saturday is Opening Night on HBO Danny Glover • Kevin Kline Steve Martin How do ordinan people survive life in the last decade of the 20th century? That's the question lacing a group of I..A. residents in this affecting and thought-provoking drama from director Law rence Kasdan. In- / volvemcnt and caring might be J part of the answer. (ALfl1V,BN) R-2:14. HBO Jan.23,26 PSB) HBO Exclusive Premiere Saturday, January 23 Grand Canyon ry

HBO Guide March 1993 - Page section : 002

ivory Saturday Is Opening Night on HBO! w HBO ORIGINAL MOVIE/MARCH ARBARIANS mamm Intrigue, secret deals, backstabbtng and a prize of a $25 bQUon company—-best af aQf it's based on a tnie story! James Garner stars as the head of RJR Nabisco, who thought he’d get even richer by buying the company himself. Then he shook bands with some N.Y. money men, and the greed started spinning hilariously out of control. (AL)1:46. HBO Mar.2023^831 pO@ Pramlmras Saturday, March 20 WESLEY SNIPES WOODY HARRELSON That's what basketball hustler Wesley Snipes thinks when he challenges Woody Harrel-son to a game. But Woody’s SVaAa hustler too, and Snipes loses 60 bucks! The two team up, and work their scam on courts all over L.A. (AL,MVtN) R-l:>6. HBO Mar.6,9,14,17,26,29 PSB HBO EMuslva Pramft Saturday, March 6 RODNEY DANGERFIELD Why is Rodney coaching a girls’ losing soccer team? He wants to impress his Imiss, whose daughter is a player. But he knows zilch about soccer! He needs someone who can play—like Ids fiancee's son. Maybe if lie could disguise the kid as a girl...! f/t.Y, AL) PC-13; 1:30. HBO Mar.27,30 p SB HBO Exclusiva Premiere Saturday, March 27 ^ MEMOIRS OF AN INVISIBLE MAN CHEVYjjCHASE DARYL HANNAH Being invisible isn’t all it’s cracked up to he! Just ask Chevy Chase, alter an accident leaves him hi “nuclear flux.” Now the CIA wants to use him as a spy. If he refuses, they just want him dead! Dary l Hannah plays the visible lady on hLs side. (ASAUV) PG-13; 1:39. HBO Mar.13,16,19.22^4,28 QmM

HBO Guide March 1993 - Page section : 007

mm 6:45 am The Academy Awards”: HBO Entertainment News p. 13 7:00 The Incredible Ida Early (:48) 8:00 Babar Race to the Moon p. 13 8:30 Plnoccfllo Before ol the Wildies, Parti p. 14 9:00 Mister Johnson p. 14 11:00 The Last Tycoon (PG-1:57) 1:00 pm Cocoon: The Return p. 13 3:00 The Incredible Ida Early (:48) 4:00 The Night Train to Kathmandu (1:42) 5:45 The Academy Awards*: HBO Entertainment News p. 13 6:00 Absence of Malice p. 13 8:00 Barbarians at tie Gate p. 2 10:00 All-American Murder o. 13 11:35 New Jack City p. 11 1:20 am Hardcore TV p 5 1:50 Naked Lunch p. 14 3:50 Bikini Island p. 13 5:15 Barbarians at tie Gate p. 2 6:15 8:00 8:30 9:00 10:45 12:15 2:00 4:00 6:00 8:00 10:10 11:45 12:00 12:30 2:00 3:25 5:10 12 am Rocky V p. 14 Babar The Show Must Go On p. K Pfnocctiio The Magic Ring p. 14 The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking p. 14 Alone in the Neon Jungle p. 13 pm Across the Tracks p. 13 Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time p. 9 Dragonslayerp.13 Rocky V p. 14 White Men Can't Jump p. 3 New Jack City p. 11 The Academy Awards”: HBO Entertainment News p. 13 Russell Simmons' Del Comedy Jam p. 14 am Conflict of Interest p. 5 The Berlin Conspiracy p. 13 Afterbum p. 13 Cafe Romeo p. 13 •DAY 24 7:05 am Mr. Bean (:24) 7:30 Shakespeare The Tempest p. 7 8:00 Qatar No Place Like Home q. 13 8:30 Pinocchio Beware of the Witches. Part 2 p. 14 9:00 World Entertainment News p. 14 10:00 Nate and Hayes p. 14 12:00 Mob Stories p. 5 1:00 pm Robot Jox p. 14 2:30 The Naked Gun 2% p. 14 4:00 Memoirs of an Invisible Man p. 3 5:45 Mr. Bean (:24) 6:15 Best ol the Best p. 13 8:00 Two Evil Eyes p. 14 10:00 Tales From the Crypt Deadline p 'A 10:31 Dream On No Deposit, No Return p. 13 11:00 Memoirs of an Invisible Man p. 3 12:45 am Mob Stories p. 5 1:45 At Play in the Reids of the Lord p. 6 4:55 Megaville p. 14 6:45 am The Adventures of Tintin p 13 7:31 The Baby-sitters Club (:26) 1:08 Babar Jb Duet or Not. p13 8:38 Pinocchio Never Tel a Lie p. 14 9:00 Ladybugs p. 2 10:38 Rodney Oangerfield (:28) 11:00 Swing Shift p. M 1:00 pm Necessary Roughness p; 14 3:08 The Incredible Ida Early (:48) 4:08 5:45 Nate and Hayes o 14 UfeStories: Families in Crisis Dead flrw*p 7 The Naked Gun2ttp.14 The Academy Awards®: HBO Entertainment News p. 13 HBO OPENING NIGHT Ladybugsp2 Dennis Miller Live p. 4 Necessary Roughness p. 14 12:20 am Two Evil Eyes p. 14 2:15 Hardcore TV Episodes 1-3 p. 5 3:45 Exposure p. 14 5:30 Al-American Murder p. 13 6:15 7:45 8:80 9:30 10:30 THURSDAY 23 6:30 an Asylum: America Undercover (:59) 7:30 Rodney Dangerfeld- It's Lonely at the Top (:28) 8:00 Babar An Elephant's Best Friend p 13 8:30 Pinocchio Pleasureland p. 14 9:00 Radio Flyer p. 6 11:00 The Empire Strikes Back p. 14 1:15 pm High Ice p. 14 3:00 Slipstream (PG13-1:42) 4:45 Just One of the Guys p. 14 6:30 Rodney Dangerfield: It's Lonely at the Top (:28) 7:00 Radio Flyer p. 6 9:00 Held of Fire p. 14 18:30 Russel Simmons' Oef Comedy Jam p. 14 11:00 Oance With Death p. 13 12:35 am Zandalee p. 14 2:15 TheMambo Kings p. 7 4:05 Hardcore TV p. 5 4:35 Hired to Kill p. 14 SUNDAY a* 7:05 am Story of Dancing Frog (:24) 7:30 The Adventures of Tintin The Calculus Affair, Pt.2o. 13 8:00 Baba< Missing Crown p.W 8:30 Pinocchio Mother's Love p. 14 9:00 Memoirs of an Invisible Man p. 3 10:45 High Ice p. 14 12:30 pm Shakespeare- The Animated Tales The Tempest p. 7 1:00 Dragonslayer p. 13 3:00 Defense Ptey p. 13 4:30 Best of the Best p. 13 6:15 Memoirs of an Invisible Man p. 3 8:00 Under Suspicion p. 6 10:00 Barbarians at the Gate p. 2 11:45 Field of Fire p. 14 1:15 am Jo JoOancer. Your Life Is Calling p. 14 2:55 Zandalee p. 14 4:30 Mob Stories: America Underco/er p. 5 5:30 Blind Vision p. 13 3E/4P 7:00 an Influences: George Jones 6:30 am Robot Jox p. 14 Eammszo 6:48 am The Incredible Ida Early (:48) and Randy Travis (:57) 8:00 Babar 7:38 Story of Dancing Frog (:24) 8:00 Babar The Phantom p. 13 Between Friends p. 13 8:00 Babar School Days p. 13 8:30 Pinocchio I Won t Be Fooled fi 14 0:30 Pinocchio 8:38 Pinocchio Sr/e the Oak fee! p.14 9:00 The Academy Awards’1: 1 Have a Dream, Too p. 14 9:08 The World Entertainment HBO Entertainment News p. 13 9:00 Nate and Hayes p. 14 News Report p. 14 9:15 The Night Train 10:45 Defense Play p. 13 10:00 The New Adventures to Kathmandu (1:42) 12:30 pm Ladybugs p 2 of Pippi Longstocking p. 14 11:00 8eastmaster 2: 2:00 The Cannonball Run (PG-1:35) 11:45 Slipstream (PG13-1:42) Through the Portal of Time p. 9 3:45 Best of the Best p. 13 1:30 pm Chevy Chase Makes Memoirs 1:00 pm Tune in Tomorrow.. (PG13-1:47) 5:30 Radio Flyer p. 6 of an Innsible Man <:28) 3:00 Across the Tracks p. 13 7:30 Rodney Oangerfield: 2:00 Escape From Sobibor p. 14 4:45 The Academy Awards*: It's Lonely at the Top (:28) 4:30 Rocky V p. 14 HBO Entertainment News p. 13 8:00 Ladybugs p. 2 6:15 Just One of the Guys p. 14 5:00 Bfnded by the Light (1:30) 9:30 Cafe Romeo p. 13 8:00 Under Suspicion p. 6 6:30 Almost an Angel p. 13 11:00 HBO Comedy Hour: 10:00 Tales From the

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Every Saturday Is Opening Night on HBO W&MU Boxw WBC WELTERWEIGHT TITLE FIGHT iiKfe* 5UPDY McGIRT perneu. V WHITAKER IBF Junior Welterweight Champion One of the most eagerly awaited bouts in years! Defending champion McGirt is a classic right-hander with searing combinations who knows how to defend himself. Ilut Whitaker knows how to attack. This southpaw uses his stinging jabs and tremendous speed to live up to the experts' daim that he’s “the linest fighter pound-for-pound in the world." Immovable object? Irresistible force? Find out tonight Dennis MiDer From Washington, D.C. Saturday, March 27 Not all the funny stuff in Washington is going on in Congress! One of America's smartest and funniest comedians returns to the capital for an all-new hour of hilarity. With a new Administration in (dace. Miller has plenty of new fodder for his wit—delivered LIVE just a few blocks from the White House. 1:00. HBO Mar.27 PO mas J* Comedy ,/vrthat goes/ g£too far! Hardcore TV Warning: the most dangerous comedy on TV—guaranteed'. Think comedy has gone too far? Hits new, adults-only series breaks down the barrier* of comedy and decorum in outrageous new ways. (AS, ALMW) :30. HBO Mar^A9.1127; 12,15,16,1827; 192223,25,27 PO W9Hi Prtnim THURSDAY NIGHT PRIME Itoo-fistod action on HBO! March 4 Conflict of Interest March 11 Hired to Kill March 18 The Berlin Conspiracy March 25 Field of Fire Conflict of intirist A tough cop investigates a murder in a leather dub. But the chief suspect Is his own son! With Christopher McDonald, Alyssa Milano and Judd Nelson. (ASyAL, V,N) 1:27. HBO Mar.4,6, 15,17*21,2630 PO America Undercover They’re the real goodfellas: “Joe Dogs” Iannuzzi, “Fat Jackie" DiNorscio, “Brother Frank” Minucci. In this shocking documentary, Mafia turncoats tell talcs of murder, brutality, greed and vanity—and why they broke the sacred Sicilian code of honor. 1:00. HBO .9,11,15,20,24,28 P&3

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