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M tuesday \f The new season is r~< coming soon! Catch y series every j at 9pm/8c. 6:30a MAX The Day of the Locust 7:00 HBO Encyclopedia 7:30 HBO Babar The Coin 8:00 HBO A Kid Called Danger 9:00 MAX Jack Frost 9:30 HBO U.S. Marshals 10:45 MAX Practical Magic 11:45 HBO The Last Emperor I2:30p MAX Blow Out 2:15 MAX Cinemax Behind the Scenes:The Making of William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night’s Dream 2:30 HBO Tracey Takes On... MAX Turner & Hooch 3:00 HBO Omega Doom 4:15 MAX Simply Irresistible 4:30 HBO HBO First Look Gladiator 5:00 HBO Loverboy 6:00 MAX Ever After 6:45 HBO U.S. Marshals 8:00 MAX 8mm 9:00 HBO Sex and the City 9:30 HBO Sex and the City 10:00 HBO The Corner MAX Cruel Intentions 11:00 HBO The 4th Floor 11:40 MAX Hard Hunted... 12:35a HBO Dennis Miller Live 1:05 HBO Oz 1:20 MAX Drawn to the Flame 2:05 HBO Always Outnumbered 2:50 MAX Passion Cove 3:20 MAX Body Heat 3:55 HBO Real Sex 21 4:45 HBO Outrageous Fortune 5:20 MAX Santa Fe 6:30a HBO The Animated Odyssey 7:00 HBO Jim Henson’s Storyteller MAX 1 Love You, Alice B.Toklas 7:30 HBO Babar Dinner With Rataxes 8:00 HBO Three Men and a Baby 8:40 MAX Fright Night 9:45 HBO Journey of August King 10:30 MAX Pee-wee's Big Adventure 11:30 HBO Violets Are Blue... 12:00 MAX The Newton Boys l:00p HBO The Deep End of the Ocean 2:00 MAX The Whereabouts of Jenny 3:00 HBO Race 3:35 MAX Love Child 4:00 MAX The Inkwell 4:45 HBO Big Business 6:00 MAX The X-Files 6:30 HBO Snowboard Academy 8:00 HBO Die Hard 6:05a MAX Sun Valley Serenade 6:15 HBO Making/Great Expectations 6:30 HBO Dear America: A Journey... 7:00 HBO The Little Lulu Show 7:30 HBO Babar Fathers and Sons MAX Fraternity Row 8:00 HBO Malaika 9:15 MAX Jagged Edge 9:45 HBO Dead Poets Society 11:05 MAX Milk Money 12:00 HBO Entrapment l:00p MAX Stripes 2:00 HBO HBO First Look Qadiator 2:30 HBO Beat Street 2:45 MAX Express Aisle to Glory 3:00 MAX Co-ed Call Girl 4:30 HBO Dear America: A Journey to the New World MAX Object of My Affection 5:00 HBO Wrongfully Accused 6:30 HBO Jackie Chan’s Who Am 1! MAX Out of Bounds 8:00 MAX Real Genius 8:30 HBO HBO First Look Qadiator Hope Floats 10:00 MAX Jawbreaker 10:15 HBO The Deep End of the Ocean 11:30 MAX Dead by Dawn 12:10a HBO Why Do Fools Fall in Love 1:00 MAX Gang Related 2:10 HBO HBO First Look 1 Dreamed of Africa 2:25 HBO Escape Under Pressure 3:00 MAX Anthony’s Desire 4:00 HBO Die Hard 4:30 MAX Warlock III... Entrapment 10:00 MAX Go 11:00 HBO The Corner 11:45 MAX Hotel Exotica 12:00 HBO Dennis Miller Live 12:30a HBO Breast Men 1:20 MAX Progeny 2:10 HBO Hookers & Johns... 3:00 MAX Naked Lies 3:10 HBO Friday the 13th Part VIII Sharky’s Machine 4:40 MAX 4:55 HBO River Red 6:45a HBO MAX 7:00 HBO 7:30 HBO 8:00 HBO 8:30 MAX 9:00 HBO 10:00 MAX 10:30 HBO 12:00 MAX I2:30p HBO 2:15 HBO MAX 2:30 MAX 4:00 HBO 4:35 MAX 6:00 MAX 6:30 HBO 7:00 HBO 8:00 MAX 9:00 HBO 10:00 HBO MAX 11:15 HBO 11:30 HBO MAX 1:05a HBO The Fall 1:40 MAX Alien Erotica 2:45 HBO Justice 3:20 MAX Trippin 4:30 HBO Plato’s Run 4:50 MAX Wolf 8:00 MAX Screamers 9:30 HBO The 4th Floor 9:50 MAX Nobody’s Fool 11:00 HBO Hookers & Johns:Trick or Treat America Undercover 11:40 MAX The Patriot 12:00 HBO Office Space 1:15a MAX Club Wild Side 2 1:35 HBO Back to Back 3:00 MAX Whatever It Takes 3:10 HBO The Making of Entrapment 3:25 HBO The Vampire Murders 4:15 HBO Slam 4:45 MAX The Break Up The Making of Sphere Swing Shift Country/City Mouse... Babar Witch’s Potion Where Have You Gone, Joe DiMaggio Executive Action Disorderlies I’ll Do Anything Beaches The Evening Star Loverboy Heart of Dixie Cinemax Behind/Scenes: The Making of William... Taps Sphere Goosed Frantic Animated Epics: Moby Dick The Tuskegee Airmen Suspect The Corner Oz Macon County Jail HBO First Look I Dreamed of Africa Escape Under Pressure Passion Cove 6:15a HBO Bubbeh Lee and Me 7:00 HBO The Neverending Story MAX Seven Minutes in Heaven 7:30 HBO Babar A Charmed Life 8:00 HBO Lancelot: Guardian ofTime 8:30 MAX How Stella Got Her Groove Back 9:30 HBO Omega Doom 10:30 MAX Tarzan and the Lost City 11:00 HBO Americanos: Latino Life in the U.S. 12:00 MAX Heartbreak Hotel I2:30p HBO The Avengers 1:45 MAX It Takes Two 2:00 HBO The Prince of Egypt 3:30 MAX Stella 3:45 HBO Making of You’ve Got Mail 4:00 HBO The Adventures of Baron Munchausen 5:30 MAX The Shining 6:15 HBO Race 6:00a HBO Rembrandt: Fathers and Sons The Artists' Specials 6:30 MAX Five Weeks in a Balloon 7:00 HBO The Adventures ofTintin 7:30 HBO Babar A Tale of Two Siblings 8:00 HBO Snowboard Academy 8:15 MAX Firefox 9:30 HBO Tootsie 10:30 MAX Police Academy 4... 11:30 HBO Wing Commander 12:00 MAX Without Limits 1:15p HBO Making/Greot Expectations 1:30 HBO Wrongfully Accused 2:00 MAX The Remains of the Day 3:00 HBO Violets Are Blue... 4:15 MAX Fright Night 4:30 HBO Just Write 6:00 MAX Simply Irresistible 6:15 HBO Greener Fields 7:45 MAX Mutual Love Life 8:00 HBO Wing Commander Modern Vampires 9:35 MAX Analyze This 9:45 HBO After Alice 11:30 HBO Dennis Miiler Live MAX

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THIS MONTH HBO AND CINEMAX INVASION OF PRIVACY A woman tries to protect her unborn child from its psychotic father. (AC,AL, BN,V) R-1:34. MAX May 12 pS0l^] IT CAME FROM BENEATH THE SEA A giant octopus attacks San Francisco in this science-fiction classic. (MV) B/W;TVPG/V-1:19. MAX May 26 \Ee\ IT TAKES TWO Look-alike girls switch lives to play matchmaker. (AL) PG-1:41. MAX May 3,11,26,30 p 50 1^1 IT’S THE RAGE Guns set off a string of events. Jeff Daniels. (ACfiL,V) TVMA/ V,L-1:39. MAX May 3,16,21 P50 Q JACK FROST Michael Keaton is reincarnated as a snowman! (AC,MV) PG-1:41.MAX May 7,19,22 pESS JACKIE CHAN’S WHO AM I? An agent has amnesia. (Ai,V) PG 13-1:48. HBO May 5,9,13,17,22,29 pESHCEIB JAGGED EDGE A man is accused of killing his rich wife. Jeff Bridges. (ACAL BN,V) R-1:49. MAX May 9,15,24 ESS] JAWBREAKER A joke takes a deadly turn for teen queens! (AC,AL,V) R-1:27. MAX May 8,14,17,20,26 pSEIIaa JIM HENSON’S THE STORYTELLER Great tales of fantasy. (MV) TVY7/FV-:24. HBO May 1,8,15,22,29 POB JOHN CARPENTER’S VAMPIRES James Woods takes on the most powerful bloodsucker in the West! (AC,AL,N,V) R-1:48. MAX May 15,20,31 PUSS THE JOURNEY OF AUGUST KING A farmer helps a runaway slave. (AC,V) PG 13-1:28. HBO May 2,8,2b,29 PES JUDGMENT NIGHT Four men out partying find trouble in the city. (AL, GV) R-1:50. MAX May 3,2 7 p 50 li JUDICIAL CONSENT A judge finds she is tied to a murder case. (AC,AL,BN) TVMA/L-1:40. MAX May 1,26 pOl JUROR NUMBER 5: 58 DAYS OF DUTY ON THE O.J. SIMPSON CIVIL TRIAL America Undercover Inside look. (ACAL V) TVMA/V,L-:50. HBO May 21 prtl JUST WRITE An aspiring screenwriter deceives a beautiful starlet. (AC,AL) PG 13-1:45. HBO May 4,12,16,28 50 JUSTICE A prosecutor is hunted by drug thugs. Charles Durning. (ACJ\L,V) TVMA/V,L-1:43. HBO May 1,10 BUS C3 A KID CALLED DANGER Young gumshoes set out to nab a thief. (MV) PG-1:21. HBO May 3,7,26 pn THE KING AND I The 1999 animated remake of the wonderful musical. G-1:29. MAX May 3,16 p 50 del THE KING OF MARVIN GARDENS Jack Nicholson is a shy radio personality lured to pre-casino Atlantic City. (AC,AL,BN) R-1:43. MAX May 14 HE KO NATION See page 7. An all-new boxing series! 1:58. HBO May 6 pim [ KUNG FU: THE MOVIE Chop-socky j opus starring David Carradine. (V) I TVPG/V-1:33. MAX May 23 Pnm j □ LANCELOT: GUARDIAN OF TIME King Arthur in modern-day L.A. (MV) : TVPG/V-1:25. HBO May 5,11 pOS LARRY DAVID: CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM Riotous comedy special. (AC, AL) TVMA-:59. HBO May 24 pf THE LAST DAYS See page 5. Stirring Holocaust documentary. (AC) TV 14/ D-1:27. HBO May 25,28,31 PM THE LAST EMPEROR The dazzling 1987 saga that won the Best Picture I Oscar®. (AC,AL,BN,V) PG 13-2:42. HBO Moy 3,7,15,23 pSfflHOSm THE LAUGHING POLICEMAN Frisco cops investigate a horrifying bus massacre.Walter Matthau, Bruce Dern. (AC,AL,V) R-1:52. MAX Moy/6 THE LEADING MAN Jon Bon Jovi stars in this romantic drama. (AC, AL.N.V) R-1 AO. MAX May 22 p® LEGACY OF SIN: THE WILLIAM COIT STORY A man copes with the fact that his mom killed his dad. (AC.MV) TVI4/V.D-1:30. MAX May 2,22 OS LESS THAN ZERO Spoiled teenagers head for tragedy in L.A.’s fast lane. Andrew McCarthy, Robert Downey Jr. (AL,N,V) R-1:38. MAX May 5 ES LET IT RIDE Richard Dreyfuss has a huge day at the races. (AL) PG 13-1:30. HBO May 6,15,23,31 piUSI LET’S TALK ABOUT SEX A woman asks women about relationships. (AC, GL,N) R-1:26. HBO May 26 p 50M LETHAL WEAPON 4 Gibson and Glover take on Chinese gangsters in this sequel. (AC,AL,V) R-2:07. HBO May 13,16,26,30 pSEHeHSlaki!# LITTLE BOY BLUE A teen uncovers dark secrets about his family. (AC, AL,N,V) R-1:44. HBO May 31 ED THE LITTLE LULU SHOW Colorful animated children’s series.TVY-:24. HBO May 2,9,16,23,30 p50I^l LOSING CONTROL Author finds a cure for writer’s block. (AC,AL,N,SC) TVMA/S.L-1:33. MAX May 4,30 PO LOVE CHILD Neve Campbell stars in this comedy short. (AC,AL)JW\4I L,D-:22. MAX May 5,8,13,16,31 Ci LOVERBOY A pizza boy offers some hot deliveries to lonely Beverly Hills housewives! (ACAL) PG 13-1:39. HBO May 2,7,10,15,20,25 pHEH^lCES d MACON COUNTY JAIL A woman makes a hellish trip across country. Starring Ally Sheedy. (AC,AL,BN,RP,V) R-1:3 I. MAX May 10,15 pnS THE MAKING OF... Go behind the scenes. The Avengers (V) TVPG/V-:28. HBO May 26 pO; Entrapment (AC.MV) TVPG/V,D-: 14. HBO May 5,11,18,20,24,31 PO: Great Expectations (AC) TVPG/D-: 14. HBO May 9,12,25,29 POISI; The Prince of Egypt TVG-:26. HBO Moy 2 POH; Sphere (AL.MV) TVPG/ V.L-:15.HBO May 10,15,17,20 pO; You’ve Got Mail (AC) TVPG/D-: 15. HBO May 4,11,18,22,27 ipn THIS MONTH ON HBO AND CINEMAX MALAIKA Four kids help an elephant escape a sadistic hunter. (AC,MV) TVPG/V,D-1:33. HBO May 9,14 OI^l THE MAN WITH ONE RED SHOE A violinist gets caught up in a massive espionage caper.Tom Hanks. (AC, MV) PG-1:32. MAX May 5,18 MASSEUSE III A cop follows the case of a murdered detective. (ACAL,N,SC) TVMA/S.L-1:31. MAX May 6,17 O THE MATRIX Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne fight to save the future in this awesome thriller

HBO Guide May 2000 - Page section : 007

tuesday 6:00a HBO Making/The Prince of Egypt MAX The Three Faces of Eve 6:30 HBO Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible... 7:00 HBO The Little Lulu Show 7:30 HBO Babar Double the Guards MAX Without Limits 8:00 HBO Star Kid 9:30 MAX Blue Chips 9:45 HBO Sphere 11:30 MAX Legacy of Sin: The William Coit Story 12:00 HBO The Golden Child l:00p MAX Nadine 1:30 HBO Journey of August King 2:30 MAX Hope Floats 3:15 HBO Big Business 4:30 MAX Tarzan and the Lost City 5:00 HBO Dead Drunk... 5:30 HBO Loverboy 6:00 MAX Blow Out 7:15 HBO Sphere 8:00 MAX The Shining 9:30 HBO The 4th Floor 10:30 MAX Dead by Dawn 11:00 HBO The Corner 12:00 HBO Dennis Miller Live MAX The Thin Red Line 12:30a HBO Escape Under Pressure 2:05 HBO Trading Favors 3:00 MAX Testing the Limits 3:50 HBO Sunset Heat 4:45 MAX For Which He Stands 5:30 HBO HBO Transmission Test 6:15a MAX Destiny Turns on the Radio 7:00 HBO Country/City Mouse 7:30 HBO Babar Remember When... 8:00 HBO Deep End of the Ocean MAX Quest for Camelot 9:30 MAX The King and 1 10:00 HBO A Kid Called Danger 11:00 MAX The Invader 11:30 HBO The Prince of Egypt I2:30p MAX Easy Money 1:15 HBO The Last Emperor 2:15 MAX It Takes Two 4:00 HBO Deep End of the Ocean MAX Dance With Me 6:00 HBO Rembrandt: Fathers and Sons The Artists’ Specials 6:15 MAX A Cool, Dry Place 7:00 HBO HBO First Look.... 7:15 HBO Race 8:00 MAX Analyze This 9:00 HBO The Corner 9:45 MAX It's the Rage 10:00 HBO Oz 11:00 HBO HBO First Look Gladiator 11:30 HBO The Matrix MAX Passion Cove 12:00 MAX Twice Upon aYesterday 1:35a .MAX Femalien 2 1:50 HBO Real Sex 21 2:40 HBO Under Pressure 3:15 MAX Judgment Night 4:10 HBO Prizzi's Honor 5:15 MAX Ambushed monday Wednesday THE STEADFAST TIN SOLDIER An Animated Special From the “Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for E«ery Child*” Series A one-legged toy soldier (Tisha Campbell) tries to win the heart of a toy dancer. TVY-:22. HBO May 16,18,20,23,26,31 poa 6:00a HBO Where Have You Gone... 7:00 HBO Jim Henson’s Storyteller MAX Take Her, She's Mine 7:30 HBO Babar The Intruder 8:00 HBO The Avengers 8:45 MAX A Good Baby 9:30 HBO HBO First Look Gladiator 10:00 HBO The Tuskegee Airmen 10:30 MAX Cinemax Behind/Scenes... 10:45 MAX Real Genius 11:45 HBO U.S. Marshals I2:30p MAX I’ll Do Anything 2:00 HBO Disorderlies 2:30 MAX Simply Irresistible 3:30 HBO Tootsie 4:15 MAX Practical Magic 5:30 HBO Beaches 6:00 MAX The Confession 7:30 HBO HBO First Look Gladiator 8:00 HBO U.S. Marshals MAX Arthur 9:45 MAX Mutual Love Life 10:00 MAX Extramarital 10:15 HBO HBO First Look 1 Dreamed of Africa 10:30 HBO Gloria 11:30 MAX Power Play 12:25a HBO Justice 1:00 MAX Renegade Force 2:10 HBO Dennis Miller Live 2:30 MAX Predator 2:40 HBO Standoff 4:15 HBO Cocktail 4:20 MAX Judicial Consent Animated Epics MOBY-DICK Animated version of Melville’s epic novel. TVY7-:27. HBO May 10,16,22,30 pns The Dutch artist is inspired by apprentice. TVG-:53 HBO May 3,6,12 15,23,28 . pos REMBRANDT: FATHERS AND SONS The Artists’ Specials EE/PW 6:30a HBO The Animated Odyssey 7:00 HBO The Neverending Story Good Deeds MAX The Night of the Iguana 7:30 HBO Babar Special Delivery 8:00 HBO Mr.Atlas 9:00 MAX Punitive Damage 9:45 HBO The Making of You’ve Got Mail 10:00 HBO You’ve Got Mail 10:15 MAX Valmont 12:00 HBO Just Write I2:30p MAX Frantic 2:00 HBO Tracey Takes On... 2:30 HBO Three Men and a Baby MAX Milk Money 4:15 HBO Heart of Dixie 4:30 MAX Ever After 6:00 HBO You've Got Mail 6:30 MAX Perpetrators of the Crime 8:00 HBO Braveheart MAX FRIDAY PREMIERE DOUBLE FEATURE 10:00 MAX Robert A. Heinlein's The Puppet Masters 11:00 HBO Real Sex 20 11:50 MAX Wolf 11:55 HBO Chris Rock: Bigger & Blacker 1:00a HBO In Dreams 2:00 MAX Losing Control 2:45 HBO Random Encounter 3:35 MAX Natural Enemy 4:20 HBO Ed Wood 5:10 MAX A Single Girl 6:30a HBO Shakespeare As You Like It 6:40 MAX Young Mr. Lincoln 7:00 HBO The Adventures ofTintin 7:30 HBO Babar To Tell or Not to Tell 8:00 HBO The Mission 8:30 MAX Foul Play 10:15 HBO HBO First Look... 10:30 HBO The Golden Child MAX Gross Anatomy 12:00 HBO Jackie Chan's Who Am 1 I2:30p MAX Object of My Affection 2:00 HBO Lancelot: Guardian ofTime 2:30 MAX Man With One Red Shoe 3:30 HBO Between Mother/Daughter 4:00 MAX Stella 4:15 HBO The Making of Entrapment 4:30 HBO Disorderlies 6:00 HBO HBO First Look Gladiator MAX How Stella Got... 6:30 HBO Americanos: Latino Life in the U.S. 8:00 HBO Jackie Chan’s Who Am 1! MAX Trippin' 9:30 MAX Love Child 10:00 HBO Bone Daddy MAX Forbidden Sins 11:30 HBO Dennis Miller Live 11:35 MAX Passion Cove 12:00 HBO Arli$$ MAX Club Wild Side 2 12:30a HBO Arli$$ 1:00 HBO Best Men 1:45 MAX Whatever It Takes 2:35 HBO Carnival of Souls 3:30 MAX The White Raven 4:05 HBO Ruby 5:00 MAX Less Than Zero Rembrandt Artists’ Specials Batman Country/City Mouse... Babar Celesteville Enquirer The Prince of Egypt Police Academy 4 Star Kid April Love Dear America: A Journey... The Evening Star Let It Ride Sphere A Perfect Murder The Prince of Egypt Express Aisle to Glory Nobody’s Fool

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THIS MONTH ON HBO AND CINEMAX THIS MONTH ON HBO AND CINEMAX ___________________________________________________________________ OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE Comedy with Shelley Long, Bette Midler. (AC, AL) R-1:39. MAX Feb. 1,9,19 pESIIsD OXFORD BLUES Parking attendant Rob Lowe falls for a model. (AC,AL) PG13-1:38. HBO Feb.8,17,21,25 01 The acclaimed drama series. (AC,GL,GV,N) TVMA/V,S,L-:57. HBO Feb.2,6,9,13,16,20,23,27 POB Q THE PACKAGE Gene Hackman finds himself involved in a deadly plot. R-1:48. MAX Feb.7,19,24,29 ES THE PATRIOT Steven Seagal battles a militia and a deadly virus! (AC,AL,V) R-1:30. MAX Feb. 12,23,2 9 p 03 0 PAULIE The exciting adventures of a talking parrot. (AC.AL) PG-1:31. HBO Feb.4,12,18,29 (IBSfflSE THE PEACEKEEPER Action-drama starring Dolph Lundgren. (AC,AL,V) TVMA/V.L-1:39. MAX Feb.3 p EE a THE PENTAGON WARS HBO Original Movie Kelsey Grammer. (AC,AL,MV) R-l:44. HBO Feb.l 7 PEEHCHB A PERFECT MURDER Update of Dial M for Murder. (AC,AL,BN,V) R-1:48. MAX Feb.3,9,14,20,25,29 pESS PERFECT TARGET One soldier leads rebels against a dictator. (AC,AL,V) R-1:29. MAX Feb.3,11,23,28 pESH PET SEMATARY A grisly adaptation of Stephen King’s best-seller. (AL,V) R-1:43.MAX Feb.l,9,1 7,20 pESH PHANTOM TOWN Kids search for their parents in an odd ghost town. (AC,V) PG-1:31. MAX Feb.24 OH THE PHILADELPHIA STORY Brilliant comedy. Katharine Hepburn, James Stewart. B/W; 1:52. MAX Feb.22 p PINK CADILLAC Clint Eastwood tracks a jailbird’s wife. (AL,V) PG 13-2:01. HBO Feb.5,23,29 pESH PINKY A light-skinned black woman must come to grips with racism. (Ml9 B/W;TVPG/V-1:42. MAX Feb.3 PLATOON Oliver Stone’s epic 1986 Vietnam saga. Charlie Sheen. (AC,AL, GV) R-2:00. HBO Feb.3,9,15 EE CESS PORKY’S Teens who aim to get even with a cruel brothel owner. (ACAL, N) R-1:38. HBO Feb. 11,28 CESD PORKY’S II: THE NEXT DAY Meat & the boys fight hypocrites. (AC,AI,MV, N) R-1:38. HBO Feb. 11 pH®SB PORKY’S REVENGE Raunchy sequel. (AUMV.N) R-1:33. HBO Feb.l I <3339 PRIDE OF THE MARINES John Garfield plays a blinded Marine hero. (AC,MW) B/W; TVPG/V,D-2:00. MAX Feb. 12 THE PRINCE AND THE PAUPER The 1937 film of Twain’s classic. Errol Flynn. B/W;TVG-1:58. MAX Feb.28 THE PRINCESS AND THE PAUPER An Animated Special From the “Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child®” Series See page 7. Family.TVY-:27. HBO Feb.21,23,25,27,29 pOEl PRIZZI’S HONOR Mafia hit man Jack Nicholson meets his dream girl. (AL.BN.V) R-2:09.MAX Feb.4,13 03 PROM NIGHT A killer targets teens at the big dance. Jamie Lee Curtis. (ALBN.GV,RP) R-1:33. MAX Feb. 1,20 PROTOCOL Goldie Hawn comedy. (AL,V) PG-I:35 .MAX Feb.21 pi 0 QUIET DAYS IN HOLLYWOOD A tangle of crime, sex and death in L.A. (AC,AL,N,V) R-1:31. HBO Feb.25 ES □ _ RAISING ARIZONA Cult comedy with Nicolas Cage. (AL.MV) PGI3-! 1:34. HBO Feb.l,5,16 pESaCESB RAPID FIRE Pacifist youth is drawn into a drug war. Brandon Lee. (AC, AL,V) R-1:35. HBO Feb.5 PEII0 REAL SEX 24 See p.6. (AC,GLN,SC) TVMA/S,L-:48. HBO Feb.26,29 POS REAL SPORTS WITH BRYANT GUM-BEL See p.9. Sports show.TVPG-:58. HBO Feb.6,14,16,18,20,24,26 THE REF A jewel thief breaks into the home of a zany family. (AC,AL, BN,MV) R-l:37. HBO Feb.7 pESa RENAISSANCE MAN Danny DeVito teaches sad sacks. (AC,AL,MV) PG 13-2:08. HBO Feb.3,11,27 p ESI 003*9 THE REPLACEMENT KILLERS Hit man becomes the hunted. (AC,AL,V) R-1:28. MAX Feb. 7,10,18,2I,26 p 5113 REVENGE OF THE NINJA A man finds he can’t ignore his family's past. (AL, GV,N)R-\:30.MAXFeb.l,l0,20S * ROBIN HOOD: PRINCE OF THIEVES Kevin Costner stars. (ACALV) PG 13-2:23. HBO Feb.6,10,15,25 pEUa ROCKET GIBRALTAR A family and its crusty patriarch. Burt Lancaster. (ACM) PG-1:39. MAX Feb.23 Isa RODNEY DANGERFIELD’S 75TH BIRTHDAY TOAST HBO Comedy Hour Rodney gets some respect! (AC,AL) TVMA/L-:55. HBO Feb.1,23 po ROSEMARY’S BABY Mia Farrow is carrying Satan’s baby in this classic. (AL,N,RP,V) R-2:17. MAX Feb.8 p ROUTE 9 A dusty Nevada highway detours to danger and death. (AC, AL.V) R-l:45.MAXFeb.12 pESH 0 SANCTUARY An assassin tries to erase his bloody past. (AC,AL,V) TVMA/V.L-1:44. MAX Feb.8 pOH SAVAGE HARVEST A man battles bloodthirsty lions.Tom Skerritt stars. (ACALV) PG-1:26. MAX Feb. 10 SAVING PRIVATE RYAN Spielbergs WWII smash.Tom Hanks. (AC,At, GV) R-2:49. MAX Feb. 17,25 pESa SECOND SKIN A story of first love. (AL) TVPG/L-: 16. MAX Feb.4,9,21,27 SECRET ADMIRER A love letter sets off a chain reaction of romantic havoc. (AL.N) R-1:38. HBO Feb.2 ESCESiS THE SENDER Offbeat sci-fi adventure. (AL.V) R-1:38.MAXFeb.18 pESH SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS The delightful 1954 musical-ro-mance. G-l:42.MAX Feb.4 pftH SEVEN MINUTES IN HEAVEN Teen drama with Jennifer Connelly. (AC, AL,BN) PG 13-1:28. MAX Feb. 13 pH SEX BYTES The Internet is your guide to the erotic in this steamy series.TVMA-:29. HBO Feb. 17 poa SEXECUTIONER A woman fulfills fantasies on death row. (AC,AL,N,SC, V) TVMA/V,S,L-1:29. MAX Feb.20 O SHADOW OF DOUBT An attorney defends a rap star. Melanie Griffith. (AC, AkN.V) R-l:42.MAX Feb.27 PESa SHAKESPEARE-THE

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^SUNDAYS TUESDAYS WEDNESDAYS 9PM/8C 11PM/10C 9PM/8C AFTER 10 PM/9C ENCORE PLAYS TUESDAYS, WEDNESDAYS, SATURDAYS The explosive second season continues with four brand-new episodes of the show the NY Times called “the greatest work of American pop culture of the past quarter century.” This month, Tony returns from a trip to Italy with a new lieutenant for the family. (AC,GL,GV,N) TVMA/V,S,L-:57. POE1 © 2000 Home Box Office, a Division of Time Warner Entertainment Company, L.P. All rights reserved. Jeffrey L. Bewkes, Chairman, President and CEO; William C. Nelson, Executive VP and CFO; John S. Redpath, jr., Secretary. The HBO/Cinemax Guide is published monthly by Home Box Office, 1100 Sixth Avenue, NY, NY 10036. I ■ tf I- ‘ . * u ft im?« Pp- $ •• H : : l. II I; r kVj $ 'il mm s-.rlt jlili ir nnnnrn EEIHQ See and hear what the excitement is all about when the Latin super-star performs his first full-length solo TV concert! Hot off the success of his platinum-selling English-language CD, the Grammy®-winning singer kicks off his new tour with this electrifying concert in New York’s Madison Square Garden. TVG-i:30. HBO Feb.12, 20,24,26 pn

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11 PM/IOC SUNDAYS TUESDAYS WEDNESDAYS SATURDAYS 9PM/8C 9PM/8C AFTER 10 PM/9C This month, while Dr. Melfi struggles with her own problems, Tony must deal with his sister’s affair and his son’s reluctance to hang out with him. (AC,GL,GV,N) TVMA/ V,S,L-:57. pO§l WINNER OF FOUR 1999 GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS INCLUDING BEST DRAMA SERIES ENCORE PLAYS TUESDAYS, WEDNESDAYS, SATURDAYS © 2000 Home Box Office, a Division of Time Warner Entertainment Company, L.P. All rights reserved. Jeffrey L. Bewkes, Chairman, President and CEO; William C. Nelson, Executive VP and CFO; John S. Redpath, Jr., Secretary. The HBO/Cinemax Guide is published monthly by Home Box Office, 1100 Sixth Avenue, NY, NY 10036. MARCH 2000 If .......' ' women. love. women. if these walls could talk 2 HBO Original Movie Event From within one house comes this look at the lives and choices STARTS of its lesbian inhabitants. In 1961, a woman is victimized by an CMIunilY unspoken prejudice. In 1972, a feminist co-ed learns a lesson j" ’ about equality. In 2000, a couple considers raising a family. MARCH 5 (AC.AL) TVMA/L-i:38. HBO Mar.5,8,13,16,21,25 pnHGESB 5 vanessa chloe michelle ellen sharon redgrave sevigny williams degeneres stone

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23 Sunday 24 monday 25 tuesday 6:00a HBO Earth to Kids: A Guide... 6:30 HBO Earthday Birthday MAX The Lords of Flatbush 7:00 HBO Country Mouse and the City Mouse Adventures 7:30 HBO Babar School Days 8:00 HBO The Snow Queen... MAX Digging to China 8:30 HBO Forces of Nature 9:40 MAX Breakdown 10:00 MAX God Is My Co-Pilot 10:30 HBO Degas and the Dancer 11:30 HBO If Looks Could Kill MAX Crazy People l:00p HBO Bill Russell: My Life, My Way MAX Revenge of the Nerds 2:00 HBO Club Paradise 2:30 MAX Jack Frost 3:45 HBO Protocol 4:15 MAX Night Shift 5:30 HBO Forces of Nature 6:00 MAX Any Which Way You Can 7:15 HBO Waking Ned Devine 8:00 MAX Sudden Impact 6:00a MAX Mixer' Signals 6:50a 6:35 HBO Making of Prince of Egypt 7:00 7:00 HBO Encyclopedia 7:30 7:30 HBO Babar Peer Pressure 8:00 MAX Music/Another Room 8:00 HBO The Tale of Peter Rabbit 8:20 8:30 HBO The Prince of Egypt 9:30 9:15 MAX The Impostors 10:00 10:15 HBO Real Sports 11:00 With Bryant Gumbel 11:30 11:00 MAX You’ve Got Mail 12:00 11:15 HBO Major League: Back... l:00p HBO Small Soldiers I2:45p MAX In the Line of Duty: 2:00 Hunt for Justice 2:30 2:30 MAX Lassiter 4:00 3:00 HBO The Karate Kid, Part II 4:15 4:15 MAX In Dreams 4:30 5:00 HBO Making of Prince of Egypt 6:00 5:30 HBO Blankman 6:15 6:00 MAX Waiting to Exhale 8:00 HBO HBO MAX HBO MAX HBO MAX MAX MAX HBO HBO The Desert Rats Jim Henson’s Storyteller Babar La Tour de Celesteville Little Cobra’s Operation: “Dalmatians Ruthless People Overnight Delivery Paulie Conquest Waiting for Woody Geronimo: An American... Bandwagon Wolf Julian Po The Snow Queen... Indian in the Cupboard The Experts My Life Home Fries First Time Felon 6:10a HBO Stomp Out Loud 6:05a MAX Men of the Fighting Lady 6:15a HBO The Making of The Siege 7:00 HBO The Little Lulu Show 7:00 HBO Country/City Mouse 6:30 HBO Earthday Birthday MAX Atomic Tabasco 7:30 HBO Babar The Gift 6:50 MAX Mother Is a Freshman 7:20 MAX The Entity MAX Wrongfully Accused 7:00 HBO The Neverending Story 7:30 HBO Babar Monkey Business 8:00 HBO The Snow Queen... 7:30 HBO Babar Rhino War 8:00 HBO Protocol 8:30 HBO The Adventures of Mowgli 8:00 HBO A Century of Living 9:30 MAX City of Angels 9:00 MAX Revenge of the Nerds 8:15 MAX Bad Girls 9:45 HBO Remo Williams... 10:00 HBO The Pick-Up Artist 9:00 HBO Dr. Dolittle 11:30 MAX Frantic 10:30 MAX Night Shift 10:00 MAX The Man Without a Face 12:00 HBO Deep End of the Ocean 11:30 HBO Tracey Takes On... 10:30 HBO Small Soldiers l:30p MAX Why Do Fools Fall in Love 12:00 HBO Can’t Hardly Wait 12:00 MAX Cousin Bette 2:00 HBO Dear America: 12:15p MAX Superman II I2:30p HBO Making/Rep/acement Killers A Line in the Sand 1:45 HBO HBO First Look 1:00 HBO Feds 2:30 HBO Bye Bye, Love 1 Dreamed of Africa 2:00 MAX Jack Frost 3:30 MAX When a Man 2:00 HBO Forces of Nature 2:30 HBO Bill Russell: My Life... Loves a Woman 2:30 MAX Any Which Way You Can 3:30 HBO Blankman 4:15 HBO Nothing but Trouble 3:45 HBO Clueless 3:45 MAX Heartbreak Ridge 5:45 MAX Renaissance Man 4:30 MAX The Avengers 5:15 HBO A New Life 6:00 HBO Bill Russell: 5:30 HBO If Looks Could Kill 6:00 MAX Nuts My Life, My Way 6:00 MAX Bulworth 7:00 HBO Small Soldiers 7:00 HBO Protocol 7:00 HBO A Far Off Place 8:00 MAX Simply Irresistible 9:00 10:00 MAX 11:00 HBO 12:05a HBO 12:15 MAX 12:45 MAX 2:20 MAX 2:30 HBO 4:05 MAX 4:15 HBO 4:45 HBO HBO SATURDAY NIGHT The Deep End of the Ocean Heartbreak Ridge The Corner The Negotiator Passion Cove Who Killed Buddy Blue? Hidden Agenda Mean Guns Incognito Mr. Show/Bob and David Deep End of the Ocean 8:00 MAX lapped Edge 10:00 HBO The Matrix 8:45 HBO HBO First Look 9:00 HBO The Corner 9:40 MAX 9:00 HBO Sex and the City 10:05 MAX My Brother’s War 1 Dreamed of Africa 9:45 MAX Go 10:00 MAX 10:00 HBO The Corner 11:30 MAX Idle Hands 9:00 HBO The Deep End 10:00 HBO Oz 10:30 HBO MAX Ravenous 12:20a HBO Best of Real Sex: How r of the Ocean 11:00 HBO Forces of Nature 11:00 HBO 11:00 HBO Beverly Hills Cop III to Be a Better Lover 9:30 MAX Die Hard 11:30 MAX Passion Cove 11:40 MAX 11:45 MAX Pleasurecraft 1:00 MAX Embrace the Darkness 11:00 HBO The Corner 12:00 MAX The Velocity of Gary 11:50 HBO 12:50a HBO The Chris Rock Show 1:15 HBO Dennis Miller Live 11:45 MAX Inferno 12:50a HBO Murder in Mind 1:10 MAX Orgazmo 1:45 HBO Perfect Prey , 12:00 HBO Dennis Miller Live 1:40 MAX Loveblind 1:30a MAX 1:20 HBO Oz 2:50 MAX Die Hard 12:30a HBO Affliction 2:25 HBO Subway Stories 1:35 HBO 2:20 HBO Coming to America With a Vengeance 1:20 MAX Desert Passion 3:20 MAX TNT 3:05 MAX 2:40 MAX Passion Cove 3:25 HBO 1 Still Know What You 2:30 HBO Saving Private Ryan 3:50 HBO The Negotiator 3:25 HBO 3:10 MAX Lethal Weapon 4 Did Last Summer 2:35 MAX Copycat 4:50 MAX Interview With 4:25 HBO 4:20 HBO Jeff Garlin 5:00 MAX Toy Soldiers 4:35 MAX Overkill the Vampire 4:40 MAX 4:50 HBO Cobb 5:10 HBO Howard Cosell... 5:20 HBO Take a Number 5:20 MAX Stir m Escape Underpressure Breakdown Recoil HBO First Look Gladiator Shock Video 5

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heist falls to pieces in this crime-comedy. (ALM V) R-1:41. MAX Apr.8,14 pE5S DR. DOLITTLE Eddie Murphy is the nutty pet doctor in this smash comedy. (ACMBN.MV) PG 13-1:2b. HBO Apr.3,8,12,15,27,30 pESEeKSSB DREAM FOR AN INSOMNIAC Sleepless beauty finds her ideal prince, lone Skye and Jennifer Aniston star. (AC,AL) R-1:27 .MAX Apr. 12 poa DRIVE A down-on-his-luck writer is taken hostage by a man on the run. (AL,V) R-1:40.MAX Apr.5 pna Q EARTH TO KIDS: A GUIDE TO PRODUCTS FOR A HEALTHY PLANET Making the Earth a better place to live.TVY7-:28. HBO Apr.3,22 pa EARTHDAY BIRTHDAY A party for Earth! WY-:28. HBO Apr. 11,22,27 po EAT YOUR HEART OUT Things start cooking romantically for a young chef. (ACM) R-1:34. HBO Apr.9 ED Eel 8MM Nicolas Cage investigates a supposed snuff film. (AC,AL,N,V) R-2:03. HBO Apr.28 pSSlielCES EL DORADO Howard Hawks’ 1967 western with John Wayne, Robert Mitchum.TVG-2:06. MAX Apr.5 piMI EMBRACE THE DARKNESS A dancer falls in with vampires. (AC,N,SC,V) TVMA/V.S-1:45. MAX Apr. 14,24,29 pn EMPEROR OF THE NORTH Rail-riding hobo grapples with the meanest guard on the line. Lee Marvin, Ernest Borgnine. (V) PG-1:55. MAX Apr.6 ENCYCLOPEDIA Learning series. TVY-:28. HBO Apr.2,9,16,23,30 po THE ENTITY A presence torments a young mother. Barbara Hershey. (AL,RP,V) R-2:00. MAX Apr.5,25 O ERIK THE VIKING A viking tries to end the age of violence. With Tim Robbins. PG 13-1:44. MAX Apr. 7,15 ERROR IN JUDGMENT A shrink fears she’s made a fatal mistake. (AC,AL,N, V)TVMA/V.S,L-1:33. HBO Apr.7 SBM ESCAPE UNDERPRESSURE HBO Guilty Pleasure Mow'e See p.4. (AL,V) TVMA/ V,L-I:3I. HBO Apr.21,2 7 p Ell 1^1 EXECUTIVE POWER Murder leads all the way to the President. (AC, AL,BN,V) R-1:37. MAX Apr. 15 E3I^] THE EXPERTS Spy comedy with John Travolta. (AL,MV) PG 13-1:33. HBO Apr.9,11,14,20,24,29 pESHilGEi Q FAIR GAME Cindy Crawford and William Baldwin star. (AC,AL,BN,V) R-1:27. HBO Apr.7,15,20 pESIM! FAMILY BUSINESS Three generations of crooks. Sean Connery, Dustin Hoffman, Matthew Broderick. (AL,V) R-l:54. MAX Apr.1,13,28 pESIia A FAR OFF PLACE Teens cross the desert. Reese Witherspoon. (AC,V) PG-1:47. HBO Apr.!,7,18,26 pEHSCHB FEDS Two loopy ladies take on the FBI. Rebecca De Mornay. (AL,V) PG 13-1:23. HBO Apr.4,8,14,27,30 pEilMl FINAL MISSION Pilots in a virtual experiment go off the deep end. (AC, AL,MV,N) R-l:28. MAX Apr.9 pnna FIRST TIME FELON HBO Original Movie A criminal is changed by prison boot camp. Omar Epps. (AC,AL,V) R-1:46. HBO Apr. 12,18,24,27 QmHE (SHE) FORCES OF NATURE See p.3. Sandra Bullock. (AC,AL,MV) PG 13-1:46. HBO Apr. 1,4,9,13,17,22,26 pEH^CEX© THE 4TH FLOOR See page 4.Thriller with Juliette Lewis,William Hurt. (AL,V) R-l:30. HBO Apr.29 pED^l FRANTIC A doctor searches for his missing wife. Harrison Ford. (AL,BN,V) R-2:00. MAX Apr. 17,25,30 p EH 1*3 FREEBIE AND THE BEAN Two Frisco cops wreck the city. Alan Arkin, James Caan. (AL) R-1:53. MAX Apr. 10 pm FRIENDS & LOVERS Six L.A. youths get together. Stephen Baldwin stars. (AC,AL,N) R-1:43. MAX Apr. 18 p O FRIGHT NIGHT A teen begins to suspect his neighbor is a vampire. (AL, N,V) R-1:46. MAX Apr.26,30 pESI^l 0 GEORGY GIRL Lynn Redgrave is a teacher admired only by an older man. James Mason. (AC,AL.BN) B/W; TVPG/S.L.D-1:39. MAX Apr.7 a GERONIMO: AN AMERICAN LEGEND The story of the Apache chief. (V) PG 13-1:55. MAX Apr.5,15,24 pESa THE GETAWAY A heist goes bad. Alec Baldwin, Kim Basinger. (ACMN, V) R-l:55 .MAX Apr. 1,18,28 poa GETTING PERSONAL A drunken blackout leads a man to romance. (AC.AL) R-1:21. MAX Apr.21 O THE GIRL NEXT DOOR A favor turns into a nightmare for a husband. (AC, AL,N,V) R-1:41. MAX Apr. 12 P El GLORIA A mob moll saves a kid from killers. Sharon Stone. (ACMBN,V) R-1:48. MAX Apr.6,//,/6 p®a GO See page 10. Drama. (AC,AL,N,V) R-\-.42. MAX Apr.21,26 pESa GOD IS MY CO-PILOT A pilot has life-affirming experiences in WWII. B/W;TVG-1:29. MAX Apr.22 P GOLDEN BOY A man is torn between a career as a concert violinist and a boxer. B/W;TVG-1:39. MAX Apr. 19 \Ee\ GREYSTOKE:THE LEGEND OFTARZAN, LORD OF THE APES Jungle adventure. (BN,V) PG-2:15. MAX Apr. 7,16 p E3 Q HARLEM NIGHTS Eddie Murphy & Richard Pryor run a nightclub. (AC, AL,V) R-1:56. MAX Apr.4,/2,29 PE3S a

HBO Guide September 2000 - Page section : 002

A NEW MOVIE EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT GUARANTEED! HARRISON FORD 'KRISTIN SCOTT THOMAS RANDOM HEARTS “Immaculately crafted” (Variety). An internal affairs cop (Ford) and a congresswoman (Thomas) are connected by adultery and death when their cheating spouses are killed in a plane crash. With Charles S. Dutton, Bonnie Hunt. (AC,AL,BN,MV) HBO Sept.2,5,10,14,18,20 pmnsiCEsra STARTS SATORDAY, SEPTEMBER 2 Jigjg MARTIN * LAWRENCE BLUE STREAK Diamonds are forever causing trouble for a wisecracking safecracker in this smash comedy. Martin Lawrence is a paroled crook who turns cop after he discovers that the place where he has hidden a stolen jewel is now a police station! (AC.AL.V) PGi3-i:34. HBO Sept.9,12,17,21,25,30 pEasels STARTS SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 9 1i bmkedown palace A trip to Thailand turns into a nightmare for two teens when they are caught with heroin and sentenced to 33 years in prison. Claire Danes, Kate Beckinsale star. (AC,AL,V) PGi3-i:4i. HBO Sept.16,19,24,28 pHSSCEXra STARTS SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 16 t"H_i GUILTY A youth’s discovery that his real dad is a sleazy lawyer leads the boy into blackmail, double-cross and murder. Bill Pullman, Devon Sawa. (AC,AL,V) R-i:52. HBO Sept.23,26 pBBHGEID STARTS SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 23 LAKE PLACID “The perfect thing for a night at the drive in” (New York Post). A small Maine town finds itself under assault from a gigantic crocodile in this darkly amusing monster movie. Bill Pullman, Bridget Fonda star. (AC.AL,V) R-i:22. HBO Sept.30 PUSH STARTS SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 30 © 2000 Home Box Office, a Division of Time Warner Entertainment Company, L.P. All rights reserved. Jeffrey L. Bewkes, Chairman, President and CEO; William C. Nelson, Executive VP and CFO; John S. Redpath, Jr.. Secretary. The HBO/Cinemax Guide is published monthly by Home Box Office, 1100 Sixth Avenue. NY 10036

HBO Guide February 2000 - Page section : 014

 THIS MONTH ON HBO AND CINEMAX INVISIBLE DAD A dad becomes transparent! (MV) PG-1:30. HBO Feb. 11 O IRA SLEEPS OVER HBO Storybook Musicals Delightful animated musi-cal.TVY-:24. HBO Feb.4,14,19 pO IT’S PAT Julia Sweeney stars as the androgynous being! (AC,BN) PG 13-1:18. HBO Feb.2,11,15 pnaSCE Q JACK FROST Michael Keaton is reincarnated as a snowman. (AC,MW) PG-1:41.HBO Feb.2,7,12 pESSCEHB JIM HENSON’S THE STORYTELLER Great tales of fantasy. (MV) TVY7/ FV-:24. HBO Feb.7,14,21,28 pftlMl JUST ANOTHER GIRL ON THE I.R.T. A teen faces unexpected pregnancy. (ACM) R-l :37. MAX Feb.28 PS Q THE KARATE KID III The Kid is set up by a former old nemesis. (AL.V) PG-1:52. HBO Feb.8,16,19,24 ESH THE KEY TO SEX A housesitting job turns into a night of passion. (ACM N,SC) R-1:37. MAX Feb.4,19,28 pft KICKED IN THE HEAD Fun comedy with James Woods, Linda Fiorentino. ; (ACMMV) R-1:28. MAX Feb.4 EH KIDCO An ambitious boy tries his hand at the world of business. (AC, AL) PG-1:44. HBO Feb.2,7,22 EKSSIS THE KILLER EYE An orb goes on a wild erotic spree. (AC,Al^N,V) TVMA/ V,S,L-1:12. MAX Feb. 9,15,2 7 P O THE KING AND I Animated. G-1:29. HBO Feb. / 2, / 5,2 /,24,29 p ES H (EHS KING COBRA Huge poisonous snake wreaks havoc. Pat Morita. (AC,AL,V) TV 14/V.L.D-1:33. MAX Feb. 7,17,26 LEGAL DECEIT See p.I I. (AC.AL.V) TVMA/V.L-1:33. MAX Feb.4,12,20 pn A LESSON BEFORE DYING HBO Original Movie Drama. (AC,AL,V) PGI3-1:41. HBO Feb.3,9,2 7 p ES a CEH9 LET ME IN, I HEAR LAUGHTER...A f SALUTE TO THE FRIARS Behind the ' doors of the Friars Club. (AC,AL) TVMA/L-I:0I.MAX Feb. 10 pft a LETHAL WEAPON 4 Gibson and Glover take on gangsters. (ACMV) R-2:07. HBO Feb. / 8 p ES a fflSB LIE DOWN WITH DOGS A gay New Yorker heads to Provincetown. (AC, AL,MV) R-l:24.MAX Feb./ 7 PESOS A LITTLE CURIOUS Children ’s series. TVY-:24. HBO Feb. 15,20 pfta THE LITTLE LULU SHOW Colorful animated family series.TVY-:24. HBO Feb.1,8,15,22,29 pESa A LITTLE ROMANCE Young lovers traverse Europe. Laurence Olivier. (ACM) PG-1:50. MAX Feb. / 8 p a LONG SHOTS: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF THE AMERICAN BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION Documentary special. TVPG-:59. HBO Feb. 18,26 pfta LOVE AFFAIR With Warren Beatty and Annette Bening. (AL) PG 13-1:48. HBO Feb.7,11,22 pESa<23B LOVE AND ACTION IN CHICAGO First on MAX See page 10. (AC.AL.V) TVMA/V.L-1:34. MAX Feb.25 ' LOVE GAMES A Ouija fulfills sexual fantasies for couples. (ACAL,MV,N,SC) TVMA/S.L-1:25. MAX Feb. 14,22 O A LOW DOWN DIRTY SHAME With • Keenan Ivory Wayans. (AC,AL,V) R-1:40. MAX Feb. 1,4,9,13,19,24,28 pEM HOPE FLOATS Sandra Bullock stars in this romance. (AC,AL,MV) PG 13-1:54. MAX Feb.5,10,14,23 Q EH S HOT LINE The super-hot erotic series. (ACAL,N,SC) TVMA/S,L-:28. MAX Feb.2,5,9,12,16,19,23,26 O HOT TO TROT Bobcat Goldthwait inherits a talking horse! (AC,AL) PG-1:23. HBO Feb.4,17,25,27 pEaS HOUSE OF BAMBOO Robert Stack is an ex-GI who penetrates a crime syndicate. 1:42. MAX Feb. 19 OS HOW STELLA GOT HER GROOVE BACK Angela Bassett stars. (ACJ\L,N) R-2:04. HBO Feb.23 pEilSCH© HUSBANDS Three pals go on a soul-searching bender after a death. (AC, ALBN) PG 13-2:11. MAX Feb. 12 Q I STILL KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER Scary sequel. (ACMV) R-1:41. MAX Feb.4,16,20,24,29 pESa IF LOOKS COULD KILL A man fights a sinister plot. (ACMMV) PG 13-\ :28. MAX Feb.7,16,19,25,29 pESa IMMEDIATE FAMILY A couple tries to adopt a teenage girl’s baby. (AC, AL) PG 13-1:40. MAX Feb.3 ESa THE IMPOSTORS Actors take refuge on a ship in this farce. (ACMMV) R-1:41. HBO Feb.20 pESSCHB IMPULSE A woman discovers her hometown has eerily changed. Meg Tilly. (ACMGV.N) R-1:31. MAX Feb. 13 IN DREAMS A killer invades an artists dreams. Annette Bening. IAC,AL,V) R-1:40. HBO Feb. 11 pESafflSB IN THE LINE OF DUTY: BLAZE OF GLORY Bank-robbing duo. (AC,AL,V) TV 14/V,l_D-1:30. HBO Feb.2,8,19,23 ft INSIDE THE NFL See p.8. Football TVPG-:58. HBO Feb.3,4,5 pfta INTRODUCING DOROTHY DANDRIDGE HBO Original Movie Halle Berry stars as the sexy actress. (ACMV) R-1:55. HBO Feb.10 pSSSCESB n LAST ACTION HERO Arnold Schwarzenegger. (AL,V) PG 13-2:1 I. HBO Feb. 1,23,26,29 pESSCSB LAST TO SURRENDER Cops unite vs. a drug lord. Roddy Piper. (ACM BN.V) R-1:34. MAX Feb. 17 ESS n MAJOR LEAGUE Misfit baseball squad.Tom Berenger. (AC,AL) R-1:47. MAX Feb.4,10,15,20 pESa MAJOR LEAGUE: BACK TO THE MINORS Baseball comedy sequel. (AL.V) PG 13-1:40. MAX Feb. 1,6,18,24 pESa THIS MONTH ON HBO AND CINEMAX THE MAKING OF... Alien (ACMV) TVI4/V,L,D-:26. HBO Feb.8 pftS; Amistad (MV) TVPG/V-:27. HBO Feb.6,16,21 pOS;8mm (AC,V) TV 14/V.D-: 14. HBO Feb. 1,5,20 P O; Titanic (AL.MV) TVPG/V-:28. HBO Feb.2,5,7,26 POS THE MAN WITH ONE RED SHOE A violinist gets caught up in a spy caper. Tom Hanks, Dabney Coleman. (AC, MV) PG-1:32. MAX Feb.4,/3 pa THE MAN WITHOUT A FACE Mel Gibson directed. (ACM) PG 13-1:55. HBO Feb.6,14,18,23 pESacHB MARC ANTHONY: THE CONCERT FROM MADISON SQUARE GARDEN See page 5. A special music event. TVG-1:30. HBO Feb. 12,20,24,26 pft MARY CASSATT: AN AMERICAN IMPRESSIONIST The Artists’ Specials A painter

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