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NEUER BEEN KISSED GAME DAY THE ENFORCER TABLE FOR ONE BLOOD MONEY SAVING PRIVATE RYAN NIGHT AT 10 PM/9C HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY, MAX! On August 1, celebrate 20 years of Cinemax with this flashback to some of the best flicks from our inaugural year of 1980! DIRECTOR S CHAIR STANLEY KOBRICK Seven Kubrick classics including 2001: A Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange and Eyes Wide Shut. Sunday, August 6. r x CINEMAX UANGUARD The best cutting-edge filmfare! THE UVINSLOUU BOY TRICK LOCIE AUBRAC REGENERATION THE ACID HOUSE cme ©reel LIFE 101 RENT BOYS * See the dark side of L.A. in this documentary that interviews 101 male prostitutes. Their candid responses paint a compelling portrait of men who sell their bodies to other men. TVMA-1:18. MAX Aug.28 pr THE BEST HITS, THE MOST VARIETY! cineM best! most! max!

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HBO SPORTS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP DOMING LIVE! SATURDAY, AUGUST 19 WORLD FEATHERWEIGHT TITLE FIGHT £ PRINCE NASEEM HAMED Undefeated Vtlorld Featherweight Champion vfb vs AUCIE SANCHEZ Colorful Knockout Artist ISSS JUNIOR WELTERWEIGHT FIGHT ANTONIO DIAZ Top-Ranked Contender vs. MICKEY WARD Rugged Ueteran t SATURDAY, AUGUST 26 WORLD JUNIOR MIDDLEWEIGHT TITLE FIGHT FERNANDO VARGAS us. ROSS THOMPSON Undefeated World Junior #1 World-Ranked Middleweight Champion Contender WORLD WELTERWEIGHT TITLE FIGHT VERNON FORREST us. RAUL FRANK Undefeated Rising Young Star Veteran Contender This month, HBO presents an explosive doubleheader including a World Super Flyweight Championship bout between Sornpichai Pisnurachank and Eric Morel (26-0, 16 KO’s). Hosted by Ed Lover. 1:57. HBO Aug.5,6 HDD SPORTS DOCUMENTARY It is known as “The Fight of the Century.” This documentary chronicles the remarkable events and personalities that led to the classic battle between undefeated heavyweights Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali—a fight that defined the cultural divide of the United States in the 1960s and early ’70s. Interviews include Joe Frazier, his son Marvis Frazier, George Foreman, Bryant Gumbel. 157. HBO Aug. 17,20,22,24,26,30 pa INSIDE THE NFL PREMIERE! Recently retired QB Dan Marino joins the crew of this long-running sports series for a preview of the upcoming season and a look back at Super Bowl XXXIV. TVPG-:57. HBO Aug.31 (IS

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 '■* -J MONDAY Sports -pfthe20ih Century SUMMER FESTIVAL I Enjoy some of HBO’s best sports documentaries Mondays at 7 pm/Bc. TUESDAY WINSLOW HOMER AN AMERICAN ORIGINAL Two teens influence a reclusive artist. TVY7-:49. HBO Aug.8,10,12, 14,16,20,25 pns 6:15a HBO HBO First Look Hollow... 6:00a MAX Harry & Son 6:10a HBO 6:30 HBO Tracey Takes On- 6:30 HBO Dear America: So Far... 6:15 MAX 6:45 MAX Night Shift 7:00 HBO The Little Lulu Show 6:30 HBO 7:00 HBO Jim Henson’s Storyteller 7:30 HBO Babar One That Got Away 7:00 HBO 7:30 HBO Babar Every Bosket... 8:00 HBO Armed and Dangerous 7:30 HBO 8:00 HBO Play It Again, Sam MAX Splitsville 8:00 HBO 8:30 MAX B.U.S.T.E.D. 9:30 HBO Beetlejuice 9:00 MAX 9:30 HBO Life Afterlife MAX Cousin Bette 9:15 HBO 10:15 MAX Lone Wolf McQuade 11:00 HBO Holy Matrimony 11:00 HBO I 1:00 HBO Message in a Bottle 11:20 MAX Deadlock MAX 12:00 MAX The Evening Star I2:45p HBO Requiem for Murder l:00p HBO I:l5p HBO Practical Magic 1:00 MAX The Siege MAX 2:15 MAX Never Say Never Again 2:30 HBO Truman 2:00 HBO 3:00 HBO Mixing Nia 3:00 MAX I’ll Do Anything 4:30 HBO The Remains of the Day 4:45 HBO Feds 2:30 MAX MAX Simply Irresistible 5:00 MAX Live Wire 4:00 HBO 6:15 MAX The Enforcer 6:15 HBO Winslow Homer: MAX 7:00 HBO Reflections on Ice: An American Original 5:45 HBO A Diary of Ladies 6:30 MAX Jawbreaker 6:00 MAX Figure Skating 7:15 HBO *NSYNC Live From MSG 7:00 HBO 8:00 HBO Message in a Bottle 8:00 MAX Nobody’s Fool 7:45 MAX MAX Striking Distance 9:00 HBO Deep Blue Sea 9:00 HBO 9:45 MAX Rats & Roaches 10:00 MAX Game Day 9:30 HBO 10:00 MAX Warlock III: 11:00 HBO Sex and the City 10:00 HBO The End of Innocence 11:30 HBO Arli$$ MAX 10:15 HBO Dave Chappelle... 11:50 MAX Embrace the Darkness 11:00 HBO 11:15 HBO Chain of Command 12:00 HBO Dennis Miller Live 12:00 HBO 11:40 MAX 1 Still Know What You... 12:30a HBO Taxicab Confessions 7 12:45a MAX 12:55a HBO Naked Lies 1:30 HBO High Art 1:15 MAX 1:20 MAX Pleasurecraft 1:35 MAX Below Utopia 1:25 HBO 2:35 HBO The Principal 3:05 MAX Animal Factory 2:15 HBO 2:45 MAX Red Scorpion 2 3:15 HBO Ellen DeGeneres... 2:50 MAX 4:20 MAX Warm Texas Rain 4:20 HBO Deep Blue Sea 3:55 HBO 4:30 HBO Making of Deep Blue Sea 4:40 MAX Kickboxer 2: 4:40 MAX 4:50 HBO The Sender The Road Back 5:40 HBO THE WORST WITCH Mildred attempts to befriend a meek new girl iii school. TVY7-:27. HBO Aug.15,17,25,28 poiN Making of Deep Blue Sea The New Land Goodnight Moon... Country/City Mouse Babar Never Cry Alien! The Adventures of Elmo. The Proprietor Ghostbusters Mr. Destiny You’ve Got Mail Fists of Freedom... Who’s Harry Crumb? William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dree Spacehunter: Adventures It Takes Two Deep End of the Ocean The Adventures of Elmc Fright Night Mr. Destiny Die Hard With/Vengeanc“j-Sex and the City Arli$$ The Sopranos Eyes Wide Shut °z Universal Soldier: Return Nightcap Illicit Lovers Real Sex 24 SLC Punk! I Like It Like That Exception to the Rule Bug Buster HBO First Look Hollow. 9:00 MAX 9:15 HBO 11:00 HBO 12:00 MAX 12:30p HBO 2:00 MAX 2:15 HBO 2:30 HBO 3:45 MAX 4:00 HBO 5:30 HBO 6:00 MAX 7:15 HBO 8:00 MAX 8:15 MAX THURSDAY Winslow Homer... Roxie Hart The Neverending Story Babar Friendly Agreement The Man With Two Brains Jack & the Beanstalk Braveheart Nothing but Trouble Kung Fu:The Movie Ever After Soul of the Game Blood Money HBO First Look Space... Dr. Dolittle Die Hard King Cobra Nothing but Trouble Full Metal Jacket Drinking Apart: Families... Atomic Tabasco The Winslow Boy 10:00 HBO MAX 11:00 HBO 11:30 MAX 12:00 HBO 1:00a HBO MAX 2:50 MAX 3:00 HBO 4:30 MAX 4:40 HBO Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel Tales From the Darkside: The Movie Real Sex 17 Sexually Bewitched Oz 91 /2 Weeks Dead of Night I Still Know What You Did Last Summer City of Industry Under Pressure Militia FRIDAY REALsports with Bryant Gumbel A new edition eight-time Emmy Award-winning series. TVPG-:57. HBO Aug. 2,5,10,13,15, 17,19,21 PH of the my m 6:00a MAX Niagara 6:15 HBO Making of Small Soldiers 6:30 HBO Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child 7:00 HBO The Adventures ofTintin 7:30 HBO Babar A Child in the Snow MAX Airborne 8:00 HBO If Looks Could Kill 9:00 MAX American Gigolo 9:30 HBO Without Limits 11:00 MAX A Smile Like Yours 11:30 HBO Alice Through the Looking... I2:45p HBO Waking Ned Devine MAX Caddyshack 2:30 HBO Feds MAX Bad Company 4:00 HBO Requiem for Murder 4:30 MAX Searching/Bobby Fischer 5:45 HBO My Father the Hero 6:20 MAX Twist of Fate 7:15 HBO Pokemon:The First Movie 8:00 MAX Interview With/Vampire 9:00 HBO Arlington Road 10:00 MAX Die Hard 2 11:00 HBO Dave Chappelle... 12:00 HBO The Sopranos 12:05a MAX Nightcap 12:35 MAX Summer Temptations II 1:00 HBO Arli$$ 1:30 HBO Pushing Tin 2:10 MAX Beyond the Valley of/Dolls 3:40 HBO Normal Life 4:00 MAX One Good Cop 5:25 HBO Mo’ Money 5:50 MAX Pocket [SATURDAY 6:00a MAX Kimberly 7:00 HBO Country/City Mouse 7:30 HBO Babar Old Lady Vanishes 7:45 MAX Stalker Guilt Syndrome The Adventures of Elmo... 2010

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THIS MONTH ON HBO AND CINEMAX TRICK A composer hits obstacles on the road to love.Tori Spelling. (ACAUBN) R-1:29. MAX Aug.23 pEJ TRUE CRIME Clint Eastwood tries to help a condemned man. (ACALV) R-2:07. HBO Aug. 14,26 p S3 [ISCED TRUMAN HBO Original Movie Gary Sinise is the late President. (AL) PG-2:14. HBO Aug.8,18,28 p SB S GSSBt TWIST OF FATE An attorney is the target of a murder plot (ACALBN,V) TVMA/YL-1:36. MAX Aug. 11,29 po 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 sci-fi masterpiece. G-2:19. MAX Aug.6,22 pOS 2010 2001 :A Space Odyssey sequel. (AL.MV) PG-1:56. MAX Aug. 12,24 O _J UNDER FIRE Journalists in Nicaragua are threatened. Nick Nolte. (AL,BN,V) R-2:08. MAX Aug.5,17 50 UNDER PRESSURE A hero firefighter goes psycho. Charles Sheen. (AC,AL, GV) R-1:28. MAX Aug. 10,22 pEiim UNDERCURRENT A love-scarred excop gets in way over his head. (AC, AL,N,V) R-l:39. HBO Aug.6 p 501^1 UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: THE RETURN Van Damme flick. (ACJ\L,N,V) R-l:23. HBO Aug. 1,6,9,14,1 7 pSillilGES □ VALMONT Colin Firth & Annette Bening star in this version of Dangerous Liaisons. (ACJ\L) R-2:17. HBO Aug. I THE VERDICT A lawyer gets a chance to redeem his career. Paul Newman. (ACAUMV) R-2:09. MAX Aug.27 pi^l VERONICA 2030 A sexual android from the future is sent back in time! (AL,N,SC) R-1:1 I. MAX Aug. 19 p VISION QUEST A wrestler grapples with romance. Matthew Modine. (AL,V) R-1:48. HBO Aug.27 PE3 □ WAITING FOR WOODY An actor tries to meet Woody Allen. (AC,AL) TVPG/L,D-:30. MAX Aug.26 pSE WAKING NED DEVINE Two Irishmen plot to claim a lottery ticket. (AL,N) PG-1:31. HBO Aug. 11,29 pESH BEH9 WANTED A mobster finds refuge in a school for wayward boys. (AC, AL,V) R-1:32. HBO Aug.4 POS WARLOCK III: THE END OF INNOCENCE Witchy weekend. (AC,AL,N, V) R-l:35. MAX Aug.7,27 pBSS WARM TEXAS RAIN An ex-Marine is entwined in a deadly mystery. (ACAL N) TVMA/S.L-1:34. MAX Aug. 7 P O WHEN IT WAS A GAME III A look at baseball’s last decade of innocence: the 1960s. :57. HBO Aug.4 PS WHEN JUSTICE FAILS A deaf prosecutor may be a vigilante killer. (AC, AL.V) R-l:3I.HBO Aug.15,28 po WHEN PASSIONS COLLIDE Couples confront their desires. (ACALN.SC, V) TVMA/V,S,L-1:32. MAX Aug. 16 O THE WHEREABOUTS OF JENNY Dad looks for his daughter. (ACALV) TVPG/ V,L,D-1:35. HBO Aug.14,23 pf»H WHO KILLED BUDDY BLUE? A porn-film star is murdered. (ACALN.SC.V) TVMA/V.S.L-1:30. MAX Aug. 18 O WHO’S HARRY CRUMB? John Candy searches for a kidnapped heiress. (AL) PG 13-1:27. MAX Aug.9,2 7 p ElS WILD WILD WEST Comic western. Will Smith, Kevin Kline. (AC,ALBN,V) PG 13-1:46. HBO Aug.3 P EH 0 OSS WILDLY AVAILABLE A married art gallery owner begins an affair. (ACAL N,V) TVMA/V.S.L-1:40. MAX Aug.23 E3 WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE’S A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM With Rupert Everett. (AC,BN) PG 13-2:01. HBO Aug.6,9,17,22 pESHacESH THE WINSLOW BOY A schoolboy is accused of theft. Nigel Hawthorne stars. G-1:44. MAX Aug. 10,23 P O ® WINSLOW HOMER: AN AMERICAN ORIGINAL The Artists' Specials See page 14. Family special.TVY7-:49. HBO Aug.8,10,12,14,16,20,25 PO WISCONSIN DEATH TRIP Cinemax Reel Life Documentary. (AC,BN) TVPG/S.D-1:15. MAX Aug. 17 POS WITHOUT LIMITS The life of runner Steve Prefontaine. (AC,AL,BN) PG 13-1:58. HBO Aug.2, /1,19,24 pUHH CHB WITHOUT PITY: A FILM ABOUT ABILITIES America Undercover Narrated by Christopher Reeve. (AC,BN) TVPG/ S,D-1:00. HBO Aug.2,13,22,28 pOH THE WORST WITCH See p.l4.TVY7-:27. HBO Aug.15,17,25,28 POISI WYATT EARP Kevin Costner stars as the legendary lawman. (ACALV) PG 13-3:11. MAX Aug. 13,24,30 PESS Q YOU’VE GOT MAIL Romance with Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan. (AC) PG-2:00. MAX Aug.4,9,17,21,26 pESH YOUNG GUNS II Sequel. (AL,BN,V) PG 13-1:44. MAX Aug.2,13,22,28 HE PLEASE NOTE We now use the following new TV Parental Guidelines. We hope that, used in conjunction with our usual content advisories, they will help you make more informed viewing decisions. TVY Appropriate for all children TVY7 Directed to older children TVG For General audiences TVPG Parental guidance suggested TV 14 Parental guidance strongly suggested TVMA Mature audiences only Below is a detailed list of content advisories for our programs to help you make more informed viewing decisions for you and your family. They also appear on HBO at the start of each pro- ^ BN Brief nudity AC Adult content N Nudity AL Adult language SC Strong sexual GL Graphic language content MV Mila violence RP Rape V Violence GV Graphic violence P) mdiain dostd-iaptioned programs. Registered service mart of the National Captioning Institute. Used with permission. Special dccoder needed. O indicates programs in stereo, where available. SHI indicates programs with Dolby Surround Encoding, where available. Registered TM of Dolby Laboratories. Used with permission. H indica programas en espanol. >n (HDIwnion feed. S and will air on HD leed, where available. In homes using HD feed. S O functions are not accessible. B9IS.1 indicates programs available in Dolby Digital S.l on our HD feed. HBO and Cinemax are registered service

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THIS MONTH ON HBO AND CINEMAX DAVE CHAPPELLE: KILLIN’THEM SOFTLY See page 4. (ACAL) TVMA/L-:57. HBO Aug.5,7,I1,15,21,24,30 po DEAD OF NIGHT A frantic vampire searches for his long-dead wife. (ACAkHV) R-1:46. MAX Aug./0 pn DEADLOCK HBO Original Movie Two inmates are linked by collars that will kill them if they separate. (ACAL, V) R-1:35. MAX Aug.8,I9 pO@ DEAR AMERICA: SO FAR FROM HOME A story of an Irish immigrant. TVY7-:27. HBO Aug.2,5,8,16,27 (IOB DECOY A businessman hires two ex- C.I.A. agents to protect his daughter. (ACAL.V) R-1:37. HBO Aug. 13 p El a DEEP BLUE SEA See p.2.Thomas Jane. (ACAL.V) R-1:45. HBO Aug. 5,8,13,16,18,21,30 pESEia THE DEEP END OF THE OCEAN Michelle Pfeiffer. (AC.AUMV) PG13-1:49. MAX Aug.9,19,25,31 pS®a DENNIS MILLER LIVE See page 13. Season Finale of the series. (AC,AL) TVMA/L-:28. HBO Aug. 1,4,6,8 po DESERT PASSION Two young women are held as playthings. (AC,AL,N,SC) TVMA/S.L- l:M. MAX Aug.5,15 DIE HARD Bruce Willis battles terrorists in a skyscraper. (AL,BN,V) R-2:12. MAX Aug.2, / 0, b,22,2 7 p SSia DIE HARD 2 Willis takes on terrorists at a major airport. (AL,V) R-2:03. MAX Aug.6,11,15,19,23,28 pS0a DIE HARD WITH A VENGEANCE Willis vs. a bomber. (AL,GV) R-2:08. MAX Aug.4,9,14,19,24,29 pESa DIFFERENT STROKES: THE STORY OF JACK & JILL...AND JILL Erotic drama with Dana Plato. (AC,AL,N, SC) TVMA/S.L-1:28. MAX Aug.20 O DIGGING TO CHINA Kevin Bacon and Mary Stuart Masterson star. (AC, AL) PG-1:39. MAX Aug. 13 pSia DINER Barry Levinson’s critical hit about five Baltimore buddies. Kevin Bacon. (AC.AL) R-1:50. HBO Aug. 17 DINNER & DRIVING A writer struggles with love and success. (ACAL) TVMA/L-1:29. HBO Aug. 18 P O CETO DOLLARS A hilarious crime caper with Warren Beatty & Goldie Hawn. (AC,AL,N,V) R-2:01. MAX Aug. 14 DON KING: ONLY IN AMERICA HBO Original Movie The boxing promoter’s story.Ving Rhames. (AC,BN,GL,V) R-1:56. HBO Aug.24 p 5® 1^1 CETO DR. DOLITTLE Eddie Murphy is the nutty pet doctor in this riotous comedy. (AC,AL,BN,MV) PG 13-1:26. HBO Aug.6,10,14,18,22,26 pHUHil GESSS DRINKING APART: FAMILIES UNDER THE INFLUENCE America Undercover See page 5. Documentary.TV 14-1:10. HBO Aug. 1,6,10,14,19,22 pOI^l Q EASY MONEY Rodney Danger-field must give up his bad habits! (AC, AL,N) R-1:35. MAX Aug.3,19,29 US EDDIE IZZARD: DRESS TO KILL The international stand-up sensation. (AC, AL) TVM A/L-1:34. HBO Aug. 17 pO 8MM Private eye Nicolas Cage investigates a snuff film. (AC,AL,N,V) R-2:03. HBO Aug.24 pSBaCEIB ELLEN DEGENERES: THE BEGINNING Stand-up comedy special. (AC,AL) TVMA/L-:57. HBO Aug.8,14 pH EMBRACE THE DARKNESS A dancer falls in with two vampires. (AC,N,SC, V) TVMA/V,S-1:45. MAX Aug.8 pn ENCYCLOPEDIA A family learning series featuring sketches and songs. TVY-:25. HBO Aug.6,13,20,27 pi> THE ENFORCER Dirty Harry hunts terrorists. Clint Eastwood. (AL,BN, GV) R-1:36. MAX Aug.7,26,31 pnBI ENTRAPMENT See page 9. (AC,AL,V) PG 13-1:53. MAX Aug./3, (6,3/ pESS ERIK THE VIKING A viking tries to end the age of violence.Tim Robbins. (AC.AL.V) PG 13-1:44. MAX Aug. / 8 EROTIC CONFESSIONS Adult. (AC,N, SC) TVMA/S-:32. MAX Aug. 17,24 O THE EVENING STAR Moving sequel to Terms of Endearment. (AC,AL,BN) PG 13-2:09. MAX Aug. 7 P 08 S EVER AFTER Cinderella update with Drew Barrymore. (ACALV) PGI3-2:01.MAX Aug.S, 10,15,27 pBsHS EXCEPTION TO THE RULE A gem trader shows his illicit tastes. (AC, AL,N,V) R-l:39. HBO Aug.9 png EXECUTIVE POWER Murder leads all the way to the President. (AC.AL, BN,V) R-1:37.MAX Aug.2 PUSa EYES WIDE SHUT See page 8. With Tom Cruise. (ACAL,N,V) R-2:39. MAXAug.6,9,14,18,22,26,31 pSia ^3 f^DS Two loopy ladies take on the FBI training school. (AL,V) PG 13-1:23. HBO Aug.8,11,19,24,30 pssa FINAL MISSION Pilots in a virtual experiment go off the deep end. (ACALMV.N) R-1:31. MAX Aug.20 O FISTS OF FREEDOM: THE STORY OF THE ’68 SUMMER GAMES A look at a great Olympic moment. (AL) TVPG/L-:59. HBO Aug.6,9,14 pOS FORCES OF NATURE Sandra Bullock, Ben Affleck star. (AC,AL,MV) PG 13-1:46. MAX Aug. 12,24,29 p I® a FRANTIC With Harrison Ford. (AL, BN,V) R-2:00. MAX Aug.4,21 pESia FRIGHT NIGHT Teen fears his neighbor is a vampire. Chris Sarandon. (AL, N,V) R-1:46. MAX Aug.9,20 pESia THE FROGMEN Richard Widmark is the chief of a Navy underwater team. B/W;TVG-1:32. MAX Aug. / 9 FULL METAL JACKET Stanley Kubrick’s bold Vietnam drama. (AC,AL,GV) R-1:56. MAX Aug.6,10,19,25,30 pa 0 GAME DAY A basketball team “prepares” for the big game. (AC,AL, N,V) R-1:49. MAX Aug.8,24 pES GANG RELATED James Belushi and Tupac Shakur as bad cops. (AC,AL,N, V) R-1:51. HBO Aug.27 pniaCEro THIS MONTH ON HBO AND CINEMAX GHOSTBUSTERS Three goofs hunt ghosts. Bill Murray. (AL,V) PG-I:45. HBO Aug. 1,5,9,14,22 psiiaaEIB GLORIA A mob moll protects a boy in this 1980 film. Gena Rowlands. (ACALV) PG-2:02. MAX Aug. 1,26 113 GLORIA Sharon Stone stars in this gritty 1999 remake. (AC,AL,BN,V) R-1:48. MAX Aug.3,16,29 pSSia GOOD COP, BAD COP An ex-cop and a socialite trail drug-smugglers. (AC,N,V) R-1:42. HBO Aug.4,22 p O GOODBYE

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This four-time Emmy®-winning show offers a fresh take on stories that no one else in sports journalism would dare to touch! TVPG-:s8. HBO Apr.2,10,12,15,17,21,23 pa 12 Wednesday mmmmn Wtlieslays it niliigkt m ■■ timii! Lutu on the Bridge Late August, Early September Metroland The Velocity of Gary 6:15a HBO Stomp Out Loud 6:20a MAX Phantom of the Paradise 6:05a HBO Shakespeare Julius Caesar 6:30 MAX Freebie and the Bean 6:30 HBO Earthday Birthday 6:30 HBO The Worst Witch 7:00 HBO Jim Henson’s Storyteller 7:00 HBO The Little Lulu Show MAX Sinbad:The Battle... 7:30 HBO Babar Babar Returns 7:30 HBO Babar City of Elephants 7:00 HBO Country/City Mouse 8:00 HBO Adventures of Mowgli 8:00 HBO Cancer: Evolution 7:30 HBO Babar Babar’s Triumph 8:30 MAX Hi-Life to Revolution 8:00 HBO Home Fries 9:45 HBO Major League: MAX Night Shift MAX In the Line of Duty: Hunt... Back to the Minors 9:45 MAX Superman II 9:30 MAX Dream for an Insomniac 10:00 MAX The Big Town 10:30 HBO The Making of 9:45 HBO Club Paradise 11:30 HBO Howard Cosell... Forces of Nature 11:00 MAX Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s... 12:00 MAX The Avengers 10:45 HBO Bandwagon 11:30 HBO Real Sports/Bryant Gumbel I2:30p HBO Looking for Lola 12:00 MAX Rudy I2:30p HBO Remo Williams... 1:30 MAX Revenge of the Nerds I2:30p HBO Tracey Takes On... 12:45 MAX The Girl Next Door 2:15 HBO Lost & Found 1:00 HBO Nothing but Trouble 2:30 HBO Making/Saving Private Ryan 3:00 MAX Revenge of the Nerds II: 2:00 MAX Gloria MAX Love Affair Nerds in Paradise 2:30 HBO The Karate Kid, Part II 3:00 HBO Dr. Dolittle 4:00 HBO Can't Hardly Wait 3:45 MAX Bulworth 4:30 HBO Julian Po 4:30 MAX The Man Without a Face 4:30 HBO The Making of MAX You’ve Got Mail 5:45 HBO Protocol The Matrix 6:00 HBO Bye Bye, Love 6:30 MAX Punitive Damage 5:00 HBO Blankman 6:30 MAX Paulie 7:30 HBO Dear America: 5:40 MAX The Natural 8:00 HBO Real Sports A Line in the Sand 6:45 HBO The Experts With Bryant Gumbel 8:00 HBO Coming to America 8:00 MAX The Verdict MAX Jack Frost MAX The Thin Red Line 8:30 HBO The Matrix 9:00 HBO The Sopranos 10:00 HBO Real Sports 10:10 MAX Idle Hands 9:40 MAX Breakdown With Bryant Gumbel 11:00 HBO The Sopranos 10:00 HBO Oz 11:00 HBO Lost & Found 11:45 MAX Bloodmoon MAX Orgazmo MAX Kids 12:00 HBO Dennis Miller Live 11:00 HBO First Time Feion 12:30a MAX Die Hard 12:30a HBO No Alibi 11:30 MAX Passion Cove 12:45 HBO Misbegotten 1:30 MAX The Adventures 12:00 MAX Late August, 2:25 HBO Dennis Miller Live of Ford Fairlane Early September 2:45 MAX Interview With/Vampire 2:05 HBO Death by Hanging: A Family’s Pledge 12:50a HBO Shattered Image 2:55 HBO Best of Real Sex: How 1:50 MAX Harlem Nights to Be a Better Lover of Allegiance 2:35 HBO Affliction 3:50 HBO Another Day in Paradise 3:15 MAX Criminal Passion 3:50 MAX Hideous 4:45 MAX Inferno 3:45 HBO The Matrix 4:30 HBO Dead Bang 5:30 HBO City Dump... 4:50 MAX Cold Around the Heart 5:20 MAX Spitfire EE/PW 13 thursday 14 friday 15 Saturday 6:15a HBO Making of Forces of Nature 6:30 HBO. Dear America: A Line... 7:00 HBO The Neverending Story MAX Run Wild, Run Free 7:30 HBO Babar Babar’s Choice 8:00 HBO Willy the Sparrow 8:45 MAX In Dreams 9:15 HBO The Legend of Billie Jean 10:30 MAX Twist of Fate 11:00 HBO In the Line/Duty: Smoke... 12:1 Op MAX Young Guns 11 12:30 HBO The Pick-Up Artist 2:00 HBO HBO First Look 28 Days MAX Waiting for Woody 2:15 HBO Major League: Back to the Minors 2:30 MAX Dinner & Driving 4:00 HBO Forces of Nature MAX Family Business 6:00 HBO Dear America: A Line... MAX Why Do Fools Fall in Love 6:30 HBO Waking Ned Devine 8:00 HBO Saving Private Ryan MAX Warlock III... 9:35 MAX There’s Something About Mary 1* I 11:00 6:00a HBO Degas and the Dancer 6:30a HBO The Artists’ Specials MAX MAX The Inner Circle 7:00 HBO 7:00 HBO The Adventures ofTintin 7:30 HBO 7:30 HBO Babar Race to the Moon 8:00 HBO 8:00 HBO Small Soldiers 8:15 MAX 8:30 MAX Disorganized Crime 10:00 MAX 10:00 HBO Feds 10:15 HBO 10:15 MAX Lulu on the Bridge 11:15 MAX 11:30 HBO Heart of a Child 12:00 HBO 12:00 MAX Renaissance Man I2:30p HBO The Experts l:00p HBO 2:15 HBO Clueless 2:30 HBO MAX Indian in the Cupboard MAX 4:00 HBO Overnight Delivery 3:30 HBO MAX Any Which Way You Can 4:30 MAX 5:30 HBO Small Soldiers 6:00 MAX City of Angels 5:30 HBO 7:30 HBO If Looks Could Kill 6:30 MAX [8:00 _ 8:00 L Best of Real Sex: How to Be a Better Lover 11:35 MAX The Substitute 2... 11:55 HBO HBO First Look 28 Days 12:10a HBO Forces of Nature 1:05 MAX Lassiter 2:00 HBO The Siege 2:50 MAX Warm Texas Rain 4:00 HBO Mr. Show/Bob and David 4:30 HBO Murder in Mind MAX Serpent’s Lair EE 9:00 HBO The Negotiator 9:40 MAX The Thin Red Line 11:30 HBO Dennis Miller Live 12:00 HBO Arli$$ 12:30a HBO Arli$$ MAX Passion Cove 1:00 HBO 1 Still Know What You Did Last Summer MAX Embrace the Darkness 2:45 HBO A Perfect Murder 2:50 MAX Aurora: Operation Intercept 4:30 MAX Waiting to Exhale 4:35 HBO The Second Arrival Making of Prince of Egypt The Anderson

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LTR thunsday HBO remembers the Holocaust with Children of the Night and The Last Pare. Saturday 6:00a MAX Dracula-Prince/Darkness 7:00 HBO The Neverending Story 7:30 HBO Babar Kings of the Castle MAX Dragon Chronicles 8:00 HBO Muppets From Space 9:15 MAX Something Wicked This Way Comes 9:30 HBO Loverboy 11:00 MAX Object of My Affection 11:15 HBO Between Mother/Daughter 12:00 HBO Beaches l:00p MAX Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol 2:15 HBO Big Business 2:30 MAX The Seventh Sign 4:00 HBO Muppets From Space 4:10 MAX Gross Anatomy 5:30 HBO Dear America: A Journey to the New World 6:00 HBO Tootsie MAX The Confession 8:00 HBO Children of the Night MAX Blind Side 8:30 HBO The Last Days 9:45 MAX 8mm 10:00 HBO David Brenner: Back With a Vengeance 11:00 HBO Real Sex 21 11:45 MAX Go 11:50 HBO Die Hard 2 1:30a MAX Curse of Puppet Master 1:55 HBO Black and White 2:50 MAX Forbidden Sins 3:35 HBO Mr. Show/Bob and David 4:00 HBO After Alice 4:30 MAX Crash Dive 5:45 HBO Making/Great Expectations 9:00 HBO Lethal Weapon 4 9:45 MAX Express Aisle to Glory 10:00 MAX Cruel Intentions 11:15 HBO HBO First Look Big... 11:30 HBO Dennis Miller Live 11:40 MAX Passion Cove 12:00 HBO Arli$$ 12:05a MAX The Naked Detective 12:30 HBO Arli$$ 1:00 HBO Cocktail 1:30 MAX Jawbreaker 2:45 HBO Let’s Talk About Sex 3:00 MAX High Voltage 4:15 HBO Prototype X29A 4:30 MAX Judicial Consent 9:35 MAX Screamers 11:00 HBO The Corner 11:30 MAX Passion Cove 12:00 MAX Emmanuelle, the Joys... 12:20a HBO Die Hard With/Vengeance 1:30 MAX Bad Dreams 2:30 HBO Chris Rock: Bigger/Blacker 3:00 MAX Renegade Force 3:40 HBO Best Men 4:30 MAX Judgment Night 5:10 HBO Never Been Kissed 6:00a HBO MAX 7:00 HBO 7:20 MAX 7:30 HBO 8:00 HBO 9:00 MAX 9:30 HBO 10:45 MAX 11:15 HBO 12:00 HBO I2:30p HBO 1:00 MAX 2:00 HBO 2:30 MAX 3:00 HBO 3:30 HBO 4:15 MAX 5:45 HBO 6:00 MAX 7:30 HBO Real Sports/Bryant Gumbel It Came/Beneath the Sea The Adventures ofTintin Phone Call From/Stranger Babar What’s Mine Is Mine A Kid Called Danger City of Industry Heart of Dixie Dance With Me Bubbeh Lee and Me The Steadfast Tin Soldier All-New Adventures... Tarzan and the Lost City Real Sports/Bryant Gumbel Blue Chips The Making of The Avengers Sphere It Takes Two The Journey of August King Ever After The Avengers Alexander & the Terrible... Simply Irresistible The Worst Witch Country/City Mouse... Babar Scarlet Pachyderm Dead Poets Society The Newton Boys That Wonderful Urge Making of You’ve Got Mail Muppets From Space The Shining You’ve Got Mail Children of the Night Hope Floats Race Practical Magic Between Mother/Daughter The Tuskegee Airmen Cinemax Behind/Scenes: The Making of William... William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream Dead Poets Society 6:00a HBO 6:15 MAX 6:30 HBO 7:00 HBO 7:30 HBO 8:00 HBO MAX 10:00 MAX 10:15 HBO 10:30 HBO 11:30 MAX 12:00 HBO 2:00p HBO MAX 2:30 HBO 4:00 MAX 4:15 HBO 5:00 HBO 5:45 MAX 6:00 MAX EE/PW Isunday Cinemax pays tribute to our nation’s veterans with a Memorial Day marathon of war films. 6:05a HBO 6:30 HBO 7:00 MAX HBO 7:30 HBO 8:00 HBO 8:30 MAX 8:45 HBO MAX 10:30 HBO 11:00 MAX 12:30p HBO 1:00 MAX 2:00 HBO 3:15 3:45 MAX HBO 4:00 HBO 5:00 MAX 6:00 HBO 8:00 HBO MAX 10:00 HBO MAX 11:30 MAX 12:15a HBO 1:05 MAX 2:15 HBO 2:45 MAX 4:15 MAX 4:25 HBO Shakespeare-The Animated Tales As You Like It Dear America: A Journey to the New World Purple Hearts Jim Henson’s Storyteller Babar Radio Riot Bubbeh Lee and Me Express Aisle to Glory The Journey of August King Taps Entrapment Good Morning, Vietnam Wrongfully Accused Fi refox Heart of Dixie Stripes Making/Great Expectations Jackie Chan’s Who Am I The Thin Red Line Tootsie Entrapment Mr. Destiny Die Hard Trippin Indecent Behavior 4 Die Hard 2 Go Die Hard With a Vengeance Summer Temptations II Normal Life Tin Men 7:45 MAX 8:00 HBO 9:30 MAX 9:45 HBO 10:00 HBO 11:30 HBO MAX 12:00 HBO l:00p MAX 2:00 HBO 2:30 HBO 2:45 4:30 4:45 6:15 6:30 8:00 HBO MAX 10:00 HBO may 55-3DLJ f | tuesday The Gift of Love Animated Epics: Moby-Dick The Little Lulu Show Babar The Lead Blimp The Whereabouts of Jenny The Golden Child The Wanderers HBO First Look Big Momma’s House Snowboard Academy The Worst Witch When Justice Fails Never Been Kissed It Takes Two Children of the Night Dead Poets Society Fright Night The Seventh Sign Three Men and a Baby Cruel Intentions Violets Are Blue... Never Been Kissed Outland HBO First Look Momma’s House MAX MAX HBO MAX HBO 10:15 HBO Under Pressure 11:30 MAX 8mm 11:45 HBO Dennis Miller Live 12:15a HBO Lethal Weapon 4 1:40 MAX Hardcore 2:25 HBO In Dreams 3:30 MAX Losing Control 4:10 HBO Black and White 5:10 MAX Where the Heart Is EE/PW visit our HBO website at HBD.com aoi Ke^rd: hbo I 6:30a MAX The Boy Who Could Fly 7:00 HBO Encyclopedia 7:30 HBO Babar All Played Out 8:00 HBO Mr. Atlas 8:30 MAX The Inkwell 9:45 HBO Rembrandt: Fathers and Sons The Artsts' Specials 10:20 MAX Baby Geniuses 10:45 HBO Wing Commander 12:00 MAX Suspect 12:30p HBO Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel 1:30 HBO Just Write 2:00 MAX Nobody’s

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plots the downfall of his boss. Dennis Hopper. (AC,BN,GL, V) R-l :36. HBO Apr.3 PElHCESIO THE LAST OF SHEILA A man creates a tricky game to flush out a killer! (ACM) PG-I:59 .MAX Apr.2 pa THE LAST RIDE An ex-con falls for a bank robber. Mickey Rourke. (AC, AL.N.V) R-I:4I. HBO Apr.9 pOS LAST TO SURRENDER Cops unite vs. a drug lord. Roddy Piper. (ACM BN,V) R-1:34. HBO Apr.4 pESSI LATE AUGUST, EARLY SEPTEMBER Drama about a group of Parisians. (ACMN) TVMA/S.L-1:45. MAX Apr. / 2 THE LEGEND OF BILLIE JEAN Teen fights for her rights after she's made into a fugitive. Helen Slater. (ACMV) PG 13-1:35. HBO Apr.3,13,21 ma LES MISERABLES Victor Hugo's classic tale of justice, goodness and revenge. Liam Neeson. (AC,V) PG 13-2:14. HBO Apr.6,17 pESEe] (E3JO LETHAL WEAPON 4 Mel Gibson & Danny Glover take on Chinese gangsters in this sequel. (ACMV) R-2:07. MAX Apr.7,17,23,29 pESHa LIFE WITH FATHER William Powell runs riot over his family in this 1947 classic. TVG-1:58. MAX Apr.3 piel LITTLE COBRA’S OPERATION: “DALMATIANS” Kids take on the dognap-pers who abducted their pet. (At, MV) TVPG/V.L-1:31. HBO Apr.24 O THE LITTLE LULU SHOW Fun and colorful animated children’s series. TVY-:24. HBO Apr.4,11,18,25 pHHS LOOKING FOR LOLA A struggling writer searches for his dream girl. (ACMMV) PG-1:39. HBO Apr. 10 OS THE LORDS OF FLATBUSH A 1950s Brooklyn gang. Sylvester Stallone. (ACMMV) PG-1:24. MAX Apr.22 LOST & FOUND David Spade dognaps for love! (ACMBN,MV) PG 13-1:40. HBO Apr.2,6,10,15 pESSGEIB LOVE AFFAIR Romance with Warren Beatty, Annette Bening. (AL) PGI3-1:48. MAX Apr. 7,12,20,30 PUSS LOVEBLIND Two pals run into bumps on the road to romance. (AC,N,SC) TVMA/S-1:40. MAX Apr. 7, / 8,26 p O LULU ON THE BRIDGE Love blooms for a sax player and an actress. Mira Sorvino, Harvey Keitel. (AC,AL,MV) PG 13-1:44. MAX Apr.5,/4,20 pm 0 THE MAIN EVENT Streisand is a exec whose only asset is a boxer. (AC.AL) PG-1:50. MAX Apr.29 PS MAJOR LEAGUE: BACK TO THE MINORS Misfit baseball team. (AL.V) PG 13-1:40. HBO Apr. 1,5,10,13,23 p ES S CESB THE MAKING OF... Forces of Nature (AC) TVPG/D-: 14. HBO Apr. 1,11,13,17, 19 po; The Prince of Egypt TVG-:26. HBO Apr. 7,15,18,23 p O; The Replacement Killers (ACMV) TV 141 V,L,D-:23. HBO Apr.2,8,27 POSI; Saving Private Ryan (AL.V) TVPG/V.L-:25. HBO Apr.9,12,16 pOS; The Siege (AC.V) TV 14/V.D-: 14. HBO Apr. 7,15,27 po®; Small Soldiers (MV) TVPG/V-: 12. HBO Apr. 7,21 P O H THE MAN WITHOUT A FACE Mel Gibson directed, stars. (ACM) PG 13-1:55. MAX Apr.2,10,21,2 7 p ES SI THE MATRIX See p.2. (AL,V) R-2:16. HBO Apr.8,11,16,20,24 pESS <3313 MEAN GUNS Action-thriller about a shootout. Christopher Lambert. (AC, AL.GV) R-1:44. HBO Apr.22 pfflS MEATBALLS PART II Rowdy sequel. (ACM) PG-1:27. HBO Apr.6,28 pS MEN OF THE FIGHTING LADY War drama.TVG-1:18. MAX Apr.26 p MEN OF WAR Dolph Lundgren. (AC, AL,N,V) R-1:43. HBO Apr.28 PO® MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE Romance with Kevin Costner. (ACMV) PGI3-2:1 I.HBOApr.15 pESSCHiS METROLAND With Emily Watson. (AC,AL,N) R-1:41. MAX Apr. / 9 p ES MISBEGOTTEN An infertile couple meets a psycho sperm donor. (ACM N,V) R-1:37. HBO Apr. 10,18 MIXED SIGNALS High-school grads face the future together. (ACMMV) TV 14/V.L.D-1 -.13. MAX Apr.4,23 PISS MORITURI Marlon Brando. (AC.MV) B/W;TVPG/V,D-2:03. MAX Apr. 18 MOTHER IS A FRESHMAN A broke Park Avenue matron heads back to school. (AC) TVPG/D-1:21. MAX Apr.2 7 MR. JEALOUSY Eric Stoltz stars as a klutzy oaf consumed by jealousy. (ACM) R-1:41. MAX Apr.6 pESS MR. SHOW WITH BOB AND DAVID Off-the-wall comedy series. (ACM BN) TVMA/L-:25. Apr. 13,22 pO MURDER IN MIND A woman tries to prove she’s not a killer. (AC,AL,BN,V) , R-129. HBO Apr. 13,26 pOI^CEI© MUSIC FROM ANOTHER ROOM Jude ! Law stars in this romance. (AC^LMV) PG 13-1:44. MAX Apr.3,23 MY BROTHER’S WAR Irish brothers become divided. James Brolin. (ACfiL, j V) TVMA/YL-1:25. MAX Apr.24 po MY LIFE A father-to-be learns he’s dying. Michael Keaton. (AC/Lj PG 13-1:57. MAX Apr.5,19,18,24 pBS][^l Cl THE NAKED GUN: FROM THE FILES OF POLICE SQUAD! Screwball comedy with Leslie Nielsen. (AC,AL) PG 13-1:25 .MAX Apr.3,9,19,28 PS THE NATURAL Baseball classic with Robert Redford, Glenn Close. (AC, AL.V) PG-2:18. MAX Apr.6,11,30 pm

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