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I FRIDAY 6:00a HBO Shakespeare Othello 6:15 MAX Prophecy 6:30 HBO The Worst Witch 7:00 HBO The Adventures ofTintin 7:30 HBO Babar Show Must Go On 8:00 HBO Real Genius MAX Sharky’s Machine 10:00 HBO The Haunting MAX My Blue Heaven 11:40 MAX Simply Irresistible 12:00 HBO HBO First Look... 12:15p HBO The Remains of the Day 1:15 MAX Rats & Roaches 1:30 MAX Live Wire 2:30 HBO Winslow Homer... 3:00 MAX Deep End of the Ocean 3:30 HBO Shadrach 5:00 HBO Holy Matrimony MAX The Avengers 6:30 HBO The Haunting MAX The Naked Gun... 8:00 MAX 1 Still Know What You... 8:30 HBO The Thirteenth Floor 9:40 MAX Breakdown HBO SATURDAY NIGHT HBO ORIGINAL MOVIE MAX SUNDAY PREMIERE 10:00 Cl NE m R EEL 1 101 Rent SATURDAY 6:00a HBO Making of The Haunting 6:30 HBO Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child 7:00 HBO Country/City Mouse 7:30 HBO Babar To Duet or Not.. MAX Waiting for Woody 8:00 HBO Message in a Bottle MAX Gloria 10:00 MAX The Chairman 10:15 HBO Ali-Frazier 1: One Nation... 11:15 HBO Beetlejuice 11:40 MAX It's Pat l:00p HBO My Father the Hero MAX You’ve Got Mail 2:30 HBO Dr. Dolittle 3:00 MAX Thick and Thin 4:00 HBO Tracey Takes On... 4:30 HBO Les Miserables 4:45 MAX Never Been Kissed 6:30 MAX Stealth Fighter 6:45 HBO Message in a Bottle 8:00 MAX Magnum Force 10:15 HBO Goodbye Lover 12:00 HBO The Chris Rock Show MAX Nightcap 12:30a HBO The Sopranos MAX Pleasurecraft 1:30 HBO Arli$$ 2:00 HBO John Carpenter's Vampires MAX Asylum 3:30 MAX Tales From the Darkside... 3:50 HBO Patton Oswalt 4:25 HBO Legal Deceit 5:00 MAX The Shining SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY inn WEDNESDAY Full Metal Jacket The Enforcer Boxing After Dark Vargas vs. Thompson; Forrest vs. Frank Sudden Impact Oz Sex and the City Nightcap G-String Divas Eyes Wide Shut True Crime The Confession Airborne The Last the Blonde Bombshells 10:00 MAX 10:30 HBO 11:45 MAX 12:30a HBO 1:30 HBO 1:45 MAX 2:00 HBO 2:15 MAX 2:30 HBO 4:40 HBO 5:00 MAX 6:30a HBO Goodnight Moon & Other Sleepytime Tales 7:00 HBO Jim Henson’s Storyteller MAX The Great Gatsby 7:30 HBO Babar The Phantom 8:00 HBO The Worst Witch 8:30 HBO Protocol 9:30 MAX Clockmaker 10:15 HBO Truman HBO Original Movie 11:00 MAX One Good Cop I2:30p HBO One Last Flight 12:50 MAX Blazing Saddles 2:00 HBO Without Pity... 2:30 MAX Kimberly 3:00 HBO The Haunting 4:15 MAX Young Guns II 5:00 HBO Real Genius 6:00 MAX Nobody's Fool 7:00 HBO Rebels With a Cause: The Story of the American Football League 8:00 HBO Pushing Tin MAX The Siege When Justice Fails Kickboxer 2: The Road Back The Haunting Die Hard 2 G-String Divas Somewhere in the City Absence of the Good Autopsy 4: The Dead Speak The Acid House Guilty As Sin The Last Broadcast HBO First Look... Country/City Mouse Babar School Days Message in a Bottle The Avengers Searching/Bobby Fischer Making of Small Soldiers Small Soldiers Stalker Guilt Syndrome Wyatt Earp Feds Berry Gordy’s Last Dragon Cinemax Behind/Scenes... A Smile Like Yours Ali-Frazier I: One Nation... Blue Chips HBO First Look... Message in a Bottle Bad Company If Looks Could Kill Jawbreaker Sex and the City Arli$$ The Sopranos Panic 6:30a MAX 6:45 HBO 7:00 HBO 7:30 HBO 8:00 HBO MAX 9:45 HBO 10:15 MAX 11:30 HBO 12:30p MAX 1:30 HBO 2:00 HBO MAX 3:15 HBO Snowboard Academy HBO First Look The Replacements Encyclopedia Babar The Missing Crown- Lost & Found The Verdict It Takes Two Die Hard Mr. Destiny Who’s Harry Crumb Dear America: So Far... The Adventures of Elmo... The Man With Two Brains HBO First Look The Replacements Small Soldiers Marked for Death Ever After Nothing but Trouble Braveheart Lost & Found Sex and the City Arli$$ The Right Temptation 6:30a MAX 6:45 HBO 7:00 HBO 7:30 HBO 8:00 HBO MAX 9:30 MAX 10:15 HBO 10:30 HBO 11:20 MAX 11:30 MAX I2:30p HBO 2:00 HBO 2:40 MAX 3:00 MAX 4:00 HBO 4:45 MAX 5:00 HBO 5:15 HBO 6:30 MAX 7:30 HBO 8:30 MAX 9:00 HBO 9:30 HBO 10:00 HBO MAX Sex and the City Arli$$ Summer Temptations II G-String Divas HBO First Look The Replacements The Negotiator Die Hard With/Vengeance Next of Kin Idle Hands The Base Major League visit our HBO website at HB0.com aol Keyword: hbo HBO MAX MAX HBO MAX HBO HBO HBO HBO 10:00 Panic First on Max 1:30 MAX Illicit Lovers 1:40 HBO The Chris Rock Show 2:10a HBO Oz 1:10 HBO Gang Related MAX Nightcap 1:40 MAX Spy Game 3:05 HBO The Break 3:20 MAX Warlock III... 4:45 HBO Vision Quest 5:00 MAX Suspect EE/PW 10:15 HBO 11:20 MAX 11:50 HBO 12:50a MAX 1:45 HBO 2:15 HBO 2:50 MAX 3:50 HBO 4:30 MAX 4:50 HBO EE/PW 6:20a MAX The Legend of Billie Jean 6:45 HBO Making of Practical Magic 7:00 HBO The Little Lulu Show 7:30 HBO Babar Between Friends 8:00 HBO Mixing Nia MAX Tales From the Darkside... 9:30 HBO Practical Magic MAX The Nephew 11:15 HBO Home Fries 11:20 MAX Easy Money l:00p HBO Last of/Blonde Bombshells MAX Jackie Chan’s Who Am 1! 2:30 HBO HBO First Look... 2:45 HBO Pokemon:The First Movie MAX Forces of Nature 4:30 HBO Shadrach MAX Gloria 6:00 HBO Waking Ned Devine 6:15 MAX The Muse 7:30 HBO Practical Magic 8:00 MAX Striking Distance 9:30

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SATURDAY SUNDAY MONDAY 6:00a MAX Blood and Sand 7:00 HBO Country/City Mouse 7:30 HBO Babar The City of Elephants 8:00 HBO Pokemon:The First Movie 8:05 MAX Deep End of the Ocean 9:45 HBO HBO First Look... 10:00 HBO Real Sports/Bryant Gumbel MAX The Frogmen 11:00 HBO Without Limits 11:30 MAX Rituals and Resolutions 12:00 MAX Nobody's Fool 1:00p HBO Feds 2:00 MAX Full Metal Jacket 2:30 HBO Making of Deep Blue Sea 2:45 HBO Practical Magic 4:00 MAX Simply Irresistible 4:30 HBO Drinking Apart: Families... 5:45 HBO HBO First Look... MAX Die Hard 6:00 HBO Mr. Destiny HBO SATURDAY NIGHT 8:00 The Right Temptation 8:00 MAX Die Hard 2 9:30 HBO Championship Boxing Live! Hamed vs. Sanchez; Diaz vs. Ward 10:00 MAX Die Hard With/Vengeance 12:00 HBO Oz 12:10a MAX Nightcap 12:45 1:00 1:30 2:00 2:05 3:40 3:55 5:20 5:30 MAX Veronica 2030 HBO Sex and the City HBO G-String Divas MAX Spitfire HBO Guilty As Sin MAX Deadlock HBO The Right Temptation MAX Easy Mone HBO Tracey Takes On.L S. - Prince Naseem Hamed Title Fight ( AUGUST 19-24 6:05a HBO Winslow Homer... 6:50a MAX Regeneration 6:00a HBO 7:00 HBO Encyclopedia “Crocodile” Dundee II 7:00 HBO Jim Henson’s Storyteller MAX MAX 7:30 HBO Babar Babar’s Choice 7:00 HBO 7:30 HBO Babar Babar’s Triumph 8:00 HBO Shadrach 7:30 HBO 8:00 HBO Can’t Hardly Wait 8:30 MAX Seven Minutes in Heaven 8:00 HBO 9:00 MAX Fright Night 9:30 HBO The Adventures of Elmo... 8:30 MAX 9:45 HBO Real Genius 10:00 MAX Frantic 9:45 HBO 10:45 MAX Never Say Never Again 10:45 HBO Making of Deep Blue Sea 10:00 HBO 11:30 HBO Ali-Frazier 1: One Nation... 11:00 HBO Lost & Found 10:30 MAX I2:30p HBO The Haunting 12:00 MAX Blue Chips 1 11:00 HBO 1:00 MAX Searching for 12:45p HBO Home Fries 12:15p MAX Bobby Fischer 2:00 MAX You've Got Mail 12:45 HBO 2:30 HBO Someone Had to Be Benny 2:30 HBO Real Sports 2:00 HBO 3:00 MAX My Blue Heaven With Bryant Gumbel MAX 3:30 HBO Message in a Bottle 3:30 HBO If Looks Could Kill 4:00 HBO 4:45 MAX A Smile Like Yours 4:00 MAX Atomic Tabasco MAX 5:45 HBO My Father the Hero 4:15 MAX Thick and Thin 4:30 HBO 6:30 MAX Live Wire 5:00 HBO Small Soldiers 7:15 HBO Can't Hardly Wait 6:00 MAX How Stella Got 5:35 MAX 8:00 MAX Green Card Her Groove Back 5:45 MAX 9:00 HBO Sex and the City 7:00 HBO Howard Cosell: 6:30 HBO 9:30 HBO Arli$$ Telling It Like It Is 7:30 MAX 10:00 HBO The Haunting 8:00 HBO Lost & Found 8:00 HBO TUESDAY Without Pity... 200I:A Space Odyssey The Little Lulu Show Babar Race to the Moon Nothing but Trouble Goodbye America HBO First Look... Ali-Frazier I: One Nation... A Simple Twist of Fate Ghostbusters Young Guns II Drinking Apart: Families... Mr. Destiny Lone Wolf McQuade Tracey Takes On... Marked for Death William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream Stalker Guilt Syndrome Never Been Kissed Dr. Dolittle The Matrix Ali-Frazier I: One Nation... WEDNESDAY IBO Someone Had/Be Benny Secret of Convict Lake Country/City Mouse... Babar No Place Like Home Take the Money and Run Beetlejuice The Siege King Cobra Bad Girls Whereabouts of Jenny Nobody’s Fool It Takes Two The Winslow Boy Jack & the Beanstalk Beetlejuice Renaissance Man Armed and Dangerous Die Hard 2 Mixing Nia 24 THURSDAY 6:30a HBO Goodnight Moon... 6:40 MAX 100 Rifles 7:00 HBO The Neverending Story 7:30 HBO Babar Elephant’s Best Friend 8:00 HBO Practical Magic 8:30 MAX 2010 10:00 HBO Feds 10:30 MAX Forces of Nature 11:30 HBO Without Limits 12:15p MAX Night Shift 1:30 HBO Ali-Frazier 1: One Nation... 2:00 MAX In the Line of Duty: Blaze of Glory 2:30 HBO Small Soldiers 3:30 MAX Striking Distance 4:30 HBO PokemomThe First Movie 5:15 MAX Wyatt Earp 6:15 HBO Practical Magic 8:00 HBO 8mm 8:30 MAX Cobra 10:00 HBO Dave Chappelle: Killin'Them Softly The Muse Interview With the Vampire 11:40 MAX Different Strokes:The 9:45 HBO Shark Attack Story of Jack & JilL.and Jill 10:00 MAX Stealth Fighter 12:00 HBO The Chris Rock Show 11:30 HBO Deep Blue Sea 12:30a HBO Oz MAX Confessions of 1:15 MAX Nightcap a Lap Dancer 1:30 HBO livin’ Large 1:15a MAX Table for One 1:50 MAX Hellraiser III: 1:20 HBO G-String Divas Hell on Earth 1:50 HBO Among Giants 3:10 HBO Screamers 3:10 MAX Saving Private Ryan 3:30 MAX Black Circle Boys 3:25 HBO Dave Chappelle: 5:00 HBO This Is My Father Killin' Them Softly 5:15 MAX Final Mission 4:25 HBO Suspicious Minds K | W 9:00 The Right Temptation EE 10:00 MAX Under Pressure 10:30 HBO HBO First Look... 11:00 HBO Sex and the City 11:30 HBO Arli$$ MAX Die Hard 12:00 HBO G-String Divas 12:30a HBO Militia 1:45 MAX Eyes Wide Shut 2:00 HBO Good Cop, Bad Cop 3:45 HBO Mr. Show/Bob and David 4:15 HBO The Right Temptation 4:30 MAX Road Ends EE/PW Sex and the City Arli$$ The Sopranos The Muse Oz Nightcap The Chris Rock Show The Substitute 3: Winner Takes All G-String Divas Color of Night Sexually Bewitched Wildly Available Judge and Jury Making Love A Low Down Dirty Shame G-String Divas Sex Bytes Die Hard With a Vengeance Oz Don King: Only in America Jawbreaker Ali-Frazier I: One Nation... Erotic

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 13 SUNDAY 14 MONDAY 15 TUESDAY 6:15a MAX Spaced Invaders 6:00a HBO 7:00 HBO Encyclopedia 7:00 HBO 7:30 HBO Babar Oh, to Be an Adult MAX 8:00 HBO Goodnight Moon... 7:30 HBO MAX In the Line of Duty: 8:00 HBO Blaze of Glory 9:00 MAX 8:30 HBO Practical Magic 9:30 HBO 9:30 MAX Digging to China 10:30 HBO 10:15 HBO Mixing Nia 10:45 MAX 11:15 MAX Young Guns II 12:00 HBO Real Sports 12:00 HBO With Bryant Gumbel l:00p MAX l:00p HBO Without Pity... MAX How Stella Got 1:45 HBO Her Groove Back 2:00 HBO 2:00 HBO Beetlejuice 2:30 MAX 3:00 MAX Blue Chips 3:45 HBO 3:30 HBO ♦NSYNC Live From MSG 4:00 MAX 4:45 MAX Wyatt Earp 5:00 HBO 5:15 HBO Making of Deep Blue Sea 5:30 HBO Pokemon:The First Movie 6:00 MAX 7:15 HBO Practical Magic 7:00 HBO 8:00 MAX The Siege 8:00 HBO 9:00 HBO Sex and the City 9:30 HBO Arli$$ 8: 10:00 HBO Deep Blue Sea Winslow Homer... Jim Henson’s Storyteller Dollars Babar Robot Rampage Dr. Dolittle Jumpin’ Jack Flash Fists of Freedom... My Father the Hero Die Hard With a Vengeance The Whereabouts of Jenny The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! Making of Practical Magic Ghostbusters Co-ed Call Girl Drinking Apart: Families... “Crocodile” Dundee II Berry Gordy’s The Last Dragon The Shining Spirit of the Games True Crime 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 9:00 9:30 10:45 11:00 6:15a MAX Jane Eyre Making of The Haunting The Little Lulu Show Babar Mango Madness Real Sports/Bryant Gumbel A Match Made in Heaven Can’t Hardly Wait Blazing Saddles Soul of the Game Striking Poses The Haunting MAX My Blue Heaven HBO It Takes Two MAX Die Hard 2 HBO The Adventures of Elmo... MAX Ever After HBO The Worst Witch HBO Making of Deep Blue Sea HBO Can’t Hardly Wait MAX Bad Girls HBO Real Sports/Bryant Gumbe MAX Cinemax Behind/Scenes... MAX The Substitute 3: Winner Takes All HBO HBO HBO HBO MAX HBO MAX HBO MAX I2:30p HBO 12:45 2:30 4:15 4:30 5:30 6:00 6:15 6:30 8:00 8:10 8:30 X SUNDAY PREMIERE Entrapment 11:50 HBO Oz 12:00 MAX Jawbreaker -HQ Marked I for Death _ MK5E9HI * r 'j * mg'W 10:00 MAX 10:15 HBO 10:30 HBO 11:30 HBO 12:35a HBO 12:50a HBO Militia 1:30 MAX Nightcap 2:00 MAX Indiscreet 2:25 HBO Phoenix 3:40 MAX Kiss of a Stranger 4:15 HBO Decoy 5:15 MAX River Red 12:45 2:00 2:10 3:55 4:30 MAX HBO MAX HBO HBO MAX Eyes Wide Shut HBO First Look Space... Taxicab Confessions 7 Ellen DeGeneres... Universal Soldier: The Return Sexually Bewitched The Confession The Matrix Patton Oswalt Stakeout The Taxman 9:00 The Haunting 10:00 11:00 11:30 11:45 12:00 MAX HBO HBO MAX HBO 1:00a HBO 1:50 3:00 3:10 4:35 5:30 MAX HBO MAX HBO MAX Thick and Thin Sex and the City Arli$$ Interview With/Vampire Dave Chappelle... Coming to America Desert Passion When Justice Fails A Clockwork Orange Out of Bounds MAX Transmission Test EE/PW I 16 WEDNESDAY 17 THURSDAY FRIDAY 6:15a HBO 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 10:00 11:00 11:45 HBO HBO MAX HBO HBO MAX HBO MAX HBO MAX I2:45p HBO 1:30 MAX 3:00 HBO 3:05 MAX 3:30 MAX 5:15 HBO 6:30 MAX Making of Small Soldiers Dear America: So Far... Country/City Mouse Breakout Babar Babar’s First Step Lost & Found Live Wire Winslow Homer... Gloria Pokemon:The First Movie B.U.S.T.E.D. Message in a Bottle Tales From the Darkside:The Movie Les Miserables Breakdown Braveheart Lost & Found Jackie Chan’s Who Am I? Nothing but Trouble 6:45a HBO 7:00 HBO MAX 7:30 HBO 8:00 HBO 8:45 MAX 9:30 HBO 10:00 MAX 11:15 HBO 12:00 MAX l:30p HBO 2:15 MAX 3:00 HBO 3:30 HBO 4:00 MAX 5:15 HBO Making of Deep Blue Sea The Neverending Story This Is Elvis Babar City Ways Holy Matrimony Wisconsin Death Trip Home Fries I’ll Do Anything William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream Under Fire My Father the Hero Clockwatchers The Worst Witch Protocol You’ve Got Mail Home Fries One Good Cop Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel Lethal Weapon Never Been Kissed Stalker Guilt Syndrome 6:10a MAX 7:00 7:30 8:00 9:20 9:45 10:30 11:30 HBO HBO MAX HBO MAX HBO HBO MAX 12:00 HBO l:00p MAX 1:15 HBO It’s Pat The Adventures ofTintin Babar Babar Returns Erik the Viking j It Takes Two Renaissance Man Someone Had/Be Benny Dr. Dolittle Legacy of Sin: The William Coit Story The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland Any Which Way You Can Making of Small Soldiers Life Afterlife Beetlejuice Cousin Bette Truman Blood Money The Siege Dr. Dolittle Big Daddy Jawbreaker Deep Blue Sea Eyes Wide Shut I Still Knowj What You | Did LastF 51 Summer! 8:45 HBO HBO MAX HBO MAX HBO MAX HBO First Look The Replacements Sex and the City Arli$$ The Sopranos Entrapment Oz Taxicab Confessions 7 Nightcap When Passions Collide Deep Blue Sea Route 9 Militia She’s Gotta Have It The Negotiator Stranger Than Fiction Ali-Frazier I: One Nation... ^JQiyisible 10:00 MAX Absence of the Good Premiere! & ’. * 11:00 HBO G-String Divas 11:30 HBO The Naked Players... 12:30a HBO The Sopranos 11:40 MAX Summer Temptations II 12:40 MAX Nightcap 12:00 HBO Oz 1:10 MAX Who Killed Buddy Blue 1:00a HBO Universal Soldier... 1:30 HBO Arli$$ 1:15 MAX Erotic Confessions 2:00 HBO Major League 1:45 MAX Bone Daddy 2:45 MAX

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THIS MONTH ON HBO AND CINEMAX PROTEUS A group of yuppie drug smugglers battle a deadly monster. (AC,AL,V) R-1:37. MAX Aug. I 50 PROTOCOL Goldie Hawn goes from waitress to government envoy! (AL, V) PG-1:35. HBO Aug.4,17,28 p HE PUSHING TIN Air-traffic rivalry. John Cusack, Billy Bob Thornton. (AC^AL,V) R-2:04. HBO Aug. 11,28 PBS del CETO □ RATS & ROACHES An exterminator must deal with a witch. (ACAL) TV 14/L.D-: 16. MAX Aug. 7,25 pO REAL GENIUS Val Kilmer stars as a college whiz kid. (AC.AL) PG-1:46. HBO Aug.1,20,25,28 EHSCISB REAL SEX 17 Adults only! Segments include a fantasy house. (AC,GL,N,SC) TVMA/S,L-:43. HBO Aug. 10 POS REAL SEX 24 The hit documentary series about sex. (AC,GL,N,SC) TVMA/ S,L-:48. HBO Aug.5,9,3 ipng REAL SPORTS WITH BRYANT GUM-BEL See page l5.TVPG-:57. HBO Aug.2,5,10,13,15,17,19,21 pS REBELS WITH A CAUSE: THE STORY OF THE AMERICAN FOOTBALL LEAGUE A salute to the AFL. (AL) TVPG/L-:59. HBO Aug.28 pOH RED SCORPION 2 A neo-Nazi lays out his plans for a Fourth Reich. (AC, AL,BN,V) R-l:30. MAX Aug. 7 SSHel REFLECTIONS ON ICE: A DIARY OF LADIES FIGURE SKATING Skating docu.TVG-:59. HBO Aug.7 pOUsI REGENERATION Anti -war sentiments land a poet in a hospital during WWI. (N,V) R-1:36. MAX Aug.21 p EH THE REMAINS OF THE DAY Anthony Hopkins, Emma Thompson. (AL) PG-2:14. HBO Aug.7,25 pEHESlCEnD RENAISSANCE MAN Danny DeVito teaches Army grunts. (AC.AL) PG 13-2:08. MAX Aug. 12,18,23 p EH a REQUIEM FOR MURDER A fan stalks a radio host. (AC,At,MV) TV 14/V,L,D-1:34. HBO Aug.2,8,11 pnS THE RIGHT TEMPTATION See page 3. (AC.AL.V) TVMA/V.L-1:31. HBO Aug. 19,22,27,31 pEHSCESB RITUALS AND RESOLUTIONS A trio of interconnected stories. (AC,AL,N) TV 14/S,L,D-:29. MAX Aug. 19 p O RIVER RED Two brothers are haunted by their past.Tom Everett Scott. (AC,AL,V) R-1:44. MAX Aug. 13 pn RKO 281 HBO Original Movie Battle to make Citizen Kane. (AC,AL,BN) R-1:27. HBO Aug.30 pEMGETO ROAD ENDS An informant must save himself from a drug dealer. (AC,AL,V) R-1:38. MAX Aug.22 SHI ROBERT A. HEINLEIN’S THE PUPPET MASTERS Alien takeover. (AL,N,V) R-1:49. HBO Aug.2 p EH 1^1 CES© ROUTE 9 A dusty Nevada highway detours to double-cross and death. (ACAL,V) R-1:45. MAX Aug. 16 PEHIIeI ROXIE HART Ginger Rogers plays a murder suspect in this witty 1942 farce. B/W;TVG-1:14. MAX Aug. 10 P O SAVING PRIVATE RYAN Steven Spielberg's World War II masterpiece with Tom Hanks. (AC.ALGV) R-2:49. MAX Aug. 12,21,30 PEHIS1 SCREAMERS Killer machines hunt humans on a desolate planet. (AL,V) R-1:48. HBO Aug.20 p EH S HBO Aug.7 pEHSCESB SEVEN MINUTES IN HEAVEN Teens grow up. Jennifer Connelly. (AC.AL, BN) PG 13-1:28. MAX Aug.2 / PS THE SEVENTH SIGN Apocalyptic thriller with Demi Moore. (ACAL&N, V) R-l:37. HBO Aug.3 pEH SEX AND THE CITY See page 4. Hit comedy series. (AC,AL,N) TVMA/S,L-:27. HBO Aug. 1,2,5,6,8,9,12,13,15, \6,L9,20,22,23,26,27,29,30 pEHS SEX BYTES The Net is your door to the erotic in this series. (GL,N,SC) TVMA/S,L-:30. HBO Aug.24 POH SEX BYTES 2.3 Adults only. (GL,N,SC) TVMA/S,L-:39. HBO Aug.3 POIS SEXUALLY BEWITCHED A witchy woman gets wild. (AC,N,SC) TVMA/ S-1:20. MAX Aug.4,/0,/4,23 pn SHADRACH A bigoted family takes in boarders. (AC,ALBN) PG 13-1:28. HBO Aug. 6,21,25,2 9 p EH IS (S310 SHAKESPEARE-THE ANIMATED TALES Acclaimed series based on the Bard. TVY7-:26. HBO Aug. 1,25 pOH SHARK ATTACK A scientist discovers odd shark attack patterns. (AC,AL,V) R-1:36. HBO Aug.3,21 pEHSCHB SHARKY’S MACHINE A cop hunts a crime czar. Burt Reynolds stars. (AL, GV.N) R-2:02. MAX Aug.25 pSHIS SHE’S go™ HAVE IT Spike Lee’s film about a sassy young woman. (AC,At,N) B/W; R-1:20. MAX Aug. 16 THE SHINING Jack Nicholson goes haywire in this Stanley Kubrick film. (AL,GV,N) R-2:24. MAX Aug.6,14,25 p THE SIEGE Terrorists target NYC. Denzel Washington, Annette Bening, Bruce Willis. (ACAUBN.V) R-1:56. MAXAug.5,8,13,18,23,28 pEHH A SIMPLE TWIST OF FATE A misanthropic miser is brought to life by a little girl. Steve Martin. (AC,AL,MV) PG 13-1:46. MAX Aug.2,22 PSSI^I SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE Romance with Sarah Michelle Gellar. (AC,AL) PG 13-1:36 .MAX Aug.2,7,19,25 pSSlEl SINK OR SWIM A TV scribe suffers from writer’s block. Stephen Rea. (ACM) R-1:33. MAX Aug.31 pEUS SLC PUNK! Punk rockers raise hell at a college in Salt Lake City. (AC,AL, V) R-l:38. HBO Aug.9 piSl^lCEm i THIS MONTH ON HBO AND CINEMAX SMALL SOLDIERS A chip brings rival toys to life. (ACALV) PG 13-1:50. HBO Aug.1,12,21,24,27,30 pEHSGESB A SMILE LIKE YOURS A couple go to extremes for a baby. (AC.AL) R-1:38. MAX Aug.3,11,20,30 pEHS SNOWBOARD ACADEMY Real flakes hit the slopes. Corey Haim. (AC,AL, MV) PG-1:29. MAX Aug.2 7 p O SOLDIER BOYZ Street kids go on a hard Vietnam rescue mission. (AL,V) TVMA/V.L-1:29. HBO Aug.6 pEHS SOMEONE HAD TO

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JUDI DENCH IAN HOLM It’s never too late For an encore. For Elizabeth (Dench), passion was a memory until a man (Holm) from her past offered her a new beginning. Now, more than 50 years after playing with an (almost) all-girl swing ensemble during World War II, the two try to strike up the band again—and stir up some romance—in this life-affirming comedy. (AC, 4ijTVPG-i:20. HBO Aug.26,29 pHUCHuO STARTS SATURDAY, AUGUST 26 A NEW MOVIE EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT GUARANTEED! DEEP BLUE SEA THOMAS JANE SAFFRON BURROWS SAMUEL L. JACKSON THE HAUNTING LIAM NEESON CATHERINE ZETA-JONES 1 REBECCA DE MORNAY DANA DELANY KIEFER SUTHERLAND Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the movies comes this superb shark shocker. When a tropical storm hits a floating research lab where three genetically altered sharks are being studied, all hell breaks loose as the super-smart creatures begin snacking on their human adversaries. (AC,AL,V) R-i:45-HBO Aug.5,8,13,16,18,21,30 PES5.1H3GI5B STARTS SATURDAY, AUGUST 5 Things go bump in the night v when a scientist and his three j unsuspecting test subjects arrive at the creepy gates of a haunted manse in this remake of the 1963 classic. Lili Taylor. (AC,AL,V) PG13-1.53. HBO Aug. 12,15,20,25,28,31 p ES5.1 Hil CESB STARTS SATURDAY, AUGUST 12 i ' A beautiful private eye with a tragic past is hired by a jealous housewife to spy on her tycoon husband —but quickly finds herself caught up in sexual intrigue. With Adam Baldwin. (AC,AL,V) TVMA/V,L-i:3i. HBO Aug.19,22,27,31 pgsngcEm STARTS SATURDAY, AUGUST 19

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THIS MONT H ON HBO AND CINEMAX JUMPIN’ JACK FLASH Whoopi Goldberg gets into wild spy-jinks. (AL, MV) R-1:45. MAX Aug.4,I4 pEEH JUSTICE A prosecutor is hunted by drug thugs. James Belushi. (ACfiLV) TVMA/V.L-1:43. MAX Aug.4 pESlel Q KICKBOXER 2: THE ROAD BACK An ex-kickboxer returns for revenge. (AC.AL.V) R-1:30. MAX Aug.8,28 O KIMBERLY A woman dating four rowing buddies gets pregnant. (ACflL, BN) R-1:47. MAX Aug.2,12,28 po KING COBRA A giant snake wreaks havoc in a small town. (AC,AL,V) PG13-1:33. HBO Aug. 10,23 pEUt^l KISS OF A STRANGER A one-night stand turns dangerous. (AC,AL,N,V) TVMA-1:33. MAX Aug.l3 pESS KO NATION See page 7.Two big fights including Hideki Todaka vs. Eric Morel. 1:57. HBO Aug.5,6 pH$l KUNG FU: THE MOVIE Chop-socky opus starring David Carradine. (V) TVPG/V-1:33. HBO Aug.4,fOpO n THE LAST BROADCAST A devil stalks people in the woods. (AL,V) TVMA/V.L-1:27. MAX Aug.30 pn THE LAST OF THE BLONDE BOMBSHELLS HBO Original Movie See page 3.TVPG-1:20. HBO Aug.26,29 fflSB THE LAST OF THE FINEST Cops uncover a drug-trafficking scandal. Brian Dennehy. R-1:46. MAX Aug. I ESS THE LAST SEDUCTION II The sexy con artist finds a new mark. (AC,AL, N,V) R-l :36. HBO Aug.4 pmtS THE UST TATTOO A marine and a nurse uncover corruption. (AC,AL,N, V) TVMA/V,S,L-1:52. MAX Aug. I E3 LEGACY OF SIN: THE WILLIAM COIT STORY Neil Patrick Harris. (AC,MV) TV 14/V.D-1:30. MAX Aug. 18^101^1 LEGAL DECEIT A lawyer attracts a devious mentor. Lela Rochon. (ACfiL, V)TVMA/V,L-1:33. HBO Aug.25 pn THE LEGEND OF BILLIE JEAN A teen becomes a fugitive. Helen Slater. (AC, AL,V) PG 13-1:35. MAX Aug.29 mm LES MISERABLES Hugo’s classic tale of justice, goodness and revenge. Liam Neeson stars. (AC,V) PG 13-2:14. HBO Aug.4,16,26 pgEH^GESD LETHAL WEAPON With Mel Gibson and Danny Glover. (AL,BN,V) R-l:50. HBO Aug.4,12,17 pES^CESia LETTERS FROM A KILLER A death-row Casanova finds himself hunted. (ACAL,V) R-1:43. MAX Aug.24 pSEHal LIFE AFTERLIFE America Undercover The possibility of life after death. (AC) TVPG-1:27. HBO Aug. 7,18,31 p O THE LITTLE LULU SHOW Colorful animated series about a girl.TVY-:24. HBO Aug. 1,8,15,22,29 pEIll^ LIVE WIRE Pierce Brosnan takes on a terrorist group. (AC,AL,N,V) R-1:25 .MAX Aug.8,16,20,25 pESI^] LIVIN’ LARGE A black youth makes his mark in the white world. (AC, AL) R-1:32. HBO Aug.20 HSURGES® LOLITA Stanley Kubrick’s version of the novel with James Mason. (ACflL) B/W;TV 14/L,D-2:34. MAX Aug.6 p LONE WOLF MCQUADE A ranger battles bandits. Chuck Norris. (AL, GV,N) PG-1:47. MAX Aug. 7,22 M LOST & FOUND David Spade comedy. (AC,AL,BN,MV) PG 13-1:40. HBO Aug.3,12,16,21,27 p E313 CE2B LOVEBLIND Two buddies hit speed bumps on the road to romance. (AC, N,SC) TVMA/S-1:40. MAX Aug.6 p O A LOW DOWN DIRTY SHAME With Keenan Ivory Wayans. (AC,AL,V) R-1:40. HBO Aug.5,23 pESl^lCHO 0 MAGNUM FORCE Dirty Harry fights vigilante cops. Clint Eastwood. (AL,N,V) R-2:02. MAX Aug.26 pr*0 MAJOR LEAGUE A riotous comedy about a misfit baseball team. (AC,AL) R-1:47. HBO Aug.18,29 pESSGESB MAKING LOVE A seemingly perfect marriage falls apart. With Michael Ontkean. (ACM) R-1:52. MAX Aug.23 THE MAKING OF... Deep Blue Sea (V) TV 14/V-: 15. HBO Aug. 7,9,13,15,1 7, 19,21,24 go; The Haunting (AC, MV) TVPG/V,D-:27. HBO Aug. 15,26, 31 PO; Practical Magic (AC,MV) TVPG/V.D-: 15. HBO Aug. 12,14,29 pr»; Small Soldiers (MV) TVPG/V-: 12. HBO Aug.4,11,16,18,30 POSI MAN ABOUT TOWN A NYC man on his last night of drinking. (ACM) B/W;TV14/L,D-:22. MAX Aug.24 O THE MAN WITH TWO BRAINS Steve Martin as a flaky physician. (AC,AL, N) R-l:30. MAX Aug.2,/0,27 PS MARKED FOR DEATH Steven Seagal takes on Caribbean drug lords. (AL, GV,N) R-I-.33.MAX Aug.3,14,22,27 m A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN Ailing woman plays matchmaker. (AC) TVPG/D-1:32. MAX Aug. 15 f» a THE MATRIX Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne star in this sci-ence-fiction blockbuster. (AL,V) R-2:16. MAX Aug.5,/4,22,3/ pEBlH MERCENARY Adventure-thriller with Olivier Gruner. (AC,Al^BN,V) TVMA/V.L-1:42. HBO Aug.3 pEES MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE A note leads to love. Kevin Costner, Robin Wright Penn. (ACALV) PG 13-2:1 I. HBO Aug. 1,7,16,20,26,30 p HUS CHE* MILITIA An agent tries to infiltrate a deadly militia. (AL.V) TVMA/V.L-1:29. HBO Aug.4,10,13,16,22 p EE CESB MIXING NIA A woman’s identity crisis consumes her. (AC,AL) TVI4/L, D-l:32. HBO Aug.3,7,13,23,29 po MO’ MONEY Con man falls for a girl who works'. Damon Wayans stars. (ACALV) R-1:30. HBO Aug.l I pED 1^1 MR. DESTINY A loser gets a second chance at life. James Belushi, Michael Caine star. (AC,AL) PG 13-1:50. HBO Aug.3,9,\9,22,27 pESEaU<33 T H ONTH ON HBO AND CINEMAX MR. SHOW WITH BOB AND DAVID The out-of-kilter comedy series. (ACALBN) TVMA/L-:29. Aug.22 PO THE MUSE See page 9. (AC,AL,BN) PG 13-1:36. MAX Aug.20,23,29 PEE MY BLUE HEAVEN Steve Martin as a relocated mobster. (AL,MV) PG 13-1:36. MAX Aug.2,15,20,25 pEEEl MY FATHER THE HERO Divorced dad gets a shock. (AC,MV) PG-1:30. HBO Aug.2,11,14,1 7,20,26 p US S CESB Q THE NAKED GUN: FROM THE FILES OF POLICE SQUAD! The

HBO Guide August 2000 - Page section : 007

6:15a MAX Gloria 6:30 HBO Shakespeare Othello 7:00 HBO The Little Lulu Show 7:30 HBO Babar All Played Out 8:00 HBO Small Soldiers 8:30 MAX Any Which Way You Can 10:00 HBO Jack & the Beanstalk 10:30 MAX Private Benjamin 11:30 HBO Berry Gordy’s Last Dragon 12:20 MAX Brubaker l:30p HBO Gunplay:The Last Day... 2:00 HBO Real Genius 2:30 MAX The Hollywood Knights 4:00 HBO Ghostbusters MAX Superman II 5:45 HBO Message in a Bottle 6:15 MAX Caddyshack 8:00 HBO Drinking Apart: Families Under the Influence America Undercover MAX American Gigolo 9:15 HBO HBO First Look Hollow... 9:30 HBO Universal Soldier: The Return 10:00 MAX Caligula 11:00 HBO Sex and the City 11:30 HBO Arli$$ 11:45 MAX Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth 12:00 HBO Dennis Miller Live 12:30a HBO Color of Night 1:30 MAX The Last of the Finest 2:55 HBO Valmont 3:20 MAX The Last Tattoo 5:15 HBO HBO First Look Hollow... MAX Proteus 5:30 HBO HBO Transmission Test 7:00a HBO Country Mouse and the City Mouse Adventures MAX The Bounty 7:30 HBO Babar Radio Riot 8:00 HBO Can’t Hardly Wait 9:15 MAX Kimberly 9:45 HBO Requiem for Murder 11:00 MAX Young Guns II 11:30 HBO My Father the Hero I2:45p MAX Atomic Tabasco 1:00 HBO Without Pity... MAX Simply Irresistible 2:00 HBO Without Limits 2:45 MAX A Simple Twist of Fate 4:00 HBO Dear America: So Far From Home 4:30 HBO Can’t Hardly Wait MAX The Man With Two Brains 6:00 MAX My Blue Heaven 6:15 HBO Home Fries 7:45 MAX Die Hard 8:00 HBO Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel 9:00 HBO Sex and the City 9:30 HBO Arli$$ 10:00 HBO The Sopranos MAX Animal Factory 11:00 HBO Oz 11:30 MAX Cobra 12:00 HBO Chain of Command 1:00a MAX Confessions of/Lap Dancer 1:40 HBO Robert A. Heinlein’s The Puppet Masters 2:40 MAX Executive Power 3:35 HBO Prince of the City 4:20 MAX Bram Stoker’s The Mummy THURSDAY H FRIDAY l:00p HBO MAX 2:50 MAX 3:00 HBO Summer of ’42 Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child The Neverending Story Babar The Lead Blimp Strictly Ballroom Wild Wild West Jackie Chan’s Who Am I? Mixing Nia Gloria Armed and Dangerous Mr. Destiny Searching/Bobby Fischer Pocket HBO First Look Space Cowboys Easy Money Lost & Found A Smile Like Yours Wild Wild West Airborne Soul of the Game Table for One The Negotiator 6:10a HBO 11:00 HBO Sex Bytes 2.3 11:40 MAX Marked for Death 11:45 HBO HBO First Look Space Cowboys 12:00 HBO Oz 1:00a HBO Shark Attack 1:15 MAX Hard Ticket to Hawaii 2:40 HBO The Seventh Sign 3:00 MAX Sudden Impact 4:20 HBO Mercenary 5:00 MAX In Her Defense 12:20a MAX 1:00 1:30 1:45 3:15 3:30 4:55 HBO HBO MAX HBO MAX HBO Someone Had/Be Benny The Three Musketeers The Adventures of Tintin Babar Helping Hands When It Was a Game III “Crocodile” Dundee II The Buddy System Jumpin’ Jack Flash Les Miserables Die Hard With a Vengeance Protocol How Stella Got Her Groove Back Tracey Takes On... Nothing but Trouble Frantic Kung Fu:The Movie In the Line of Duty: Blaze of Glory The Making of Small Soldiers When It Was a Game III Lethal Weapon You’ve Got Mail Militia Never Been Kissed Dennis Miller Live Nightcap The Sopranos Sexually Bewitched Arli$$ Good Cop, Bad Cop Justice The Last Seduction II Braveheart Wanted SATURDAY fl DENNIS MILLER LIUE! Catch the season finale of this hit comedy/talk/rant series! IAC,AL) TUMA/L-:28. HBO Aug.1,4,6,8Qn 6:30a HBO MAX 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 10:00 11:00 HBO HBO HBO MAX HBO HBO MAX HBO 11:15 HBO I2:05p MAX Goodnight Moon... The All-New Adventures... Country/City Mouse Babar Victor Victorious Dear America: So Far... Ever After One Last Flight Real Sports/Bryant Gumbel Candy HBO First Look Hollow Man Holy Matrimony The Naked Gun: From... Someone Had/Be Benny Blazing Saddles *NSYNC Live From MSG Bad Girls If Looks Could Kill Son in Law KO Nation The Siege Ghostbusters Jawbreaker 6:00a HBO 7:00 HBO MAX 7:30 HBO 8:00 HBO 9:00 MAX 9:30 HBO 11:00 HBO 12:15p o CO rc MAX 1:45 HBO 3:00 MAX 3:30 HBO 3:45 HBO 5:30 MAX 5:45 HBO 7:15 HBO 8:00 MAX 9:00 HBO 9:30 HBO 10:00 HBO SUNDAY Fists of Freedom... Encyclopedia Die Hard 2 Babar The Unsung Hero Dr. Dolittle Barry Lyndon Jack & the Beanstalk Drinking Apart: Families Under the Influence Shadrach Lolita Soul of the Game 2001: A Space Odyssey HBO First Look Space Cowboys William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream The Shining Dr. Dolittle Home Fries Full Metal Jacket Sex and the City Arli$$ Universal Soldier: The Return 9:00 Deep Blue Sea | 1 MAX SUNDAY PREMIERE 10:00 MAX Blood Money 10:00 Eyes Wide Shut If 11:00 HBO Dave Chappelle: Killin’Them Softly 11:30 HBO Dennis Miller Live 11:35 MAX Desert Passion 12:00 HBO KO Nation 12:00 HBO Oz 12:45a MAX A Clockwork Orange 12:45a MAX The Matrix 2:00 HBO Oz 1:00 HBO Sex and the City 3:00 HBO Undercurrent 1:30 HBO A Low Down Dirty Shame MAX Nightcap 3:10 MAX Criminal Passion 3:30 MAX Loveblind 3:15 HBO Real Sex 24 4:40 HBO Soldier Boyz 4:05 HBO Deep Blue Sea 5:15 MAX Stir 4:45 MAX Under Fire EE/PW EE/PW visit our HBO website at HB0.com aol Keyword: hbo

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HD® ORIGINALS DAVE CHAPPELLE KILLIN’ THEM SOFTLY The meteoric rise of the comedian/actor/writer continues with this red-hot comedy special! Chappelle will perform all-new material in this ^ stand-up set taped live at the Lincoln Theatre in Washington, D.C. (AC.AL) TVMA/L-:57 HBO Aug. 5,7,11, 15,21,24,30 pr Special G-STRING DIVAS NEW HBO SERIES! te HBO takes an adults-only look at exotic dancers in this groundbreaking “docu-soap” that goes behind the scenes with the girls of Divas International, a gentleman's club in Bristol, PA. TVMA-:27. HBO Aug.12,17, 19,21,22,23,24,26,28,29,31 SEX AND THE CITY NEW EPISODES SONDAY NIGHTS AT 9 pm/8c. ENCORE PLAYS TUESDAYS, WEDNESDAYS, SATURDAYS! Sarah Jessica Parker stars in this hit series about sex and dating in the big city! (AC,AL,N) TVMA/S,L-:27. (11B NEW EPISODES SUNDAY NIGHTS AT 9:30 pm/8:30c. ENCORE PLAYS TUESDAYS, WEDNESDAYS, FRIDAYS! Catch all-new episodes of this comedy series about an L.A. sports agent. Robert Wuhl stars. (AC,AL) TVMA/L-:27. PSSH Sgi« I |P5 1 * SEASON PREMIERE! FRIDAY, AUGUST 18 I ENCORE PLAYS THURSDAYS, SATURDAYS, SUNDAYS! Don’t miss this month’s shocking new I episodes of TV’s most explosive drama series. (AC.AL.N) TVMA/S,L-:57. 0013 ENCORE PLAYS SUNDAYS AND WEDNESDAYS! “The funniest man alive” (Time) returns for an all-new season of this Emmy®-winning HBO series! The talented comedian/actor delivers the laughs in a big way in this comedy/talk/music show that showcases his brash wit and high energy. (AC,AL) TVMA/L-:27. pESl AMERICA UNDERCOVER DRINKING APART: FAMILIES UNDER THE INFLUENCE The harsh impact of substance abuse on relationships is seen in this special that focuses on three families as they struggle with addiction. (AC,AL) TV14-1:10. HBO Aug.1,6,10,14,19,22 PDS DESTINATION WEDNESDAYS Every Wednesday night, HBO is the place to be for the best original series! Starting at 9 pm/8c, see SEX AND THE CITY ARLISS THE SOPRANOS and OZ ? * mtf!L *•

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THIS MONTH ON HBO AND CINEMAX 6:30a HBO Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child MAX The Phantom Tollbooth 7:00 HBO The Neverending Story 7:30 HBO Babar Peer Pressure 8:00 HBO The Haunting MAX One Crazy Summer 9:30 MAX The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! 10:00 HBO The Buddy System 11:00 MAX Deep End of the Ocean 12:00 HBO Cancer: Evolution to Revolution 12:50p MAX The Enforcer 2:30 HBO Play It Again, Sam MAX The Matrix 4:00 HBO Making of The Haunting 4:30 HBO Life Afterlife 4:45 MAX Green Card 6:00 HBO The Haunting 6:30 MAX Stealth Fighter HBO PRESENTS HDTV The future has arrived: HBO in High Definition Television format is here! HBO HDTV offers the ultimate viewing experience— with a movie-quality widescreen picture and amazing CD-quality sound. Q ABSENCE OF THE GOOD A killer paralyzes Salt Lake City. (AC.AL, V) R-1:38. MAX Aug. 17,28 p ES IS THE ACID HOUSE Trilogy of bizarre stories. Stephen McCole. (AC,AL,N, V) TVMA/V,S,L-1:51. MAX Aug.28 THE ADVENTURES OF ELMO IN GROUCHLAND Family. G-1:13. HBO Aug.9,12,15,18,21,27 PESHCE© THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN Animated series about Tintin & friends. TVY-:23.HBO Aug.4,11,18,25 p AIRBORNE A deadly virus is stolen. (AL.V) R-1:34. MAX Aug.3,11,26 pESH ALI-FRAZIER I: ONE NATION... DIVISIBLE See p.7. Documentary. :57. HBO Aug. 17,20,22,24,26,30 pH ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS A girl steps into a magical world. (AC,MM) TVPG/VD-1:13. HBO Aug. / / THE ALL-NEW ADVENTURES OF LAUREL & HARDY: FOR LOVE OR MUMMY Bronson Pinchot stars. (AC, MV) PG-1:24. MAX Aug.5 pSHIISl AMERICAN GIGOLO Richard Gere stars as a sensual hustler. (AL,N,V) R-1:57. MAX Aug.1,11 POS AMONG GIANTS A rock climber and a painter fall in love. (AC,AL,MV,N) R-1:34. HBO Aug.2/ pmnaCESB ANIMAL FACTORY Cons bond in jail. Willem Dafoe, Edward Furlong. (AC, AkBN.V) R-1:34. MAX Aug.2,8,/2 pH ANY WHICH WAY YOU CAN Clint Eastwood takes on mobsters. (AC^L, V) PG-1:56. MAX Aug./,/8 pf»H ARLINGTON ROAD Thriller with Jeff Bridges and Tim Robbins. (AC,AL,V) R-l:58. HBO Aug. 11 PE2HGEI3D ARLI$$ See page 4. (ACM) TVMA/L-:27. HBO Aug. 1,2,4,6,8,9,11,13,15, \6,18,20,22,23,25,21,29,30 pEJH ARMED AND DANGEROUS John Candy comedy. (AL,BN,MV) PG 13-1:27. HBO Aug.3,8,23 pESHCES© ASYLUM A private eye investigates a murder in an insane asylum. (AC, AL.V) R-1:26. MAX Aug.25 pr»H ATOMIC TABASCO Characters invade a convenience store. (AC.AL) TV 14/ L.D-: 13. MAX Aug.2,10,21,29 PO AURORA: OPERATION INTERCEPT A vengeful woman targets airliners. (AL,V) R-I:3I.MAX Aug./8 6111113 AUTOPSY 4: THE DEAD SPEAK America Undercover Forensic pathologists recount tough cases. (AC,BN,V) TVMA/V-:55. HBO Aug. 17,28 pOH THE AVENGERS Ralph Fiennes, Uma Thurman star. (AC,AL,BN,V) PG 13-\:30. MAX Aug. 12,25,30 PESH Qj BABAR The animated adventures of the beloved elephant king & his family.TVY-:23. HBO Aug. 1-31 BAD COMPANY An ex-CIA agent is hired to kill. Ellen Barkin. (AC^L,BN, V) R-l:48. MAX Aug.//,30 pESH BAD GIRLS Four bordello beauties take off across the West! (AC,AL,BN, V) R-1:40. MAX Aug.5,/5,23 pESH BARRY LYNDON Stanley Kubrick's chronicle of a flamboyant adventurer. (BN,MV) PG-3:04. MAX Aug.6 p THE BASE An intelligence officer uncovers an illegal operation. (AC, AL,N,V) R-1:34. MAX Aug.29 pO BEETLEJUICE Tim Burton’s haunted-house comedy. (AC,AL,V) PG-I:32. HBO Aug.8,13,18,23,26 p 50 ^ CETO 8:00 MAX Entrapment 9:00 HBO Platoon 10:00 MAX Trail of a Serial Killer 11:00 HBO G-String Divas 11:30 HBO Inside the NFL MAX Eyes Wide Shut 12:30a HBO Oz 1:30 HBO The Right Temptation 2:10 MAX The Substitute 3: Winner Takes All 3:05 HBO Real Sex 24 3:40 MAX Interview With/Vampire 4:00 HBO Phoenix 5:40 MAX Sink or Swim visit our cinemax website at Cinemax.com THIS MONTH ON HBO AND CINEMAX BELOW UTOPIA A young woman discovers the dark truth about her boyfriend. Alyssa Milano stars. (AC, AL,V) R-1:28. MAX Aug.8 pni^l BERRY GORDY’S THE LAST DRAGON A kid aims to be a kung fu king. (AL, V) PG 13-1:48. HBO Aug. 1,14,30 ESI^l BEYOND THE VALLEY OF THE DOLLS Russ Meyer’s sexploitation classic. (AC, AL,N,SC,V) NC17-1:49. MAX Aug. 11 BIG DADDY Adam Sandler plays a goofball who adopts a kid to win back his girlfriend. (ACALMV) PG 13-1:33. HBO Aug. 18 pElll^lCEXD BLACK CIRCLE BOYS A teenage outcast is led down a twisted path. (AC,AL,V) R-1:41. MAX Aug.20 E3 BLAZING SADDLES Cleavon Little and Gene Wilder star in this Mel Brooks western-comedy classic. (AC,AL,RP, V) R-l:33 .MAX Aug.5,15,28 pna BLOOD AND SAND 1941 bullfighting epic. Tyrone Power, Rita Hayworth star.TVG-2:05. MAX Aug. 19 p® BLOOD MONEY A stripper witnesses a drug-related murder. (AC,AL,V) R-1:37. MAX Aug.5,10,18 P O BLUE CHIPS A hoops coach faces a tough decision. Nick Nolte. (AC^L) PG 13-1:48. MAX Aug. 13,21,30 p m ® BONE DADDY A killer debones his living victims. Rutger Hauer. (AL,BN, V) R-\:3\.MAXAug.l7^imm THE BOUNTY A mutiny on the high seas. Mel Gibson, Anthony Hopkins. (ACALN,V) PG-2:11. MAX Aug.2 PE3 BOXING AFTER DARK See page 6. Doubleheader. 1:57. HBO Aug.26 BOXING

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