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HBO Guide April 1991 - Page section : 010

Radio Riot Zephir stirs up a kids' strike. :30. April 124.7 The Lead Blimp Will Arthur's new blimp be ready to make its maiden voyage on time? :30. April 8,9,11,14 Helping Hands The children's yard sale yields surprises. :30. Apr. 15,16,1821 Victor Victorious Celeste-ville holds a soap-box derby. :30. April22232528 Mango Madness Flora learns about telling the truth. :30. April 29,30 Doctor Dolittle Rex Harrison doesn't just talk to the animals—he sings to them, doctors them and loves them all in this charming musical fantasy. A joyous 1967 film for all ages. 2:24. April 3,9,13,19 qO HBO Family Playhouse: A Town’s Revenge A thought-provoking, exclusive HBO drama about a family's struggle against deep-rooted prejudice in a rural farming community. :45. April 2,6,10,15,24,29 SERIES The Crowning of Oana The coronation of Ozma finally takes place. :23. April 7,8,10,720 The Nomes Attack When the Emerald City is overtaken, the Nomes are stopped by a single egg! :23. April 14,15,17,19(1 Dorothy and Her Friends Defend the Palace The battle with the Nomes seems neverendlng. :23. April 21, 22,24,26 O A Very Happy Ending The Nome King wants all the emeralds for himself. 23. April28,29 n 18 Never Say Goodbye April 1.9,1722.26.30 HBO Storybook Musicals: Earthday Birthday April 3.11,1720,22,29Q O The Magic Circus: Cirque du Soleil April 5,8,1625,30O The Land off Faraway April4.12.182327 (PG) Earth to Kids: A Guide to Products for a Healthy Planet April4.7.10.1822 Kids on Kids on Kids April 5.1923Q O An original drama about the threat of AIDS among young people. See page 5. ROCKY SYLVESTER STALLONE The original box office champ that garnered a 1976 Best Picture Oscai® and spawned four blockbuster sequels! With Burgess Meredith and Talia Shire. (AL.V) PG-1:59. April 7,10,13,19,23,290 B SEE NO EVIL, HEAR NO EVIL RICHARD PRYOR It's a zany case of the blind leading the deaf when coworkers Pryor and Gene Wilder are tailed by cops and killers in the wake of a murder. (AL.MV&N) R-V.42. April 5,8,13,28 p ESI THREE AMIGOS CHEVY CHASE Three of today's biggest comics play a dippy trio of screen Idols facing real-life desperados in this wild, wacky Western parody. With Steve Martin and Martin Short. (AL.MV) PG-1:43. April 6,15,19,23,28p m THE ABYSS ED HARRIS A thriller about a team of underwater oil drillers whose attempt to disarm a crippled nuclear sub leads to a remarkable discovery. Mary Elizabeth Mastranto-nio. (AL.V) PG-13; 2:20. April4,10,16,20,26,28p E3 19

HBO Guide January 1976 - Page section : 003

 A GREAT NEW SCHEDULE EVERY WEEK Home Box Office starts the new year with a new concept in programming—a different schedule every week. Now each week HBO has three premiere movies, a young people’s feature, a foreign film, a horror film, encore movies and sports from across the nation. Two new movies will premiere on 4 Monday and one on Friday, with several showings during the following week. A new young people’s feature will be shown each Tuesday afternoon, with additional showings on Thursdays and Saturdays. Friday evenings are when our horror films will unfold, with special additional showings on Sunday afternoons. Foreign feature films will be shown every Wednesday evening, with an additional showing on Sundays. A new episode of our acclaimed series The Pallisers will appear on Wednesday, with additional showings on Friday and Sunday. Our agreements with Madison Square Garden, the L.A. Forum and professional teams around the country assure you top basketball, hockey, baseball and other sporting events throughout the year. And we also will continue to bring you outstanding special sports events such as the U.S. Pro Tennis Championship from the Spectrum in Philadelphia at the end of this month. Our expanded programming staff now enables us to find new and unique events, such as a series of classic cartoons that you will be seeing this month, including vintage Tom & Jerry, Felix The Cat and Mutt & Jeff. We have redesigned our programming and the format of On Air in response to your suggestions. We will continue to be responsive to your comments. 5

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