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SCHEDULE • SYMBOL INDICATES PROGRAM MAY BE PRE-EMPTED BY PLAYOFF GAME THURSDAY, Apr. 1 1:30 RETURN TO MACON COUNTY (PG—1:30) 3:00 BADLANDS(PG—1:35) 5:00 ANIMATOON:THE AMAZING GIFT 5:30 MARTHA'S ATTIC Growing, Growing, Grown. 6:00 LUCKY LUKE (1:16) 7:30 RETURN TO MACON COUNTY (PG—1:30) 9:00 FRAMED (R—1:46) 11:00 BADLANDS (PG—1:35) FRIDAY, Apr. 2 1:30 BREAKOUT(PG—1:36) 3:15 CORNBREAD. EARL & ME (PG—1:35) 5:00 SKINNY AND FATTY 6:00 THE PALLISERS: EPISODE21 7:00 THE PALLISERS: EPISODE22 8:00 ABA BASKETBALL—THE COLISEUM Kentucky Colonels vs. N.Y. Nets. 10:30 FRIDAY NIGHT MOVIE BREAKOUT (PG—1:36) 12:15 BADGE 373 (R—1:55) SATURDAY. Apr. 3 1:30 ANIMATOON:T}NO TAILS 2:00 THE GIRL, THE DOG & THE SEAL (G—1:10) 3:30 WILD LITTLE BUNCH (G—1:30) 5:00 MARTHA'S ATTIC Growing, Growing, Grown. 5:30 LUCKY LUKE (1:16) 7:00 THE ODESSA FILE (PG—2:08) 9:30 MURDER ON ORIENT EXPRESS (PG) 11:45 BREAKOUT(PG—1:36) SUNDAY. Apr. 4 1:30 NHL HOCKEY FROM THE GARDEN Philadelphia Flyers vs. N.Y. Rangers. 4:00 ANIMATOONS: FISHERMAN AND THE FISH,THE DRAGON 5:00 THE WIND ANDTHE LION (PG—1:59) 7:00 THE PALLISERS: EPISODE22 8:00 NBA BASKETBALL—THE GARDEN Kansas City vs. N.Y. Knicks. 10:30 FOREIGN FEATURES HIROSHIMA, MON AMOUR (SUB) 12:00 STOLEN KISSES (SUB—1:30) 8 The Man in the Glass Booth. The American Film Theatre series continues with Robert Shaw’s study of mass guilt. Oscar nominee Maximilian Schell is torn between his identity as a wealthy New York Jew and his delusion of being a Nazi concentration camp commandant. Premieres April 5. (1:57) Breakout. Breath-stopping stunt footage enhances a bizarre escape in this high adventure. Charles Bronson is a maverick bush pilot hired by Jill Ireland to rescue her wrongly imprisoned husband, Robert Duvall, from an ultra- MONDAY, Apr. 5 1:30 MAN IN THE GLASS BOOTH (1:57) 3:30 JUGGERNAUT (PG—1:50) 5:30 MASTERS OF BALLANTRAE PART 1 (G—1:30) 7:00 GUNNAR THE SAILOR 7:30 PERFORMING ARTS SERIES WALTER KERR ON THEATRE 8:00 AMERICAN FILM THEATRE MAN IN THE GLASS BOOTH (1:57) 10:00 JUGGERNAUT (PG—1:50) 12:00 RETURN OF THE DRAGON (R—1:32) APRIL 1-7 security Mexican prison. John Huston co-stars. Premieres April 2. (PG—1:36) La Guerre Est Finie. Aging exiled Spanish revolutionary Yves Montand ponders the ultimate futility of unending war. Directed by Alain Resnais. Premieres April 7. (2:01) Hiroshima, Mon Amour. Alain Resnais’ landmark film is a compelling indictment of war. Subtitled. (1:28) Stolen Kisses. Frangois Truffaut’s subtitled sequel to The 400 Blows stars Jean-Pierre Leaud. (1:30) Pippi in the South Seas. When her sea captain father is captured by pirates, Pippi sets off to rescue him. To succeed she must overcome dungeons, desert islands and two gruesome buccaneers. Premieres April 6. (G—1:39) Lucky Luke. The comic cowboy in this cartoon feature is the only man who can outdraw his own shadow. (1:16) Badlands. Martin Sheen and Sissy Spacek go on a murderous spree in the Midwest of the early Fifties. (PG—1:35) Juggernaut. Madman plants bombs on a luxury liner and demands $1.5 million. Richard Harris stars. (PG—1:50) The Odessa File. Journalist Jon Voight uncovers plot to destroy Israel. Maximilian Schell co-stars. (PG—2:08) Return of the Dragon. Bruce Lee explodes on the screen as usual with fists and feet flying. (R—1:32) The Way We Were. Superstars Barbra Streisand and Robert Redford are star-crossed lovers. (PG—1:59) Features. Other films this week include: Badge 373; Cornbread, Earl and Me; Framed; Murder on the Orient Express; and Wild Little Bunch. The Pallisers: Episode 23. Glen-cora’s political meddling causes embar-assment for Plantagenet. ABA Basketball. Rousing game-ending rallies settled three Kentucky-New York clashes in January, the home team winning each time. Sparks are sure to fly once again when they meet at the Nassau Coliseum on April 2. TUESDAY, Apr. 6 1:30 BADLANDS (PG—1:35) 3:15 BREAKOUT(PG—1:36) 5:00 MARTHA'S ATTIC Raise The Flag. 5:30 YOUNG PEOPLE'S FEATURE PIPPI IN THE SOUTH SEAS (G—1:39) • 7:30 BREAKOUT (PG—1:36) • 9:15 BADLANDS(PG—1:35) #11:00 ON LOCATION DAVID STEINBERG • 12:00 RETURN OFTHE DRAGON (R—1:32) WEDNESDAY, Apr. 7 1:30 FOREIGN FEATURE LA GUERRE EST FINIE (DUB—2:01) 4:00 THE WAY WE WERE (PG—1:59) 6:00 ANIMATOON ALI BABA AND THE FORTY THIEVES 6:30 THE PALLISERS: EPISODE23 7:30 THE WAY WE WERE (PG—1:59) 9:30 FOREIGN FEATURES LA GUERRE EST FINIE (DUB—2:01) 11:45 HIROSHIMA, MON AMOUR (SUBTITLED—1:28) 9

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SCHEDULE • SYMBOLINDICATES PROGRAM MAY BE PRE-EMPTED BY A PLAYOFF THURSDAY, Apr. 22 1:30 MAN IN THE GLASS BOOTH (1:57) 3:30 MEMORY OF US (PG—1:34) 5:30 MARTHA'S ATTIC: BE A BUILDER 6:00 THE GOALKEEPER LIVES ON OUR STREET (0:51) 7:00 PERFORMING ARTS SERIES BLACK MUSIC IN AMERICA • 7:30 MEMORY OF US (PG—1:34) • 9:30 FRAMED (R—1:46) • 11:30 BEYONDTHEDOOR(R—1:38) FRIDAY, Apr. 23 1:30 SPOTS(G—1:26) 3:00 A MERIC A N FILM THE A TRE MAN IN THE GLASS BOOTH (1:57) 5:00 FAMILY FEATURE SPOTS (G—1:26) 6:30 NANOOKOFTHENORTH • 7:30 THE PALLISERS: EPISODE 24 • 8:30 THE PALLISERS: EPISODE25 • 9:30 LES FOLIES BERGERES • 11:30 FREEBIE AND THE BEAN (R—1:53) SATURDAY, Apr. 24 1:30 MASTERS OF BALLANTRAE PARTS 1AND2 4:30 ANIMATED SPECIAL THE SEVEN RAVENS 5:00 THE GOALKEEPER LIVES ON OUR STREET (0:51) 6:00 MAN AND BOY (G—1:38) • 8:00 BREAKOUT(PG—1:36) • 10:00 ON LOCATION RODNEY DANGERFIELD • 11:00 LES FOLIES BERGERES SUNDAY, Apr. 25 1:30 PERFORMING ARTS SERIES BLACK MUSIC IN AMERICA 2:00 TWO ENGLISH GIRLS(1:48) 4:00 PERFORMING ARTS SERIES MIME OF MARCEL MARCEAU 4:30 PAPER TIGER (G—1:41) 6:30 THE PALLISERS: EPISODE25 • 7:30 FAMILY FEATURE PAPER TIGER (G—1:41) • 9:30 OPEN SEASON (R—1:43) • 11:30 TWO ENGLISH GIRLS (1:48) 20 Royal Flash. Malcolm McDowell stars as a 19th century swashbuckling rascally rogue accidentally thrust into valor. This ribald adaptation of George MacDonald Fraser’s bestselling scoundrel casts Florinda Bolkan as famed courtesan Lola Montez, Oliver Reed as the scheming Otto von Bismarck and Britt Ekland as McDowell’s fiancee. Premieres April 26. (PG—1:39) Les Folies Bergeres. The real star is the spectacle as sensational costumes, semi-nude, long-legged showgirls and vaudeville acts highlight a MONDAY, Apr. 26 1:30 ROYAL FLASH (PG—1:39) 3:30 MEMORY OF US (PG—1:34) 5:30 CHILDREN S SPECIAL SKINNY AND FATTY 6:30 FAMILY FEATURE SILENCE (G—1:31) 8:30 PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING Direct from Madison Square Garden in New York City. • 11:00 MONDAY NIGHT MOVIE ROYAL FLASH (PG—1:39) APRIL 22-28 musical revue of the 107-year-old history of the music hall. Las Vegas’ leading floor show comes to you from the Tropicana Hotel April 23,24 and 27. Silence. Family entertainment stalks the Santa Cruz mountains in this story of a traumatized deaf orphan who strays from his camping foster parents. Wandering on his own he encounters a sympathetic deer and a cantankerous hermit, and gains a generous portion of self-confidence. This pastoral film stars Will Geer and his real life family. Premieres April 26. (G—1:31) Jules and Jim. Director Francois Truffaut’s charming thesis studies the delicate interplay between love, companionship and social climate. The film casts Oskar Werner and Henri Serre as best friends in love with Jeanne Moreau. This subtitled cinematic classic is based on a novel by Henri-Pierre Roche. Premieres April 28. (1:44) The Space Explorers. An astronaut’s son stows away on a rocket launched to rescue his father from outer space in this cartoon feature. “The finest film of its kind I have ever seen, TUESDAY, Apr. 27 1:30 THE VOYAGE (PG—1:43) 3:30 JUGGERNAUT (PG—1:50) 5:30 MARTHA'S ATTIC: BOTTLENOSE 6:00 YOUNG PEOPLE'S FEATURE THE SPACE EXPLORERS (1:00) 7:00 PERFORMING ARTS SERIES THE ART OF THE IMPOSSIBLE • 7:30 JUGGERNAUT (PG—1:50) • 9:30 LES FOLIES BERGERES Direct from Las Vegas. • 11:30 THE VOYAGE (PG—1:43) says Dr. Franklyn Branley, Associate Astronomer of the Hayden Planetarium. Premieres April 27. (1:00) Beyond the Door. Faustian pact buys a man ten more years of life, but at a devilish rate of exchange. (R—1:38) Freebie and the Bean. James Caan and Alan Arkin are a pair of off-beat cops in San Francisco. (R—1:53) Juggernaut. Madman plants bombs on a luxury liner and demands $1.5 million. Richard Harris stars. (PG—1:50) The Pallisers: Episode 26. Plan-tagenet, now alone, must resolve his children’s problems as the series ends. ABA Playoffs. Denver has David Thompson. New York has Julius Er-ving. Both score, rebound, block, dominate. Dan Issel and playmaker Ralph Simpson will also bolster the Nuggets. Guards John Williamson and Brian Taylor should also aid the Nets. But there are other teams to contend with, especially San Antonio with George Gervin and Bill Paultz, and Kentucky with Artis Gilmore and Bird Averitt. WEDNESDAY, Apr. 28 1:30 PERFORMING ARTS SERIES MIME OF MARCEL MARCEAU 2:00 JULES AND JIM (SUB—1:44) 4:00 YOUNG PEOPLE S SPECIAL THE VIOLIN 4:30 SILENCE (G—1:31) 6:30 THE PALLISERS: EPISODE26 • 7:30 SILENCE (G—1:31) • 9:30 FOREIGN FEATURES JULES AND JIM (SUB—1:44) • 11:30 TWO ENGLISH GIRLS(1:48) 21

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■. ... HIGHLIGHTS OF THE WEEK Dangerfield On Location 10 APRIL 8-14 EVERYBODY —N.-Y. Daily News Academy Award Nominee Best Foreign Film. —Motion Picture Academy of Arts and Sciences I highly recommend this tender, exquisitely sensitive love fable, It is easy to love Rosa! —Donald Mayerson, Cue To say that ‘1 Love You Rosa’ is the best film 1 have ever seen to come out of Israel is damning it with faint praise! —Bernard Drew. Gannett Newspapers I Love You Rosa’ gets to you, and it doesn’t matter whether you love Rosa or the boy or both! Archer Winsten, N. Y. Post ' ‘ 1 Love You Rosa’ is as sentimental as genuine love and as up to date as the women’s liberatioi movement! ”—Abe VZeiler. N. Y. Times “A delightful entertainment! —Judith Crist 1 LOVE YOU ROSA A Menahem Golan Production Pre»ented by Peter Gettingcr and Oliver Unger Written and Directed by Moshe Mi/rahi 4 Ot OR 11

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A Columbia Pictures presentation - Par\avisior\® PG HIGHLIGHTS OF THE WEEK FRANCOIS TRUFFAUT'S JUIS^JiH STARRING JEANNE MOREAU AND OSKAR WERNER "Charming, exciting, lively, and spicy" NEW YORK TIMES Would you want your daughter to marry these men Jick Wancn Nicholson Beatty IHE FORTUNE ROYAL FLASH co-starii* with guest slats TOM JOSS LIONEL ALASTAIR MICHAEL BELL ACKLAND JEFFRIES SIM HORDERN BRITT EKLAND »S OUCMSS IRMA DAVID V. PICKER arid DENIS O’DEU. • RICHARD LESTER - (iEORfiEMuMNALD ERASER PRINTS BY MLUXI' • COIOR BY TECHKICaOR' Z^X ;PG.——'rrl L*li. MALCOLM McDOWELL ALAN BATES FLORINDA BOLKAN -OLIVER REED « OITO V» BISMARCK See Capt. Harry Flashman surrender his way to victory! APRIL 22-MAY 1 The greatest swordsman of them all! SILENCE STARRING:WILL GEER 19

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HOME BOX OFFICE FROM TIME/LIFE PREMIERES ENCORES RETURN TO MACON COUNTY * BADLANDS Apr. 1 Apr. 1,6 FRAMED* BANK SHOT Apr. 1,22 Apr. 9,15,20 BREAKOUT BEYOND THE DOOR Apr. 2,3,6,24 Apr. 22 CORNBREAD, EARL AND ME * FREEBIE AND THE BEAN Apr. 2 Apr. 23 BADGE 373’ THE GOLDEN VOYAGE OF SINBAD Apr. 2 Apr. 9,13 WILD LITTLE BUNCH* JOURNEY INTO FEAR Apr. 3 Apr. 13,29 MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS* JUGGERNAUT Apr. 3 Apr. 5,8,18,27 THE WIND AND THE LION* LAW AND DISORDER Apr. 4 Apr. 10,15 THE MAN IN THE GLASS BOOTH LENNY Apr. 5,8,1 1,17,22,23 Apr. 30 SPOTS THE ODESSA FILE Apr. 12,14,24 Apr. 3 THE VOYAGE OPEN SEASON Apr. 12,15,27 Apr. 19,25 EARTHQUAKE RAFFERTY AND THE GOLD DUST Apr. 16,17,18,20 TWINS MANANDBOY* Apr. 1 6 Apr. 18,24,29 RETURN OF THE DRAGON MEMORY OF US Apr. 5,6,1 2 Apr. 19,22,26 THOMASINE AND BUSHROD PAPER TIGER Apr. 30 Apr. 19,21,25,30 THE WAY WE WERE ROYAL FLASH Apr. 7 Apr. 26,29 SILENCE Apr. 26,28 'FINISHING MARCH PREMIERE RUN Home Box Office adheres to its published schedule offer a program of greater interest may require a as closely as possible. From time to time circum- change. When this occurs, HBO provides notice as stances beyond our control or the opportunity to 2 far ahead of the schedule change as possible FOREIGN FEATURES HIROSHIMA. MON AMOUR Apr. 4,7 STOLEN KISSES Apr. 4 LA GUERRE ESTFINIE Apr. 7,1 1,14 I LOVE YOU ROSA Apr. 14,16,21 TWO ENGLISH GIRLS Apr. 21,25,28 JULES AND JIM Apr. 28 YOUNG PEOPLE’S FEATURES LUCKY LUKE Apr. 1,3 THE GIRL, THE DOG AND THE SEAL Apr. 3 PIPPI IN THE SOUTH SEAS Apr. 6,8,10 PIPPI LONGSTOCKING Apr. 10,1 4 THE UNDERSEAS EXPLORERS Apr. 13,1 5,17 THE GOALKEEPER LIVES ON OUR STREET Apr. 20,22,24 THE SPACE EXPLORERS Apr. 27,29 HBO On Air managing EDITOR & publisher Stephen Marmon art DIRECTOR Michael Billman ASSOCIATE EDITOR Thomas Fitzharris CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Gary J. Prebula (Films) Flerman Weiskopf (Sports) EDITORIAL assistant Cherie Burns CIRCULATION DIRECTOR Susan Rose STARS On Air THIS MONTH ON LOCATION LES FOLIES BERGERES Apr. 23,24,27 RODNEY DANGERFIELD Apr. 9,10,13,24 DAVID STEINBERG Apr. 6,17,20,30 SPORTS PRO BASKETBALL Apr. 2,4,8,9,1 1 NHL HOCKEY Apr. 4 NCAA GYMNASTICS Apr. 10,1 1 PRO WRESTLING Apr. 26 Berkeley defends its NCAA title this month. On Air is published monthly by Home Box Office, Inc., New York, N.Y. 10020. Gerald M. Levin, President; P. Peter Sheppe, Secretary; Peter Hanson, Treasurer. Address all mail to On Air, Home Box Office, Time & Life Building, Rockefeller Center, New York, N.Y. 10020. Vol 2, No. 4 © I976 Home Box Office, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in any form without written permission is prohibited. 3

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PLAYOFFS SPARK APRIL ON HBO = in the Glass Booth, April’s selection jjj from the 13 movies of the American s Film Theatre. There are excellent short subjects, like our new performing arts series. And there is children’s program-. ing, including our own Martha’s Attic which looks at the Bicentennial in “Raise The Flag” this month. That variety of programming is just one of the four features that make HBO I unique. The others are: • CONVENIENCE. When On Air ar- 1 rives each month, you’ll find that our i April brings NBA and ABA playoffs to HBO. his is playoff month on Home Box Office. However it is impossible to list the specific games of the NBA, ABA and NHL due to the number of teams and the varying lengths of playoff rounds. Therefore all events that might be pre-empted for playoff games are marked in the schedule with a blue dot. In addition, on every day that playoffs may occur notices about pre-emptions will be broadcast before the scheduled start of each event, beginning at 5:30 p.m. Eastern and Pacific time. Never Before On Television But there is much more than top sports and outstanding movies on HBO. There are special events never before seen on TV, like the Folies Bergeres. There are famed comedians like Rodney Dangerfield, who appears On Location this month. There is The Man 24 The Stanley Cup showdown is on this month. films and events are broadcast at several convenient times. Use the index to pick the one that’s best for you. • VALUE. As an entertainment value HBO is unequaled. If your family watches but two events a month, you have paid for the cost of the service. • INTEGRITY. No commercials or censorship mar our programs. Everything is complete and uninterrupted. VI,2

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HIGHLIGHTS OF THE WEEK An Event... Francois Truffaut has created a new film masterpiece from the only other novel by the author of “Jules and Jim “A Gem From Truffaut VINCENT CANBV, NEW YORK TIMES “ magical achievement. ARCHER WINSTEN, NEW YORK POST “ a lovely film. BERNARD DREW. GANNETT NEWS SERVICE Janus Films presents Tu/o I a filmwin color by APRIL 15-21 HARDY JOSEPH ELEVNE PRESENTS A EUAN LLOYD PRODUCTION A MACLEAN & CO. HUM A JOSEPH E LEVINE PRESENTS. INC. RELEASE TSHMCOOR"

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HIGHLIGHTS OF THE WEEK The kidnapping... The masquerade... The murder trial... Perhaps the most'suspenseful shocker of our time n “ daring, outrageous and utterly provocative." —Los A ngeles Times THE NEWEST ADVENTURES OF PIPPI LONGSTOCKING! N W RUSSO presents PiPPi inthe -SOUTH SEAS * starring INGER NILSSON as "PIPPI" 6 APRIL 1-7 “A TRIUMPH AND A THRILLER. Erotic scenes of such outright beauty, such superb subtlety. A great film that boasts thrills, chills, beautiful women. An outstanding film for our time. —Judith Crist, WJT “A MASTERPIECE. ONE OF THE ALL-TIME GREATS.”-N“rn' “MEANINGFUL AND DRAMATIC. Beautifully made and acted. Mr. Resnais has done a superb job. —Bosley Crowther, New York Times M—b, ALAIN RESNAIS YVES MONTAND INGRID THULIN grant raw Produced by SOfRACIMA PARIS-EUROPA FILM. SI0CKH01M A BRANDON FILMS RELEASE NEW YORK'S BIGGEST FOREIGN FILM HIT! EST FINIE Sentenced to 28 years in prison for a crime he never committed. Only two things can get him out-A lot of money and Charles Bronson! COLUMBIA PICTURES Presents A P-B/Vista Feature ggjpp]

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SCHEDULE • SYMBOL INDICATES PROGRAM MAY BE PRE-EMPTED BY PLAYOFF GAME THURSDAY, Apr. 8 1:30 JUGGERNAUT (PG—1:50) 3:30 ANIMATOONS:THE FISHERMAN & THE FISH,THE BRAVE DUCKLING 4:30 MARTHA'S ATTIC: RAISETHE FLAG 5:00 PIPPI IN THE SOUTH SEAS (G—1:39) 7:00 JUGGERNAUT (PG—1:50) 9:00 NBA BASKETBALL—GARDEN Buffalo Braves vs. NY. Knicks. #11:30 AMERICAN FILM THEATRE MAN IN THE GLASS BOOTH (1:57) FRIDAY, Apr. 9 1:30 SINBADTHESAILOR 2:00 GOLDEN VOYAGE OF SINBAD (1:46) 4:00 MASTERS OF BALLANTRAE: PART2 5:30 THE PALLISERS: EPISODE22 6:30 THE PALLISERS: EPISODE23 7:30 NBA BASKETBALL—BOSTON Milwaukee Bucks vs. Boston Celtics. 10:00 ON LOCATION RODNEY DANGERFIELD 11:00 BANK SHOT (PG—1:24) SATURDAY, Apr. 10 1:30 GYMNASTICS CHAMPIONSHIP 3:00 PIPPI IN THE SOUTH SEAS (G—1:30) 5:00 PIPPI LONGSTOCKING(G—1:30) 6:30 MARTHA'S ATTIC: RAISETHE FLAG # 7:00 MOVIE STUNTMEN # 7:30 PREVIEW: PEEPER (PG—1:27) # 9:00 LAW AND DISORDER (R—1:41) #11:00 ON LOCATION RODNEY DANGERFIELD #12:00 PREVIEW: PEEPER (PG—1:27) SUNDAY, Apr. 11 1:30 GYMNASTICS CHAMPIONSHIP 3:00 PERFORMING ARTS SERIES MIME OF MARCEL MARCEAU 3:30 WALTER KERR ON THEATRE 4:00 A MERIC A N FILM THE A TRE MAN IN THE GLASS BOOTH (1:57) 6:00 NANOOKOFTHENORTH 7:00 THE PALLISERS: EPISODE23 8:00 NBA BASKETBALL—GARDEN Cleveland Cavaliers vs. N.Y. Knicks. 10:30 FOREIGN FEATURE LA GUERRE EST FINIE (DUB—2:01) 12 On Location: Rodney Danger-field. Comedian Rodney Dangerfield will be entertaining you from his own New York City club, Dangerfield’s. He’ll spend a full hour trying to get some respect on April 9, 10,13 and 24. MONDAY, Apr. 12 1:30 SPOTS(G—1:26) 3:00 THE VOYAGE (PG—1:43) 5:00 HEIDI: PART 7 6:30 ANIMATOONS: FISHERMAN AND THE FISH. OMAR ANDTHE OGRES 7:30 FAMILY SPECIAL: BROWN WOLF 8:00 FAMILYFEATURE SPOTS (G—1:26) 9:30 MONDAY NIGHT MOVIE THE VOYAGE (PG—1:43) 11:30 RETURN OFTHE DRAGON (R—1:32) The Voyage. Sophia Loren and Richard Burton are star-crossed lovers caught between Sicilian tradition and a mysterious fatal disease in this circa World War I love story. Vittorio de Sica directed from a script based on a story by Nobel Prize winner Luigi Pirandello. Premieres April 12. (PG—1:43) APRIL 8-14 Spots. The son of a game keeper in Africa discovers his pet cheetah has been stolen. He suspects his mother of trying to turn him away from his love of the bush country to focus on school. But he eventually finds his pet and learns that people need people most of all. Premieres April 12. (G—1:26) I Love You Rosa. The intricate in terplay between instinct and social custom is the focus for a sensitive love story set in conservative turn of the century Jerusalem. Talmudic law forces a young widow’s commitment to marry the adolescent brother of her dead husband. The film traces their ten-year courtship as it evolves from filial affection to love. Premieres April 14. (1:24) The Underseas Explorers. This cartoon feature follows a scientist and his grandson as they explore the fascinating life beneath the Pacific and Arctic oceans. Traveling by submarine, the two rescue a Filipino boy left adrift by a typhoon. Premieres April 13. (1:22) Bank Shot. Master thief George C. Scott plans a withdrawal from a bank that hasn’t been built yet. (PG—1:24) TUESDAY, Apr. 13 1:30 GOLDEN VOYAGE OF SINBAD (1:46) 3:30 HEIDI:PART2 5:00 MARTHA'S ATTIC: ALL YOU NEED 5:30 THE UNDERSEAS EXPLORERS (1:22) 7:00 YOUNG PEOPLE'S SPECIAL THE VIOLIN • 7:30 NANOOKOFTHENORTH • 8:30 GOLDEN VOYAGE OF SINBAD (1:46) • 10:30 ON LOCATION RODNEY DANGERFIELD • 11:30 JOURNEY INTO FEAR (R—1:39) The Golden Voyage of Sinbad. A fantasy adventure with assorted monsters, creatures and gods. (G—1:46) Journey into Fear. Innocent Sam Waterston is trapped in a web of assassination and intrigue. (R—1:39) Law and Disorder. Carroll O’Connor and Ernest Borgnine form an auxiliary police force. (R—1:41) Nanook of the North. This pioneer 1922 documentary of the joys and cruelties of daily Eskimo life remains an absorbing saga. The Pallisers: Episode 24. Troubled over a near scandal, Plantagenet considers resigning from office. Gymnastics. Contestants at the NCAA championships in Philadelphia will muscle up on the parallel bars, and rings; hurtle through the air in vaulting competition; and twist, turn and leap while executing free-exercise and high-bar routines. To the best gymnasts in those events will go the all-around title. The action will be brought to you the afternoons of April 10th and 11th. WEDNESDAY, Apr. 14 1:30 I LOVE YOU ROSA (DUB—1:24) 3:00 SPOTS (G—1:26) 4:30 PIPPI LONGSTOCKING(G—1:30) 6:00 ANIMATED SPECIAL THE SEVEN RAVENS 6:30 THE PALLISERS: EPISODE24 • 7:30 FAMILYSPECIAL: BROWN WOLF « 8:00 FAMILY FEATURE: SPOTS (G—1:26 • 9:30 FOREIGN FEATURES I LOVE YOU ROSA (DUB—1:24) • 11:00 LA GUERRE EST FINIE (SUB—2:01) 13

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