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HBO ORIGINAL MOVIE Brian Dennehy Aidan Quinn DEAD RINGERS Jeremy Irons Genevieve Bujold BILLY CRYSTAL "MIDNIGHT TRAIN TO MOSCOW Please Note: Words of caution included before the ratings have now been abbreviated. AS Adult situations. AL Adult language. AH Adult humor. V Violence. MV Mild violence. GV Graphic violence. N Nudity. BN Brief nudity. SC Strong sexual content. R Rape. This month there will be more than just great movies. Stay tuned to Cinemax between shows on September 8 and 9 to learn more about how Cinemax works. And on HBO, stay tuned between shows on September 10 and 11 to learn more about how HBO works. Home Box Office, Cinemax, HBO, MAX and On Location are trademarks and service marks of Home Box Office, Inc. Exclusive titles are exclusive on national pay cable to HBO and/or Cinemax during the term of their license. Oscar and Academy Award are registered trademarks and service marks of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. indicates programs in stereo, where available. [££7| indican programas en 1—'espanol, donde fuesen disponibles; indicates programs in Spanish, where available. □ Selected programs closed-captioned by the National Captioning Institute. Registered service mark oif the National Captioning Institute. Used with permission. Special decoder needed. HBO and Cinemax reserve the right to make a schedule change or program substitution without notice. Photo Credits: Cover—Diana’s: Harry Langdon; P.9—Boxing (Ali): Ken Regan; P.11—Diana’s (& P.31): Paul Cox; PA A—Nature Watch: J.D. Taylor/Miller Comstock Inc.; 19—Outlaw: Memory Shop; P. 20— Nutty Professor: Movie Still Archives; P. 22— Ride Lonesome: Movie Still Archives; Western: Jagarts; P. 23—Brute Force: Photofest; F/ame;Movie Still Archives; P. 25—See No Evil; Die! My Darling!: Movie Still Archives; P. 26—Goddess: Photofest; P. 28—Blob (& P.30); Dinosau-rus!: Movie Still Archives; P. 33—Help!: Memory Shop; P. 36—Rooster: Photofest. ■Hi This program guide is available by paid subscription. For an order blank, write to HBO Consumer Affairs, 1100 Avenue of the Americas, New York, New York 10036. Send no money at this time. 1ST & TEN: DO IT AGAIN NEW SEASON! NEW EPISODES!

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PIERCE BROSNAN A imm the h b o original MOVIE FOR SEPTEMBER Can an ex-con, fresh out of a four-year prison term, get revenge on the double-crossing business partner who framed him? Pierce Brosnan (Remington Steele) engineers an elaborate scam to get even with Tom Skerritt, his ex-partner in a security firm, who framed him and stole his girlfriend. Brosnan’s target is Skerritt’s biggest client—a busy race track. Twists and turns abound in this suspenseful, adult action drama co-starring Wendy Hughes. (AL.V.N) 1:38. HBO Sept.16,19,24,28 p O HBO/Cinemax Guide is published monthly by Home Box Office, Inc., 1100 Avenue of the Americas. N.Y., N.Y. 10036. E. Thayer Bigelow, President; Jeffrey L. Bewkes. Sr., V.P. Finance: John S. Redpath, Jr., Secretary. 1989 HOME BOX OFFICE, INC. All rights reserved. Is Mick Dundee any match for Colombian drug thugs? You bet your boomerang he is, mate, as everybody’s favorite Aussie returns in this blockbuster comedy sequel. Growing restless in the Big Apple, Dundee yearns for home—but it takes his lady’s kidnapping by a cocaTne kingpin to get him there. From misfit city slicker to wily Outback tracker. Mick's your man for rock 'em, sock 'em laughs and action. (ALM) PG-1:50. HBO Sept.4,10,13,15,21,24,30; MAX Sept.12,16,18,23,28 p f(S

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A struggling professional baseball player is forced to confront his past after the suicide of a childhood friend. "Mark Harmon is flinty, tough and engaging” (Hollywood Reporter) in this bittersweet romantic drama. With Blair Brown, Harold Ramis and Jonathan Silverman. (AS,AL) PG-13; 1:38. HBO Sept.11,24,28 QftM STEALING HOME ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER Predator It's muscles vs. monster when Schwarzenegger takes on a space alien in the jungles of Central America! Arnold leads a rescue team through a tropical hellhole in search of a missing politician— and ends up battling a creature from beyond the stars. (AL,GV) R-1:46. HBO Sept.2, 7,25,29 g O CARL WEATHERS Action Jackson With his gloves off, Rocky co-star Carl Weathers rips up Detroit in a bare-fisted assault on big-city crime. Nicknamed “Action” Jackson for good reason, the burly, gutsy cop is after auto executive Craig T. Nelson (Poltergeist) for brutal union slayings. (AL,GV,N) R-1:36. HBO Sept.3, 9,14,19,29 go 8 The most successful, longest-running sports series on cable TV is back for its 13th season! Len Dawson and Nick Buoniconti host the only show that brings you highlights from every NFL game every week. ‘ 'Where Are They Now?” looks at life after football, and ‘‘Inside Info’ ’ brings you all the lowdown on the NFL. Plus interviews, analyses, special guests and lots more. 1:00. HBO Sept.14,15,16; 21,22,23; 28,29,30rt HBO m A retrospective of the greatest moments in HBO’s 17-year boxing history. Clips from the early years include Frazier vs. Foreman and “TheThrilla From Manila,” while great bouts from the ’80s include Hagler-Leonard and Spinks-Holmes. Plus the early careers of Mike Tyson and Sugar Ray Leonard. :42. HBO Sept.7,13, 16,18,24,27

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RAYED A provocative, chitling look at the dark underside of a small town. Following the murder of a left-wing talk show host, an FBI agent (Debra Winger) is assigned to infiltrate a white supremacist group in America's heartland. There she meets and is wooed by a farmer and widowed father (Tom Berenger). His earnest, forthright appeal seems too good to be true, and it is— for he is a murderous racist. Directed by Costa-Gavras (Missing). (AS,AL,V) R-2:07. HBO September 17,20,25,30go KEVIN BACON Quicksilver From high-stakes finance to high-speed risks on city streets: that's the dropout route Kevin Bacon chooses in a rock-powered story of urban life and love. A stock market hotshot who takes a financial fall, Bacon hits the mean streets as a bicycle messenger. (AL,V) PG-1:46. MAX Sept.2,10,25 go BRUCE WILLIS JAMES GARNER Sunset Two American legends, cowboy film star Tom Mix and frontier marshal Wyatt Earp, team up to make a movie in 1929 Hollywood. The complications become comical when they end up trying to solve a murder in this whimsical mystery from Blake Edwards. (AS,AL, MV) R-1:47. MAX Sept.11,17,26 O 6 Can a hammy actor cut it as dictator of a Latin country without getting his bacon fried? Richard Dreyfuss plays the loony premise for all it’s worth in this bright farce. He gets his big break impersonating the dead ruler of the nation of Parador. But he takes his role seriously—maybe too seriously for scheming politico Raul Julia. With Sonia Braga and Charo. (AS,AL,V) PG-13; 1:44. HBO Sept.2,5,8,14,17,20 go a TREAT WILLIAMS JOE PISCOPO Dead Heat In this action-packed horror comedy, two L.A. cops are out to crack a series of jewel robberies. But bullets are useless—because the crooks are already dead! It’s cops vs. zombies, but the partners are determined to win... even if they have to die trying! (AL,GV) R-1:24. HBO Sept.8,13, 18,23 q O RICHARD DREYFUSS SONIA BRAGA RAUL JULIA Phantasm II The ball is back! “A must for nightmare-movie buffs” (N.Y. Daily News), this sequel to the horror hit is a feast of grisly special effects and suspense. Angus Scrimm returns as the phantom tall man, terrorizing a town with his brain-drilling flying spheres. (AL,GV, N) R-1:36. HBO Sept.22,27 O

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 &USH mm I M PRAY YOU DON’T CROSS IT HBO's suspense anthology about ordinary people facing extraordinary pressure. Strong content. Parental discretion advised. INDIAN POKER A small-town sheriff gambles that he’s above the law. :30. HBOSept.1.2,5Qfi PROFESSIONAL MAN A hit man must choose: force his girlfriend to be unfaithful... or kill her. :30. HBO Sept.6,8,10,12Qi 10

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This month on... BOElSHUElt7 Die! Die! My Darling! Tallulah Bankhead, Stefanie Powers and Donald Sutherland star in this 1965 screamfest. 1:37. MAX Sept. 18,23,26 Dinosaurus! Two dinosaurs and a caveman are accidentally unfrozen on a tropical island in this 1960 monster flick. 1:23. MAX Sept. 16,21,26 Disorderlies The “biggest” stars in rap music, The Fat Boys, take a wacky turn at nursing in this romp. (AL.BN) PG-1:26. HBO Sept. 2,13,19,23,25,29 p The Disorderly Orderly A 1964 comedy. Jerry Lewis. 1:29. MAX Sept. 7 The Edge Adult suspense series. See page 10. Warning: Strong content. Parental discretion advised. :30. HBO Sept. 1,2,5; 6,8,10,12 q O 18 Again! High-spirited George Burns comedy. See page 17. (AL,BN) PG-1:40. MAX Sept. 13,17,22,30 p 80 Steps to Jonah Wayne Newton plays a man on the run in this 1969 drama. G-1:48. MAX Sept. 6,21 Eleni Drama with John Malkovich and Kate Nelligan. See page 16. (V) PG-1:57. HBO Sept. 5,15,20,28 Q O Encyclopedia Volumes of entertainment from A to Zl See page 15. :28. HBO Sept. 3; 4,10; 11,17; 18,24; 25 p O The Family Cinemax Import Ettore Scola drama. See page 18. (AS,AL) PG-2:09. MAX Sept. 13,18,24 Fatal Beauty Undercover narcotics detective Whoopi Goldberg is out to bust a cocaine ring. (AL,GV,N) R-1:44. MAX Sept. 11,16,24 gOg Father Guido Sarducci’s Vatican Inquirer: The Pope’s Tour Cinemax Comedy Experiment Don Novello, as Father Guido Sarducci, follows Pope John Paul on his 1987 U.S. tour. :30. MAX Sept. 2,4,19,28 p O A Fish Called Wanda Jamie Lee Curtis, Kevin Kline, in a witty comedy. (AL,V,N) R-1:48. MAX Sept. 8p@ The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh Basketball superstars team with top comics in this lighthearted romp about a losing team turned into winners. With Stockard Channing. (AL) PG-1:43. MAX Sept. 16,18,24,26 O The Flame and the Arrow Burt Lancaster stars in this 1950 classic as a Robin Hood-like rebel in medieval Italy. 1:28. MAX Sept. 11,22,27,30 Flesh + Blood Adult adventure set in the year 1501, when the Black Death rampaged through Europe. (AL,GV,N, R) R-2:05. MAX Sept. 19,27 O Frantic Harrison Ford stars in this Roman Polanski thriller. (AL,V,BN) R-2:00. HBO Sept. fflgng Jim Henson’s Ghost of Faffner Hall The French Woman A French sizzler about a beauty whose government “subsidy” keeps her bordello open. (V,N,SC) R-1:36. MAX Sept. 22,26,30 Friday the 13th—A New Beginning Part V The masked fiend returns! This time Jason is stalking hapless residents of a camp for troubled teens. (AL.GV.N) R-1:28. MAX Sept. 1,5,11 Fright Night What do you do when you suspect your new next-door neighbor is a real, live vampire? (AL,V,N) R-1:46. MAX Sept. 21,24 p O The Frisco Kid Comedy/Western with Harrison Ford. See page 16. (AL.AH.V) PG-1:59. HBO Sept. 4,8,17,21,26 HD Funny Farm Chevy Chase forsakes the rush of the city for the slow lane in this culture-clash comedy hit. (AL) PG-1:41. HBO Sept. 10 p O The Further Adventures of Tennessee Buck David Keith stars in this tongue-in-cheek adventure. (AL,V,N,R) R-1:31. HBO Sept. 15 O Ghost Fever Sherman Hemsley (Amen) stars in this comedy as a private eye hired to evict two sisters from their Georgia plantation. (AS,AL) PG-1:26. MAX Sept. 2,12,18 Ghoulies II Those little devils are back for more hijinks! (AS.AL.V) PG-13; 1:30. HBO Sept. 4 O The Giant Claw Sink your beak into this 1957 thriller about a big bird from outer space that terrorizes Earth and lays a huge egg on Quebec! B/W; 1:16. MAX Sept. 4,19,25 Gilda Live The late Gilda Radner presents her gallery of characters in this outrageous comedy movie. (AL.AH) R-1:30. MAX Sept. 13,30 The Goddess Kim Stanley stars in this 1958 drama loosely based on the life of Marilyn Monroe. With Lloyd Bridges. B/W; 1:45. MAX Sept. 7,10,15 HsD Going Bananas High-spirited comedy. See page 16. (AL) PG-1:30. HBO Sept. 1,6,12,16,21,25 p O Grandview, U.S.A. Jamie Lee Curtis finds herself caught in a romantic triangle in this comedy/drama. (AL,MV,N) R-1:37. HBO Sept. 12,17,22 p The Grapes of Wrath Henry Fonda stars in the 1940 movie of Steinbeck’s novel. B/W; 2:09. MAX Sept. 1,19 Greased Lightning Richard Pryor, in a dramatic role, plays the first black auto racing champion, Wendell Scott. (AL) PG-1:36. MAX Sept. 2,6,10 The Gypsy Moths Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr star in this drama about barnstorming sky divers. (AL.BN) R-1:47. MAX Sept. 11,27 32 HBO Boxing’s Greatest Hits 17 years of action in the ring! See page 9. :42. HBO Sept. 7,13,16,18,24,27 HBO Coming Attractions Here are the movies and specials coming up on HBO that you won’t want to miss. :30. HBO Sept. 4,6,9,13 O The Happening Anthony Quinn is a hard-luck Mafia don in this wacky 1967 comedy. With Faye Dunaway and George Maharis. 1:42. MAX Sept. 25,28 A Hard Day’s Night The Beatles! See page 18. G-1:30. MAX Sept. 6,9,12,22 ft Hard Ticket to Hawaii Gorgeous Maui is the backdrop for blazing action, bawdy encounters and campy humor. (AL,GV,N,SC) R-1:36. MAX Sept. 29 He’s My Girl Gender-bending antics mix it up with the rock video

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HBO ------ FRIDAYS Comic Capers September 1 Big • Caddyshack II U.S. Male September 8 Dead Heat • Cold Steel Great Adventures September 15 “Crocodile” Dundee II The Further Adventures of Tennessee Buck Night-Light Theater September 22 Phantasm II • American Gothic Action Pack September 29 Predator • Action Jackson Friday 1 6:00a HBO The Peanut Butter Solution p. 15 7:00 MAX The Interns p. 33 7:30 HBO Adventures of Tom Sawyer Impossible Promise p. 30 8:00 HBO Big p. 4 9:00 MAX The New Interns p. 35 10:00 HBO The Long Hot Summer p. 16 11:00 MAX A Blues Session p. 30 12:00 MAX The Grapes of Wrath p. 32 1:30p HBO Tidy Endings p. 37 2:30 HBO Man With One Red Shoe p. 34 MAX A Time of Destiny p. 37 4:00 HBO Nature Watch A Master of Disguise: The Octopus p. 14 4:30 HBO Babar School Days p. 14 MAX Champions p. 31 5:00 HBO The Peanut Butter Solution p. 15 6:30 HBO Going Bananas p. 16 MAX The Creeping Flesh p. 31 8:00 HBO Big p. 4 MAX Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning p. 32 9:30 MAX The Serpent and the Rainbow p. 36 10:00 HBO Caddyshack II p. 31 11:10 MAX The Terminator p. 37 12:00 HBO The Kids in the Hall p. 10 12:30a HBO The Edge Indian Poker p. 10 1:00 HBO Amazon Women/Moon p. 30 MAX Inhibition p. 33 2:30 HBO Howling II p. 33 2:35 MAX The Big Gundown p. 30 4:00 HBO Deadly Passion p. 31 4:10 MAX The Parallax View p. 35 Saturday 2 6:00a HBO The Stone Boy p. 16 MAX Comedy Experiment: Father Guido Sarducci's Vatican Inquirer p. 32 6:30 MAX Outlaw Josey Wales p. 19 7:30 HBO Disorderlies p. 32 9:00 HBO Nature Watch A Master of Disguise: The Octopus p. 14 MAX The Heavenly Kid p. 33 9:30 HBO Moon Over Parador p. 7 10:30 MAX Ghost Fever p. 32 11:30 HBO Silverado p. 35 12:00 MAX Murder on the Orient Express p. 35 2:00p HBO Rooster Cogburn p. 16 2:30 MAX Mayflower Madam p. 34 4:00 HBO HBO Family Playhouse: The Day the Senior Class Got Married p. 14 MAX Quicksilver p. 35 5:00 HBO Pee-wee’s Big Adventure p. 16 6:00 MAX Greased Lightning p. 32 6:30 HBO Disorderlies p. 32 8:00 HBO Moon Over Parador p. 7 MAX No Small Affair p. 35 10:00 HBO Roseanne Barr Show p. 36 MAX Outlaw Josey Wales p. 19 11:00 HBO Predator p. 8 12:20a MAX Maniac Cop p. 34 12:50 HBO White of the Eye p. 37 1:50 MAX Pretty Smart p. 35 2:45 HBO The Edge Indian Poker p. 10 3:15 HBO Nightmare at Noon p. 35 MAX My Man Adam p. 35 4:45 MAX Hour of the Assassin p. 33 4:50 HBO The Big Town p. 30 Sunday 3 6:30a MAX No Sad Songs for Me p. 35 7:00 HBO Journey to the Center of the Earth p. 15 8:00 HBO Babar School Days p. 14 MAX The Nutty Professor p. 35 8:30 HBO Encyclopedia The W Volume p. 15 9:00 HBO The 7th Voyage of Sinbad p.16 10:00 MAX Just One of the Guys p. 34 10:30 HBO The Razor’s Edge p. 16 12:00 MAX Vibes p. 37 12:45p HBO Made in Heaven p. 34 2:00 MAX He's My Girl p. 33 2:30 HBO How to Raise a Drug-Free Child p. 33 3:00 HBO House II: The Second Story p. 33 4:00 MAX Better Off Dead... p. 30 4:30 HBO Spaceballs p. 35 6:00 MAX Protocol p. 35 6:15 HBO Big p. 4 8:00 HBO Sunday Night Movie Crossing Delancey p. 5 MAX Just One of the Guys p. 34 10:00 HBO Secret Admirer p. 35 MAX Vibes p. 37 11:40 HBO Action Jackson p. 8 11:50 MAX Risky Business p. 35 1:20a HBO Big p. 4 1:30 MAX Less Than Zero p. 34 3:10 HBO The Principal p. 35 MAX Cross My Heart p. 31 4:45 MAX Vibes p. 37 5:05 HBO On Location: Richard Lewis I'm Exhausted p. 36 20 Schedules are in Daylight Saving Time. WITH STELLA STEVENS MAX Sept.3,7 The Heavenly Kid MAX Sept.2,4,8,20 Just One of the Guys MAX Sept.3,8,16,20 Vibes CYNDI LAUPER JEFF GOLDBLUM MAX Sept.3,9,12,16,18,22,30 The Invisible Kid MAX Sept.4,10,15,21 utrageous, off-the-wall comedy on Cinemax! Ghost Fever MAX Sept.2,12,18 Monday 4 6:05a HBO Sweet Lorraine p. 16 6:30 MAX The Giant Claw p. 32 7:30 HBO Encyclopedia The X-Y-Z Volume p. 15 8:00 HBO “Crocodile” Dundee II p. 3 MAX A Blues Session p. 30 9:00 MAX Willow p. 37 10:00 HBO Legend of Billie Jean p. 34 11:30 MAX The Heavenly Kid p. 33 11:45 HBO Man With One Red Shoe p. 34 1:00p MAX Innerspace p. 33 1:30 HBO Coming Attractions p. 33 2:00 HBO The Magic Circus: Cirque du Soleil p. 15 3:00 HBO The Frisco Kid p. 16 MAX The Invisible Kid p. 33 5:00 HBO Ghoulies II p. 32 MAX Soul Man p. 36 6:30 HBO Walk Like a Man p. 37 7:00 MAX Crazy About the Movies: Montgomery Clift p. 12 8:00 HBO Babar Peer Pressure p. 14 MAX The Heavenly Kid p. 33 8:30 HBO Nature Watch Deadly Hunters of the Sea p. 14 9:00 HBO “Crocodile” Dundee II p. 3 9:30 MAX The Big Chill p. 30 11:00 HBO Caddyshack II p. 31 11:30 MAX Shakedown p. 36 12:40a HBO Ghoulies II p. 32 1:10 MAX The Rose p. 36 2:15 HBO Beach Balls p. 30 3:25 MAX Guido Sarducci p. 32 3:35 HBO Vietnam War Story: The Last Days p. 37 3:55 MAX Patti Rocks p. 35 5:10 HBO Promised Land p. 35 5:25 MAX The Pointsman p. 35 EE/PW Tuesday 5 7:00a HBO Paddington Goes to School p. 35 MAX Champions p. 31 7:30 HBO Tales of Little Women Jo's Civil War Stories p. 37 8:00 HBO Moon Over Parador p. 7 9:00 MAX The House on Carroll Street p. 33 10:00

HBO Guide September 1989 - Page section : 016

This month on... hbo snmma Above the Law An undercover cop is out to clean up Chicago. (AL.V) R-1:39. MAX Sept. 7,12 p rt @ Action Jackson Carl Weathers stars. See page 8. (AL,GV,N) R-1:36. HBO Sept. 3.9,14,19,29 p O The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Animated version of Twain’s classic on HBO. :24. The Impossible Promise: Sept. 1; The Secret of the Buried Treasure: Sept. 8; X Marks the Spot: Sept. 15: Tom's Broken Engagement: Sept. 22: A Pirate's Life for Tom: Sept. 29 AlaiWo Bay A tiny Texas fishing community protests against the arrival of refugees from Vietnam. Ed Harris. (AL.V.BN) R-1:39. MAX Sept. 10,14 All About Eve Bette Davis plays a Broadway star in this classic. With Anne Baxter. B/W; 2:18. MAX Sept. 21,24 Alpine Fire A deaf-mute farmboy approaches manhood in this drama. (AL,V,N,SC) R-1:59. MAX Sept. 5,18 Alvarez Kelly A 1966 Western with William Holden. 1:54. MAX Sept. 6 Amazon Women on the Moon Outrageous send-up of modern culture. (AL,AH,N) R-1:24. HBO Sept. 1,5,16,27 American Dreamer A romp straight from the pages of a paperback novel. (AL.MV) PG-1:45. MAX Sept. 5,11 p American Gothic Backwoods psychos run amok with horrifying results! (AS,AL,V) R-1:29. HBO Sept. 22,26,30 And God Created Woman Rebecca De Mornay plays a hot-blooded jailbird in this steamy drama. With Frank Langella. (AL,N,SC) 1:38. MAX Sept. Babar The lovable elephant king. See page 14. :25. HBO Sept. 1,3; 4,6,8,10; 11,13,15,17; 18,20,22,24; 25,27,29 Baby, It’s You Rosanna Arquette and Vincent Spano star in John Sayles’ tale of ‘60s romance. (AL,V,BN) R-1:45. MAX Sept. 19,24,27 Bad Dreams Chiller about the sole survivor of a cult mass suicide. (AS,AL,GV) R-1:24. MAX Sept. 6 p O Barbarosa Willie Nelson plays an aging bandit in this epic Western. (AS,AL,V) PG-1:26. MAX Sept. 5,8 Battered America Undercover True case histories. See page 12. 1:00 HBO Sept. 13,18,21,24,29 p Beach Balls Sun, fun, surf and sexy shenanigans on the California shore. (AS,AL,N) R-1:18. HBO Sept. 4,16,21,27 The Beat Guided by a concerned high school teacher, a teenage misfit uses his poetry to rally support against an uncaring system. With John Savage (The Deer Hunter). (AL.V) R-1:42. MAX Sept. 26,30 O Beetlejuice Michael Keaton is the ghost with the most in this supernatu-rally funny haunted house hit. (AS.AL, AH,V) PG-1:32. MAX Sept. 9pO§ Before Winter Comes David Niven and John Hurt star in this stirring post-WWII drama. With Topol. (AS,AL,V) PG-1:42. MAX Sept. 12,20 Best Seller Brian Dennehy and James Woods play a burnt-out novelist and a mob hit man in this thriller. (AL.V.BN) R-1:31. HBO Sept. 6,11 p Betrayed Taut drama with Debra Winger. See page 6. (AS.AL.V) R-2:07. HBO Sept. 17,20,25,30 p O @ Better Off Dead... John Cusack (Say Anything...) stars in this fresh and funny teen comedy. (AS,AL) PG-1.37. MAX Sept. 3,12,23,28 p Big Hit comedy. See page 4. (AS,AL) PG-1:44. HBO Sept. 1,3,5,9,11,21,30; MAX Sept. 7,13,15,17,23,26 p O Big Bad Mama II Angie Dickinson comes blasting back as an outlaw on the run in this sequel to the action smash. (AL,V,N) R-1:23. MAX Sept. 24,29 The Big Chill The feel-good hit about old friends reunited for one memorable weekend. With William Hurt, Tom Berenger, Glenn Close. (AL,N) R-1:45. MAX Sept. 4,10,14 p The Big Gundown A 1968 “spaghetti” Western starring Lee Van Cleef. (AS,AL,V) R-1:30. MAX Sept. 1 The Big Heat Glenn Ford and Lee Marvin star in this gritty 1953 gangster melodrama. Gloria Grahame. (V) 1:29. MAX Sept. 22,28 0 The Big Town Matt Dillon stars as a small-town crapshooter who comes to 1957 Chicago to make his fortune. (AL,N) R-1:50. HBO Sept. 2,12,17,27 p The Blackboard Jungle 1955 drama with Glenn Ford. B/W; 1:41. MAX Sept. 9 Blade Runner Harrison Ford stars in this sci-fi action adventure as a police detective on the trail of renegade androids. With Rutger Hauer and Daryl Hannah. (AS,V,BN) R-1:57. HBO Sept. 5,15,20,23 O The Blob Steve McQueen stars in the original 1958 sci-fi hit about a hungry slimeball from outer space. 1:22. MAX Sept. 10,12,17 The Blob In this fast and fun 1988 remake, the blob is busy sucking up the hapless inhabitants of a small town—until teen rebel Kevin Dillon gets on its case! (AL.GV) R-1:35. MAX Sept. 9,12,15,17,20,22,25 O 0 A Blues Session: B.B. King and Friends Cinemax Sessions Blues greats! :56. MAX Sept. 1,4,7 O Betrayed The Blob Babar All About Eve 30 Boxing Sugar Ray Leonard vs. Thomas Hearns All the action of the big match! 1:29. HBO Sept. 10 ED Brute Force Burt Lancaster plays a con in the 1947 classic that made him astar! B/W; 1:38. MAX Sept. 11,15,26,30 Caddyshack II Rich slob Jackie Mason buys a country club in this wacky comedy. (AL,AH,BN) PG-1:37. HBO Sept. 1,4.7,11,17 p I» gD Carol Doesn’t Leifer Anymore Cinemax Comedy Experiment Comedian Carol Leifer heads for the city and single life. :28. MAX Sept. 12,16 p O Champions John Hurt stars in the true story of English jockey Bob Champion’s battle against adversity. (AS,AL) PG-1:54. MAX Sept. 1,5,14 p Cheech & Chong’s Nice

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