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CD _Q Q O O o o m x c o 0) E (0 v. O) O $ a c O) c CO 5 -I--' JZ I 0)1 CD* (0 0) 3 tt O o o 3 c Lawrence of Arabia Pa9e19 Heavyweight H I Happened the to White House Prophecy Page HBO welcomes subscriber comments on HBO programming and scheduling. Write to: HBO Subscriber Information Services, lime & Lite Bldg., Rockefeller Center, New roifc, NY. 10020. Service, reception and billing inquiries can be handled only by your local cable TV company. Avalanche Express Page 14 Every Which Way But Loose Page 19 Time After Time Page 6 Home Box Office, Standing Room Only, HBO. SftO, On Location are trademarks and servicemarks of Home Box Office, Inc. © 1980 Home Box Office. Inc. All rights reserved .

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On Location: King Goes to Queens Catch New Yorker Alan King at Queens College with his special brand of unrestrained humor. He uses his tongue like a pitchfork to skewer the everyday things that nag us all. Critic Kenneth Tynan said: “If a sawed-off shotgun could talk, it would sound like Alan King.” October 1,6,12,18 Thursday October 2 Dracula Frank Langelia Laurence Olivier A horror story... a love story. Frank Langelia stars as the famous vampire whose liquid gaze melts the fair and feminine. Laurence Olivier co-stars as his nemesis. Eerie locales abound in this handsome version of the classic chiller. Adult language, violence. (R-1:49) October 2,6,11,15,21,26 6:00 GATOR Lauren Hutton, TV reporter (PG-1:56) Only play date. 8:00 KING GOES TO QUEENS Alan King’s sardonic humor On Location in the Big Apple, p.4 9:00 "10" One man’s fabulous fantasy (R-1:58) Only play date. 11:00 HOT STUFF Dorn DeLuise takes on crime as a Comic cop (PG-1:27) p.5 12:30 THE DARK Werewolf in blue jeans terrorizes Los Angeles area (R-1:30) p.5 4 5:30 PLAYERS Ali MacGraw (PG-2:00) p.6 7:30 INSIDE THE NFL Weekly pro football highlights with host Len Dawson, p.5 8:30 HBO SNEAK PREVIEW FOR OCTOBER 9:00 DRACULA Horror-love story (R-1:49) p.4 11:00 CONSUMER REPORTS PRESENTS: THE GOOD BUY SHOW p. 13 11:30 INSIDE THE NFL See earlier listing, p.5 12:30 PLAYERS Tennis action (PG-2:00) p.6 M H Hot Stuff This could be the craziest scheme in law enforcement history. It’s action comedy as Dorn DeLuise and Suzanne Pleshette set up their own fencing operation to beat the mob at its own game. Profanity. (PG-1:27) October 1,3 The Dark As Los Angeles sleeps, a murderous alien creature descends on the city William Devane and Cathy Lee Crosby star as two people who wake up to a nightmare. Violence, profanity. (R-1:30) October 1,4,9 Standing Room Only: Burlesque USA All the ingredients for a bof-fo show are here: baggy pants comedians, slapstick sketches, flashy musical numbers, stripteasers and showgirls. Zany host Red Buttons has a wild time with lots of special guests. Burlesque’s revival is sweeping the country, and in HBO’s 4th annual presentation, you’ll see why! October 3,8,13 Inside the NFL NFL fans know it is unlikely that Team A will lose to Team B and that there is no way A can lose to C. But week after week many a B and C shocks an A. How did they do it? Who were the players who turned the game around? Each week this lively show will detail and explain the upsets, bring you all the other highlights and leave you feeling that you really know the NFL’s abc’s. Len Dawson and Nick Buo-niconti host. October 2,3; 9,10; 16,17; 23,24; 30,31 I zsnm Head Over Heels John Heard (Heart Beat) and Mary Beth Hurt star as Charles and Laura in this well-acted comedy about love, marriage and contemporary lifestyles. Charles worships Laura. Laura really does like Charles—except that she’s married to another man. Adult situations and language. (PG-1:38) October 5,10,16,22

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V ± rime After Time Malcolm McDowell Players Tennis hustler Dean-Paul Martin is on his way up. He not only wants a championship, but also Ali MacGraw, who’s no easy match. Adult situations and language. (PG-2:00) October 2,7,10 What would happen if Jack the Ripper jumped into a time machine to evade Scotland Yard and landed in modem San Francisco? And if inventor H. G. Wells made the same trip to pursue him? Malcolm McDowell and David Warner star in an ingenious romantic thriller. Adult language and situations, violence. (PG-1:52) October 5,9,13,18,21,24,29 On Location: Don Rickies and His Wise Guys The master of insult comedy makes his long awaited HBO debut. He’s lined up a stageful of wise guys—like Way-land Flowers and Madame —for an evening of frantic fun. October 4,10,15 Friday Saturday Sunday October 3 October 4 October 5 5:30 HOT STUFF Jerry Reed (PG-1:27) p.5 7:00 INSIDE THE NFL Repeat of Thursday show, p.5 8:00 PROPHECY Terror strikes in the Maine woods (PG-1:42) p.7 10:00 BURLESQUE U.S.A. Standing Room Only. With host Red Buttons, p.5 11:30 THE CONCORDE AIRPORT ’79 Disaster drama (PG-1:54) p.21 1:30 HBO Late Night: LILY TOMLIN (1:00) 3:30 MORE AMERICAN GRAFFITI Continuing story (PG-1:51) p.16 5:30 ONCE IN PARIS Wayne Rogers (PG-1:39) p. 12 7:30 WHERE TIME BEGAN Action expedition to the earth’s core (G-1:26) p.7 9:00 MORE AMERICAN GRAFFITI Into the’60s (PG-1:51) p.16 11:00 DON RICKLES AND HIS WISE GUYS p.6 12:30 THE DARK Alien werewolf (R-1:30) p.5 2:00 HBO Late Night: INGLORIOUS BASTARDS (1:39) 3:30 HBO SNEAK PREVIEW FOR OCTOBER With Stiller and Meara. 4:00 HEAD OVER HEELS A tale of love, marriage and modem romance (PG-1:38) p.5 6:00 THE CONCORDE AIRPORT '79 George Kennedy heads a supersonic flight (PG-1:54) p.21 8:00 TIME AFTER TIME H.G. Wells trails Jack the Ripper into 20th century (PG-1:52) p.6 10:00 HEAD OVER HEELS John Heard (PG-1:38) p.5 11:45 SAMMY: THE GOLDEN YEARS The past fifty years, p.21 6 Talia Shire A rampaging monster stalks the Maine woods and Nature goes berserk. In this tale of horror, animals turn into giants and innocent campers meet murder. The work of vengeful Indians? Or could chemicals dumped into the woodland streams set off this ghastly chain of horrors Health officer Robert Fox-worth and nervous wife Talia Shire (Rocky) confront the terror in the forest. It’s best not to fool around with Mother Nature! Profanity, violence. (PG-1:42) October 3,6,11,14,19 This retelling of Jules Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth is top-flight family entertainment, complete with sea serpents, giant turtles and prehistoric dinosaurs. Kenneth More leads a scientific expedition to the Earth’s core through an inactive volcano, an underground storm—and into the hands of a mysterious stranger. Family fare. (G-1:26) October 4,7,12,15,20,23 7

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It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World Spencer Tracy Milton Berle Sid Caesar Buddy Hackett Ethel Merman Mickey Rooney Dick Shawn Phil Silvers Here’s fun, fun, fun, fun for one and all. A great cast of comic talent cuts loose for almost three hours of wackiness. Sight gags, crazy chases and daredevil stunts blend with biting satire on American life. Family fare. (G-2:46) October 7,11,15,19,24 Tales of Beatrix Potter Ready for something original? In this refreshingly offbeat film, Peter Rabbit and his friends become playful dance characters. Stars of Britain’s Royal Ballet tell the beloved stories by Beatrix Potter in delightful dance fantasies. Join Squirrel Nutkin, Pigling Bland, Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle as they make merry for the young at heart. Family fare. (G-1:29) October 8,11,16,19 Monday TUesday Wednesday October 6 October 7 October 8 5:30 PROPHECY Robert Foxworth (PG-1:42) p.7 7:30 MONSTERS, MADMEN AND MACHINES Highlights from 80 years of science fiction films, p.9 8:30 CONSUMER REPORTS PRESENTS: THE GOOD BUY SHOW p.13 9:00 DRACULA Laurence Olivier (R-1:49) p.4 11:00 KING GOES TO QUEENS Alan King On Location, p.4 12:00 PROPHECY Talia Shire (PG-1:42) p.7 8 5:30 WHERE TIME BEGAN New version of Journey to the Center of the Earth (G-1:26) p.7 7:00 WORLD SERIES SPECTACULAR A historical tribute to USA’s premiere sports event, p.9 8:00 IT’S A MAD, MAD MAD, MAD WORLD Wild comedy chase on the trail of treasure (G-2.46) p.8 11:00 PLAYERS Love game, on-and-off-court (PG-2:00) p.6 5:30 THE CONCORDE AIRPORT ’79 Sky drama (PG-1:54) p.21 7:30 TALES OF BEATRIX POTTER Peter Rabbit in a delightful ballet fantasWG-1:29) p.8 9:00 ONCE IN PARIS An American finds unexpected French romance (PG-1:39) p. 12 11:00 WORLD SERIES SPECTACULAR Highlights and dramatic moments from the past, p.9 12:00 BURLESQUE U.S.A. Risqu6, adult entertainment, p.5 World Series Spectacular Is it America’s greatest sporting event? Take an action-crammed look at the most dramatic moments in World Series history. See if Babe Ruth really called his famous homer. Watch Bob Gibson blaze his fastball. Relive Don Larsen’s perfect game in 1956, Reggie Jackson’s four straight home runs in 1977, the Pirates’ amazing 1979 comeback and more! October 7,8,11 Thursday October 9 5:30 MORE AMERICAN GRAFFITI Cindy Williams (PG-1:51) p.16 7:30 INSIDE THE NFL A look at the week’s action, p.5 8:30 TIME AFTER TIME A chase from the 19th to the 20th century (PG-1:52) p.6 10:30 MONSTERS, MADMEN AND MACHINES Sci-fi film clips, p.9 11:30 INSIDE THE NFL See earlier listing, p.5 12:30 THE DARK Cops search for “the Mangier” in Los Angeles (R-1:30) p.5 Monsters, Madmen and Machines: Science Fiction From King Kong to Barbarella to Star Trek —sci-fi movies have been terrifying audiences for decades. Gil Gerard hosts these excerpts from sci-fi classics for a look at the exaggerated, horrific world of imagination gone wild! October 6,9,14,19,22,31 The Deer Hunter Robert De Niro A riveting saga of three men caught in the shifting tides of the Vietnam war. The winner of five Academy Awards, including Best Picture. Robert De Niro, Christopher Walken and John Savage star as the small-town mill workers sent to fight a war from which they could never return the same. Profanity, violence. (R-3:03) , October 13,19,22 9

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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s one spectacular movie! A favorite comic book hero comes to life, flying faster than a speeding bullet to fight for Truth and Justice. Handsome Christopher Reeve is meek Clark Kent who turns into the Man of Steel, vaulting skyscrapers and romancing Lois Lane on an evening’s spin over New York City. Marlon Brando, Gene Hackman and Margot Kidder co-star. Adult language. (PG-2:22) October 12,16,20,25,29 Friday Saturday Sunday October 10 October 11 October 12 6:00 SAMMY: THE GOLDEN YEARS His great musical numbers, p.21 7:00 INSIDE THE NFL Action highlights p.5 8:00 HOOPER Burt Reynolds as high-flying stunt man (PG-1:39) p.11 10:00 DON RICKLES AND HIS WISE GUYS Barbed wit. p.6 11:30 HEAD OVER HEELS Modern romance (PG-1:38) p.5 1:15 PLAYERS Dean-Paul Martin (PG-2:00) p.6 3:15 HBO Late Night: DIONNE WARWICK IN CONCERT (1:00) 2:30 BEATRIX POTTER Peter Rabbit tale (G-1.29) p.8 4:00 IT’S A MAD WORLD Comedy classic (G-2:46) p.8 7:00 WORLD SERIES SPECTACULAR p. 13 8:00 THE BEACH BOYS IN CONCERT All of the original hits. p. 11 9:00 THE CONCORDE ' Susan Blakely (PG-1:54) p.21 11:00 PROPHECY Chiller (PG-1:42) p.7 12:45 DRACULA Frank Langella (R-1:49) p.4 2:45 HBO Late Night: THE RAIN PEOPLE Shirley Knight (R-1:41) 2:30 WHERE TIME BEGAN From the classic Jules Verne novel (G-1:26) p.7 4:00 ONCE IN PARIS An American finds its the place to be in love (PG-1:39) p. 12 6:00 MORE AMERICAN GRAFFITI Ron Howard (PG-1:51) p.16 8:00 SUPERMAN THE MOVIE Spectacular filming of comic book classic (PG-2:22) p. 10 10:30 KING GOES TO QUEENS Alan King’s style humor, p.4 11:30 ONCE IN PARIS Gayle Hunnicutt (PG-1:39) p. 12 10 “Good Vibrations*’ will fill your living room when the fabulous Beach Boys appear in concert taped before a crowd of 300,000 fans. Enjoy all of the favorite California surf and sand sounds again—“Fun, Fun, Fun,” “I Get Around,” “Do It Again,” “California Girls,” “Surfing USA,” “Little Deuce Coupe,” "Barbara Ann,” plus hit songs from their latest album. A wonderful Home Box Office special. October 11,14,17,20,22,26 Hooper Burt Reynolds Sally Field Nobody can fly a car like Hooper! Burt Reynolds takes off as an aging but high-flying stunt man with more than a few good spills yet to take. Lots of daredevil antics as Jan Michael Vincent challenges Burt’s status. With Sally Field as his girl and Brian Keith as his mentor, Burt is at his best in this delightful action comedy. Profanity, adult situations. (PG-1:39) October 10,14,18,23,26 ll

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Special HillBriUall Ghost Tour Do you believe in ghosts? Haunted houses? Witches You may believe in them all —after Richard Kiley takes “I you on a spooky tour in quest I of America’s strangest, most » bizarre tales. Psychics, me- t diums, documented footage J and dramatic reenactment of actual recorded events conjure up a bewitching evening of true ghost stories. October 15,18,21,27,31 Once in Paris.. Roguish Frenchman Jack Lenoir shows stuffy American Wayne Rogers the “finer points” of Paris. Point # 1 is sensual Gayle Hunnicutt. It’s nice romantic comedy. Adult situations and language. (PG-1:39) October 4,8,12,17 Monday TUesday Wednesday October 13 October 14 October 15 5:30 TIME AFTER TIME Jack the Ripper chased to modem San Francisco (PG-1:52) p.6 7:30 1980 WORLD SERIES SCOUTING REPORT Last minute analysis of World Series contenders, p.13 8:00 THE DEER HUNTER Five Oscar-winner (R-3:03) p.9 11:00 BURLESQUE U.S.A. Flashy, sexy entertainment, p.5 12:30 1980 WORLD SERIES SCOUTING REPORT Pre-series rundown, p. 13 5:30 MONSTERS, MADMEN AND MACHINES p.9 6:30 THE BEACH BOYS IN CONCERT “Surfing U.S.A.” p.11 7:30 1980 WORLD SERIES SCOUTING REPORT Expert look at contenders, p. 13 8:00 MAGIC Ventriloquist killer (R-1:47) p. 13 10:00 HOOPER Sally Field (PG-1:39) p. 11 11:45 THE BEACH BOYS IN CONCERT p. 11 12:45 PROPHECY Suspense thriller (PG-1:42) p.7 5:00 WHERE TIME BEGAN To the earth’s core (G-1:26) p.7 6:30 SAMMY: THE GOLDEN YEARS p.21 7:30 GREAT AMERICAN GHOST TOUR Eerie, bizarre events, p. 12 8:30 IT’S A MAD, MAD MAD, MAD WORLD Wild slapstick (G-2:46)p.8 11:30 DRACULA The complete lady killer (R-1:49)p.4 1:30 DON RICKLES AND HIS WISE GUYS Frantic fun. p.6 12 Consumer Reports magazine presents: The Good Buy Show Walter looss Jr./St Are any insecticides safe? Is margarine better for you than butter? Why are motor vehicle accidents the # 1 cause of death for children ages 1-4? How effective are smoke detectors? You’ll find the answers to these questions (and many more) in another exclusive HBO show designed to protect your pocketbook, safety and health. October 2,6 HBO Sports’ up-to-the-last minute scouting reports puts you inside the game by examining both clubs’ strengths and weaknesses, their starting pitchers, their bullpens, benches, offenses and defenses. Nothing adds more enjoyment to baseball than knowing who is apt to do what. Who’s the toughest out in the clutch on the two World Series teams? What’s the best way to pitch to the heavy hitters? Tune in for an expert look at this year’s October classic. Hosted by Len Berman. October 13,14 6:00 TALES OF BEATRIX POTTER Children’s stories told through dance (G-1:29) p.8 7:30 INSIDE THE NFL Co-host Nick Buoniconti looks at the week’s highlights, p.5 8:30 SUPERMAN THE MOVIE The comic book hero comes alive (PG-222) p.10 11:00 INSIDE THE NFL See earlier listing, p.5 12:00 HEAD OVER HEELS John Heard in 70s style romance (PG-1:38) p.5 Anthony Hopkins Ann-Margret A talented but tortured ventriloquist (Anthony Hopkins) is trapped in a bizarre set of circumstances when his eerie dummy starts to have a mind of his own. Ann-Margret and Burgess Meredith co-star in “one of the best thrillers in recent years.” (Chicago Tribune) Profanity, nudity, violence. (R-1:47) October 14,18,23,27,31 13

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Avalanche Express Lee Marvin Robert Shaw Hop onto a crack transcontinental train roaring across Europe as U.S agents smuggle a top-rank Russian defector to the West. Lee Marvin, Linda Evans and Mike Connors co-star as the handpicked team. They try to shield the KGB’s Robert Shaw from a barrage of Iron Curtain assassins, lovely ladies—and an avalanche heading for an Alpine village. Joe Na-math plays a back-up agent. All aboard! Violence, profanity. (PG-128) October 17,21,27 Friday Saturday Sunday October 17 October 18 October 19 5:00 ONCE IN PARIS Unexpected love (PG-1:39) p. 12 7:00 INSIDE THE NFL Repeat of Thursday show, p.5 8:00 AVALANCHE EXPRESS Lee Marvin (PG-1:28) p.14 9:30 SAME TIME NEXTYEAR Alan Alda (PG-1:57) p.22 11:30 MORE AMERICAN GRAFFITI Candy Clark (PG-1:51) p.16 1:30 THE BEACH BOYS "Good Vibrations." p.11 2:30 HBO Late Night: HALLOWEEN A shocker (R-1:30) p.21 3:00 HOOPER Stunt man action (PG-1:39) p. 11 5:00 TIME AFTER TIME Chase thriller (PG-1:52) p.6 7:00 GHOST TOUR Psychic phenomena, p. 12 8:00 YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE Sean Connery as 007 tries to prevent a war (PG-1:57) p.15 10:00 MAGIC Burgess Meredith (R-1:47) p. 13 11:45 TIME AFTER TIME Time travel (PG-1:52) p.6 1:45 KING GOES TO QUEENS Alan King hilarity, p.4 2:45 HBO Late Night: LILY TOMLIN (1:00) 2:30 TALES OF BEATRIX POTTER Music, costumes and a touch of magic (G-1:29) p.8 4:00 MONSTERS, MADMEN AND MACHINES Gil Gerard hosts, p.9 5:00 IT’S A MAD, MAD MAD, MAD WORLD Milton Berle with a cast of comedy greats (G-2:46) p.8 8:00 GLEN AND TANYA Campbell and Tucker, that is, on Standing Room Only. p. 15 9:00 PROPHECY Mutant bear terror (PG-1:42) p.7 11:00 THE DEER HUNTER Robert DeNiro (R-3:03) p.9 14 Standing Room Only: Glen Campbell and Tanya Tucker star in a dazzling musical special taped at Har-rah’s in Reno, Nevada. Glen performs the hits that have made him one of today’s most popular singers. Among them: “Gentle on My Mind,” "Rhinestone Cowboy,” “By the Time I Get to Phoenix.” Hear Tanya’s rendition of “Delta Dawn,” the hit that brought her stardom. They get together singing “Dream Lover.” Don’t miss the hottest new duo in show business! October 19,23,27 You Only Live Twice Sean Connery as James Bond When a manned space flight is hijacked, the world edges toward nuclear war. But 007 is hot on the villains’ trail. Sean Connery stars in the latest of HBO’s James Bond series. Lots of new gadgetry, treachery, karate fights —and the almond-eyed beauties of the Orient. Violence, adult situations. (PG-1:57) October 18,22,26,30 IS

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A Fumy Thing Happened on the Way to the White House Starring Steve Allen. Special guest, Nipsey Russell. Also starring Bob & Ray, Norm Crosby and Mark Russell. Steve Allen is the anchorman of this un-conventional look at Campaign ’80. A hilarious group of commentators take satirical aim at candidates and campaigns. You’re invited to a political party packed with sketches, songs and interviews that you won’t see on the nightly news. October 24,28 Friday Saturday Sunday October 24 October 25 October 26 6:00 INSIDE THE NFL Repeat of Thursday show, p.5 7:00 TIME AFTER TIME H.G Wells tracks down Jack the Ripper (PG-1:52) p.6 9:00 A FUNNY THING HAPPENED... Steve Allen, Norm Crosby, p. 18 10:00 HEAVYWEIGHT BOXING: (Tape Delay) Gerry Cooney vs. Ron Lyle, p.16 11:00 IT’S A MAD, MAD MAD, MAD WORLD Mickey Rooney (G-2:46) p.8 1:45 HBO Late Night: INGLORIOUS BASTARDS Bo Svenson (1:39) 18 2:30 SAME TIME NEXT YEAR Drama-comedy (PG-1:57) p.22 4:30 SUPERMAN THE MOVIE Marlon Brando (PG-222) p. 10 7:00 WHISPERS FROM THE WHITE HOUSE Rumors and secrets, p. 17 8:00 LAWRENCE OF ARABIA Seven Oscars (G-3:26) p. 19 11:30 SUPERMAN THE MOVIE Ned Beatty (PG-2.22) p. 10 2:00 HBO Late Night: HALLOWEEN Spine chilling (R-1:30) p2 2:30 HOOPER Brian Keith (PG-1:39) p.11 4:30 THE BEACH BOYS “Fun, Fun, Fun.” p.11 5:30 HBO SNEAK PREVIEW FOR NOVEMBER p. 17 6:00 YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE 007 trails villainous space hijackers (PG-1:52) p. 15 8:00 EVERY WHICH WAY BUT LOOSE Clint Eastwood in action comedy (PG-1:54) p.19 10:00 DRACULA Dashing terror (R-1:49) p.4 12:00 HOOPER Sally Field (PG-1:39) p.11 Every Which Way But Loose One of Hollywood's most popular stars changes pace in this comedy-action drama. Clint Eastwood is Philo Beddoe, an easy-going truck driver and the best barroom brawler in the San Fernando Valley. Sondra Locke co-stars as a would-be recording artist. But Clyde, a precocious pet orangutan, almost steals the show. Great music from Beverly D’Angelo, Mel Tillis and Charlie Rich. Profanity, nudity, violence. (PG-1:54) October 26,30 Lawrence of Arabia Peter O’Toole Omar Sharif This magnificent achievement, a spectacular epic, won seven Oscars, including Best Picture. Peter O’Toole, as bold, dashing Lawrence, captures all the mystery of this fascinating 20th century adventurer. Alec Guinness co-stars. “Most visually stunning movie ever made” (Life) Family fare. (G-3:26) October 25,29 19

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