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HBO Guide October 1978 - Page section : 002

Highlights for October 11,000,000 DUCK Delightfully daffy, live action Disney romp with a duck that lays gold en eggs. See page 15. ROBIN WILLIAMS HBO showcases 1978’s new com edy star! Don’t miss this “off the wall” comic. See page 18. OH, GOD! John Denver meets George Burns as a wisecracking Almighty, complete with cigar. See page 7. PAUL AND THE GAUNTLET HIS LADIES Clint Eastwood as a loser cop set Paul Williams. Melissa Manchester up as a patsy in an action-packed and Diahann Carroll. See page 11, crime drama. See page 4. JOSEPH ANDREWS Bawdy adventure with Ann-Mar-gret as a very wicked, very funny Lady Booby. See page 6. More highlights.. FIRST LOVE A sensitive college athlete finds being in love is quite different from just making love. Seepage 19. A MAN CALLED HORSE A Western that’s different, focusing on American Indian life as it really was. Seepage 10. THE RETURN OF A MAN CALLED HORSE The new adventures of the courageous Englishman with the soul of a Sioux. See page 10. BEST OF THE CHIPPERFIELD CIRCUS The biggest, oldest, most famous British family circus. See page 7. The HBO Guide is published monthly by Home Box Office, Inc. N.J. Nicholas, Jr., President Sean McCarthy, Treasurer Carolyn K. McCandless, Secretary ROLLING THUNDER An embittered loner reenters civilian life after eight years in a Viet Cong prison. See page 14. UPCLOSE Scenes from Grease and Annie Ha//appear on this premiere of a new HBO series. See page 12. HALLOWEEN THE OTHER SIDE HORROR SHOW OF MIDNIGHT Four spine-chillers to keep you in A romantic melodrama of passion on trick-or-treat night! See page 20. and power. Seepage 15. INSIDE THE NFL Highlights of previous week's games in an exclusive HBO produc tion. Seepage 13. BARBARELLA Jane Fonda at her seductive best hurtles through outer space in an in-tergalactic fantasy. See page 11. WORLD SERIES SPECIALS Two great HBO sports exclusives recap the best of baseball, including the ’77 series. Seepage 9. TELEFON Charles Bronson is back—as a spy trying to stop a Stalinist from upsetting Detente. See page 19. ... and still more FIRE SALE Funny men Alan Arkin, Rob Reiner and Sid Caesar in a crazy, outrageous comedy. See page 16. McQ John Wayne, as a no-nonsense modern detective, cleans up police corruption. See page 20. BLACK OAK CONSPIRACY The man who crossed the Macon County Line battles dishonesty and corruption. See page 8. BOXING BEHIND BARS Light heavyweight James Scott has a 13-0 record all from inside Rahway State Prison where he faces Eddie Gregory. See page 16. Home Box Office, HBO, Standing Room Only, On Location are trademarks and servicemarks of Home Box Office, Inc. 2 (c)1978 Home Box Office, Inc. All rights reserved. 3

HBO Guide October 1978 - Page section : 011

5:30 RETURN OF A MAN CALLED HORSE Visually stunning story of Englishman who joins Sioux tribe (PG-2:09) p. 10 8:00 ROBIN WILLIAMS (OFF THE WALL!) On Location. Hilarious star of “Mork & Mindy", p. 18 9:30 BARBARELLA Jane Fonda overcomes laws of gravity (PG-1:38) p. 11 11:30 BEST OF THE CHIPPERFIELD CIRCUS Clowns, knife-throwers, acrobats and tigers, p.7 6:00 DAY OF THE ANIMALS Forest-full of terror as animals turn on humans (PG-1:37) p.20 8:00 ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU Burt Lancaster in intriguing sci-fi (PG-1:44) p.20 10:00 HOMEBODIES Funny story of six old folks who stop at nothing to keep their home (PG-1:36) p.21 11:45 EMPIRE OF THE ANTS Giant insects on the prowl! Joan Collins (PG-1:31) p.21 McQ John Wayne Superstar John Wayne is out of the saddle and into the 20th century as a modern lawman unearthing departmental corruption in a blood-and-guts action drama. Plenty of twists, turns and ironies of plot as Duke races around a big city in a green Hornet and takes the law into his own hands. Broadway’s Colleen Dew-hurst brilliant as a world-weary B-girl. “Wayne handles a gun as expertly as he ever did as a cowboy.” (After Dark) Profanity, gunplay. (PG-1:56) October 28 Halloween Turn out the lights! Turn on the TV! It’s wall-to-wall chills—with four great goose pimplers! DAY OF THE ANIMALS reveals a forest-full of horror as vengeance-bent creatures hunt down that most elusive quarry: man. (PG-Violence) ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU, from H.G. Wells, finds Burt Lancaster creating halfhuman, half-animal monsters. (PG-Violence) 20 Burt Reynolds W.W. and the Dixie Dancekings Burt Reynolds is a classic con artist who drives a ’55 Olds, loves bubble gum and fried chicken—and robs filling stations with a unique Robin Hood approach. Language. (PG-1:34) Oct. 10,15,18,23 On Location: Myron Cohen Revisited All America loves Myron Cohen! Now one of the smoothest tale spinners of our day. Eyes twinkle, his lips grin slyly and the kindly Jewish “uncle” talks of crazy Irish cops or bored Italian wives. Oct. 1,10,22,26 Horror Show HOMEBODIES mixes horror with humor in a bizarre yet heart-warming story of six oldsters fighting the system in their own murderous way. (PG-Violence) EMPIRE OF THE ANTS unleashes hungry arachnids the size of giraffes who have a picnic munching on Joan Collins’ Everglades clients. (PG -Violence) Maybe keep one light on after all! Oct. 31 21

HBO Guide October 1978 - Page section : 005

Monday October 9 Tuesday October 10 Wednesday October 11 5:30 A PIECE OF THE ACTION James Earl Jones (PG-2:15) p.8 8:00 WORLD SERIES SCOUTING REPORT Analysis of the two pennant winners by major league players themselves, p.9 8:30 JOSEPH ANDREWS Innocent young man in bawdy old England (R-1:43) p.6 10:30 THE GAUNTLET Sondra Locke (R-1:48) p.4 12:30 JOSEPH ANDREWS Hugh Griffith as lecherous squire (R-l:43)p.6 6:30 WORLD SERIES SPECTACULAR World Series heroes like Di-Maggio, Musial and Koufax. p.9 7:30 WORLD SERIES SCOUTING REPORT Two series teams analyzed by top major leaguers, p.9 8:00 MYRON COHEN REVISITED Soft-spoken hilarity. p.2l 9:00 DOMINO PRINCIPLE Richard Widmark (R-1:40) p.4 11:00 W.W.&THE DIXIE DANCE KINGS Art Carney (PG-l:34)p.21 6:00 SORCERER Four strangers trapped together in a South American backwater (PG-2-.02) p.9 8:00 BEST OF THE CHIPPERFIELD CIRCUS Elephants, zebras, clowns, bears and death-defying acts on the trapez&,4?.7 9:30 RUBY Stuart Whitman (R-l:25) p.8 11:00 A SPECIAL DAY Two lonely people—Loren and Mastroianni—find each other (Dubbed-PG-I:50) p.9 Ruby Piper Laurie is frightening as the tough manager of a strange drive-in theatre. Spooky characters include a possessed girl. Violence,gore. (R-1:25) October 1,6,11 Black Oak Conspiracy Jesse Vint, the man who crossed the Macon County Line, is back as a Hollywood stuntman who visits his ailing mother and uncovers a sinister scheme. Beaten, shot, framed for murder, still nothing can stop the hard-driving Jingo Johnson. “Made with intelligence and concern.” (L. A. Times) Profanity, nudity. (R-1:34) Oct. 7,13,23,26,28 A Piece of the Action Great comedy pair Sidney Poitier and Bill Cosby are a couple of likable crooks who master the rip-oflf—and some town problems. Language. (PG-2:15) Oct. 1,4,9,17 8 World Series Spectacular 75 Years of Epic Be Each World Series revives memories, but HBO will go one better by showing past highlights. You will see the slugging of Reggie Jackson (he hit four straight homers last year). Babe Ruth (did he “call” his shot?), Stan Musial and others. On the mound will be fireballer Sandy Koufax and Don ( Larsen, who hurled a perfect game. October 8,10,12 World Series Scouting Report What’s the best way to pitch to the heavy hitters on the two World Series teams? Who’s the toughest out in the clutch? And who’d know the answers better than other ball players like Baltimore’s Jim Palmer and Cincinnati’s Tom Seaver. it all adds up to an intriguing analysis of the World Series’ lineups by big leaguers who have faced them for years. October 9,10 A Qnnrial Vlillf 11 s rea,ly a special day when lovely Sophia Loren and SJCSy Marcello Mastroianni meet in Rome. This film made its way on to many 1977 “Ten Best” lists. Adult situations. (Dubbed-PG-1:50) October 2,11 Sorcerer Susan Tyrrell (PG-1:41) p. 13 8:00 INSIDE THE NFL This week’s look at last week’s pro action, p. 13 9:00 OH, GOD! John Denver (PG-1:44) p.7 11:00 WORLD SERIES SPECTACULAR Great moments—like Don Larsen’s perfect game. Great players—like Lou Gehrig, p.9 12:00 I NEVER PROMISED YOU A ROSE GARDEN Teenager in nightmare world of mental hospital (R-l :32) p. 17 Roy Scheider is one of four desperate men, outlaws thrown together by fate and hired for an “impossible” job. As they find themselves hauling nitro over treacherous jungle roads in South America, they risk the only thing they have left to lose. The vivid, suspenseful melodrama was directed by William Friedkin {TheFrench Connection). Bloody violence. (PG-2:02) Oct. 1.5,11,14 9

HBO Guide October 1978 - Page section : 003

The Gauntlet Clint Eastwood Clint Eastwood, as a police officer, battles the odds in a crime drama loaded with action. Eastwood and Sondra Locke fight terror from fire, bullets, helicopters and motor cycle gangs. Watch for the final shoot-out! “Sondra Locke, the most natural, unaffected performance of the year.” (Village Voice) Nudity, physical violence and profanity. (R-1:51) October 1,5,9,13,17,21,24 Smokey and the Bandit All-action comedy as Burt Reynolds races beer across state lines, romances Sally Field and dodges “Smokey” Jackie Gleason. Language. (PG-1:40) Oct. 2,6 The Domino Principle Convicted killer Gene Hackman is caught in a web of suspense as mysterious forces trap him and Candice Bergen. Language, some brutality (R-1:40) Oct. 2,7,10 Sunday Monday Tuesday October 1 October 2 October 3 3:30 MYRON COHEN REVISITED HBO favorite returns. p.2l 4:30 SORCERER Adventure tale (PG-2:02) p.9 6:30 A PIECE OF THE ACTION Bill Cosby (PG-2:15) p.8 9:00 THE GAUNTLET Clint Eastwood on a death-de-fying trek from Las Vegas to Phoenix(R-l:5l)p.4 11:00 SORCERER Roy Scheider (PG-2:02) p.9 1:00 RUBY Piper Laurie (R-1:25) p.8 6:00 A SPECIAL DAY Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni as two lonely people (Dubbed-PG-1:50) p.9 8:00 I NEVER PROMISED YOU A ROSE GARDEN Bibi Andersson as psychiatrist in mental ward (R-1:32) p. 17 9:30 SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT Burt Reynolds and some CB fun (PG-1:40) p.4 11:30 THE DOMINO PRINCIPLE Political thriller starring Gene Hackman (R-1:40) p.4 6:00 MARCH OR DIE Catherine Deneuve and Max Von Sydow(PG-l:47) p.5 8:00 "SEPTEMBER 30,1955” Death of James Dean shatters life of college student Richard Thomas (PG-1:41) p.13 10:00 TOM AND TINA Standing Room Only presents high energy rock. p. 13 11:30 MARCH OR DIE French Foreign Legion action starring Terence Hill and Gene Hackman (PG-1:47) p.5 4 George Carlin Again! On Location brings back comedian George Carlin for another hilarious—and uncensored—show. Nothing escapes him—the sights, sounds, faces and dialects of modern life. Strong language. Oct. 4,8 Whiffs Elliott Gould in the most hilarious military farce since M'A'S'LP. Elliott’s a human guinea pig for the Army—until he sniffs too many weirdo chemicals. Adult humor. (PG-1:32) Oct. 4,7,20 TWO MllleS '^eStern a<^venture w'lh a castin8 coup: rough, tough gunslinger Clint Eastwood runs into whiskey-swilling fnr Qictnr Cara “nun’” Shirley MacLaine, south of the border in old OlSlCI Da la Mexico. Mild violence and language. (PG-1:45) Oct. 5 Wednesday Thursday October 4 October 5 March or Die 6:30 WHIFFS Elliott Gould in Army fun (PG-1:32) p.5 8:00 NEIL DIAMOND: LOVE AT THE GREEK Award-winning composer/performer in concert, p. 17 9:00 A PIECE OF THE ACTION Fast-paced and filled with surprises. Music by Curtis Mayfield (PG-2:15) p.8 11:30 GEORGE CARLIN AGAIN! On Location presents this unique entertainer, p.5 6:00 TWO MULES FOR SISTER SARA Gold-hungry mercenary meets nun on the lam (PG-1:45) p.5 8:00 INSIDE THE NFL All the big plays of last week —and a look at this week. p. 13 9:00 THE GAUNTLET Clint Eastwood directs and stars (R-1:51) p.4 11:00 SORCERER Roy Scheider has to haul dangerous nitro over treacherous jungle roads in South America (PG-2:02) p.9 Tough Gene Hackman is an embittered American who joins the famous French Foreign Legion for action in North Africa during the hey-day of the fighting force. Big in scope, this desert melodrama’s cast includes Catherine Deneuve, Terence Hill and Max Von Sydow. Beautiful photography. With stirring music by Maurice Jarre. Violence. (PG-1:47) October 3 5

HBO Guide October 1978 - Page section : 006

A Man Called Horse In this story of the first white man captured by the Sioux, American Indians speak their own language and are treated as people alive and heroic, not as war-painted savages. Richard Harris stars as the English captive. “Highly original. (Saturday Review) Graphic torture scenes. (PG-1:54) October 14,18,22,27 The Return of a Man Called Horse Richard Harris comes back to the land of the Sioux in another exciting action-ad-venture every bit as powerful as the original. Oscar winner Gale Sondergaard plays the Elk Woman, a pivotal role. “An offbeat tale ... deeply evocative and even downright mystical.” (Christian Science Monitor) Strong violence. (PG-2:09) October 14,17,22,30 Friday Saturday Sunday October 13 October 14 October 15 6:00 NEIL DIAMOND One of today’s most popular singers at his best. p. 17 7:00 INSIDE THE NFL Repeat of yesterday’s program, p. 18 8:00 BARBARELLA Jane Fonda stars as sexy space age adventuress (PG-1:38) p. 11 10:00 NEIL DIAMOND Great music, p. 17 11:00 THE GAUNTLET Clint Eastwood as modern lawman (R-1:48) p.4 1:00 BLACK OAK CONSPIRACY Seymour Cassel (R-l:34) p.8 3:30 SORCERER Roy Scheider (PG-2:02) p.9 5:30 INSIDE THE NFL Repeat of Thursday show. p. 13 6:30 TOM AND TINA SRO. Two dynamic stars, p.l 3 8:00 A MAN CALLED HORSE Richard Harris in western from the Indians’ point of view (PG-1:54) p.10 10:00 RETURN OF A MAN CALLED HORSE Richard Harris, Gale Sondergaard in exciting sequel. (PG-2:09) p. 10 12:30 DAY FOR NIGHT Jacqueline Bisset in French fun (Dubbed-PG-1:54) p. 17 2:00 THE LION IN WINTER Kate Hepburn (PG-2:14) p. 17 4:30 CHIPPERFIELD CIRCUS Robert Morley hosts, p.7 6:00 W. W. AND THE DIXIE DANCEKINGS Burt Reynolds (PG-1:34) p.21 8:00 PAUL AND HIS LADIES Standing Room Only. Great singing threesome: Paul Williams, Melissa Manchester and Diahann Carroll, p. 11 9:30 THE LION IN WINTER Peter O’Toole (PG-2:14) p. 17 12:00 I NEVER PROMISED YOU A ROSE GARDEN From bestseller (R-1:32) p. 17 10 OF THE GRL/try Star Wars and Close Encounters fans as well as Jane Fonda’s myriad admirers will enjoy the supersonic spoof of a lady astronaut’s 40,000 A.D. mission—to bring a renegade inventor back to Earth. Roger Vadim’s imaginative, immensely entertaining film is already a cult favorite. Watch for Jane’s free floating strip! “Funny, swinging, sexy comic strip of a movie.” (Cue) Adult language, sexual references, brief nudity. (PG-1:38) Oct. 13,16,22,30 Paul and His Ladies Paul Williams Melissa Manchester Diahann Carroll Truly a man for all seasons, Paul Williams is a musician, performer and, by his own admission, ladies’ man extraordinaire. Here, then is Paul with two wonderful ladies of song. Melissa Manchester, songwriter herself (Midnight Blue), with a marvelous funky sound that’s strictly 1978. And Diahann Carroll—sophisticated chanteuse, actress and Broadway star. A great eve-ning of music and laughter. Oct. 15,19,23,28

HBO Guide October 1978 - Page section : 012

HE® Soundtrack Who? What? When? Why Has it occurred to you while enjoying movies, specials and sports on HBO that you are a vital link in a unique communications operation HBO is America’s largest pay television network as well as the largest user of domestic satellite transmission for nationally televised programming. Month after month, HBO presents movies unedited, uncensored—and uninterrupted!—exactly as they were shown in their original theatre release. Moreover, we schedule the same show a number of times each month, on different days, at different hours —unlike the commercial networks that present a program once, then re-run it months or often years later. This way you can see movies and specials when you want to see them, not when network advertisers or local commercial stations offer sponsored programming. HBO’s convenient, multiple scheduling helps you plan your viewing. You probably won’t want to watch everything, but you don’t have to miss a film because you have something else to do one night. And you can preview a show before turning it on for the family or friends. As a final plus, we often show the more popular programs again some months later in case you missed them the first time. HBO welcomes letters from subscribers. Please mail to: Ms. Susan Devon, HBO Customer Relations Dept., Time & Lite Building, Rockefeller Center, New York, N.Y. 10020 Home Box Office reserves the right to make a schedule change or program substitution without notice. John lacono/SI Sugar Ray Leonard Hottest welterweight in the country! w jmm Boxing Special y* Friday, November 3 Coming in November November 1 to 5 HAROLD ROBBINS LAURENCE OLIVIER TOMMY LEE JONES ROBERT DUVALL KATHARINE ROSS Wednesday, Nov. 1 6:30 PAUL AND HIS LADIES Standing Room Only. p. I I 8:00 McQ p.20 10:00 THE OTHER SIDE OF MIDNIGHT p. 15 12:45 FIRE SALE p. 16 Thursday, Nov. 2 6:00 OH, GOD! p. 7 8:00 INSIDE THE NFL 9:00 TELEFON p. 19 11:00 OH, GOD!p.7 Friday, Nov. 3 5:30 $1,000,000 DUCK p. 15 7:00 INSIDE THE NFL 8:00 SEA GYPSIES Family adventure (G-1:41) 10:00 SUGAR RAY LEONARD BOXING 11:00 FIRST LOVE p. 19 12:30 RETURN OF MAN CALLED HORSE p. 19 Saturday, Nov. 4 3:30 OLD YELLER (1:23) 5:00 INSIDE THE NFL 6:00 SPECIAL DELIVERY Bo Svenson (PG-1:39) 8:00 OLD YELLER Disney adventure (1:23) 9:30 TAKE A HARD RIDE Jim Brown (PG-1:43) 11:30 ROBIN WILLIAMS On Location, p. 18 1:00 ROLLING THUNDER p. 14 Sunday, Nov. 5 3:00 PAUL AND HIS LADIES Standing Room Only. p. I I 4:30 McQ p.20 6:30 VICTOR BORGE: COMEDY WITH MUSIC Standing Room Only. (1:15) 8:00 THE BETSY Laurence Olivier (R-2:05) 10:30 FIRE SALE p. 16 12:00 THE BETSY Tommy Lee Jones (R-2:05) 23

HBO Guide October 1978 - Page section : 007

Premiere of a new HBO multi-part series! David Sheehan, TV critic and commentator, blends interviews and film clips for a fascinating look at the real person behind the super-star personality. Tonight see scenes from Grease, Annie Hall and Saturday Night Fever, Olivia Newton-John making a new album; Diane Keaton backstage the night she won her Oscar. Plus an update on the entertainment world. And lots more! Oct. 18,20,26,29 Monday Tuesday Wednesday October 16 October 17 October 18 6:00 A SMALL TOWN IN TEXAS Timothy Bottoms returns to town after being railroaded to prison (PG-1:36) p. 13 8:00 TOM AND TINA SRO. Suave Tom and sexy Tina. p. 13 9:30 BARBARELLA Imaginative tale with Jane Fonda as swinger of the far future (PG-1:38) p.ll 11:30 OH, GOD! George Burns is hilarious on the errors of Creation. John Denver co-stars (PG-1:44) p.7 5:30 A PIECE OF THE ACTION Bill Cosby, Sidney Poitier and some great fun (PG-2:15) p.8 8:00 RETURN OF A MAN CALLED HORSE An English Lord (Richard Harris) and his Sioux blood brothers (PG-2:09) p. 10 10:30 NEIL DIAMOND Neil sings and comments on his life and music, p. 17 11:30 THE GAUNTLET Clint Eastwood battles a crooked world (R-1:48) p.4 6:00 A MAN CALLED HORSE English nobleman captured by Sioux indians (PG-1:54) p. 10 8:00 UPCLOSE Premiere of new series giving close up look at superstars. This show: John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John, Diane Keaton and Woody Allen, p. 12 9:00 W.W. AND THE DIXIE DANCEKINGS Art Carney (PG-1:34) p.21 11:00 THE LION IN WINTER Kate Hepburn (PG-2:14) p. 17 12 / Inside the NFL A Small Town in Texas Highlights of each previous week’s NFL games. Len Dawson and Merle Harmon show who won and how. And tell you how to win two tickets to the Superbowl. Oct. 5,6,7; 12,13,14; 19,20,21; 26,27,28 High-octane action as untamed ex-con Timothy Bottoms heads home to reclaim girl friend Susan George. Motorcycle and train chases, 17 smashed up patrol cars. Violence, language. (PG-1:36) Oct. 7,16,27 The king and queen of erotica rock! Suave, sexy Tom Jones, a legend in his own time, and Tina Turner, with her revival meeting approach to life, love and music—together for the first time on SRO. Oct. 3,6,14,16,21 Thursday October 19 Standing Room Only: Tom Jones and Una Turner 6:00 DAY FOR NIGHT Francois Truffaut’s funny. Os-car-winning look at moviemaking (Dubbed-PG-1:54) p. 17 8:00 INSIDE THE NFL An expert look at last weekend’s best plays, p. 13 9:00 PAUL AND HIS LADIES Standing Room Only. Paul Williams (“Evergreen”) p. 11 10:30 JOSEPH ANDREWS Ann-Margret (R-1:43) p.6 12:30 DAY FOR NIGHT Touching story with Jacqueline Bisset (Dubbed-PG-1:54) p. 17 “September 30,1955 It was September 30, 1955, when James Dean, headed for super-stardom, was killed in a car crash. His untimely death shattered an entire generation, including Jimmy J., a college undergraduate in a small Arkansas town. Richard Thomas gives a sensitive performance. Susan Tyrrell and Thomas Hulce are in strong support. Adult language. (PG-1:41) Oct. 3,8,12,21 13

HBO Guide October 1978 - Page section : 010

On Location: Robin Williams (Off the wall!) Just as HBO first brought you Steve Martin in 1976, we now showcase 1978’s new comedy star! Since you first saw Robin Williams on HBO’s Second Annual Young Comedians of 1977, he’s become so popular, a show of his own was the only logical step. Meet this manic, diverse, hilarious comic. A recent guest shot on Happy Days inspired ABC to build the new Mork and Mindy series around him. Don’t miss Robin Williams —an authentic “off the wall” character. Oct. 27,30 Friday Saturday Sunday October 27 October 28 October 29 5:00 A MAN CALLED HORSE Indian t;ile (PG-1:54) p. 10 7:00 INSIDE THE NFL Repeat of Thursday show. p. 13 8:00 ROBIN WILLIAMS (OFF THE WALL!) On Location. He’s manic, diverse and hilarious, p. 18 9:30 A SMALL TOWN IN TEXAS Susan George and Timothy Bottoms (PG-1:36) p. 13 11:30 A MAN CALLED HORSE Richard Harris (PG-1:54) p. 10 1:30 ROBIN WILLIAMS On Location, p. 18 3:30 OH, GOD! Carl Reiner (Where's Poppa?) directs (PG-1:44) p.7 5:30 INSIDE THE NFL Repeat of Thursday show. p. 13 6:30 PAUL AND HIS LADIES SRO. Paul Williams, p. 11 8:00 McQ John Wayne in Seattle police story (PG-1:56) p.20 10:00 FIRST LOVE William Katt (Carrie) and Susan Dey co-star (R-l :32) p. 19 11:30 JOSEPH ANDREWS Peter Firth stars (R-1:43) p.6 1:15 BLACK OAK CONSPIRACY Nifty chases (R-l :34) p.8 2:30 $1,000,000 DUCK Sandy Duncan (G-1:32) p. 15 4:00 FIRE SALE Rob Reiner (PG-1:28) p. 16 5:30 $1,000,000 DUCK Just ducky (G-1:32) p. 15 7:00 UPCLOSE David Sheehan hosts, p. 12 8:00 TELEFON Charles Bronson in explosive thriller (PG-1:43) p.19 10:00 UPCLOSE A look at Woody Allen, p. 12 11:00 ROLLING THUNDER Tommy Lee Jones (R-1:39) p. 14 1:00 DAY FOR NIGHT Francois Truffaut’s Oscar winner (Dubbed-PG-1:54) p. 17 Telefon Charles Bronson Charles Bronson is Russia’s top agent out to stop a demented Stalinist intent on ruining Detente. Aristocratic beauty Lee Remick is Bronson’s American liaison. It’s the most explosive film of recent years with the CIA and KGB pitted against each other in a scheme that could trigger 50 human time bombs! Telefon moves fast —with Bronson in the kind of action his fans love. Don Siegel (Dirty Harry) directs. “A thriller with merriment.” (Boxoffce) Bloody violence, adult language. (PG-1:43) October 29 First Love William Katt and Susan Dey find it’s hard to establish a real relationship in today’s casual morality. Katt is the exciting discovery who electrified audiences in Carrie. Susan Dey is Caroline. The bitter-sweet, touching film achieves believability from their open and attractive performances. “A mature picture.” (Hollywood Reporter) Nudity, frank sexual language and activity. (R-1:32) October 28

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