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Raquel Welch enjoys 'the fruits of my labors' in the rollicking Four Musketeers ‘“What could be better than The Three Musketeers’ the ads ask, and go on to answer, ‘The Four Musketeers.’ I agree,” wrote Vincent Canby of The New York Times about this month’s rollicking HBO comedy premiere. Among the gang of swashbuckling stars in this light-headed farce—which includes Charlton Heston and Faye Dunaway—is Raquel Welch, who confessed shortly after the premiere of the film: “I used to feel embarrassed around recognized performers.” Although renowned as a sex symbol, Welch, a veteran of 25 films, had found she “didn’t know how to live up to my image” and saw herself faced with a future as either “a superwoman or the mayonnaise spread between two guys in an adventure film.” Her break came when Richard Lester offered her the pivotal role of Constance, the queen’s dressmaker, in his ribald remake of the Dumas’ classic. Welch jumped at the chance to play the clumsy klutz, a role that tastefully blends sex appeal and humor. Welch’s first day on the set nearly proved her last, however. A minor plot disagreement set her packing to Madrid and Lester needed all the psychology he had learned as a student at the University of Pennsylvania to convince her to return. Besides garnering critical approval, Welch earned her first legitimate acting award—a 1975 Golden Globe. “I’ve survived all the smirks and sneers and barbs of the people who thought I was an expendable sexpot, and now I’m enjoying the fruits of my labors,” she said. GaryJ.Prebula 3,4,7,16,19,29_______ ~IB»

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Sports Dr. J takes on the NBA Julius Erving of the New York Nets does not fill his sneakers with helium. Nor can he take a flying leap from midcourt, change a lightbulb in the ceiling and then, on his way down at last, dunk a basketball with only one finger. It just seems that way. Now that the ABA has merged with the NBA, Erving will finally get a chance to win over those few remaining doubters who argue that he has excelled as a pro because he has not competed against the finest pro players. After he had led the Nets to their second ABA championship earlier this year, Erving was asked if he felt he could be as spectacular if he was in the NBA. His answer of “Yup” was as | brief as could be. Dr. J is not monosyllabic. It’s just that he knows that the best thing for him is to let his passing, rebounding, dunks, reverse layups, double pumps, and his behind-the-back and through-the-hoop shots do the talking. This month HBO subscribers will be able to see Dr. J and Nets take on the N.Y. Knicks on the 7th and the Seattle SuperSon-ics on the 24th as HBO 'brings you another exciting professional basketball season. Herman Weiskopf 7,24 DAN BALIOTTI October explodes with sports events on HBO HBO’s sports schedule is packed with exciting events this month, ranging from the explosive action of NHL hockey and NBA basketball to special, exclusive looks at some of the newest sports competitions. What’s new? Well, one of the newest and most innovative events is called sports acrobatics, an intriguing spinoff from gymnastics. For a special look at this new sport HBO will bring you the second world championships in sports acrobatics on Oct. 11 from West Germany. Having glimpsed Olga Korbut, Nadia Comaneci and other topflight international gymnasts, you might just feel that you have seen it all. A few minutes of watching sports acrobatics, however, should convince you this is something totally different. Some of the most creative athletes in the world—both male and female—will take part in these championships. The athletes will compete in individual events and in pairs, trios and foursomes, combining their strength and grace with skills in balancing and tumbling in a refreshing variation of gymnastics. The Soviets are the early leaders in developing this exciting new sport. But American athletes have recently plunged into the fray and you will be seeing them as well. HBO viewers will have a unique chance on Oct. 18 to see the national roller skating championships from Fort Worth, Texas. These skaters perform the same graceful routines as their compatriots on ice—but in this case no frozen finish is needed to polish their performances. The always-colorful International Horse Show from the L.A. Forum will be on HBO Oct. 5 and 9. And on Oct. 23 we’ll bring you another Canadian Football League clash, this time between the Edmonton Eskimos and the Montreal Alouettes, the teams that met in last year’s title match. All this, plus great basketball and hockey from arenas around the country, means it will be an October to remember for HBO sports fans. Detroit takes on Los Angeles on Oct. 26. * S*. •'

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On Ail THE FOUR MUSKETEERS Raquel Welch and her friends romp again Page 12 NASHVILLE Lily Tomlin in a tuneful tale of politics and country music Page 4 YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN Gene Wilder in Mel Brooks' horror spoof Page 1 6 WHO Elliott Gould is an FBI agent in an international espionage plot Page 1 1 ON LOCATION Comedian Myron Cohen tells his tales just forHBO Page 1 7 BASKETBALL Dr. J is in the NBA as the new pro season opens on HBO Page 14 PREMIERES Page 8 FEATURES Page 9 SPORTS Page 15 ENCORES Page 16 CLASSIC FILMS Page 1 8 FOREIGN FILMS Page 1 8 MANAGING EDITOR & PUBLISHER Stephen Marmon art director Michael Billman associate editor Thomas Fitzharris CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Gary J. Prebula (Films) Flerman Weiskopf (Sports) editorial assistant Cherie Bums photographer Daniel S. Baliotti circulation director Susan Rose On Air is published monthly by Home Box Office, Inc., New York, NY 10020. N.J. Nicholas Jr., President; P. Peter Sheppe, Secretary; Peter Hanson, Treasurer. Address all mail to On Air, Home Box Office, Time & Life Building, Rockefeller Center, New York, NY 10020. Vol. 2, No. 10 © 1976 Home Box Office, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in any form without written permission is prohibited. Home Box Office adheres to its published schedule as closely as possible. From time to time circumstances beyond our control or the opportunity to offer a program of greater Interost may cause a change. When this occurs, IIBO provides notice as far ahead of the change of schedule as is possible. THE MISSOURI BREAKS Brando and Nicholson in the Old West Page 6 MANDINGO Boxer Ken Norton in the savage scandal aboutthe South Page 5 PREMIERES/Page 8 ADVENTURES OF FRONTIER FREMONT 24,29,31 THE ARENA 22,28 DIRTY MONEY 15,18,21,26 FOUR MUSKETEERS 3,4,7,1 6,1 9,29 GALILEO 1,5,17,23 MANDINGO 31 THE MISSOURI BREAKS 1 7,21,25,30 NASHVILLE 10,14,18,23 WHO? 8,12,14,19,25 ENCORES/Page 16 DOC SAVAGE 2,1 7,1 9,28 THE DROWNING POOL 4,9,20 FRAMED 1 6 GIVE 'EM HELL, HARRY 6,13,21 THE HUMAN FACTOR 1 JACQUES BREL 2,1 2,22 THE LONGEST YARD 8 MURDER ON ORIENT EXPRESS 1 1,30 NIGHT MOVES 7,9,13,1 9 WHERE RED FERN GROWS 2,3,1 5,26 YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN 10,12 CHILDREN'S/Page 20 THE LITTLE BEARKEEPERS 24 THE LUPINEK CASE 4,8 MR. E FROM TAU CETI 1,2 PAGANINI STRIKES AGAIN 1 5,25,29 TINTIN & LAKE OF SHARKS 1 1,1 8,27 FEATURES/Page 9 CONDUCT UNBECOMING 5,9,1 1,22 THE MAIDS 3 THE MASTER GUNFIGHTER 8 MEN ARE NOT GODS 3 SHAMPOO 1,2 THE THREE MUSKETEERS 1 6 SPECIALS/Pages 17 & 23 ON LOCATION: MYRON COHEN 16,26,29 HALLOWEEN ON HBO: COMEDY OF TERRORS 3 1 CLASSIC FILMS/Page 18 LYDIA 6,10,27 THE SPY IN BLACK 20,24 FOREIGN FILMS/Page 18 MISSISSIPPI MERMAID 27,31 PURPLE NOON 13,28 SPORTS/Page 1 5 SPORTS ACROBATICS 11,16 PBA BOWLING 2 CANADIAN FOOTBALL 23 INTERNATIONAL HORSE SHOW 5,9 NBA 15,24,28 NHL 26 ROLLER SKATING 1 8 EDITOR'S LETTER From your letters to us and your responses to our questionnaires, it is clear that you want more consistent schedules, more exciting events and fewer repeats of movies. To respond to your wishes we will start our programming from now on at 5:30 (Eastern and Pacific Times) during the week and at 3:00 on most weekends (we'll start earlier when necessary for special sports events). This will end the inconvenient afternoon repeats. And our new schedule will let you see our great events on the nights and at the times most people want. We will have many more exciting films, specials and sports in the coming months and we are sure you will enjoy them.

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Joseph Cotten and Merle Oberon in Lydia Lydia Four flashbacks recall the youthful love affairs of an aging philanthropic spinster. Merle Oberon stars as a once scandalous Boston debutante reunited with her former paramours. Joseph Cotten co-stars in the film Alexander Korda tailor-made for the women left behind on the homefront during World War II. (1:43) October 6,10,27 Spy in Black Alexander Korda continued to arouse the patriotism of the American people and the anger of Congressional isolationists with this 1939 action melodrama. Conrad Veidt is the World War I U-Boat captain torn between his code of honor and his duty as a German officer. (1:27) October 20,24 ■■ _ __ __ — Bi-------- roiuiyii nil 115 Mississippi Mermaid A naive tobacco farmer loses his fortune and his heart to an impostor mail order bride. Director Francois Truffaut cast Jean-Paul Belmondo as the love-crazed puppet willing to sacrifice anything for the affection of Catherine Deneuve in what Time called “Truffaut’s smoothest, most professional piece of film making.” (Subtitled-1:50) October 27,31 Purple Noon A would-be playboy turned murderer uses his talent for forgery to assume the identity of a wealthy victim. Alain Delon stars in Rene Clement’s suspense thriller. (Subtitled-1:58) October 13,28 Belmondo and Deneuve in Mississippi Mermaid * •..■■V ■' ' mm FRIDAY/1 2:00 THE PALLISERS: Episode 23 1:30 3:00 GALILEO 3:30 American Film Theatre (2:25) 5:30 5:30 MR. E FROM TAUCETI Children's Theatre (1:05) 7:00 7:00 GALILEO American Film Theatre (2:25) 9:00 9:30 SHAMPOO (R-1:52) 11:00 11:30 THE HUMAN FACTOR (R-1:3 1) SATURDAY/2 5:30 1:30 DOC SAVAGE (G-1 40) 6:00 3:15 MR. E FROM TAU CETI Children’s Theatre (1:05) 8:30 4:30 PROFESSIONAL BOWLING From Pittsburgh, Pa. 10:30 6:00 WHERE THE RED FERN GROWS (G-1:37) 5:30 7:30 8:00 DOC SAVAGE (G-1:40) 10:00 SHAMPOO (R-1:52) 12:00 JACQUES BREL (1:38) 9:30 SUNDAY/3 1:30 THE MAIDS (1:35) 11:30 3:15 FOUR MUSKETEERS (PG-1:47) 5:15 WHERE THE RED FERN GROWS 7:00 (G-1:37) THE MAIDS (1:35) 5:30 9:00 THE FOUR MUSKETEERS 7:30 Sunday Night Movie (PG-1:47) 9:30 11:00 MEN ARE NOT GODS 11:30 Classic Cinema (B/W-1:27) Coming in December Gene Hackman, Burt Reynolds and Liza Minnelli in the delightful derring-do of MONDAY/4 FOUR MUSKETEERS (PG-1:47) THE DROWNING POOL (PG-1:48) THE SHIVERING KING. LUPINEK CASE. FIRST VIOLIN THE DROWNING POOL (PG 1:48) THE FOUR MUSKETEERS Monday Night Movie (PG-1:47) THE DROWNING POOL (PG-1:48) TUESDAY/5 GUNNAR THE SAILOR GALILEO American Film Theatre (2:25) CONDUCT UNBECOMING (PG) HORSE SHOW Live from the L.A. Forum WEDNESDAY/6 THE PALLISERS 23 8. 24 LYDIA Classic Cinema (B/W-1:43) GIVE 'EM HELL. HARRY (PG-1:45) LYDIA Classic Cinema (B/W-1:43) THURSDAY/7 THE PALLISERS: 24 & 25 FOUR MUSKETEERS (PG-1:47) NIGHT MOVES (R-1:39) FOUR MUSKETEERS (PG-1:47)

HBO Guide October 1976 - Page section : 009

On Location If you read Blondie, like old movies and would rather I have your fancy tickled than your intellect—you prob-V.____________ ably already love Myron Cohen. His dialect impres- sions are unchanged since he won America’s heart on the Ed Sullivan show in the late fifties. Cohen stepped into the spotlight in such glamorous New York night spots as the Copaca-bana and the Latin Quarter. “I never had to suffer like a lot of the boys in show biz,’ he admits. A garment salesman until he was 42, he first climbed on stage when a friend facetiously introduced him as a professor of languages. Before his stage career, he was the joke-ster at his cronies’ stag parties. But for public ears he cleaned up his act. “I’m not a prude, but there is a time and a place for everything,” he told On Air. His secret of success is “nev- 1 er underestimate an audience. The 74-year-old Cohen sheds his gray salesman’s suit when he comes offstage. Spurred on by a pacemaker, his eyes twinkle and he is again the kindly Jewish uncle while he tells a tale. To him “the beautiful people” have always been his audiences. Cherie Burns Doc Savage Pulp fiction hero Ron Ely doses out some bad medicine. (G-1:39) October 2,17,19,28 The Drowning Pool Paul Newman is back as tough private eye Lew Harper. Joanne Woodward co-stars. (PG-1:48) October 4,9,20 Framed Gambler Joe Don Baker seeks revenge for a trumped-up jail sentence. Conny Van Dyke co-stars. (R-1:46) October 16 Give 'Em Hell, Harry James Whitmore’s acclaimed stage portrayal of former President Harry S Truman. (PG-1:45) October6,13,21 The Human Factor George Ken- Albert Finney in Murder on the Orient Express nedy is an Army intelligence man out to avenge the murder of his family. (R-1:31) October 1 Jacques Brel... The French troubadour’s popular musical revue. (1:38) October 2,12,22 ' Encores The Longest Yard Burt Reynolds is a quarterback for the convicts. (R-2:01) October8 Murder on the Orient Express Albert Finney and a trainload of stars in Dame Agatha Christie’s classic. (PG-2:07) October 11,30 Night Moves Gene Hackman gets trapped in a Mayan smuggling ring. (R-1:39) October 7,9,13,19 Where the Red Fern Grows Lon-ny Chapman and James Whitmore in a family film of an Ozark legend. (G-1:37) October 2,3,15,26 Young Frankenstein Gene Wilder, Madeline Kahn and Peter Boyle in Mel Brooks’ horror movie spoof. (PG-1:48) October 10,12 Wilder and Boyle in Young Frankenstein

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Deneuve and Crenna star in Dirty Money Catherine Deneuve, acclaimed as the most successful French actress of her generation and as one of the most beautiful women in the world, turns up as a French crook’s moll in Dirty Money, which premieres this Catherine Deneuve in Dirty Money month on FIBO. Workhorse actor Richard Crenna, who has made dozens of TV and screen appearances —he is probably best remembered for his part in The Real McCoys—is a crooked Paris nightclub owner in this action-packed cops and robbers tale with a French accent. Filled with double-crosses and romantic tangles, Dirty Money also boasts a spectacular drug heist scene in which the stuntman who fills in for Crenna jumps from a helicopter onto a moving train. Famed French actor Alain Delon is a tough cop who is out to get Crenna but finds himself falling for Deneuve in this quick-moving story of robbery and romance. October 15,18,21,26 10 Pam Grier in The Arena The stunning Pam Grier, the hottest black female star in Flollywood, is the star gladiator of The Arena, the action-packed female version of the Spartacus rebellion story that premieres this month on FIBO. But just a while ago Grier was a switchboard operator at American International Pictures. One day a passing producer noticed her striking features, popped filmdom’s favorite fairy tale line—“you ought to be in pictures” —and offered her an audition. After a few bit parts, she struck gold as the female avenger in Coffy and has stayed on top since. October 22,28 Pam Grier is the star of The Arena Premieres Elliott Gould makes a comeback in the offbeat cold war thriller Who Overnight stardom and next morning “has been” are common conditions in Flollywood, and nobody knows that better than Elliott Gould, star of Who?, the bionic thriller that premieres on FIBO this month. Gould is an FBI agent based in Berlin who must determine if a top American scientist is who he claims to be or if he is actually a spy. Trevor Howard, head of the East German secret service, is Gould’s nemesis on the other side of The Wall. In 1969, however, the big question was “Who is Elliott Gould?” After starring in six major pictures in less than 15 months, Gould, his marriage to Barbra Streisand and his love affairs were gone over with a fine tooth comb on TV talk shows and in magazines across the country. But then things suddenly fell apart. His personal life collapsed, his career came to a standstill and there were rumors of drug use and mental breakdowns. But recently his career has started coming f together again for the rumpled, 38- : year-old actor. With his successes in Robert Altman’s The Long Goodbye I and California Split, and the recent Harry and Walter Go to New York Elliott Gould is once again heading for the top. 8,12,14,1

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Two superstars of cinema—Marlon Brando and Jack Nicholson—are teamed together for the first time this month, as HBO brings you the drama of The Missouri Breaks. Described by Time as “Brando’s likely successor as the best and most powerful actor in films,” Nicholson won a long overdue Oscar this year for his work in One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest. During the shooting of The Missouri Breaks he and co-star Brando brought their own unique form to that tale of Wild West vigilante law, overpowering the plans of director Arthur Penn (Bonnie and Clyde). The superstars’ coup d’etat began when Brando arrived at the Billings, Montana set a few weeks into the filming. Although he was earning a whopping $1.25 million for his five weeks work, Brando declared he was bored with his part as written. He persuaded Penn to let him “have some fun” with his character—a vigilante for hire—and soon he was sporting an Irish accent and wearing bizzare attire. Brando followed with further liberties until it was not uncommon for work on the eight million dollar production to stop at his every whim. Brando’s unique view of his role brought him critical acclaim. Wrote Richard Schickel, the film critic of Time: “The picture belongs to Brando. The crazy daring, the reckless bravado of his work simply overpowers everything else on the screen. You groan, you shake your head, you laugh wildly at each new lunacy, but you cannot help being fascinated by the man. Nicholson—who plays the head of a gang of horse thieves Brando has been hired to eliminate—watched with interest the antics of the master enfant terrible. Once after Brando had argued away an entire day of shooting, Nicholson shrugged, smiled, and softly said, “Another day, another 20 grand. 17,21,25,30 Superstars Brando and Nicholson in Missouri Breaks Jack Nicholson and Kathleen Lloyd in The Missouri Breaks

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HBO goes to Nashville Premieres Nashville, the acclaimed story of politics and country music which premieres on HBO this month, boasts two dozen stars in its cast. But there are actually 25 stars. The unheralded man is Richard Baskin, who wrote the music for almost half of the film’s 27 tunes; arranged and conducted the entire score; and coached stars Lily Tomlin, Henry Gibson, Karen Black, Barbara Harris and others. The 25-year-old music prodigy literally stumbled into his debut position as Nashville’s music director. Gwen Welles, who plays the no-talent singing waitress, approached Baskin to write her songs after learning director Robert Alt man required the 24 principals to find their own material. De termined to record each song live on the film’s set, instead of taping later in a studio, Baskin developed a way to capture each singer before a live audience, thus achieving a rare sense of authenticity. Vincent Canby of The New York Times joined many other critics in giving Baskin “ma- redit for the Vs success. 10,14,18, 23 Mandingo: The searing scandal of the South This month the man who took on Muhammad AN takes on the South, as Mandingo explodes on HBO. Heavyweight boxer Ken Norton stars in a no-holds-barred look at the brutal degradation of life on a Louisiana slave-breeding plantation. When it was published in 1958 as the first of a five-part saga, Kyle Onstatt’s torrid and explicit Mandingo was an instant hit and it has since attracted more than ten million readers. Like the book, this box office blockbuster rips away the Spanish moss covering pre-Civil War decadence. After movie mogul Dino De Lau- Heavyweight boxer Ken Norton stars in Mandingo. rentiis secured the film rights in 1970, he packaged a production that hinged on hiring World Heavyweight Champion Muhammad AM as the battling Mandingo. Ali was considered essential to the film and when he withdrew for religious reasons the proposed production collapsed. Producer De Laurentiis chalked that up as only a minor setback, however. Since he couldn’t get Ali, he signed the boxer who had beaten him—top ranked contender Ken Norton. De Laurentiis then cast James Mason as the vicious master of Falcon-hurst. Perry King stars as Mason’s crippled son, Susan George plays King’s lustful wife and Brenda Sykes is featured as King’s slave lover in this blazing melodrama that premieres exclusively this month on Home Box Office. 31

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FRIDAY/22 5:30 GUNNAR THE SAILOR Children's Theatre (0:27) 6:00 JACQUES BREL (1:38) 8:00 CONDUCT UNBECOMING (PG) 10:00 THE ARENA Friday Night Movie (R-1:25) 11:30 CONDUCT UNBECOMING (PG) SATURDAY/23 2:30 GALILEO American Film Theatre (2:25) 5:00 CANADIAN FOOTBALL Montreal vs. Edmonton 8:00 GALILEO American Film Theatre (2:25) 10:30 NASHVILLE (R-2:39) SUNDAY/24 3:00 THE BRAVE DUCKLING, GUNNAR THE SAILOR 4:00 SPY IN BLACK (B/W-1:27) 5:30 THE ADVENTURES OF FRONTIER FREMONT 7:00 SPY IN BLACK (B/W-1:27) 8:30 THE ADVENTURES OF FRONTIER FREMONT Sunday Night Movie (G-1:25) 10:00 NBA GAME OF THE WEEK N.Y. Nets vs. Seattle SuperSonics MONDAY/25 5:30 PAGANINI STRIKES AGAIN Children's Theatre (0:52) 6:30 WHO? (PG-1:3 1) 8:15 COMING YOUR WAY ON HBO 8:30 MISSOURI BREAKS (PG 2:03) 11:00 WHO (PG-1:3 1) TUESDAY/26 5:30 TWO TAILS 6:00 WHERE RED FERN GROWS (G) 8:00 DIRTY MONEY (1:35) 10:00 ON LOCATION Myron Cohen 11:00 NHL GAME OF THE WEEK Detroit Red Wings vs. L.A. Kings WEDNESDAY/27 5:30 TINTIN & THE LAKE OF SHARKS, THE ENCHANTED PRINCESS Children's Theatre 7:30 LYDIA Classic Cinema (B/W-1:43) 9:30 MISSISSIPPI MERMAID Foreign Film (Subtitled-1:50) 11:00 LYDIA Classic Cinema (B/W-1:43) THURSDAY/28 5:30 DOC SAVAGE (G-1:40) 7:15 COMING YOUR WAY ON HBO 7:30 NBA GAME OF THE WEEK Boston vs. Buffalo 10:00 THE ARENA (R-1:25) 11:30 PURPLE NOON Foreign Film (B/W-1:58) Frontier Fremont If you like^ Grizzly Adams, you’ll love The Adventures of Frontier Fremont, in which actor Dan Haggerty (who played Grizzly Adams) continues his bout with the wilderness. Haggerty, who was once an animal trainer, fights a 1400-pound grizzly bear and a forest fire as he plays an Ohio farmer who makes the Utah mountains his home and the animals his friends. October 24,29,31 Dan Haggerty in Frontier Fremont FRIDAY/29 5:30 PAGANINI STRIKES AGAIN Children's Theatre (0:52) 6:30 THE ADVENTURES OF FRONTIER FREMONT (G-1:25) 8:00 FOUR MUSKETEERS (PG-1:47) 10:00 ON LOCATION: Myron Cohen 11:00 FOUR MUSKETEERS (PG-1:47) SATURDAY/30 3:00 THE MISSOURI BREAKS (PG-2:03) 5:30 MURDER ON ORIENT EXPRESS (PG-2:07) 7:45 COMING YOUR WAYON HBO 8:00 MISSOURI BREAKS (PG-2:03) 10:15 MURDER ON ORIENT EXPRESS (PG-2:07) SUNDAY/31 3:00 THE ADVENTURES OF FRONTIER FREMONT (G-1:25) 4:30 HALLOWEEN ON HBO: COMEDY OF TERRORS (PG-1:28) 6:00 THE ADVENTURES OF FRONTIER FREMONT (G 1:25) 7:30 HALLOWEEN ON HBO: COMEDY OF TERRORS (PG-1:28) 9:00 MANDINGO Sunday Night Movie (R-2:07) 11:15 MISSISSIPPI MERMAID Foreign Film (Subtitled-1:50) MONDAY/1 5:30 NEW ADVENTURES OF SPACE EXPLORERS Children's Theatre 7:30 THE ADVENTURES OF FRONTIER FREMONT (G-1:25) 9:00 NASHVILLE (R-2:39) 12:00 ON LOCATION: Myron Cohen TUESDAY/2 5:30 FISHERMAN AND THE FISH 6:30 MISSOURI BREAKS (PG-2:03) 9:00 THE ARENA (R-1:25) 10:30 MISSOURI BREAKS (PG-2:03) WEDNESDAY/3 5:30 NEW ADVENTURES OF SPACE EXPLORERS Children s Theatre 7:30 THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN (PG-2:05) 9:45 THE GHOST GOES WEST Classic Cinema (B/W-1:25) 11:15 THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN (PG-2:05) THURSDAY/4 5:30 TWO TAILS 6:00 THE MAIDS American Film Theatre (1:35) 8:00 ON LOCATION: Myron Cohen 9:00 THE ARENA (R 1:25) 10:30 NBA GAME OF THE WEEK Philadelphia vs. Golden State HBO on Halloween is a Comedy of Terrors The great gruesome trio of Boris Karloff, Peter Lorre and Vincent Price are undertakers who hit hard times in this HBO Halloween horror special. Business is dying due to lack of customers and the back rent is due. The enterprising morticians produce a customer, but bumbling cemetery keeper Joe E. Brown “uncovers” their wicked deed. There is, however, a happy ending. Oct. 31 There's a Comedy of Terrors this Halloween

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