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Home Box Office From Time/Life THIS MONTH Movie Premieres and Features Airport’75 1,2,10,29,31 Capone 11,14,15,17,31 The Front Page 18,20,21,22,23,24,31 Give'Em Hell, Harry 29 Happy New Year 9,20,31 The Land that Time Forgot 18,19,20,22,23 The Moonrunners 30 The Night Porter 10,20,29 Wild Party 12 Violins du Bal 14 Yakuza 4,5,6,8,10,31 Sports Beat Pro Basketball 3,9,11,18,23,30 NHL Hockey 1,5,8,12,15,19,29 PBA Bowling 7,21 MSG Boxing 6,20 All-Star Wrestling 13 Special Presentations Laurel & Hardy 16,22 Hopalong Cassidy 7,11,21,23,30 Children’s Specials 14,18,19, 24 Pretzels 12, 22 Encores Abdication 10, 23 A Brief Vacation 2 Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore 9, 14 At Long Last Love 4, 6 Badlands 18, 22 Bank Shot 1, 8.29 Black Windmill 10, 18 Born to Buck 5. 15 Brannigan 1 Brother of the Wind 1,2, 18 Chariots of the Gods 12 Class of’44 14 Don’t Look Now 13 The Dove 3. 15,29 11 Harrowhouse 16 The Gambler 16 The Girl From Petrovka 3. 7. 16 Harry & Tonto 7, 17 Huckleberry Finn 4, 12 Hearts & Minds 9 Law and Disorder 15 Lenny 3,7 Mad Adventures of Rabbi Jacob 15 Magnum Force 23 Macon County Line 16. 24 Mame 8. 24 Man of LaMancha 7 Man on aSwing 3. 17 Mean Streets 30 Nickel Ride 5 The Optimists 5, 22 Our Time 22 Phantom of the Paradise 11 The Poseidon Adventure 11. 19 Paper Moon 24 Prisoner of Second Avenue 1. 13.30 Rafferty and the Gold Dust Twins 8 Report to the Commissioner 6. 12 Rosebud 6, 9, 14 Scarecrow 19 Soldier Blue 4. 17 The Spikes Gang 2 SPYS17 The Stepford Wives 3, 6 Terrorists 30 The Street Fighter 2, 21 The Terminal Man 11,21 Trail of the Wild 8 Violins du Bal 21 White Dawn 4, 16 Uptown Saturday Night 13 Zandy’s Bride 13 EDITOR’S ORBIT Home box Office’s satellite is now beaming our signal to Florida and Mississippi. Many more ground stations like the one at Ft. Pierce, Fla., shown at right, and the one in Jackson, Miss., soon will be built across the country. But our new network means more than just adding subscribers; it is the start of another giant step in providing the more than 200,000 families who now get HBO—as well as the thousands more who will be joining them—with the finest in films, sports and special programming. As you have noticed our program guide—On Air—is now expanded to give you more information about what you’ll be seeing on HBO. We hope you’ll find it entertaining as well as informative and that you will send us your comments and suggestions. It is nearly three years since Home Box Office was founded and though we have greatly expanded we think we have remained true to our original goal of giving you a ticket in your own home to see fine films, exciting sports and intriguing special events. We continue to make it easy for you to use that “Home Box Office” by scheduling a series of showings of our premiere films and by bringing them back as encores so you can see your favorites again, catch a film you may have missed or check a movie out for family viewing. We’ll be having more exciting announcements soon. Right now just look inside at some of the great shows, such as Give ’Em Hell, Harry and The Front Page on HBO this month. From the results of our recent Movie Memory contest it is obvious that many of you do watch regularly. More than 12,000 entries were received and Mrs. Dorothy Mery of Stroudsburg, Pa. won a week’s vacation in the Virgin Islands. TV sets went to 32 other winners. We hope they, and you, will keep watching HBO. Stephen Marmon 3 HBO On Air Chairman of the Board J. Richard Munro I*resident Gerald M. Levin Executive Vice President Bruce P. Sawyer Vice President, Programming Harlan P. Kleiman Managing Editor & Publisher Stephen Marmon Art Director Richard Weigand Circulation Director Susan J. Rose Assistant Art Director Jane Prettyman Assistant Editor Marcia Heath Contributing Editors Gary J. Prebula (Films), Herman Weiskopf (Sports) Editorial Services Paul Welch (Director). Norman Airey, George Karas, Benjamin Lightman. Doris O’Neil. Carolyn R. Pappas On Air is published monthly, $6 per year, by Home Box Office, Inc., 541 N. Fairbanks Court, Chicago, 111. 60611. Principal office: Rockefeller Centec New York. N.Y. 10020. Gerald M. Levin, President; P. Peter Shepne, Secretary; James O. Heyworth, Jr., Treasurer. Address all mail to On Air, Home Box Office. Time & Life Building, Rockefeller Center. New York, N.Y. 10020. Vol. I No. 1 ■ 1975 Home Box Office, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited.

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James Whitmore gives ’em hell in stage portrayal of Harry Truman Harry Truman—the President who talked a straight line—is alive and well. This month HBO presents Give ’Em Hell Harry!, the acclaimed one-man play about the life of Truman that has enthralled audiences across the country. James Whitmore gives a spectacular solo performance that captures Truman’s blistering candor with eerie authenticity. The versatile playwright Samuel Gallu, who has written several classic television shows, spent months researching the play, which spans Tru- man’s entire life and career—from Independence to the Oval Office. Whitmore told On Air that he was initially hesitant to tackle the demands of playing Truman. “I thought it was too difficult, too many people remembered him, but the challenge finally grabbed me.” He then proceeded to study every tape, speech and film clip he could find about the former President. The results are pure Truman. Probably the strongest endorsement Whitmore could hope for came from Truman’s daughter, Margaret Truman 6 Daniel, who was so dazzled by his performance that she said, “My God, it’s my father!” She then invited President Ford, his Cabinet and many former political friends of her father to the premiere of the play in Ford’s Theater in Washington. Ford accepted, becoming the first President since Lincoln to set foot in the theater, and he joined in the thunderous applause. Somewhat incredulous, Ford asked Whitmore how he did it. Whitmore responded, “How do you do it, Mr. President?” and Ford answered, “I was trained for it.” “Well, so was I,” laughed Whitmore. Whitmore studied at the American Theater Wing. He won a Tony for his part in the Broadway play Command Decision and an Academy Award nomination for his first movie Battleground. He is perhaps best known for his rave performance as Will Rogers in the one-man play he has been doing since 1969. Asked to explain the great success of Give ’Em Hell Harry! Whitmore gave an example of the audience’s reaction to what he thinks is one of its most poignant moments. “When I write a letter to my daughter Margaret and start to lick the 30 stamp myself and put it on the envelope, the audience applauds —our country has a hunger for simplicity and integrity. He went on to say, “It’s hard for me to pick out my favorite part, but I love the way Truman has a reverence for the presidency. He was the champion of the underdog and people identify with this play because many of the problems discussed are still with us —big money, corruption, power—and several of the people he talks about are still around.” Invariably when Whitmore delivers the line, “That senator from California—I hope the SOB never becomes President or this country will be in a lot of trouble,” it is met by cheers from the audience. Truman has become almost a cult figure to those who remember his humanity and grass-roots wisdom. In a sense, Give ’Em Hell Harry! is a nostalgia piece, recalling the days of plain dealing in the White House. As Whitmore said, the play’s strongest appeal comes from giving us “a sense of what our heritage is, from encouraging a great love for this country and what it hopes to be, could be and sometimes is.” A welcome antidote to the bitter aftertaste of Watergate, Give ’Em Hell Harry! is a play that speaks as plain as Harry did. James Whitmore walks and looks like the 33rd President in Give ’Em Hell Harry. 7

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Billy Wilder’s Front Page is a brand new look at a grand old film Energy. That’s the only word to describe Billy Wilder’s The Front Page, premiering on HBO this month. Using the sure-fire plot and dialogue of the Ben Hecht-Charles MacArthur 1928 stage classic, Wilder and co-writer I.A.L. Diamond have up-dated the Glaring wife-to-be waits as Matthau spurs Lemmon to write the great scoop. film’s repartee and structure, but have kept it as refreshing as the two earlier movie editions. The latest Front Page continues the tradition of fine acting with Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau, the tongue-sparring team so successful in Fortune Cookie. Academy Award winner Wilder told On Air's film editor of the serendipity that led to his involvement with The 4 Director Wilder and Lemmon lay out a Chicago city hall press room scene. Front Page and its two stars. “I was stuck in the middle of a screenplay, staring at the typewriter, when I got a call from Jennings Lang (executive producer of the movie). He said Matthau and Lemmon would do it if I wrote and directed, so I said yes,” he said. Lemmon is Hildy Johnson, an ace Chicago reporter circa 1929, bent on giving up his hectic life for marriage and a quiet job in a Philadelphia ad agency. But his editor and love/hate friend Walter Burns (played with dash by Matthau) plots to keep Lemmon’s dream no more than that. A trembling “radical”, played brilliantly by Austin Pendleton, is soon to be hanged for shooting a police officer. After the prisoner escapes, Lemmon is back on the job, juggling the scoop of the century, his confused wife-to-be, her bewildered mother and plans to take a midnight train to Philadelphia. Matthau, the single-minded editor, does his best to deter him, while Vincent Gardenia, the bumbling sheriff, and Carol Burnett, the radical’s girlfriend, add more laughs. While a drama student at UCLA, Burnett played in The Front Page. When she discovered the film was casting she called Wilder and literally begged for the part. “That sweet lady said she’d do it for no money, that we could give her salary to charity, but that she had to play Molly. She got the role and I think she was very good. Kathleen Carroll of The Daily News called The Front Page “easily the funniest film of the year.” New York Times critic Vincent Canby found it “extremely funny” and felt it succeeds because Wilder and Diamond have “a special and very appealing appreciation for vulgar, brilliant con artists. The Front Page is one of the few major films of recent times that keeps background music to an absolute minimum. The machine-gun dialogue is a perfect substitute, Wilder noted. “We’re dealing with newspaper men. The only sounds that matter are the presses rolling, the typewriters going, the phones ringing, the teletypes typing. That’s all the background music we needed.” Wilder told On Air, “The Front Page is one of those classics that get better and better in people’s memories. After 45 years they tend to become gigantically beautiful things, even if the person absolutely hated the film when he first saw it.” Gary Prebula 5

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ABA, NBA will be bouncing all over the HBO court Dr. J. will take on the Human Eraser and David when the New York Nets and the Denver Nuggets meet Oct. 3, as Home Box Office rolls out another season of ABA and NBA action. Dr. J. is Julius Erving, the Nets’ man of a million moves who has been known to invent some of his most ingenious shots in midair. Trying to stop Erving is almost as difficult as trying to keep the sun from going down at the end of the day. Out to thwart Erving will be Denver’s Human Eraser, Marvin Webster, who earned his nickname at Morgan State College because of his remarkable ability to block shots. Webster is one of two superlative newcomers joining the Nuggets. The other is David Thompson, a multi-talented All-Amer-ican from North Carolina State, where he was so revered that it was blasphemous to pin him with a sobriquet. Among the changes in the NBA are the acquisition of George McGinnis by the Philadelphia 76ers and the transfer of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar from the Milwaukee Bucks to the Los Angeles Lakers. New York’s Knicks, who had signed McGinnis to a lavish contract only to have it voided, also failed to obtain Jab-bar, leaving them in desperate need of a big man. They still have the redoubtable Walt Frazier, Earl Monroe and Bill Bradley, however, and the Knicks’ famous “smart” playing and teamwork could put them back on top. HW Earl Monroe goes up for the Knicks. October 13-16 Monday-Thursday Monday 1:30 Uptown Saturday Night (PG) Bill Cosby and Harry Belafonte turn uptown upside down to retrieve a winning lottery ticket. 3:30 Zandy’s Bride (PG) Gene Hackman is a backwoodsman in search of a bride. He ends up with Liv Ullmann. 5:30 Martha’s Attic Liogs, Tiogs and Bearogs. 6:00 Professor Moffett Space & the Solar System. 6:25 Journey to Beginning of Time (#21) 6:30 Prisoner of Second Avenue (PG) Anne Bancroft wears the pants as adman husband Jack Lemmon looks for new job and lost confidence. 8:30 All-Star Professional Wrestling Live from Madison Square Garden. 11:00 Don’t Look Now (R) Gripping gothic tale with Donald Sutherland as a man who is looking into his own grave. Tuesday 1:30 Class of’44 Two years later the boys from the Class of ’42 face college life in a wartorn world. 3:30 Les Violins Du Bal (PG) Memories of a dreamlike French childhood on the edge of war, by a rising and very talented young European director. 5:30 Professor Moffett Comm unications. 6:00 Children’s Special The Emperor's Nightingale 7:00 Rosebud (PG) Otto Preminger cashes in on the headlines with tale of kidnaped heiresses, starring Peter O'Toole. 9:00 Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore (PG) Ellen Burstyn garners Oscar as woman in search of herself. Kris Kristoffer-son points the way. 11:00 Capone (R) Fact is stronger and stranger than fiction in this candid story of Scarface A1 starring Ben Gazzara. Wednesday 1:30 Mad Adventures of Rabbi Jacob (PG) A madcap, mixed-up romp through France in a case of mistaken religion and identity. 3:00 The Dove (G) Joseph Bottoms sails around the world and finds his sweetheart is never far from shore. 5:30 Venture Wales—Land of Harmony. 6:00 Born to Buck (G) A western roundup sees 400 wild horses driven across Wyoming. 7:30 NHL Hockey Atlanta Flames vs. N.Y. Rangers, live from Madison Square Garden. 10:00 Capone (R) Harry Guardino and John Cassavettes serve as first and last mentors to Ben Gazzara’s A1 Capone. 12:00 Law and Disorder (PG) Carroll O'Connor and Ernest Borgnine protect the home front on Manhattan's Lower East Side. Thursday 1:30 11 Harrowhouse (PG) Charles Grodin tries hand at $12 billion diamond heist, with Candice Bergen at his side. 3:30 The Girl from Petrovka (PG) Goldie Hawn is a step ahead of the Russian police. 5:30 Martha’s Attic Liogs. Tiogs and Bearogs. 6:00 White Dawn (PG) Savage Eskimo tribe accepts three shipwrecked Americans. 7:30 Cuckoo Premiere of B.B.C. documentary about Laurel and Hardy team. 8:30 Sailing Special Round Britain Race 9:00 The Gambler (R) James Caan is an English professor with a fatal flaw, Lauren Hutton is his girlfriend. 11:00 Macon County Line (R) Brief vacation turns into a bloodbath when Northerners go below the Ma-son-Dixon line. 1J

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A1 Capone roars again as Gazzara brings Scarface alive on screen Behind every great man, there’s another, ready to pounce. So it seems after viewing the latest version of the Machiavellian life of America’s first godfather, A1 Capone. Scripted by underworld historian Howard Browne, Capone is both candid and graphic. This HBO premiere begins when young Alphonse Capone is sent to Chicago by Brooklyn boss Frankie Yale Gohn Cassavetes) to aid bootlegger Johnny Torrio (Harry Guardino). With Capone’s help Torrio protects his business and divides up Chicago. But Capone wastes no time plotting a coup. With diabolical guile he uses a local feud to eliminate Torrio and take over his mob. It’s simply a matter of murdering the right people, as Scarface claws his way to the top. Then the murderous merry-go-round starts again. This time it’s Frank Nitti (Sylvester Stallone), Capone’s number two, who’s itchy. Where Capone used brute force Nitti uses his B.A. Soon Nitti has worked out a deal with the Feds: information that will jail Big A1 in exchange for a little breathing room. The story of the Chicago mobster doesn’t end there. Capone details the years after Scarface’s imprisonment, his eventual madness and death from syphilis—finally a gangster picture that doesn’t glorify the life of crime. Any film about mobsters can’t avoid comparison with Coppola’s Godfather and Capone stands out for its no-nonsense accuracy, proving once again that fact is both stranger and stronger than fiction. GP 12 October 9-12 Thursday-Sunday Thursday 1:30 Rosebud (PG) Peter O’Toole rescues four rich kidnaped daughters in mideast suspense thriller. 3:30 Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore (PG) Ellen Burstyn leaves home, finds a new life, Kris Kristofferson and an Oscar while on the road. 5:30 Martha’s Attic Who Needs to be Needed 6:00 Huckleberry Finn (G) Harvey Korman joins Paul Winfield in this musical version of the Mark Twain classic. 8:00 NBA Basketball Wash. Bullets vs. N.Y. Knicks, live from Madison Square Garden. 10:15 Happy New Year (PG) A sensitive love story that begins where A Man and a Woman left OIL 12:00 Hearts and Minds (R) Powerful, Oscar-winning documentary of the agony, tragedy and shame of the war in Vietnam. Saturday Friday 1:30 The Abdication (PG) Lovely costume drama tracing the life of Queen Christina after she leaves the Swedish throne. 3:30 Airport ’75 (PG) Even a mid-air collision can't stop a 747 filled with stars when Charlton Heston comes to the rescue. 5:30 Professor Moffett Painting and Sculpture. 5:55 Journey to Beginning of Time (#20) 6:00 Children’s Special The Emperor's Nightingale 7:00 The Black Windmill (PG) Michael Caine is an emotionless undercover agent personally entangled in a plot against the Crown. 9:00 TheYakuza(R) Japan is the background for an adventure thriller mixing Samurai and private eye, Robert Mitchum. 11:00 The Night Porter (R) Circumstances permit Charlotte Rampling and Dirk Bogarde to relive a bizarre relationship. 1:30 Venture Wales—Land of Harmony 2:00 The Poseidon Adventure (PG) An all-star cast launches the disaster genre with this tale of an upside-down cruise ship. 4:00 The Terminal Man (PG) Half man/half machine becomes the first victim of the computer age. 6:00 Hopalong Cassidy Heart of Arizona. 7:15 Animated Classics Beauty and the Beast. 8:00 NBA Basketball Boston Celtics vs. N.Y. Knicks. live from Madison Square Garden. 10:15 Capone (R) Ben Gazzara stars in pulse-pounding remake of the life of America’s first Godfather. 12:00 Phantom of the Paradise (PG) Paul Williams sells his soul for rock and roll. Sunday 1:30 Chariot of the Gods? (G) Earth oddities have an out-of-this-world background in the film version of the bestseller. 3:00 Report to the Commissioner (PG) Susan Blakely is the undercover agent killed in a crossfire of big city police corruption. 5:00 In Concert Schubert, J. Krips, Vienna Phil. 5:30 Martha’s Attic Liogs, Tiogs and Bearogs. 6:00 Professor Moffett Communications. 6:25 Journey to Beginning of Time (#21) 6:30 Animated Classics Tiny Oxen, Woodcutter's Wish. 7:30 NHL Hockey L.A. Kings vs. N.Y. Rangers, live from Madison Square Garden. 10:00 Pretzels HBO ventures off-Broadway for this satiric and witty revue. 11:30 The Wild Party (R) Twenties Hollywood is scene of fame, fortune and death. Raquel Welch stars. 13

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Boxing’s back at the Garden with a new crop of hopefuls It was back in July of 1960, after 16 years and some 600 bouts, that the Friday night fights faded from television screens. In bars and living rooms across the country, more than a few people raised outcries and suffered withdrawal symptoms. Many devotees of the sport, however, felt there had been too much televised boxing and they regarded the decision to drop the Friday fights as a welcome relief. Perhaps it was Ali—with his charisma and successes—who created a renewed interest in boxing in recent years. With this in mind, Home Box Office and Madison Square Garden have made strides to bring back the thrill and drama of those matches. HBO viewers will see Monday night fights from the Garden in a series of telecasts this fall and winter. Boxing has had a long and illustrious history at the Garden, where the very first TV bout took place on Sept. 29, 1944 between Willie Pep and Chalky Wright. And now the Garden and HBO have a new series of fights, most of them between young, emerging boxers with outstanding records. At ringside for HBO are the dean of boxing announcers, Don Dunphy, and former Heavyweight Champion Floyd Patterson. With their help viewers can score the events at home and try to determine which fighters will move on to become title contenders. The Garden—boxing there is the dream of many a fighter. First, though, he must serve his apprenticeship, perhaps getting in his early licks in street-corner scuffles. And then, after turning pro and winning a string of fights, he may suddenly—click—be boxing on TV from the Garden. Herman Weiskopf 10 October 5-8 Sunday—Wedn esday Sunday 1:30 Nickel Ride (PG) Minor crime boss Jason Miller confronts both friends and foes to maintain his small empire. 3:30 The Optimists (G) Delightful children's story with Peter Sellers as London entertainer. 5:30 Martha’s Attic Liogs, Tiogs and Bearogs. 6:00 Professor Moffett Painting and Sculpture. 6:25 Journey to Beginning of Time (#20) 6:30 Born to Buck (G) Henry Fonda narrates western adventure as 400 wild horses are herded across Wyoming. 8:00 NHL Hockey N.Y. Rangers vs. N.Y. Islanders, live from Nassau Coliseum. 10:30 Venture Song of Britain. 11:00 TheYakuza(R) Skillful merging of backlot thrillers and Japanese chillers stars Robert Mitch-um and Takakura Ken. Monday 1:30 At Long Last Love (G) Peter Bogdanovich tries his hand at a Thirties musical. Burt Reynolds and Cybill Shepherd are the stars. 3:30 The Stepford Wives (PG) 1984 comes early to suburbia as men's club turns wives into perfect plastic mates. Katherine Ross and Paula Prentiss don’t want to change. 5:30 Martha’s Attic Who Needs to be Needed 6:00 Rosebud (PG) Four rich girls are held hostage and Peter O'Toole must free them. 8:00 Boxing Live from Madison Square Garden. 9:30 TheYakuza(R) Samurai sword crosses Colt 32 as Robert Mitchum invades the Land of the Rising Sun. 11:30 Report to the Commissioner (R) Big city police corruption surfaces as rookie cop ends up as the fall guy. Tuesday 1:30 The Girl from Petrovka (PG) American correspondent Hal Holbrook meets and falls for Russian romantic Goldie Hawn. 3:30 Harry and Tonto (R) Liberation hits the Geritol set as Art Carney takes his cat and an Oscar on a cross-country trip. 5:30 Professor Moffett Painting and Sculpture. 5:55 Journey to Beginning of Time (#20) 6:00 Hopalong Cassidy Heart of Arizona. 7:08 Something Special The Accountant. 7:30 Man of LaMancha (PG) Famous musical rides on-screen with Peter O'Toole tilting at windmills. Sophia Loren as unscrubbed farm maid. 10:00 Lenny (R) Documentary-like re-creation of the life of one of America's most misunderstood comedians. 12:00 Best of Bowling $50,000 HBO Open. Direct from Portland. Ore. Wednesday 1:30 Trail of the Wild (G) Expedition into the vast, unexplored Canadian wilderness. 3:00 Mame (PG) Lucille Ball swirls and twirls through small town America in search of a new husband in lavish musical. 5:30 Venture Song of Britain. 6:00 Bank Shot (PG) George C. Scott is the mastermind who goes one step better: he steals the bank. 7:30 NHL Hockey Chi. Black Hawks vs. N.Y. Rangers, live from Madison Square Garden. 10:00 TheYakuza(R) Robert Mitchum rescues a friend’s daughter from the clutches of the Japanese Mafia. 12:00 Rafferty & the Gold Dust Twins (PG) Sally Kellerman and Michele Phillips kidnap Alan Arkin to gain some fun and profit. 11

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Airport 15 flies high, filled with stars and aerial action Sequels and remakes are the stuff Hollywood is made of. Give us a hit, it’s said, and we’ll give it back next year. Airport was one of the most popular movies ever made, so it’s no surprise that Universal rolled out this sequel. The only wonder is that it took them so long to do it. Airport 1975 boasts the same kind of lavish all-star cast, accent on midair drama and flair for the spectacular that characterized Airport. The second time around action rides high in a Boeing 747 jet, flying on HBO this month. In the first hour we meet the celebrities in command: Charlton Heston, veteran pilot and troubleshooter; Karen Black, stewardess and long-time love of Heston; and George Kennedy, cool airline executive. Then there are the stars on the plane’s roster: Gloria Swanson playing herself; Helen Reddy in her screen debut as a singing nun; Myrna Loy as a gentlelady with a weakness for boilermakers; Linda Blair of Exorcist fame urgently in need of a kidney transplant; and Sid Caesar. Pandemonium flies in during the second hour. Dana Andrews suffers a heart attack and crashes his small plane into the 747, killing or critically injuring all of the flight crew and leaving Karen Black in control. What follows is some of the most spectacular photography ever, including amazing shots of a midair transfer. Airport 1975 has more than enough thrills and chills to keep our minds off the day’s problems and on the far-flung rescue effort. Beginning in November, HBO will bring you W. W. and the Dixie Dance-kings, a skylark that will warm your heart. Directed by John G. Avildsen, the film is a yarn about Nashville in 1957. Suave con artist W.W. (Burt Reynolds) sets everything off when he adopts a struggling country band called the Dixie Dancekings, supporting them by holding up a chain of gas stations owned by a nutty fundamentalist named Elton Bird. It’s the work of the devil, says Elton, and he enlists the aid of a man after his own heart, a bible thumper who calls himself Deacon (Art Carney). Driving around in a 1955 Olds hardtop, W.W. plays havoc while his band plays on, finally reaching Grand Ole Opry stardom. Vincent Canby calls W.W. and the Dixie Dancekings “an unexpectedly pleasant surprise.” GP n 18 October 21-24 Tuesday-Friday Tuesday 1:30 Les Violins du Bal (PG) A young European director re-creates his enchanted childhood, in the midst of onrushing war. 3:30 The Terminal Man (PG) George Segal becomes robot in a graphic portrayal of first bionic operation. 5:30 Professor Moffett Optics. 5:55 Journey to Beginning of Time (#22) 6:00 Hopalong Cassidy Trail Dust. Cattle rustlers, dynamite and romance lead to shoot-out at Gun-smoke Canyon. 7:30 Bowling Direct from Seattle. 9:00 The Front Page (PG) Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau are the rip-roaring newsmen of Chicago's Roaring Twenties. 11:00 Street Fighter (PG) Another Hong Kong Kung Fu battle from the people who brought you Bruce Lee. Wednesday 1:30 OurTimc(PG) Girls school is the scene for this feminine counterpart to A Separate Peace. 3:00 Pretzels This delightful Off-Broadway revue comes direct from its successful New York run. 4:30 Land That Time Forgot (PG) Edgar Rice Burroughs' story of a prehistoric land blossoms on the screen. 6:00 The Optimists (G) Peter Sellers dances through London as a children's entertainer. 8:00 Cuckoo Fun-filled British look at the careers of Laurel and Hardy. 9:00 Badlands (R) Two young folk on a murderous spree in the Southwest of the '30s. 11:00 The Front Page (PG) The Scoop of the century is at stake as Jack Lemmon tries to elude editor Walter Matthau. Thursday 1:30 The Front Page (PG) Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon team up again, this time as madcap newsmen in Chicago’s Roaring '20s. 3:30 The Abdication (PG) Liv Ullmann as Swedish Queen Christina who gave up her throne for her religious convictions. 5:30 Martha’s Attic What Happened Elsewhere Then 6:00 Hopalong Cassidy Heart of Arizona, 7:30 NBA Basketball L.A. Lakers vs. N.Y. Knicks, live from Madison Square Garden. 10:00 Land That Time Forgot (G) A time before civilization is the scene of this Edgar Rice Burroughs' novel. 11:30 Magnum Force (R) Clint Eastwood hits the screen once more in the further adventures of Dirty Harry. Friday 1:30 Paper Moon (PG) Tatum O'Neal steals the show from father Ryan in this tale of two Midwest hucksters. 3:30 American Graffiti (PG) Life in a small California town can be filled with excitement, especially the day before you leave for college. 5:30 Professor Moffett Optics. 5:55 Journey to Beginning of Time (#22) 6:00 Children’s Special The Emperor's Nightingale. Traditional children's fable of ancient China. Boris Karloff narrates. 7:00 Mame(G) Lucille Ball singing and dancing in this lavish version of the Broadway hit. 9:30 The Front Page (PG) Billy Wilder directs Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau in an update of the great newspaper saga. 11:30 Macon County Line (R) Two Northerners cross the

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“Cuckoo” was their song and Laurel and Hardy was their name. The U.S. premiere of the B.B.C. documentary about that great comedy team is one of many specials on HBO this month. Cuckoo—A Celebration of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy features scenes from more than 30 of the pair’s great shorts. Woven in are the details of Lau- rel and Hardy’s lives and comments by Jerry Lewis, Dick Van Dyke and Marcel Marceau. We learn how the two paired up and how their genius worked. From the piano that slips downstairs in The Music Box to collapsible buildings, Laurel and Hardy were kids in an often menacing world. Their escapades brought laughter to the Thirties. This one-hour show brings back all the joy. Hopalong Cassidy rides the HBO trail again this month. In Heart of Arizona William Boyd must handle cattle rustlers and his nephew’s budding romance. With “Gabby" Hayes at his side, Hopalong avenges a theft and clears his nephew’s name. Dust and bullets fly right up to the bittersweet finale. For children this month there’s a delightful one-hour animation of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Emperor’s Nightingale. Narrated by, of all people, Boris Karloff, this 1950 film re-creates the tale of the captive bird that yearns to fly free. Martha’s Attic goes back to school for October, while Prof essor Moffett covers communications from wireless to satellites. Venture travels to Britain and Reflections on America reflects on our own past and present. In all, it’s a very special month. SM Nostalgia’s on HBO with Hopalong and Laurel & Hardy 20 October 25-28 Saturday-Wendnesday Saturday 1:30 Animal Farm (G) Animated adaptation of the famous George Orwell novel. | 3:30 Land That Time Forgot (PG) Probing adventure into prehistoric land in this film version of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ book. Doug McClure stars in this masterpiece of technical effects. I 5:30 Venture British Midlands. 6:00 At Long Last Love (G) Cybill Shepherd. Burt Reynolds and Madeline Kahn, plus a host of Cole Porter hits. Peter Bogdanovich directs. I 8:00 NBA Basketball Cleveland Cavaliers vs. N.Y. Knicks, live from Madison Square Garden. 10:15 Give’Em Hell, Harry James Whitmore's nationally acclaimed stage portrayal of Harry Truman. 12:15 Scarecrow (R) A1 Pacino and Gene Hackman drift across the landscape of America in search of a dream. Sunday 1:30 The Optimists (G) Peter Sellers as Piccadilly street entertainer. 3:30 Moonrunncrs (PG) Jim Mitchum battles to protect his still in this Carolina moonshine yarn. First time father and son, Robert and Jim, appear together. 5:30 Martha’s Attic The Lion's Head 6:00 The Ra Expeditions (G) Thor Heyderhal and international crew attempt to sail the Atlantic in a ship of reeds. 7:30 NHL Hockey Phila. Flyers vs. N.Y. Rangers, live from Madison Square Garden. 10:00 SPYS(PG) Donald Sutherland and Elliott Goidd as two bumbling CIA agents. 11:30 Alice Doesn’t l ive Here Anymore (R) Ellen Burstyn finds new life, an Oscar and Kris Krislollei son Monday 1:30 Jesus Christ, Superstar (G) Adaptation of the hit Broadway musical. Norman Jewison directs. 3:30 Happy New Year (PG) A jewel heist unexpectedly turns into a love story on the French Riviera. Directed by A Man and A Woman creator, Claude LeLouch. 5:30 Martha’s Attic The Lion's Head 6:00 Moonrunners (PG) White lightning is the product, as Jim Mitchum fights to keep his moonshine still going. 8:00 HBO Boxing Special Ali-Frazier, Crunch III A retrospective of this great ring rivalry culminating with footage of their Manila rematch. 9:00 Give ’Em Hell, Harry James Whitmore's nationally acclaimed stage portrayal of Harry Truman. 11:00 Five Fingers of Death (R) Another smash-bang Kung Fu action thriller starring Bruce Lee. Tuesday 1:30 Moonrunners (PG) Jim Mitchum fights to keep his clan's small moonshine operation going. 3:30 11 Harrowhouse (PG) Candice Bergen urges Charles Grodin to get her a few diamonds—$12 billion dollars worth. 5:30 Professor Moffett Genetics. 5:55 Journey to Beginning of Time (#23) 6:00 Trail of the Wild (G) Henry Fonda narrates this odyssey of 400 wild horses across Wyoming. 7:30 NBA Basketball Golden State Warriors vs. N.Y. Knicks, live from Madison Square Garden. Rick Barry leads the NBA champion Warriors on the first trip East. 10:00 Pretzels Off-Broadway revue direct from successful New York run. 11:30 Give’Em Hell, Harry 21

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