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he most programs ever on HBO this month! r MOVIES Against All Odds (CC)_ Pg.22 Avenging Angel(CC) 16 Reyonri the Limit 22 The Blues Brothers 17 Breakfast Club (CC) 20 The Cannonball Run 22 Choose Me 22 P.m/erg irl 10 Deja Vu 18 Desperately Seeking Susan (CC) 13 The Final Terror 10 Finders Keepers (CC) 17 The fith Musketeer 22 The Flamingo Kid (CC) _ 5 Fraternity Vacation (CC)_ .10 Hard to Hold (CC) 22 Humongous 10 The Initiation 10 The Karate Kid (CC) 8 The Killing Fields (CC)_ 5 Mike’s Murder 22 Mischief (CC) 17 Missing in Action 11 Missing in Action 2(CC)_ . 6 Moscow on the Hudson (CC) 15 The New Kids (CC) 22 Norma Rae 7 Olri Enough 15 Once Upon a Time in America (CC) 22 Oxford Blues (CC) 8 Paris, Texas (CC) 16 Passage to India (CC) Pg. 4 Places in the Heart (CC)__ 7 Porky’s_____________________18 Porky’s II _________________18 Porky’s Revenge (CC)______16 Rappin’_____________________15 Red Dawn (CC) ______________ 8 Repo Man ;________________10 Richard Pryor Live on the Sunset Strip__________22 Romancing the Stone_________20 The Rose____________________ 8 Running Brave_______________22 The Soldier_________________22 The Star Chamber____________22 Swing Shift (CC)____________22 Torchlight__________________22 Trenchcoat (CC)_____________22 Tuff Turf (CC) _____________10 Up the Creek _______________17 Without a Trace_____________22 ORIGINAL PROGRAMS America Undercover: Kids in Crisis_______Pg. 9 Benny Hill__________________ 6 HBO reserves the right to make a schedule change or program substitution without notice. Service, reception and billing inquiries can be handled only by your local cable company or HBO affiliate. Home Box Office. HBO, On Location and HBO Premiere Films are trademarks and service marks of Home Box Office, Inc. An HBO Exclusive is defined as entertainment now showing on HBO and no other national pay cable TV service. A Passage to India may be seen in certain STV systems. Comic Relief _________Pg. 12 The Hitchhiker_____________ 9 Not Necessarily the News___________________ 6 Phil Collins ______________11 Ray Bradbury Theater_______ 9 Remember When _____________22 Separate Tables____________15 Whoopi Goldberg____________ 6 DAYTIME ON HBO Antarctica (CC)________Pg. 19 The Aviator _______________19 The Bostonians_____________19 Brainstorm ________________19 Bye Bye Birdie ____________19 Chattanooga ChooChoo___________________19 The Front__________________19 Give My Regards to Broad Street (CC)__19 G’0I6! The World Cup Challenge__________________19 The In-Laws________________19 Max Dugan Returns__________19 On the Town________________19 A Piano for Mrs. Cimino (CC)___________19 Royal Wedding _____________19 Tin Man____________________19 To Find My Son ____________19 HBO welcomes subscriber comments on HBO programming and scheduling. Write to: HBO Subscriber Information Services, 1100 Avenue of the Americas. New Ybrk, New York 10038. The HBO Guide is published monthly by Home Box Office, Inc., 1100 Avenue of the Americas, New York, New Vbrk 10036. Joseph J. Collins, President: Glenn Britt, Senior V.P., Finance: John S. Redpath, Jr., Secretary. 01986 Home Bor Office, Inc. All rights reserved. MOVING? CALL I-8OO-HBO-MOVE Tommy______________Pg. 19 You Light Up My Life____19 SPORTS Son of the Not-So-Great Moments in Sports__Pg. 15 World Championship Boxing Thomas vs. Berbick (LIVE)__________16 FAMILY SHOWCASE Animalympics Pg. 21 The Berenstain Bears’ Easter Surprise (CC)_ _21 The Camel Boy 21 College (CC) 21 Fraggle Rock (CC) 14 He Makes Me Feel Like Dancin’ 20 Jack and the Beanstalk. _21 Jim Henson’s The Tale of the Bunny Picnic 15 Peter and the Magic Egg_ _21 Rascals and Robbers _21 R.W. 21 Tucker/Horse Thief 21 SINGLE PLAYS* Buddy Hackettll 3/4 The Cotton Club (CC) 3/9 Country 3/8 The Empire Strikes Back (CC) 3/8 Evil/Men Do(CC) 3/3 Irreconcilable Differences (CC) 3/9 It’s No Crush 3/9 Just the Way You Are (CC) 3/8 Mean Season (CC) 3/8 Micki & Maude (CC) 3/9 Schedule Abbreviations: Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) ratings explanation: G: Suitable for general audiences. PG: Parental guidance suggested. Some material may not be suitable for children. PG-13: Parents are strongly cautioned to give special guidance for attendance of children under 13. Some material may be inappropriate for young children. R: Restricted. (In theatrical show- ings, no one under 17 is admitted unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.) Murrow (CC) _________________ 3/8 The Park Is Mine (CC)_ 3/9 Places in the Heart (CC) 3/8 Protocol (CC)________________ 3/9 Runaway (CC) ________________3/9 A Soldier’s Story (CC)_______ 3/8 Starman (CC)_________________ 3/8 That’s Dancing! _____________ 3/2 Too Scared to Scream_________ 3/3 ’In most cases, single plays are described in last month's guide. (CC) indicates programs that are closed-captioned. In March there will be more than just great movies on HBO. Stay tuned between shows on March 8 and 9 to learn more about how HBO worts. Please note: Words of

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SATURDAY, MAR. 1 7:00 THE KILLING FIELDS 5:00 am R.W. p 21 (R)p.5(CC) 5:30 THE 5TH MUSKETEER 9:30 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS (PG) p.22 March Edition p.6 7:30 ON THE TOWN p. 19 10:00 THE HITCHHIKER 9:30 ROYAL WEDDING p 19 “The Curse” p.9 11:00 BYE BYE BIRDIE p. 19 10:30 RICHARD PRYOR LIVE 1:00 pm TOMMY (PG) p. 19 ON THE SUNSET STRIP 3:00 GIVE MY REGARDS (R) p.22 TO BROAD STREET 11:55 TORCHLIGHT (R) p.22 (PG) p.19(CC) 1:30 am CHOOSE ME (R) p.22 5:00 WITHOUT A TRACE (PG) p.22 3:20 HUMONGOUS(R) p. 10 SUNDAY, MAR. 2 4:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “A Brush 5:00 am MAX DUGAN RETURNS with Jealousy” p. 14 (CC) (PG)p.19 5:00 MAX DUGAN RETURNS 7:00 THAT’S DANCING! (G-1 44) (PG)p.19 9:00 FRAGGLE ROCK “A Brush 7:00 THE FLAMINGO KID with Jealousy” p.14 (CC) (PG-13)p.5(CC) 9:30 THE FLAMINGO KID 9:00 WHOOPI GOLDBERG (PG-13)p.5(CC) Direct From Broadway p.6 11:30 THE AVIATOR (PG) p. 19 10:00 THE AVIATOR (PG) p. 19 1:30 pm SON OF THE NOT-SO-GREAT 11:45 THE ROSE (R) p 8 MOMENTS IN SPORTS p. 15 2:05 am BEYOND THE LIMIT 2:30 RUNNING BRAVE (R)p22 (PG) p.22 3:55 THE INITIATION (R) p 10 MONDAY, MAR. 3 4:00 VIDEO JUKEBOX ( 30) 5:35 am HE MAKES ME FEEL 4:30 ANTARCTICA (G) p. 19 (CC) LIKE DANCIN’ p 20 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Wembley’s 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK Flight”p.14(CC) “Fraggle Wars” (:25) (CC) 7:00 THE IN-LAWS (PG) p. 19 7:00 A PIANO FOR MRS. CIMIN0 9:00 A PASSAGE TO INDIA p.19(CC) (PG)p.4(CC) 9:00 THE IN-LAWS (PG)p 19 11:50 THE NEW KIDS 11:00 BRAINSTORM (PG) p. 19 (R) p.22 (CC) 1:00 pm HBO THEATRE: 1:25 am THE EVIL THAT MEN DO SEPARATE TABLES p 15 (R-1:30)(CC) 3:00 HE MAKES ME FEEL 3:00 TOO SCARED TO SCREAM LIKE DANCIN' p.20 (R-1:39) TUESDAY, MAR. 4 3:30 THE CAMEL BOY p.21 5:00 am THE CAMEL BOY p.21 5:00 CHATTANOOGA CHOO CH{)0 (PG) p. 19 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “The Day the Music Died” (:25)(CC) 7:00 THE STAR CHAMBER (R) p.22 7:00 GIVE MY REGARDS TO BROAD 9:00 RAY BRADBURY THEATER STREET (PG) p.19 (CC) "Banshee” p.9 9:00 G’OLE! THE WORLD CUP 9:30 MOSCOW ON THE HUDSON CHALLENGE p. 19 (R)p.15(CC) 11:00 OLD ENOUGH (PG)p.15 11:30 REPO MAN (R) p. 10 12:30 pm RAY BRADBURY p.9 1:05 am BUDDY HACKETTII (1 00) 1:00 5TH MUSKETEER (PG) p.22 2:05 TORCHLIGHT (R) p.22 3:00 R.W. p.21 3:45 MISCHIEF (R) p. 17 (CC) MIGHT MOVIE THE KILLING FIELDS MIGHT MOVIE THE FLAMINGO KID flFRSSAGE rolNDIfl Eleven Oscar nominations went to this sweeping human drama of 1920s India. A stunning adaptation of E.M. Forster's novel. Starring Peggy Ashcroft. (AS.AL) PG-2:46. March 3,9,11, 14,30(CC) 4 Sam Waterston Haing S. Ngor A powerful true story of survival amidst the sweeping ravages of war in Cambodia. The movie chronicles the extraordinary friendship of Pulitzer Prize-winning newsman Sydney Schan-berg (Sam Waterston) and his resourceful guide and translator, Dith Pran (Oscar winner Haing S. Ngor). With John Malkovich as a combat photographer. (AL,GV) R-2:22. Mar. 1,5,9,14,20,25 (CC) Matt Dillon Richard Crenna Treat yourself to a sweetheart of a movie, spiked with wit, warmth and Matt Dillon’s most winning role. It's the summer of '63, and Matt’s a Brooklyn teenager breaking away from his working class roots to taste “the good life”—parking cars at a Long Island beach club. A jaunty gem that g rocks with a super ’60s fM sound track. (AS.AL) PG-13; 1:40. March 2,6, 10,15,18,23 (CC)

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_______Broadway Not \ fllBNflWS Missiiig lit BBS y THE BEGINNING Chuck Norris Inside a Vietnamese prison camp, Col. James Braddock courageously fights to rescue his battle-scarred platoon from the hands of their captors. Chuck Norris stars as Braddock in this scorching adventure which charts the events preceding Missing in Action. With Soon-Teck Oh as the fierce prison camp commandant. (AL, V) R-1:35. Mar. 6,16,19,22,24,28 That outrageous British comedian is back with all-new bawdy sketches and naughty songs. (AL,N) Approx. 1:00. March 6,11,20,24,29 The shining new star in her acclaimed one-woman Broadway show. An uproarious tour-de-force! (AL,AH) :59. March 2,10,20,26 Watched the news lately? HBO's hit comedy series lampoons the major events as they really happen. :30. March 1,6,9,12,18,21 6 Sally Field A spirited millworker inspires her co-workers to unionize. Sally Field’s first Oscar-winning role. With Beau Bridges. (AS.AL.MV) 11 PG-1:54. March 28,30 PLACES IN THE HEART Sally Field won a second Oscar as a woman struggling to keep her farm alive during the 1930s. Heartfelt drama with Ed Harris. (AS.AL.V) PG-1:51. Also: March 20 (CC) WEDNESDAY, MAR. 5 3:00 JACK AND THE 5:30 am JACK AND THE BEANSTALK p.21 BEANSTALK p.21 4:00 ON THE TOWN p.19 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK 6:00 THE CANNONBALL RUN “Doomsday Soup” (PG) p.22 (25) (CC) 8:00 THE KILLING FIELOS 7:00 THE CANNONBALL RUN (R) P-5 (CC) (PG) p.22 10:30 CHOOSE ME 9:00 TIN MAN p.19 (R) p.22 11:00 MAX DUGAN RETURNS 12:20 am THE BLUES BROTHERS (PG) p. 19 (R)p.17 1:00 pm TO FIND MY SON p.19 2:35 THE ROSE (R)p 8 THURSDAY, MAR. 6 6:30 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS 5:00 am ANIMALYMPICS p.21 March Edition p.6 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “A Cave of 7:00 MISSING IN ACTION 2-THE One's Own” (:25) (CC) BEGINNING (R) p.6 (CC) 7:00 WITHOUT A TRACE (PG) p.22 9:00 THE FLAMINGO KID 9:00 THE BOSTONIANS p.19 (PG-13) p.5(CC) 11:00 THE AVIATOR (PG) p.19 10:45 BENNY HILL - Unleashed p.6 1:00 pm OXFORD BLUES 11:45 THE INITIATION (R) p. 101- (PG-13) p.8(CC) 1:25 am RICHARD PRYOR LIVE ON THE 3:00 VIDEO JUKEBOX ( 30) SUNSET STRIP (R) p.22 3:30 ANIMALYMPICS p.21 2:50 THE NEW KIDS 5:00 HARD TO HOLD (R) p.22 (CC) (PG) p.22(CC) 4:25 VIDEO JUKEBOX ( 30) FRIDAY, MAR. 7 2:30 BYE BYE BIRDIE p.19 5:00 am COLLEGE p.21 (CC) 4:30 THE BERENSTAIN BEARS' 6:00 THE BERENSTAIN BEARS' EASTER SURPRISE p.21 (CC) EASTER SURPRISE p.21 (CC) 5:00 THE IN-LAWS (PG) p. 19 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Wembley & 7:00 AVENGING ANGEL the Great Race” (:25)(CC) (R)p.16(CC) 7:00 THE 5TH MUSKETEER 8:30 MISCHIEF (R) p. 17 (CC) (PG) p.22 10:30 THE HITCHHIKER p.9 9:00 HBO THEATRE: 11:00 COVERGIRL(R)p 10 * SEPARATE TABLES p. 15 12:40 am MIKE’S MURDER (R) p.22 11:00 TRENCHCOAT (PG) p.22 (CC) 2:35 TORCHLIGHT (R) p.22 12:30 pm CHATTANOOGA CHOO CHOO 4:15 THE HITCHHIKER (PG) p.19 “The Curse” p.9 SATURDAY, MAR. 8 4:00 THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK 5:00 am HE MAKES ME FEEL (PG-2:05) (CC) UKEDANCIN’p.20 6:15 RAY BRADBURY THEATER p.9 6:00 STARMAN (PG-1:55) (CC) 7:00 PLACES IN THE HEART 8:00 JUST THE WAY YOU ARE (PG) p.7 (CC) (PG-1:35) (CC) 9:00 STARMAN (PG-1:55)(CC) 10:00 SON OF THE NOT-SO-GREAT 11:05 A SOLDIER'S STORY MOMENTS IN SPORTS p.15 (PG-1:41)(CC) 11:00 COUNTRY (PG-1:50) 12:55 am THE MEAN SEASON 1:00 pm PHIL COLLINS (R-1:44) (CC) No Jacket Required p. 11 2:45 TUFF TURF (R)p,10 (CC) 2:00 MURROW (1:51) (CC) 4:45 RAY BRADBURY THEATER p.9 Norma Rae 7

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SUNDAY, MAR. 9 2:30 PROTOCOL (PG-1:35)(CC) 5:30 am PROTOCOL (PG-1:35) (CC) 4:15 FRAGGLE ROCK “Wembley's 7:30 IT'S NO CRUSH, Flight” p.14(CC) I'M IN LOVE ( 46) 5:00 IRRECONCILABLE 8:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Wembley’s DIFFERENCES (PG-1:53) (CC) Flight” p 14 (CC) 7:00 KARATE KID (PG)p.8(CC) 9:00 MICKI & MAUDE (PG-13; 1:58) (CC) 9:15 THE KILLING FIELDS (R) p.5 (CC) 11:00 A PASSAGE TO INDIA 11:45 RUNAWAY (PG-13;1 40) (CC) (PG) p.4 (CC) 1:30 am THE COTTON CLUB 2:00 pm NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS (R-2:08) (CC) March Edition p.6 3:45 PARKIS MINE(1:39)(CC) MONDAY, MAR. 10 4:00 R.W. p.21 5:30 am JACK & THE BEANSTALK p.21 4:30 TO FIND MY SON p.19 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK "Doozer Is as Doozer Does” (:25) (CC) 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Red’s Blue Dragon" p.14(CC) 7:00 THE AVIATOR (PG) p19 7:00 THE FLAMINGO KID 9:00 THE FLAMINGO KID (PG-13) p.5 (CC) (PG-13)p.5(CC) 9:00 AMERICA UNDERCOVER: 11:00 CANNONBALL RUN (PG) p.22 KIDS IN CRISIS p.9 1:00 pm RAY BRADBURY THEATER “Banshee" p.9 10:00 AGAINST ALL ODDS (R) p.22 (CC) 1:30 ROMANCING THE STONE 12:05 am WHOOPI GOLDBERG p.6 (PG) p.20 1:10 TORCHLIGHT (R) p.22 3:30 VIDEO JUKEBOX ( 30) 2:45 REPO MAN (R)p.10 TUESDAY, MAR. 11 4:00 A PASSAGE TO INDIA 6:00 am PETER & MAGIC EGG p.21 (PG) p.4 (CC) . 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Boober’s 7:00 MAX DUGAN (PG)p.19 THE HITCHHIKER v Quiet Day” (:25)(CC) 9:00 7:00 BRAINSTORM (PG)p 19 “True Believer” p.9 ./ BENNY HILL -- Unleashed p.6 Y 9:00 MAX DUGAN RETURNS 9:30 (PG)p.19 10:30 AVENGING ANGEL / 11:00 WITHOUT A TRACE (PG) p.22 (R)p.16(CC) 1:00 pm ON THE TOWN p.19 12:10 am RICHARD PRYOR LIVE ON THE 3:00 PETER AND THE SUNSET STRIP (R) p.22 MAGIC EGG p.21 1:35 MOSCOW ON THE HUDSON 3:30 THE BERENSTAIN BEARS’ (R)p.15(CC) EASTER SURPRISE p.21 (CC) 3:40 BENNY HILL - Unleashed p.6 WEDNESDAY, MAR. 12 3:00 THE CAMEL BOY p.21 5:00 am THE CAMEL BOY p.21 4:30 FAMILY PLAYHOUSE: TUCKER 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Invasion of & THE HORSE THIEF p.21 the Toe Ticklers” (:25) (CC) 5:30 OLD ENOUGH (PG) p. 15 7:00 TRENCHCOAT (PG) p.22 (CC) 7:00 ONCE UPON A TIME 8:30 THE FRONT (PG)p.19 IN AMERICA (R) p.22 (CC) 10:00 REMEMBER WHEN p.22 10:55 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS 11:00 SEPARATE TABLES p. 15 March Edition p.6 1:00 pm NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS 11:30 BEYOND THE LIMIT (R) p.22 March Edition p.6 1:20 am COVERGIRL(R) p 10 1:30 HARD TO HOLD 3:00 HUMONGOUS (R) p. 10 (PG) p.22 (CC) 4:40 REMEMBER WHEN p.22 9 NIGHT MOVIE THE KARATE / KID A stand-up-and-cheer hit. Ralph Macchio plays a bullied boy who learns to defend himself with karate. (AL, V) PG-2:07. Also: Mar. 14,20 (CC) Oxford Blues^Jlueblood Britishers face hot-blooded Americans when brash Las Vegas parking attendant Rob Lowe falls for an aristocratic British model. With Ally Sheedy. (AS.AL) PG-13 1:37. March 6,18,29 (CC) Red Dawn A rip-roaring futuristic war drama. When the U.S. is invaded by the Soviet and Cuban military, a band of teenagers fights back. With Powers Boothe. (AS.AL, V) PG-13; 1:54. ^ March 16,27,31 (CC) The Rose Bette Midler’s electric, Oscar-nominated performance dominates this blistering portrait of a vulnerable rock singer. With Frederic Forrest. (AS.AL) R-2:14. March 2,5,14,17,27 8 AMERICA UNDERCOVER: KIDS IN CRISIS This year, 50,000 teenagers will be hospitalized for anti-social behavior and psychiatric disorders. America Undercover visits treatment centers to understand how troubled kids are attempting to overcome these problems. Approx. 1:00. March 10,13,16,19,25 Banshee Peter O’Toole stars as an eccentric film director who taunts a young writer with an eerie ghost story that comes true. :30. March 4,8,10,14 Tales beyond imagination from the master storyteller. THE HITCHHIKER The Town Where No One Got Off Jeff Goldblum falls into a nightmare when he gets off a train at an unscheduled stop. :30. Mar. 18,22,24,28 HBO’S HIT THRILLER SERIES When he appears, strange things happen. The Curse What is the price a slumlord must pay for his greed? A selfish go-getter finds out when a voodoo curse changes his destiny. With Harry Hamlin. (AS.AL.N) :30. March 1,7 True Believer A detective’s past returns to haunt him as he investigates a murder. Tom Skerritt stars. :30. (V,A/;March11J5,21 Last Scene A movie director (Peter Coyote) will do anything to get a good performance out of his leading lady. :30. (V,N) March 25,29 9

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Here’s the flip side of Where the Boys Are, as a flock of college frat brothers migrate to the Palm Springs sunshine during spring break. Stephen Geoffreys plays waddling Wendell Tvedt, the nerdy ugly duckling who comes of age under the wings of two highflying jocks. (AL,MV,N) R-1:33. March 21,24,29 (CC) This arresting drama of teens in conflict surges with the dynamic rhythm and pace of a rock video. James Spader (The New Kids) is Morgan, a preppy new arrival in a Los Angeles low-rent district who invites trouble when he attempts to go out with a gangleader's girlfriend. (AL, V,N) R-1:52. Mar. 8,14, 19,22,25,31 (CC) Coverglrl A glossy, behind-the-scenes drama of the fashion business. Jeff Conaway stars. (AL,N,SC) R-1:33. March 7,12,16 The Final Terror A group of campers find horror in the woods. With Daryl Hannah, Rachel Ward (Against All Odds). (AL,GV,N) R-1:24. March 13,17,21 The Initiation A student’s nightmares come to an end the night of her sorority initiation—when they come to life. Nail-biting horror. (AL,GV,N) R-1:37. March 2,6,18,24 Repo Man Comedy/ sci-fi of car repossessors and aliens. With Emilio Estevez. (AL, V) R-1:32. March 4,10,14,27 Humongous Teens are stranded on an island with a beastly inhabitant. (AL,GV,R) R-1:34. March 1,12,18 10 P10 Mils: No Jacket No ticket is required for Phil Collins’s sensational in-concert HBO music special. You’ll see why this Grammy-winning performer has gone straight to the top of the charts, as he rocks with tracks from his smash album No Jacket Required. :59. March 8,13,19,24,28 NIGHT MOVIE DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSAN 75 ' NIGHT DOUBLE FEATURE Mar. 16 ' MISSING IN ACTION 2-THE BEGINNING See page 6 MISSING IN ACTION Chuck Norris stars as a former Vietnam P.O.W. in this bang-up action hit. (AL.GV.N) R-1:41. THURSDAY, MAR. 13 1:00 pm A PIANO FOR MRS. CIMINO 6:00 am R.W.p.21 p.19(CC) 6:30 FRA6GLE ROCK "Red-Handed 3:00 RASCALS AND ROBBERS p.21 and the Invisible Thiel’' 5:00 5TH MUSKETEER (PG) p.22 025) (CC) 7:00 PHIL COLLINS p.11 7:00 RAPPIN'(PG) p. 15 8:00 AGAINST ALL ODDS 8:30 YOU LIGHT UP (R) p.22 (CC) MY LIFE (PG) p. 19 10:00 AMERICA UNDERCOVER: 10:00 HE MAKES ME FEEL KIDS IN CRISIS p.9 LIKE DANCIN' p.20 11:00 THE FINAL TERROR (R)p 10 *■— 11:00 ROMANCING THE STONE 12:30 am BLUES BROTHERS (R) p. 17 (PG) p.20 2:50 CHOOSE ME (R) p.22 FRIDAY, MAR. 14 4:30 PETER AND THE 5:00 am JACK AND THE MAGIC EGG p.21 BEANSTALK p.21 5:00 MAX DUGAN RETURNS 6:00 PETER AND THE (PG)p.19 MAGIC EGG p.21 7:00 TUFF TURF (R) p. 10 (CC)* 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Boober 9:00 FINDERS KEEPERS and the Glob” (:25) (CC) (R)P 17 (CC) 7:00 TINMAN p.19 10:40 RAY BRADBURY THEATER 9:00 ON THE TOWN p 19 "Banshee" p.9 11:00 A PASSAGE TO INDIA 11:10 THE KILLING FIELDS (PG) p.4 (CC) (R) P 5 (CC) 2:00 pm THE KARATE KID 1:35 am THE ROSE (R)p 8 (PG) p.8 (CC) 3:55 REPO MAN (R)p 10 SATURDAY, MAR. 15 7:00 DESPERATELY SEEKING 5:30 am THE CANNONBALL RUN SUSAN(PG-13) (PG) p.22 p.13(CC) 7:30 ANIMALYMPICS p.21 9:00 THE HITCHHIKER < 9:00 DESPERATELY SEEKING "True Believer” p.9 SUSAN (PG-13)p.13(CC) 9:30 THE FLAMINGO KID 11:00 TO FIND MY SON p. 19 (PG-13) p.5 (CC) 1:00 pm THE FLAMINGO KID 11:15 MOSCOW ON THE HUDSON (PG-13)p.5(CC) (R)p.15(CC) 3:00 CHATTANOOGA CH00CH00 1:15 am THE STAR CHAMBER (PG) p. 19 (R) p.22 5:00 THE CANNONBALL RUN 3:10 MISCHIEF (PG) p.22 (R)p.17(CC) SUNDAY, MAR. 16 4:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Red's Blue 5:00 am VIDEO JUKEBOX ( 30) Dragon" p.14(CC) 5:30 OLD ENOUGH (PG) p. 15 5:00 RED DAWN (PG-13) p 8 (CC) 7:00 RASCALS AND ROBBERS p.21 7:00 MISSING IN ACTION 2 -THE 9:00 FRAGGLE ROCK “Red’s Blue BEGINNING (R)p.6(CC) Dragon" p.14(CC) 8:45 MISSING IN ACTION 9:30 TRENCHCOAT (PG) p.22 (CC) (R)P 11 11:00 A PIANO FOR MRS. CIMINO 10:30 AMERICA UNDERCOVER p 9 p.19(CC) 11:30 AGAINST ODDS (R) p 22(CC) 1:00 pm YOU LIGHT/UFE (PG) p.19 1:35 am C0VERGIRL(R)p.10 2:30 VIDEO JUKEBOX ( 30) 3:15 MISSING IN ACTION 2 -THE 3:00 OLD ENOUGH (PG) p. 15 BEGINNING (R)p.6(CC) 11

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Home Box Office Brings You A live comedy event to help America's poor and homeless. Hosted by Billy Crystal Whoopi Goldberg Robin Williams America's comedy community joins hands to provide comic relief—for a cause that's no laughing matter. Billy Crystal, Whoopi Goldberg and Robin Williams welcome your favorite comedy performers in a live, star-studded event to fight poverty. Approx. 3:00. 12 A hnrori Maui \r Rosanna Arquette Madonna A bored New Jersey A housewife stumbles into the screwball adventure of her life! Stalking a pair of lovers whose flamboyant affair she has been following in a newspaper personals column, she discovers a funny, eccentric underworld. Rock queen Madonna stars as the elusive Susan who takes housewife Rosanna Arquette on an outrageous chase through New York City's alleys and late-night clubs. With Aidan Quinn (An Early Frost). (AS.AL.V.BN) PG-13; 1:43. March 15,19,23,28,31 (CC)

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MONDAY, MAR. 17 3:00 COLLEGE p.21(CC) 5:00 am COLLEGE p.21 (CC) 4:00 HE MAKES ME FEEL 6:00 PETER AND THE LIKE DANCIN’ p 20 MAGIC EGG p.21 5:00 THE FRONT (PG) p. 19 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Grapes of Generosity" (:25) (CC) 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Wonder Mountain” p.14(CC) 7:00 MAX DUGAN RETURNS 7:00 THE ROSE (R)p.8 (PG)p.19 9:30 PARIS. TEXAS 9:00 SWING SHIFT (R)p.16(CC) (PG)p.22(CC) 12:00 BLUES BROTHERS (R) p. 17 11:00 5TH MUSKETEER (PG) p 22 2:15 am THE FINAL TERROR (R)p.10 1:00 pm BYE BYE BIRDIE p 19 3:45 BEYOND THE LIMIT (R)p.22 TUESDAY, MAR. 18 3:30 ANIMALYMPICS p.21 5:40 am TUCKER & HORSE THIEF p.21 5:00 ROMANCING STONE (PG) p.20 6:30 FRAGGLE “Blanket ot Snow, 7:00 OXFORD BLUES Blanket of Woe" (:25) (CC) (PG-13)p.8(CC) 7:00 HARD TO HOLD 9:00 RAY BRADBURY '‘Town Where (PG) p.22 (CC) No One Got OR” p.9 8:30 NOT NEC. THE NEWS p.6 9:30 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS 9:00 OXFORD BLUES March Edition p.6 (PG-13)p.8(CC) 10:00 THE FLAMINGO KID 11:00 TINMAN p. 19 (PG-13)p.5(CC) 1:00 pm THE FLAMINGO KID 11:45 MIKE’S MURDER (R) p.22 (PG-13)p.5(CC) 1:40 am THE INITIATION (R)p.10 3:00 RAY BRADBURY p.9 3:20 HUM0NG0US(R)p 10 WEDNESDAY, MAR. 19 4:00 PHILC0LUNSp.11 5:00 am THE BERENSTAIN BEARS' 5:00 PIANO/CIMINO p.19 (CC) EASTER SURPRISE p.21 (CC) 7:00 AMERICA UNDERCOVER: 5:30 JACK & THE BEANSTALK p.21 KIDS IN CRISIS p.9 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Pebble Pox 8:00 DESPERATELY SEEKING Blues” (:25)(CC) SUSAN (PG-13)p.13(CC) 7:00 G’OLE! WORLD CUP p.19 10:00 MISSING IN ACTION 2 - THE 9:00 DESPERATELY SEEKING BEGINNING (R) p.6 (CC) SUSAN (PG-13)p.13(CC) 11:40 TUFF TURF (R) p. 10 (CC) 11:00 CHATTANOOGA CHOO CHOO 1:35 am AVENGING ANGEL (PG)p.19 (R)p.16(CC) 1:00 pm THE IN-LAWS (PG)p.19 3:15 AGAINST ALL ODDS 3:00 JACK & THE BEANSTALK p.21 (R) p.22 (CC) THURSDAY, MAR. 20 4:00 PETER AND THE 5:30 am COLLEGE p.21 (CC) MAGIC EGG p.21 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK 4:30 TRENCHCOAT (PG) p.22 (CC) “Home Is Where the 6:00 BYE BYE BIRDIE p.19 Trash Is" (:25)(CC) 8:00 THE KARATE KID 7:00 ANTARCTICA (PG) p.8 (CC) (G) p.19(CC) 10:30 WHOOPI GOLDBERG 9:00 BYE BYE BIRDIE p 19 Direct From Broadway p.6 11:00 TO FIND MY SON p.19 11:30 THE KILLING FIELDS 1:00 pm BENNY HILL -- Unleashed p.6 (R)p.5(CC) 2:00 PLACES IN THE HEART 1:55 am ONCE UPON A TIME (PG)p.7(CC) IN AMERICA (R) p.22(CC) New Episode Every Monday Wembley’s Flight: Wembley finds that the power to fly isn't as great as he had hoped. :30. March 3,9(CC) Red’s Blue Dragon: Red discovers a fairy tale world and brings back a blue dragon. :30. March 10,76(CC) Wonder Mountain: Mokey sets out on a dangerous journey to Wonder Mountain. :30. Mar. 17,23{CC) Space Frog Follies: Uncle Matt brings Gobo a surprise living present from "outer space.” :30. Mar. 24,30(CC) Boober Gorg: A bump on the head causes Boober to think that he's Junior Gorg\ :30. March 31 (CC) Catch the early FRAOGLE ROCK episodes. A different one every weekday morning! FRAGGLE ROCK and Character Names are trademarks of Henson Associates, Inc. FRAGGLE Characters ® 1963 Henson Associates, Inc. All rights reserved. 14 Moscow on the Hudson Robin Williams Blini meets Bloomingdale’s in this engaging comedy of a Russian circus performer who defects to the U.S. Directed by Paul Mazur-sky. (AL.MV.N) R-1:57. Mar. 4,11,15,21 (CC) Old Enough A warm comedy/drama of two New York City teenagers from different backgrounds who strike up a surprise summer friendship. (AS.AL) PG-1:28. March 4,12,16,21,27,31 Rappin Sassy street talk, buoyant break dancing and a swinging score add zest to this likable urban drama set in a Pittsburgh melting pot. (AS.AL.MV) PG-1:32. March 13,21,26,29,31 Son of the Not-So-Great Moments in Sports Hosted by Tim McCarver Another lighthearted look at the most unusual moments in sports. See Muhammad Ali’s notorious wrestling match, George Brett’s pine tar bat controversy and much more! Approximately 1:00. March 2,8 Separate Tables HBO Theatre Two poignant and funny one-act dramas of lonely people seeking love in an English seaside hotel. With Julie Christie and Alan Bates. 1:55. March 3,7,12 THE TALE OF THE BUNNY PICNIC it a trademark of Henson Associates, Inc. Henson Associates, Inc 1986 HBO EXCLUSIVE! Here’s an enchanting new Easter holiday special from Jim Henson. It’s an HBO exclusive introducing an exciting new cast of Muppet characters—with an introduction by Muppet creator Jim Henson. The first day of spring is the Most Exciting Day of the Year for the bunnies, because that's the day of the Bunny Picnic. The whole family will enjoy this wondrous Muppet blend of music, humor and fantasy—and, of course, bunnies, bunnies and more bunnies. Approx. 1:00. Mar. 26,29,30 15

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Watch out, Miss Balbricker—those rowdy boys are back! The pranksterish pork pack faces a new crisis which could mean curtains for the basketball championship. See Pee-wee, Meat and pals dribble their way to a riotous solution. (AL,MV,N) R-1:31. March 22,27,31 (CC) AVENGING ANGEL Angel is back on the streets—but not back in business—in this fast-paced sequel to Angel. Ex-prostitute Angel (Betsy Russell) now studies law during the day and investigates murder by night. (AL, V,N) R-1:33. March 7,11,19,24,27 (CC) PAWS, TEXAS Harry Dean Stanton gives an unforgettable performance as an emotionally battered man who is slowly stirred into selfawakening when he is reunited with his young son and his long-separated ex-wife (Nastassja Kinski). Written by Sam Shepard. (AL.BN) R-2:25. March 17,23,26 (CC) 16 HBO SPORTS PRESENTS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING WBC HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE FIGHT LIVE! MARCH 22 WBC Top-Ranked Champion Contender PINKLON vs. TREVOR THOMAS BERBICK WBC heavyweight champion Pinklon Thomas wields the kind of punishing left jab that experts say is the best since Sonny Liston’s. Get a ringside look at it as he tangles with USBA champ and top-ranked WBC contender Trevor Berbick. Thomas, a stand-up boxer with amazingly quick reflexes wants to see a unified heavyweight title, and this scheduled 12-round-er is the first step toward that goal. Larry Merchant, Barry Tompkins and Sugar Ray Leonard call the action. Mischief Bop back to the '50s in a comic look at growing up that’s rockin’ with great golden oldies! (AL.N) R-1:37. March 4,7,15 (CC) Finders Keepers Clever con artists try to outsmart each other on a zany crosscountry train trip. (AL,MV,N) R-1:35. March 14 (CC) The Blues Brothers John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd tear up Chicago in a wild comedy. (AL,AH)R-2'A2. March 5,13,17,21,26,29 Up the Creek Animal House alum Tim Matheson stars in this sunny send-up of college days. (AL, V,N) R-1:35. March 23,28 MIGHT MOVIE THE BREAKFAST CLUB FRIDAY, MAR. 21 5:00 VIDEO JUKEBOX ( 30) 6:00 am R.W. p 21 5:30 RAPPIN1 (PG) p. 15 f 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Believe It 7:00 FRATERNITY VACATION or Not” (:25) (CC) (R) p.10(CC) 7:00 THE FRONT (PG)p.19 8:30 NOT NEC. THE NEWSp.6 8:30 REMEMBER WHEN p.22 9:00 BLUES BROTHERS (R)p17 9:30 OLD ENOUGH (PG) p. 15 11:15 THE HITCHHIKER p.9 11:00 RUNNING BRAVE (PG) p.22 11:45 THE SOLDIER (R) p.22 1:00 pm NOT NEC. THE NEWSp.6 1:15 am MOSCOW ON THE HUDSON 1:30 YOU LIGHT/LIFE (PG) p 19 (R) p.15(CC) 3:00 THE CAMEL BOY p.21 3:15 THE FINAL TERROR (R) p.10 4:30 R.W. p.21 4:45 THE HITCHHIKER p.9 SATURDAY, MAR. 22 8:30 RAY BRADBURY “Town Where 5:30 am G'OLE! THE WORLD CUP No One Got Off” p.9 CHALLENGE p.19 9:00 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 7:30 HARD TO HOLD BOXING Thomas vs. Berbick (PG) p.22 (CC) (LIVE) p. 16 9:00 THE IN-LAWS (PG) p. 19 10:30 MISSING IN ACTION 2 -THE 11:00 MAX DUGAN RETURNS BEGINNING (R)p.6(CC) (PG)p.19 12:10 am TUFF TURF (R)p.10(CC) 1:00 pm RASCALS AND ROBBERS p.21 2:10 AGAINST ALL ODDS 3:00 BRAINSTORM (PG)p.19 (R) p.22 (CC) 5:00 ROMANCING STONE (PG) p.20 4:15 RAY BRADBURY THEATER 7:00 PORKY’S REVENGE “The Town Where No One (R)p.16(CC) Got Off" p.9 SUNDAY, MAR. 23 4:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Wonder 5:00 am BYE BYE BIRDIE p. 19 Mountain” p. 14 (CC) 7:00 THE CANNONBALL RUN 5:00 BYE BYE BIRDIE p. 19 (PG) p.22 7:00 THE BREAKFAST CLUB 9:00 FRAGGLE ROCK “Wonder (R) p.20 (CC) Mountain” p.14(CC) 9:00 DESPERATELY SEEKING 9:30 FAMILY PLAYHOUSE: TUCKER SUSAN (PG-13) &THE HORSE THIEF p 21 p 13(CC) 10:30 WITHOUT A TRACE (PG) p.22 10:50 THE CANNONBALL RUN 12:30 pm OESPERATELY SEEKING (PG) p.22 SUSAN (PG-13)p.13(CC) 12:30 am UP THE CREEK (R) p. 17 2:30 THE FLAMINGO KID 2:10 PARIS. TEXAS (PG-13)p.5(CC) (R)p.16(CC) MONDAY, MAR. 24 4:30 TIN MAN p.19 5:00 am JACK & THE BEANSTALK p.21 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Space Frog 6:00 BERENSTAIN BEARS p.21(CC) Follies” p.14(CC) 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Wembley & 7:00 PHIL COLLINS p. 11 the Mean Genie” (:25)(CC) 8:00 MISSING 2 (R)p.6(CC) 7:00 CHATTANOOGA (PG) p. 19 10:00 FRATERNITY VACATION 9:00 PHIL COLLINS p. 11 (R) p.10(CC) 10:00 BENNY HILL-Unleashed p 6 11:40 AVENGING ANGEL 11:00 ON THE TOWN p. 19 (R) p.16(CC) 1:00 pm RAY BRADBURY THEATER p.9 1:20 am BENNY HILL - Unleashed p.6 1:30 TRENCHCOAT (PG) p.22 (CC) 2:20 THE SOLDIER (R) p.22 3:00 ANIMALYMPICS p.21 3:50 THE INITIATION (R)p.10 17

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TUESDAY, MAR. 25 5:30 YOU LIGHT UP 5:30 am COLLEGE p 21 (CC) MY LIFE (PG) p. 19 6:30 FRAGGLE “Secret Society 7:00 DEJAVU (R)p.18 of Poohbahs” (25) (CC) 9:00 THE HITCHHIKER 7:00 THE IN-LAWS (PG) p. 19 “Last Scene" p.9 9:00 PIANO/CIMINO p. 19 (CC) 9:30 AMERICA UNDERCOVER: 11:00 ROYAL WEDDING p.19 KIDS IN CRISIS p.9 12:30 pm REMEMBER WHEN p.22 10:30 THE KILUNG FIELDS 1:30 TO FIND MY SON p 19 (R) P-5 (CC) 3:30 COLLEGE p.21 (CC) 12:55 am TUFF TURF (R) p. 10 (CC) 4:30 HE MAKES ME FEEL 2:50 AGAINST ALL ODDS LIKE DANCIN' p 20 (R) p.22 (CC) WEDNESDAY, MAR. 26 2:30 SWING SHIFT 5:00 am PETER & MAGIC EGG p.21 (PG) p.22 (CC) 5:30 THE TALE OF THE 4:30 PETER & MAGIC EGG p.21 BUNNY PICNIC p. 15 5:00 CANNONBALL RUN (PG) p.22 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “The 7:00 THE TALE OF THE Beanbarrow, the Burden BUNNY PICNIC p. 15 and the Bright Bouquet” 8:00 THE BREAKFAST CLUB (:25)(CC) (R) p.20 (CC) 7:00 ROMANCING THE STONE 10:00 WHOOPI GOLDBERG p.6 (PG) p.20 11:00 THE STAR CHAMBER (R) p.22 9:00 WITHOUT A TRACE (PG) p.22 12:55 am BLUES BROTHERS (R) p. 17 11:00 BYE BYE BIRDIE p 19 3:10 PARIS, TEXAS 1:00 pm RAPPIN’(PG) p. 15 (R)p.16(CC) THURSDAY, MAR. 27 4:00 FAMILY PLAYHOUSE: TUCKER 5:40 am FAMILY PLAYHOUSE: TUCKER & THE HORSE THIEF p 21 & THE HORSE THIEF p.21 5:00 BRAINSTORM 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK "Gobo’s (PG)p.19 School tor Explorers" 7:00 PORKY’S (R) p. 18 ' 025) (CC) 9:00 PORKY’S II: i 7:00 OLD ENOUGH (PG)p.15 THE NEXT DAY (R)p.18 8:30 VIDEO JUKEBOX ( 30) 10:45 PORKY’S REVENGE 9:00 RUNNING BRAVE (PG) p.22 (R) p.16(CC) 11:00 TOMMY (PG) p. 19 12:20 am AVENGING ANGEL 1:00 pm RED DAWN (PG-13) p 8 (CC) (R) p.16(CC) 3:00 JACK AND THE 2:00 THE ROSE (R)p.8 BEANSTALK p.21 4:20 REPO MAN (R) p. 10 FRIDAY, MAR. 28 5:00 DESPERATELY SEEKING 6:00 am BERENSTAIN BEARS p.21(CC) SUSAN (PG-13) p.13(CC) 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK 7:00 NORMA RAE (PG)p.7 “Scared Silly” (:25)(CC) 9:00 UP THE CREEK (R) p. 17 7:00 TO FIND MY SON p 19 10:40 RAY BRADBURY “Town Where 9:00 NORMA RAE (PG)p.7 No One Got Off” p.9 11:00 GIVE MY REGARDS TO BROAD 11:10 DESPERATELY SEEKING STREET (PG) p. 19 (CC) SUSAN (PG-13) p.13(CC) 1:00 pm PHIL COLLINS p. 11 1:00 am DEJAVU (R)p.18 2:00 RASCALS AND ROBBERS p 21 2:40 MISSING IN ACTION 2--THE 4:00 HE MAKES ME FEEL BEGINNING (R)p.6(CC) LIKE DANCIN’ p.20 4:20 RAY BRADBURY THEATER p.9 DejaVu Jaclyn Smith A romantic thriller of reincarnation and revenge. Jaclyn Smith (Charlie's Angels) plays an actress who resembles a dead ballerina. (AS.MV) R-1:34. Mar. 25,28,31 jpfe TRIPLE FEAT URE March 27 Porky’s The original smash comedy of six raunchy teenagers looking to get even with a brothel owner. (AL.AH.MV) R-1:38. Porky’s II: The Next Day More low-down fun in this ribald sequel to Porky's. (AL.AH.MV,N) R-1:38. Porky’s Revenge Third round of fun. See page 16. 18 On the Town Frank Sinatra stars in this 1949 classic. 1:37. March 24 Also: 1,5,11,14,29 Royal Wedding Fred Astaire climbs the walls (and the ceiling) in this 1951 MGM gem. 1:33. March 25 Also: 1 Bye Bye Birdie Joyful 1963 film of the Broadway hit. With Dick Van Dyke. 1:52. Mar. 26 Also: 1,7,17,20,23 Tommy Eye-popping 1975 film of The Who’s rock opera. (AS,AL,MV) PG-1:51. Mar. 27 Also: 1 Give My Regards to Broad Street A Paul McCartney frolic. (AH) PG-1:49. Mar. 28 Also: 1,4 (CC) A Plano for Mrs. Clmlno Bette Davis stars as a feisty old widow. 1:36. March 3,13,16,19,25,29 (CC) Antarctica Rugged, beautifully filmed tale of sled dogs. (Contains animal violence) G-1:52. March 3,20,29 (CC) To Find My Son Richard Thomas fights for adoption rights. 1:37. March 5,10,15,20,25,28 Brainstorm Tingling sci-fi with Natalie Wood. (AS.AL, V,BN) PG-1:46. March 3,11,22,27 Chattanooga ChooChoo Madcap comedy with Barbara Eden. (AS,AL)PQAA2. March 4,7,15,19,24 G’Ole! The World Cup Challenge The 1982 World Cup soccer finals. Sean Connery narrates. 1:38. Mar. 4,19,22 Double Feature March 6 The Bostonians A sumptuous period drama from the Henry James novel. (AS)2:02. The Aviator Romantic drama of pioneer mail pilots. Also March 2,10 (AL, l^PG-1:37. Festival The In-Laws Alan Arkin gets into hot water with in-law Peter Falk in this sidesplitting comedy. (AL.AH) PG-1:43. Mar. 7 Also: 3,19,22,25,30 Max Dugan Returns Jason Robards and Marsha Mason star in this warm Neil Simon comedy. (AS.AL) PG-1:38. Mar. 14 Also: 2,5,11,17,22 Rappin’ Drama. See page 15. March 21 Desperately Seeking Susan See page 13. The Front Woody Allen in a potent comedy/drama of the McCarthy witch-hunt era. With Zero Mostel. (AS.AL) PG-1:31. Mar. 12,17,21 Tin Man A deaf man invents a computer that can speak and hear. (AS.AL,N) 1:35. March 5,14,18,24 You Light Up My Life A tender, romantic drama of a singer struggling to balance career, family and love. (AS) PG-1:31. March 13,16,21,25,29 19

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