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Movies, Sports and Specials on HBO... 24 Hours a Day, Every Day of the Week MOVIES. Atlantic City ______ Beyond the Reef . The Black Marble Blow Out___________ Brubaker___________ Carbon Copy__________________ Chu Chu and the Philly Flash Continental Divide __________ Darby O’Gill & the Little People The Daybreakers____________________ Dead & Buried _____________________ Dog Day Afternoon _________________ The Dogs of War ________;__________ Elvis _____________________________ Far From the Madding Crowd Going Ape! The Great Muppet Caper The Hearse__________________ High Risk___________________ Hog Wild The Last Metro_________________ The Legend of the Lone Ranger My Champion On the Right Track Private Benjamin _ Saturday the 14th . 6 .11 . 23 . 5 .10 .23 . 8 . 6 . 6 _ 14 _ 8 _ 6 _ 22 _ 4 „ 16 _ 9 .13 _ 9 .16 .22 _ 19 _ 19 _10 _ 15 _ 7 _ 19 Stripes Silver Streak Starting Over. Stripes The Survivor __________ This Time Forever______ Zorro, the Gay Blade SPECIALS. Consumer Reports presents The Not For Kids Only Show________ Flashback The Mono Castle_______ HBOnly! The Great Muppet Caper Gotta Dance, Gotta Sing _____ HBO Sneak Preview for July Legends John Wayne___________ Mac Davis In Concert_________ Minsky’s Follies_____________ Plaza Suite__________________ Robert Klein at Yale____ Some Call Them Freaks . Superspies. Time Was ...The Seventies Two in the Box ________________ Wait Until Dark _______________ What on Earth?_________________ SPORTS. Wimbledon ’82 FAMILY SHOWCASE. Brendon Chase. Heidi__________ SINGLE PLAYS- Cardiac Arrest Caveman_________ Charlie, the Cougar Part 1 _ Charlie, the Cougar Part 2 The Haunting of Julia ______ The Mysterious Stranger . On Vacation With Mickey Mouse and Friends_________ Young and Free______________ Jiminy Cricket Presents Bongo The Mystery in Dracula’s Castle Runaway Island_______________________ June 2 .June 2 .June 2 .June 3 .June 2 _June 4 .June 3 .June 1 The HBO guide is published monthly by Home Box Office, Inc., Time & Life Bldg., Rockefeller Center, New York, NY 10020. J.O. Heyworth, President; Kevin 0. Senie, Treasurer; Carolyn K. McCandless, Secretary. © 1982 Home Box Office, Inc. All rights reserved.

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Dog Day Afternoon Al Pacino Befuddled Al Pacino is the “brains” behind a very strange bank robbery—a ten-minute caper that ends as a twelve-hour circus. Oscar winner for Best Screenplay. Profanity, violence. (R-2:04) June 7,10,13,16,19,23,27 Continental Divide John Belushi Blair Brown A street-smart Chicago newsman tracks down a classy naturalist who loves bald eagles and hates reporters. John Belushi stars as the columnist, a tough guy on the outside but a softie at heart, in a sparkling romantic comedy. Blair Brown plays the strong-willed loner. Profanity, brief nudity. (PG-1:43) June 1,4,6,10,19,21,24,26 Atlantic City Burt Lancaster Susan Sarandon A small-time numbers runner, living on dreams of the past, befriends a waitress who’s looking for a better future. Burt Lancaster is superb as the man whose life centers on the boardwalk city. Five Oscar nominations including: Best Picture; Actor (Lancaster); Actress (Sarandon). Profanity, violence, nudity. (R-1:44) June 4,6,8,12,17,21,25,30 6 Walt Disney Productions' Darby O'Gill and the Little People Sean Connery A feisty Irish storyteller matches wits with Brian, king of the leprechauns, in a live-action musical about the Emerald Isle. While Darby journeys to the Wee Folk, Sean Connery tries to court his hot-tempered daughter, Janet Munro. Sprites, banshees, evil spells and great camera trickery all combine to make this a spirited, rollicking fantasy. A real treat for the entire family. (G-1:59) June 3,6,9,12,15,18,21,27 Private Benjamin Goldie Hawn The Army was never like this—and there was never a raw recruit like Judy Benjamin! A splendid spoof with Oscar nominees Goldie Hawn and Eileen Bren-,, nan. Adult situations, profanity, brief nudity. (R-1:50) June 3,7,11,19,23 SATURDAY, JUNE 5 5:00 MY CHAMPION 5:30 am HOG WILD p.10 (PG) p.22 7:00 STRIPES 7:00 MY CHAMPION p. 10 (R) p.5 9:00 CARBON COPY 9:00 BLOW OUT (PG) p.23 (R) p.5 10:30 VIDEO JUKEBOX 10:50 CARBON COPY (PG) p.23 11:00 THE SURVIVOR p.21 12:25 am THE BLACK MARBLE 12:30 pm THE BLACK MARBLE (PG) p.23 (PG) p.23 2:15 STRIPES 2:30 HOG WILD (PG) p.22 (R) p.5 4:00 SOME CALL THEM FREAKS 4:05 SOME CALL THEM FREAKS P-17 P 17 SUNDAY, JUNE 6 7:00 ATLANTIC CITY 5:00 am ELVIS p.4 (R) p.6 7:30 CHU CHU AND THE PHILLY 9:00 CONTINENTAL DIVIDE FLASH (PG) p.8 (PG) p.6 9:00 THE HEARSE 10:45 CHU CHU AND (PG) p.9 THE PHILLY FLASH 11:00 CONTINENTAL DIVIDE (PG) p.8 (PG) p.6 12:20 am ROBERT KLEIN AT YALE 1:00 pm BEYOND THE REEF p.18 (PG) p. 11 1:50 BEYOND THE REEF 2:30 ELVIS p.4 (PG) p. 11 5:00 DARBY O’GILL AND THE 3:20 ATLANTIC CITY LITTLE PEOPLE (G) p.6 (R) P-6 MONDAY, JUNE 7 4:00 BREND0N CHASE “The 5:30 am HEIDI p.20 Picnic" Part 9. p.21 7:00 CONSUMER REPORTS 4:30 HEIDI p.20 PRESENTS: THE NOT FOR 6:00 TIME WAS... KIDS ONLY SHOW p. 11 THE SEVENTIES p.21 7:30 HOG WILD (PG) p.22 7:00 DOG DAY AFTERNOON (R) p.6 9:00 THE LEGEND OF THE LONE 9:15 PRIVATE BENJAMIN RANGER (PG) p. 19 (R) p.7 11:00 THE LAST METRO 11:05 THE LEGEND OF THE (Subtitled) (PG) p. 19 LONE RANGER (PG) p.19 1:30 pm LEGENDS: JOHN WAYNE p.4 12:45 am BLOWOUT 2:30 HOG WILD (R) P-5 (PG) p.22 2:35 HOG WILD (PG) p.22 TUESDAY, JUNE 8 6:30 WHAT ON EARTH 5:00 am RUNAWAY ISLAND p. 16 p.20 7:00 THE DOGS OF WAR 7:00 THIS TIME FOREVER (R) p.22 (PG) p. 14 9:00 PLAZA SUITE 9:00 THE HEARSE p.22 (PG) p.9 11:00 ATLANTIC CITY 11:00 SUPERSPIES p. 18 (R) P-6 12:00 pm THE DAYBREAKERS 12:45 am THIS TIME FOREVER (PG) p. 14 (PG) p. 14 2:00 PLAZA SUITE p.22 2:25 THE DOGS OF WAR 4:00 VIDEO JUKEBOX (R) p.22 4:30 RUNAWAY ISLAND p.20 4:10 SUPERSPIES p. 18 7

HBO Guide June 1982 - Page section : 006

George Hamilton Lauren Hutton He appears from nowhere to fight evil and vanishes just as mysteriously, leaving only his “Z” slashed into a tree. This swashbuckling comic adventure stars George Hamilton in dual roles: the masked swordsman and his twin brother. With Ron Leibman. Profanity. (PG-1:34) June 13,16,19,22,25,28 My Champion A chance encounter with a jogger results in love and fame for a Japanese girl in America. The moving life story of marathon champ Miki Gorman. Adult situations, language. (1:44) June 5,9,11,16,20,24,28 Brubaker Robert Redford As the warden of a cruel Southern prison farm, Redford fights for reform and takes on the corrupt system single-handedly. Based on an actual case and co-starring Jane Alexander. Profanity, graphic violence. (R-2:10) June 11,14,19,23,27 10 Starting Over Burt Reynolds Jill Clayburgh Candice Bergen In this romantic comedy about a recently divorced man, Burt Reynolds plays a writer searching for love and happiness. Jill Clayburgh and Candice Bergen were Oscar nominees as the women in his life. Profanity, brief nudity. (R-1:45) June 12,15,24,30 Consumer Reports presents: The Not For Kids Only Show Orange Juice Milk Flavorings Ten-Speed Bicycles Bicycle Locks Which orange juice tastes best and is most economical? Are designer jeans worth the cost? Are children’s cold medicines really necessary? Also: ten-speed bikes, popular board games and what’s in your favorite milk flavorings. June 7,14,18,22,24,26,30 Beyond the Reef A cache of black pearls beneath a lagoon threatens a native boy’s life. But his pet shark helps defend the reef’s secret. Adult situations, violence, nudity. (PG-1:27) June 1,3,6,9 SUNDAY, JUNE 13 5:30 am SATURDAY THE 14TH (PG) p. 19 7:00 THEDAYBREAKERS (PG) p. 14 9:00 Z0RR0, THE GAY BLADE (PG) p.10 11:00 MAC DAVIS IN CONCERT p.9 12:00 pm THE LAST METRO (Dubbed) (PG) p.19 2:30 LEGENDS: JOHN WAYNE p.4 3:30 SATURDAY THE 14TH (PG) p. 19 MONDAY, JUNE 14 5:00 am RUNAWAY ISLAND p.20 7:00 THE HEARSE (PG) p.9 9:00 THE BLACK MARBLE (PG) p.23 11:00 VIDEO JUKEBOX 11:30 PLAZA SUITE p.22 1:30 pm WHAT ON EARTH1! p. 16 2:00 THIS TIME FOREVER (PG) p. 14 4:00 BREND0N CHASE “Retreai” Part 11. p.21 TUESDAY, JUNE 15 5:00 am DARBY 0’GILL AND THE LITTLE PEOPLE (G) p 6 7:00 ON THE RIGHT TRACK (PG) p. 15 9:00 ELVIS p.4 11:30 CHU CHU AND THE PHILLY FLASH (PG) p.8 1:00 pm TIME WAS... THE SEVENTIES p.21 2:00 SILVER STREAK (PG) p.19 WEDNESDAY, JUNE 16 5:30 am THE MYSTERY IN DRACULA’S CASTLE Pari 1. p.20 6:30 THE LAST METRO (Subtitled) (PG) p.19 9:00 Z0RR0, THE GAY BLADE (PG) p. 10 11:00 MY CHAMPION p. 10 1:00 pm FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD p. 16 4:00 BREND0N CHASE “The Storm” Part 12. p.21 5:00 THEDAYBREAKERS (PG) p. 14 7:00 Z0RR0, THE GAY BLADE (PG) p. 10 9:00 BLOW OUT (R) p.5 10:50 THE LAST METRO (Dubbed) (PG) p.19 1:05 am DOG DAY AFTERNOON (R) P-6 3:10 BLOWOUT (R) P-5 4:30 RUNAWAY ISLAND p.20 6:30 CONSUMER REPORTS PRESENTS: THE NOT FOR KIDS ONLY SHOW p. 11 7:00 BRUBAKER (R) p.10 9:15 THE BLACK MARBLE (PG) p.23 11:05 PLAZA SUITE p.22 1:05 am THIS TIME FOREVER (PG) p. 14 2:45 BRUBAKER (R) p. 10 4:00 DARBY 0’GILL AND THE LITTLE PEOPLE (G) p.6 6:00 JIMINY CRICKET PRESENTS BONGO p.20 7:00 STARTING OVER (R) p. 10 9:00 BLOW OUT (R) p.5 10:50 DEAD & BURIED (R) P8 12:25 am THE SURVIVOR p.21 1:55 BLOW OUT (R) p.5 3:45 HIGH RISK (R) P-16 4:30 THE MYSTERY IN DRACULA'! CASTLE Part 1. p.20 5:30 HEIDI p.20 7:00 STRIPES (R) p.5 9:00 Z0RR0, THE GAY BLADE (PG) p. 10 10:35 THE LAST METRO (Subtitled) (PG) p.19 12:50 am DOG DAY AFTERNOON (R) p.6 2:55 GOING APE! (PG) p.9 4:30 LEGENDS: JOHN WAYNE p.4 11

HBO Guide June 1982 - Page section : 005

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 9 5:30 am DARBY O’GILL AND THE LITTLE PEOPLE (G) p.6 7:30 TWO IN THE BOX p. 15 8:00 LEGENDS: JOHN WAYNE p.4 9:00 BEYOND THE REEF (PG) p. 11 10:30 ELVIS p.4 1:00 pm SOME CALL THEM FREAKS P 17 2:00 MY CHAMPION p.10 4:00 BRENDON CHASE “The Mighty Caliban” Part 10. p.21 4:30 TWO IN THE BOX p. 15 5:00 DARBY O’GILL AND THE LITTLE PEOPLE (G) p.6 7:00 DEAD & BURIED (R) P-8 9:00 MAC DAVIS IN CONCERT p.9 10:00 STRIPES (R) p.5 11:50 BEYOND THE REEF (PG)p.11 1:20 am ELVIS p.4 3:50 MAC DAVIS IN CONCERT THURSDAY, JUNE 10 5:00 am THE MYSTERY IN DRACULA’S CASTLE Part 1. p.20 6:00 THE MYSTERY IN DRACULA’S CASTLE Part 2 p. 20 7:00 CONTINENTAL DIVIDE (PG) p.6 9:00 CHU CHU AND THE PHILLY FLASH (PG) p.8 10:30 PLAZA SUITE p.22 12:30 pm HOG WILD (PG) p.22 2:00 BLACK MARBLE (PG) p.23 4:00 THE MYSTERY IN DRACULA’S CASTLE Part 1. p.20 5:00 THE MYSTERY IN DRACULA’S CASTLE Part 2. p.20 6:00 TIME WAS ... THE SEVENTIES p.21 7:00 CHU CHU AND THE PHILLY FLASH (PG) p.8 8:30 ROBERT KLEIN AT YALE p. 18 10:00 CONTINENTAL DIVIDE (PG) p.6 11:45 BLOW OUT (R) p.5 1:35 am DOG DAY AFTERNOON (R) p.6 3:40 ROBERT KLEIN p. 18 FRIDAY, JUNE 11 Picnic” Part 9. p.21 5:30 am BRENDON CHASE 4:30 BRENDON CHASE “The The “Picnic” Part 9. p.21 Mighty Caliban” Part 10. p.21 6:00 BRENDON CHASE “The 5:00 RUNAWAY ISLAND p.20 Mighty Caliban” Part 10. p.21 7:00 GOTTA DANCE, GOTTA SING 6:30 THE HEARSE (PG) p.9 p.9 8:30 WHAT ON EARTH? p. 16 8:00 PRIVATE BENJAMIN 9:00 THIS TIME FOREVER (R) P-7 (PG) p. 14 10:00 GOING APE! (PG) p.9 11:00 VIDEO JUKEBOX 11:30 BRUBAKER (R) p.10 11:30 MY CHAMPION p.10 1:40 am ELVIS p.4 1:30 pm ELVIS p.4 4:10 GOTTA DANCE, GOTTA SING 4:00 BRENDON CHASE “The p.9 SATURDAY, JUNE 12 5:30 am DARBY O’GILL AND THE LITTLE PEOPLE (G) p.6 7:30 SILVER STREAK (PG) p. 19 9:30 ON THE RIGHT TRACK (PG) p. 15 11:30 CHU CHU AND THE PHILLY FLASH (PG) p.8 1:00 pm SUPERSPIES p. 18 2:00 DARBY O’GILL AND THE LITTLE PEOPLE (G) p.6 4:00 TIME WAS ... THE SEVENTIES p.21 5:00 ON THE RIGHT TRACK (PG) p. 15 7:00 SILVER STREAK (PG) p. 19 9:00 ATLANTIC CITY (R) p.6 10:45 HIGH RISK (R) p. 16 12:20 am STARTING OVER (R) p. 10 2:05 DEAD & BURIED (R) p.8 3:40 CHU CHU AND THE PHILLY FLASH (PG) p.8 Dead & Buried James Farentino When a series of macabre deaths plagues a quiet sea town, sheriff James Farentino must solve the nightmarish mystery. Profanity, violence. (R-1:34) June 9,12,15,17,24,27 Chu Chu and the Philly Flash Lovable crackpots Alan Arkin and Carol Burnett hit the jackpot in a madcap adventure about San Francisco street people. With Jack Warden and Danny Aiello. Profanity. (PG-1:32) June 6,10,12,15,18,20,23 8 Tony Danza Danny DeVito A lucky young man is up for a $5 million legacy—provided he takes good care of three orangutans. But will his girl friend, her snooty mother and his three simian roommates cooperate? Adult humor, profanity. (PG-1:27) June 11,16,20,24,26,29 From Busby Berkeley spectaculars to today’s movie musicals, this nostalgic show features Fred and Ginger, Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley. Other clips: “Singin’ in the Rain,” “West Side Story.” June 11,19,21,24,27 Standing Room Only:111 Mac Davis In Concert Exploding energy, country charm and musical talent. Mac sings in a spectacular performance from Monte Carlo. Highlights include: “I Believe in Music,” “Watching Scotty Grow.” (:58) June 9,13,17,25,29 The Hearse In a remote house, Trish Van Devere shivers as a strange black car barrels down her road and lawyer Joseph Cot-ten seems to be hiding something. Soon the past becomes the present in a psychological chiller. Adult situations and language. (PG-1:39) June 2,6,8,11,14,23,26

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HBOnlys! HB©nlys! HBSnlys! HBSnlys! A fabulous jewel has been stolen, and Kermit, Fozzie and Gonzo are hot on the trail. So they hop “the big pond” to London in a full-length movie mixing mayhem with music. Miss Piggy adds to the fun with her sparkling singing and tap dancing. (G-1:38) June 27,30 Charles Grodin Miss Piggy Diana Rigg looss/SI Be courtside for tennis’ most prestigious event with HBO’s expanded, same-day coverage. The great names will be there, along with the 1981 champs, John McEnroe and Chris Evert Lloyd. June 21-25: match play coverage plus the day’s highlights; June 22-26: previous day’s highlights; June 28: men’s round of 16; June 29: women’s quarterfinals; June 30: men’s quarterfinals; July 1: women’s semifinals.

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FRIDAY, JUNE 25 Earth” Part 13. p.21 5:30 am JIMINY CRICKET PRESENTS 4:30 WIMBLEDON '82 BONGO p.20 Match of the Day. p.12 6:30 BREND0N CHASE “Run to 7:00 SATURDAY 14TH (PG)p.19 Earth” Part 13. p.21 8:30 MAC DAVIS IN CONCERT p.9 7:00 WIMBLEDON ’82 Previous 9:30 HBO PREVIEW JULY p. 17 day's Highlights, p. 12 10:00 WIMBLEDON '82 7:30 SATURDAY 14TH (PG) p.19 Today's Highlights, p. 12 9:00 FAR FROM THE MADDING 10:30 SILVER STREAK (PG) p. 19 CROWD p.16 12:20 am MINSKY’S FOLLIES p. 16 12:00 pm SILVER STREAK (PG) p. 19 1:20 THE LAST METRO 2:00 Z0RR0, GAY BLADE (PG) p. 10 (Subtitled) (PG) p.19 4:00 BREND0N CHASE “Run to 3:35 ATLANTIC CITY (R) p.6 SATURDAY, JUNE 26 4:30 TWO IN THE BOX p 15 5:30 am CONTINENTAL DIVIDE 5:00 HOG WILD (PG) p.22 (PG) p.6 6:30 CONSUMER REPORTS 7:30 WIMBLEDON ’82 Previous PRESENTS: THE NOT FOR day's Highlights, p. 12 KIDS ONLY SHOW p. 11 8:00 THIS TIME FOREVER 7:00 GOING APE! (PG) p. 14 (PG) p.9 10:00 WHAT ON EARTH? p. 16 8:30 CONTINENTAL DIVIDE 10:30 WAIT UNTIL DARK p. 15 (PG) p.6 12:30 pm THE HEARSE 10:30 WAIT UNTIL DARK p. 15 (PG) p.9 12:30 am THE HEARSE (PG) p.9 2:30 THE BLACK MARBLE 2:10 GOING APE! (PG) p.9 (PG) p.23 3:40 HOG WILD (PG) p.22 SUNDAY, JUNE 27 4:30 HBO SNEAK PREVIEW FOR 5:30 am THE SURVIVOR JULY p. 17 p.21 5:00 ON THE RIGHT TRACK 7:00 THE GREAT MUPPET CAPER (PG) p. 15 (G) p. 13 7:00 THE GREAT MUPPET CAPER 9:00 FAR FROM THE MADDING (G) p. 13 CROWD p. 16 9:00 STRIPES (R) p.5 12:00 pm DARBY 0’GILL 10:50 BRUBAKER (R) p.10 AND THE LITTLE PEOPLE 1:00 am DEAD 8, BURIED (G) p.6 (R) p.8 2:00 GOTTA DANCE, GOTTA SING 2:35 HBO SNEAK PREVIEW FOR p.9 JULY p. 17 3:00 THE SURVIVOR p.21 3:05 DOG DAY AFTERNOON (R) p.6 MONDAY, JUNE 28 3:30 THE MYSTERY IN DRACULA’S 5:30 am THE MYSTERY IN DRACULA’S CASTLE Part /.p.20 CASTLE Part 1. p.20 4:30 WIMBLEDON '82 6:30 THE BLACK MARBLE Men's Round of (PG) p.23 16. p. 12 8:30 TWO IN THE BOX 7:00 HIGH RISK (R) p.16 p. 15 8:30 ELVIS p.4 9:00 THE LAST METRO 11:00 THE LAST METRO (Dubbed) (PG) p. 19 (Dubbed) (PG) p.19 11:30 Z0RR0, THE GAY BLADE 1:15 am THE BLACK MARBLE (PG) p. 10 (PG) p.23 1:30 pm MY CHAMPION 3:05 MY CHAMPION p.10 p. 10 4:50 VIDEO JUKEBOX On Location: Robert Klein at Yale A brand-new performance from one of America’s best comedians. Klein delights his college audience with a mixture of topical and irreverent Wit. June 2,6,10 Starts June 27 »ET ^PER, See Page 13 Superspies Who were the real James Bonds? HBO looks at true-life stories of the cloak-and-dagger crowd in a fascinating history of how they did it. Mata Hari, Rudolf Abel, Francis Gary Powers and others. (:54) June 3,8,12,17,23 18 Catherine Deneuve Gerard Depardieu A lovely actress in WWII Paris decides the show must go on. Frangois Truffaut’s moving tale of love and survival earned an Oscar nomination. Adult situations. (Dubbed; subtitled. See schedule. PG-2:13) June 7,13,16,19,22,25,28 Saturday the 14th Richard Benjamin Paula Prentiss What could follow Friday the 13th? Why, Saturday the 14th, of course. When a family moves to Eerie, Pa., their house comes complete with cobwebs, curses and vampires. A spoof of horror movies. Profanity, violence. (PG-1:16) June 13,17,19,22,25,29 Silver Streak Richard Pryor Gene Wilder Jill Clayburgh This action-comedy moves as fast as the transcontinental luxury train Silver Streak hurtling across the countryside from Los Angeles to Chicago. There’s murder, intrigue, thrills, danger—and plenty of romance aboard. (PG-1:53) Adult situations, profanity. June 12,15,17,20,25,30 The Legend of the Lone Ranger A cloud of dust, pounding hooves, a faithful Indian companion and the crack of silver bullets signal the coming of the mysterious masked man. Klinton Spilsbury saddles up to head off a gang set on kidnapping Ulysses S. Grant (Jason Robards). Profanity, violence. (PG-1:38) June 1,3,7 19 Lone Ranger” and Tonto" are trademarks of Lone Ranger Television, Inc.

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TUESDAY, JUNE 1 4:30 YOUNG AND FREE (PG-1:30) 5:30 am YOUNG AND FREE (PG-1:30) 6:00 SOME CALL THEM FREAKS 7:00 CARBON COPY (PG) p.23 P-17 8:30 HB0 SNEAK PREVIEW FOR 7:00 STRIPES (R) p.5 JUNE 9:00 THE LEGEND OF THE LONE 9:00 CONTINENTAL DIVIDE RANGER (PG) p.19 (PG) p.6 10:40 CONTINENTAL DIVIDE 11:00 SOME CALL THEM FREAKS (PG) p.6 p. 17 12:25 am CARBON COPY 12:00 pm BEYOND THE REEF (PG) p. 11 (PG) p.23 1:30 THE LEGEND OF THE LONE 2:00 BEYOND THE REEF RANGER (PG) p.19 (PG) p. 11 3:30 LEGENDS: JOHN WAYNE p.4 3:30 STRIPES (R) p.5 WEDNESDAY, JUNE 2 4:30 VIDEO JUKEBOX 5:30 am CHARLIE, THE LONESOME 5:00 CHARLIE, THE LONESOME COUGAR Part 1. (:47) COUGAR Part 1. (:47) 6:30 FLASHBACK: LAST VOYAGE 6:00 FLASHBACK: LAST VOYAGE OF THE M0RR0 CASTLE p.23 OF THE M0RR0 CASTLE p.23 7:30 CAVEMAN (PG-1:31) 7:00 BLOW OUT (R) p.5 9:00 THE DAYBREAKERS 9:00 ROBERT KLEIN AT YALE p. 18 (PG) p. 14 10:30 THE HEARSE 11:00 CARDIAC ARREST (PG-1:30) (PG) p.9 12:30 pm THE HEARSE (PG) p.9 12:15 am THE HAUNTING OF JULIA 2:30 CAVEMAN (PG-1.31) (R-1:36) 4:00 BREND0N CHASE 1:55 CARDIAC ARREST (PG-1:30) “The Blind Pool” Part 8. p.21 3:25 BLOW OUT (R) p.5 THURSDAY, JUNE 3 4:30 ON VACATION WITH MICKEY 5:30 am ON VACATION WITH MICKEY MOUSE AND FRIENDS (:47) MOUSE AND FRIENDS (:47) 5:30 CHARLIE, THE LONESOME 6:30 CHARLIE, THE LONESOME COUGAR Part 2. (:47) COUGAR Part 2. (:47) 6:30 BEYOND THE REEF 7:30 BEYOND THE REEF (PG) p. 11 (PG) p. 11 8:00 PRIVATE BENJAMIN 9:00 DARBY O'GILL AND THE (R) p.7 LITTLE PEOPLE (G) p.6 10:00 STRIPES (R) p.5 11:00 ELVIS p.4 11:50 THE LEGEND OF THE LONE 1:30 pm SUPERSPIES p 18 RANGER (PG) p.19 2:30 THE LEGEND OF THE LONE 1:30 am BEYOND THE REEF (PG) p. 11 RANGER (PG) p.19 3:00 PRIVATE BENJAMIN (R) p.7 FRIDAY, JUNE 4 “Brendon” Part 7. p.21 5:00 am HB0 PREVIEW FOR JUNE 4:30 “The Blind Pool” Part 8. p.21 5:30 BREND0N CHASE 5:00 THE MYSTERIOUS STRANGER “Brendon” Part 7. p.21 (1:29) 6:00 “The Blind Pool" Part 8. p.21 6:30 HBO PREVIEW FOR JUNE 6:30 THE MYSTERIOUS STRANGER 7:00 CONTINENTAL DIVIDE 8:00 FLASHBACK p.23 (PG) p.6 9:00 PLAZA SUITE p.22 9:00 PLAZA SUITE p.22 11:00 LEGENDS: JOHN WAYNE p.4 11:00 ATLANTIC CITY (R) p.6 12:00 pm CONTINENTAL DIVIDE 12:45 am DAYBREAKERS (PG)p,14 (PG) p.6 2:40 CONTINENTAL DIVIDE 2:00 DAYBREAKERS (PG)p.14 (PG) p.6 4:00 BRENDON CHASE 4:25 FLASHBACK p.23 Legends: John Wayne The Duke Lives On A special look at the Duke’s life and his long career as our most beloved film hero. Plus clips from many of his classics. (:37) June 1,4,7,9,13,16 ELVIS Kurt Russell Shelley Winters The king of rock ’n’ roll led a turbulent life—and it’s all here in a moving musical biography. Elvis himself performs on the sound track. Adult situations. (2:29) June 3,6,9,11,15,19,21,28 4 STC3P33 Bill Murray Warren Oates John Candy A washout as a cabbie, John Winger loses everything in one day—his job, car, apartment and girl. So he joins the new U.S. Army. Bill Murray stars in a wild romp as the modern military’s most unlikely hero. It doesn’t take him long to discover the advantages of soldiering, like ♦meeting female MPs—or the disadvantages, like getting shot. Adult language, mild violence, nudity. (R-1:46) June 1,3,5,9,16,18,21,27 BLOW OUT John Travolta Nancy Allen Trying to record the perfect scream, a movie sound-effects man becomes entangled in a real murder. John Travolta stars as the gutsy filmmaker trying to unravel a puzzling political cover-up. Nancy Allen plays a salesgirl and part-time hooker who knows too much; John Lithgow, a sadistic menace. The high-voltage mystery thriller was written and directed by Brian De Palma (Dressed to Kill). Profanity, violence. (R-1:47) June 2,5,7,10,13,15,18 5

HBO Guide June 1982 - Page section : 011

J Family Showcase Runaway Island When two youngsters in 1830s Australia are unjustly arrested, they plan an escape and embark on many exciting adventures. Making friends with poor children in Sydney, they learn to live by their wits. Miles and Simone Buchanan play brother and sister in the lively historical drama. (1:35) June 8,11,14 Walt Disney's Jiminy Cricket Presents Bongo Jiminy introduces Bongo, a clever bear who escapes from a circus for adventure outdoors. He also tells the story of bird-brain “Chicken Little.” In animation. (B/W-:48) June 15,17,23,25,30 Heidi The little heroine of an all-time favorite children’s story will enchant a new generation. Beautifully presented in colorful animation, the timeless tale recounts the adventures of the lovable orphan, her cantankerous grandfather, scheming aunt and many friends in the Swiss Alps. (1:25) June 7,16,24,29 Wait Disney's The Mystery in Dracula's Castle Mariette Hartley Two adventurous brothers discover mystery and suspense on the California coast. Mariette Hartley plays the mother of the vacationing boys. (:46) Pt. 1: June 10,16,22,28; Pt. 2: June 10,17,23,29 20 Brendon Chase Three English brothers run away to live in a forest. A suspenseful live-action serial. See schedule for Individual parts. (:27) June 2,4,7, 9,11,14,16,18,21,25 TlfHEUilKLo The Seventies The final segment of the series looks at a disillusioned nation. Watergate, Nixon’s resignation, Patty Hearst. And lighter moments like the Bicentennial, discos and jogging. (:59) June 7,10,12,15,18.20,30 TUESDAY, JUNE 29 5:30 am HEIDI p.20 7:00 THIS TIME FOREVER (PG) p. 14 9:00 GOING APE! (PG) p.9 10:30 SATURDAY THE 14TH (PG) p.19 12:00 pm HB0 SNEAK PREVIEW FOR JULY p. 17 12:30 WAIT UNTIL DARK p.15 2:30 MAC DAVIS IN CONCERT p.9 3:30 THE MYSTERY IN DRACULA’S CASTLE Part 2. p.20 WEDNESDAY, JUNE 30 5:30 am JIMINY CRICKET PRESENTS BONGO p.20 6:30 CONSUMER REPORTS p. 11 7:00 SILVER STREAK (PG) p. 19 9:00 THE GREAT MUPPET CAPER (G) p. 13 11:00 TIME WAS... THE SEVENTIES p.21 12:00 pm THE SURVIVOR p.21 1:30 VIDEO JUKEBOX 2:00 ON THE RIGHT TRACK (PG) p.15 4:30 WIMBLEDON ’82 Women's Quarterfinals, p. 12 6:30 WHAT ON EARTH? p. 16 7:00 GOING APE! (PG) p.9 8:30 WAIT UNTIL DARK p.15 10:30 SATURDAY THE 14TH (PG) p.19 11:50 MINSKY’S FOLLIES p.16 12:50 am GOING APE! (PG)p,9 2:20 HB0 SNEAK PREVIEW FOR JULY p. 17 2:50 HOG WILD (PG) p.22 4:20 MAC DAVIS IN CONCERT p.9 4:00 CONSUMER REPORTS PRESENTS: THE NOT FOR KIDS ONLY SHOW p.11 4:30 WIMBLEDON ’82 Men’s Quarterfinals, p. 12 7:00 THE SURVIVOR p.21 8:30 ON THE RIGHT TRACK (PG) p.15 10:30 HIGH RISK (R) p. 16 12:05 am ATLANTIC CITY (R) p.6 1:50 SILVER STREAK (PG) p.19 3:45 STARTING OVER (R) p. 10 The Survivor Jenny Agutter Joseph Cotten Disaster strikes a jet shortly after takeoff. The pilot, sole survivor of the crash, sets out to investigate the suspicious explosion and his miraculous survival. Robert Powell, Jenny Agutter and Joseph Cotten co-star. Adult situations, language; graphic violence. (1:27) June 5,15,18,21,27,30

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