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p 2 1:45 Dream On May Divorce 2:15 One-Night Stand: 1:20 am Prayer of the Rolerboys p. 14 BeWHhYoup.4 Mario Joyner p. 5 2:55 Rick Ducommun: Hit and Run p. 5: 2:15 IKheYbuio Death p. 14 2:45 Maniac Cop 2 p. 14 3:55 Sunset Heat p. 7 3:55 Sandra After Dark p. 5 4:15 Tom Arnold: 5:35 Losing It All: The Reality 4:55 The Palermo Connection p. 14 The Naked Truth p. 14 of Alzheimer's Disease p. 14 4:50 Point Break p. 3 ML B 0 EXTR ASlS Ul .Y Above the Law Steven Seagal takes on slimy Chicago drug kings. (AL V) R-1:39. July3.«E3 The Adventures ol Milo and Otis A kitten and a puppy journey into the wide world. .0-1:15. July2.11,15.26.30pan Babar The beloved elephant king. An episode every day! :23. July 1-31 Barbarella Jane Fonda saves the universe in this 1968 sti-fi spoof. (AS, AL.BN) PG-t :38. July 4.8,13.17,22m The Best of Russell Simmons' Del Comedy Jam Two editions of TV’s hottest "hip-hop" comedy. Warning: Adults-only humor! : 30. July 24; 31 Qn Beverly Hills Brats A kid plots his own kidnapping. A comedy romp. (ASJLV) PG-13:156. July5.9.14,22,25,30C% Big A shrimpy 13-year-old wishes he were "big'! Fun with Tom Hanks. (AS, AL;PG-1:44. July 2.12.1722.25 p EH 3E/4P Blackout HBO Original Movie A thriller with Richard Widmark as a retired detective. (ASM.V) 1:38. July 14.20Q Bloodmatch A kickboxer fights to get revenge for his brother's death. (ASM. GKI R-1:25. July 5.10.1621 PO Bullseye! Michael Caine. Roger Moore are con men in this comedy caper. (AS. AL) PG-13; 1:29. July20,25.28.31 pta Crime Lords A veteran cop and his preppy new partner jet to Hong Kong to solve a murder. (AL.V.BN) R-1:32. July3.726 "Crocodile" Dundee Comedy/adven-lure about an Aussie in N.Y. (ASM) PG-. 13; 1:38. July 19, Daroon Wayans: Tie Last Stand? HBO : Gwaetfj'WowAtliiRs-only cometfy bust-: out. (ALAH) :58. July 1821.27QO Descending Angel HBO Original Movie : Is businessman George C. Scott a Nazi? « (ALV.BN) R-138. Jirly22 POB) Dirty Harry Clint Eastwood is a renegade cop with his own idea of justice. (AL.V.N) R-1 ;43. July O Dragonfight Martel arts gladiators fight lor a $300,000,000 prize. Michael Part stars. (AL.V) 121 July 300 Flrefoi Ace Cint Eatwood must steal the world’s most devastating aircraft (AL, V) PG-2:05. July5,1318.2327.310 First Look: A League of Their Dm An inside look at a new comedy starring Madonna. :30. July 12,5.9.11,14 ft Fraakeahooker Camp meets carnage in this grisly, over-the-top horror spool. (ALV.N) R-1:22. July? 13 pa Frantic Harrison Ford's wife disappears in Paris in this taut thriller. (AL.V.BN) R-2M July 1.10.28QWV3 Halloween 5: The Revenge ol Michael Myers The teen-slasher returns! (4S.4L.19 R-1:33. July 9.18.22 pn 13

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L”Tu«DA» 1 1 6:20 am The Last American Hero p. 14 6:40 am Care Bears Movie II (6-1:161 6:40 am Race lor Vbur Life. 8:08 Babar The Missing Crown p. 13 8:00 Babar The Phantom p. 13 Charlie Brown p 14 8:38 Pinocchio A Mother's Love p. 6 8:30 Pinocchio 1 won't Be 8:00 Babar Between Friends p. 13 9:00 Adventures of Milo & Otis p. 13 fooled Again p. 6 8:30 Pinocchio 11:15 Police Story: Cop Kier p. 14 9:00 II Looks Could Kill a 14 1 Hsvg a Dream, Too p. 6 12:00 First Look: 10:30 The Adventures ol Tintin 9:00 BarDarefla p. 13 A League ol Theif Own p. 13 The Red Sea Sharks, Parti p. 6 10:45 The Heist p. 14 12:30 pm The Baby sitters Club 11:00 A Matter of Conscience (:4S) 12:30 om Mr. Bean o. 14 Miry Anne & the Brunettes p 13 11:45 Short Time p. 14 1:00 Holding Wolves (:51) 1:00 Victor/Victoria p. 14 1:30 pm Losing It All: The Reality 24)0 Firefox p. 13 3:30 Only the Lonely (PG13-1:45) of Alzheimer's Disease p. 14 4:15 The Palermo Connection p. 14 5:30 The Hunt for Red October p. 14 2:30 Krull p. 14 6:00 Race for YOur Life. SATURDAY NIGHT PREMIERE 4:30 The Naked Gun 2ft: Charfle Brwn p. 14 8:00 Comrades ol Summer p. 2 The Smell of Fear p. 3 7:30 The Adventures of Tintin 10:00 Dream On Bad GIr/s p. 4 6:00 Big p. 13 The Red Sea Sharks, Part 2 p. 6 10:30 Tales From the Crypt 8:00 If Looks Could Kill p. 14 8:00 Comrades ol Summer p. 2 Whati C«o*to?p.4 9:30 H80 Comedy Hour: 10.1)0 When It Was a Game II p. 6 11:00 Above the Law p. 13 Rfck Ducommun: Hit and Run p. 5 11:00 Sunset Heat p. 7 12:45 am Larry Miller.. Just Words p. 5 10:30 Commando p. 13 12:40 am Roseanne Arnold (1:00) 1:45 Dei Comedy Jam p. 14 12:00 The Naked Gun 2’/? p. 3 1:40 A Show ol Force (R*1:29) 2:20 Class ol 1999 (R-1:36) 1:30 am The Warriors (R-l:33) 3:15 DreamOnflatfGMsp.4 4:00 Roseanne Arnold (1:00) 3:05 Down the Drain (R-1.46) 3:45 Frankenhooker p. 13 5:00 1 Love You to Death p. 14 4:55 mm Night Game p. 14 5:10 When It Was a Game II p. 6 6:15 am The Last American Hero p. 14 6:15 am Skyward (1:37) 7:05 am A Matter pi Conscience (:451 8:00 Bdbv School Dsys p. 13 8:00 BaDar Peer Pressure p. 13 8:00 Babar La Tour 8:30 Pinocchio 8:30 Pinocchio de CetestevNe p. 13 Save the Oak Tree! p. & I 'm Falling Apart! p. 6 8:30 Pinocchio Monkey Business p. 6 9:00 Beverly His Brats p. 13 9:08 World Entertainment 9:00 The Naked Gun 2ft: 10:30 Only the Lonely (PG13*1:45) News Report p. 14 The Smell of Fear p. 3 12:30 pm warning: Medicine May Be 10:00 Ytong Gins lip 14 10:30 VIcsorAfictoria n, 14 Hazardous to Your Health (:30) 12:00 Police Story: 1:00 pm Short Time o. 14 1:00 Victory p. 14 Cop toiler p. 14 2:45 The Family Man (1:39) 3:00 Oelirious p 9 1:45 pm Anna (PG13-1:40) 4:30 The Advenlures ol Tintin 4:45 Out ol the Daftness p. 14 3:30 If Looks Could Klip. 14 The Red Sea Sharks, Pari 2 p. 6 6:30 First Look: 5:00 Mannequin Two (PG-1:31) 5:00 HBO Family Playhouse: A League of Their Own p. 13 6:30 Tne Adventures of A Matter of Conscience (:45) 7:00 When it was a Game II p. 6 Mio and Otis p. 13 5:45 The Heist p. 14 8:00 Blackout p. 13 8:00 Young Guns II p. 14 7:30 The Naked Gun 2'/?: 9:45 Only the Lonely (PG13-1:45) 10:00 Tales From the Crypt The Smell of Fear p. 3 11:35 Rick Ducommun: Hit and Run p. 5 V/hat's Cookin'? H 9:00 Maniac Cop 2 p. 14 12:35 am Prison Stories: 10:30 Dream On Bad Girls p. A 10:30 Larry Miller. .JustWbrds p. 5 Women on the Inside p. 14 11:00 II Looks Could Kill p. 14 11:30 Comrades of Summer p. 2 2:00 Tales From the Crypt 12:30 am Class of 1999 (R-1:36) 1:20 am Third Degree Burn p. 14 V/hat's Cookin'? p.4 2:10 Above the Law p. 13 3:00 Dream On Barf Go* p. 4 2:30 Crossroads (R-1:39) 3:50 Dirty Harry p. 13 3:30 Bloodmatch p. 13 4:15 Night Shift p. 14 5:35 Traxx (R-1:25) 5:00 Mortal Passions p. 14 10 1 6:35 am Story of Dancing Frog (:24) : : 6:15 am Delirious p. 9 : 6 30 am Robot Jox p. 14 7:00 Howlng Wolves (:5l) 8:00 Babar The Gift p. 13 8.00 Babar Rhino v/ar p. 13 8:00 Babar Monkey Business p. 13 8:30 Pinocchio 8 30 Pinocchio Magic Violin p. 6 8:31 Pinocchio From Rags to Riches p. 6 m "Crocodile" Dundee p. 13 f^nocchio's Brother p. 6 9:00 Doctor Doliitle (2:24) 10:45 The Adventures Ol Tintin 9:00 Big p. 13 11:30 When It Was a Game II p.6 The Red Sea Sharks. Pan 2 p . 6 11:00 Warning: Medicine May Be : 12:30 pm Out ol the Darkness p. 14 11:15 The Hunt for Red October p. 14 Hazardous to Your Health (:30) 2:15 Young Guns II p. 14 : 1:30 pm Police Story: 11:30 Robot Jox o. 14 4:00 Firefox p. 13 Cop Killer p. 14 1:00 pm Tne Baby-sitters Club p. 13 6:15 Delirious p. 9 3:15 Mannequin Two: 1:30 Barbareb p. 13 SATURDAY NIGHT PREMIERE On the Move (PG-1:31) 3:15 Race for Your Lite. 8:00 Point Break p. 3 54)0 Sticky Fingers p. 14 Charlie Brown p. 14 10:00 Boxing Doubleheader: 6:30 Robot Jox p. 14 4:30 The last American Hero p. 14 Pineda vs. Whitaker and 8:00 "Crocodile" Dundee p. 13 6:15 Big p. 13 Bom vs. Coeher (LIVE) p. 7 10:00 One-Night Stand: 8:00 Robot Jox p. 14 12:00 HBO Comedy Hour

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Saturday is Opening Night on HBO... an oxclnhre Here’s some real baseball fun! A loud-mouthed funner major league star/manager has to make a choice: give up the game or take a job coaching the Russian baseball team for the '92 Olympics. Some choice! Once in Moscow, he finds lots of athletes... hockey players,shot putters ami sprinters, but no one who knows much about baseball! 1:46. July 11,13,16,19,24,29 PS9E3 Promlme Saturday, Julia Roberts Campbell Scott Dyinglfoung Hired to care for a wealthy, lonely leukemia patient, a young working-class woman finds herself falling hopelessly in love with him. Julia Roberts (Sleeping Willi the Enemy) Ls “frankly irresistible** (The New York Times) in this old-fashioned two-hankie romantic drama. With Vincent D’Onofrio (The Player), Colleen Dewhurst and David Selby. (AS,AI.) R-l:51. July 25,28 PEQD * TW H80 Ouk» is by Hpnwi Bo* Ote*. Inc. * Time Cnmpany. 111» SusJi Avwtw. Hi, 2 P»S^i^COO;»»waNeteorxScJuly 4,7,12,16,22,28 PESH2 Patrick Swayze Keanu Reeves “The surfing footage Ls stupendous" (New York Post) in this adrenaline-filled action thriller about an FBI agent who goes undercover to catch a gang of bank-robbing surfers. Keanu Reeves plays the Fed from the midwest who learns to hang ten like a native Californian. Patrick Swayze is the surfers* mystical guru/ringleader. With Gary Busev. (AL, V,BN) R-l :57. July 18,21,23,26,31'SB Les ie Nie sen Priscilla Presley

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WIMBLEDON '92 Follow the favorites through the men's quarterfinals and women's and men’s semifinals. Breaking stories are reported several times daily, and each evening there’s a hair-hour of thrilling highlights. July 1,2,3 7:05 am HBO Family Playhouse: A Mailer of Conscience (:45) 8:00 Babar City Ways p 13 8:30 Pinocchco The Puppet Is Alin! p. 6 9:00 World Entertainmsnt PJe.vs Report p. 14 10:00 The Competition p. 13 12:15 pm The Hunt tor Red October p. 14 2:30 Wheels. Wings & Whistles (:58) 3:30 A Private Matter p. 14 5:00 Wimbledon ’92 Men's Quarterfinals p. 8 7:30 Wimbledon '92 Rightists p. 8 8:00 Night Shift p. 14 10:00 First Look: A League ot Their Own p. 13 10:30 Dream On Terms of Employment (:30) 11:00 A Private Matter p. 14 12:35 am Concrete War (R-1:25) 2:05 Vampire s Kiss HBO Comedy Hour. Steven Wright p. 14 9:00 Sunset Heat p. 7 10:45 Roseanne Arnold {1:00) 11:45 Dream On terms of Employment [ :M) 12:15 am Genuine Risk (R-1:29) 1:50 Prison Stories: Women on the Inside p. 14 3:15 Atlantic City (R-1:44) 5:05 Last Rites p. 14 7:00 am The Survival Series: 6:30 am Mannequin Two (PG-1:31) 6:10 am Only the Lonely (PG13-1:45) Howling Waives (51) 8:00 Babar Baoar's Triumph p. 13 8:00 Babar 8:00 Babar City of Elephants p. 13 8:30 Pinocchio Who Can I Trust? p. 6 Eater's C/wce p. 13 8:30 Pinocchio 9:00 The Naked Gun 2^ p. 3 8:30 Pinocchio Mind Your Fattier1 p. 6 10:30 Victory p. 14 What Is a Heart? p. 6 9:00 Krill p. 14 12:30 pm A Private Matter p. 14 9:00 Delirious p. 9 11:00 Dutch (PG13-1:48) 2:00 Me Bean p. 14 10:45 Firefox p. 13 1:00 pm The Palermo Connection p. 14 : 2:30 Barbarella p. 13 • 1:00 pm The Heist p. 14 3:00 Don’t Tell Her 4:15 Short Time p. 14 2:45 Race for Your Lile. It’s Me (PG13-1:42) 6:00 Mannequn Two (PG-1 31) Charlie Brown p. 14 5:00 Wimbledon '92 7:30 The Naked Gun Vh: Looking 4:00 Beverly Hills Brats p. 13 Men’s Semifinals p. 8 Down Barrel of Comedy p. 14 5:30 First Look: 730 Wimbledon '92 Highlights p. 8 SATURDAY NIGHT PREMIERE A League ot Their Own p. 13 8:00 Commando p. 13 8:00 The Naked Gun 2Vt: 6:00 Only the Lonely (PG13-1:45) 9:30 Above the liw p. 13 The Smell ol Fear p. 3 8:00 Delirious p. 9 11:30 First Look: 9:30 Michael Colyar028) 10:00 HBO Comedy Hour: A League of Their 0\*n p 13 10:00 Dream On p. 4 Larry Miler. Just Words p. 5 12:00 Russell Simmons' 10:30 Tales From the Crypt p. 4 11:00 Bloodmatch p. 13 Oef Comedy Jam p. 14 11:00 Night Shift p. 14 ; 12:30 am Zandalee (R-1:34) 12:30 am Class of 1999 (R-1:36J 12:50 am Night Game p. 14 2:10 Genuine Risk (R-1:29) 2:10 Dirty Harry p. 13 2:30 Del Comedy Jam p. 14 3:45 Crossroads (R-l:39) 3:55 Crime Lords p. 13 3:05 Concrete War (R-1:25) 5:30 Prison Stories: 5:30 Suicide Notes p. 14 4:35 Trancers II p. 14 Women on tne Inside p. 14 g Schedules are In Daylight Saving Tima. 3E/4P 7:00 am The Marzipan Pig (:26) 7:30 Story ol Dancing Frog (:24) 8:00 tom Race to the Moon o. 13 8:30 Pinocchio Beware of the Witches. Pvt I p. 6 9:00 The Hint tor Red October p. 14 11:30 Tom Arnold p. 14 12:00 Mannequin Two (PG 1 31) 1:30 pm The Baby-sitters Club Mary Anne S the Brunettes p. 13 2:00 Torrents ol Spring (PG13-1:37) 3:45 The Last American Hero p. 14 5:30 Dutch (PG13-1:48) 7:30 The Adventures ol Tintin The Red Sea Sharks. Part 1 p. 6 8:00 The Hunt lor Red October p. 14 10:15 Mannequin Two (PG-V31) 11:50 Commando p. 13 1:20 am Dream On For Richard or tor Poorer p. 4 1:50 Netwtt (R-1:59) 3:55 Down tne Drain (R-1:46) 5:45 Tom Arnold p. 14 In this comedy, a bump on the head lands soap writer John Candy in his previously fictional town, where the people will do anything he writes! (ASyALftfV) PG-1:36. July 53*10,14,18,23,26 am 6:20 8:00 9:00 11:00 12:30 1:00 3:00 4:30 6:15 8:00 9:30 11:15 1:00 1:30 3:05 4:30 am Soapdish (PG 13-1:36) Babar No Place Like Home p. 13 Pinocchio Beware ol the Witches Part tip* Anna (PGI3-1:40) The Naked Gun 2tt: The Smell ol Fear p. 3 pm The Naked Gun 2Vt Looking Dorm Barrel of Comedy p. 14 Krull p. 14 Strike It Rich (PG-1:25) Police Story; Cop Killer p. 14 Soapdish (PG13-1:36) The Naked Gun 2’A: The Smell of Fear p. 3 Sunset Heal p. 7 Dirty Harry p. 13 am Tales From the Crypt Beauty Rest p. 4 Crime Lords p. 13 Frankemooker p. 13 Steven Wright p. 14 | Wl 7:00 am i Howling Wolves ( 51) 8:00 Baoar An Elephant's Best Friend p. 13 8:30 Pinocchio Pleasureland p. 6 9:00 WOrld Entertainment News Report p. 14 10:00 The Family Man (1:39) 11:45 Only the Lonely (PG13*1:45) 1:30 pm Barbarella p. 13 3:15 Delirious p. 9 5:00 Warning: Medicine May Be Hazardous to Your Health (:30) 5:30 Victor/Victoria p. 14 8:00 Last Rites p. 14 10:00 Tales From the

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HBO FA. 1WILY Ji* 111 IIS The Adventures of Tintin All-new adventures of (he intrepid young international reporter. :30. P The Red Sea Sharks (PIJ): July 6,9,12; The Red Sea Sharks (Pt.2): July 13,16,19; The Seven Crystal Balls (Pt.l): July 20,23,26; The Seven Crystal Balls (Pt.2): July 2730 sjil§l »o i'OH &|Ds Every morning there's an hour of great children’s programming. It's entertaining, Informative and commercial-free. 8:00/7:00 a.m. Central Pino«hio New Series! One of the best-loved characters in all of children's literature conies to life! Follow the adventures of the little wooden puppet who wants to be a real, live boy in this all-new 52-part animated series on IIBO. Look for a different episode every morning, right alter Baharl : 30. July 1-31 P When It Was a Game II HBO SPORTS SPECIAL T ast year IIBO brought you a tribute to baseball U that won both an ACE and a Peabody Award. Now, here's another hour of great memories, tilled with never-before-seen color home movies taken by players and fans from 1934 to 1960. The > lineup includes Babe Ruth, Happy Felton, tU Willie Mays. Joe DiMaggio and Mickey Mantle. Readings by Billy Crystal, Kllen Burst) n. Roy ! I Sclieider. Jason Robards and Joe Mantegna convey the love for the game felt bv famous writers. 1:00. July 13,14,18^3,28,31 P 6 BOXIUfi IM>UBLE§SEADEfi WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING HEAVYWEIGHT FIGHT IBF Junior Welterweight Title Fight Raimi Hmda IBF Junior Welterweight Champion P«n«ll Whitaker IBF #1 -Ranked Contender Riddick Bow* WBA #2-Ranked Contender Pierr# Coitztr WBAfl-Ranked Contender TWO-FISTED ACTION AND COMEDY ON HBO ► THURSDAY INIGHT PRIME? World Premiere! July 2 KisetHeat Dennis Hopper Michoel Pare l&dldn’l play your local theater, ^and^ou can't rent it on videotape... it’s only on HBO! Photo-journalist Michael Pare returns ^10 LA. after four years to find hteold friends ensnared in a web of drags, violence and murder. Dennis Hopper. (ASAU |§S>R-1:34. July 2,7,10,13,18,29 July a Sunset Heat July 9 Praver off the Rollerboys Maniac Cap 2 July 23 Steel & Lace July 30 Draaonfight 7

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EXTRA SIS iiii The Heist HBO Original Movie Adult suspense with Pierce Brosnan. (AL,V,N) 1:37. July5. The Hunt for Red October Submarine action bit with Sean Connery. (AL, PG-2:15. July I Love You to Death Dark comedy about a cheating husband. Kevin Kline stars. (ALMVm R-1:37. July 11.17.30Qm If Looks Could Kill Richard Grieco in a lighthearted spy spool. (ASAL.MV) PG-13; 1:28. My 12,15, Krull Sword and sorcery meet sd-ti. (AS.V) PG-2:01. July3.7.12,20,23.29m The Last American Hero Moonshiner Jell Bridges becomes a car racer. (AS.AL MV.N) PG-1:35. July 6, Last Rites Can a priest deal with the deadly demands ol bis Malta family? (AL.V.N) R-1 43. July2,82831 qiiSlliH Losing It All: The Reality of Alzheimer’s Disease America Undetcover Moving documentary. S3. July 1Z27.29Q Maniac Cop 2 He's back to liberate a maximum security prison! (AL.N.GV) R-1:27. Jufy 16,19,21 £5.311Q Mortal Passions A twisty, sexy mysteiy that really turns up the body heat! IAL.V.N) R-1:32. July 8.16,27n Mr. Bean Comic tales ol a bumbling Eveiyman. :25. July* The Naked Gun 2'h: Looking Down the Barrel of Comedy Inside look at the minds behind Airplane! and Tlte Naked Gun series. :29. July 4.7,22O Night Game Cop Roy Scheider tries to find a slasher in this taut thrier. (AL.VN) R-1:36. July4.12,22,27go Night ShHt Henry Winkler is conned into running a call girl ring at the city morgue! (ALMV/i) R-1 ;46. July 1.414.2613 Out of the Darkness New York City cop Martin Sheen tracks down the notorious ‘Son of Sam" killer in this true-life drama. 1:34. July,29 The Palermo Connection New York City mayoral candidate James Belushi is threatened by the Mafia. (ASALMV.BN) PG-13:1:44. July3,13,21.26.30QW Polce Story: Cop Killer An LA. cop blames himseV for his partner’s death. M 1:36. July 7,11,15.19,27.30O Postcards From the Edge Witty "inside Hollywood‘ comedy/drama with Meryl Streep. (ASM) R-1:42. Jut/9QM Prayer of the Rollerboys Pizza delivery boy Corey Haim takes on a gang of LA rolerbtaders in this sci-fi adventure. (AS AL.V) R-1 JO. July 9.17,20,25,29 Prison Stories: Women on the Inside HBO Original Movie Bold look at the family tragedy ol women serving time. (ASALV.BNJV.23. July2,5.14Qfim A Private Matter HBO Original Movie Sissy Spacek is an embattled mother seeking an abortion in 1962. Aldan Ouinn (Avalon) stars in this true story. (ASM) 1:29. July 1,4, /OPOS1 Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown The Peanuts gang is off to summer camp. G-1:16. Jufy 5.13.1723,25,29m Robot Jox Good vs. evil in a heavy metal match of the 21 si century. Nifty sci-li. (AL V.BN) PG-1:24. July 17.19,25.30€1 Russell Simmons' Def Comedy Jam Hot young comedians. Warning: Adulls-only humor! :29. July 4; 311: W.18QO Short Time Cop Dabney Coleman thinks he's dying. A crime comedy with Matt Frewer (Doctor. Doctor). (ALVJPG-W. 1:37. July4.12, A Show of Force A taut political thrier based on (act. Amy Inring, Andy Garcia. (ALV)R-WS.July1319\a Steel & Lace Can a sexy cyborg terminate her tormentors and survive? (ALV,N) R-1:30. July2327O Steven Wright Wicker Chairs & Gravity HBO Comedy Hour Monarch of monotone! :54. July QC* Sticky Fingers Two broke musicians are asked to watch over $900,000! fASAL V) PG-13:1:28. July2.10.19,2227 Suicide Notes America Undercoverltis harrowing documentary reveals the innermost tenors ol men who've taken their lives. £9. Ji*/324QC\m Third Degree Bum HBO Original Movie Private eye Treat Wiliams is accused of killing his lovers rich, elderly husband. A provocative adult thriller. (ASALV.N) \37. July 16.26 Qf* Tom Arnold: The Naked Truth Want global solutions? Try this funny look at life today. 29. July6.1021.27.31 go Trancers II Tongue-in-cheek sci-fi action. (AL V) R-1:29. July4.1727.30Ch Victor/Victoria Julie Andrews' mixed-up identity is at the center of this screwball musical comedy with James Gamer. (ASAL) PG-2:14. Jufy 811.1626.31 ED Victory In this action-packed World War II adventure, Allied POWs take on Nazis in a high-stakes soccer match. With Pele. (AL V) PG-156. July4.9.1420.29 The World Entertainment News Report Television, lilm, music, sports and more. 1:00. July 1.8.1522,29 Yoang Guns II Bily the Kid is back to set the record straight! Emibo Estevez and Kiefer Sutherland saddle up again in this rousing sequel. Christian Slater. (AL.V. BN) PG-13; 1:44. Jufy 15.18.26Qm PM*** Note caw* it* AS AcUIMUittra. AL AdJI AM AMIIuio Wuluca IMUH'om CV Oiipie vOkniiP. H "i.n't bn one' MnUv K m>r mm »—mmdwl—naanlallrgnum. Umd Ei«tdiM::«>ieuiu: O nIDnis lainmnmMlUII ntali* pogrom IH(lM) jwanUManpsnaHi.BI 10 O' P'W* «m mmI, «ndr Wir mpntin Omwumfumfcnmangow mrwi ■48CMOM rabmmiiinaMaiiunMpayuMli *40 Own; m tone* tv tarn -Wrmvtin 'VtUnliiiiNM « pu^tt taiiiMUiv1 vlhCllniira MIDDLEWEIGHT TITLE FIGHT JAMES TONEY vs. MIKE McCALLUM IN AUGUST

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Martin Tupper, man of the '90s, deals with love, work and family. (ASALBN) :30. pn For Richard or for Poorer Martin's ex-wife’s marriage is less than perfect July 4,6,8,9 Had GiHs Martin meets his son’s girlfriend’s mother (Adrienne Barbeau). July 11,13,15,16 Here Comes the Bribe Martin convinces his secretary, Toby, to marry their boss! July 22J3 May Divorce Be With You When Martin’s parents announce they’re divorcing, his son prepares him for life with divorced parents! July 25,27,29,30 Saturday is Opening Night on HBOl New episodes of the sexy hit tomedy series for grown-ups! $ Now oplsodosi IHall M J ■ Murder, madness, mayhem! Parental discretion advised. (ALV) :30. P SSI'S Seance A conniving couple try to convince a murdered man’s widow to hand over a fortune. Cathy Moriarty. July 4,7,8,10 What's Cookin'? What’s the secret of the popular new steak at the local diner? Christopher Keevc stars. July 11,14,15,17 The New Arrival An arrogant child psychologist meets a hratty poltergeist July 22J4 Beauty Rest A beauty contestant will kill to win. Kathy Ireland. July 25,28,29,31 dio tap* iter- view. :30. July 20,23,26,29 PO artlyn Last Interview Mario -ijtoyner We're talkin' serious tomedy every Sunday on HBOl Larry Miller Just Words He headlined the highest-rated One-Night Stand ever! Having problems with the opposite sex? Thinking of taking up skiing? Don’t make another move until you’ve seen the hilariously deadpan Miller’s stand-up routine! 1:00. July 5,8,11,16,20 pn Rick Ducommun Hit and Run Looking for hilariously outspoken, opinionated stand-up comedy? Rick will crack you up with his insights into politicians, traffic, silicone implants psychotic killers, gun control and more. (AL^AH) 1:00. July 12,14,20,29 PO The ACE Award-winning series that showcases top talents from around the country kicks off its fourth HBO season with a command performance by One-Night Stand veteran Rill Maher! Then see Mario Joyner (Hangin ’ With the Home-boys) in his uncensorcd stand-up routine. (ALAH) :30. Kill Maher: July 19,21,22^4; Mario Joyner: July 26,28,29,31 PO ____.. ^^§§^§^§§1 Srt Sfa^’s throwing an outra- vj wood party, and you’re

HBO Guide June 1992 - Page section : 003

m < Wmm r- o x m I m < — co c r O X m I m < — w c r O X tit DUTCH ED O'NEILL MANNEQUIN TWO: ON THE MOVE Advice to lovelorn Romeos: find a department store dummy and wait. She just might turn out to be a beautiful girl under a magic spell! It happens to William Ragsdale (Herman s Head) in this frothy romantic farce. Kristy Swanson co-stars. (AS>AI*MV) PG-1:31. June 28,30 11 HBO Ixdniira Premier* June 28 When Ed O’Neal picks up his girlfriend's son at boarding school, he doesn't know what he's in for. He and the snobbish boy mix like oil and water. But when the trip turns rough, they come to depend on each other. Is O'Neill the father figure the boy needs? (AL, V) PC-13; 1:48. June 21,23,27 Q (3 SI HBO M*tluMhf0 Premiere Father's Day, June 21 WORLD PREMIERE STEPFATHER III The first two families were just a warmup! Hacking his way out of an asylum, the Stepfather comes to a small California town where he worms his way into the life of a divorcee. But he hadn't counted on the woman's suspicious son. (AL, VfiN) R-l:50. June 4,9,13,17,22,26 p O HBO tMclmivm Premiere June 4 DON'T TELL HER IT'S ME STEVE GUTTENBERG Steve Guttenberg goes from bozo to biker stud, all for love, in this dizzy comedy. Sis Shelley l^ong oversees his make-over to help him win a beautiful reporter (Jami Gcrtz). With Kyle Macluichlan (Twin Peaks). (ASyAL) PC-13; 1:42. June 14,18,20,23,29 p< HBO Exclusive Premiere June 14 4 What a great combination! The1 best coverage in ten- - nis and the world's most prestigious tourna-ment! Only HBO brings you same-day, comprehensive weekday coverage, featuring the exciting early round play —th<»se dangerous matches where young players can upset established stars, 'llie % excitement continues through ^ the men's semi-finals. Arthur Ashe and Billie Jean King return; with host Jim Lampley. Closed-caption ed. June 22, 23,24,25,26,29,30; July 1,2,3 Ten days of the world's greatest tennis! UNDERCOVER IIVIV... UUI U UIU. When 74-year-old Emily Stuart was stabbed to death in her home in Princeton, NJ, it was the first homicide there in 11 years. In this unusual and moving documentary, Mrs. Stuart's son revisits his childhood home to try to find meaning in the crime that ended his mother's life—and changed his own forever. 1:00. June 16,18,22,25,27 pn 23 5

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