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Wimbledon '84 Theree No Place Like HBO Glen Campbell Drawl Easy Money Rich Little ...In July! SPECIALS SPORTS MOVIES Animal House____________Page 17 Bad Boys____________________10 Bear Island __________________23 Best Little Whorehouse______19 23 14 22 7 13 17 Eddie and the Cruisers______ 9 The Betsy______ The Big Brawl Deadly Force Doctor Detroit. Draw!__________ Easy Money_____ Goin’ All the Way Heartaches_______ Honkytonk Man _ Jaws 3 __________ Last American Virgin. Let’s Spend the Night. Lovesick ____________ Melanie______________ My Tutor ____________ Night Shift _________ The Octagon _________ Octopussy ___________ An Officer and a Gentleman _________ Race for the Yankee Zephyr _______ Smokey and the Bandit Part 3 _______ Spring Break ________ Strange Brew_________ The Survivors________ Swamp Thing__________ Tempest _____________ 10 to Midnight_______ Things Are Tough Wavelength________ Yellowbeard_______ 16 10 6 17 22 22 15 23 . 7 6 Carlin on Campus______ Comedy Fireworks______ Donna A Hot Summer Night _________ Getting Even: Victims Fight Back. Glen Campbell ________ HBO Coming Attractions __________ .Pg. 7 ____16 11 22 19 5 11 8 7 9 10 17 14 5 19 23 Fraggle Rock HBO Family Playhouse: Unforgivable Secret__ The Learning Tree______ Moon Madness __________ 20 20 20 National Geo. Special: Man of the Serengeti________20 Pardon Me for Living________20 Shipwreck! _________________21 The Special Magic of Herself the Elf__________ 20 A Tale of Four Wishes_______20 Heavyweight Boxing Cooney vs. Brown (LIVE) _____ Wimbledon ’84 ______ Pg. 15 4 15 9 21 The Hollywood Clowns_______22 Howard Hughes The Inside Story___________23 Life or Death in the Emergency Room_____________15 Not Necessarily the News___________________ 6 Not Necessarily the Olympics ______________ 6 Rich Little Come Laugh With Me_________16 Video Jukebox _____________ 9 Yesteryear... 1942_________22 Yesteryear... 1969_________22 SINGLE PLAYS The Beach Boys__________July 4 Between Friends_________July 3 Billy Crystal__________July 28 A Boy Named Charlie Brown________July 1 Buddy Hackett__________July 21 Curtains _______________July 1 Eddie Murphy Delirious_______ FAMILY SHOWCASE A Dog of Flanders_______Pg. 20 80 Steps to Jonah_____________20 21 _ July 14 HBO Family Playhouse: Wilder Summer___________July 1 Maximum Security____________July 3 Misty_______________________July 3 Right of Way _______________July 3 Robin Williams______________July 7 The Sting II________________July 2 * In most cases, single plays are described in last month's guide. pi This registered service mark identifies M programs ciosed-captioned by the 0 National Captioning Institute. HBO reserves the right to make a schedule change or program substitution without notice. Service, reception and billing inquiries can be handled only by your local cable company or HBO affiliate. Home Box Office. Standing Room Only, On Location, HBO, SRO and HBO'nly are trademarks and service marks of Home Box Office. Inc. An HBOnly is defined as entertainment now showing on HBO and no other national pay cable TV service. HBO welcomes subscriber comments on HBO programming and scheduling Write to: HBO Subscriber Information Services, Time & Life Bldg. Rockefeller Center. New York. NY 10020. The HBO Guide is published monthly by Home Box Office, Inc., Time & Life Bldg., Rockefeller Center, New York, NY 10020. Michael Fuchs. President; Curtis G. Viebranz, Treasurer; Carolyn K, McCandless, Secretary. © 1984 Home Box Office, Inc. All rights reserved.

HBO Guide July 1984 - Page section : 001

Home Box Office® July 1984 Jaws 3 Easy Money Yeilowbeard Glen Campbell HBOnly! Wimbledon ’84 HBOnly! Rich Little HBOnly!

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SUNDAY, JULY 1 5:30 HBO FAMILY PLAYHOUSE: 6:35 am LET'S SPEND THE NIGHT THE WILDER SUMMER ( 55) TOGETHER (PG)p.8 6:30 HBO COMING 8:05 HBO FAMILY PLAYHOUSE: ATTRACTIONS p.21 THE WILDER SUMMER ( 55) 7:00 JAWS 3 (PG) p.5 9:05 CHARLIE BROWN (G-1 19) 9:00 BEST LITTLE WHOREHOUSE 10:30 JAWS 3 (PG) p.5 IN TEXAS (R) p. 19 12:30 pm COMING ATTRACTIONS p.21 11:00 COMING ATTRACTIONS p 21 1 00 SWAMP THING (PG) p 22 11:30 SWAMP THING (PG) p.22 2:30 LET’S SPEND THE NIGHT 1:00 am LETS SPEND THE NIGHT TOGETHER (PG)p.8 TOGETHER (PG) p.8 4:00 A BOY NAMED 2:35 CURTAINS (R-1:29) CHARLIE BROWN (G-1 19) 4:10 JAWS 3 (PG) p.5 MONDAY, JULY 2 5:00 WIMBLEDON '84 p.4 I 6:00 am SHIPWRECKI 8:00 THE LAST AMERICAN (G) p.21 VIRGIN (R)p 11 8:00 RACE FOR THE YANKEE 9:30 SPRING BREAK ZEPHYRp23 (R) p. 10 10:00 LOVESICK 11:30 DOCTOR DETROIT (PG) p 7 (R)p,7 12:00 SHIPWRECKI 1:05 am DEADLY FORCE (G) p.21 (R) p 22 2:00 pm THE STING II 2:45 RACE FOR THE YANKEE (PG-1:42) ZEPHYR p.23 4:00 HBO FAMILY PLAYHOUSE: THE 4:30 THE STING II UNFORGIVABLE SECRET p.20 (PG-1:42) TUESDAY, JULY 3 8:00 OCTOPUSSY FT 5:30 am MISTY (1:31) (PG) p.5 / 8:00 RIGHT OF WAY 10:15 MAXIMUM SECURITY ( 40) f (1:42) 11:00 CARLIN ON CAMPUS p.7 10:00 0CT0PUSSY 12:00 10 TO MIDNIGHT (PG) p.5 (R) p. 15 12:30 pm HBO COMING 1:45 am LIFE OR DEATH IN THE ATTRACTIONS p 21 EMERGENCY ROOM p. 15 1:00 BETWEEN FRIENDS 2:50 RIGHT OF WAY (1:40) (142) 3:00 VIDEO JUKEBOX p.9 4:35 MAXIMUM SECURITY | 3:30 MISTY (1:31) (.40) 5:00 WIMBLEDON '84 p 4 5:20 CARLIN ON CAMPUS p.7 FOURTH OF JULY ★ ★ ★ ★ 6:30 am PARDON ME 8:00 THE BEACH BOYS FOR LIVING p.20 IN CONCERT ( 55) 7:00 80 STEPS TO JONAH p 20 9:00 NIGHT SHIFT (R)p 17 9:00 WIMBLEDON 84 11:00 DONNA—A HOT (LIVE) p.4 SUMMER NIGHT p.8 12:00 BEAR ISLAND 12:05 am AN OFFICER AND (PG) p.23 A GENTLEMAN (R)p.19 2:00 pm TEMPEST (PG) p.22 2:15 HEARTACHES (R) p.22 4:30 80 STEPS 3:50 LETS SPEND THE NIGHT TO JONAH p.20 TOGETHER (PG) p.8 6:30 LET'S SPEND THE NIGHT 5:25 DONNA—A HOT TOGETHER (PG) p.8 4 SUMMER NIGHT p.8 The great tennis continues. And each match brings you closer to the final test. Get set for three exciting hours a day of tournament coverage as you follow the remaining players through the men’s and women’s quarterfinals and women's semifinals. Arthur Ashe, Billie Jean King and BBC’s John Barrett report. Watch the best at their best on HBO for the 10th year. July 2,3,4,5 Special LIVE Wimbledon coverage JULY 4 in some areas. See schedule. Wimbledon '84 Tennis At Its Best! Roger Moore Maud Adams When a British agent is murdered in Berlin, it’s our man James Bond, of course, who gets the case. The popular hero is back for nonstop action and intrigue as he tries to thwart plans for a Russian world conquest. Louis Jourdan plays 007’s nemesis, a villainous prince. Adult situations and language, violence. (PG-2:11) July 3,8.14,18,20 Dennis Quaid Bess Armstrong Louis Gossett, Jr. Is the water safe yet? Not in Florida's Sea World, where a hungry mother shark terrorizes the park as she searches for her captured baby. Dennis Quaid fights to save the tourists. Adult language, violence. (PG-1:38) July 1,10,16,21

HBO Guide July 1984 - Page section : 004

Pavia James/Sygma Cheech & Chong Marty Feldman Madeline Kahn James Mason John Cleese Swashbuckling silliness sails forth as an all-star cast takes aim at seagoing traditions. Graham Chapman ("Monty Python") plays an aging scourge of the briny sea. Adult language and humor, violence, nudity. (PG-1:32) July 14,19,22,25,30 Strange Brew SCTV’s lunatic McKenzie Brothers try to outsmart a brewmaster who’s spiking the world’s beer supply with mind-control drugs. Adult language, humor; mild violence. (PG-1:27) July 14,17, 20,23,26,29 | EXTRA EDITION Not A the Olympics Grabbing the torch and running with it, the Not Necessarily the News team aims its zingers at the '84 Olympics—the training, competition—and even the L.A. traffic! July 7,11,13,15,17,19 JdttiiMrify. | COMEDY SERIES Not a the News "The humor can score impressively." (N.Y. Times) Look for the comedy series Saturday nights. (And other times, too.) All-new July edition: July 21,23,25,27,30 Encores: Edition 6 July 14 Edition 7 July 28 Wavelength Robert Carradine Three alien creatures crash to Earth, zapping humans on contact. Can they escape a deadly Air Force trap? Adult language, violence, nudity. (PG-1:27) July 21,23,26,28,31 Lovesick Dudley Moore A psychiatrist breaks the rules of his profession by falling in love with a patient. Elizabeth McGovern (Racing with the Moon) co-stars. Adult situations, language, humor. (PG-1:36) July 2,6, 9,14,18,22,26,30 Doctor Detroit Dan Aykroyd He’s Superwimp, he’s Superpimp—he’s two wackos in one! Dan Aykroyd plays a meek college prof who poses as a heavy dude to protect call girls. Adult language, humor; violence; nudity. (R-1:30) July 2,9,12 HBOnty! Carlin on Campus On Location. In his fourth HBO special (this one taped at UCLA), the Grammy award-winning comedian comes home to the college crowd with all-new material. Adult language and subject matter. July 3,9 THURSDAY, JULY 5 3*0 6:30 am A TALE OF 5:00 FOUR WISHES p.20 8:00 7:30 SWAMP THING (PG) p.22 10:00 9:00 THE HOLLYWOOD CLOWNS p.22 12:05 10:00 H0NKYT0NKMAN (PG)p.19 1:45 12:00 RACE FOR THE YANKEE ZEPHYR p.23 3:30 2:00 pm SWAMP THING (PG)p.22 5:00 MOON MADNESS p.20 WIMBLEDON’84 p4 THE SURVIVORS (R)p.17 THE BETSY (R) p.23 am DEADLY FORCE (R)p.22 SPRING BREAK (R)p.10 SWAMP THING (PG) p.22 HOLLYWOOD CLOWNS p.22 FRIDAY, JULY 6 6:00 am NATIONAL GEO. SPECIAL MAN OF THE SERENGETI p 20 7:00 A DOG OF FLANDERS p 20 9:00 YESTERYEAR...1969 p.22 10:00 LOVESICK (PG) p.7 12:00 VIDEO JUKEBOX p.9 12:30 pm SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT PART3(PG)p.16 2:00 NATIONAL GEO. SPECIAL MAN OF THE SERENGETI p.20 3:00 A DOG OF FLANDERS p.20 5:00 SHIPWRECKI (G) p. 21 7:00 LOVESICK (PG) p.7 9:00 SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT PART3(PG)p.16 10:30 VIDEO JUKEBOX p.9 11:00 10 TO MIDNIGHT (R)p.15 12:50 am THE OCTAGON (R) p 14 2:40 LOVESICK (PG) p.7 4:20 SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT PART3(PG)p.16 5:50 VIDEO JUKEBOX p.9 SATURDAY, JULY 7 6:30 am DONNA SUMMER p 8 7:30 EDDIE AND THE CRUISERS (PG) p.9 9:30 HBO FAMILY PLAYHOUSE: THE UNFORGIVABLE SECRET p.20 10:30 YESTERYEAR...1942 p.22 11:30 BEAR ISLANO (PG) p.23 1:30 pm SWAMP THING (PG) p.22 3:00 DONNA—A HOT SUMMER NIGHT p.8 4:00 MELANIE (PG) p.9 6:00 YESTERYEAR...1942 p.22 7:00 BEAR ISLAND (PG) p.23 9:00 EODIE AND THE CRUISERS (PG) p.9 11410 NOT NECESSARILY THE OLYMPICS p.6 11:30 ROBIN WILLIAMS (Adult humor, language) (1:22) 1:00 am THE LAST AMERICAN VIRGIN (R)p.11 2:35 UFE OR DEATH IN THE EMERGENCY ROOM p.15 3:40 EDDIE & CRUISERS (PG) p.9 5:20 DONNA SUMMER p.8 SUNDAY, JULY 8 6:30 am RACE FOR THE YANKEE ZEPHYR p.23 8:30 HONKYTONK MAN (PG)p.19 10:30 VIDEO JUKEBOX p 9 11:00 0CT0PUSSY (PG)p.5 1:30 pm HOWARD HUGHES: The Inside Story p.23 2:30 TEMPEST (PG) p.22 5:00 RACE FOR THE YANKEE ZEPHYR p.23 7:00 HONKYTONK MAN (PG)p.19 9:00 0CT0PUSSY (PG) p.5 11:15 THINGS ARE TOUGH ALL OVER (R) p.23 12:50 am NIGHT SHIFT (R)p.17 2:40 TEMPEST (PG) p.22 5:10 VIDEO JUKEBOX p 9 5:40 HOWARD HUGHES: The Inside Story p.22 7

HBO Guide July 1984 - Page section : 005

jj J Music MONDAY, JULY 9 4:30 A TALE OF 6:35 am A TALE OF FOUR WISHES p.20 FOUR WISHES p.20 5:30 LEARNING TREE (PG)p.20 7:30 YESTERYEAR...1969 p 22 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK 8:30 LET S SPEND THE NIGHT “Wembley's Egg” p.21 TOGETHER (PG) p.8 8:00 CARLIN ON CAMPUS p.7 10:00 LEARNING TREE (PG) p.20 9:00 10 TO MIDNIGHT 12:00 THE HOLLYWOOD (R)p.15 CLOWNS p.22 11:00 THE BETSY (R) p.23 1:00 pm LOVESICK (PG)p 7 1:05 am DOCTOR DETROIT (R) p 7 3:00 YESTERYEAR. .1969 p 22 2:40 AN OFFICER AND A 4:00 THE SPECIAL MAGIC OF GENTLEMAN (R) p. 19 1 HERSELF THE ELF p.20 4:50 YESTERYEAR...1969 p.22 TUESDAY, JULY 10 7:00 EDDIE AND THE 6:30 am PARDON ME CRUISERS (PG) p.9 FOR LIVING p.20 9:00 JAWS 3 (PG) p.5 7:00 HBO FAMILY PLAYHOUSE: THE 11:00 LIFE OR DEATH IN THE UNFORGIVABLE SECRET p.20 EMERGENCY ROOM p. 15 8:00 BEAR ISLAND (PG)p.23 12:00 BEAR ISLAND 10:00 EDDIE AND THE (PG) p.23 CRUISERS (PG) p.9 1:50 am DEADLY FORCE 12:00 HOWARD HUGHES: (R) p.22 The Inside Story p.23 3:30 EDDIE AND THE 1:00 pm JAWS 3 (PG) p.5 CRUISERS (PG) p.9 3:00 80 STEPS TO JONAH p 20 5:10 LIFE OR DEATH IN THE 5:00 BEAR ISLAND (PG) p.23 EMERGENCY TOOM p. 15 j WEDNESDAY, JULY 11 4:30 FRAGGLE ROCK 6:15 am MOON MADNESS p.20 "Wembley’s Egg” p.21 i1 7:30 HONKYTONK MAN (PG) p.19 5:00 MOON MADNESS p.20 9:30 FRAGGLE ROCK 6:30 VIDEO JUKEBOX p 9 "Wembley's Egg” p.21 7:00 HONKYTONK MAN (PG)p.19 10:00 SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT 9:00 NOT NECESSARILY PART 3 (PG) p. 16 THE OLYMPICS p.6 11:30 NOT NECESSARILY 9:30 SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT THE OLYMPICS p.6 PART 3 (PG) p. 16 1 12:00 SWAMP THING (PG)p.22 11:00 THE OCTAGON (R)p.14 1:30 pm RACE FOR THE YANKEE 12:50 am SPRING BREAK (R)p.10 ZEPHYR p.23 2:35 HONKYTONK MAN (PG) p. 19 3:30 • YESTERYEAR...1942 p.22 4:40 RACE/YANKEE ZEPHYR p.23 THURSDAY, JULY 12 4:30 A DOG OF FLANDERS p.20 6:30 am NATIONAL GEO. SPECIAL: 6:30 TEMPEST MAN OF THE SERENGETIp.20 (PG)p .22 7:30 TEMPEST 9:00 MELANIE (PG) p.9 (PG) p.22 11:00 NIGHT SHIFT 10:00 MELANIE (R) p. 17 (PG) p.9 12:50 am THE LAST AMERICAN 12:00 YESTERYEAR...1969 p.22 VIRGIN (R) p. 11 1:00 pm LEARNING TREE (PG) p.20 2:25 DOCTOR DETROIT 3:00 DONNA—A HOT (R)p.7 SUMMER NIGHT p 8 4:00 10 TO MIDNIGHT 4:00 THE SPECIAL MAGIC OF (R)p.15 HERSELF THE ELF p.20 5:45 YESTERYEAR...1969 p 22 HBO Rock: Donna—A Hot Summer Night Donna Summer is back, and she’s hotter than ever in this flashy concert featuring her biggest hits. Songs include old and new favorites: "She Works Hard for the Money," "Bad Girls," and "Hot Stuff.” Guest group Musical Youth joins Donna for their hit "Unconditional Love." (1:00) July 4,7,12,15,20,29 Let's Spend the Night Together The Rolling Stones The Stones’ latest concert movie pulses with electrifying energy. Featuring their best and biggest hits like "Shattered," "Beast of Burden," “Satisfaction" and many more. Adult language. (PG-1:30) July 1,4,9 8 Standing Room Only:9 Glen Campbell & Friends: The Silver Anniversary of the Rhinestone Cowboy Willie Nelson Kris Kristofferson Johnny Cash Anne Murray You 're invited to a party when Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson and Anne Murray help Glen Campbell celebrate 25 years in show business. In this glittering concert, the superstars perform their own hits and join the Rhinestone Cowboy for a rousing finale of special anniversary numbers. July 16,18,21,26,30 Video Jukebox Catch new releases and current hits featuring performers like Bob Dylan and Alan Parsons. July 3,6,8,11; 15,17,21,26,30 Eddie and the Cruisers Tom Berenger Roll back to rock history with a drama of fame, mystery and music. Ellen Barkin (Tender Mercies) is a reporter probing the story of Eddie and the Cruisers, an early ’60s success whose star fell when the lead singer died—or did he? Adult situations, language; mild violence. (PG-1:35) July 7,10,13,16,19,22,25,28 9 HBO SLEEPER Melanie Glynnis O'Connor An illiterate woman battles to gain custody of her son in a drama that moves from rural Arkansas to the California rock scene. Paul Sorvino co-stars as the lawyer of an aging rock star. HBO recommends this touching "sleeper." Adult situations and language, mild violence, nudity. (PG-1 47) July 7,12,15,18,21,24,27,30

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BAD BOVS Sean Penn Ally Sheedy He lives on reflexes and robbery. The only thing tougher than the streets he grew up on is the prison he's sent to. Sean Penn (Racing with the Moon) stars in this searing drama of young criminals with nothing to lose but their lives. Jailed for an accidental killing, Penn struggles to the top of the prison snake pit, only to confront his worst fear—and his worst enemy. Adult language, violence, nudity, rape. (R-1:59) July 21,26,29 Mi| Tutor A rich teen’s live-in tutor makes homework a pleasure in a high-grade romp through the facts of life. Hired by Daddy to raise his son's French score, the shapely teacher elevates temperatures too, as her lessons include ooh-la-love. Adult language, humor; nudity; strong sexual content. (R-1:37) July 14,17,27,29 Spring Break It’s time for cutting loose and cutting up, T-shirts and tank tops, pickups and put-downs. In other words, fun in the sun, as four red-blooded young men make romantic mischief at the beaches and bars of Fort Lauderdale. Adult language and humor, nudity. (R-1:41) July 2,5,11,15 10 Qoin All theWaq Everybody at this high school is majoring in mating—or trying to—in a school daze of lusty laughs and hanky-panky. How long can a girl’s romantic resistance last? Adult language, nudity. (R-1:28) July 27,30 FRIDAY, JULY 13 5:30 NOT NECESSARILY 6:30 am TALE OF FOUR WISHES p.20 THE OLYMPICS p 6 7:30 EDDIE AND THE 6:00 HOWARD HUGHES p.23 CRUISERS (PG) p.9 7:00 BEAR ISLAND (PG)p.23 9:30 NOT NECESSARILY 9:00 AN OFFICER AND A THE OLYMPICS p.6 GENTLEMAN (R) p. 19 10:00 BEAR ISLAND (PG)p.23 11:30 NOT NECESSARILY 12:00 RACE/YANKEE ZEPHYR p.23 THE OLYMPICS p.6 2:00 pm EDDIE AND THE 12:00 EDDIE AND THE CRUISERS (PG) p.9 CRUISERS (PG) p.9 4:00 TALE OF FOUR WISHES p.20 1:40 am THINGS ARE TOUGH (R) p.23 5:00 FRAGGLE ROCK 3:15 HEARTACHES (R)p.22 “Wembley’s Egg” p.21 4:50 HOWARD HUGHES p.23 SATURDAY, JULY 14 5:30 LOVESICK (PG) p.7 6:00 am MOON MADNESS p.20 7:30 YELLOWBEARD (PG)p 6 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK 9:00 MY TUTOR (R) p.10 "Wembley’s Egg” p.21 11:00 NOT NECESSARILY 8:00 NATIONAL GEO. SPECIAL: THE NEWS #6 p.6 MAN OF THE SERENGETI p.20 11:30 EDDIE MURPHY [Strong 9:00 LOVESICK (PG)p.7 language. For adults.) (:56) 11:00 YELLOWBEARD 12:30 am OCTOPUSSY (PG)p.6 (PG) p.5 12:30 pm HOLLYWOOD CLOWNS p.22 2:45 DEADLY FORCE 1:30 OCTOPUSSY (PG) p.5 (R) p.22 4:00 STRANGE BREW 4:25 STRANGE BREW (PG) p.6 (PG) p.6 The Last v AmericanVirgin Is anything fair in love or high school? Will shy Gary win his dream girl? /a/7- guage, nudity, strong sexual content. (R-1:29) July 2,7,12, 16,18,23,27 SUNDAY, JULY 15 6:30 HBO FAMILY PLAYHOUSE p.20 6:00 am H0NKYT0NK MAN (PG)p.19 7:30 FRAGGLE “Wembley" p.21 8:00 MELANIE (PG) p.9 8:00 DRAWI p 13 (CC) 10:00 VIDEO JUKEBOX p.9 10:00 NOT NECESSARILY 10:30 HBO FAMILY PLAYHOUSE p.20 THE OLYMPICS p.6 11:30 FRAGGLE “Wembley" p.21* 10:30 DONNA SUMMER p.8 12:00 NOT NECESSARILY 11:35 SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT THE OLYMPICS p 6 PART3(PG)p.16 12:30 pm SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT 1:05 am THE BETSY (R) p.23 PART 3 (PG) p. 16 3:10 SPRING BREAK (R)p.10 2:00 HONKYTONKMAN (PG)p.19 4:55 VIDEO JUKEBOX p.9 4:00 VIDEO JUKEBOX p.9 5:25 NOT NECESSARILY 4:30 MELANIE (PG) p.9 THE OLYMPICS p.6 MONDAY, JULY 16 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK 6:00 am BEAR ISLAND "Booberock” p.21 (PG) p.23 8:00 GLEN CAMPBELL & FRIENDS: 8:00 80 STEPS TO JONAH p.20 Silver Anniversary ol the 10:00 JAWS 3 (PG) p.5 Rhinestone Cowboy p.9 12:00 EDDIE AND THE 9:00 JAWS 3 (PG) p.5 CRUISERS (PG) p.9 11:00 EDDIE AND THE 2:00 pm BEAR ISLAND CRUISERS (PG)p 9 (PG) p.23 12:40 am THE LAST AMERICAN 4:00 PARDON ME FOR LIVING p.20 VIRGIN (R) p. 11 4:30 80 STEPS TO JONAH p.20 2:15 THE OCTAGON 6:30 NATIONAL GEO. SPECIAL: (R) P-14 MAN OF THE SERENGETI p.20 4:05 JAWS 3 (PG) p.5 11

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The Most Wanted Outlaw The Most Feared Lawman Which One Is TheFastest A notorious outlaw matches wits and gunfire with his longtime adversary. In HBO Premiere Films' fast-action western, three-time Oscar nominee Kirk Douglas plays Handsome Harry Holland, a gunslinger who once rode with Jesse James but now wants to live down the past. James Coburn co-stars as his hard-drinking rival who comes out of retirement to face up to the gunman. You haven't seen a western like this in a long time! Adult language, violence, nudity. July 15,18,20,24,28,30 Q

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TUESDAY, JULY 17 5:00 HONKYTONK MAN 6:00 am LEARNING TREE (PG) p.20 (PG)p.19 8:00 HONKYTONK MAN 7:00 VIDEO JUKEBOX p.9 (PG) p.19 7:30 SWAMP THING (PG) p.22 10:00 SWAMP THING 9:00 STRANGE BREW (PG) p.6 (PG) p.22 10:30 NOT NECESSARILY 11:30 VIDEO JUKEBOX p.9 THE OLYMPICS p.6 12:00 STRANGE BREW 11:00 MY TUTOR (R)p.10 (PG) p.6 12:40 am HONKYTONK MAN (PG) p. 19 1:30 pm NOT NECESSARILY 2:45 AN OFFICER AND A THE OLYMPICS p.6 GENTLEMAN (R)p, 19 2:00 HOLLYWOOD CLOWNS p.22 4:55 SWAMP THING 3:00 LEARNING TREE (PG) p.20 (PG) p.22 WEDNESDAY, JULY 18 6:30 0CT0PUSSY (PG) p.5 6:30 am A DOG OF FLANDERS p.20 9:00 GETTING EVEN: 8:30 GLEN CAMPBELL p.9 VICTIMS FIGHT BACK p.15 9:30 FRAGGLE "Booberock” p 21 10:00 DRAW) p 13(CC) 10:00 0CT0PUSSY (PG) p 5 11:40 MELANIE (PG) p.9 12:30 pm LOVESICK (PG)p.7 1:30 am THE BEST LITTLE 2:30 MELANIE (PG) p.9 WHOREHOUSE IN TEXAS 4:30 FRAGGLE ROCK (R)p.19 “Booberock” p.21 3:30 THE LAST AMERICAN 5:00 PARDON ME FOR LIVING p.20 VIRGIN 5:30 GLEN CAMPBELL & FRIENDS: (R) P-11 Silver Anniversary of the 5:00 GETTING EVEN: Rhinestone Cowboy p.9 VICTIMS FIGHT BACK p.15 THURSDAY, JULY 19 5:30 SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT 6:00 am MOON MADNESS p.20 PART 3 (PG) p. 16 7:30 TALE OF FOUR WISHES p 20 7:00 EDDIE & CRUISERS (PG) p.9 8:30 SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT 9:00 YELLOWBEARD (PG) p.6 PART3(PG) p.16 10:30 NOT NECESSARILY 10:00 YELLOWBEARD (PG) p.6 THE OLYMPICS p.6 11:30 BEAR ISLAND (PG)p.23 11:00 NATIONAL LAMPOON'S 1:30 pm HOWARD HUGHES p.23 ANIMAL HOUSE (R)p.17 2:30 NOT NECESSARILY 12:55 am SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT THE OLYMPICS p.6 PART 3 (PG) p. 16 3:00 MOON MADNESS p.20 2:25 EDDIE & CRUISERS (PG) p.9 4:30 A TALE OF 4:05 NOT NEC. THE OLYMPICS p.6 FOUR WISHES p.20 4:35 BEAR ISLAND (PG) p.23 FRIDAY, JULY 20 6:30 DONNA—A HOT 6:30 am HBO FAMILY PLAYHOUSE: THE SUMMER NIGHT p.8 UNFORGIVABLE SECRET p.20 7:30 OCTOPUSSY (PG) p.5 7:30 0CT0PUSSY (PG) p.5 10:00 HEAVYWEIGHT BOXING 10:00 DONNA—A HOT Cooney vs. Brown SUMMER NIGHT p 8 (LIVE) p.15 11:00 TEMPEST (PG) p.22 11:30 DRAWIp.13(CC) 1:30 pm STRANGE BREW (PG) p.6 1:10 am THE BETSY 3:00 80 STEPS TO JONAH p.20 (R) p.23 5:00 FRAGGLE ROCK 3:15 OCTOPUSSY “Booberock” p.21 (PG) p.5 5:30 HBO FAMILY PLAYHOUSE: THE 5:30 DONNA—A HOT UNFORGIVABLE SECRET p.20 SUMMER NIGHT p.8 Two For Kicks The Big Brawl The time: January, 1938. The place: Chicago. A ready-for-action kung fu kid neatly hands it to a bunch of thugs who have harassed his father. And from then on, honorable son kicks his way from California to Texas. Stars Jackie Chan, Jose Ferrer and Kristine De Bell. Adult language, violence. (R-1:35) July 28,31 The Octagon Chuck Norris A retired kung fu champ goes back into action to combat a secret order of Oriental killers. Chuck Norris is the martial arts expert who single-handedly takes on the Ninja. With Lee Van Cleef. Adult language, violence, brief nudity. (R-1:44) July 6,11,16,26,31 14 Gerry Cooney ★ vs. Phillip Brown Heavyweight Boxing 10-Round Fight LIVE! July 20 SPECIAL UNDERCOVER: GETTING EVEN Victims Fight Back Robbery. Assault. Rape. Murder. Violent crime strikes every 24 seconds in the U.S. Many victims are angry, scared, legally frustrated—victims for life. Others are fighting back. This film focuses on four true stories. In one, a mother works for legislative change after her daughter’s rape and murder; in another, a psychologist who was mugged twice forms a victims’ counseling center. July 18,24,29,31 Life or Death in the Emergency Room The emergency room. It’s the war zone of illness and injury. Highly skilled doctors and nurses are engaged in a constant battle to save lives. This is a graphic, revealing close-up of a superb medical unit in action. July 3,7,10 10 to Midnight Charles Bronson A sadistic killer and a maverick cop stalk each other in a bitter personal vendetta. Charles Bronson plays the detective whose thirst for revenge takes him far beyond the law. Adult language, violence, nudity. (R-1:42) July 3,6,9,12

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Comedy Fireworks oaHBOf Great stand-up comedy every Saturday night. 0 Robin Williams July 7 Eddie Murphy July 14 Buddy Hackett July 211 Billy Crystal July 28 Smokey and the Bandit Pat-t 3 Jackie Gleason Jerry Reed Before he retires, the sheriff wants to take on a crazy gamble with two sleazy Texas millionaires. But Smokey never suspects the obstacles, detours and nonstop chases that lie ahead. Adult language, humor; nudity. (PG-1:25) July 6,11,15,19,21,23,29,31 On Location:"Rich Llttlf! Come Laugh With Me There's always an abundance of "Riches" when the world's leading impressionist puts on a show. The perennial favorite returns to HBO with his all-new nightclub act. This show is loaded with lots of "Little" laughs, including a playful poke at the 1984 Olympics and a wealth of other topical material. And together with special guest Julie Dees, Rich pays tribute to famous show biz teams (including Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton singing their hit, "Islands in the Stream"). July 29 Easy Money Rodney Dangerfield There's nothing easy about a $10 million windfall for rumpled Rodney—he has to endure a year of clean living to get it! Even in his first movie, the comedy star gets no respect: his daughter has wed a gang leader, his baby-picture business is a pain, and to inherit the big bucks, he must drop boozing, gambling, smoking, etc. Where there's a will there's a wacky way, and Rodney finds it with sight gags and slapstick. Adult language and humor, nudity. (R-1:39) July 22,25,28,31 The Survivors Robin Williams Walter Matthau Two neurotic victims of the economic crunch become entangled in a predicament that alters the course of their lives. A dark comedy with an offbeat twist. Adult language and humor, violence. (R-1:43) July 5,23,26,29 National Lampoon's Animil House John Belushi The uproarious, off-the-wall antics of these college frat house pals are an all time high in film madness. Higher education will never be the samel With Tim Matheson and Stephen Furst. Adult language, nudity. (R-1:48) July 19,22,25,28 Night Shift Henry Winkler Michael Keaton Working the graveyard shift at the city morgue, a mild-mannered supervisor is roped into running a call girl ring on the job. Shelley Long ("Cheers!") plays a kooky hooker. Adult language, mild violence, nudity. (R-1:46) July 4,8,12,24,27

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SATURDAY, JULY 21 8:00 GLEN CAMPBELL & FRIENDS: 6:35 am YESTERYEAR...1942 p.22 The Silver Anniversary ol 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK the Rhinestone Cowboy p.9 "Booberock” p.21 9:00 BAD BOYS (R)p.10 8:00 HONKYTONK MAN (PG)p.19 11:00 NOT NECESSARILY THE 10:00 SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT NEWS July Edition p.6 PART 3 (PG) p. 16 11:30 BUDDY HACKETT 11:30 VIDEO JUKEBOX p.9 (Adult subject matter 12:00 WAVELENGTH (PG) p.7 and language) (:57) 1:30 pm MELANIE (PG)p9 12:30 am JAWS 3 (PG) p.5 3:30 JAWS 3 (PG) p.5 2:15 HEARTACHES (R) p.22 5:30 VIDEO JUKEBOX p.9 3:50 AN OFFICER AND A 6:00 HONKYTONK MAN (PG)p.19 GENTLEMAN (R)p.19 SUNDAY, JULY 22 5:30 EDDIE AND THE CRUISERS 6:00 am BEAR ISLAND (PG) p.23 (PG) p.9 8:00 EDDIE AND THE CRUISERS (PG) p.9 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Booberock" p.21 10:00 YELLOWBEARD 8:00 EASY MONEY (R)p.17 (PG) p.6 10:00 NATIONAL LAMPOON’S 11:30 FRAGGLE ROCK ANIMAL HOUSE (R)p.17 “Booberock” p.21 11:55 YELLOWBEARD (PG) p.6 12:00 LOVESICK (PG) p.7 1:30 am EDDIE AND THE 2:00 pm YESTERYEAR...1969 p.22 CRUISERS (PG) p.9 3:00 BEAR ISLAND (PG) p.23 3:10 LOVESICK (PG) p.7 5:00 HBO COMING ATTRACTIONS p.21 4:50 EASY MONEY (R)p.17 MONDAY, JULY 23 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “The 6:35 am MOON MADNESS p.20 Trash Heap Doesn’t 8:00 NOT NECESSARILY THE Uve Here Anymore" p.21 NEWS July Edition p.6 8:00 WAVELENGTH (PG) p.7 8:30 SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT 9:30 NOT NECESSARILY THE PART3(PG) p.16 NEWS July Edition p.6 10:00 WAVELENGTH (PG) p.7 10:00 THE LAST AMERICAN 11:30 HOWARD HUGHES p.23 VIRGIN (R)p.11 12:30 pm HONKYTONK MAN (PG) p.19 11:35 THE SURVIVORS (R)p17 2:30 STRANGE BREW (PG) p.6 1:25 am THINGS ARE TOUGH (R) p.23 4:00 A DOG OF FLANDERS p.20 3:05 STRANGE BREW (PG) p.6 6:00 SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT 4:45 SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT PART3(PG) p.16 PARTS (PG) p.16 TUESDAY, JULY 24 6:30 HBO COMING 6:30 am THE SPECIAL MAGIC OF ATTRACTIONS p.21 HERSELF THE ELF p.20 7:00 MELANIE (PG) p.9 7:00 80 STEPS TO JONAH p.20 9:00 DRAW!p.13(CC) 9:00 YESTERYEAR...1942 p.22 11:00 GETTING EVEN: 10:00 MELANIE (PG) p.9 VICTIMS FIGHT BACK p.15 12:00 HBO COMING 12.-05 am THE BEST LITTLE ATTRACTIONS p.21 WHOREHOUSE IN TEXAS 12:30 pm TEMPEST (PG) p.22 (R)p.19 3:00 YESTERYEAR...1942 p.22 2:05 NIGHT SHIFT (R) p. 17 4:00 THE SPECIAL MAGIC OF 3:55 DEADLY FORCE (R) p.22 HERSELF THE ELF p.20 5:35 GETTING EVEN: 4:30 80 STEPS TO JONAH p 20 VICTIMS FIGHT BACK p.15 ■ An Officer and a Gentleman Richard Gere Zack Mayo wants to make it through basic training, but two things get in the way. He falls in love with spunky Paula (Oscar nominee Debra Winger), and he comes up against the U.S. Navy's toughest drill sergeant (Oscar winner Louis Gossett, Jr.). An irresistible, romantic story. Adult language, violence, nudity. (R-2:04) July 4,9,13,17,21,26,31 The Best Little Whorehouse inlexas Burt Reynolds High-spirited entertainment! It's fun all the way when lawman Burt tries to save a bordello in Texas. A musical romp with Dolly Parton and Charles Durning. Adult language, nudity. (R-1:54) July 1,18,24,30 Honkytonk Man Clint Eastwood A country musician dreams of making it at Nashville's Grand Ole Opry during the Depression. Adult situations and language, mild violence. (PG-1:58) July 5,8, 11,15,17,21,23,27 WEDNESDAY, JULY 25 6:35 am HBO FAMILY PLAYHOUSE: THE UNFORGIVABLE SECRET p.20 7:30 LEARNING TREE (PG)p.20 9:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Trash Heap Doesn't Uve Hera” p.21 10:00 EDDIE & CRUISERS (PG)p.9 12:00 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS July Edition p.6 12:30 pm YELLOWBEARD (PG) p.6 2:00 LEARNING TREE (PG)p.20 4:00 HBO FAMILY PLAYHOUSE: THE UNFORGIVABLE SECRET p.20 THURSDAY, JULY 26 6:30 am NATIONAL GEO. SPECIAL: MAN OF THE SERENGETI p 20 7:30 COMING ATTRACTIONS p.21 8:00 LOVESICK (PG)p.7 10:00 STRANGE BREW (PG) p.6 11:30 VIDEO JUKEBOX p.9 12:00 GLEN CAMPBELL & FRIENDS: The Silver Anniversary of the Rhinestone Cowboy p.9 1:00 pm WAVELENGTH (PG)p.7 2:30 COMING ATTRACTIONS p.21 3:00 A DOG OF FLANDERS p.20 FRIDAY, JULY 27 6:30 am MOON MADNESS p.20 8:00 MELANIE (PG) p.9 10:00 SWAMP THING (PG)p.22 11:30 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS July Edition p.6 12:00 YESTERYEAR...1942 p 22 1:00 pm HONKYTONK MAN (PG)p.19 3:00 MOON MADNESS p.20 4:30 PARDON ME FOR UVINGp.20 5:00 FRAGGLE ROCK “The Trash Heap Doesn’t Uve Here Anymore p.21 SATURDAY, JULY 28 6:00 am WAVELENGTH (PG) p.7 7:30 FRAGGLE R0CK“The Trash Heap Doesn’t Uve Here Anymore" p.21 8:00 EDDIE AND THE CRUISERS (PG) p.9 10:00 HBO COMING ATTRACTIONS p.21 10:30 HOWARD HUGHES: The Inside Story p.23 11:30 TEMPEST (PG)p.22 2:00 pm BEAR ISLAND (PG) p.23 5:00 FRAGGLE ROCK “Trash Heap Doesn't Uve Here” p.21 5:30 EDDIE AND THE CRUISERS (PG) p.9 7:30 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS July Edition p.6 8:00 EASY MONEY (R)p,17 10:00 HEARTACHES (R)p.22 11:40 THE BETSY (R) p.23 1:45 am N0TNEC.THE NEWS-July p.6 2:15 ANIMAL HOUSE (R) p. 17 4.-05 YELLOWBEARD (PG) p.6 5:40 HOLLYWOOD CLOWNS p.22 5:00 LOVESICK (PG) p.7 7:00 STRANGE BREW (PG) p.6 8:30 HBO COMING ATTRACTIONS p.21 9:00 BAD BOYS (R) p. 10 11:00 GLEN CAMPBELL & FRIENDS: The Silver Anniversary of the Rhinestone

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