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Space Truckers Dennis Hopper Dennis Hopper suits up as an irascible interplanetary trucker forced to take a shady haul to Earth. The result is a sci-fi-spoof encounter of the best kind as he and crewmates Debi Mazar and Stephen Dorff try to save the world. (AC,AL,V) PG13-1:46. HBO Jan.9,12,17,22,28,30 STARTS SATURDAY, JAN. 9 Alex Pruitt thought a day alone in his house recovering from chicken pox would be relaxing. Was he ever wrong! Three Stooges-style hilarity ensues when the precocious eight-year-old teaches a group of bumbling burglars that crime doesn’t pay. (AL,V) PG-1:43. HBO Jan.2,5,10,14,18,20,30 psffla STARTS SATURDAY, JAN. 2 Julianne Moore Burt Reynolds Burt Reynolds earned a 1997 Best Supporting Actor Oscar® nomination in this “parable of the greedy and decadent 1980s” (Variety). Mark Wahlberg lets it all hang out as Dirk Diggler—a porn superstar, whose meteoric rise to the top of the XXX world precipitates his equally swift downfall. (AC,AL,N,SC,V) R-2:35. HBO Jan. 16,19,24,27 Qm STARTS SATURDAY JAN. 16 © 1998 Home Box Office, a Division of Time Warner Entertainment Company, LP. All rights reserved. Jeffrey L Bewkes, Chairman, President and CEO; William C. Nelson, Executive VP and CFO; John S. Redpath, Jr., Secretary. The HBO Guide is published monthly by Home Box Office, 1160 Sixth Avenue, NY, NY 10036. COSTNER -THE POST MAN Earth, 2019: a vast wasteland whose sparse towns are lorded over by evil tyrant Will Patton and his army. When Kevin Costner appears in a U.S. Postal Service uniform, he brings back the one thing that can reunify America: hope. (ACAUV) R-2:58. HBO Jan.23,26,31 pm STARTS SATURDAY, JAN. 23 Girl power skyrockets as Baby, Scary, Posh, Sporty and Ginger bring their sassy attitudes to their debut film effort. It’s all fun, madness and boy-crazy excitement as the girls prepare for their first live concert. (AC,BN) PG-I:29. HBO Jan.30 ipES STARTS SATURDAY, JAN. 30

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HBO GUIDE JANUARY 1999 A Family Like Yours... Almost. Series Premiere Sunday, January 10

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I I MONDAY I 2 TUESDAY I 3 WEDNESDAY 6:15 am Other Mothers (TVPG-:45) 6:30 am The Tale of Peter Rabbit 6:00 am Leonardo: A Dream of Flight 7:00 Jim Henson’s HBO Storybook Musicals (TVY-:27) The Inventors’ Specials (TVY7-:48) The Storyteller 7:00 The Little Lulu Show (TVY-:24) 7:00 The Country Mouse and the Hans, My Hedgehog p. 14 7:30 Babar Elephant’s Best Friend p. 13 City Mouse Adventures p. 13 7:30 Babar 8:00 A League of Their Own p. 14 7:30 Babar The Show Must Go On p. 13 No Place Like Home p. 13 10:15 Splash p. 14 8:00 Mars Attacks! p. 14 8:00 The Next Karate Kid p. 14 12:15 pm Space Truckers p.3 10:00 Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde p. 13 9:45 Wayne’s World p. 14 2:00 Dear God p. 13 11:30 ’Til There Was You PG 13-1:54) 11:30 Batman & Robin (PG13-2:00) 4:00 Long Shots: The Life and Times 1:30 pm No Visible Bruises: The Katie 1:30 pm Contact (PG-2:30) of the American Basketball Koestner Story (TV 14-:29) 4:00 The Making of Association (TVPG-:59) 2:00 The Education of Little Tree p. 13 Contaa (TVG-:29) 5:00 Star Kid p. 14 4:00 The Next Karate Kid p. 14 4:30 Good Burger p. 14 6:45 A League of Their Own p. 14 6:00 Mars Attacks! p. 14 6:15 Summer School p. 14 9:00 SECOND CHANCE TUESDAY 8:00 The Devil’s Own p. 13 8:00 The Assignment p. 13 Space Truckers p.3 10:00 SEASON PREMIERE! 10:00 The Sopranos p.4 11:00 The Sopranos p.4 Tracey Takes On... p.5 11:00 Midnight in the Garden 12:00 The Larry Sanders Show 10:30 Tracey Takes On... p.5 of Good and Evil p. 14 (TVMA-:23) 11:00 Lost Angels p. 14 1:40 am i Out at Work 12:30 am i Exception to the Rule p. 13 1:00 am Dennis Miller Live p.5 America Undercover p.7 2:10 Life of Crime 2 1:30 Above the Law p. 13 2:40 Sliver (R-l:46) America Undercover 3:15 The Substitute p. 14 4:30 Children of a (TVMA-2:00) 5:10 The Pentagon Wars Lesser God (R-1:59) 4:15 Event Horizon p. 13 HBO Original Movie p. 14 14 THURSDAY 15 FRIDAY 16 SATURDAY 7:00 am i Happily Ever After (TVY-:26) 7:00 am Animated Hero Classics 7:00 am Pippi Longstocking 7:30 Babar To Duet or The Wright Brothers (TVY7-:27) Pippi Goes to Not to Duet p. 13 7:30 Babar the South Seas p. 14 8:00 Home Alone 3 p.2 The Missing Crown Affair p. 13 7:30 Babar 9:45 Neverending Story (PG-1:34) 8:00 Beetlejuice p. 13 The Phantom p. 13 11:30 You Don’t Have to Die 9:30 The Making of 8:00 The Tale of (TVY-:27) Jingle All the Way (TVPG-:24) Peter Rabbit 12:00 Good Burger p. 14 10:00 Orca (PG-1:32) HBO Storybook Musicals 1:45 pm Addams Family Values p. 13 11:30 Out to Sea p. 14 (TVY-:27) 3:30 And the Band Played On 1:30 pm Splash p. 14 8:30 Star Kid p. 14 (PG 13-2:22) 3:30 Mother p. 14 10:15 Other Mothers (TVPG-:45) 6:00 HBO First Look 5:15 Beetlejuice p. 13 11:00 Inside the NFL p.7 The Thin Red Une (: 15) 7:00 Inside the NFL p.7 12:00 White Nights (PG 13-2:17) 6:15 Home Alone 3 p.2 8:00 Diary of a Terrorist 2:30 pm Dear God p. 13 8:00 Out at Work Mikdad p. 13 4:30 The Next Karate Kid p. 14 America Undercover p.7 9:00 L.A. Confidential (R-2:18) 6:15 Star Kid p. 14 9:00 Sliver (R-1:46) 11:30 Dennis Miller Live p.5 8:00 HBO SATURDAY NIGHT 11:00 Inside the NFL p.7 12:00 Tracey Takes On... p.5 Boogie Nights p.2 12:00 The Sopranos p.4 12:30 am i Tracey Takes On... p.5 10:35 The Substitute p. 14 1:00 am i Midnight in the Garden 1:00 Cobra p. 13 12:35 am i The Sopranos p.4 of Good and Evil p. 14 2:30 Inside the NFL p.7 1:35 Bachelor Party p. 13 3:35 Dressed to Kill (R-1:45) 3:30 Stormy Nights p. 14 3:20 Boogie Nights p.2 5:25 The White Raven p. 14 5:05 Vision Quest (R-1:48) 10 3E/4P 17 SUNDAY 18 MONDAY 19 T U E S DAY 6:00 am Long Shots (TVPG-:59) 7:00 am Jim Henson’s The Storyteller 6:00 am Leonardo (TVY7-:48) 7:00 Pippi Longstocking Pippi Meets Fearnot p. 14 7:00 The Little Lulu Show (TVY-:24) Some Pearl Poachers p. 14 7:30 Babar School Days p. 13 7:30 Babar Peer Pressure p. 13 7:30 Babar Between Friends p. 13 8:00 The Neverending Story 8:00 Summer School p. 14 8:00 Police Academy 5: (PG-1:34) 9:45 Beetlejuice p. 13 Assignment Miami Beach p. 14 9:45 Addams Family Values p. 13 11:30 The Next Karate Kid p. 14 9:45 You Don’t Have to Die 11:30 Home Alone 3 p.2 1:30 pm i Til There Was You (PG 13-1:54) (TVY-:27) 1:30 pm Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde p. 13 3:30 The Evening Star p. 13 10:30 Space Truckers p.3 3:00 Dead Blue: Surviving Depression 5:45 Making/Evening Star (TVPG-: 15) 12:30 pm i Tracey Takes On... p.5 America Undercover p. 13 6:00 No Visible Bruises (TVI4-:29) 1:00 Airplane! p. 13 4:00 Sommersby p. 14 6:30 Beetlejuice p. 13 2:30 Wayne’s World p. 14 6:00 The Education 8:15 HBO First Look 4:00 Police Academy 5: of Little Tree p. 13 The Thin Red Une (: 15) Assignment Miami Beach p. 14 8:00 Get On the Bus p. 14 8:30 SECOND CHANCE TUESDAY 5:45 A League of Their Own p. 14 10:00 Event Horizon p. 13 Boogie Nights p.2 8:00 The Sopranos p.4 11:40 The Substitute p. 14 11:05 The Sopranos p.4 9:00 The Sopranos p.4 1:40 am The Making of 12:05 am Larry Sanders Show (TVMA-:24) 10:00 Space Truckers p.3 Event

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COMING IN FEBRUARY Morgan Freeman Anthony Hopkins Djimon Hounsou Matthew McConaughey A Steven Spielberg Film AMISTAD HD IT S NOT TV ITS HBO 3E

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m It’s tough being a mob boss these days— just ask Tony Soprano. His business is off. His marriage is on the rocks. His kids are a handful. And now he’s in therapy. James Gandolfini, Lorraine Bracco and Edie Falco star in this gritty, darkly humorous drama series that explodes 4 the gangster stereotype with genuine realism. In Tony Soprano’s world, just because you’re ‘made’ doesn’t mean you’ve got it made. (AC,GL,GV,N) TVMA/ V,S,L-:58. New episodes on HBO every Sunday night. Encore plays: Jan. 11,12, 14,16,17; 19,21,23,26,28,30 pr»H Tracey Takes On Season Premiere Wednesday, January 13 Tracey Ullman unleashes a new season of her patented character comedy in this Emmy®-winning series.This year,Tracey “takes on” such diverse subjects as “Dating,” “Drugs” and much more. (AC,AL) TV 14/L,D-:27. New episodes on HBO every Wednesday night. Encore plays: Jan.3,9,17,22,27;15,19;22,26;29 PEDES Season Premiere Friday, January 8 Another year, another riotous season of Clinton probes, celebrity scandals and social deviance.The ever-acerbic comedian kicks off an all-new season with his scathing perspective and razor- Mr. Show With Bob and David sharp wit aimed squarely at 1999— and into the new millenium! (AC,AL) TVMA/L-:27. New episodes on HBO every Friday night. Encore plays: Jan. 10,13;17,20;24,27;31 po Check out the season’s final episode of the show critics are branding one of the hippest and funniest on TV. Bob Odenkirk and David Cross head the cast in this wild comedy series. (ACAL,BN) TVMA/L-:27. HBO Jan. 1,3,4,7,10 pn LIVE

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AFTER. Dj*K R. K HEAVYWEIGHT BOXING DOUBLEHEADER SATURDAY, JAN.30 Michael Grant YOUNG HEAVYWEIGHT SENSATION VS. Ahmac Abdin VETERAN CONTENDER s. V ■f Andrew Golota POWERFUL HEAVYWEIGHT CONTENDER VS. David Izon HARD-HITTING OLYMPIC MEDALIST 1 I ¥ E S ±JA ¥11RDAY. JANUARY R look for a special announcement a boot this night of ohaoipiooship boxing aotioo! _______ with Bryant Gumbel This foui^time Emmy®-Award-winning show goes beyond the box scores and statistics to take a provocative and entertaining look at the world of contemporary sports. :57. HBO Jan.25,26,27,30,31 inside NFL Thursday nights! The road to Super Bowl XXXIII goes through HBO’s football experts, who offer high- g lights and " insights of the season’s final month. TVPG-:57. HBO Jan.7,8,9,14, 15,16,21,22, 23,28,29,30 n Out at Work AMERICA UNDERCOUER Did you know that in 40 states, you could lose your job for being gay or lesbian? This documentary looks at employees who were harassed and even fired because of their sexual orientation. (AC,AL,N) TVMA/S.L-:58. HBO Jan.6,11,14,20,25 pniS HBO Premiere Movie % I m Under Pressure Charles Sheen Mare Winningham A hero firefighter reaches boiling point during a sweltering heatwave. After his wife leaves him, he turns his rage on anyone in reach—including the family next door! (AC,AL,GV) R-1:28. HBO Jan.22,25,28,31 p®ia

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1 FRIDAY 2 SATURDAY 3 SUNDAY 6:15 am Other Mothers (TVPG-:45) 7:00 am Pippi Longstocking 6:30 am The Tale of 7:00 Animated Hero Classics Pippi Returns Peter Rabbit (TVY-:27) Pocahontas (TVY7-:26) to Villa Villekula p. 14 7:00 Pippi Longstocking p. 14 7:30 Babar p. 13 7:30 Babar 7:30 Babar Mango Madness p. 13 8:00 Good Burger p. 14 Robot Rampage p. 13 8:00 Mars Attacks! p. 14 9:45 Jingle All the Way p. 14 8:00 Beetlejuice p. 13 10:00 Tracey Takes On... p.5 11:30 The Making of 9:30 The Adventures 10:30 Dear God p. 13 Jingle All the Way (TVPG-:24) of Mowgli (TVG-1:29) 12:30 pm Murphy’s Romance (PG 13-1:48) 12:00 Contact (PG-2:30) 11:00 Inside the NFL p.7 2:15 Summer School p. 14 2:30 pm Til There Was You (PG 13-1:54) 12:00 The Evening Star p. 13 4:00 No Visible Bruises: 4:30 Other Mothers (TVPG-:45) 2:15 pm A League of The Katie Koestner Story 5:15 Good Burger p. 14 Their Own p. 14 LifeStories: Families in Crisis 7:00 Inside the NFL p.7 4:30 Addams Family (TV 14-:29) 8:00 Soul Food p. 14 Values p. 13 4:30 Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde p. 13 10:00 Bachelor Party p. 13 6:15 Beetlejuice p. 13 6:00 Mars Attacks! p. 14 11:45 Mr. Show With 8:00 HBO SATURDAY NIGHT 8:00 Murder at 1600 p. 14 Bob and David p.5 Home Alone 3 p.2 10:00 Midnight in the Garden 12:15am i Eddie Murphy Raw p. 13 10:00 Fire Down Below p. 13 of Good and Evil p. 14 1:50 Inside the NFL p.7 11:50 Cobra p. 13 12:40 am Mr. Show With 2:50 The Chain (R-1:36) 1:20 am i Normal Life (R-1:42) Bob and David p.5 4:30 Autopsy 2 3:05 The Devil’s Own p. 13 1:10 Red Ribbon Blues p. 14 America Undercover (TVMA-:53) 5:00 The Little Death p. 14 2:50 Dressed to Kill (R-1:45) 5:25 8 Heads in a Duffel Bag (R-1:35) 4:40 Hostages (R-1:36) 4 MONDAY 5 TUESDAY 6 WEDNESDAY 6:30 am i Benji at Work (TVG-:25) 6:00 am i The Making of 7:00 am The Country Mouse 7:00 Jim Henson's Storyteller p. 14 Jingle All the Way (TVPG-:24) and the City Mouse 7:30 Babar Babar’s First Step p. 13 6:30 Alexander and the Adventures p. 13 8:00 Mother p. 14 Terrible, Horrible, 7:30 Babar Babar Returns p. 13 9:45 Mouse Hunt p. 14 No Good, Very Bad Day 8:00 Wind Dancer (PG-I:30) 11:30 Jingle All the Way p. 14 (TVY-:29) 9:30 The Making of 1:00 pm Star Kid p. 14 7:00 The Little Lulu Show (TVY-:24) Contact (TVG-:29) 2:45 HBO First Look 7:30 Babar City Ways p. 13 10:00 Sommersby p. 14 The Thin Red Line (: 15) 8:00 Addams Family Values p. 13 12:00 Contact (PG-2:30) 3:00 Police Academy 5: 9:45 Home Alone 3 p.2 2:30 pm A League of Assignment Miami Beach p. 14 11:30 Strange Invaders (PG-1:33) Their Own p. 14 4:45 Orca (PG-1:32) 1:00 pm Airplane! p. 13 4:45 Summer School p. 14 6:15 Mouse Hunt p. 14 2:30 Good Burger p. 14 6:30 Wayne’s World p. 14 8:00 The Prince of Tides p. 14 4:15 Addams Family Values p. 13 8:00 Contact (PG-2:30) 10:15 The Ref p. 14 6:00 The Next Karate Kid p. 14 10:30 Out at Work 12:00 Mr. Show With 8:00 SECOND CHANCE TUESDAY America Undercover p.7 Bob and David p.5 Home Alone 3 p.2 11:30 Switchback (R-1:58) 12:30 am i HBO First Look 9:45 Bachelor Party p. 13 1:30 am i Midnight in the Garden The Thin Red Line (:I5) 11:30 The White Raven p. 14 of Good and Evil p. 14 12:45 Life of Crime 2 1:00 am i Prince of the City (R-2:48) 4:10 Dave Chapelle America Undercover (TVMA-2:00) 3:50 The Lost Boys (R-l:37) HBO Comedy Half-Hour 2:50 Exception to the Rule p. 13 5:30 HBO Transmission Test (1:28) (TVMA-:28) 4:35 Vampire Journals p. 14 4:40 Vision Quest (R-1:48) 8 VISIT OUR HBO WEB SITE AT www.hbo.com HBO Series Premiere Sunday, Jan. 10! See a different episode every Sunday, 9 pm et/pt 8 FRIDAY 6:45 am HBO First Look The Thin Red Line (: 15) 7:00 Animated Hero Classics Benjamin Franklin: Scientist and Inventor (TVY7-:25) 7:30 Babar Babar’s Triumph p. 13 8:00 The Education of Little Tree p. 13 10:00 Gunfighter’s Moon (PG 13-1:31) 11:30 Omega Doom (PG 13-1:24) 1:00 pm White Nights (PG 13-2:17) 3:30 The Neverending Story (PG-1:34) 5:15 Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach p. 14 7:00 Inside the NFL p.7 8:00 Event Horizon p. 13 9:40 Sliver (R-1:46) 11:30 Dennis Miller Live p.5 12:00 Body Armour p. 13 1:40 am Inside the NFL p.7 2:40 Truth or Consequences, N.M. (R-1:47) 4:30 Compromising Positions (R-1:38) 3E 9 SATURDAY 6:10 am i Making of Evening Star (TVPG-: 15) 6:30 The Making of... (TVPG-:27) 7:00 Pippi Longstocking p. 14 7:30 Babar Babar’s Choice p. 13 8:00 Splash p. 14 10:00 Long Shots (TVPG-:59) 11:00 Inside the NFL p.7 12:00 The Making of John Grisham’s The Rainmaker (TVPG-:27) 12:30 pm Out to Sea p. 14 2:15 Tracey Takes On... p.5 2:45 Mouse Hunt p. 14 4:30 Airplane! p. 13 6:00 Splash p. 14 8:00 HBO SATURDAY NIGHT Space Truckers p.3 10:00 Championship Boxing LIVE! p.6 12:30 am Above the Law p. 13 2:15 Denis Leary (TVMA-:59) 3:20 Stephen King's Night Flier (R-l:33) 4:55 Space Truckers p.3 / THURSDAY 6:30 am The Tale of Peter Rabbit (TVY-:27) 7:00 Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child Snow White (TVY-:27) 7:30 Babar The City of Elephants p. 13 8

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HBO EXTBAS... GET ON THE BUS Inspiring Spike Lee drama about the Million Man March of 1995. (ACM) R-1:56. Jan.18 pgll^l GOOD BURGER Good-natured comedy with lots of well-done laughs. (MV) PG-1:35. Jan. 1,5,11,14,20,23,29 pEHM HEAD OF THE FAMILY Humorous horror about a family with a basement full of secrets. (AQM,N,V) R-112. Jan.31 O JIM HENSON’S THE STORYTELLER Live-action retellings of some of the world’s greatest tales of fantasy. (MV) TVY7/FV-:25. Jan.4,11,18,25 pni^ JINGLE ALL THE WAY Christmas comedy with Arnold Schwarzenegger. (MV) PG-1:30. Jan. 1,4,10,28 JOHN GRISHAM’S THE RAINMAKER Courtroom crackler. Matt Damon. (ACALV) PG 13-2:15. Jan. 10 p SS a KISS OR KILL Suspense, desire and some offbeat laughs in a Down Under drama. (ACMN,V) R-l:36.Jan.24 pSS A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN Baseball comedy-drama. Tom Hanks. (AL) PG-2:08.Jan.2,6,12,II,21,25 P0SE1 THE LITTLE DEATH A beautiful young widow spins a web of intrigue. (AC,Ai, N,V) TVMA/V,S,L-1:31. Jan.2,21 ES LOST ANGELS Gripping drama about a rebellious youth fighting to be understood. (ACAL.N) R-l:56.Jan. 13,30 SI MARS ATTACKS! Director Tim Burton’s* sci-fi spoof. Jack Nicholson. (AC,AL,V) PG 13-1:46. Jan.3,1,13,23,26 p BS a MEET WALLY SPARKS Rodney Dangerfield stars as a talk show host. (ACAmV) R-1 :45. Jan. 1,21 pOS MIDNIGHT IN THE GARDEN OF GOOD AND EVIL Kevin Spacey, John Cusack. (ACALV) R-2:35. Jan.3,6,11,14 PUSS MOTHER Comedy starring Albert Brooks and Debbie Reynolds. (ACM) PG 13-1:44. Jan.4,I5,28,3I pESIfii MOUSE HUNT Two wacky brothers inherit a crumbling Victorian mansion. (AC, V)PG-1:38. Jan.4,9 MURDER AT 1600 D C. cop Wesley Snipes investigates a murder. (ACJ\i, N,V) R-l:47. Jan.3,21,30 pEBIS THE NEXT KARATE KID Mr. Miyagi has a new student—a teenage girl! (AL,V) PG-1:47. Jan.5,1I,13,I6,19,24 p ® 151 OUT TO SEA The infamous grumpy old men are back as dance hosts! (AQAL) PG 13-1:47. Jan.9,15,20,28,31 PUSS THE PENTAGON WARS HBO Original Moive Satiric comedy. (AC,AL,MV) R-1:44. Jan. 10,13,25 psi H PIPPI LONGSTOCKING Animated series about the darling red-head. TVY7-:24. Jan.2,3,9,10,16,17,23,24,30,31 PO® POLICE ACADEMY 5: ASSIGNMENT MIAMI BEACH Law and disorder in sunny Florida with the boys in blue! (AL) PG-1:34.Jan.4,8,17,20,23,28 p THE PRINCE OF TIDES Barbra Streisand directed and stars in this romantic drama. Nick Nolte. (ACfiL, RP,V) R-2:12. Jan.4,21,30 pES RED RIBBON BLUES Comedy with RuPaul. (ACAL,V) TVMA-1:38. Jan.3 O THE REF A bumbling jewel thief breaks into the home of a zany family. (ACfiL, BN,MV) R-1:37. Jan.4,19,27 PS0m RIPE Twin sisters hit the road after their parents are killed in an accident. (AC,AL,BN,MV) R-1:32. Jan. 17,27 Q^ SOMMERSBY Richard Gere and Jodie Foster star in this romantic mystery. (AC,V) PG 13-1:54. Jan.6, / 8 p 50 H3 SOUL FOOD The triumphs and trials of an embattled family. Vanessa L. Williams. (ACMBN,MV) R-1:55.Jan.l,23 pSSII^I SPLASH Tom Hanks falls for beautiful mermaid Daryl Hannah. (ACfiL,BN,MV) PG-1:50. Jan.9,12,15,21,24,27 QE11^ STAR KID An intergalactic adventure turns one boy’s world around. (MV) PG-1:41.Jan.4,12,16,22,31 IH STORMY NIGHTS Shannon Tweed stars as a scam artist in this erotic thriller. (ACAL,N,V) TVMA/V,S,L-1:30.Jan.l5 O THE SUBSTITUTE Tom Berenger cleans up a tough Miami high school. (AQAL.BN, V) R-1:54. Jan. 13,16,18,22,26 SUMMER SCHOOL Breezy romantic comedy starring Mark Harmon. (AL,V) PG 13-1:37. Jan.3,6,11,19,22,30 pi^ SWITCHBACK An FBI agent stalks a serial killer. Dennis Quaid, Danny Glover. (AL,N,V) R-1:58. Jan.6 [--- TURBULENCE Terrifying airborne thriller. Ray Liotta and Lauren Holly star. (Ai V) R-1:41. Jan. 18,23,31 p M M VAMPIRE JOURNALS Passions run high when two vampires lust after the same woman. (AC,GV,N) R-l:22.Jan.4 O WAYNE’S WORLD The most awesome access show on cable TV! Mike Myers and Dana Carvey star. (AQAL) PG 13-1:31. Jan.6,11,17,21,25,30101^1 THE WHITE RAVEN A journalist is hot on the trail of the story of a lifetime. (ACMN,V) R-1:29. Jan.5,14 pOI PLEASE NOTE. We now use the following new TY Parental Guidelines. We hope that, used in conjunction with our usual content advisories, they will help you make more informed viewing decisions. TVY Appropriate for all children TVY7 Directed to older children TVG For General audiences TVPG Parental guidance suggested TV 14 Parental guidance strongly suggested TVMA Mature audiences only Below is a detailed list of content advisories for our programs to help you make more informed viewing decisions for you and your family. They also appear on HBO at the start of each program. AC Adult content AL Adult language GL Graphic language MV Mild violence V Violence GV Graphic violence BN Brief nudity N Nudity SC Strong sexual content RP Rape Q indicates dosed-captioned programs. Registered service mark of the National Captioning Institute. Used with permission. Special decoder needed, n indicates programs in stereo, where available. SSI indicates programs with Dolby Surround Encoding, where available. Registered TM of Dolby

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12:00 Tracey Takes On... p.5 Ahmad Abdin; Andrew 2:30 am Dave Chapelle 12:30 am The Assignment p. 13 Colota vs. David Izon p.6 HBO Comedy Half-Hour 2:35 Inside the NFL p.7 12:30 am i Murder at 1600 p. 14 (TVMA-:28) 3:35 Prince of 2:20 Lost Angels p. 14 3:00 Under Pressure p.7 the City (R-2:48) 4:20 The Prince of Tides p. 14 4:30 Head of the Family p. 14 H BO EXTRAS... •JANUARY ABOVE THE LAW Cop Steven Seagal is out to clean up Chicago. Sharon Stone. (AL,V) R- \ 39. Jan.9,13,25,29 pm® ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES America’s favorite dysfunctional family. (AC,MV) PG13-1:34. Jan.2,5,14,18,22,2 7 p M M AIRPLANE! Hilarious spoof of air-disaster movies. Robert Hays. (AQAL, BN,V) PG-1:28.Jan.5,9,17,21 p@ ANIMATED HERO CLASSICS Great men and women come to life in this series. TVY7-:28.Jan. 1,8,15,22,29 POI THE ASSIGNMENT International spy thriller starring Aidan Quinn, Donald Sutherland and Ben Kingsley. (AQAL, BN,V) R-1:59. Jan.7,11,26,29 PEI® BABAR The adventures of the beloved elephant king. TVY-:23. Jan. I-31 BACHELOR PARTY Laugh-out-loud hijinks starring Tom Hanks. (AQAL, MV,N) R-1:41. Jan. 1,5,16,21,28 pm BEETLEJUICE Supernaturally funny haunted house smash! (AC,AL,V) PG-1:32. Jan.2,7,15,19,2 7,31 pssm BODY ARMOUR A man must stop a mad scientist from unleashing a virus. (ACM,N,V) R/V.S.L-1:36.Jan.8 pn COBRA Nonstop action from the director of Rambo. Sylvester Stallone. (AL,GV) R-1:27. Jan.2,15,28 pO THE COUNTRY MOUSE AND THE CITY MOUSE ADVENTURES Animated family series. TVY-:24.Jan.6,(3,20,27 PS0H DEAR GOD Greg Kinnear stars in this heartwarming comedy. (AC,AL) PG-\:S2. Jan.3,12,16,21,25,29 PEHH THE DEVIL’S OWN Harrison Ford and Brad Pitt star in this taut thriller. (AL.V) R-l :51. Jan.2, (3,/7 PEHH DIARY OF A TERRORIST: MIKDAD A former terrorist explains a botched job. (AC) TV 14/D-:51. Jan. / 5 pH DR. JEKYLL AND MS. HYDE Tim Daly and Sean Young star. (AC^L,BN,MV) PG 13-1:26. Jan.3,7,13,18,22,28 PSS1H EDDIE MURPHY RAW Onstage and uncensored! (AC.GL) R-1:30. Jan. 1,7 pBl THE EDUCATION OF LITTLE TREE The heartwarming story of an orphan boy. (AL) PG-1:56. Jan.8,13,18,24 pBSS 8 HEADS IN A DUFFEL BAG Zany gangland comedy starring Joe Pesci. (ACMV) R-l:35.Jan.!,20 pm THE EVENING STAR Lively sequel. Shirley MacLaine, Jack Nicholson. (AC, AL,BN) PG 13-2:09. Jan.2,7,/9 PSBIH EVENT HORIZON Eerie action-thriller. (AGAIN,V) R-1:36.Jan.8,12,18 p®H EXCEPTION TO THE RULE Sizzling suspense-drama. With Sean Young. (ACftL,N,V) R-1:39. Jan.4,12 pna FIRE DOWN BELOW Steven Seagal. (AQAL.V) R-1:45. Jan.2,7,20,29 p®sl 3E/4P 13

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Steven Seagal the PATRIOT Even Steven Seagal can’t kick butt against lethal viruses! As a doctor living in the Rocky Mountain foothills, Seagal lives a quiet existence until a deadly outbreak strikes. Racing against time, he finds his search for an antidote hampered by a militia group’s twisted mission. (AC,AL,V) R-1:30. HBO Feb.6,9,11,14,17,19,221?HIS STARTS SATURDAY, FEB. 6 Morgan Freeman Anthony Hopkins Djimon Hounsou Matthew McConaughey The year was 1839. The crew of a slave ship is slaughtered in a revolt by their human cargo. Put on trial, the slaves had little chance of gaining the thing they had killed for: freedom. Backed by Anthony Hopkins’ brilliant performance, director Steven Spielberg molds a gripping epic from one of history’s darkest times. (AL,AC, N,V) R-2:35. HBO Feb. 13,16,21,24 STARTS SATURDAY, FEB. 13 Richard Dreyfuss lAtmw1 He was the genius behind ^ organized crime in its early days—and a man who was as brutal as he was brilliant. Richard Dreyfuss stars in this compelling, fact-based movie about notorious mobster Meyer Lansky. The story follows him 4 from the early years of his life I as a Jewish immigrant to his * career in gambling, bootlegging, racketeering—and eventually murder. (AC,AL,V) TVMA/V,L-I:57. Feb.27 QM STARTS SATURDAY, FEB. 27 Chow Yun-Fat Mira Sorvino mmuamrmias Chow Yun-Fat explodes on the screen in this nonstop thriller that marks his American film debut. He plays a retiring hit man whose refusal to kill a child forces him to dodge both cops and killers with the help of sexy forgery expert Mira Sorvino. (ACAkV) R-1:28. HBO Feb.20,23,28 l?Wm STARTS SATURDAY, FEB. 20 © 1998 Home Box Office, a Division of Time Warner Entertainment Company, LP. All rights reserved. Jeffrey L Bewkes, Chairman, President and CEO; William C Nelson, Executive VP and CFO; John S. Redpath, Jr., Secretary. The HBO/Cinemax Guide is published monthly by Home Box Office, 1100 Sixth Avenue, NY, NY 10036. 3

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