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BITTERSWEET LOVE A love between man and woman that’s still forbidden. Stars Lana Turner. Starts January 21 2 GLADYS KNIGHT & THE PIPS WITH RAY CHARLES SRO takes you to a knock-out musical evening. Starts January 22 USA/USSR BOXING Tune in for this international amateur boxing tournament. They’ll be slugging it out on January 26 A SMALL TOWN IN TEXAS Timothy Bottoms stars in a fast and furious tale of an ex-con returning home. Starts January 27 STAY HUNGRY An offbeat tale of bluebloods and beefcakes starring Jeff Bridges and Sally Field. Starts January 28 VOYAGE OF THE DAMNED Faye Dunaway stars in this incredible story of a ship that shamed the world. Starts January 29 3 Box OH^e^Uic^J^^choTas^^Presfdent110 I I Ifl H K Sean McCarthy. Treasurer W BKuiMmI Mi iHBk. mBImMB Sfm Wm msmmBm * H wBB Mg_MfcJi No cuts, no commercials and convenient Secretary Address mail to hbo Gu»de H pKH m »Wn9 919 SS EPffl BHH H sewing times Check through the guide to ©1977 Home Box Office, inc. aii rights reserved. Hi WM HI Hi ■■ W ■■ WM WM mm WM HI ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ rest of this month s programs. THE LATE SHOW Private eye Art Carney teams with kooky Lily Tomlin for a new twist in whodunits. Starts January 1 INSIDE THE NFL Super coverage right through the Super Bowl. New shows start January 5, 12,19 ON LOCATION Singer, comedian and terrific voice impressionist. Starts January 6 JABBERWOCKY The most marvelously demented comedy since Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Starts January 7 BLACK SUNDAY Robert Shaw matches wits with terrorists in the greatest thriller of the decade. Starts January 8 FUTUREWORLD It’s a sci-fi resort offering fantasy, sensuality and adventure. Stars Peter Fonda. Starts January 13 EMPIRE OF THE ANTS Menacing mandibles make it no picnic for stars Joan Collins and company. Starts January 14 IT’S ALIVE And whatever it is, it’s deadly. This is one film you should not see alone. Starts January 14 AUDREY ROSE A haunting vision of reincarnation based on the best-selling novel. Starts January 15 THE LION IN WINTER Katharine Hepburn won the Best Actress Oscar for her role opposite Peter O’Toole. Starts January 20 COLLEGE BASKETBALL See some of the nation’s top teams as they square off for action on January 4, II, 19,25 PIPE DREAMS Rhythm and blues superstar Gladys Knight heats up the screen with her acting debut. Starts January 21

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JACK xk! the KANSDUK This classic fairy tale is well animated and freshly embroidered with new characters and a delightful musical score. It’s all Jack, the original Rocky, overcoming the odds in a rollicking full-length cartoon. General audience. (G-1:30) Jan 7,10 nuii. ANItt From a 16-year-old rock & roller to a show business giant. Anka writes, composes and is a stand-out performer —as you’ll see this month on his exclusive Standing Room On/y engagement. January 1,9 INSIDE THE NFL Tune in for an action-packed review of the new Conference Champions. We’ll show footage from this season’s earlier games so you can follow the thundering paths of the Champs battling their way to the Super Bowl. A1 Meltzer and Chuck Bednarik will argue and analyze the plays that made the difference. January 12,14,15 MONDAY 9 6:00 PART 2 SOUNDER Sequel to Oscar-nominated Sounder( G-l:38) p.9 8:00 THE LATE SHOW Art Carney and Lily Tomlin rival Sam Spade with their gumshoeing tactics (PG-1:34) p.4 10:00 JABBERWOCKY Take a trip to the wacky kingdom of Bruno the Questionable (PG-1:44) p. 7 12:00 PAULANKA Standing Room Only. Old favorites and great new ones, p.8 COLLEGE BASKETBALL When Syracuse plays Penn State this Wednesday, January 11, the Orange should rely heavily on 6' 11" Roosevelt Bouie, who blocked 91 shots as a freshman. 8 DAN BALIOTTI Love, action, comedy, suspense—from a handful of adventurers who produced those golden old silent films. Ryan and Tatum O’Neal and Burt Reynolds star in this laugh-laden drama. Adult humor. (PG-2:01) January 3,5,8,12,14,23 PART 2 SOUNDER A warmhearted drama of the Morgan family from the immensely popular original Sounder. David Young will steal your heart in the role of David Lee. There’s also more great music by Taj Mahal. General audience. (G-l:38) January 5,9,15 OLIVER TWIST There’s sparkling music and animation in this cartoon version of Dickens’ tale. Oliver plus a cricket friend outrun the classic villains. General audience. (G-1:15) Jan 8,11 JANUARY 9-12 TUESDAY 10 WEDNESDAY 11 THURSDAY 12 6:30 JACK AND THE BEANSTALK Lively animation of Jack versus the Giant (G-1:30) p.8 8:00 BLACK SUNDAY Robert Shaw stars in gripping battle against Arab terrorists (R-2:23) p.6 10:30 THE SHOOTIST John Wayne stars as legendary gunfighter. Lauren Bacall and Ron (Happy Days) Howard co-star (PG-l:40)p.20 12:15 BLACK SUNDAY Bruce Dern and Marthe Keller co-star (R-2:23) p.6 6:00 OLIVER TWIST Animated Oliver versus classic villains (G-1:15) p.9 7:30 COLLEGE BASKETBALL Syracuse at Penn State p.8 9:30 GEORGE KIRBY ON LOCATION His voice impressions range from Pearl Bailey to a World War II battle, p.7 10:30 JABBERWOCKY A monster film with heart! Monty Python’s Michael Palin stars (PG-1:44) p.7 12:30 GEORGE KIRBY ON LOCATION p.7 6:00 NICKELODEON A laugh-laden and touching slapstick drama starring Tatum and Ryan O’Neal (PG-2:01) p.9 8:00 INSIDE THE NFL Get a Super Bowl preview from Chuck Bednarik. p.8 9:00 FUN WITH DICK AND JANE Jane Fonda (PG-1:39) p. 13 11:00 A STAR IS BORN Barbra Streisand stars in this rock version of the classic Hollywood story (R-2:20) p. 13 9

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Kooky LA. lady, Lily Tomlin, coaxes crusty private eye, Art Carney, out of retirement to unravel a plotful of blackmail, mystery and murder. It’s the greatest comedy-sleuthing combo since the days of Nick and Nora. Adult theme, violence. (PG-1:34) Jan 1,6,9,13,21,28 COLLEGE BASKETBALL Phil Ford, a superb guard who had 217 assists last season should be North Carolina’s main man as the Tar Heels begin the defense of their Atlantic Coast Conference titli on January 4 against the Clemson Tigers. HELEN REDDY Join the star-studded audience for Helen Reddy’s glittering opening night in Las Vegas. January 4,7,17 JANUARY SUNDAY 1 3:00 PAULANKA Standing Room Only, p.8 4:30 THE OLD CURIOSITY SHOP Anthony Newley (G-1:58) p.5 6:30 PAULANKA Great music—old and new. p.8 8:00 THE LATE SHOW Premiere. Art Carney and Lily Tomlin are an unlikely detective team (PG-1:34) p.4 10:00 DEMON SEED Julie Christie stars (R-l:34) p.5 12:00 THE LATE SHOW Art Carney (PG-1:34) p.4 4 1-5 MONDAY 2 6:00 BUGSY MALONE Jodie Foster stars as pre-teen gun moll (G-l:34) p. 12 8:00 BIRCH INTERVAL Young girl reaches maturity (PG-1:44) p. 16 10:00 THE HONEYMOON KILLERS Shirley Stoler and Tony Lo-Bianco in crime drama based on true story (R-l :34) 12:00 BUGSY MALONE Ingenious gangster spoof with Jodie Foster (G-1:34) p. 12 TUESDAY 3 6:00 NICKELODEON Ryan and Tatum O’Neal in laugh-filled adventure of early movie days (PG-2:01) p.9 8:00 A STAR IS BORN Barbra Streisand and Kris Kris-tofferson ignite this show-biz drama (R-2:20)p.l3 10:30 SHECKY GREENE ON LOCATION Shecky welcomes you to Las Vegas, Nevada, p.5 11:30 A STAR IS BORN A glittering film with superb music and Academy Award-winning song (R-2:20) p. 13 Shecky Greene Shecky Greene is the “King of the Comics” but he’s also a singer, songwriter, superb dialectician and unparalleled story teller. Don’t miss Shecky doing it as only he knows how. January 3,16 WEDNESDAY 4 5:30 FUN WITH DICK ANDJANE Jane Fonda and George Segal in perfect screwball comedy (PG-1:39) p. 13 7:30 COLLEGE BASKETBALL North Carolina at Clemson p.4 9:30 HELEN REDDY SRO takes you to Las Vegas for singer Helen Reddy’s fabulous opening night, p.4 10:30 FUN WITH DICK AND JANE Ed McMahon and George Segal co-star (PG-1:39) p. 13 12:30 HELEN REDDY p.4 THURSDAY 5 6:00 PART 2 SOUNDER Warm drama of rural black family struggling to build a school (G-l:38) p.9 8:00 INSIDE THE NFL See the Conference Champs in action! p.5 9:00 NICKELODEON Burt Reynolds joins up with a slap-dash film company and the fun begins (PG-2:01) p.9 11:00 KAMOURASKA Genevieve Bujold and Richard Jordan co-star in this gothic romance (1:59) p.12 INSIDE THE NFL Here’s the best and most complete coverage of the Conference Championships. All-Pro, Hall-of-Famer Chuck Bednarik and co-host A1 Meltzer will keep you up-to-date on who got the touchdowns and who made the mistakes. January 5,6,7 DEMON SEED Tense, erotic and dazzling sci-fi. An awesome supercomputer seeks immortality in human form. Julie Christie is its beautiful, but very unwilling mate. Adult theme, nudity. (R-l:34) January 1,6 Anthony Newley stars as Dickens’ miser who out- scrooges Scrooge. Will little Nell survive the odds and save the old shop? Find out in this beautiful production in the tradition of Oliver. General audience. (G-l:58) January 1,13

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BRACE YOURSELF FOR BLACK SUNDAY’S IT IS WITHOUT DOUBT THE FINEST ESPIONAGE THRILLER OF RECENT YEARS! —Judith Crist, Saturday Review BLACK SUNDAY A non-stop, scare-me thriller starring Robert (Jaws) Shaw, Bruce Dern, Marthe (Bobby Deerfield) Keller and the Goodyear Blimp. Deranged Vietnam vet Dern joins Arab terrorist Keller in a breath-catching plot to murder 80,000 unsuspecting Super Bowl fans. Prepare for one of the most terrifying finales on film. Violence, adult language. (R-2:23) Jan 8,10,14,19,27,30 JANUARY 6-8 FRIDAY 6 5:00 BIRCH INTERVAL Sensitive story of girl’s troubled summer (PG-1:44) p. 16 7:00 INSIDE THE NFL p.5 8:00 GEORGE KIRBY ON LOCATION Premiere. Join Kirby for a rollicking evening of laughter and bull’s-eye mimicry, p.7 9:00 THE LATE SHOW Spacey Lily Tomlin seeks the aid of retired private eye Art Carney (PG-1:34) p.4 11:00 DEMON SEED Computer seduces Julie Christie (R-1:34) p.5 12:45 THE LATE SHOW Comedy-mystery (PG-1:34) p.4 6 SATURDAY 7 2:30 JACK AND THE BEANSTALK Cartoon version (G-1:30) p.8 4:30 HELEN REDDY SRO presents great music, p.4 5:30 INSIDE THE NFL p.5 6:30 JACK AND THE BEANSTALK Premiere. Musical fantasy. Fun for all (G-1:30) p.8 8:00 JABBERWOCKY Premiere. A very funny “stepson” to Monty Python and the Holy Grail (PG-1:44) p.7 10:00 FUN WITH DICK AND JANE Jane Fonda (PG-1:39) p. 13 12:00 JABBERWOCKY p.7 SUNDAY 8 2:30 NICKELODEON Ryan O’Neal (PG-2:01) p.9 4:30 OLIVER TWIST Animated Charles Dickens plus a cricket (G-1:15) p.9 6:00 NICKELODEON Burt Reynolds (PG-2:01) p.9 8:00 BLACK SUNDAY Premiere. Robert Shaw, Bruce Dern and Marthe Keller star in this nerve-frazzling thriller (R-2:23) p.6 10:30 THE SAILOR WHO FELL FROM GRACE Sarah Miles co-stars with Kris Kristofferson (R-1:45) p. 13 12:15 KAMOURASKA Genevieve Bujold (1:59) p. 12 George Kirby is the “complete” entertainer. A remarkable impressionist, comedian, singer, dancer and pianist. He leaves his audience feeling as if they’ve seen a dozen performers instead of just one! He can sing like Sarah Vaughan, sound like Carroll O’Connor and re-enact the sounds of a WWII battle. See him this month on Jan 6,11,14,24 “Funnier than ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’.”-la Times Welcome to the raunchy realm of Bruno the Questionable, a likeable tyrant whose kingdom is being ravaged by a slithery monster. Fate throws Dennis (Michael Palin of Monty Python’s Flying Circus), an ever hopeful peasant, into the fray and makes him an unlikely hero. A satiric slapstick farce and “the most marvelously demented comedy since The Holy Grail" (N. Y. Times). Brief nudity, some violence. (PG-1:44) Jan 7,9,11,20,31

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COLLEGE MSKETMLL West Virginia shocked Notre Dame last season as Maurice Robinson had 21 points and 15 rebounds. The Irish, hosts on January 25, should have Duck Williams, Rich Branning and Bruce Flowers. JANUARY 23-26 Lana Turner stars in a controversial drama of love and incest. Her daughter (Meredith Baxter Birney) has fallen in love with the wrong man. Celeste Holm co-stars in this moving romance. Adult theme. (PG-1:32) January 21,23,27,29 BIRCH | INTERVAL A beautifully acted memoir of a few girlhood months. Stars Eddie Albert, Rip Torn, Susan McClung. Adult theme. (PG-1:44) Jan 2,6,15,24,28 MONDAY 23 TUESDAY 24 WEDNESDAY 25 6:00 FUTUREWORLD Fast-moving sci-fi plot where robots and people get mixed up (PG-1:44) p.II 8:00 BITTERSWEET LOVE Lana Turner stars in story of forbidden love (PG-1:32) p. 16 9:30 BIG BAD MAMA Angie Dickinson and her daughters take off on a crime spree (R-1:21) p. 17 11:00 NICKELODEON Burt Reynolds in a laugh-filled homage to early silent movies (PG-2:01) p.9 6:00 BIRCH INTERVAL Beautifully acted memoir of a few girlhood months. Eddie Albert stars (PG-1:44) p. 16 8:00 GEORGE KIRBY ON LOCATION p.7 9:00 TAXI DRIVER Robert DeNiro stars as a haunted Vietnam vet in New York City. Jodie Foster, Cybill Shepherd and Peter Boyle co-star (R-1:52) p. 17 11:00 AUDREY ROSE Susan Swift gives a brilliant performance in eerie reincarnation tale (PG-1:53) p. 10 6:30 PIPE DREAMS Gladys Knight makes her dramatic debut in love story set in Alaska (PG-1:29) p. 14 8:00 COLLEGE BASKETBALL West Virginia vs. Fighting Irish of Notre Dame p. 16 10:00 LION IN WINTER Katharine Hepburn and Peter O’Toole in Oscar-nominated film (PG-2:14) p. 14 12:30 THE SHOOTIST John Wayne stars as an aging gunfighter(PG-I:40) p.20 16 USA-USSR BOXING All-heavyweight amateur boxing teams from the USSR and USA will swap punches once again as HBO brings you eight three-round matches from the New Orleans Superdome. Announcers Jim Dunphy and Rollie Schwartz will be on hand for the action. January 26,28 (Police Woman) Dickinson stars as a pistol-packing widow with two daughters. The beautiful trio draws as many men as it does crossfire. Nudity, violence. (R-l:21) January 17,23,29 THURSDAY 26 6:00 FUTUREWORLD Peter Fonda, Blythe Danner and Yul Brynner co-star in fast-paced sci-fi (PG-1:44) p. 11 8:00 USA/USSR BOXING CHAMPIONSHIPS Special three-round bouts, p. 17 9:30 GLADYS KNIGHT AND THE PIPS WITH RAY CHARLES Standing Room Only presents super entertainment, p. 15 11:00 TAXI DRIVER Robert DeNiro and Jodie Foster co-star (R-l :52) p. 17 TAXI DRIVER The girl is 12. The guy is a taxi driver. And what happens to both of them will shock you. Robert DeNiro and Jodie Foster star in this haunting film set in New York City. Peter Boyle co-stars. Graphic violence and strong language. (R-l:52) January 24,26,29

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A haunting vision of reincarnation. .fludtfy An ominous brew of fear and reincarnation turns the life of a young girl into a nightmare. Susan Swift is Ivy, invaded by the soul of Audrey Rose, a child killed just moments before Ivy was born. Now she is torn between her parents (Marsha Mason and John Beck) and the man—superbly played by Anthony Hopkins—who claims to be her father. Some violence. (PG-1:53) Jan 15,19,22,24,30 JANUARY 13-15 FRIDAY 13 SATURDAY 14 SUNDAY 15 6:00 THE OLD CURIOSITY SHOP Will Little Nell save the shop? Tune in to this lively Charles Dickens tale (G-l :58) p.5 8:00 FUTUREWORLD Premiere. Robots plot to take over the world. Stars Peter Fonda, Blythe Danner and Yul Brynner (PG-1:44) p.l 1 10:00 THE LATE SHOW Lily Tomlin and Art Carney in warmhearted but flipped-out whodunit. (PG-1:34) p.4 11:45 FUTUREWORLD Great sequel to Westworld (PG-1:44) p. 11 10 3:30 NICKELODEON Ryan O’Neal (PG-2:01) p.9 5:30 INSIDE THE NFL Check what the experts think about the Super Bowl, p.8 6:30 EMPIRE OF THE ANTS Premiere. Thrills, chills and giant ants! (PG-1:31) p.l 1 8:00 IT’S ALIVE Premiere. A masterpiece of horror—don’t watch this one alone (PG-1:30) p.l 1 9:30 BLACK SUNDAY Robert Shaw (R-2:23) p.8 12:00 GEORGE KIRBY ON LOCATION p.7 1:00 IT’S ALIVE Monster is born (PG-1:30) p. 11 3:00 PART 2 SOUNDER Warm family story (G-l :38) p.9 5:00 INSIDE THE NFL Chuck Bednarik comments, p.8 6:00 BIRCH INTERVAL A young girl learns about the adult world. Eddie Albert stars (PG-1:44) p. 16 8:00 AUDREY ROSE Premiere. A menacing drama of reincarnation starring Anthony Hopkins (PG-1:53) p. 10 10:00 FUTUREWORLD Peter Fonda and Blythe Danner star (PG-1:44) p.l I 12:00 AUDREY ROSE Mind-opening thriller with Anthony Hopkins (PG-1:53) p. 10 WHERE'WESTWORLD'STOPPED FUTUREWORLD DEGINS! Reporters Peter Fonda and Blythe Danner are in for fast action when they dig beneath the surface of Delos. It’s a sci-fi playground where robots serve the fantasies of the world’s wealthy and powerful. Arthur Hill and scientist John Ryan want to turn the big-time visitors into carbon-copy robots. Yul Brynner co-stars. Adult theme. (PG-1:44) Jan 13,15,18,21,23,26 WHATEVER ms DEADLY The “it” is a bouncing baby born to John Ryan and Sharon Farrell who comes into the world with fangs, claws and a strong homicidal instinct. Make-up and music make “it” scary fare indeed. Graphic violence. (PG-1:30) January 14,16,18,22,27 H.G.WELLS EMPIRE OF THE ANTS From H.G. Wells comes this sci-fi radioactive inspiration. Crooked real estate agent Joan Collins is annoyed as a colony of arachnids the size of giraffes starts munching her clients in the Everglades. Place tongue firmly in cheek—and enjoy! Violence. (PG-1:31) Jan 14,17,20,31 11

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COLLEGE BASKETBALL Illinois guards Audie Mathews and Steve Lanter will try to shoot over or pass around The Great Wall of Minnesota on Thursday, Jan 19. Gopher forwards we may see in action are 6' 11" Kevin McHale and 6' 10" Dave Winey; the center is 6' 10" All-America Mike Thompson, who averaged 22 points in the 1976-77 season. ftUGSY MALONE JANUARY 16-19 MONDAY 16 6:00 THE SHOOTIST John Wayne plots a blazing finale (PG-1:40) p.20 8:00 IT’S ALIVE Newborn monster creates chaos in L.A. (PG-1:30) p. 11 9:30 SHECKY GREENE ON LOCATION Don’t miss this hilarious evening from Las Vegas, p.5 10:30 THE SHOOTIST Lauren Bacall and Hugh O’Brien co-star (PG-1:40) p.20 12:30 KAMOURASKA Genevieve Bujold in gothic romance (1:59) p. 12 Tiny henchman, gun molls in flapper outfits and pinstriped mini-mobsters in a thoroughly captivating spoof. Jodie Foster heads up the cast of delightful youngsters. General audience. (G-l:34) Jan 2,18 TUESDAY 17 5:30 EMPIRE OF THE ANTS King-size insects terrorize land developers (PG-1:31) p. 11 7:00 FUN WITH DICK AND JANE Jane Fonda and George Segal do a take on Bonnie and Clyde —comedy style (PG-1:39) p. 13 9:00 BIG BAD MAMA Angie Dickinson is a pistol-packing widow with two beautiful daughters (R-l:21) p. 17 10:30 A STAR IS BORN Barbra Streisand (R-2:20) p. 13 1:00 HELEN REDDY SROjets to Las Vegas, p.4 KAMOURASKA’ POWER OF PASSION A story of grand, tragic romantic passion—a passionate love affair that impels the lovers into an act of murder. Genevieve Bujold is all fire and ice. And Richard Jordan is her darkly handsome lover. No rating. Adult situations. (1:59) Jan 5,8,16 WEDNESDAY 18 6:00 BUGSY MALONE Mini mobsters in foot-pedaled getaway cars (G-1:34) p. 12 8:00 FUTUREWORLD A sci-fi pleasure dome aims at world conquest. Yul Brynner stars (PG-1:44) p. 11 10:00 THE SAILOR WHO FELL FROM GRACE WITH THE SEA Kris Kristofferson (R-1:45) p. 13 11:45 IT’S ALIVE A gruesome infant goes on a violent rampage (PG-1:30) p.l 1 12 INSIDE THE NFL Relive the exciting highs and lows of the 1978 Super Bowl with Al Meltzer and Hall-of-Famer Chuck Bednarik. January 19,20,21 “THE SAILOR WHO FELL FROM GRACE WITH THE SEA Kris Kristofferson’s love affair with widow Sarah Miles takes a startling twist. “A darkly chilling tale,” says N. Y. Daily News, filmed with “breathtaking beauty.” Nudity, adult situations. (R-1:45) Jan 8,18 High-powered love and music in this dazzling film with Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson. She’s a singer on the way up and he’s a declining rock hero. Nudity, adult language. (R-2:20) Jan 3,12,17,21 THURSDAY 19 6:00 AUDREY ROSE A suspense-filled psychological drama of reincarnation with Marsha Mason (PG-1:53) p. 10 8:00 INSIDE THE NFL Tune in for all the great Super Bowl action with Al Meltzer and Hall-of-Famer Chuck Bednarik. p. 13 9:00 COLLEGE BASKETBALL Illinois at Minnesota p. 12 11:00 BLACK SUNDAY Marthe Keller leads a terrorist attack at Super Bowl. Bruce Dern co-stars (R-2:23) p.6 "FUN WITH D1CK&JANE See Dick rob banks. See Jane help him. See Dick and Jane run. Run from the police. Run up bills. George Segal and Jane Fonda are the schoolbook couple who turn to crime as their American Dream balloon starts to fizzle. Screwball comedy with Ed McMahon as Dick’s pickled boss. Adult humor. (PG-1:39) Jan 4,7,12,17 13

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WINNER! (ACADEMY I AWARDS Dashing performances by two of the world’s most dynamic and luminous stars—Peter O’Toole and Katharine Hepburn who won an Oscar as Best Actress for her role. King Henry II must find a suitable heir. There’s intrigue in the castle as they play for power, politics and even love. “A major triumph!” (Saturday Review). Adult language. (PG-2:14) January 20,22,25,28,31 glcidy/ knight IMlfRllfifilS Musical superstar Gladys Knight (on SRO this month) heats up the screen in her acting debut as a jilted woman pursuing her wayward husband (Barry Hankerson) to the Alaska pipeline. No Pips on screen —but with G.K. they rock on a great soundtrack. Adult theme. (PG-1:29) January 21,25,29 14 JANUARY 20-22 Gladys Knight & The Pips with Ray Charles From a cookin’ rehearsal to backstage excitement, all the stops are pulled with Gladys & her Pips in concert and (as a surprise to the audience) the fabulous Mr. Ray Charles. Topping it all is an incredible medley by those two great hit-makers and a finale of “What’d I say” like you’ve never heard before! It’s a very special event on Standing Room Only. January 22,26,30 FRIDAY 20 SATURDAY 21 SUNDAY 22 5:30 EMPIRE OF THE ANTS Giant insects walk the Earth (PG-1:31) p.l 1 7:00 INSIDE THE NFL Super Bowl action, p. 13 8:00 LION IN WINTER Premiere. Katharine Hepburn and Peter O’Toole in witty battle of the sexes (PG-2:14) p. 14 10:30 JABBERWOCKY Who will slay the monster and restore law and disorder? Tune in and see. (PG-1:44) p.7 12:30 EMPIRE OF THE ANTS Joan Collins has to battle the big bugs (PG-1:31) p.l I 3:00 FUTUREWORLD Peter Fonda in Westworld sequel (PG-1:44) p. 11 5.-00 INSIDE THE NFL Super Bowl action. Final show this season, p. 13 6:00 THE LATE SHOW Art Carney (PG-1:34) p.4 8:00 PIPE DREAMS Premiere. Gladys Knight stars in a romantic drama set in snowy Alaska (PG-1:29) p. 14 9:30 BITTERSWEET LOVE Premiere. Lana Turner in drama of incest (PG-1:32) p. 16 11:00 A STAR IS BORN Barbra Streisand (R-2:20) p. 13 3:30 AUDREY ROSE Eerie tale (PG-1:53) p. 10 5:30 LION IN WINTER Katharine Hepburn won Best Actress Oscar (PG-2:14) p. 14 8:00 GLADYS KNIGHT AND THE PIPS WITH RAY CHARLES Premiere. A spectacular Standing Room Only event, p. 15 9:30 AUDREY ROSE Marsha Mason (PG-1:53) p. 10 11:30 GLADYS KNIGHT AND RAY CHARLES Great music, p. 15 1:00 IT’S ALIVE A sinister infant haunts L.A. (PG-1:30) p. 11 15

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Untamed ex-con Timothy Bottoms heads home to reclaim his girlfriend, Susan George. Redneck Sheriff Bo Hopkins has his hand in corruption, his eye on Ms. George and a bead on our Mr. Bottoms. High-octane action—from motorcycle and train chases to 17 smashed up patrol cars. Violence, adult language. (PG-1:36) Jan 27,29,31 JANUARY 27-29 FRIDAY 27 SATURDAY 28 SUNDAY 29 6:30 BITTERSWEET LOVE Lana Turner and Celeste Holm star in this romantic drama (PG-1:32) p. 16 8:00 A SMALL TOWN IN TEXAS Premiere. Timothy Bottoms returns home with vengeance on his mind. Susan George co-stars (PG-1:36) p. 18 10:00 BLACK SUNDAY This will do to blimps and football crowds what Jaws did to ocean swimming! (R-2:23) p.6 12:30 IT’S ALIVE Witness the birth of a dreadful monster (PG-1:30) p.l 1 2:30 BIRCH INTERVAL Eddie Albert (PG-1:44) p. 16 4:30 THE LATE SHOW Lily Tomlin, Art Carney in humorous mystery (PG-1:34) p.4 6:30 USA/USSR BOXING CHAMPIONSHIPS p. 17 8:00 STAY HUNGRY Premiere. Jeff Bridges is scion of Southern gentry. Sally Field is his less-than-blue-blooded mistress (R-1:43) p. 19 10:00 THE OFFENCE Premiere. Sean Connery is superb as sadistic detective in powerful drama (R-1:54) p.20 12:00 LION IN WINTER Peter O’Toole (PG-2:14) p. 14 3:00 BITTERSWEET LOVE Lana Turner (PG-1:32) p. 16 4:30 A SMALL TOWN IN TEXAS Bo Hopkins steals the film as a redneck sheriff (PG-1:36) p. 18 6:30 PIPE DREAMS Gladys Knight stars. Beautiful Alaskan scenery (PG-1:29) p. 14 8:00 VOYAGE OF THE DAMNED Premiere. Faye Dunaway leads all-star cast in Oscar-nominated drama (PG-2:38) p.19 11:00 BIG BAD MAMA Angie Dickinson (R-1:21) p. 17 12:30 TAXI DRIVER Robert DeNiro (R-1:52) p. 17 18 A shattering and true account of 937 German Jews allowed to sail to “freedom” in 1939; no nation would take them. Faye Dunaway, Max Von Sydow and Lee Grant (she won a Golden Globe award for her role) highlight an all-star cast in this unforgettable film experience. For 30 days their lives come together in love, fear and hope—always bounded by the reality of their ultimate fate. “Touched with greatness... the perfect movie!” (Rex Reed, Daily News). Also stars Oscar Werner, Ben Gazzara, Katharine Ross, Orson Welles, James Mason, Malcolm McDowell and Julie Harris. Adult theme. (PG-2:38) January 29 ■SWY HUNGRY Footloose rich kid (Jeff Bridges) meets a bodybuilder (Arnold Schwarzenegger) with a heart—and pectorals —of gold who shows him truth among the barbells. Muscle-groupie Sally Field 0&ik —definitely not a flying nun #*f!| | here—and Scatman Croth-ers co-star in this powerful film. Nudity, adult theme. (R-1:43) January 28 19 fMSBkr* --

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