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There's no place like HBO MOVIES SPECIALS FAMILY SHOWCASE American Werewolf in London__________Page 17 Bad Boys _____________ The Big Brawl_________ Blinded by the Light. The Blood of Others. Class_________________ Curse of the Pink Panther ______ Fast Times at Ridgemont High_____ Friday the 13th Part II. Gloria_______________ Goin’ All the Way____ Heart Like a Wheel. I, the Jury__________ It Came From Hollywood ________ The Lonely Lady_____ A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy _______ Mr. Mom ____________ My Tutor Now and Forever Porky’s II ________ Reds_______________ Risky Business ____ Spacehunter: Adventures in the 7 22 7 21 5 .10 . 5 .22 . 8 .11 . 9 .23 .11 . 8 .10 .12 .23 . 9 . 5 _ 9 .13 Forbidden Zone 22 St. Helens 7 The Star Chamber 6 Strange Brew 23 Strange Invaders 22 The Survivors 22 Tempest 22 They Call Me Bruce? 17 The Toy 4 Wavelength 7 Yellowbeard 23 Young Doctors in Love 10 “And If I'm Elected...” Page 6 Bette Midler In Concert 15 Bus Stop 4 Comedy Jukebox 15 Gabe Kaplan as Groucho 4 Getting Even Victims Fight Back 21 Glen Campbell 14 HBO Coming Attractions 17 Missing Persons Four True Stories 21 Not Necessarily the News 16 Not Necessarily Politics 16 The Rainmaker 4 Rich Little Come Laugh With Me 16 Robert Klein Child of the 50's Man of the 80’s _____ Separate Tables_________ That Man in the White House FDR Video Jukebox __________ Wait Until Dark ________ The Who Tour 1982 The Final Show__________ SPORTS Champions of American Sport. Inside the NFl__ Allison and the Magic Bubble. Animalympics _ Bighorn! Page 19 _______19 _______18 Dr. Seuss on the Loose______18 Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat______________18 Fraggle Rock _____________15 HBO Family Playhouse: Sunshine’s on the Way_________________19 The Hoober-Bloob Highway by Dr. Seuss______18 The Lorax by Dr. Seuss______18 National Geographic Special Etosha: Place of Dry Water________19 Snoopy, Come Home___________19 Tarka the Otter ____________19 Woodplum _________________19 SINGLE PLAYS * 16 4 7 15 4 14 Draw! ______ Easy Money Aug. Aug. ,Pg. 11 ____20 World Championship Boxing Witherspoon vs. Thomas (LIVE)______20 The Special Magic of Herself the Elf___________Aug. 1 Tootsie_________________________Aug. 26 * in most cases, single plays are described in last month's guide (CC> Indicates programs that are closed-captioned. HBO reserves the right to make a schedule change or program substitution without notice. Service, reception and billing inquiries can be handled only by your local cable company or HBO affiliate Home Box Office, Standing Room Only, On Location. HBO. SRO and HBOnly are trademarks and servjce marks of Home Box Office. Inc. An HBOnly Is defined as entertainment now showing on HBO and no other national pay cable TV service HBO welcomes subscriber comments on H80 programming and scheduling. Write to: HBO Subscriber Information Services. Time & Life Bldg.. Rockefeller Center, New York, NY 10020. The HBO Guide is published monthly by Home Box Office. Inc.. Time & Life Bldg. Rockefeller Center. New York, NY 10020 Michael Fuchs. President; Curtis 6 Viebranz. Treasurer; Carolyn K. McCandless, Secretary © 1984 Home Box Office. Inc. All rights reserved.

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Hard Driving Wbmen The Lonely Lady Pia Zadora A screenwriter claws her way to the top of Hollywood's elite in a sizzling drama based on Harold Robbins' novel. With Jared Martin (“Dallas"). Adult language, nudity, rape. (R-1:31) Aug. 11,14,20,24,29 Gloria Gena Rowlands A one-time show girl and moll takes on the Mob in a crime drama strong on action and wry humor. Adult situations, language; violence. (PG-2:01) Aug. 1,4, 7,10,13,16,19,22,28 HBO SLEEPER t'OOOfrijm Heart like a Wheel Bonnie Bedelia Beau Bridges She's a 250-mph champion whose hot rods run much smoother than her love life. She's Shirley Muldowney, the real-life drag race ace whose screen story had the critics raving. Bonnie Bedelia plays the woman who dared to buck tradition. If you missed this film when it was first released, HBO highly recommends it. Adult situations and language, mild violence. (PG-1:53) Aug. 3,8,13,16,19,21,25,31 THURSDAY, AUG. 9 4:00 BIGHORN) p. 18 6:00 am ANIMALYMPICS p 19 5:00 ANIMALYMPICS p 19 7:30 BIGHORN! p. 18 6:30 THE WHO TOUR 1982: 8:30 THE WHO TOUR 1982: The Final Show p 14 The Final Show p. 14 8:00 A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S 10:00 SEPARATE TABLES p.4 SEX COMEDY (PG)p.10 12:00 A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S 9:30 COMEDY JUKEBOX p 15 SEX COMEDY (PG)p 10 10:00 CLASS (R)p.5 1:30 pm GLEN CAMPBELL & FRIENDS: 11:45 THE BIG BRAWL Silver Anniversary of the (R) p.22 Rhinestone Cowboy p 14 1:25 am MY TUTOR (R)p.23 2:30 CHAMPIONS OF 3:10 BAD BOYS (R) p.7 AMERICAN SPORT p 11 5:15 COMEDY JUKEBOX p 15 FRIDAY, AUG. 10 8:00 RICH LITTLE 6:00 am W00DPLUMpl9 Come Laugh With Me p.16 7:30 ALLISON/MAGIC BUBBLE p. 19 9:00 NOW AND FOREVER (R)p 9 8:00 BLINDED BY THE LIGHT p.7 10:30 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS 9:30 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS August Edition p. 16 August Edition p 16 11:00 FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT 10:00 BUS STOP p.4 HIGH (R) p 5 12:00 REDS (PG) p.9 12:35 am GLORIA (PG)p.8 3:30 pm BLINDED BY THE LIGHT p.7 2:40 GETTING EVEN: 5:00 FRAGGLE “Uncle Matt” p 15 VICTIMS FIGHT BACK p 21 5:30 ALUSON/MAGIC BUBBLE p. 19 3:40 1. THE JURY (R)p.23 6:00 THAT MAN IN THE WHITE 5:35 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS HOUSE: FDR p.7 August Edition p.16 SATURDAY, AUG. 11 6:30 COMEDY JUKEBOX p 15 6:05 am SNOOPY. COME HOME p.19 7:00 THE TOY (PG) p.4 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Uncle 9:00 THE LONELY LADY (R)p.8 Matt Comes Home” p 15 10:30 “IF I'M ELECTED..." p 6 8:00 HBO FAMILY PLAYHOUSE: 11:00 NOT NECESSARILY SUNSHINE'S ON WAY p 19 THE NEWS #8 p.16 9:00 THET0Y(PG)p4 11:30 YOUNG DOCTORS IN LOVE 11:00 IT CAME FROM HOLLYWOOD (R) p. 10 (PG) p 11 1:05 am AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF 12:30 pm “IF I’M ELECTED...” p.6 IN LONDON (R) p. 17 1:00 THE RAINMAKER p.4 2:45 GOIN'ALLTHE WAY 3:30 SNOOPY, COME HOME p. 19 (R)p.11 5:00 CHAMPIONS OF SPORT p 11 4:20 THE LONELY LADY (R)p.8 SUNDAY, AUG. 12 7:30 FRAGGLE “Uncle Matt” p. 15 6:00 am THAT MAN IN THE WHITE 8:00 RISKY BUSINESS HOUSE: FDRp 7 (R)p.13(CC) 8:00 ST. HELENS (PG) p.7 10:00 FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT 10:00 WAVELENGTH (PG)p7 HIGH(R)p.5 11:30 FRAGGLE “Uncle Matt” p. 15 11:30 GLEN CAMPBELL p. 14 12:00 BLINDED BY THE LIGHT p.7 12:30 am FRIOAYTHE13TH PART II 1:30 pm GLEN CAMPBELL p 14 (R)p.22 2:30 A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S 2:00 A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S SEX COMEDY (PG) p.10 SEX COMEDY (PG)p.10 4:00 THAT MAN IN THE WHITE 3:35 RISKY BUSINESS HOUSE: FDR p.7 (R)p 13(CC) 5:45 8 ST. HELENS (PG) p.7 5:20 GLEN CAMPBELL p 14 REDS Warren Beatty Diane Keaton Jack Nicholson A world torn by war and revolution is the epic setting for a romance between the early 20th-century radicals John Reed and Louise Bryant. Nominated for 12 Oscars. Adult situations and language, violence. (PG-3:19) August 7,10,13,16,19,25,29 9 Now androrever A couple’s once-happy relationship begins to unravel when the husband is accused of a crime. Cheryl Ladd ("Charlie’s Angels"), as the wife, tries to persevere through a series of misfortunes. The romantic drama is based on the best-seller by Danielle Steel. Air Supply performs the title song. Adult language, nudity, violence. (R-1:32) August 10,14,18,22,26,30

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SATURDAY, AUG. 25 6:30 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS 6:00 am TARKATHE OTTER p. 19 August Edition p. 16 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Mokey" p. 15 7:00 MISSING PERSONS p.21 8:00 ALLISON AND THE 8:00 THE BLOOD OF OTHERS p.21 MAGIC BUBBLE p 19 11:00 NOT NECESSARILY 8:30 IT CAME FROM HOLLYWOOD THE NEWS #9 p. 16 (PG)p.11 11:30 RISKY BUSINESS 10:00 MISSING PERSONS: (R)p.13(CC) Four True Stories p.21 1:15 am FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT 11:00 REDS (PG) p 9 HIGH (R) p 5 2:30 pm THE TOY (PG) p.4 2:50 THE TOY (PG) p.4 4:30 HEART LIKE A WHEEL 4:35 IT CAME FROM HOLLYWOOD (PG) p.9 (PG) p. 11 SUNDAY, AUG. 26 4:00 STRANGE INVADERS 6:00 am STRANGE INVADERS (PG) p.22 (CC) (PG) p.22 (CC) 5:30 COMING ATTRACTIONS p. 17 7:30 ANIMALYMPICS p 19 6:00 SNOOPY, COME HOME p. 19 9:00 DR. SEUSS ON 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Mokey THE LOOSE p. 18 and the Minstrels" p. 15 9:30 SNOOPY, COME HOME p.19 8:00 TOOTSIE (PG-1:56)(CC) 11:00 COMING ATTRACTIONS p. 17 10:00 BETTE MIDLER p15 11:30 FRAGGLE ROCK 'Mokey” p 15 11:00 CLASS (R)p.5 12:00 NAT'L GEO. SPECIAL p. 19 12:45 am PORKY'S II (R) p.5 1:00 pm A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S 2:30 NOW AND FOREVER (R)p 9 SEX COMEDY (PG) p. 10 4:05 1, THE JURY (R)p.23 2:30 THE WHO TOUR 1982 p. 14 5:55 COMING ATTRACTIONS p.17 MONDAY, AUG. 27 5:30 SPACEHUNTER (PG) p.22 6:30 am WOODPLUMp 19 7:00 THE CAT IN THE HAT p. 18 8.00 ALLISON AND THE 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “All Work MAGIC BUBBLE p.19 and All Play’’ p. 15 8:30 SPACEHUNTER (PG) p.22 8:00 THEY CALL ME BRUCE 10:00 THEY CALL ME BRUCE? (PG) p. 17 (PG)p.17 9:30 VIDEO JUKEBOX p. 15 11:30 THAT MAN IN THE WHITE 10:00 CURSE OF THE PINK PANTHER HOUSE: FDRp.7 (PG) p.10 1:30 pm VIDEO JUKEBOX p 15 11:55 THE STAR CHAMBER (R) p.6 2:00 CURSE OF THE PINK 1:45 am YOUNG DOCTORS (R) p.10 PANTHER (PG)p,10 3:25 SPACEHUNTER (PG) p.22 4:00 WOODPLUM p. 19 5:00 CALL ME BRUCE? (PG) p. 17 TUESDAY, AUG. 28 6:00 A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S 6:35 am HBO FAMILY PLAYHOUSE: SEX COMEDY (PG)p 10 SUNSHINE’S ON WAY p 19 7:30 COMING ATTRACTIONS p. 17 7:30 A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S 8:00 THE BLOOD OF OTHERS p.21 SEX COMEDY (PG) p. 10 11:00 NOT NECESSARILY 9:00 MISSING PERSONS p.21 POLITICS p.16 10:00 THE BLOOD OF OTHERS p.21 11:30 MISSING PERSONS p.21 1:00 pm NOT NEC. POLITICS p 16 12:30 am THE WHO TOUR 1982 p 14 1:30 GLORIA (PG)p 8 2:05 COMING ATTRACTIONS p. 17 3:30 CHAMPIONS OF 2:40 A MIDSUMMER NIGHTS AMERICAN SPORT p. 11 SEX COMEDY (PG) p.10 5:00 HBO FAMILY PLAYHOUSE: 4:15 NOT NEC. POLITICS p.16 SUNSHINE’S ON WAY p. 19 4:45 MISSING PERSONS p.21 Dr. Seuss on the Loose A delightful trilogy of favorite stories. (:24) August 20,22,26 Dr. Seuss* The Cat in the Hat Two children discover a colorful cat in a very tall hat. (:24) August 27,29 The Lorax by Dr. Seuss Only one creature, the Lorax, will speak out for the trees. (:25) Aug. 6,8 The Hoober-Bloob Highway by Dr. Seuss Baby bundles are prepared for life on Earth. (:25) August 13,15 Bighorn! John Denver Here is a spectacular nature documentary! John Denver takes a fascinating journey to view the endangered Rocky Mountain bighorn ram. (51) Aug. 1,7,9,14,22,31 18 HBO Family Playhouse: {Sunshines on the Way The old folks at the Sugar Hill Nursing Home play some mean jazz—and their teenage organizer has big plans for the band. (:49) Aug. 6,11,15,23,28 National Geographic Special Etosha: Place of Dry Water How animals struggle to survive in a dry lake bed in Africa is the subject of this candid movie. Filmed by award-winners David and Carol Hughes. Animal violence. (:57) Aug. 2,8,13,16,26 larka the Otter An otter faces the threat of man and the challenge of finding a mate. (G-1:31) Aug. 7,13,19,22,25,30 Woodplum Some charming children decide to adopt an abandoned baby. (1:26) Aug. 6,8,10,16,21,24,27 Allison and the Magic Bubble In an animated tale of magic and suspense, a girl and her cat have a close encounter with a big, glowing bubble as they search for the cause of mysterious events. (:23) Aug. 7,10,16,23,25,27,29 Animalympics Animals are athletes too! In this animated delight, Z.O.O., the TV network that brings out the beast in sports, is at Pawprint Stadium to cover the Ani-malympic events. (1:18) Aug. 3,9,20,23,26,29 19 Snoopy, Come Home A superstar is born! The lovable beagle of the Peanuts comic strip takes the lead in this delight for all the family. Tag along as Snoopy and fearless Woodstock set out from home on a series of wild adventures. (G-1:21) Aug. 2,6,11,14,17,26

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Young Doctors in Love Dabney Coleman Aching hearts are the most serious malady at lovesick City Hospital. Sean Young co-stars in this spoof of TV soap operas. Adult language and humor, brief nudity. (R-1 31) August 11,15,19,27,31 Curse of the Pink Panther David Niven Inspector Clouseau has been missing for a year—and the President of France wants to find him. But Chief Inspector Dreyfus, Clouseau's longtime enemy, doesn't want him back, so he programs a computer to find the world's worst detective! Director Blake Edwards keeps the laughs rolling with the help of Panther ye terans David Niven, Robert Wagner and Capucine. With newcomer Ted Wass (“Soap"). Adult language and humor, mild violence, brief nudity. (PG-1:50) August 15,18,21,24,27,30 A Midsummer Nights Woody Allen Sex Comedy Three couples are tangled in love, wit and whimsy as they change partners (and their minds!) during a pre-wedding weekend. Mia Farrow and Mary Steenburgen co-star. Adult situations and humor. (PG-1:28) August 9,12,15,18,20,26,28,31 I It Came From Hollywood Gorillas go on a rampage and tomatoes take over the world in a wacky compilation of clips from more than 90 of the most outrageous movies ever made. Dan Aykroyd, Gilda Radner, John Candy and other comics narrate. Adult language, humor. (PG-1:20) Aug. 2,5,8, 11,14,17,20,25 Goin' All the Way Everybody at this high school is majoring in mating—or trying to—in a school daze of lusty laughs and hanky-panky. How long can a girl’s romantic resistance last when her senior boyfriend pursues a more compliant cutie? Adult language, nudity. (R-1:28) Aug. 2,7,11,15,19 Champions of American Sport Sports Special. A salute to America's greatest athletes over the past 150 years. See career highlights of superstars whose influence went far beyond the sports world. Muhammad Ali, Babe Ruth and Billie Jean King are some of the legends in the spotlight. Aug. 5,9,11, 15,23,28,31 MONDAY, AUG. 13 7:00 HOOBER-BLOOB HIGHWAY 6:30 am TARKA THE OTTER p.19 BY DR. SEUSSp 18 8:00 HEART LIKE A WHEEL 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK (PG)p.9 "Boober's Dream” p. 15 10:00 REDS (PG) p 9 8:00 GLORIA 1:30 pm GLORIA (PG) p.8 (PG)p.8 10:00 HEART LIKE A WHEEL 3:30 RICH LITTLE (PG) p.9 Come Laugh With Me p.16 12:00 RICH LITTLE 4:30 TARKA THE OTTER p. 19 Come Laugh With Me p. 16 6:00 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 1:05 am THE BIG BRAWL SPECIAL: Etosha: (R) p.22 Place ol Dry Water p 19 2:50 REDS (PG) p 9 TUESDAY, AUG. 14 5:30 THE TOY (PG) p.4 6:30 am BIGHORN! p 18 7:30 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS 7:30 COMEDY JUKEBOX p 15 August Edition p. 16 8:00 SNOOPY, COME HOME p 19 8:00 CLASS (R)p.5 9:30 VIOEO JUKEBOX p 15 10:00 NOWAND FOREVER 10:00 THE TOY (PG) p,4 (R)p9 12:00 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS 11:35 THE LONELY LADY August Edition p. 16 (R) P-8 12:30 pm IT CAME FROM HOLLYWOOD 1:10 am I, THE JURY (R) p 23 (PG) p. 11 3:10 COMEDY JUKEBOX p 15 2:00 THAT MAN IN THE WHITE 3:40 AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF HOUSE: FDR p 7 IN LONDON (R) p. 17 4:00 SNOOPY, COME HOME p. 19 5:25 VIDEO JUKEBOX p.15 WEDNESDAY, AUG. 15 4:00 FRAGGLE ROCK 6:00 am HBO FAMILY PLAYHOUSE: “Boober’s Dream” p. 15 SUNSHINE'S ON WAY p 19 4:30 ST. HELENS (PG)p.7 7:00 ST. HELENS (PG)p.7 6:30 CHAMPIONS OF SPORT p. 11 9:00 H00BER-BL00B HIGHWAY 8:00 CURSE OF THE PINK PANTHER BY DR. SEUSSp.18 (PG)p.10 9:30 FRAGGLE "Boober” p. 15 10:00 YOUNG DOCTORS (R)p.10 10:00 CURSE OF THE PINK PANTHER 11:35 BAD BOYS (R)p 7 (PG) p.10 1:40 am FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT 12:00 CHAMPIONS OF SPORT p. 11 HIGH (R) p.5 GOIN'ALL THE WAY 1:30 pm A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S 3:15 SEX COMEDY (PG)p.10 (R)p.11 3:00 HBO FAMILY PLAYHOUSE p. 19 4:50 CHAMPIONS OF SPORT p 11 THURSDAY, AUG. 16 4:30 NAT'L GEO: Etosha: 6:30 am NAT’L GEO: Etosha: Place of Dry Water p. 19 Place ol Dry Water p 19 5:30 REDS(PG) p.9 7:30 WOODPLUM p. 19 9:00 MR. MOM (PG)p.12 9:00 RICH LITTLE p 16 10:30 "AND IF I’M 10:00 MR. MOM (PG) p. 12 ELECTED...” p 6 11:30 "AND IF I’M 11:00 HEART LIKE A WHEEL ELECTED...’ p.6 (PG) p.9 12:00 GLORIA (PG)p.8 1:00 am RICH LITTLE p 16 2:00 pm HEART LIKE A WHEEL 2:05 GLORIA (PG) p.8 (PG)p.9 4:10 MR. MOM (PG)p.12 4.00 ALLISON AND THE 5:45 “AND IF I’M MAGIC BUBBLE p.19 ELECTED..." p.6 11

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FRIDAY, AUG. 17 6:30 IT CAME FROM HOLLYWOOD 6:30 am SNOOPY, COME HOME p 19 (PG) p. 11 8:00 IT CAME FROM HOLLYWOOD 8:00 STRANGE INVADERS (PG)p.n (PG) p.22 (CC) 9:30 COMEDY JUKEBOX p. 15 9:30 COMEDY JUKEBOX p.15 10:00 STRANGE INVADERS 10:00 RISKY BUSINESS (PG)p 22(CC) (R) p.13(CC) 11:30 BLINDED BY THE LIGHT p 7 11:45 CLASS(R)p 5 1:00 pm THE WHO TOUR 1982 p 14 1:30 am THE WHO TOUR 1982: 2:30 THE TOY (PG) p.4 The Final Show p. 14 4:30 FRAGGLE ROCK 3:00 STRANGE INVADERS "Boober's Dream" p. 15 (PG) p.22 (CC) 5:00 SNOOPY, COME HOME p. 19 4:30 BLINDED BY THE LIGHT p 7 SATURDAY, AUG. 18 4:00 THEY CALL ME BRUCE 6:00 am CALL ME BRUCE? (PG) p. 17 (PG) p-17 7:30 FRAGGLE "Boober" p.15 5:30 VIDEO JUKEBOX p.15 8.00 CURSE OF THE PINK PANTHER 6:00 CURSE OF THE PINK PANTHER (PG)p.10 (PG) p.10 10:00 VIDEO JUKEBOX p 15 8:00 BETTE MIDLER p.15 10:30 THAT MAN IN THE WHITE 9:00 PORKY’S II (R) p 5 HOUSE: FDR p 7 11:00 NOT NEC. POLITICS p.16 12:30 pm MR. M0M(PG)p12 11:30 MR. MOM (PG) p. 12 2:00 NOT NECESSARILY 1:05 am A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S POLITICS p 16 SEX COMEDY (PG) p. 10 2:30 A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S 2:40 NOWAND FOREVER (R)p9 SEX COMEDY (PG)p.10 4:15 FRIDAY 13THII (R) p 22 SUNDAY, AUG. 19 8:00 THE STAR CHAMBER (R)p.6 6:00 am ST. HELENS 10:00 MISSING PERSONS: (PG) p.7 Four True Stories p.21 8:00 GLORIA (PG)p8 11:00 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS 10:00 TARKA THE OTTER p 19 August Edition p.16 11:30 FRAGGLE ROCK 11:30 HEART LIKE A WHEEL “Boober's Dream” p.15 (PG) p.9 12:00 HEART LIKE A WHEEL 1:30 am YOUNG DOCTORS IN LOVE (PG) p.9 (R) P10 2:00 pm GLORIA (PG)p 8 3:05 GOIN' ALL THE WAY 4:00 REDS (PG) p.9 (R) P11 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK 4:40 THE STAR CHAMBER “Boober's Dream” p.15 (R)p6 MONDAY, AUG. 20 7:00 DR. SEUSS ON LOOSE p. 18 6:30 am DR.SEUSS ON LOOSE p 18 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Mokey” p.15 7:00 ANIMALYMPICS p. 19 8:00 BETTE MIDLER p 15 8:30 A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S 9:00 THE LONELY LADY (R)p 8 SEX COMEDY (PG)p 10 10:30 NOT NEC. POLITICS p 16 10:00 IT CAME FROM HOLLYWOOD 11:00 STRANGE INVADERS (PG)pH (PG) p.22 (CC) 11:30 NOT NEC. POLITICS p 16 12:35 am A MIDSUMMER NIGHTS 12:00 THET0Y(PG)p4 SEX COMEDY (PG) p. 10 2:00 pm WAIT UNTIL DARK p 4 2:10 CLASS (R)p.5 4:00 ANIMALYMPICS p .19 3:55 AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF 5:30 STRANGE INVADERS IN LONDON (R)p.17 (PG) p 22 (CC) 5:45 NOT NEC. POLITICS p. 16 HBOnly! Glen Campbell , & Friends: The Silver Anniversary of the Rhinestone Cowboy SRO.™ Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Johnny Cash and Anne Murray help Glen celebrate 25 years in show business. August 3,9,12 HBO Rock: The Who Tour 1982: The Final Show They’re a rock'n’roll legend whose music sang out for an entire generation. In the final show of their sold-out North American Farewell Tour, The Who play all their hottest hits, including "Pinball Wizard," “My Generation" and "See Me, Feel Me." (1:25) August 4,6, 9,17,22,26,28,31 14 Sounds Standing Room Only. Midler In Concert Bette breaks loose and she’s at her bawdy and uninhibited best in this all-new HBO special. Combining the endearing and the outrageous, the superstar fills her extravagant stage act with comedy and music. The lavish show includes old and new favorites, from The Rose to hits from her No Frills album. August 18,20,23,26,29 Video Jukebox With musicians like Culture Club and Chicago. Aug. 2,8,14; 18,21,24,27 Comedy Jukebox Mel Brooks and other comics in special videos. Aug. 9,11,14,17,23,31 > C C r n 2 C c 7 01 3 a c a S 5 0 3 2 B 1 2 0) w 5 a te 3 x 01 o 2 «t a « c * Red’s Sea Monster: Has Red 1 r discovered an unusual beast? Aug. 1,3,4,5 Uncle Matt Comes Home: Gobo is excited that his un- = cle is finally coming home. Aug. 6,8,10,11,12 Boober’s Dream: Boober dreams that he is two com- g pletely different Fraggles. Aug. 13,15,17,18,19 Mokey and the Minstrels: The mysterious Minstrels re- f turn. Aug. 20,22,24,25,26 All Work and All Play: Little Cotterpin Doozerfinds that growing up is hard to do. j Aug. 27,29,31 15 FRAGGLE ROCK

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Comedy Heat Wave HBOnly! On Location: Robert Klein Child of the 50's—Man of the 80's The star of HBO’s first On Location special returns for an all-new comedy performance. Robert Klein raps about his New York youth, filled with sports and a new invention—the TV. And, now with a baby of his own, the child of the 50’s takes a humorous look at parenthood in the 80's. August 24,29 HBOnly! Rich Little -Come Laugh With Me On Location. The world's leading impressionist returns to HBO with a new nightclub act. The show is loaded with topical material and lots of "Little" laughs August 1,4,7,10,13,16 'Not since 'Laugh-ln' or ‘Saturday Night Live’ has the TV audience had access to such an ample supply of belly laughs." (UPI) Look for the hit comedy series on Saturday nights. (And at other times, too). All-new August edition: August 4,6,10,14,19,25 Encores: Edition 8 August 11 Edition 9 August 25 COMEDY Not/| the News Not /| Politics EXTRA EDITION Get the laugh lowdown on election-year follies in this extra edition of HBO's comedy series. The crack Not Necessarily the News team takes satirical aim at everything from polls to presidents. Undecided? Cast your laugh vote for this one. August 18,20,23,28,31 16 An American Werewolf in London A blend of macabre humor and supernatural horror enlivens this tale of an unearthly beast. With David Naughton and Jenny Agut-ter. Adult language, graphic violence, nudity. (R-1:37) August 5,8,11,14,20 They Call Me Bruce A comedy send-up of kung fu epics. Johnny Yune plays an Asian cook who is mistaken for karate champ Bruce Lee. Adult language and humor, violence, brief nudity. (PG-1:30) August 18,22,24,27,30 Exciting clips tell you about many of HBO’s upcoming movies, sports and specials, this month and next. Two shows. August highlights: August 1,3,5 September highlights: August 24,26,28,30 TUESDAY, AUG. 21 7:30 VIDEO JUKEBOX p 15 6:30 am WOODPLUM p. 19 8:00 HEART LIKE A WHEEL 8:00 MR. MOM (PG) p. 12 (PG) p.9 9:30 “AND IF I'M 10:00 MR. MOM (PG) p. 12 ELECTED..." p.6 11:30 “AND IF I'M 10:00 HEART LIKE A WHEEL ELECTED...” p 6 (PG) p.9 12:00 CURSE OF THE PINK PANTHER 12:00 ST. HELENS (PG)p.10 (PG)p.7 1:55 am FRIDAY THE 13TH PART II 2:00 pm BUS STOP p 4 (R) P 22 4:00 WOODPLUM p. 19 3:30 VIDEO JUKEBOX p 15 5:30 CURSE OF THE PINK PANTHER 4:00 HEART LIKE A WHEEL (PG) p. 10 (PG) p.9 WEDNESDAY, AUG. 22 2:00 SEPARATE TABLES p 4 6:00 am BIGHORN! p 18 4:00 FRAGGLE ROCK “Mokey 7:00 GLORIA (PG) p.8 and the Minstrels” p. 15 9:00 DR. SEUSS ON 4:30 TARKA THE OTTER p 19 THE LOOSEp 18 6:00 GLORIA (PG) p.8 9:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Mokey 8:00 MISSING PERSONS: and the Minstrels” p. 15 Four True Stories p.21 10:00 THE WHO TOUR 1982: 9:00 RISKY BUSINESS The Final Show p. 14 (R)p.13(CC) 11:30 THEY CALL ME BRUCE? 11:00 PORKY'S II (R) p 5 (PG) p. 17 12:45 am NOWAND FOREVER (R)p 9 1:00 pm MISSING PERSONS: 2:25 1, THE JURY (Ft) p.23 Four True Stories p.21 4:25 CLASS (R) p. 5 THURSDAY, AUG. 23 4:30 HBO FAMILY PLAYHOUSE: 6:10 am ANIMALYMPICS p 19 SUNSHINE'S ON WAY p.19 7:30 ALLISON AND THE 5:30 THE TOY (PG)p 4 MAGIC BUBBLE p. 19 7:30 NOT NEC. POLITICS p 16 8:00 THE TOY (PG) p.4 8:00 THE STAR CHAMBER (R) p.6 10:00 CHAMPIONS OF 10:00 FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT AMERICAN SPORT p. 11 HIGH (R) p 5 11:30 NOT NECESSARILY POLITICS 11:30 BETTE MIDLER p 15 p.16 12:35 am CHAMPIONS OF SPORT p. 11 12:00 STRANGE INVADERS 2:00 STRANGE INVADERS (PG) p.22 (CC) (PG) p.22 (CC) 1:30 pm COMEDY JUKEBOX p 15 3:35 THE STAR CHAMBER (R)p 6 2:00 THE RAINMAKER p 4 5:25 BETTE MIDLER p 15 FRIDAY, AUG. 24 6:00 VIDEO JUKEBOX p 15 6:30 am WOODPLUM p 19 6:30 THEY CALL ME BRUCE 8:00 THAT MAN IN THE WHITE (PG) p. 17 HOUSE: FDR p.7 8:00 ROBERT KLEIN p 16 10:00 SPACEHUNTER (PG) p.22 9:00 SPACEHUNTER (PG)p 22 11:30 VIDEO JUKEBOX p 15 10:30 COMING ATTRACTIONS p 17 12:00 CURSE OF THE PINK PANTHER 11:00 THE LONELY LADY (R) p.8 (PG)p.10 12:35 am THEY CALL ME BRUCE 2:00 pm GABE KAPLAN p 4 (PG)p.17 3:30 COMING ATTRACTIONS p. 17 2:10 CURSE OF THE PINK PANTHER 4:00 WOODPLUM p 19 (PG)p.10 5:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Mokey 4:10 ROBERT KLEIN p 16 and the Minstrels" p. 15 5:15 COMING ATTRACTIONS p. 17 17

HBO Guide August 1984 - Page section : 012

Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone Peter Strauss A gutsy adventurer takes on the nastiest bunch of space baddies you’ve ever seen. The sci-fi saga takes off when our hero, eyeing a big reward, pursues three kidnapped beauties trapped on a plague-riddled planet. With Molly Ringwald. Adult language, violence. (PG-1:29) Aug. 24,27,30 SATURDAY, SEPT. 1 6:00 am ANIMALYMPiCS p. 19 7:30 FRAGGLE “All Work” p. 15 8:00 A CRY FOR LOVE (1:38) 10:00 INSIDE THE NFL p 20 11:30 STRANGE INVADERS (PG) p.22 (CC) 1:00 pm NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS September Edition p 16 1:30 REMEMBER WHEN ( 58) 2:30 MY FAVORITE YEAR (PG-1 29) 4:00 A CRY FOR LOVE (1:38) 22 The Big Brawl A kung f u kid neatly hands it to a gang of Chicago thugs in 1938. Jackie Chan stars. Adult language, violence. (R-1:35) Aug. 3,5,9,13 Tempest John Cassavetes' midlife crisis turns into a living fantasy. Adult situations and language. (PG-2:26) Aug. 1,3 Friday the 13th Part II Terror returns to Crystal Lake. Adrienne King stars Adult language, graphic violence, nudity. (R-1:27) Aug. 6,12,18,21,30 The Survivors Robin Williams and Walter Matthau star in this dark comedy. Adult language, humor; violence. (R-1.43) Aug. 1,4,7 6:00 COMING ATTRACTIONS p. 17 6:30 STRANGE INVADERS (PG) p.22 (CC) 8:00 BREATHLESS (R-1 40) 10:00 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS September Edition p. 16 10:30 FAVORITE YEAR (PG-1 29) 12:00 MONSIGNOR (R-1:57) 2:00 am STRANGE INVADERS (PG) p.22 (CC) 3:30 COMING ATTRACTIONS p 17 4:00 BREATHLESS (R-1 40) 5:45 NOT THE NEWS-Sept. p. 16 Strange Invaders Paul LeMat Nancy Allen A bizarre thriller with a light touch of satire! Outer space creatures resembling those of the ’50s sci-fi adventures are winding up their 25-year study of Earth in Centerville, Illinois. But they’re not quite through when a New Yorker comes to town to find his missing ex-wife. With Diana Scarwid. Adult language, violence. (PG-1:29) Aug. 17,20,23,26,29 (CC) SUNDAY, SEPT. 2 6:30 am KING OF THE MOUNTAIN (PG-1:30) 8:00 GANDHI (PG-3 08) 11:30 FRAGGLE “All Work" p 15 12:00 REPTILES/AMPHIBIANS (49) 1:00 pm CURSE OF THE PINK PANTHER (PG)p 10 3:00 SPACEHUNTER: ADVENTURES IN THE FORBIDDEN ZONE (PG) p 22 4:30 THEY CALL ME BRUCE? (PG)p.17 My Tutor Homework is a pleasure in this romp through the facts of life. Adult language, humor; nudity, strong sexual content. (R-1:37) Aug. 1,9 Strange Brew SCTV's lunatic McKenzie Bros, try to dupe an evil brewer. Adult language, humor, mild violence. (PG-1:27) Aug. 1,4 I, the Jury A tough, racy thriller starring Armand Assante. Adult language, violence, nudity, strong sexual content. (R-1:51) Aug. 4,10,14,22,26,30 Yellowbeard A swashbuckling spoof with an all-star cast. Adult language, humor, violence, nudity. (PG-1:32) Aug. 2,5,7 6:00 KING OF THE MOUNTAIN MONDAY, SEPT. 3 5:30 SLAPSTICK OF ANOTHER KIND (PG-1:30) 6:00 am PETER NO TAIL (1.21) (PG-1.34) 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “All Work 7:30 COMING ATTRACTIONS p 17 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Sir Hubris and All Play” p. 15 8:00 SLAPSTICK OF ANOTHER KIND and the Gorgs” ( 25) 8:00 GANDHI (PG-3:08) (PG-1 34) 8:00 ROMANTIC COMEDY 11:30 ROBERT KLEIN p. 16 10:00 ROMANTIC COMEDY (PG-1:43) 12:30 am CURSE OF THE PINK PANTHER (PG-1 43) 10:00 SIX WEEKS (PG-1 47) (PG) p10 12:00 THE BLOOD OF OTHERS p.21 12:00 MISSING PERSONS: 2:30 SPACEHUNTER: ADVENTURES 3:00 pm MISSING PERSONS: Four True Stories p.21 IN THE FORBIDDEN ZONE Four True Stories p.21 1:00 am NOW AND FOREVER (R) p 9 4:10 (PG) p.22 4:00 HBO FAMILY PLAYHOUSE: 2:40 THE BLOOD OF OTHERS p 21 THE LONELY LADY A SINGLE LIGHT ( 57) 5:45 HBO COMING (R)p.8 5:00 COMING ATTRACTIONS p 17 ATTRACTIONS p. 17 23

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Home Box Office® August 1984 Bp Mom lorky’s II: She Next Day HBO Premiere Films The Blood of Others Bette Midler HBOnly! Robert Klein HBOnly! WBC Heavyweight Title Fight HBOnly!

HBO Guide August 1984 - Page section : 011

Inside the NFL Get ready for kick-off time as Len Dawson and Nick Buoniconti return with their savvy sports talk. This pre-season show is an update on all the off-season happenings. Also, there’s a review of last year’s action and a chance to see the Super Bowl champs at work in a visit to the L.A. Raiders’ training camp. A summer preview of thrills to come. Aug.30,31 Featuring SUPER POLL TO THE SUPER BOWL— your chance to win a trip to Super Bowl XIX Night of Heavyweights Top Heavyweights Greg Page vs. David Bey & A Michael Dokes Bout August 31 HBOnly! World Championship Boxing WBC Champion Tim Witherspoon vs. Pinlclon Thomas #4-Ranked Contender WBC Heavyweight Title Fight WEDNESDAY, AUG. 29 6:00 am ANIMALYMPICS p.19 7:30 STRANGE INVADERS (PG) p 22 (CC) 9:00 THE CAT IN THE HAT p 18 9:30 FRA6GLE ROCK "All Work and All Play” p. 15 10:00 THE TOY (PG) p.4 12:00 “IF I’M ELECTED...” p 6 12:30 pm REDS(PG)p.9 4:00 FRAGGLE "All Work” p. 15 4:30 ALLISON AND THE MAGIC BUBBLE p. 19 20 5:00 ANIMALYMPICS p 19 6:30 STRANGE INVADERS (PG) p.22 (CC) 0:00 THE TOY (PG) p.4 10:00 ROBERT KLEIN p. 16 11:00 “IF I’M ELECTED...” p.6 11:30 STRANGE INVADERS (PG) p 22 (CC) 1:05 am BETTE MIDLER p. 15 2:10 THE LONELY LADY (Ft) p 8 3:50 FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH (R)p.5 5:20 ROBERT KLEIN p 16 THURSDAY, AUG. 30 6:30 am TARKATHE OTTER p. 19 0:00 SPACEHUNTER (PG) p.22 9:30 COMING ATTRACTIONS p. 17 10:00 CURSE OF THE PINK PANTHER (PG)p.10 12:00 MISSING PERSONS: Four True Stories p.21 1:00 pm THEY CALL ME BRUCE (PG) p. 17 2:30 THAT MAN IN THE WHITE HOUSE: FDR p 7 4:30 TARKATHE OTTER p. 19 SPECIALS tmnncovHi: Hissing Persons: Four True Stories Every year thousands of adults vanish without a trace. One moment they're living normal lives, and the next moment they’re gone. Why are these people missing, and how did they disappear? This documentary includes four true stories, revealing the devastating effects on families left behind. One bizarre situation involves a cry of foul play when a man remarries after his wife has vanished. August 19,22,25,28,30 Getting Even— Victims Fight Back Robbery. Assault. Rape. Murder. Violent crime strikes every 24 seconds in the United States. This compelling film focuses on four true stories of victims who are fighting back. August 2,10 The Blood of Others Jodie Foster Michael Ontkean Caught in the turmoil of WWII, a pair of star-crossed lovers face overwhelming odds to keep their romance from shattering. Jodie Foster (Oscar nominee for Taxi Driver) and Michael Ontkean (Making Love) star in the powerful drama. Sam Neill heads HBO Premiere Films' strong supporting cast, which includes Jean-Pierre Aumont, St6phane Audran and Kate Reid. Director Claude Chabrol vividly recreates 1940s Paris in this production based on Simone de Beauvoir's novel. Adult situations, language, mild violence. (2:56) Aug. 25,28 6:00 CURSE OF THE PINK PANTHER FRIDAY, AUG. 31 5:30 FRAGGLE “All Work" p 15 (PG)p.10 6:30 am BIGHORNIp 18 6:00 COMEDY JUKEBOX p 15 8:00 INSIDE THE NFL p.20 7:30 HEART LIKE A WHEEL 6:30 INSIDE THE NFL p 20 9:30 1, THE JURY (R)p.23 (PG) p 9 8:00 "IF I'M ELECTED...” p 6 11:30 COMING ATTRACTIONS p. 17 9:30 NOT NEC. POLITICS p.16 8:30 NOT NEC. POLITICS p 16 12:00 SPACEHUNTER: ADVENTURES 10:00 A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S 9:00 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP IN THE FORBIDDEN ZONE SEX COMEDY (PG) p. 10 BOXING Witherspoon (PG) p.22 11:30 CHAMPIONS OF vs. Thomas (LIVE) p.20 1:35 am NOW AND FOREVER (R)p 9 AMERICAN SPORT p 11 11:00 YOUNG DOCTORS (R)p.10 3:10 FRIDAY THE 13TH PART II 1:00 pm THE WHO TOUR 1982 p 14 12:35 am PORKY’S II (R) p.5 (R)p22 2:30 HEART LIKE A WHEEL 2:10 INSIDE THE NFLp.20 4:45 THEY CALL ME BRUCE? (PG) p.9 3:40 THE STAR CHAMBER (R)p.6 (PG) p 17 4:30 BIGHORNIp 18 5:30 NOT NEC. POLITICS p 16 21

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WEDNESDAY, AUG. 1 4:00 FRAGGLE ROCK “Red’s 6:30 am THE SPECIAL MAGIC OF Sea Monster” p 15 HERSELF THE ELF (22) 4:30 BIGHORN! p 18 7:00 TEMPEST (PG)p 22 5:30 STRANGE BREW (PG) p.23 9:30 FRAGGLE ROCK "Red’s 7:00 RICH LITTLE Sea Monster" p 15 Come Laugh With Me p 16 10:00 RICH LITTLE 8:00 RISKY BUSINESS Come Laugh With Me p 16 (R) p.13(CC) 11:00 GLORIA (PG)p 8 9:45 MY TUTOR (R)p 23 1:00 pm COMING ATTRACTIONS p 17 11:30 THE SURVIVORS (R)p 22 1:30 ST. HELENS (PG) p 7 1:20 am STRANGE BREW (PG) p.23 3:30 THE SPECIAL MAGIC OF 2:50 RICH LITTLE p. 16 HERSELF THE ELF ( 22) 3:50 GLORIA (PG)p 8 I THURSDAY, AUG. 2 4:30 SNOOPY, COME HOME p.19 6:00 am NATIONAL GEO: Etosha: 6:00 BLINDED BY THE LIGHT p 7 Place ol Dry Water p 19 7:30 VIDEO JUKEBOX p 15 7:00 SNOOPY, COME HOME p 19 8:00 PORKY'S II: 8:30 IT CAME FROM HOLLYWOOD THE NEXT DAY (R)p.5 (PG)p 11 10:00 EASY MONEY 10:00 BUNDED BY THE LIGHT p 7 (R-1:39) 11:30 THAT MAN IN THE WHITE 11:45 GETTING EVEN: HOUSE: FDRp 7 VICTIMS FIGHT BACK p 21 1:30 pm VIDEO JUKEBOX p 15 12:45 am YELLOWBEARD (PG)p 23 2:00 YELLOWBEARD (PG)p 23 2:20 DRAW! (1:37) (CC) I 3:30 NATIONAL GEO: Etosha 4:10 GOIN' ALL THE WAY Place of Dry Water p. 19 (R)P 11 FRIDAY, AUG. 3 7:00 GLEN CAMPBELL & FRIENDS: 6:00 am ANIMALYMPICS p. 19 Silver Anniversary of the 7:30 WAVELENGTH (PG)p.7 Rhinestone Cowboy p. 14 9:00 GLEN CAMPBELL p. 14 8:00 HEART LIKE A WHEEL 10:00 HEART LIKE A WHEEL (PG) p.9 (PG) p.9 10:00 THE BIG BRAWL 12:00 COMING ATTRACTIONS p 17 (R) p.22 12:30 pm TEMPEST (PG) p.22 11:40 BAD BOYS (R) p 7 3:00 WAVELENGTH (PG)p.7 1:45 am WAVELENGTH (PG) p 7 4:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Red's 3:20 GLEN CAMPBELL & FRIENDS: Sea Monster” p.15 Silver Anniversary of the 5:00 ANIMALYMPICS p 19 Rhinestone Cowboy p. 14 6:30 COMING ATTRACTIONS p. 17 4:20 THE BIG BRAWL (R)p 22 SATURDAY, AUG. 4 2:30 BUNDED BY THE LIGHT p 7 6:00 am BLINDED BY THE LIGHT p 7 4:00 ST. HELENS (PG)p.7 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Red's 6:00 RICH LITTLE Sea Monster” p 15 Come Laugh With Me p 16 8:00 GLORIA (PG) p 8 7:00 GLORIA (PG)p 8 10:00 RICH LITTLE 9:00 CLASS (R)p 5 Come Laugh With Me p 16 11:00 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS 11:00 STRANGE BREW August Edition p 16 (PG) p 23 11:30 1, THE JURY (R) p.23 12:30 pm THE WHO TOUR 1982: 1:25 am THE SURVIVORS The Final Show p 14 (R) p.22 2:00 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS 3:15 STRANGE BREW (PG) p.23 August Edition p. 16 4:45 CLASS (R)p.5 HOC Theatre Summer Matinee The Rainmaker Tuesday Weld Tommy Lee Jones August 6,11,23 Wait Until Dark Katharine Ross August 7, 20 Gabe Kaplan as Groucho August 8,24 Separate Tables Julie Christie Alan Bates August 9,22 Bus Stop Margot Kidder Tim Matheson August 10,21 Tht Tixf Richard Pryor Jackie Gleason In an offbeat comedy, Richard Pryor becomes the link between a rich father and his spoiled son. Adult language, humor. (PG-1:42) Aug. 5,11,14,17,20,23,25,29 4 CLASS Jacqueline Bisset Rob Lowe One lucky, lustful prep school teen has the chance of a lifetime: to lose his innocence to an older woman. While the joys of sex cannot be denied, complications arise when the young man discovers who this woman really is. Jacqueline Bisset plays the lady looking for a good time; newcomer Andrew McCarthy is the youth who thinks he Ohas it all. With Rob Lowe as Bisset’s son. Adult language, nudity. (R-1:40) Aug. 4,9,14,17,20,22,26 Tkt Next Oouf Those outrageous kids from Angel Beach High are back for another year of lowdown fun at school. In this funky sequel, all the pals are up against a religious hypocrite, bigots and a double-dealing politician. Adult language and humor, mild violence, nudity. (R-1:38) August 2,18,22,26,31 Fa&tTmesat Ridqtnwnt ffiqk Sean Penn A lighthearted look at teens in their natural habitat: high school and a shopping mall. With Phoebe Cates. Adult language, nudity. (R-1:27) Aug. 10,12,15,23,25,29 5

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