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n The Second City 25th Anniversary Special An April Shower of Hits on HBO! Cover Photo: Gerretsen/Mega MMIMtfl MOVIES Against All Odds (CC)___ Alphabet City_____ American Hot Wax. Blue Skies Again . Brainstorm _______ Breathless _______ Christine (CC)____ Damien: Omen II___ Draw! (CC) _______ Dressed to Kill __ The Earthling ____ Easy Money________ Forbidden (CC) ___ Gorky Park Hard to Hold (CC) Harry & Son_________ Heat and Dust_______ Pg. 17 _____16 ______18 ______11 ______11 _____22 _____22 ______22 ______11 ______20 ______11 ______15 ______11 ______ 6 _____18 ______22 _____21 SPECIALS America Undercover: What Sex Am I?___Pg. 17 Consumer Reports HBO Coming Attractions ___ The Hitchhiker____ The Last Polka _________ The Laundromat__________ Little River Band_______ Maximum Security________ Not Necessarily News. Not Necessarily Sniglets. Second City 25th Anniversary. Video Jukebox ______ 17 4 4 14 5 6 5 14 14 14 10 FAMILY SHOWCASE Hotel New Hampshire______22 Hurricane _________________11 Local Hero ________________22 Alice in Wonderland____Pg. 9 Making the Grade___________15 Animal Talk Massacre in Rome___________22 Animalympics Mike’s Murder______________21 ____ 6 Misunderstood _______ Moscow on Hudson (CC) 12 The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper______________22 Rare Breed_________________11 Reuben, Reuben ____________ 7 Romancing the Stone______13 Running Brave______________ 6 Sahara_____________________11 Slayground_________________19 Surf II____________________22 Swing Shift (CC)___________18 This Is Spinal Tap ________19 Trenchcoat (CC)____________20 Twilight Zone______________19 Videodrome_________________22 Watership Down_____________16 Berenstain Bears (CC) BrainGames____________ Cyrano David Copperfield________ Dot and the Bunny________ Easter Bunny...to Town. Fawn Story_______________ Fraggle Rock_________ Hockey Night_________ Jack & the Beanstalk. Life on Earth _______ The Magic of Lassie. Oliver/Artful Dodger. A Single Light Tucker & Horse Thief. When We First Met_________ The Wild Pony_____________ SINGLE PLATS* All Right Moves_____Apr. 14 Big Chill (CC)______Apr. 14 Blame it on Rio_____Apr. 13 The Buddy System____Apr. 13 Culture Club _______Apr. 3 Dog Day Afternoon___Apr. 2 Eddie & Cruisers. Elvis _____________ Finnegan Begin Again (CC) First Blood ______ Gulag (CC) _______ Minors ___________ Lone Wolf McQuade Losin’ It__________ Reckless___________ Right Stuff (CC) Splash (CC)_______ The Wilder Summer. 8 8 9 8 9 9 22 9 _ 8 8,10 _ 9 _ 9 ___19 ___ 8 _ 9 _ 9 _ 9 _ 9 _ 8 _ 9 Apr. 24 Apr. 14 Apr. 14 Apr. 5 Apr. 13 . Apr. 8 Apr. 3 Apr. 8 Apr. 4 Apr. 14 . Apr. 13 Spring Break _________________Apr. 8 The Star Chamber _ Apr. 17 Two of a Kind_________________Apr. 13 Walter Mitty__________________Apr. 3 Willie Nelson ________________Apr. 13 Yentl (CC)____________________Apr. 13 * In most cases, single plays are described in last month's guide. (CC) Indicates programs that are closed-captioned. The HBO Guide is published monthly by Home Box Office. Inc . >100 Avenue of the Americas, New York. New York 10036. Joseph J. Collins. President; Curtis 6. Viebranz, Treasurer; Carolyn K. McCandless. Secretary. @ 1985 Home Box Office. Inc. All rights reserved. MOVING to an area not serviced by your current cable company? Call toll free and we’ll have your new cable company contact you for installation. I-8OO-HBO-MOVE

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Extra Edition. What do you call the unpopped kernels in a popcorn cooker? Flopcorn, of course! What's the latest word? The "NNTN" comedy team tackles the dictionary along with the news in this show. April 6,9,12,14,16,18 HBO Comedy Playhouse: The Last Polks John Candy and Eugene Levy star as the Shmenge Brothers. Yes, they're the polka superstars who are (gasp!) calling it quits in this show-biz spoof. The oom-pah-pah parody traces their musically comic rise and fall. April 1,7,10 14 Anniversary Special Ed Asrter Jim Belushi John Candy Mary Gross Robert Klein Shelley Long Andrea Martin Harold Ramis Marty Short David Steinberg Betty Thomas George Wendt It's an outrageous, star-studded event when Chicago's renowned comedy troupe celebrates its silver anniversary with HBO. This alumni reunion features comedy skits by an impressive list of graduates. April 13,17,21,23,26,29 .. From topical satire to sketches that defy description," says TV Guide, "Not Necessarily the News" lampoons the major news events as they happen. April edition: April 20,22,24,26,28,30 Encore: Edition 21 April 27 Making the Grade Rock music and break dancing shake a prep school to its foundations when a rich kid hires a street-smart teen to attend school for him. Adult language, nudity. (R-1:45) Apr. 16,19,22,25,28 Easy Money 5 $ Rodney Dangerfield There’s nothing easy about a $10 million windfall for Rodney Dangerfield—he has to endure a year of clean living to get it! Adult language and humor, nudity, (R-1:39) April 15 HBO Mailbox Watch between shows for hosts Mason Adams and Carol Bradley, who answer questions about Home Box Office from your letters. Lively and informative. SATURDAY, APR. 13 6:30 COMING ATTRACTIONS p.4 6:00 am HBO FAMILY PLAYHOUSE: THE WILDER SUMMER p 9 7:00 HBO FAMILY PLAYHOUSE: THE WILDER SUMMER p.9 7:00 HBO COMING 8:00 SPLASH (PG-1:50)(CC) ATTRACTIONS p.4 10:00 SECOND CITY 25TH 7:30 SPLASH (PG-1:50)(CC) ANNIVERSARY p 14 9:30 TWO OF A KINO (PG-1:28) 11:00 THE HITCHHIKER 11:00 BUDDY SYSTEM (PG-150) "Remembering Melody” (.29) 1:00 pm FORBIDDEN p. 11 (CC) 11:30 BLAME IT ON RIO 3:00 WILLIE NELSON’S (R-1:40) TEXAS PARTY (1:00) 1:15 am GULAG(2:10)(CC) 4:00 YENTL(PG-2:13) (CC) 3:30 YENTL (PG-2:13) (CC) SUNDAY, APR. 14 6:00 ELVIS: One Night 6:00 am THE EASTER BUNNY IS With You ( .53) COMIN’ TO TOWN (:50) p 9 7:00 THE BEST OF 7:00 FINNEGAN BEGIN AGAIN BRAINGAMES p.8 (1:54) (CC) 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK 9:00 VIDEO JUKEBOX p. 10 "Born to Wander" p.10 9:30 MISUNDERSTOOD (PG)p.6 8:00 MOSCOW ON THE HUDSON 11:30 FRAGGLE ROCK (R)p.12(CC) "Born to Wander" p. 10 10:05 FINNEGAN BEGIN AGAIN 12:00 RIGHT STUFF (PG-3:16) (CC) (1:54) (CC) 3:30 pm NOT NECESSARILY 12:05 am BIG CHILL (R-1:45)(CC) SNIGLETS p 14 1:55 ALL RIGHT MOVES (R-1:26) 4:00 HARRY & SON (PG) p.22 3:30 GORKY PARK (R)p.6 MONDAY, APR. 15 5:30 THE EARTHLING (PG) p. 11 6:00 am ANIMALYMPICS (1:18) p.8 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK 7:30 RUNNING BRAVE (PG) p.6 “The Battle of 9:30 HBO COMING Leaking Roo!"p.10 . •• ■■■ ATTRACTIONS p.4 8:00 EASY MONEY (R) p. 15 10:00 THE PURSUIT OF D. B. 10:00 RUNNING BRAVE (PG)p.6 COOPER (PG) p.22 11:50 HARD TO HOLD 12:00 MASSACRE IN ROME (PG) p.l8(CC) (PG) p.22 1:30 am DRESSED TO KILL (R) p 20 2:00 pm HARD TO HOLD (PG)p.18(CC) 3:20 MASSACRE IN ROME (PG) p.22 3:30 CONSUMER REPORTS p 17 5:10 HBO COMING 4:00 ANIMALYMPICS (1:18) p.8 ATTRACTIONS p.4 TUESDAY, APR. 16 7:30 NOT NECESSARILY 6:00 am BEST OF BRAINGAMES p.8 SNIGLETS p. 14 6:30 MAGIC/LASSIE (G-1 40) p.8 8:00 MAKING THE GRADE (R) p. 15 8:30 RARE BREEO (PG)p 11 10:00 MAXIMUM SECURITY "1 Never 10:00 AMERICAN HOT WAX Ran For My Father" p.5 (PG)p.18 10:30 THE LAUNDROMAT p 5 11:30 BRAINSTORM (PG) p. 11 11:30 GORKY PARK (R) p 6 1:30 pm LOCAL HERO (PG) p.22 1:45 am LOCAL HERO (PG)p 22 3:30 BEST OF BRAINGAMES p.8 3:40 NOT NECESSARILY 4:00 THE MAGIC OF LASSIE SNIGLETS p.14 ((3-1:40) p.8 4:10 MAKING THE GRADE 6:00 RARE BREED (PG)p.11 (R)P-15 15

HBO Guide April 1985 - Page section : 003

MONDAY, APR. 1 5:30 LOCAL HERO (PG) p.22 6:30 THE EASTER BUNNY IS 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK "The COMIN’TOTOWN (;50)p9 Great Radish Caper” p. 10 7:30 LOCAL HERO (PG)p 22 8:00 ROMANCING THE STONE 9:30 COMING ATTRACTIONS p.4 (PG)p.13 10:00 ROMANCING THE STONE 10:00 THE LAUNDROMAT p.5 (PG)p.13 11:00 COMING ATTRACTIONS p 4 12:00 THE LAST POLKA p. 14 11:30 CHRISTINE (R) p.22 (CC) 1:00 BRAINSTORM (PG) p. 11 1:25 LOCAL HERO (PG) p.22 3:00 THE EASTER BUNNY IS 3:20 VIDEO JUKEBOX p. 10 COMIN' TO TOWN (:50) p 9 3:50 ROMANCING THE STONE 4:00 HOCKEY NIGHT(1:17)p.9 (PG)p.13 TUESDAY, APR. 2 8:00 MOSCOW ON THE HUDSON 6:00 ALICE IN WONDERLAND (R)p.12(CC) (G-1:36)p.9 10:00 MAXIMUM SECURITY 8:00 THE PURSUIT OF D. B. “Sexual Politics” p.5 COOPER (PG)p.22 10:30 CONSUMER REPORTS 10:00 HARRY & SON (PG)p.22 SPECIAL p. 17 12:00 CONSUMER REPORTS p.17 11:00 FORBIDDEN p.11(CC) 1 12:30 WATERSHIP OOWN (PG) p 16 1:00 THIS IS SPINAL TAP 2:00 FORBIODEN p 11 (CC) (R)p.19 4:00 LEWIS CARROLL’S ALICE 2:30 DOG OAY AFTERNOON IN WONDERLAND (R'2:04) (G-1:36)p.9 4:40 THE PURSUIT OF 0. B. 6:00 HARRY & SON (PG) p.22 COOPER (PG) p.22 WEDNESDAY, APR. 3 4:30 LIFE ON EARTH: 6:30 LIFE ON EARTH: The First Forests p. 19 The First Forests p. 19 5:30 SAHARA (PG) p. 11 7:30 FRAGGLEROCK “The 7:30 COMING ATTRACTIONS p.4 Great Radish Caper” p. 10 8:00 THE EARTHLING (PG)p.ll 8:00 SAHARA (PG)p.11 10:00 GORKY PARK (R)p.6 10:00 THE SECRET UFE OF 12:15 VIDEODROME (R) p.22 WALTER MITTY( 1:50) 1:50 CULTURE CLUB 12:00 THE EARTHLING (PG) p 11 IN CONCERT (:56) 2:00 LONE WOLF MCOUADE 2:50 THE HOTEL NEW HAMPSHIRE (PG-1:47) (R)p.22 4:00 FRAGGLE ROCK “The 4:45 SURF II ijyj' Great Radish Caper” p.10 (R) p.22 THURSDAY, APR. 4 5:30 THE MAGIC OF LASSIE 6:30 DOT AND THE (G-1:40)p.8 BUNNY p.22 7:30 BERENSTAIN BEARS' EASTER 8:00 THE MAGIC OF LASSIE SURPRISE (:24)p 9 (CC) (G-1:40)p.8 8:00 OAMIEN:OMEN II (R) p.22 10:00 BRAINSTORM 10:00 THE LAUNDROMAT p.5 (PG) p. 11 11:00 BRAINSTORM (PG)p 11 12:00 AMERICAN HOT WAX 12:50 AMERICAN HOT WAX (PG)p.18 (PG) p. 18 1:30 VIDEO JUKEBOK p. 10 2:25 VIDEO JUKEBOX p.10 2:00 LOCAL HERO (PG) p.22 2:55 RECKLESS (R-1:33) 4:00 DOT AND THE BUNNY p.22 4:35 CHRISTINE (R) p.22 (CC) The Hitchhiker When he appears, strange things happen. Murderous Feelings A tale of desire and deception. Franco Nero stars. Adult situations, violence, nudity. (:30) April 9,19 Lovesounds Cheating wife’s deadly passion. Adult situations, violence, nudity. (:30) April 30 HBO Conning Attractions Exciting film clips tell you about many of HBO's upcoming movies, sports and specials. This month: April highlights: April 1,3,5 May highlights: April 25,27,29 Plus a special Family Edition: April 10,13, 15,18,21,23 4 The Laundromat Carol Burnett Amy Madigan When two lonely strangers meet at an all-night laundromat, they discover as much about themselves as each other. Carol Burnett (ACE Award winner for HBO Premiere Films’ Between Friends) shares her secrets and fears, laughter and tears with a kooky young woman, played by Amy Madigan (Places in the Heart). Robert Altman (M*A*S*H) directed this moving, humorous drama. Written by Marsha Norman, Pulitzer Prize winner for her Broadway hit, “ 'night, Mother." Adult language. Apr. 1,4,7,10,16 “Life behind bars is tough. To survive you gotta be tougher." HBO's original dramatic series exposes the gritty truth about prison life. This month’s episodes: SEXUAL POLITICS: A woman visits. Adult situations, strong language. (:30) Apr. 2,6,12 I NEVER RAN FOR MY FATHER: Harry won't call his ailing father. Adult situations, strong language, violence. (:30) Part 1: Apr. 16,20,26 Part 2: Apr 23,27

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HBO SLEEPER Misunderstood Gene Hackman Henry Thomas A recently widowed business tycoon faces more than painful mourning when his wife passes away. Gene Hackman stars as the American based in North Africa who finds it difficult to understand and communicate with his young sons. Rip Torn and Susan Anspach co-star in this drama you may have missed when it first played in theaters. Adult situations. (PG-1:34) April 5,11,14,17,20,23,29 Running Brave Robby Benson The struggle of American Indian athlete Billy Mills, who rose from a South Dakota reservation to become a long-shot at the '64 Olympics, is one of the sports world's most stirring dramas. Benson plays the distance runner who overcame prejudice and training problems to make the team at Tokyo. Adult situations, mild violence, brief nudity. (PG-1:47) April 6,9,12,15,18,21,24 Little River Band in Australia HBO Rock. The upbeat Australian rock group that spearheaded the explosion of music from down under plays the hits that have kept them on the charts: '‘Reminiscing," "Cool Change" and more. (1:00) April 8,11,19,21,23,28 Gorky Park William Hurt Lee Marvin Three vicious murders in a Moscow park trigger a taut thriller with international complications. William Hurt and Lee Marvin star. With Joanna Pacula. Adult language, graphic violence, nudity. (R-2:08) April 3,8,14,16,19,25 6 Reuben, Reuben Tom Conti What’s a boozy, lustful poet to do when he just can't get his life to rhyme? Bored housewives find him irresistible, but his latest obsession is clean-cut college student Kelly McGillis (Witness). Adult language and humor, brief nudity. (R-1:40) April 9,17,21,25,29 Headin' South April 8 Spring Break Fun in the Florida sun. Adult language and humor, nudity. (R-1:41) Losin'lt Wild weekend with Tom Cruise. Adult language, violence, nudity. (R-1:40) FRIDAY, APR. 5 5:00 HOCKEY NIGHT (1:17) p.9 6:30 am THE EASTER BUNNY IS 6:30 THE EASTER BUNNY IS C0MIN’ TO TOWN COMIN’TO TOWN ( 50) p 9 (50) p.9 7:30 COMING ATTRACTIONS p.4 7:30 COMING ATTRACTIONS p 4 8:00 MISUNDERSTOOD (PG)p 6 8:00 FORBIDDEN p.11(CC) 10:00 BREATHLESS (R) p.22 10:00 MISUNDERSTOOD (PG) p.6 11:45 THE HITCHHIKER 12:00 HURRICANE (PG) p. 11 “Hired Help” p 4 2:00 pm CONSUMER REPORTS p. 17 12:15 am FIRST BLOOD (R-1:33) 2:30 HARRY & SON (PG)p.22 1:55 HARRY & SON (PG)p.22 4:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “The 3:55 BREATHLESS (R) p.22 Great Radish Caper” p 10 5:40 COMING ATTRACTIONS p.4 SATURDAY, APR. 6 7:00 HBO FAMILY PLAYHOUSE: 6:30 am WATERSHIP DOWN (PG) p. 16 TUCKER AND THE 8:00 TUCKER AND THE HORSE THIEF ( 46) p.9 HORSE THIEF ( 46) p.9 8:00 RUNNING BRAVE (PG) p.6 9:00 MASSACRE IN ROME 10:00 NOT NECESSARILY (PG) p.22 SNIGLETS p 14 11:00 THE PURSUIT OF 10:30 MAXIMUM SECURITY D.B. COOPER (PG) p.22 “Sexual Politics” p 5 1:00 pm NOT NECESSARILY 11:00 DRESSED TO KILL (R)p.20 SNIGLETS p. 14 12:50 am THIS/SPINAL TAP (R) p. 19 1:30 SAHARA (PG) p. 11 2:20 VIDEODROME (R)p 22 3:30 TWILIGHT ZONE (PG) p. 19 3:55 THE HOTEL NEW HAMPSHIRE 5:30 WATERSHIP DOWN (PG) p. 16 (R)P 22 SUNDAY, APR. 7 3:00 THE LAST POLKA p 14 6:00 am THE MAGIC OF LASSIE 4:00 THE EARTHLING (PG)p.11 (G-140) p 8 5:45 THE MAGIC OF LASSIE 8:00 ROMANCING THE STONE (G-1:40) p.8 (PG) p. 13 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “The 10:00 THE EASTER BUNNY IS Great Radish Caper” p. 10 COMIN’ TO TOWN (:50) p.9 8:00 ROMANCING THE STONE 11:00 BERENSTAIN BEARS' EASTER (PG) p. 13 SURPRISE (24) p.9 (CC) 10:00 BRAINSTORM (PG) p. 11 11:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “The 11:55 THE LAUNDROMAT p.5 Great Radish Caper" p. 10 1:00 am CHRISTINE (R) p.22(CC) 12:00 A SINGLE LIGHT p.9 2:55 DRAW! p. 11 (CC) 1:00 pm LOCAL HERO (PG)p 22 4:40 LOCAL HERO (PG)p 22 MONDAY, APR. 8 5:30 AMERICAN HOT WAX 6:30 am DOT AND THE BUNNY p.22 (PG)p.18 8:00 FORBIDDEN p 11 (CC) 7:00 BRAINGAMES 2 p 8 10:00 RARE BREEO (PG)p 11 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK 11:30 LITTLE RIVER BAND p.6 “Born to Wander” p. 10 12:30 pm BRAINGAMES 2 p 8 8:00 RARE BREED (PG)p.11 1:00 TWILIGHT Z0NE:THE MOVIE 9:30 SPRING BREAK (R)p.7 (PG) p. 19 11:30 LOSIN' IT (R) p.7 3:00 BLUE SKIES AGAIN 1:15 am AMERICAN HOT WAX (PG) p.22 (PG) p. 18 4:30 HBO FAMILY PLAYHOUSE: 2:50 GORKY PARK(R)p6 MINORS p.9 5:00 LinLE RIVER BAND p 6 7

HBO Guide April 1985 - Page section : 005

^mi 4o FAMILY SHOWCASE Festival! A special month of entertainment! FRAGGLE ROCK WEEK April 8-12 Join Jim Henson's irresistible Fragg/es for more fun in April! Dom to Wonder April 8 SeepegelO. Junior Sells the Form April 9 Fraggle Wars April 10 The Doy the Music Died April 11 Doomsday Soup April 12 BRAINGAMES WEEK April 8-12 The challenging family show you play as you watch! DroinGomes 2 April 8 DroinGomes 3 April 9 DroinGomes 4 April 10 DroinGomes 5 April 11 The Dest of DroinGomes See and play the best games from HBO’s animated series. And don’t miss the winning riddles! April 12 and also April 14,16,20,22,25,28,30 ANIMAL WEEK April 15-19_____ Animolympics Animals are athletes in this sporting event! April 15 If The Mogic of Lossie An evil millionaire takes Lassie from her owner, James Stewart. (G) April 16 and also April 4,7,20,24,26,29 Fown Story Lesson about wildlife. April 17 The Wild Pony | A tale of a boy and his pony. April 18 and also J April 9,12,26,30 Animal Tolk 1 Dr. Doolittle and friends. April 19 HDO FAMILY PLAYHOUSE on Saturdays! Tucker and the Horse Thief Young girl learns a lesson about love and friendship. Apr. 6 The Wilder Summer Camp is everything and more for young teens! April 13 Jack and the beanstalk Animated favorite. April 24 Ipliver and the fitful Dodger Lively tale. April 25 Cyrano Classic of lovelorn poet. April 26 Hockey Night Young Megan can play hockey with the best of the boys, but can they handle her? April 20 and alSO April 1,5,10,25,28 When We First Met A modern Romeo and Juliet. Apr. 27 SPECIAL FOREASTER April 7____ The Derenstoin Dears' Easter Surprise Can the bears get the Easter Hare to return to work? An Easter treat. (CC) April 7 and also April 4, 9,12,19,24 The Easter Dunny Is Cornin' to Town Where does the Easter Bunny come from? A musical tale. April 7 and also April 1,5,14,25 CLASSICS WEEK April 22-26_______ David Copperfield Exciting drama of Dickens’ classic. April 22 Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Join Alice as she tries to follow the White Rabbit. (G) April 23 and also April 2,11,29 HDO Family Playhouse: A Single Light Touching drama about a lonely deaf-mute girl. 9

HBO Guide April 1985 - Page section : 006

TUESDAY, APR. 9 5:00 BERENSTAIN BEARS p.9 (CC) 7:00 am BRAINGAMES 3 p.8 5:30 THE WILD PONY (1:28) p.8 7:30 BERENSTAIN BEARS’ EASTER 7:00 BRAINGAMES 3 p.8 SURPRISE (:24)p.9(CC) 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Junior 8:00 MASSACRE IN ROME Sells the Farm” p.8 (PG) p.22 8:00 REUBEN, REUBEN (R) p.7 10:00 RUNNING BRAVE (PG)p.6 10:00 THE HITCHHIKER p.4 12:00 NOT NEC. SNIGLETS p. 14 10:30 NOT NEC.SNIGLETS p. 14 12:30 pm THE PURSUIT OF D. B. 11:00 RUNNING BRAVE (PG)p 6 COOPER (PG) p.22 12:50 am MASSACRE/ROME (PG) p.22 2:30 HURRICANE (PG) p. 11 2:40 BREATHLESS (R) p.22 4:30 VIDEO JUKEBOX p. 10 4:25 SURF II (R) p.22 WEDNESDAY, APR. 10 5:30 HOCKEY NIGHT (1:17) p.9 6:00 am HOCKEY NIGHT (1:17) p.9 7:00 BRAINGAMES 4 p.8 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Born” p. 10 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK 8:00 WATERSHIP DOWN (PG) p.16 "Fraggle Wars” p.8 9:30 CONSUMER REPORTS p. 17 8:00 WATERSHIP DOWN (PG) p. 16 10:00 FORBIDDEN p. 11 (CC) 9:30 HBO COMING 12:00 HBO COMEDY PLAYHOUSE: ATTRACTIONS p.4 THE LAST POLKA p. 14 10:00 FORBIDDEN p. 11 (CC) 1:00 pm BRAINSTORM (PG)p.11 12:00 THIS IS SPINAL TAP 3:00 COMING ATTRACTIONS p.4 (R)P 19 3:30 RARE BREED (PG) p. 11 1:30 am THE LAUNDROMAT p.5 5:00 FRAGGLE ROCK 2:35 DAMIEN:OMEN II (R) p.22 “Born to Wander” p. 10 4:25 WATERSHIP DOWN (PG) p. 16 THURSDAY, APR. 11 7:00 BRAINGAMES 5 p.8 6:00 am ALICE IN WONDERLAND 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “The (G-1.36) p.9 Day the Music Died” p.8 8:00 TWILIGHT ZONE: THE MOVIE 8:00 HURRICANE (PG) p. 11 (PG)P.19 10:00 MISUNDERSTOOD (PG) p.6 10:00 HURRICANE (PG) p .11 11:40 MOSCOW ON THE HUDSON 12:00 MISUNDERSTOOD (PG)p.6 (R) p.12(CC) 2:00 pm THE EARTHLING (PG)p 11 1:40 am DRESSED TO KILL (R) p 20 4:00 LIFE ON EARTH: 3:30 TWILIGHT ZONE: The First Forests p. 19 THE MOVIE 5:00 LEWIS CARROLL'S ALICE (PG) p. 19 IN WONDERLAND 5:15 LITTLE RIVER BAND (G-1:36) p.9 IN AUSTRALIA p.6 FRIDAY, APR. 12 5:00 ROMANCING THE STONE 6:30 am THE WILD PONY (1 28) p.8 (PG)p.13 8:00 RARE BREED (PG) p. 11 7:00 BEST OF BRAINGAMES p.8 9:30 NOT NEC. SNIGLETS p. 14 7:30 FRAGGLE “Doomsday” p.8 10:00 HARO TO HOLD 8:00 HARD TO HOLD p. 18 (CC) (PG) p.18(CC) 9:30 VIDEO JUKEBOX p.10 11:30 VIDEO JUKEBOX p 10 10:00 DAMIEN:OMEN II (R)p.22 12:00 AMER.HOT WAX (PG) p. 18 11:55 MAXIMUM SECURITY p.5 1:30 pm RUNNING BRAVE (PG)p 6 12:25 am ROMANCING STONE (PG) p. 13 3:30 NOT NEC. SNIGLETS p. 14 2:15 NOT NEC. SNIGLETS p 14 4:00 BERENSTAIN BEARS p.9 (CC) 2:45 AMER. HOT WAX (PG) p. 18 4:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “BonTp.10 4:20 HARD TO HOLD p.18 (CC) 10 The Great Radish Caper: Mokey leads Junior Gorg on a false mission while the Fraggles steal his prize radish. April 1,3,5,7 Born to Wander: The Fraggle Storyteller tells an amazing tale about Uncle Matt's first discovery. April 8,10,12,14 The Battle of Leaking Roof: A hole in the roof causes big problems for Pa Gorg. Can he fix it? April 15,17,19,21 Playing Till It Hurts: Red's idol, Rock Hockey Hannah, comes to see her play. April 22,24,26,28 Bored Stiff: Gobo leads a surprise expedition into the Gorgs' garden. April 29 Video Jukebox Catch nonstop music videos featuring artists like Mick Jagger. April 1,4,9, 12,14; 17,19,21,23,26 The Earthling William Holden stars in a touching drama of survival and friendship. Adult situations, violence. (PG-1:37) April 3,7,11,15,19,23,27 ' Brainstorm Sci-fi drama with Natalie Wood in final movie role. ' Adult language, violence, brief nudity. (PG-1:46) April 1,4,7,10,16,19,22,27 Rare Breed A teen’s overseas adventures with her favorite racehorse. Adult language, mild violence. (PG-1:23) Apr. 8, 10,12,16,19,22,25,27 Blue Skies Again A woman is determined to try out for a place on a big-league baseball team. Adult situations, language. (PG-1:27) April 8,21,25 Hurricane \ Jason Robards in island adventure. Adult language, brief nudity. (PG-1:55) April 5,9,11,17,20,28 Sahara Brooke Shields races across the desert. Adult situations, mild violence. (PG-1:51) April 3,6 DRAW! Kirk Douglas James Coburn A notorious outlaw matches wits and gunfire with his longtime adversary. In this fast-action western, Kirk Douglas plays Handsome Harry Holland, a gunslinger who once rode with Jesse James but now wants to live down the past. James Coburn co-stars as his hard-drinking rival who comes out of retirement to face up to the gunman. Adult language, violence, nudity. (1:38) April 7,22,27 (CC) Forbidden Jacqueline Bisset Jurgen Prochnow Lovers trapped in war-torn Berlin risk their lives for a relationship forbidden by the Nazis. Jacqueline Bis-set is an aristocratic countess whose passionate affair leads her into WWII's dangerous underground. Jurgen Prochnow plays her Jewish lover. With Irene Worth. Based on a true story. Adult situations, mild violence. (1:53) April 2,5,8,10,13 (CC) HB® <^J!teMUe^pUu^L~ HB®

HBO Guide April 1985 - Page section : 007

■■■■■■I Generating enough star-/lIGbQM 3r spangled glee to warm a ^ _ Russian winter, Robin Wil-jjJHOC Sams Plays a lovable So-viet defector in this com-4 KOMMVI ec)y drama. As Vladimir, a * circus musician, Williams /ROOM 3H impulsively opts for the American dream during a trip to New York—andcul ture shock really sets in! VV1 He finds the Big Apple a magic place, but not with-3H out its share of worms. Directed by Paul Mazursky /tfl (An Unmarried Woman). — Adult language, mild vio-lence, nudity. (R-1:57) April 2,11,14,19 (CC) Michael Douglas Kathleen Turner A treasure hunt deep in the jungles of South America makes for nonstop action and romance in this siam-bang adventure comedy. Kathleen T urner (Body Heat) stars as a timid writer of romance novels who has never found a man to match her two-fisted, swashbuckling heroes. Michael Douglas, as a soldier of fortune, just might be what she's been looking for. Adult situations and language, violence,(PG-1:46) April 1,7,12,17,20

HBO Guide April 1985 - Page section : 009

WEDNESDAY, APR. 17 5:30 TWIUGHT ZONE: THE MOVIE 6:00 am DOT AND THE BUNNY p 22 (PG) p. 19 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “The Battle 7:30 VIDEO JUKEBOX p. 10 ol Leaking Root" p. 10 8:00 THE STAR CHAMBER 8:00 TWIUGHT ZONE (PG) p. 19 (R-1:49) 1 10:00 ROMANCING THE STONE 10:00 ROMANCING THE STONE (PG) p. 13 (PG) p.13 12:00 HURRICANE (PG) p. 11 11:50 MISUNDERSTOOD (PG)p.6 2:00 pm MISUNDERSTOOD (PG)p.6 1:30 am SECOND CITY 25TH 4:00 FAWN STORY p 8 ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL p. 14 5:00 FRAGGLE ROCK “The Battle 2:35 REUBEN, REUBEN (R)p7 ol Leaking Roof” p. 10 4:20 BREATHLESS (R) p.22 THURSDAY, APR. 18 7:30 COMING ATTRACTIONS p 4 6:00 am COMING ATTRACTIONS p 4 8:00 ALPHABET CITY (R) p. 16 6:30 THE WILD PONY (1 28) p 8 9:30 NOT NEC. SNIGLETS p. 14 8:00 HARD TO HOLD 10:00 AMERICA UNDERCOVER: (PG)p.18(CC) WHAT SEX AM l?p.17 9:30 NOT NEC. SNIGLETS p 14 11:00 THE PURSUIT OF D. B. 10:00 WATERSHIP DOWN (PG) p. 16 COOPER (PG) p.22 11:30 MASSACRE/ROME (PG) p.22 12:45 am THIS IS SPINAL TAP 1:30 pm COMING ATTRACTIONS p 4 (R)P 19 2:00 THE PURSUIT OF D. B. 2:20 MASSACRE IN ROME COOPER (PG) p.22 (PG) p.22 4:00 THE WILD PONY (1 28) p 8 4:10 ALPHABET CITY (R) p. 16 5:30 RUNNING BRAVE (PG) p.6 5:45 NOT NEC. SNIGLETS p. 14 FRIDAY, APR. 19 5:00 FRAGGLE ROCK “The Battle 6:30 am ANIMAL TALK ( 45) p.8 of Leaking Roof” p. 10 7:30 THE BERENSTAIN BEARS’ 5:30 DOT AND THE BUNNY p.22 EASTER SURPRISE 7:00 LITTLE RIVER BAND p.6 (:24)p.9(CC) 8:00 DRESSED TO KILL(R)p 20 8:00 THEEARTHUNG 10:00 MOSCOW ON THE HUDSON (PG)p.11 (R)p.12(CC) 10:00 LOCAL HERO (PG) p.22 12:00 THE HITCHHIKER: 12:00 VIDEO JUKEBOX p 10 "Murderous Feelings” p.4 12:30 pm RARE BREED (PG)p 11 12:30 am GORKY PARK (R) p.6 2:00 BRAINSTORM 2:45 MAKING THE GRADE (PG) p. 11 (R)p15 4:00 ANIMAL TALK (45) p 8 4:35 DRESSED TO KILL (R)p 20 SATURDAY, APR. 20 6:30 HOCKEY NIGHT (1 17) p 9 6:30 am MAGIC/LASSIE (G-1 40) p.8 8:00 AGAINST ALL ODDS 8:30 AMERICAN HOT WAX (R)p.17(CC) (PG)p 18 10:00 NOT THE NEWS April p 14 10:00 HURRICANE (PG) p.11 10:30 MAXIMUM SECURITY p.5 12:00 ROMANCING THE STONE 11:00 ROMANCING THE STONE (PG) p. 13 (PG)p.13 2:00 pm NOT THE NEWS April p 14 12:50 am TWILIGHT ZONE (PG)p 19 2:30 HARD TO HOLD 2:35 HARD TO HOLD (PG)p 18(CC) (PG)p 18(CC) 4:00 BEST OF BRAINGAMES p.8 4:15 AGAINST ALL ODDS 4:30 MISUNDERSTOOD (PG)p.6 (R)p.17 (CC) 16 Michael Douglas Double Feature April 17 The Star Chamber Prominent judges form a dangerous conspiracy to mete out their own form of vigilante justice. Michael Douglas and Hal Holbrook star. Adult language, graphic violence. (R-1:49) Romancing theStone See page 13. Alphabet City Young hood Vincent Spano rules Alphabet City, 50 tough blocks on New York's lower East Side—until underworld orders hit too close to home. Adult language, graphic violence, nudity. (R-1:25) April 18,21,24,26,30 Martin Rosen's Production of Richard Adams's Watership Down Brave rabbits search for a new home far from man in this animated movie. Mild violence. (PG-1:32) April 2,6, 10,18,22,26,28 Against All Odds From the director of An Officer and a Gentleman comes this provocative tale of danger, desire and murderous corruption. Jeff Bridges (Oscar nominee for Starman) is in over his head when he takes on a job to locate a runaway heiress. Adult language, violence, nudity. (R-2:01) April 20,23,28 (CC) WARNING: May Be Hazardous to Your Health A Consumer Reports Special What you don’t know can hurt you. Consumer Reports takes a hard look at products and foods that can endanger your health and safety. Find out important information and consumer tips you can’t afford to miss. April 2,5,10,15 SPECIAL AMERICA UNDERCOVER: What Sex Most of us take our sex for A#|r| 19 granted, but thousands of **■■ Americans do not. These people suffer the pain and embarrassment of gender crisis. How do transvestites, transsexuals and "she males" deal with the battle between mind and body? Can they ever escape their painful problems? Lee Grant directed and narrates this candid show featuring actual men and women in conflict. Adult situations, language; nudity. April 18,21,24,27,30 17

HBO Guide April 1985 - Page section : 010

Jloclt/'tJ Qot |wv April 24 Grammy-winning singer Rick Springfield makes his movie debut in this rock n’ roll romance. Adult situations, language; brief nudity. (PG-1:33) April 24 and also April 12,15,18,20,28 (CC) Rock ’n' roll is here to stay! This energetic film follows '50s rock deejay Alan Freed, who championed the “new" music. Adult language. (PG-1:31) April 24 and also April 4,8,12,16,20,22,28 Take a walk “On the Dark Side" of rock history in this drama of fame, music and mystery. Adult situations, language; mild violence. (PG-1:35) April 24 Kurt Russell Christine Lahti A happily married woman gets caught in a comical triangle when she takes a job on a WWII assembly line. Goldie Hawn is the riveter left to fend for herself after her husband heads for the battlefront. With Oscar nominee Christine Lahti as Goldie’s sassy friend. Adult situations, language. (PG-1:40) Apr. 21,25,27,30 (CC) 18 Slayground This professional thief has to learn a new specialty— running for his life! Peter Coyote (Cross Creek) stars in this nonstop action thriller. Adult language, violence. (R-1:29) April 30 Life on Earth: The First Forests Third in a series. David Attenborough introduces this program from Iceland, where he traces the evolution of plant and animal life from water to land. (:50) April 3,11,21,29 Twilight Zone: The Movie Four different directors pay homage to Rod Serling's landmark TV series with eerie tales of fantasy and horror. With Dan Aykroyd, John Lithgow. Adult language, violence. (PG-1:41) Apr. 6,8,11,17,20,23,26,29 This Is Spinal Tap This is the inspired "mocku-mentary" that rolls along with the heaviest metal rock band that never was. Rob Reiner ("All in the Family”) stars. Adult situations, language and humor. (R-1:23) April 2,6,10,18,21 SUNDAY, APR. 21 6:00 BLUE SKIES (PG)p.22 6:30 am BLUE SKIES (PG)p.22 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “The Battle 8:00 COMING ATTRACTIONS p.4 ol Leaking Roof ” p. 10 8:30 THE PURSUIT OF D. B. 8:00 SWING SHIFT (PG)p18(CC) COOPER (PG)p.22 10:00 AMERICA UNDERCOVER 10:30 LIFE ON EARTH p19 WHAT SEX AM I? p.17 11:30 FRAGGLE “Battle” p. 10 11:00 RUNNING BRAVE (PG)p.6 12:00 LITTLE RIVER BAND p.6 12:50 am ALPHABET CITY (R)p 16 1:00 pm MASSACRE/ROME (PG)p.22 2:20 SECOND CITY ANNIV. p. 14 3:00 VIDEO JUKEBOX p 10 3:25 REUBEN, REUBEN (R)p.7 3:30 RUNNING BRAVE (PG) p.6 5:10 THIS IS SPINAL TAP 5:30 COMING ATTRACTIONS p.4 (Ft) p.19 MONDAY, APR. 22 7:00 BEST OF BRAINGAMES p.8 6:35 am DAVID COPPERFIELD 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Playing (1:16) p.9 Till It Hurts” p. 10 8:00 THE BEST OF 8:00 DRAW!p.11(Ce) BRAINGAMES p.8 10:00 AMERICAN HOT WAX 8:30 WATERSHIP DOWN (PG) p.16 (PG) p. 18 10:00 BRAINSTORM (PG) p 11 11:30 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS 12:00 LOCAL HERO (PG)p.22 April Edition p. 14 2:00 pm NOT THE NEWS April p. 14 12:00 MAKING THE GRADE (R) p. 15 2:30 RARE BREED (PG)p.11 1:50 am BRAINSTORM (PG) p. 11 4:00 DAVID COPPERFIELD 3:40 DRAW!p.11(CC) (1:16) p.9 5:25 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS 5:30 WATERSHIP DOWN (PG) p. 16 April Edition p. 14 TUESDAY, APR. 23 8:00 TWIUGHT ZONE (PG) p. 19 6:00 am ALICE IN WONDERLAND 10:00 MAXIMUM SECURITY (G-1:36)p.9 “1 Never Ran For My 8:00 MISUNDERSTOOD (PG)p 6 Father” PI. 2 p.5 10:00 THE EARTHLING (PG) p. 11 10:30 SECOND CITY 25TH 12:00 VIDEO JUKEBOX p. 10 ANNIVERSARY p 14 12:30 pm TWILIGHT ZONE (PG) p. 19 11:30 AGAINST ALL ODDS 2:30 LITTLE RIVER BAND (R) p. 17 (CC) IN AUSTRALIA p 6 1:35 am DRESSED TO KILL(R)p.20 3:30 COMING ATTRACTIONS p.4 3:25 TWILIGHT ZONE (PG)p.19 4:00 AUCE IN WONDERLAND 5:10 VIDEO JUKEBOX p. 10 (G-1.36) p.9 5:40 MAXIMUM SECURITY “1 Never 6:00 MISUNDERSTOOD (PG) p.6 Ran For My Father” Pt. 2 p.5 WEDNESDAY, APR. 24 4:00 JACK AND THE BEANSTALK 6:30 am JACK/BEANSTALK (:52) p.9 (52) p.9 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Playing 5:00 FRAGGLE “Playing” p 10 Till II Hurts” p.10 5:30 MAGIC/LASSIE (G-1 40) p.8 8:00 THE MAGIC OF LASSIE 7:30 NOTTHE NEWS April p14 (G-1:40) p.8 8:00 AMER. HOT WAX (PG) p. 18 10:00 AMER. HOT WAX (PG) p. 18 9:30 EDDIE/CRUISERS (PG-1 35) 11:30 NOTTHE NEWS April p.14 11:30 HARD TO HOLD p. 18 (CC) 12:00 HARD TO HOLD p. 18 (CC) 1:10 am AMERICA UNDERCOVER p. 17 1:30 pm RUNNING BRAVE (PG) p.6 2:15 ALPHABET CITY (R) p. 16 3:30 THE BERENSTAIN BEARS' 3:45 NOTTHE NEWS April p 14 EASTER SURPRISE ( 24) p.9 4:15 DAMIEN:OMEN II (R) p 22 19

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