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HBO Guide June 1980 - Page section 003

Comic adventures of a poor Italian immigrant (1:50) p.10 5:30 MOONRAKER
(PG-2:06) Only play date.
8KX) Tonight's Highlight:
High-flying comedy caper (PG-l:43)p.4 104)0 BETTE MIDLER ‘Trash with flash.” p.7 11:30 HBO SNEAK PREVIEW FOR JUNE What to watch this month. 12:00 GUILTY OR NOT GUILTY Bizarre case history, p.12
Peter Falk Alan Arkin
Anything goes in this madcap comedy adventure as inlaws become outlaws. The mysterious, loony father of the groom involves the dentist dad of the bride in a conspiracy carrying them from Washington rooftops to a banana republic. Peter Falk and Alan Arkin are hilarious as the mismatched pair. “Sidesplitting... wonderful comedy of errors” (New York Times) Mild obscenities. (PG-1:43) June 1,5,9,13,17,21,25,29
Standing Room Only:
Red Skelton’s Funny Faces
In his first TV special in almost a decade, Red Skelton stars in a dazzler of a comedy/mime show. Watch the finest artists in the field from Shields and Yamell to the whimsical creatures from Mummenschanz. Red performs many of his classic routines including the inimitable Clem Kaddiddlehop-per. June 3,7,11,16,20,22
The Silent Partner
Elliott Gould stars in an ingenious thriller of money and murder—and how to get away with both. Gould is a mild-mannered teller, until bank robber Christopher Plummer gives him the chance to rip off his own bank. Strong language, brief nudity, violence. (R-l:45) June 3,9,11,15,19
A Different Story
An old-fashioned love story with a newfangled twist. Boy meets girl; but boy is gay, girl is gay. Perry King is the man Meg Foster takes in as a new roommate. “Offbeat ... sexy, tender, very romantic”
(Los Angeles Times) Adult situations and language. (R-1:48) June 9,13,17,26
Consumer Reports presents:
The Medicine Show
From Consumer Reports magazine, here’s HBO’s exclusive new series of timely consumer information and money-saving tips. Learn some truth about over-the-counter drugs. Hard facts about cold remedies—and the real story on aspirin. It’s eye-opening entertainment and information. June 2,6,10,15,21
I The / Medicine I Show