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HBO Guide May 1980 - Page section 010

Bread and Chocolate
In a series of comic adventures, a poor Italian tries to support his family back home by working in a stuffy Swiss environment. Seesawing between humor and pathos, Nino Manfredi is the classic underdog in this brilliant Italian drama. “I love this movie! Manfredi is perfection.” (Judith Crist) Adult situations and language. (1:50) May 28
Monday May 26
2:00 C.H.O.M.P.S.
Canine comedy (PG-1:29) p. 11 3:30 LOVE AND BULLETS Jill Ireland (PG-1:43) p.7 5:30 THE SPY WHO LOVED ME Non-stop action (PG-1:59) p. 17 7:30 Tonight’s Highlight:
HBO SNEAK PREVIEW FOR JUNE Stiller and Meara look at upcoming June programs, p. 19 8:00 GREATEST SPORTS RIVALRIES p. 14 8:30 C.H.O.M.P.S.
Chuck McCann (PG-1:29) p. 11 10:00 THE DEER HUNTER Emotional drama (R-3:03) p. 13
Tuesday May 27
Space belongs to James Bond (PG-2:06) p.8 8:00 Tonight's Highlight: ROLLERBALL Terrifying predictions for life in the year 2018 (R-2:00) p. 19 10:00 MEADOWLARK LEMON’S BUCKETEERS Basketball and comedy, p. 15 11:00 CITY ON FIRE Ava Gardner, fiery TV anchorwoman (R-1:46) p. 17 12:45 STREET KILLING Crime and corruption in the Big Apple (1:12) p. 12
An Evening with Lou Rawls
Catch four-time Grammy-award winner Lou Rawls and his Las Vegas nightclub act. A range of styles—from contemporary to jazz and pop—make it a rich musical evening. May 4,8,12
The Albuquerque Journal Invitational
Part II. See some of the finest gymnasts from both sides of the Iron Curtain. Among the stars are the U.S.A.’s Bart Conner and Tracee Ta-lavera. May 1,2
Wednesday May 28
From the seven-million-copy bestseller (PG-1:32) p.9 7:00 GUILTY OR NOT GUILTY Drugs, sex, murder, p. 15 7:30 HBO SNEAK PREVIEW FOR JUNE p. 19 8:00 Tonight's Highlight:
BREAD AND CHOCOLATE Original, touching comedy drama of a poor Italian in Switzerland (1:50) p. 18 10:00 YANKS
Vanessa Redgrave (R-2:19) p.4 12:30 BETTE MIDLER
Sleaze with ease, p.9
Sexual Lifestyles in The 80s
HBO Sneak Preview for
June Starring Stiller and Meara
Swinging. Swapping. Computer Mating, ^ex Clubs. Marriage. These are some of the hings i hat people are trying today to make elationships work. A f ascinating took M our ( hanging % allies. Adult lituations, aW-■ Ijty, strong language. May 4,10,12,16,22
ou’ve got to look forward to on iJBO next month? Find out when Anne vfeara leaves Archie Hunker’s Place temporarily and joins«omedian Jerry Stiller to preview the top movies, sports, i nd specials coming in j une. May 26,28,30
James Caan John Houseman
n tne year 2018, there’s no crime, poverty, war or pollution. But there is i ollerball, a deadly sport broadcast weekly to the world’s bored citizens. James Caan is its star, but those who rule the planet want him out of the game as he stubbornly fights for personal freedom. “Impact is devastating”
(N. Y. Daily News) Adult situations and language, violence. (R-2:00) May 27