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HBO Guide March 1991 - Page section 002

HBO... Simply the Best!
20 All That Jazz P 4 Another Chance 7 The Bear P
6 Black Rain dal 22 Blackout p
20 The Blue Lagoon
7 Blue Steel p
19 Blue Thunder p m
20 Burglar
20 Chances Are p (OS 22 Child's Play p mi 17 Children of a Lesser God p mi 4 Cocoonp
17 Crazy People 4 Damned River 20 Dangerous Liaisons p mi
3 Driving Miss Daisy P 22 Easy Wheels p
20 18 Again! p 7 Extreme Prejudice p mi 22 The Fly IIP 20 The Gauntlet p mi
4 Harlem Nights p mi 22 The Heist p
22 How I Got Into College P 4 Intimate Power p 12 Josephine Baker Story P mi 22 Karate Kid Part III p mi 22 Last Rites P mi 20 Lean on Me p 20 Licence to Kill P
19 Little Shop of Horrors p mi
19 Look Who's Talking p mi
20 Loose Cannons p mi
4 Men Don't Leave P
7 Overboard P mi
19 Police Academy p mi
7 Police Academy 2 p mi 22 Police Academy 4 p
22 Police Academy 6 P mi 4 Race for Glory P 22 The Return of the Living Dead IIP mi
8 Revengep 6 RoxanneP 22 Sister Sister 6 Star Trek V P mi
20 Tango & Cash p mi 4 Tropical Snow p 6 Urban Cowboy mi
4 W.B., Blue and the Bean
20 Weekend at Bemie's P 22 Wild Zone
20 The Wrong Guys p
Daytime on HBO
21 HBO Daytime Movies
Original Programs
22 Carly in Concert 22 Child of Rage p mi 22 Crack U.S.A. p mi 22 Drug-Free Child p mi
5 HBO One-Night Stand p
6 The Kids in the Hall P 22 Remember When
22 Smoking p mi
22 History of the NBA p mi Family
18 HBO Family Shows
Limited Plays*
The Abyss p o - 3/10 Batman o o I5gi - 3/11 Bobby Kennedy P ^ - 3/10 Breaking In p o - 3/4,7,12 Downtown O - 3/2,6 Fabulous Baker Boys p o - 3/11 Full Metal Jacket P - 3/4 Gkxypnmi -3/10
Immediate Family p o - 3/10 Internal Affairs p o mi - 3/10 Lake Placid Figure Skating -3/5,10,14
Mark Curry p o - 3/1 Rita Rudner p o - 3/10 Steel Magnolias p o mi - 3/10 Tragedy of Flight 103 P n mi -3/11
The War of the Roses P - 3/11 Wb'ib No Angels p omi - 3/11
•in some cases limited plays are described In last month's guide.
O Indicates programs In stereo, where available
mi indtcan progromas en espanol, donde luesen disponibles, Indicates programs in Spanish, where available.
n Selected programs dosed-captioned by Ihe ” National Captioning Institute Registered service mark of Ihe Nadonol Captioning Institute. Used with permission. Special decoder needed.
In March there will be mote thon just great movies on HBO. Stay tuned between shows on March 10 and 11 to leam more about how HBO works.
Photo Credits: Poge 6- The Kids In Ihe Halt. Ellen Tolflemlre.
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AS Adult situations OV Graphic violence AL Adult longuage N Nudity
AH Adull humor BN Brief nudity
V Violence SC Strong sexual content
MV Mild violence R Rape
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Who says they don't make movies like they used to? This joyful, touching saga of a 25-year friendship was a winner at the box office and the Academy Awards®, winning four 1989 Oscars®, including Best Picture and Best Actress.
Jessica Tandy plays the spunky Southern lady humiliated and hurt when age forces her out of the driver's seat. Morgan Freeman is the illiterate chauffeur who becomes her closest friend. (AL) PG-1:39. March 3,9,11,15,19,27,31 p