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HBO Guide March 1991 - Page section 004

Nothing is safe from the satiric bite of this irreverent comedy troupe. ‘It's Monty Python with a migraine, anxiety made antic, frantic and hilarious" (USA Today). “These comics specialize in throwing wrenches into the most ordinary of situations" (The N. Y. Times). Catch five new episodes this month. (ALAH) :30. March 1,4,5,7; 8,12,13,14; 15,18,19,21; 22,25,26,28; 29 p O
We’re talkin’ seriously dangerous comedy here!
Black Rain MICHAEL DOUGLAS Action hit about a N.Y. cop in the Land of the Rising Sun. With Andy Garcia. (AL,GV) R-2:00. March 7,10,19,23,27 O \M
Roxanne STEVE MARTIN Follow your nose to the classic “Cyrano" story updated into an uproarious romantic comedy hit. Daryl Hannah co-stars. (AS, AL) PG-1:47. March 4,13,16,21,26,31 p O
Urban Cowboy JOHN TRAVOLTA A realistic drama about work-filled days and honky-tonk nights. Debra Winger. (AS, AL.V.N) PG-2:15. March 5,9,13,18,24,26(^1
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
A renegade Vulcan mystic hijacks the Enterprise. William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy star in this sci-fi adventure. (ALV) PG-1:46. March 4,8,14,23,27 pOi
An extraordinary movie experience for the entire family! Orphaned by a sudden rock slide, a bear cub is befriended by a tough old Kodiak male, and together they struggle for survival in 19th-century British Columbia. Much more than a wildlife documentary, this is a visually stunning adventure told from the bears’ point of view. Directed by JearvJacques Annaud (Quest for Fire). (V) PG-1:34. March 10,24,27,30 p O
Overboard GOLDIE HAWN She's rich and rude, he's cute but crude... this must be love! With Kurt Russell. (AL) PG-1:52. March 2,6,17,22,25,28,30 pO§
Extreme Prejudice NICK NOLTE A hard-boiled Texas Ranger and a ruthless drug kingpin were boyhood pals. Now they're headed for a showdown. (AL.GV, BN) R-l :45. March 3,15,23,28 po§
Blue steel JAMIE LEE CURTIS A terrified rookie woman cop must take the law into her own hands. Ron Silver. (AL.GV.BN) R-l :42. March 4,8,14 p O
Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment
Steve Guttenberg leads some fledgling cops in this raucous comedy. (ASAL.BN) PG-13; 1:27. March 3,7,18,23,26,29 p 13