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HBO Guide June 1990 - Page section 012

Hellhound: Hellralser
The mysteries of Hell are unlocked in this creepy, skin-crawling sequel. (ALGV.N) R-1:29. June 23,290
The Curse
Horror based on H.P. Love-craft's classic story, "The Color Out of Space." (AL.V) R-1:27. June 6,9,17.21 O
Grandmother’s House
Orphans discover that these old folks don't play bingo... they commit murder! (AL,V) R-1:26. June 3,15,23,280
The Wild Pair
A white FBI agent teams up with a black undercover cop. Beau Bridges. (ALMN) R-1:32. June 4,12,16,220
Masquerade Is skipper-for-hire Rob Lowe really a cold-blooded, dangerous gigolo? (ALMN)R-i:28. June 2,6,22,26 po@
The Fury ABrianDe Palma thriller that hurtles from espionage to the occult. Kirk Douglas, Amy Irving. (AL.V) R-1:58. June 2,13,24,29
The Rose Bette Midler's electric performance dominates this blistering portrait of the rock industry. (AS,AL)R-2M. June 3,7,19,27 po
Above the Law LookoutforNicoToscani. As an undercover detective and martial arts expert, he's outto clean up Chicago. (AL.V) R-1:39. June 9,13,17,21 po§]
Death Hunt CharlesBronsonisafurtrapper accused of murder; Lee Man/in's the Canadian Mountie determined to get him. With Angie Dickinson. (AL.GV) R-1:37. June 1,12,17,20
Everybody’s All-American
Jessica Lange and Dennis Quaid play a couple whose starry-eyed romance comes up against bitter reality. With Timothy Hutton. (ALMN) R-2:07. June 5,25 poll
Cobra If crime is a disease, meet the cure) Sylvester Stallone stars as an ace L.A, cop. (AL.GV)R-1:27. June 9,15,18,24,28 go
Pulse A sinister sci-fi thriller about household machines gone wild. Cliff DeYoung. (7UA/;PG-13; 1:31. June 3,6,12,16,21 po IeI
The Edge Razor-edged suspense. Strong content. Use parental discretion. .24. p Black Pudding June 16.27; Professional Man June29
Confessions of an Undercover Cop: America Undercover
The true story of one of the biggest sting operations ever pulled off against organized crime—by an ex-cop. :45. June 15,26 p
One-Night Stand: Kevin Poliak
Here he is.. .the comic crown prince of cameos, Kevin Poliak. :28. June 15,28po@
Young Guns Billy the Kid is back) Emilio Estevez heads a dynamite cast of young actors. (ASALV) R-1:47. June 8,19,30 p O
A Nightmare on Elm Street 4:
The Dream Master Everyone's favorite knife-nails is back, slashing lots of sleeping teens. (AL.GV.BN)\M:33. June 21,25,300
Double Exposure Two photographers turn into amateur detectives on the trail of a murderer. (ALMN)R-VM. June 1,6,16,190