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HBO Guide March 1979 - Page section 011

The Choiitoys
Large-scale, large-cast film based on the tough and funny bestseller by Joseph Wambaugh, policeman turned novelist. Rank-and-file big city cops, driven by the pressures of their jobs, take part in periodic drunken revels (“choir practice”). Charles Durning is the weary, overweight cop; Burt Young, the vice squad chief; Perry King, an Ivy League type. Raunchy language, some nudity, adult situations. (R-l:59) Mar. 30
Walt Disney Thrilling story of two young orphans with supernatural FcrjlllC to P°wers who try to elude the clutches of two plotting villains mmmm. i. '—Ray Milland, Donald Pleasence. Unusually fine Disney
WltCll Mountain comedy-fantasy. Family fare. (G-1:37) Mar. 3,6
Concert from London, p. 13 6:30 OUR WINNING SEASON High school track man and a girl who believes in him (PG-1:32) p. 14 8:00 DOUBLE TALK Fast-talking funnymen and their “dummies”, p.9 9:30 THE CHOIRBOYS Raunchy doings of big-city police off duty (R-1:59) p.20 11:30 AAU BOXING Boston at New York (tape) p. 14 IKK) REVENGE OF THE PINK PANTHER Peter Sellers (PG-l:39)p.l3 20
All-star cast (PG-1:44) p. 18 4:00 HARPER VALLEY PTA
Nanette Fabray (PG-1:42) p.8 6:00 UPCLOSE Pick the winners! p. 15 7:00 ROLLERSKATING Gold skate classic (tape) p. 19 8.00 MEAN DOG BLUES Prisoner on the run (R-l:48) p.21 10:00 ACES HIGH Malcolm McDowell (Clockwork Orange) (PG-1:44) p. 18 12:00 THE WILD GEESE Richard Harris (A Man Called Horse) (R-2:15) p. 16
I The Swiss Conspiracy
Action and adventure await David Janssen as he takes on an assignment to thwart a sophisticated blackmail, scheme aimed at holders of secret numbered Swiss bank accounts. Taut thriller filmed in breathtakingly
I beautiful European locales.
Seductive Elke Sommer and jfc; Senta Berger co-star. Mild
language, adult situations, brief nudity. (PG-1:31)
Mar. 2,4,7,11
El Grande de Coca-Cola
Take a trip with comedian Dick Shawn to a run-down Honduras nightclub where the on-stage antics are not exactly top drawer. The zany “Parade of Stars” includes some of the clumsiest chorus girls, most fumbling jugglers and inept performers you’re ever likely to see. A unique evening of lively cabaret entertainment. From the hilarious off-Broadway hit! Mar. 3,8,11
Mean Dog Blues
George Kennedy
Life on a brutal prison farm where an unjustly accused country-western musician is sent for “one to five.” George Kennedy, Oscar winner as a Cool Hand Luke convict, is on the other end of the bullwhip as the tough overseer. Gregg Henry (Rich Man, Poor Man) is the wronged inmate; Kay Lenz (Moving Violation), is his loyal wife. Laughs alternate with tension. “The mixture works, right down to the final chase.” (Variety)
Strong language, brutality, brief nudity. (R-1:48)
Mar. 31