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HBO Guide March 1979 - Page section 006

Eight of mankind’s worst disasters: devastating Hurricane Camille; Mt. Aetna devouring a city; the Hindenburg disaster; much more. Narrated by William Conrad, it includes footage (some black-and-white) never on TV or in theaters. Graphic violence (PG-1:32) Mar. 15,17,22,25
America’s top male gymnasts in two of the season’s finest college matches. Nebraska-Oktahoma at Iowa St. Nebraska’s NCAA titlists, led by Jim Hartung, face Iowa State and Oklahoma, which has Olympian Bart Conner. Mar. 12,14,17 Indiana St. at Penn St. America’s finest gymnast ever, Kurt Thomas, leads Indiana St. against The Nittany Lions. Mar. 19,22,24
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March 12 March 13 March 14
Roddy McDowall, Carole Wells (PG-2:18) p.5 8:00 COLLEGE
GYMNASTICS Nebraska and Oklahoma at Iowa State (tape) p. 10 9:00 FUNNY LADY Funny Girl grows up. Omar Sharif and James Caan co-star. (PG-2:18) p.5 11:30 THE FURY Kirk Douglas searches for his mysteriously missing son (R-l:57) p.4
6:30 SALTY
Boy and sea lion romp in the Florida Keys (G-l:32)p.7 8:00 HERE COME THE TIGERS Flies, fouls, fun! (PG-1:30) p. 11 9:30 HARPER VALLEY PTA Hypocrites get their comeuppance in very funny fashion (PG-1:42) p.8
George Plimpton hosts, p. 18 12:30 DISCO BEAVER
Fun from the National Lampoon. p.22
Laugh-In alumnus Dave Madden (PG-1:30) p. 15 8:00 THE EVIL The Devil—and in the flesh! (R-l:30)p.ll 9:30 COLLEGE
GYMNASTICS Nebraska and Oklahoma at Iowa State (tape) p. 10 10:30 DOMINO PRINCIPLE Gene Hackman in political thriller (R-1:40) p. 19 12:30 THE EVIL Spooky tale with Richard Cren-na (R-l:30) p. 11
The Evil
Here Come the Tigers
An ancient horror sleeps beneath an elegant but long vacant Victorian mansion. Lots of supernatural terror as psychologist Richard Crenna and wife Joanna Pettet lease a very strange house. “Top notch horror.” (Variety) Profanity, physical violence. (R-l:30) Mar. 14,17,20,29
The craziest baseball you’ll ever see: Pid-dletown’s Little Leaguers in action. A team of boys and girls—some quiet and lovable, others obnoxious or precocious—is coached toward victory by a rookie cop. (Remember Bad News Bears?) Adult language. (PG-1:30) Mar. 13,17,22,28
Thursday March 15
Highlight of Fonda’s stage career. p.6
Everything you’ll see is real! (PG-I:32) p.lO 9:30 DOUBLE TALK SRO. Great family fare, p.9 11:00 LOOKING FOR MR. GOODBAR Richard Gere in hard-hitting story of singles life (R-2:15) p. 11 1:15 DISCO BEAVER
FROM OUTER SPACE Hilarious comedy vignettes from National Lampoon, p.22
Looking for Mr. Goodbar
Diane Keaton
The nightmarish experiences of a lonely young woman who becomes caught up in the frantic world of singles bars and one-night stands. Beautiful Diane Keaton gives a tour de force performance in this powerful shocker based on the bestselling novel by Judith Rossner. Profanity, strong sexual content, brutality. (R-2:15) Mar. 1,3,5,10,15 11