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HBO Guide June 1991 - Page section 012

Miles O'Keeffe escapes prison to go after the crooks that put him there. (AL.GV, N,R) R-l :38. June 1,7,12,27 O
Rising Storm
A fast, funny, futuristic caper. With Zach Galligan | (Gremlins 2). (ASALV) R-1:39. June 8,17,25,281191
Curse II: The Bite
Here's a chilling horror flick with a nasty bite. “...Fun for gore fans' (Variety). (AL.V) R-l :37. June 6,14,25,29 W
■ Lovelines
I Inter-school rivalry intensifies j when a battle of the bands I really cranks up the pranks, j (ALN) R-l:34. June 14,18,26 pES
AIDS: Everything You and Your Family Need to Know...But Were Afraid to Ask A straightforward and fact-filled program. :39. June 15,20 p H*£)
Convicts on the Street: One Year on Parole: America Undercover
Are you really safe walking down your own street? :59. June 6,8,12,17 p (OS
Disorderlies The Fat Boys star in this romp. (ALJBN) PG-1:26. June 2,6,14,18,24,27 p
Gardens of Stone James Caan stars. (ASAL.V) R-Y.52. June 6,16,25 QMS
HBO Comedy Hour: Damon Wayans: The Last Stand? He's hip and hilarious! (ALAH) .58. June 2,5,13 p O
HBO Comedy Hour: Richard Lewis Ml‘m Doomed” The neurotically nutty star of stand-up laughs and Anything But Love retuns to HBO. :52. June 5,22 p O
HBO Comedy Hour: Rita Rudner: Born to Be Mild Her sharp comedy has teeth, and here she sinks hers into marriage, men and more. :55. June 19,29 p O
HBO Comedy Hour: Robert Wuhl’s World Tour Comedy for a hip, hot New York crowd. (ALAH) :57. June 8,27 p O
HBO Original Movie: Red King, White Knight A deadly game of spy vs. spy. Tom Skerritt and Max von Sydow star. (AL.V) R-l :45. June 13,18 p O
HBO Original Movie: Somebody Has to Shoot the Picture One picture could save a man from the electric chair. (ASAL.V)R-1:44. June5,20,23 po§
Killer Klowns From Outer Space
Sci-fi horror meets camp comedy. (ASAL. V) PG-13; 1:26. June 5,11,15,20,23,28 W
Little Treasure Margot Kidder and Ted Danson seek their fortune in New Mexico. (AL.MV.BN) R-l :38. June 8,17
Real Genius Val Kilmer in a not-just-another-whiz-kids comedy. (ASAL) F*G-1:46. June 2,8,13,18,21,26,29 p W M
Remember When: The Image Makers The history of advertising. Dick Cavett hosts. :59. June 5,11,20,24
Skin Deep A sexy comedy/drama from Blake Edwards. John Ritter stars. (ALN.SC) R-l :41. June 2,7,19,22 p mi
Talking Sex...With Your Kids
Here are how-to's for explaining the birds and the bees to your kids. :29. June 3,23