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HBO Guide October 1980 - Page section 005

It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World
Spencer Tracy Milton Berle Sid Caesar Buddy Hackett Ethel Merman Mickey Rooney Dick Shawn Phil Silvers
Here’s fun, fun, fun, fun for one and all. A great cast of comic talent cuts loose for almost three hours of wackiness. Sight gags, crazy chases and daredevil stunts blend with biting satire on American life. Family fare. (G-2:46) October 7,11,15,19,24
Tales of Beatrix Potter
Ready for something original? In this refreshingly offbeat film, Peter Rabbit and his friends become playful dance characters. Stars of Britain’s Royal Ballet tell the beloved stories by Beatrix Potter in delightful dance fantasies. Join Squirrel Nutkin, Pigling Bland, Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle as they make merry for the young at heart. Family fare. (G-1:29) October 8,11,16,19
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October 6 October 7 October 8
Robert Foxworth (PG-1:42) p.7 7:30 MONSTERS, MADMEN AND MACHINES Highlights from 80 years of science fiction films, p.9 8:30 CONSUMER REPORTS PRESENTS: THE GOOD BUY SHOW p.13 9:00 DRACULA Laurence Olivier (R-1:49) p.4 11:00 KING GOES TO QUEENS Alan King On Location, p.4 12:00 PROPHECY Talia Shire (PG-1:42) p.7 8
New version of Journey to the Center of the Earth (G-1:26) p.7 7:00 WORLD SERIES SPECTACULAR A historical tribute to USA’s premiere sports event, p.9 8:00 IT’S A MAD, MAD MAD, MAD WORLD Wild comedy chase on the trail of treasure (G-2.46) p.8 11:00 PLAYERS Love game, on-and-off-court (PG-2:00) p.6
Sky drama (PG-1:54) p.21 7:30 TALES OF
BEATRIX POTTER Peter Rabbit in a delightful ballet fantasWG-1:29) p.8 „
9:00 ONCE IN PARIS An American finds unexpected French romance (PG-1:39) p. 12 11:00 WORLD SERIES SPECTACULAR Highlights and dramatic moments from the past, p.9 12:00 BURLESQUE U.S.A. Risqu6, adult entertainment, p.5
World Series Spectacular
Is it America’s greatest sporting event? Take an action-crammed look at the most dramatic moments in World Series history. See if Babe Ruth really called his famous homer. Watch Bob Gibson blaze his fastball. Relive Don Larsen’s perfect game in 1956, Reggie Jackson’s four straight home runs in 1977, the Pirates’ amazing 1979 comeback and more! October 7,8,11
Thursday October 9
Cindy Williams (PG-1:51) p.16 7:30 INSIDE THE NFL A look at the week’s action, p.5 8:30 TIME AFTER TIME A chase from the 19th to the 20th century (PG-1:52) p.6 10:30 MONSTERS, MADMEN AND MACHINES Sci-fi film clips, p.9 11:30 INSIDE THE NFL See earlier listing, p.5 12:30 THE DARK Cops search for “the Mangier” in Los Angeles (R-1:30) p.5
Monsters, Madmen
and Machines: Science Fiction
From King Kong to Barbarella to Star Trek —sci-fi movies have been terrifying audiences for decades. Gil Gerard hosts these excerpts from sci-fi classics for a look at the exaggerated, horrific world of imagination gone wild! October 6,9,14,19,22,31
The Deer Hunter
Robert De Niro
A riveting saga of three men caught in the shifting tides of the Vietnam war. The winner of five Academy Awards, including Best Picture. Robert De Niro, Christopher Walken and John Savage star as the small-town mill workers sent to fight a war from which they could never return the same. Profanity, violence. (R-3:03) , October 13,19,22