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HBO Guide May 1979 - Page section 008

The Greek Tycoon Jacqueline Bisset Anthony Quinn
He was peasant, pirate, shark. What he didn’t buy with money, he stole with charm. Then he won the most famous woman in the world—widow of a U.S. President. Anthony Quinn is the golden Greek; Jacqueline Bisset, the former First Lady. “Thoroughly entertaining” (Chicago Tribune) Adult situations, language. (R-l:46) May 20,24,29
Friday May 18
5:00 WOMEN’S
Thirty-five young Olympic hopefuls in four-event compe-titon (tape) p. 13 6:00 STINGRAY The best in Hollywood stunt driving (PG-1:39) p.9 8:00 GOLDEN RENDEZVOUS Dorothy Malone, John Carra-dine (1:43) p. 15 10KX) THE OUTLAW JOSEY WALES Sondra Locke as a young pioneer woman (PG-2:16) p. 13 12:30 EYES OF LAURA MARS Nail-biting terror! (R-l:43) p.7
Saturday May 19
Tough truckers (PG-1:50) p.21 5:00 THE LOVE BUG Buddy Hackett (G-l:47) p.6 7:00 WOMEN’S
CHAMPIONSHIP GYMNASTICS Olympic contenders (tape) p. 13 8:00 THE OSMONDS The entire family, p. 15 9:00 LEGENDS The one and only Bogart, p.20 9:30 A STAR IS BORN Award-winning song “Evergreen” (R-2:20) p. 11 12:00 GABLE AND LOMBARD A true love story (R-2:11) p.5
Sunday May 20
The delightful comic gang’s all here! (G-l:15) p.5 5:00 SUMMERDOG Hobo, a dog that dances and climbs trees! (G-l :30) p.7 6:30 RACE FOR YOUR LIFE, CHARLIE BROWN!
A wild river-raft race: the gang wins (G-l: 15) p.5 8:00 THE GREEK TYCOON Jacqueline Bisset and Anthony Quinn (R-1:46) p. 14 10:00 THE OTHER SIDE OF MIDNIGHT RafVallone (R-2:49)p.l3
Richard Harris
Golden Rendezvous
HBO presents an American t premiere! A suspenseful, nerve-tingling drama of hijacking on the high seas. This tale of piracy on a cargo ship/gambling casino bound for the Caribbean was written by the master of suspense Alistair MacLean (Guns of Navarone, Ice Station Zebra). Richard Harris stars as the ship’s officer who suspects foul play. Fine performances also by Burgess Meredith, David Janssen, John Carradine and Ann Turkel. Some violence. (1:43) May 18,22,26,30
The Osmonds
It’s the Osmonds all right, but this time in a slick, glittery nightclub act that has wowed audiences everywhere! They’re doing things you’ve never seen them do on TV before. They’re all there: Donny and Marie (yes, they sing On the Shelf), the Brothers and the rocking Resurrection Shuffle, and Jimmy, who leads the whole family in a smashing finale. It’s another HBO presentation of a top nightclub show! May 19,23,28,31